The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Songqiao tries hard to break free. Thrown against the wall, she loses consciousness. Sun Jie turns up in time to save her.

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Happy waiting.
I won't have dinner with you.

Come closer and I'll kill her!

Go away! Get lost or I'll kill her!

Go away!

Stay out of this or I'll kill her!

Okay. Get a hold of yourself.


Calm down.

Calm down? I won't even get
to see my son anymore!

Do you know what you're doing?

Holding someone hostage is a criminal act.

Is it worth going to jail because of me?

I'll kill you!

I'll kill myself next!

You're so ready to kill yourself.
Is your life so worthless?

If you're upset that your ex-wife
has been given custody of your son,

prove yourself and win back
the custody of your son!

My wife won't let me have my son back!

She won't.




-Back off!

I'll give you money. Let her go.

I don't want any money!

I don't want anything!
I just want her dead!

Are you out of your mind? Do you know
the consequences of your actions?

It's you again!

Mark my words.

I'll kill her!


Let me go!

Let me die!

Let me die!

Let me die!

Hey! Easy!

Go away! Just let me die.

Is death the only solution?

I don't want to do this.

Then, come down now.

The doctor told me
I have a tumor in my brain.

My self-control is affected.

That's why I'm easily agitated.

Whenever I lose control of myself,

I'll hit my son and wife.

My wife and son have left me.

I don't have a home anymore.

What's the point of staying alive?

Why don't you tell your wife
about your difficulties?

What's the point?

I'm unable to control myself.

I'll still hit them.


the judge has forbidden me
to see them again.

You almost took an innocent life just now.

Go and seek your wife's understanding.

Seek medical treatment too.
Do you hear me?

Look at me now.

Will they accept me?

You're their family.

Had you told them about your condition,
they wouldn't have left you.

If you choose to jump off here,

you'll never see your wife and son again.

Do you want that?


Are you all right?

Where is Kelvin?

He fled.

You got hurt.

It's not serious. Don't worry about it.

I'm sorry. You got hurt because of me.

Thank goodness I'm the one who got hurt.

As long as you're okay,
don't worry about this minor injury.

I'm willing to risk my life for you.

I'll take you to the doctor.

Does your head still hurt?

Not anymore.

But I've got a bump there.

How pathetic. I passed out
just after a knock.

Consider yourself lucky
that it's just a bump.

He was in a wild and crazy state.

If it wasn't for you, I might have died.

It's a man's job to protect a lady.

Thank you.

Not everyone will put himself
at risk to save another.

Let me buy you a nice meal tomorrow.





Mom, he's a friend.

Hi. I am Ren-yi.


-Thank you for the ride home. Bye.

Bye, madam.


Is your surname Ye?


Mom, he is Song-nian's son.

He is Yu-chen's younger brother.


Are you Yu-chen's brother?


Yes, I am.

Have you had dinner?

Join us for dinner?
We'll chat over dinner.

Mom, he has other things to do.

Madam, I'll visit some other time.

Do drop by whenever you're free.


Are you dating Ren-yi?

We are just friends. Don't get us wrong.

Ren-yi seemed nice to you.

There is really nothing between us.

Mom, I know Ren-yi too.

She and Song-qiao are just friends.

You don't have to defend her.

Actually, it's not a bad idea
if you're dating him.

Mom, are you saying
she should date Ren-yi?

She's old enough to be with a man.
That's only normal.

I won't stop you
from finding your happiness.

I'll go buy some more food.
What would you like?

I'm not picky.
Just buy whatever you feel like having.

All right. I'll buy some roast chicken.

Why is Mom in a good mood today?

She even showed concern
for your happiness.

I don't even know myself.


I bought you
a new calligraphy brush set today.

The shop owner told me
the rabbit fur brush is of good quality.

So, I decided to buy it for you.

Leave it there.

Ren-de also helped
to pick the rabbit fur brush.

He reminded me that this brush is right
for your style of writing.

He even notices such fine details.

That shows how much you mean to him.

When it comes to Ren-de,
I know what I'm doing.

Uncle Song-nian.

