The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Ye Yuchen, the CEO of Phoenix Holdings, is involved in a murder case.

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Don't do it, Yu-chen! You can't get away!

Yu-chen! Come back!

You will never be able to get away!



Come back, Yu-chen! You'll never get away!



Come back, Yu-chen!





Yu-chen! Help!



You'll never be able to get away.

Didn't you promise to turn yourself in?

It's not a good feeling

when someone you trust betrays you, is it?

Why are you doing this?

Do you really believe you can get away?

It doesn't matter where I run to.


shall vanish

from the face of the earth from now on.

You can escape the police,

but can you escape your guilty conscience?

They drove me to it!

I know.

That's why you should turn yourself in.

Is that going to save me?

Why do you all want me dead?

You're not going to die.

-We'll help you...
-I'm involved in three murders.

Don't try to talk me out of this.

Do you think Song-qiao will be so kind
as to intervene for me?

They only care about their own interests.

They will never let me off.

Make your choice.

Will you come with me?


I won't force you.

I'm sorry.

I can't take you home.

I'll drop you off at the island up ahead.


I can't let you perpetuate your mistakes.

Come back with me!

-What are you doing?
-Come back with me!

Let me go!

Come back with me!

-Let me go!
-Come back with me!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

I'm sorry!


Yu-chen, why did you tie me up?

Yu-chen, what are you doing?

Yu-chen, what on earth are you doing?

Why must it come to this?

All right.

I won't force you to turn yourself in.

Let me go.

I gave you a choice just now

whether to stay or leave with me.

But you missed your chance to choose.

What are you going to do?

I trusted you the most.

Yet you betrayed me.

I don't care
if anyone else did this to me.

But why you?


I didn't want to do it!

But you had killed so many people

to protect your status and position.

If I didn't try to stop you,

more people would get killed.


Give it up.

Don't go on like this.

I just want to know one thing.

What is it?

Do you still love me?

Whatever I did,

I did it because I truly love you.

Then you should be with me forever.

You people drove me to it!

You drove me to it!



Why don't you just kill me?

You've already taken so many lives.

How is this any different?

You're so good to me.

You love me.

How can I bear to kill you?

I want you to stay with me,

so I can pay you back

for everything you did for me.

What is not yours will never be yours,.

No matter how hard you try to possess it.

That's right!

That's right!

I wouldn't be in this situation now

had it not been for Song-qiao.

It's her fault that I've lost everything.
It's her fault!

I'm not to blame. It's your fault...








Have you gone mad?

No! If anyone is mad, it's you!

No, I can't end up like Wen-yu.

I will not go crazy. I won't!

It's all Song-qiao's fault.

Yes, it's her fault!


Where are you taking the boat to?


Why must Song-qiao and I
exist at the same time?



Where are you?

Stop running away.

Where is Zhi-da?

Are you surprised to hear from me?

I want to see you.

See me?

What's the matter?

Are you scared I might kill you?

Very well.

I'm warning you. Don't call the police.

Also, come alone.

Do as I say if you don't want

Feng Zhang to die.

What have you done to Zhi-da?

He's fine.

But he did your bidding and betrayed me.

He's not to blame.

Don't hurt him.

Listen good!

Come alone if you don't want me
to kill him.

All right.

I'll come alone.

I'll go with you.


But this is too dangerous.

She's desperate now.

There's nothing she won't do.

I'll go alone.

I can't let you risk your life.

But you're hurt.

I can't let you take such a risk.

I know I'm a cripple now.

I can't even protect you.

Yu-chen won't do anything to me.

I don't need protection.

Are you really determined to go alone?

That's right.

I have to save Zhi-da

and stop Yu-chen
from making more mistakes.

I'm just as determined.

You've been plotting my destruction.

You must be happy to see me

in this situation now.

Nobody wanted to destroy you.

You brought this upon yourself.

Why do you still want
to carry on with your mistakes?

I haven't done anything wrong!

It was despicable of you

to provoke Feng Zhang to betray me.

He didn't betray you.

Do you know how much it pained him

to have to cover up for you?


We were fine together.

He did everything I told him to.

It was you.

He betrayed me because of you.

It was all your fault!

Are you going to kill more people?

You've already taken so many lives
for money and position!

I didn't kill them.

They drove me to it.

You people drove me to it.

I had no choice.

You still don't get it.

Nobody forced you to do anything.

You wanted Fenghuang and Ye's fortune,

so you killed them one by one.

You've turned into a beast!

Shut up! Just shut up!

You have no right to lecture me.

You went to great lengths to find
witnesses and evidence against me

in the name of justice.

But the truth of the matter is,
you wanted to destroy me,

so you could seize everything
that was mine!

