The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Sun Min returns to work and is grateful to Songqing for cheering her up. Still thinking she is a man, he is disturbed by her kiss.

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Hello, I'm back!

Pale Face!

What's with him?

Hey! You're finally back!

Don't just stand there. Get to work.

You didn't even bother to ask
whether I'm all right.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't.

I worked my tail off when you were away.

Now you have to do your fair share.

All right.

Dear, did you call Yu-chen?


You agreed to do it.

This is deceit. I can't do it.

There goes a million dollars.

You're turning down a million dollars?

But you're not him.

It's a million dollars.

It's a million dollars.


What did you want to tell me?

The truth is...

Zhi-da is the God of Gamblers.

I just found out myself.

Tell her the whole story.


You finally admit it.

Zhi-da and Feng Zhang
are indeed the same person.

I want you to explain everything.

I came home from work five years ago

and saw someone lying in my doorway.

He was covered in blood
and on the verge of death,

so I helped him into my home.

I found out later
that he's the God of Gamblers.

Do you remember the date?

It happened so long ago. I don't remember.

You denied it before.
Why are you telling me now?

That's because...

She was afraid I would blame her.

I gave her an earful
when she told me yesterday.

I lost my memory when I woke up.
She lied to me all this while.

He had a high fever and laid unconscious
in the hospital for three days.

That's right.

When I woke up,
she told me my name was Zhi-da.

She said she was my wife
and we had a son together. I believed her.

Yu-chen has been looking for him
for a long time.

All this time while
you kept him by your side.

Yu-chen was heartbroken.

You broke up a very loving couple.
Do you know that?

Yes, I'm an evil and wicked woman.

I deliberately lied to him.

You should blame him for believing me.

You dare to blame him?

Apologize to him now.

Apologize to him?

Why should I apologize?

Hey, calm down. Take it easy.

There's nothing more to say!

I've had it. I don't care anymore!

-Let go.


That's just how she is.
She has a short fuse.

Let me apologize to you on her behalf.

Master, you have every right
to be angry with her.


She kept you in the dark
about your real identity for so long.

You've been away from home for five years
and you've become a compulsive gambler.

It's all her fault.

You went to great lengths
to conceal the truth.

Why tell me now?

Like I said, I was afraid
that Zhi-da would blame me.

I also felt guilty.

At first, I was worried that Min Sun
would expose Zhi-da

as the God of Gamblers.

I found out later that he
had never met Feng Zhang before.

Thinking that my secret was safe,
I stuck to it.

But then you came along
and claimed to be Feng Zhang's fiancée.

I knew I couldn't hide the truth for long,
so I decided to tell you.

Believe what you want.

I don't expect you to believe me.

I'd be happier if you didn't.

Thank you.

Thank you for saving Feng Zhang
and taking care of him all these years.

You believe me?

I mean...

You're not angry at me?

What matters is that he's alive.
The rest is not important.

But Zhi-da lost his memory.

What will you do?

I will help him regain his memory.

I will never give up.

Yu-chen, have you found a way
to help him get his memory back?

I will take him to a casino
to test his memory.

A casino?

-I want to go too.

What for? This has nothing to do with you.

I can help you.

I know the way you play.
I can be there to help and remind you.

You might as well make me your pupil.

Don't get me wrong.
You've lost your memory.

I need to concentrate when I play,

so my memory will come back to me.

You will only distract me
with your comments.

Once I regain my memory,
I'll take you in as my pupil.

I'll hold you to that.

You can take my word for it.

We can leave now.

Where are you going?

We're going to the casino.
Yu-chen wants to help me remember.

What's the rush? Also, how is going
to the casino going to help you?

Excuse me for a while.

This is my big chance.

Don't forget the money.


Just play along.
For the sake of the money.

Let's go.

After you.

Aren't we're going to gamble?
Why did you bring me here?

You'll find out in a little.

It fits you very well.


you've lost weight.

Not really. This is my normal weight.

I mean...

Do I look like Feng Zhang?

You are Feng Zhang.


I forgot for a moment
that I'm the Feng Zhang.

There's something missing.

Must I wear this? It's very uncomfortable.

You still don't like to wear a tie
just like before.

Where's the tie I bought you?

Do I really have to wear it?

Give it to me.

You're a grown man.
But you still act like a child.

I know you don't like wearing ties
and attending dinner functions.

Bear with it for my sake, all right?

How could I possibly say no
when you're asking me so nicely?

How has it been for you
these past few years?

I got by.

What do you do?

I don't do anything other than gambling.

From mahjong and pai gow
to Russian Poker and Blackjack.

You name it, I'm good at it.

You're the God of Gamblers.
Gambling is your profession.

According to Bao-ying,
I will die at the gambling table one day.