I need to talk to Jie Sun. Leave us.

Aunt Ruo-lin.

How is it going?

Mr. Hong called me this morning.
Fresh funds will be coming in.

How much?

Ten million in two batches.

If all goes well,
he'll make a trip to the casino.

You'll handle that.

I will.


How are things in the company?

There's no major problem.

But following the incidents
involving Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen,

there is less resistance to Ren-yi
being made the Deputy CEO.

That's to be expected.

Among my three sons,

Ren-xiao is not cut out for business.

Ren-yi is ambitious,

but inept.

Ren-de has both
the ambition and competence.

But it's a shame they are misplaced.

Uncle Song-nian.

Ren-de and Ren-yi are still young.
They can still be trained.

I'm afraid none of them
will accomplish anything.

I wonder, who will be responsible

for taking over Fenghuang?

Come, join me for a drink.


Tell me.

Has Song-nian's attitude changed lately?

He actually let Su-zhen offer flowers

for your brother's death anniversary.

He died a terrible death.

Your dad's resentment
towards Su-zhen was so easily dissolved.

Isn't it just odd?

I checked with Yu-chen.

She did put in a good word
for Aunt Su-zhen.

Why was your dad suddenly
so receptive towards Yu-chen?

He often compliments her too,

saying she has the big picture in mind.

Song-nian knows what Ren-yi is like.

But he still promoted him,

making him the Deputy CEO.

When Ren-yi screws up,
he's given chances time and again.

But me?

I'm not even given a chance
to explain myself.

Dad is showing his favoritism so openly.

Aunt Ruo-lin,

just know that I'll always be
on your side.

What will you gain from it?

I thought Song-nian's anger would pass

and things would blow over eventually.

But he's been so cold to me.

He seems so displeased with me.

We're going through a wind of change.

Song-nian no longer cares about me.

Aunt Ruo-lin.

I saw that.

No wonder you've been her lapdog.

Always ready to take her side

and always in unison with her.

So, this is the reason.

Aunt Ruo-lin is drunk.

So I helped her upstairs, that's all.

Does Aunt Ruo-lin know
you have a thing for her?

A smart lady like her
should have some idea.

-Are you two...
-Don't talk nonsense.

If I disclose this scandalous gossip...

Just imagine how explosive it'll be.


please let me off.

I'll do anything for you.

I must say that's a better line
coming from you.

If you have the time, plead harder.
But don't do it to me.

Ask God to put me in a better mood.

One other thing. Tell this slut
not to step on my toes!

Thank you.

The honor is mine.

Kelvin had totally lost it.

He could have killed me there and then.

If it wasn't for you, I probably
wouldn't be sitting here now.

I'm just glad you're safe.

Let's not talk about it again.

By the way, I mentioned you
to my family a few days ago.

They're all curious to meet you.

How come?

My sister kept complimenting you.

Now, they're keen
to meet this perfect woman.

All the more reason
I should not meet them.


I don't wish to disappoint them.

Let me stay the perfect woman
in their minds.


I happened to walk past here
and spotted you. Mind if I join you?

That's too much of a coincidence.
You intentionally came here, didn't you?

Believe it or not,
coincidences do occur often.

Take Song-qiao and me for example.

Our relationship goes back
to our childhood.

There is nothing between us.

Jie Sun, what exactly do you want?

I just want to have lunch.

I hear they do good steaks here.

Do you know each other?

He is my dad's adopted son.

Don't look surprised.

It's not too late to find out
that I'm full of surprises.

I'm not interested to know
the kind of man you are.

Some people just enjoy being repulsive.

Yu-chen told me you had
a close shave yesterday.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. Thank goodness
Ren-yi was there for me.


Such a hero.

It must be a dangerous situation.

Tell me about it.

I won't dare or I'll come across
as a show-off.

It's not showing off
since you did save her.

Risking your life to save her
is a commendable act.

Someone wanted to harm Song-qiao.

I just happened to be there
and could help her out.

I'm famished.

Since I came uninvited,
let me buy this meal.

Sure. I don't mind you joining us.

Order up. Let this be my treat.

Your treat? Great!

Do you care to try the coffee?
It's pretty good.

No, thank you.

If you want to pick up the tab,
please be my guest.

Can I have the bill?

What's wrong?

My wallet is gone.

I still had it with me just now.

-I'll take care of it.
-Allow me.


I didn't see it there just now.

You don't look at some things
with your eyes,

but your heart.

Where are you two heading?

Are you going to tag along?

Of course not.

My car is parked just over there.

By the way,

I heard from Yu-chen,
the attack took place in a car park.

Did you develop any phobia of car parks?

For example, you suddenly
hear footsteps behind you.

You begin to worry someone...


-Don't come over!
-What do you want?

I'll give you money. Just don't hurt her.

Get lost! We don't want money.
We want her life!

Get lost! Or I'll kill you too.

Get in the car!

Hey, what is going on?

-Don't run!

Jie Sun

Song-qiao, are you okay? Were you hurt?

I'm fine. Jie Sun.

-What happened?
-You got attacked.

Does it hurt?

I'm okay.

Where are those people?

They ran off. The security guard
is chasing them.


I wasn't afraid of those two men.

I only didn't want
to provoke them further.

Given the circumstances,
it would be stupid to try and fight them.

That was why I did as told
and got into the car.

I was actually thinking of ways
to rescue you.

You don't have to explain things.
I understand.

That's good to know.

See you.



What are you doing here?

I want to know what you think
of the incident at the car park.

Don't tell me those two men were...

They were sent by you?

You like to overthink.

I hate people who don't
own up to their actions.

Whatever it is, you saw for yourself
how Ren-yi carried himself.

Do you really think he saved you that day?

You resorted to these methods
just to embarrass him.

I did that for you.

What's your motive?

This is because

I play dirty with my rivals
when it comes to love.

I'm sorry I did something
you can't agree with.

Don't miss me.


I'm not sure if I should have
been there yesterday.

I saw something which I shouldn't have.

Why get all cryptic? Don't bring it up
if you don't wish to talk about it.

Ren-yi, just what did you see?

I saw Ren-xiao

kiss Aunt Ruo-lin!

That's not true, Dad.

Don't listen to Ren-yi's nonsense.

I did nothing like that.


was I wrong to claim
that you kissed Aunt Ruo-lin

or have I been wrong
about your timid expression?

I didn't know you are so brazen!


It's no laughing matter.

Don't speak of such nonsense.

Make yourself clear.
Could you have misread things?

-Did you?
-No, I didn't.

I was just coming out of my room

when I saw Ren-xiao and Aunt Ruo-lin
sitting on the sofa.

Aunt Ruo-lin seemed drunk.

Then, I saw Ren-xiao

kissed her.

What are you trying to do
by accusing my mom?


I'm just merely letting you know
what I saw.

If you don't believe me,
you can ask him and your mom.

It's true.

Ren-xiao and I don't share
a normal relationship.

There, I wasn't talking nonsense.

Even Aunt Ruo-lin is admitting it.

But our relationship is not
what you think it is.

Ren-xiao's mom died young.

Song-nian was devoted
to Ren-zhong's needs,

neglecting Ren-xiao along the way.

Fortunately, Ren-zhong cared for Ren-xiao.

But it's a pity.

Ren-zhong met with the mishap.

He died a terrible death.

You cared for Ren-zhong.

His death was saddening for you.

But the grief Ren-xiao suffered
wasn't any less than yours.

He didn't want to upset you,

so he never showed his grief to you.

He kept his sorrow to himself.

I couldn't bear to watch him
crying quietly in a corner.

So, I showed him care and concern
as an elder sister.

All these years,

Ren-xiao has regarded me as family.

He'll share his joys and sorrows with me.

I don't know why our relationship

got twisted and made to look ambiguous.

I was telling the truth.

This is a serious matter.

Ren-yi won't fabricate tales.

He'll do anything to accuse others!

Why should I accuse them?

Don't do it if you don't wish
to be found out!


Have you lost your voice?
Why won't you say something?