Not everybody values money

and position as much as you do.

I don't want Fenghuang.
I won't fight you for it.

If you still have a conscience,
then let Zhi-da go,

turn yourself in and
face the consequences.

Otherwise, you'll be courting
your own death.

It's you who deserves to die!

I finally managed to win Dad's trust

and became CEO of Fenghuang.

All this should rightfully be mine.

I wouldn't be in this situation now

had it not been for you.

It was you!

Why were you brought into this world?

Why did fate allow this to happen?


Don't blame fate!

We could have gone on being good friends.

You could have had all this.
Nothing would have changed.


You've changed everything
by your very existence.

This is all your fault.

That's why you must die.

You're mad!

If I had killed you from the start,



and Ren-yi wouldn't have had to die.

I should have killed you long ago!

YEAR 1974

How come her birthmark is gone?

This isn't my daughter.





Our little princess is so pretty.

It's smart of her to choose
to be born into the Ye family.

The birthmark!

That's my daughter.

That's my baby!

No! Let go of me!

Please, Mr. Ye! Stay away from me!

Don't do this!

Please don't do this, Mr. Ye!

Mr. Ye! Don't do this!

I'm pregnant! Please don't do this!


Time to go home, Wen-yu.

Wen-yu, where are you?






What happened to you?

Stop! Come back!

You lecher! You beast!

Stop! Song-nian!

Why did you do it? Tell me!

-Tell me!
-Have you gone crazy?

I'm going to expose you
for the beast that you are!

Go ahead! I will tell everyone
your daughter seduced me.

Let's see which of us they will believe.

Damn you!









I'm sorry.

I'm a coward.

I dare not tell Guo-wei the truth.

I can't avenge your death.

I'm useless.

Stop crying.
Think of your health and our baby.

Dad died because of me. It's my fault.

What happened to your dad was an accident.

No, it wasn't.

He died because of me.

Stop blaming yourself, or your dad
won't be able to rest in peace.

By the way, I ran into Mr. Ye just now.

He asked me to give
these offerings to Dad.

Mr. Ye is such a wonderful boss.

-I don't want his offerings!

-Throw them away!
-Stop it!

-Take it easy.
-Wen-yu! Take it easy.

The doctor said you must not get agitated.

I just want you to come back alive, Dad!


My baby girl.

My baby girl!

A congenital heart disease? What is that?

How could my daughter have
difficulty breathing and turned blue?

She has a hole in her heart.

There is an abnormal opening
between her heart's ventricles.

Enough of that.

Is the condition serious? Can it be cured?

I have yet to give her
a more thorough examination.

If the hole is small,

she will only have to come back
for regular checkups.

I don't care what her condition is.

You must make her well!

Money is no object.

Come on now.

Our baby girl is fine.
What are you crying for?

You nearly died
from losing too much blood.

You should take care of yourself.

She is so tiny.

The thought that she has to go through
such a major operation...

The test report is not out yet.

Even if she needs surgery,
it will only be done when she's bigger.

I have money.

I will engage
the best heart specialist for her.

It is fate.

I won't let anything happen
to our daughter.

The nurse gave you to me,

so you could stay with me

and pay for your father's wrongdoings.

In order for you to receive
the best medical treatment,

the best care and a better life,

I have no choice,
but to let you stay with the Ye family.

Song-nian owes me and your grandpa a debt.

You shall go after him for payment.

YEAR 2009

Mr. Ye, Ms. Ye.

Mr. Ye, Ms. Ye.

Mr. Ye, Ms. Ye.



Has the meeting started yet?

Not yet. Ms. Jiang said it would start
as soon as you both arrived.

Is it necessary to drag me here

for a meeting
the moment I got off the plane?

She must have something important
to discuss with us.

What could be so important?

Mr. Huang, rest assured I will look into
the matter and give you a reply.

Bye, Mr. Huang.


Aunt Ruo-lin.

You're back.

What is so urgent

that you had to make me come back
for a meeting directly from the airport?

Get some rest.

We'll talk about it at the meeting.

Go on in.

I'll get Tina to make you a cup of coffee.


Another case closed!

I guess you won the case,
from the look of it.

You guess right.

So what if you won?
You didn't make a cent from it.

Wrong. I got pleasure out of it.

Don't you think it's great
to see justice being served?

It's not so great
when you're being hounded for the rent.

Has Mr. Xu been here?

The rent is not due yet.

He came to give us a reminder.
He's afraid we'll be behind again.

My dear Ms. Fang,

if you continue to accept pro bono cases,

we'll have to close the place down.

How will you serve
the cause of justice then?

Don't be so pessimistic.

We handle enough wills,

probate and conveyancing work each month

to cover our expenses.

But is it necessary
for you to work so hard?