If I hadn't shown up,

you might never rediscover
your true identity.

Are you not angry with her
for deceiving you?

Of course I'm angry.

I'm Feng Zhang.

She's kept me in the dark for so long.

But then again,
if it wasn't for my gambling habit,

she would be leading a better life now.

If I were to abandon her and her son now,

I'm not fit to be called a man.

So you and Bao-ying
are practically married?

Not really. We live together, that's all.


Is there something you want to say?

It's nothing important.

It felt vaguely familiar
when we boarded the casino ship that day.

Did you remember something?

No, I couldn't recall a thing.

But, I felt something.

When can we go on the casino ship again?

I think that would be a great idea.

Each visit to the casino
will jolt my memory a little,

especially when I'm playing stud poker.

I even see myself doing
this familiar gesture in my dreams.

Did I use to make this gesture?

I'll take you on the casino ship
as soon as possible.

Let's hope that it will
bring back more memories.

Great. I hope to regain my memory
as soon as possible.

But aren't you worried
that I might lose more money?

I'm prepared to pay any price
to help you remember your past.

How come the shop owner
was willing to sell you the book?

He wasn't willing.

So how did you get a hold of it?

I went down on my knees
and begged him for it.

I held on to his legs tightly.

I didn't let go even when he kicked me.

He finally gave up and sold me the book.


You told me that The Little Princess
was not for sale.

I'm curious on how the buyer managed
to talk you into selling it.

The book was stolen.


The book was not worth much,
but I treasured it.

I don't know why, but the only item
that he stole was The Little Princess.

How long have you been here?

Since you started beating the eggs.

There were 12 altogether.

Why didn't you say a word?

I was watching you work.

They say a woman looks her best
when she is serious.

The same can be said about a man.

-Pale Face...

-What the...

-What's with you?
-Don't do it. Don't touch me.

Big deal.

Keep your distance from me.
Don't cross the line.

What line?

I'm not like you. Do you understand?

What are you talking about?

Just don't get too close.
People might get the wrong idea.

What are you talking about?

You think I like you
just because I kissed you?

Not so loud!

If I don't mind, why should you?

I don't mind being kissed, but you...

What? Do you think
that I was so eager to kiss you?

But you did kiss me.

Listen to me carefully, Pale Face.
I don't give away my kisses freely.

You should count yourself fortunate.

Does he have to be so insulting?

Have you been waiting long?


Thank you.

What did you want to see me about?

This is for you.

Thank you.

This present as well.

What's the occasion?
Why are you giving me a present?

You must accept it.

It's very creative.
But why are you giving it to me?

Where is my necklace?

We put the diamond necklace in it,
just like you told us to.

So where is it?
Did it grow legs and run off?


What's wrong?

Where's my necklace?

I'm sorry, we'll find it for you.

What if you can't find it?
Do you know how much it cost?

More than your annual salary.

Come with me.

What do you want? Let me go!

Why did you drag me out?

You were tired of seeing him
kick up a fuss.

Did you take the necklace?

What necklace?

Just admit it, if you did.
Don't make me hate you.

Why are you so sure that I took it?

You said that you would
use underhand means against Ren-yi.

So you admit that Ren-yi is my rival
and that I'm wooing you?

Return the necklace.
The supervisor and waiter are innocent.

Don't worry, they'll be fine.

I have something to ask you.

The owner of the antique shop told me
that The Little Princess was stolen.

What does that have to do with me?

So where did you get your copy from?

I found it at a secondhand book shop.

You don't believe me?

If I get the chance, I'll ask the
bookshop owner if he knows the thief.

I'd rather you took me there
to see him myself.

You're very persistent.

But seriously,

if I wanted to steal,
I would choose something more valuable.

Can you guess what it is?

What is it?

I would steal your heart.

Let's go and see the bookshop owner!



I went back to the restaurant just now,
but you were already gone.

How long have you known Jie Sun?

Why do you ask?

Answer my question first.

We've known each other since we were kids.

We met again recently after many years.

That's all?


Do you have something against me?

What happened at the car park?
You said it didn't bother you.

But you were in fact,
very disappointed with me, weren't you?

What's in the past is in the past.
I've put it behind me.

No, it bothers you a lot. I can sense it.

You know I care about you.

I've never cared about a girl
this much before.

Ren-yi, I see you as a good friend.

Don't you feel anything for me?

I worry that you might have
a bad impression of me,

or that I might not carry myself well
in front of you.

I also worry that you
are going to meet someone else.

I can't let anyone take you away from me.


What do you think you're doing?


You two came home together?

Hold it!

I forbid you to see Ren-yi again!

We're just friends.

So what were you doing just now?

Ren-yi got the wrong idea.

You must have given him the wrong signals.