Dad, I did nothing like that.

That is enough!


You still don't believe me?

I know Ren-yi framed me today
because he hates me.

But I won't hold it against him.

It's you that I care about.

Scar Face died too soon.

Or I wouldn't be leading such a life now.

Scar Face died because of me.

I promised him
I would take care of you forever.

Had I seen this coming,

I should have joined him in death.

Don't take what has passed to heart.

That slut is a shrewd one.

I thought she would
fall off the high horse.

But she could convince your dad
with her cringeworthy words.

She cared for him as an elder sister?
A simple relationship, is it?


Do you know you made a big mistake today?

What did I do wrong?

Think about it.

You chose to tell it
with everyone present.

I chose to tell it with everyone present

so they couldn't hide themselves.

When will you change
your rash and impulsive ways?

If Dad hands Fenghuang over to you,

you'll be the head of the household.

As head of the household,
you need to look at the bigger picture.

You resolve problems, not create them.

What you did has only made
Dad see your small-mindedness.

In the end, you're the losing party.

Fine, I can't outtalk you.

Everything you say is right
and nothing I do is right.

Are you satisfied?



I hear you're looking for me.

I am the renowned God of Gamblers
who found no match in all of Macau

with my mesmerizing gambling skills.

What questions do you have
for me? Fire away.

I'll do what I can to help you.

Crazy man!

You are not the God of Gamblers!

God of Gamblers does not
ride on the coattails of others.

I told you!

She won't believe me,
but you insisted otherwise.

I did my best. I've done my job.

We had a bet.
I said she wouldn't believe me.

So, you lost the bet.

Spare me your nonsense.

Do you have to be so fierce?

Forget it!

What a sore loser.


Stop being so obsessed
with the God of Gamblers.

Try to think about me.

I either get harassed by you
or threatened by your brother.

You two have driven away my good luck.

Where are you going?

I'm talking to you.

You're making me worried about you.

Why did you get Zhi-da
to act as the God of Gamblers?

You said he was the God of Gamblers,
so I made him one.

Becoming the Goddess of Gamblers
has been my goal.

I'm working so hard to achieve that goal.

I thought meeting the God of Gamblers
was a far-fetched dream.

But I really saw him!

Only he can help me realize my dream.

But Zhi-da is not the God of Gamblers.

My dream has been shattered.

You don't understand how that feels.

What makes you think I don't?

Since I was younger,
I had always looked up to Dad.

I always took him for a great man.

Then, one day, I saw him conned someone.

That was when I found out
he was a swindler.

Stop following me.

Give me time to think things over.

Dr. Huang is a famous psychiatrist.

I hope he'll help you regain your memory.

Help me with what?

He'll gamble with me?

Get this clear.

If you harm Zhi-da,

I will not let you go.

Don't worry. I won't hurt Feng Zhang.

Feng Zhang.

I told you I am not the God of Gamblers.

I'll have that verified.

Is that doctor crazy?

Please give it a try, okay?

If it's proven you're not Feng Zhang,

I'll give up and stop pestering you.

Will I get to gamble?

You only care about gambling.

What's wrong with you?

To quote Dr. Zhou,
"To go a day without gambling is cruelty".


I can make arrangements for a game.

Great! Game on!


This is my first time on a luxury liner.


You're familiar with the surroundings.
Do you come here often?

Fenghuang has a stake in this liner.

My dad is the CEO of Fenghuang.

-So, your family runs a casino?

You must be so rich!

Poker was your specialty.

But I don't have any money.
How do I play with them?

Our stakes start at $1000.

It's $1000?

Can we lower the stakes? $10?

Don't worry about the money.

Let the game begin.

I'm in.

Here is $20,000.

He has no pairs.
He has the nerve to out bet me.

Very well! I'll do a show-hand!



I'm sorry.

I made you lose more than $200,000.

You resembled Feng Zhang
when you did the show-hand.

Did I? In what way did I resemble him?

Feng Zhang would play well
against strong opponents.

He would win back his money
at the last moment.

But I lost. In fact, I lost miserably.

I always lost by a narrow margin.

Did you remember anything?


Feng Zhang.

I went...



Are you okay? What's with the show-hand?

Dear, watch me.

Tell me if you can see
the of God of Gamblers in me.


You and your daydreaming.

You are Zhi-da Zhou,
not the God of Gamblers.

But everyone says I'm the
spitting image of the God of Gamblers.

Even his friends think I'm him.

You must be so thrilled.

You had a field day gambling.

But you didn't even fork out a cent.

Dear, I must thank my dad and mom.

Crazy man.

They didn't just give me
a good-looking face.

I even look exactly
like the God of Gamblers.

That's how I encountered
the miracle today.

Hey dear.

Why don't I just act
as the God of Gamblers and make money?

She's offering me money.
Why should I say no?

You've changed.

You even think of tricking her.

Look, she was calm
when I lost her $200,000.

She won't bat an eyelid
even if I ask for millions of her.

Her family is loaded.
Take it as if she's doing charity.

Don't you want a million dollars?

Tricking others is wrong.

I'm not tricking her.

I only need her to cough up some capital.

When I've doubled the money,
I'll come clean with her

and tell her I am not the God of Gamblers.

Once she knows I've been lying to her,
she'll stop pestering me.

That's right.

This is what I'll call,
killing two birds with one stone!

What if things go wrong?

What can go wrong?


I'm taking your silence as consent.



I'll go and practice my show-hand!


Why are you so sneaky?

I see.

You're following a woman.

No, I'm not.

What are you doing?


-Let go of me.
-Don't be such a wimp.

Let go.

Hey. He likes you.


Don't talk nonsense when you know nothing.

He's been following you,
but didn't dare to express his feelings.

So, I'm saying it for him.

-I said that's not the case.
-Don't be such a wimp.

Tell her that you like her.

You've got it wrong.

I know he's been following me,

but it has nothing to do
with him liking me.

He only wants to know what ingredients
I'm getting for the cake competition.


if you really want to know,

you could ask me.

I'll tell you.

It's okay.



What more do you want?

-What is going on here?
-You have the nerve to ask.

You've got me into trouble.

I told her how you feel about her.
But you won't even thank me for it.

I don't like Gigi.

Then, why do you keep tailing her
and reading her write-ups?


You won't understand anyway.

How am I supposed to
when you won't tell me?

She is my rival.


She and I go way back.

We love to bake cakes.

We learned from the same pastry chef.

You don't understand.

I've worked hard all these years
so that I'll gain everyone's recognition.

In the end, I still failed.

I'm beginning to wonder
if my hard work is worth it.

I feel like a kite with a broken string.



I'm currently feeling the same way too.

Stop talking nonsense.

I'm being serious.

I thought my encounter
with the God of Gamblers

would realize my biggest dream.

But now,

I feel as dejected
as a kite with a broken string.

It's very irritating.

I'm more irritated than you are.

The competition is drawing near,

but I still can't think of the cake
that I've been wanting to bake.

Somehow, something is lacking.

That should be a piece of cake.
Just find the missing ingredient.

That's easier said than done.

Let's go and bake the cake!
We'll find the missing ingredient.

-Let's go.

-What are you doing?
-Get moving.

-What cake are you making?

Why this cake?

It's the only self-taught cake I've made.

Your master didn't teach you that?

I deliberately didn't want
to learn it from him.

Gigi will also be making this cake
for the competition.

I shall take her on
with my version of tiramisu.

Let me give you a hand.


-Help beat this mixture.

-Try it.

It's not the taste I'm after.

So, what should it taste like?

Something is lacking.


You've said that many times,
but you have no clue what it is.

I think we'll still be clueless
on the day of the competition.


Don't despair. Don't give up!
Let's try again, okay?

Let's lift our spirits with a drink.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

Never mind. Throw away the cake.

That's such a waste.
The cake is still edible.

Pale Face, try it!

-You carry on.
-Come on, try it.


That's the taste I'm after!

-So, this is it!

Yes! We made it!

Subtitle translations by Ayesya Johan