Who knows if those people
are as poor as they claim?

They always say
they can't afford the legal fees,

and that they come to you
because they know you'll help the poor.

You're only charging a nominal fee
for the divorce case

to be heard this afternoon.

Wrong. I've promised Roxy
I will fight her case for free.


You didn't!

Yes, I did.

Call Kim and tell her
I will take her friend's case.

That should take care
of this month's rent.

That's more like it.


Is it really that good?

Let me have the name of the website.

Who am I?

I'm the heir to Fenghuang Corporation.

How dare she turn me down!

I'll get her for this.

You're back.

Ren-yi just got off the plane.

I called the meeting

to discuss the J&J project.

What is there to discuss?

The project is only one-fifth completed,

yet it's already lost over $2 million.

As the project director,

you didn't even bother to report
the losses to me.

Why is that?

Why should I have informed you?

Like you said, the project
is only one-fifth completed.

Did you plan to wait until we would lose
our entire investment before telling me?

I was going to include it

in the monthly report due next week.

I'll let you have the report
after the meeting.

We have so many on-going projects.

If any of them has incurred a loss,

I should be informed immediately.

What are the project directors for

if I have to find out myself?

It was an oversight on Ren-yi's part.

Ren-yi, your work attitude
is unacceptable.

How could you still go abroad
when your project is in trouble?

I merely went to England for a few days.

What's so unacceptable about that?

You probably went away on purpose
to avoid submitting the report.

Don't take on such a big project
if you're not up to it

and waste company resources.

You're the one who's wasting
company resources.

You're the least capable among us.

You're lucky that your mom
is always covering up for you.

Your precious son's project
has incurred an even bigger loss.

How come he doesn't have to report it?

Ren-de did report the loss.

It's all on record.
You didn't bother to read it.

You're their yes-man.
Everything you say is nonsense.

Check with the staff outside.
See if your words carry any weight.

I'm your elder brother.
You're not giving me due respect.

Ask yourself whether
you deserve my respect.

Does this mean you don't have
to show your dad any respect either?

Don't use my dad to intimidate me.

I know you like to complain to him
about others.

Why don't you tell him
about the mess your son got himself into?

Ren-yi, this meeting
is about the J&J project.

Leave other things out of it.

Mom, don't bother with him.

It's a waste of time.

All of us know he's an idiot.

He just thinks he's a genius.

At least I'm not a big idiot like you.

Don't think you can treat me harshly
with your mom on your side.


If you keep misbehaving
instead of explaining yourself,

I can remove you from your post.

Who do you think you are?

I'm the acting CEO
personally appointed by your dad.

I doubt it's that simple.

-Who doesn't know you and my dad...

We're discussing the J&J project.

Aunt Ruo-lin entrusted you with it
because she has confidence in you.

She's now giving you a chance
to make amends, so let's work on it.

Give me a chance to make amends?
More like condemning me.

Since you're in charge of the project,
you have to answer for it.

I'll help you write up a report
giving details of the loss.


That's good.

Your dad put me in charge of the company.

If any of you make a mistake,

I will have to answer to him for it.

We understand.

I will submit the report
as soon as possible.

To save you the trouble,

I will tell my dad
about the matter myself.

Forget it.

Let's not bother your dad
with such minor matters.

Still, business is business.

Let me have the report
as soon as possible.


Give me the name of the website.


Instead of helping me,
you made me bow down to that slut.

That little jerk.
I feel like punching his face!

Ren-yi, don't be rash.

You know Aunt Ruo-lin
is deliberately picking on you.

Being confrontational will do you no good.

But it's a fact that
Ren-de has incurred a bigger loss.

Yes, but Aunt Ruo-lin has been
covering up for him secretly.

If Dad hears about this,

he'll think Ren-de has the courage
to admit to his mistakes and make amends.

You, on the other hand,

avoiding your responsibility.

Which of you do you think
will be the worse for it?

Dad only listens to that slut.

He can't tell right from wrong.

You can't say that about Dad.

Well, isn't it so?

You're just like Mom,
always dancing to his tune.

The nature of his relationship
with that slut is questionable.

He calls them his godsister and godson.

Who is he trying to fool?

That's enough now.

Think of the consequences
if Dad hears this.

Why should I be scared?

Everyone knows
Ren-de is Dad's bastard son.

That's why he's so arrogant.

I'm not going to let that woman
control over us forever.

I'm going to expel her from that seat
one of these days.

We've won the case, Roxy.
Why are you still so unhappy?

How can I be happy?

My husband had offered me money

to settle out of court with him.

But you insisted I testify in court
that he abused me.

Roxy, if you hadn't testified against him,

he might have gone on to hurt more people,

including your two children.

