The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 46 - Kantô shuppei - full transcript


During his recent trip to Kyoto...

Nagao Kagetora approached the Shogun
to give him the title of Kanto Deputy

which has previously
been endowed on the Uesugi.


In Echigo, they are spreading
the word to the feudal lords

in the Kanto and Shinano regions.

Kagetora will eventually succeed
the Uesugi as the Kanto Deputy.

Which means, he'll direct
his spearhead at Kanto.

He'll have just cause
to punish the Hojo in Kanto.

We must help the Hojo and stop him.

If we don't, the feudal lords
in Shinano will follow him.

Which means...

The next time Kagetora
marches into Shinano...

we must make it a decisive battle.

In fact, when he invades Kanto...

We must get him to direct
his spearhead at Shinano...

before he controls Kanto
and gains immense power.

I want a castle at Kawanakajima.

A castle?

So that we may win.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 46:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

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Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

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UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Shingen:

UESUGI Masatora (NAGAO Kagetora):

BABA Nobuharu:

HARA Toratane:


AKIYAMA Nobutomo: ICHINOSE Hidekazu

KOSAKA Toratsuna: TANAKA Kotaro
Hazuki: MANASE Juri

HOJO Ujimasa: SAOTOME Taichi
SUWA Katsuyori: IKEMATSU Sosuke

SANADA Yukitaka:
SASAKI Kuranosuke

IGAWA Haruka

SATO Ryuta


Princess Yu (flashback):

SUWA Mitsuchika:

NARITA Nagayasu:

NAGANO Narimasa: KOICHI Mantaro
HOJO Tsunashige: ISHIBASHI Tamotsu

Biwa Priest: TOMOYOSHI Kakushin
Attendant: OHASHI Tetsuji

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Art Direction by: ARAI Keiji
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Sound Effects: WADA Naoya

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Lighting by: IUCHI Minoru
Audio: FUJII Yoshiyasu
Image Art: KATADA Naoyuki
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi
Art Direction Manager: SUGIHARA Hiroki

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In 1560, Shiro had
his manhood rite

and changed his name to
Suwa Shiro Katsuyori.

Shingen had Katsuyori
succeed the Suwa family.





You must give him a son!

Are you telling me to yield to
his powers, endure the disgrace,

and win over his sympathy?

The child to be won't be
a child of Suwa or Kai, but...

a child of the country!

I'll make him the country's ruler!


A castle to win the battle?

Yes, indeed!

We'll build a new castle
at Kawanakajima.

And it will be right here.

A castle on this flatland?

That's right.

It'll become the pivotal point
on the battlefield,

where we will store our provisions
and maintain our military power.

Here, where it is surrounded by
Amakazari Castle, Kurahone Castle,

and Terao Castle, is a location that
will be weary for the enemy to attack.

When you say enemy, are you
referring to Nagao Kagetora?

That's right. The battlefield
will probably be here,

beyond Chikuma River, by Sai River,
the center of Hachiman Plains.

If Kagetora tries to advance,
this castle will stand in his way.

That is the purpose of this castle.

This castle is to prevent him
from going any further.

The lord would like to
send you, Gengoro...

or should I say, Kosaka Danjo...
to this castle as the deputy.

That is fine with me.

Having inherited the distinguished
family of this region...

and watched the movements
of the Echigo army closely,

you would be perfect for this post.

Do you think Sir Suwa Katsuyori
will fight in it as his first battle?

Now, that's a surprise.

Were you thinking the same as me?

This will surely become
his first appearance in battle.

Towards the end of the battle,
when the enemy is worn out,

Sir Katsuyori will sally out
from this castle.

He'll attack the sides
of the confused enemy,

and put an end to Kagetora.

Sir Katsuyori must not
sally out from the castle.


We must make sure the Takeda
bloodline does not cease.

What are you saying?

If it should turn into a major
battle, the lord, Sir Yoshinobu,

Sir Nobushige, Sir Nobukado, and
everyone else may not be safe.

Which means, the castle that
Sir Katsuyori is in,

must be kept safe.

Do you think we might lose?

It won't be easy to win.

The victories so far, have
been from strategizing.

Moreover, we are dealing with
Kagetora in Echigo this time.

If he had ambition to
invade other provinces...

He would've gained Kawanakajima
with his valor a long time ago.

Through your strategizing based
on that lack of greedy ambition...

We were able to maintain
our presence here.

Are you saying that we'll lose this
time because of my strategizing?

On August 29, 1560, Kagetora
left Kasugayama Castle,

crossed Mikuni Pass,
and advanced to Kanto.

In obedience to Kanto Deputy
Uesugi Norimasa, and to regain

the Uesugi supremacy, he was
marching to battle the Hojo.

At that time, Hojo Ujiyasu was
invading Kazusa-Kururi Castle.

However, when he heard of
Kagetora's march to Kanto...

He immediately entered Matsuyama
Castle in Musashi Province.

Lord Ujiyasu!

Did Kagetora capture
Mayabashi Castle?

Yes. He's invaded Kozuke and
have seized Numata Castle,

Iwashita Castle, and Akima Castle.

Mayabashi Castle surrendered
and his army is there now.

The Kozuke soldiers are surrendering
to Kagetora, one after another.

They are all gathering
at Mayabashi Castle.

Their power is penetrating into
northern Musashi as well.

The Satomi in Awa had apparently
asked Kagetora for help.

The generals in Kanto who were
reluctant to follow us,

will all hail to Kagetora.

Their force is immeasurable at this point.


The generals in Kanto went dashing
to Kagetora in Mayabashi Castle.

Reporting. Lord Nagano Narimasa
of Minowa Castle is here.

Oh, Nagano! So he's finally come.


Lord, I am glad you are safe.

Thank you for marching here.

Sir Narimasa, thank you
for coming here.

Sir Kagetora, I've been
waiting for this day.

Please take care of my lord.

Starting today, I am your lord.


Nagano, I heard Hojo Ujiyasu
withdrew from Kazusa,

and holed up in Matsuyama
Castle in Musashi.

That is correct.

Is he planning to confront us in Musashi?

Ujiyasu will not fight needlessly.

Yet you easily lost Kanto to him?

Sir Nagano, what is the matter?
You look pale.

Maybe the Hojo's paleness
is reflecting on me.

Lord, I am sorry about what
happened to the Young Lord.

Nagano, I have no intention
of condemning you for it.

We'll get revenge for
Tatsuwakamaru this time.

This is not a revenge battle.

I am applying punishment,
at Heaven's will.

Oh, whatever...

Ujiyasu is the lowest of men...

What will you do? Confront the
Echigo army at Tone River?

No... I will not fight needlessly.

Let us retreat to Odawara Castle.

Lord, are you going to
give up Musashi province?

If anyone wants to switch over, let them.

Order our allies to hole up
in their castles.

Are you going to fight from the castle?

The enemy is after my head.

Let us confront them at
our Odawara Castle.

Nagao Kagetora... see if you can
seize our Odawara Castle!

Meanwhile, Kansuke had built Kaizu
Castle, a new castle at Kawanakajima.

It's turned into quite a nice castle.

It looks well-equipped.

Isn't the round entrance barrier
the eye of the castle?

Though the castle is on flatland, the
enemy can't see our moves or number,

so they can't easily
attack us from the front.

I would like to learn more from you.

Kosaka Danjo, this isn't a castle
to avoid the enemy.

It is meant to attack the enemy.

It is a castle to give us
the advantage over Kagetora.

I understand very well.

How old are you?


Why haven't you married yet?


Are you not attracted to women?

That is not the case!

Perhaps I am following you...
purely dedicated to the lord.

That's good.

Would you like to learn more
military strategies from me?


Come to my mansion in Kai.
I have something to give you.

Even after the Hojo's main army
retreated to Odawara,

Kagetora did not move
from Mayabashi Castle,

and stayed there for the New Year.


How does the lord appear to you?

Like an incarnation of the war god.

Is that what he looks like to you?

Yes. Otherwise, all these
soldiers wouldn't gather here.

Everyone just wants to
see him in that light.

The lord isn't a god...
He is a person.

As his power grows,
so does his arrogance.


It is dangerous.

In March of 1561, Kagetora
left Mayabashi Castle

and advanced to Musashi Province
with an army of 100,000.

Enroute to the target, Odawara Castle
in Sagami, Kagetora's main army

urged the independent Oshi Castle
in Musashi to surrender.

Take a hostage from the lord,
Narita Nagayasu.

If they turn against us,
our provisions will be cut.

Lord Narita Nagayasu of Oshi
Castle prided himself

of his noble lineage with the Genji.

Narita Nagayasu...

It is a shame that you,
with ancient noble heritage,

should be under Ujiyasu.

That is why I have come here,
in respect to you.


I want you to march to Odawara,
as our vanguard.

Very well.


I shall follow your every
order from now on.

Please have some wine and food.

Why, thank you.

She is my wife, Ise.


What a striking resemblance...

To Lady Tora, in her younger days.

The lord's mother?

Now that you mentioned it...

She looks very much like her.

Where did you come from?


So you are a princess from Kyoto.

Just as I'd expect from
the Narita family.

How did you come to the eastern
provinces from Kyoto?

I crossed the seas from Ise.

Was it a nice sea journey?

No... it was scary.

The ship's bottom creaked
from the roaring rough waves.

I had no time to enjoy
the majestic Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji?

Why not take a leisurely
look at it now then?

Won't you come to Odawara with me?

Narita, I will keep your wife
with my main army,

and have her accompany me to Odawara.

Kagetora took Narita's wife as hostage.

It shouldn't take three days
to seize that castle.

Leisurely enjoy Mt. Fuji during that time.

MARCH 13, 1561



Lord! They've showed up.

The Echigo army have set up camp
at the foot of Mt. Komadera.


I'm ready for you.



Now! Dash out!

Odawara Castle was a solid castle
that Hojo Ujiyasu was proud of.


We're going, too!

Moreover, Ujiyasu had his allies
holed up in their castles launch

attacks at all times, creating chaos
in the Echigo army's back lines.

They attacked the Echigo supply route,

and cut off the food supply of the
surrounding Kagetora's forces.

Even after three days,
Odawara Castle did not fall.

Though they number 100,000...
They are basically a group of

unorganized soldiers that just
sprung up together.

The longer it goes on, the more
advantageous it is for us.

What about the reinforcements
from the Takeda and Imagawa?

The Takeda should be entering
Odawara via Ashigara, shortly.

As for Imagawa Ujizane, he is
confronting Matsudaira Motoyasu,

who had switched over to
Oda Nobunaga in Mikawa.

Therefore, I don't think we can
rely on him to come to our aid.

All right.

So our in-law isn't coming.

We just need the Takeda
to be there, Ujimasa.

I doubt they can fight well anyway.

On March 24, 1561, Takeda Shingen,
who led an army of 10,000

to assist the Hojo, arrived
at Yoshida, Tsuru-gun.

Kansuke, rather than attacking
Kagetora's army of 100,000...

We should think of a way to make Nagoa
Kagetora withdraw his army to Echigo.

I agree completely with you.

Lord, why don't we seize Warigatake
Castle, the stronghold of the Nagao,

that is located on the border
of Shinano and Echigo?

Warigatake Castle?

I have already sent my men inside.

A strategy using spies?

There may be some who may
switch over to us.

Kagetora's uncle, Takanashi
Masayori, defends northern Shinano.

They must have their guard down,
thinking you are aiding the Hojo now.

If their border is threatened,
Kagetora will be forced

to direct their spearhead
at the Takeda again.

That is correct.

At that time, we'll have to settle
the score once and for all.

Lord, who shall we send to
Warigatake Castle?


As well as Seigan... Demon Mino.
I'll be counting on you.



So our forces are moving...

They'll get suspicious.
Hold me.


Push me down.

I'm envious!

I found someone who
would switch over.


Nojiri, the lord of the castle.

The lord of the castle?

He would definitely switch over.
I'm going to sneak into his bedroom.

That's enough. Let me go.

Wait. I'll sneak into his bedroom.

Is Nojiri like that?

Leave it to me.
Don't go there.


Don't you get it? I don't
want you to go there.

Denbei... Don't get in the mood!

After this castle falls,
I want you to marry me...

I'll only say this once...

Once is enough. Let me go.

You are slow in whatever you do.

I'll go, after all.


I won't sleep with Nojiri.

When the castle falls,
the credit will go to you.


Excuse yourselves.

Aren't you going to eat?

The provisions are going down, day by day.

It's way past the three days.

Hasn't the castle been seized yet?

Don't worry. Ujiyasu is just
desperately resisting.

The protection of the gods
and Buddha are with me.

I do not believe they exist here.

Don't you believe in the gods
and Buddha, and me?

I do not believe in the gods and
Buddha that promote war.

In that case, I'll prove it to you...

What? The lord is heading to
the castle gate alone?

What is he thinking of anyway?

He doesn't want the enemy
to make light of him.

If he goes alone, he will be...

He must believe in his powers.

Has he gone mad because we can't
capture Odawara Castle?

Send the soldiers out immediately!

It's too late.


That day, Kagetora got off
his horse, and sat down

about 180 feet from
the castle gate.


Who is he? Is that the enemy
we are fighting?

After seeing Kagetora's composure,
Ujiyasu did not come out attacking.


MARCH 16, 1561

In March, over a month after
the attack on Odawara Castle,

in accordance with the traditional
ritual, the ceremony to install Kagetora

as the succeeding Kanto Deputy
for the Uesugi family

was held at Tsurugaoka Hachiman
Shrine in Kamakura.

Nagao Kagetora received "masa"
from Uesugi Norimasa's name,

thereby making him Kanto Deputy
Uesugi Masatora now.

You are now the head
of the Uesugi family.

I feel like I have gained a son.

The people of Kanto respectfully
welcomed their new deputy.

Amongst the crowd of people
was Narita Nagayasu.

Oh, no!

Damn you, Narita Nagayasu!

Why aren't you getting off your horse?


This display of anger would
divide the fate of Kanto.

Episode 46:
The End

How long is the warring era
going to continue?

Until the lord attains
complete victory.

I'll get the Takeda.

If you die, you can't come home again.

I know.

I am the Bishamonten (God of War)!

You call it Heaven's punishment,
but that is just arrogance!

I entrust everything to you.

Don't rush to your death.

Episode 47:

Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

This was the stronghold of Nagao
Kagetora, who aimed to unify Kanto.

Kagetora, who captured
Mayabashi Castle,

left from here
to battle Hojo Ujiyasu.

Miyozawa-Akagi Shrine located
at the foot of Mt. Akagi

is where Kagetora prayed
for his victory in war.

Kagetora's letter addressed to
the guardian of the shrine...

promises his protection of Mt. Akagi.

Takizawa Fudodo is located
north of Akagi Shrine.

Kagetora took the right arm of the
"Fudomyo" (God of Fire) image,

as a lucky charm in war.

After Kagetora's death, Mayabashi
Castle fell to Takeda Katsuyori.