I didn't...

I don't care. You are not allowed
to have anything with him anymore.

Mom, you didn't object
their relationship before this.

I forbid you to see him
or even be friends with him.

I have the right to make friends.

I don't care.

If I find out that you are
still seeing him, I will disown you!

You don't treat me like a daughter anyway.

What did you say?


Take it easy, Mom. Calm yourself down.

I won't say it again.

If you disobey me,
don't regard me as your mom anymore.

I must have been out of my mind.

I nearly got her and her brother
into an incestuous relationship.

How could I even think of it?

It's not right even if I want
to get my revenge on that scoundrel.

If I did it, I'd be no different
from that scumbag.

How despicable can I be?

You were so engrossed that you
didn't even notice me standing there.

Is this a new edition?

A friend gave it to me.

Who on earth is this person?
You two must be more than just friends.

Don't make wild guesses.

Something's up.


Whatever. I'll never be able
to get the truth out of you.

I give up.

Hey, why does Mom object
to your relationship with Ren-yi?

I don't get her.

She was all for it at first.
Now she's put her foot down.

What will you and Ren-yi do?

Like I said, he and I are only friends.

Mom is becoming
more and more temperamental.

Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her.

Your contest is just a few days away.
Don't let this distract you.


Will you come and watch me?

Of course, I will.

I will turn up with a big bunch
of balloons and cardboards saying,

"Prince of Cakes,
we will always support you."

Don't have to go through all that trouble.

Having you there will be
the greatest encouragement for me.

Are you confident you'll defeat Gigi?

I've never been able to beat her
as you know.

Do you know why I love your cakes?

When I taste your cakes,
I can feel the love that goes into them.

So remember, whether you're doing it
for a contest or not,

you should always put love
into your cakes.

Only then will you be a true champion.

Yes, madam!

Is Ms. Fang in?

What's this? Courier delivery?

I came to deliver an evening dress.

Try it on. We're going to a dinner party.

I've not agreed to go
to any party with you.

You haven't agreed yet,
but I'm very sure that you will.

You need to have your head checked.

I sincerely would like you
to come with me.

If you were as sincere as you say,
you wouldn't tell me at the last minute.

My company asked me to go
at the last minute.

At least I've spared you the trouble
of having to choose a dress.

I don't like to do things unplanned.

When you invite someone,
it's basic manners to give her notice.

Okay then. I know what to do next time.

I can't wait to see you
in the evening dress.

I didn't say I would go.

You'll look lovely in it.

How would you know?

You can wear anything.

Not if the dress is ugly.

There's no way it would be ugly.
I was the one who picked it out.

Since you won't put it on,
I'll have to rely on my imagination.

What are you thinking about?

I'm imagining you walking into the toilet.

You shut the door
and look at the dress with delight.

Then you put it down, take off your jacket
and begin to get changed...

Hey, stop that.

If you want me to stop,
put on the dress then.

Or are you worried it won't fit you?

So I'm right.

I'll go to the party with you
if the dress fits me.

It's a deal.

I told you that you would be
the center of attraction.

Hello, Mr. Matsuda.


Let me introduce you.

This is Mr. Matsuda Koji, a top name
in the multimedia industry in Japan,

as well as the world.

This is Ms. Song-qiao.

How do you do?

Pleased to meet you.

Ms. Fang is an outstanding lawyer.

I see.

He's just flattering me.

You're very modest.

-Please excuse me while I take this call.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry!

Let me clean that for you.

It's all right.

I'll change out of this jacket.


Where are you? Why did you disappear?

Sorry, I went to the men's room.
Where is Mr. Matsuda?

He spilled on his jacket,
so he went up to change.

I have an incoming call.
Let me call you back.

Mr. Matsuda practically spent
the whole evening talking to us.

My competitor had no chance
to get near him at all.

Are you confident
you'll win the distribution rights?

How could I lose with you by my side?

I made the right decision to bring you.

So you had a motive for inviting me.

Mr. Matsuda pulled me aside just now
and told me that he really likes you.

He wanted your company
and asked me to name a price.

What did you tell him?

I asked for the distribution rights,
of course.

You really said that?

What do you think?

I wouldn't trade you for the world.

Is that so?

Don't blame me if you lose
the distribution rights.

Everyone has something
which they hold to be priceless.

What's priceless to me
is not something, it's someone.

I think I'm priceless too.

Answer me one question.

How do you know when you're in love?

Why should I answer?

When you're interested in someone,

that's when you fall for him.

You don't dislike him,
but you're curious about him.

Hence, your interest in him.

Are you asking me a question?

Is that how you feel about me right now?

Who said I'm interested in you?
Don't be so conceited.

Are you saying you dislike me?

Don't bother answering.

Song-qiao, I've fallen for you too.

"You've fallen for me too"?

Just a minute.
When did I say I'm in love with you?

You didn't say you dislike me.
So, in other words, you like me.

I can feel it.

You're always so presumptuous.
I can't stand it.

Just kidding.

Whatever it is, thanks for coming with me.

Not at all.

I will return the dress to you.

You don't have to.

Only you can do it justice.
It belongs to you.

Ladyfingers, eggs...

It's you?

I'm here to help.

Have you got everything ready?


Go home. I can manage on my own.

I said I'd help you
and I will keep my word.

All the contestants
have an assistant except for you.

What if you can't cope?

Are you all prepared?

What are you making today
to compete with me?


You once said you would use that
to challenge me.

The competition between us has to end.

Let's bring it to a conclusion
with your tiramisu.

I really admire your perseverance.

You've entered the contest many times,
but you've never won.

But you still won't give up.

Are you hoping to set a new record?

No. We're going to break
your unbeaten record.

Just you wait.
Song-qing will beat you today.

We'll see.

-She deserves to be taught a lesson.

Don't get too close to me, remember?

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to our annual cake competition.

What innovations will the contestants
display in their creations this year?

Let us await with eager anticipation.

On this note, let the competition begin.

I finally realize what it's like
to be hunted.

I believe in coincidences.
I also believe in fate.

I believe it's a criminal offense
to follow and harass another person.

The usual penalty
for such stalkers is imprisonment.

But I'm really here
to watch the competition.

Hush, don't disturb me.

Who are you rooting for?

Contestant number two
is my younger brother.

That pretty...

That pretty boy next to him is my brother.

What a small world.

Indeed. There are billions
of people in this world.

The odds of us meeting each other
is one in a billion.

What are you trying to say?


Their reaction is implying
that your cake is delicious or otherwise?

It looks like I'm going to lose again.

Have faith in yourself.

It's the same reaction they gave before.

I don't stand a chance.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have the results in my hand.

Who will be declared the champion?

The winner is...

contestant number 2, Song-qing!

You've done it. Congratulations.

I honestly didn't expect to win.

You should have more faith in me
and in yourself.

Min Sun has always
been praising your cakes.

That's something very rare
coming from him.

Thank you. All of you.

I have to go now.
Go and have a celebration.

I have to go too. Let's leave together.


Let's go out and celebrate later.

Here she comes.

I've sampled your tiramisu.

Tiramisu is usually a dessert
made by a wife for her husband.

That is why it is known
as the cake of love.

I was strangely touched
after tasting your tiramisu.

I could feel the care and devotion
that went into making it.

You truly deserved to win.

Where are you rushing off to?

Don't you have a job?
You're always out gallivanting.

I work when you don't see me.

What exactly do you do?

I'll give you a hint.
My working time is very flexible.

Are you a backstage crew?
Artist? You don't look like one.

Professional killer?
Leader of a scam ring?

You're very funny.

Voluntary worker? Not likely.
A master thief?

Yes, I'm a master thief.

I've stolen from all over the world.
I have quite a reputation.

You don't believe me?
Let me tell you a secret.

I once stole Picasso's Sunflowers
from the British Museum in London.

The copy of The Little Princess
that I gave you, I stole that too.

Go on, keep making up stories.

To take without asking is stealing.

When I go to a book shop,
I will take books I want without asking

and pay for them at the cashier.

That makes me a thief.

Are you done?

Fine, I lied.

I'm in charge of security at Fenghuang.
Preventing theft is my job.

Which is true and which is false?

It's true that I love you.

You don't believe me?

How can I believe you? I hardly know you.

Okay, I'll give you a chance to know me.
Come with me.

I have no time for this.

Deep down in your heart
you want to come with me.

You had to go through so many red tapes
just to collect your prize.

I told you not to wait with me
if you were pressed for time.

Come on. I was your assistant after all.

You should thank me
for helping you win this.

Why should I thank you?

Because I'm your lucky star.

How are you going to thank me?

I won't sleep with you.

What? Hey.

You're going too far.

I'm not your type. Leave me alone.

Not my type? You're not making sense.


I'm only attracted to girls.

I will never fall for a guy. Forget me.

You're the one attracted to boys.
I prefer girls.

Don't try to deny it.
I saw you with a guy.

But don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Don't be ridiculous.

I have a girlfriend.
Let me show you her photo.

It's none of my business
whom you're attracted to.

I won't look down on you.

But, just leave me alone.

I won't leave you alone!

Relax, I just want your prize.

What will you do with it?

I'll get some food and drinks.
We'll have a celebration.






What did you do to me?

I should be asking you that!

We got drunk and fell asleep together.
Nothing happened, okay?


Subtitle translation by Sara Shukri