You're crazy!

-Come here!

-Come here I said!

You're nuts not to accept
my offer of money!

I'm your husband.

Are you happy to see me go to jail?

Don't blame Roxy. It's not her fault.

I know you're angry right now,
but I'm trying to help you.

If I don't, you will become
even more violent.

That's my problem! I don't need your help!

If you continue to rely on her for help,
you will end up in more trouble!

I wouldn't have taken him to court
had I known.

We take an offender to court
not to seek compensation,

but to see that he gets punished.

If he thinks
he can pay his way out of jail,

the rich will be emboldened
to break the law.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I regret coming to you for help.

My resolve will not be shaken by this.

Keep it up, Song-qing.

-Yu-chen, why are you home so late?

Ren-yi and the others
have been back for hours.

I had a lot of work to do.

What could be so important?

She had to help get her
precious brother out of trouble.

Hey, Ren-de.

Just what do you want?

What kind of trouble is Ren-yi in?

Everything's fine, Mom. Stop worrying.

Let's not discuss business
when we're having dinner.

That's right.

Let's not talk shop during dinner.

Song-nian won't like it.


Mr. Ye will be down soon.
You can start dinner now.

Yes, Ms. Jiang.


Shouldn't you ask Mrs. Ye
when to serve dinner?

Don't forget who is the mistress
of the house!

I see.

I don't blame the servants
for being confused.

Aunt Ruo-lin is like the mistress
of the house.

When I first met you,

I thought she was your dad's second wife.

As your dad's godsister,
she uses considerable authority.




You keep tempting my palate
with new dishes.

I like to see you enjoying good food.

Let's eat.

-Let's eat, Dad.
-Let's eat, Father,

-Aunt Su-zhen, Aunt Ruo-lin
-Aunt Su-zhen, Aunt Ruo-lin.

-Let's eat, Dad, Mom, Aunt Ruo-lin.
-Let's eat, Dad, Mom, Aunt Ruo-lin.

Song-nian, let me help you.

Get some for me, dear.


Here you go.

Thank you, Aunt Ruo-lin.

All the dishes are very special.

They must be the creations
of Song-nian's favorite cook, Chef Lin.

How clever of you to guess, Su-zhen.

Ruo-lin, it's thoughtful of you
to find out

what everyone's favorite food is.

You know Yu-chen loves lobsters

and Ren-yi likes beef.

It's nothing, really.

All it takes is some observation.

It's nice to have the family sit down
together and share a pleasant meal.

Don't you all agree?

Aunt Ruo-lin.

The beef is not up to the mark.

It's too tough.

The beef is not tough.

Your teeth are too soft.

What do you mean by that?

I don't understand.

Whenever you did
something wrong as a child,

you would beg Dad not to punish you.

Dad deplores a man who won't
take responsibility for his mistakes.

If you keep begging people,
you'll lose your sense of dignity

and become shameless.

Don't try to pick a fight with me.

I'm not doing that.
Don't raise your voice at me.



Don't quarrel over the dinner table.

Dad doesn't like it.

I'm not trying to pick a fight with him.

But you know I'm not in the habit
of lying to Dad.

You're the biggest liar around.

Also, the person
you have lied most to is my dad.


Are you calling me a bad mom?

Song-nian, Ren-yi...

Dad, actually...

Dad, I admit the project I'm in charge of
has made a loss of $2 million.

But it's not entirely my fault.

Aunt Ruo-lin assigned me a team of idiots.

They are only good at snitching on me.

Ren-yi, how can you
say such lies about me?

Would I want our company to lose money?

The loss you incurred
can be more than $2 million.

It could be $3 million, $5 million,

or even $10 million.

Ren-yi, the team assigned to you
used to work with me.

They are highly competent.

You just don't know
how to make the best use of them.

Dad often says,
"If you use someone, don't doubt them."

Have you forgotten that?


Ren-yi is your brother.
You should help him.

Help me?

I would be thankful if he doesn't
gang up with others against me.

Ren-yi, we are all helping Dad
run the company.

Nobody is out to get you.

Aunt Ruo-lin, Ren-yi is right
about one thing.

The team Ren-xiao assigned him
is not much help to him.

He doesn't know how to lead them.

Yu-chen, you're trying to shield him.

Look who's talking!
Your mom has been protecting you.

I challenge you to tell my dad
you didn't lose a single cent.

Stop pretending you're so loyal to him.

Why should I pretend?

I am a loyal son to Dad, unlike you.

-What about me?

-What about me?

-Come on. Let's fight.
-Ren-de, Ren-yi! Stop it!

-Ren-yi, stop it!
-Fight me if you dare!


-Are you all right?

-Are you all right?


-Are you all right?

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet