The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 33 - Kansuke nerawareru - full transcript



While Kansuke was detained in Echigo,

the Takeda were suffering
a crushing defeat in Shinano.

This is the infamous battle
known as the "Toishi Kuzure".

Would you like some saké, Doan?

Or should I say, Yamamoto Kansuke.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 33:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Imperial Palace Dialect Coach: HORII Reiichi
Kyoto Dialect Coach: INOUE Yukiko
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko
Calligraphy Instructor: MOCHIZUKI Gyoun


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

NAGAO Kagetora:


OBU Toramasa:

KANEDA Kenichi


TAKEDA Nobushige:
KASHIMA Noritoshi

Nami: URABE Fusako



Princess Yu:

NAGAO Masakage: Kenzo


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Tateshina City in Nagano Prefecture

NAOE Sanetsuna:

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

HONJO Saneyori:

OKUMA Tomohide:

TSUDA Kenmotsu:

Lady OI:

USAMI Sadamitsu:

Executive Producer:

Produced by: NAKAMURA Takashi
Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: TANAKA Mitsuru
Sound Effects: IMAI Hiroshi

Photography by: SASAKI Tatsunosuke
Lighting by: HORIKAGO Isamu
Audio: FUJII Yoshiyasu
Image Art: YAMADA Yasuichi
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi
Art Direction Manager: SUGIHARA Hiroki

Directed by:
SHIMIZU Kazuhiko

AUTUMN, 1550

This musket was introduced to
Tanegashima from the South.

Then a man named Tsuda Kenmotsu
learned how to make it,

and started producing it
at Negoro Temple.

Since when did you suspect that
I'm Yamamoto Kansuke?

You should stop making light of others.

Every sharp-eared person has heard
of the Takeda's one-eyed strategist...

Even if he hasn't fought
against him as an enemy.

Nagao Kagetora was suspicious
of me from the very beginning.

Why hasn't he tortured
and killed me then?

I don't know.

If all he wanted was the musket,

then he would've checked on
other avenues to get it.

Then why?

Are the Takeda planning to
invade Echigo after Shinano?

I don't know.

Are you going to pretend?

Kagetora probably brought you,
not the musket, as a gift,

to inform me of it.

Now, with the Takeda approaching...

There is a need for Echigo
to unite at once.

To take you in?

He used you.

After making me know you are
a spy, he entrusted you with me.

And I, unexpectedly,
became his ally.

Or so I think. What are
your thoughts on it?

Kagetora isn't an ordinary
Buddhist of strict morals.

So even Yamamoto Kansuke
can't figure him out.

If you betray the Takeda,
your life will be spared.

What will you do?

Will you tell me the internal
situation of the Takeda?

I am with the Negoro clan.

How unfortunate.

By the way, what about you?

Are you going to be
pacified by Kagetora?

I won't be pacified by the Takeda.

So you have to give up on that.

I don't know what you are talking about.

Sir Usami, this is my
third visit to you...

to show my special treatment
to persuade you to work for me.

I would like to hear
your honest thoughts.


Is this the oath sealed in blood?

I, Usami Sadamitsu, will serve you.

Do you swear to Buddha
that you believe in?

Yes, Sir!

I am happy to hear that.


When will the hundred
muskets be delivered?


Are you telling me the truth?

I am planning to crush Nagao
Masakage, my relative.

Doan, I am going to use those
muskets in this punitive action.

If the muskets are not delivered on time...

I will kill you.



In December, without Kansuke
back home yet,

Harunobu's first son, Taro,
attained manhood.

Because of their defeat at
Toishi Castle, many of the vassals

remained at Shinano Castle in
defense of an attack from Murakami

and Ogasawara, and could not
attend the ceremony.

Taro, you are now the rightful
heir to the Takeda family.

Everyone will look at your
every little action to predict

the future of the Takeda.

You must strive harder in your
military and literary studies.

As well as revere
the gods and Buddha.

Become a merciful young lord
that cares for his vassals and people,

cherishes his family, helps his father,
and is relied on by his father.

Obu, thank you for supporting Taro
as his guardian up to now.

You have done well.

Lady Okita, I am most
honored by your words.

I would like to continue to
support the Young Lord.

The greatest mercy
Harunobu showed to Taro,

was to assign you to him.

How true.

Yes, I agree.

On the battlefield, I am feared
as the red ball of fire, but...

I'm actually a man of small caliber
who wears an armor to inspire himself.

But for the sake of the Young
Lord's future, I will not hesitate

to engage in any battle
that comes my way.

By the time I call him lord,
this land should be at peace.

There will be no enemies around,
with no fear of being attacked.

With a belief we'd become a strong
province like that, I will fight.

I owe it all to the Young Lord.


Obu... thank you.

Please continue to support Taro.


Without our military strategist
Yamamoto Kansuke around,

Father must be relying
on Obu the most.

Obu, please live long.

I need you to be around
when I succeed as lord.

Yes, Sir.

What did you just say?

Lady Okita?


Has the lord given up
on Yamamoto Kansuke?

He hasn't mentioned
a word about him.

According to the
report from Denbei,

Kansuke cannot leave Echigo until
the hundred muskets are delivered.

We already used those
muskets at Toishi Castle.

They weren't of much help, and
were taken by the enemy.

I doubt there are even a hundred left.

But Kansuke is left alive.

Excuse me.

Sir Nobushige.

Obu, what is it?

Lady Okita has collapsed.

Mother, it's not good
for you to be out here.

What's the commotion about?

Lord, please remonstrate her.

Mother, I heard you haven't
been eating properly.

I have renounced the world.
I have no desire for food.

But I heard you don't eat at all.

I've summoned the doctor.
Please get some rest.

By the way, Harunobu...

I heard that Yamamoto Kansuke
hasn't returned from Echigo.

I have never met him, but...

Isn't he the one that supported
you as your shadow,

after Itagaki and Amari had died?

Shouldn't you save him?

Don't worry my mother like that.

Please forgive me.

I am the one who told her about it.

You are the one who's worrying me.

I am disgusted.


The clan is secure, even
without Yamamoto Kansuke.


Young Lord...

Harunobu, you've lost to Murakami
twice. Isn't that enough?

Just be satisfied with Suwa in Shinano.

Don't fight with the other clans anymore.

Just work hand in hand with Suwa,
raise Taro and Shiro well,

and strive on bettering the province.

Mother, that is why
I am invading them.

I am invading them
as a defensive measure.

Please do not worry about Kansuke.

He won't die so easily.

Meanwhile, Usami Sadamitsu
was at Kasugayama Castle.

Kansuke was ordered to accompany
him, and for the delay on the muskets,

was captured on the spot
upon his arrival.

The skirmish with Nagao Masakage
is getting more fierce by the day.

They are shaking up those who
had supported Harukage before.

If we put out that spark,
it'll turn into a bigger upheaval.

Let us kill Nagao Masakage.

Lord, so you've made your decision.

If we surround Sakato Castle,
it should fall quickly.

Please wait. You must not
capture that castle.

Sir Usami?

Masakage is anticipating a peace treaty.

A peace treaty, after wedding
your older sister to him.

The lord is not sending
his older sister to him.

Then have him send his younger
brother to us as a hostage.

He wouldn't agree to something like that.

Probably so.

In that case, let's take the
upper hand and plant a seed of fear.

In time, that seed will sprout.
Then we'll make a battle call.

That should force him to make
an unconditional peace settlement.

We'll do whatever it takes to
make the enemy submit.

That is what you call a true
military strategy.

Lord, you cannot govern the land
with military might alone.

I agree with him.

Kakizaki, what do you say to it?

Don't you think unnecessary
battles will ruin a country?

If all goes as planned,
it would be great.

What's with the sermon?
Why did the lord employ Usami?

He was our enemy until yesterday.

Nami, what is the matter?

Where is the lord?

Preparing a letter.

What will become of that
Negoro man that was captured?

That's not something for
you to worry about.

I can't believe the lord would
punish a servant of Buddha.

Excuse yourselves.

By the way, Nami, hasn't the
lord touched you yet?

Does the lord not like women?
Or does he not like you?

You seem to be losing your
sexiness, day by day.

What's with that look?


Nagao Masakage, the lord of
Sakato Castle, is Kagetora's cousin.

Damn Kagetora... I'm not sending
any hostages to him.

At this point, let us engage in battle!

When the snow melts, Kagetora
will attack Masakage.

Will my life end there?

Lord, please forgive me.

Usami, do you think that man
will betray his lord?

I don't know. He talks quite
prudently, but in the end,

he might switch over,
in fear for his life.

How despicable.

His lord has abandoned
him a long time ago.

I'd say he'd rather be killed
than betray his lord.

How sad...




Meanwhile, Harunobu sent Komai
to see Yu in Suwa,

who was worried about Kansuke's safety.

What did the lord say?

To not worry, even if Kansuke
does not return.

Is he telling me not to worry
even if Kansuke dies?

He might be able to live, if he
becomes a Nagao vassal in Echigo.

That's what the lord said.

He doesn't care if
Kansuke betrays him?

What it comes down to is,
Yamamoto's will.

Kansuke would never betray the lord.

Doesn't the lord know that?

It's as if he abandoned Kansuke.

Princess, the lord fears
for his life, also.

I want to go over there to save him.


Like he saved me in that snow...

I wish I could save him...



In early summer of the
following year...

Kagetora declared war on
the opposing Nagao Masakage.

Shortly later, as Usami predicted,
Masakage sent a reply back,

requesting an unconditional
peace settlement.

Momo, Nagao Masakage has submitted.

He should be coming to
Kasugayama Castle very soon.

I'm truly glad it didn't
turn into a battle.

Momo, will you marry Nagao Masakage?


That is fine.

That should bring stability to Echigo.

Masakage, face me.

Please take care of my sister.

Sir Kagetora...


Very well.

Thank you for coming.


Doan... your muskets never
arrived, did they?

So you've united Echigo...

In front of my vassals, I promised
to kill you if they didn't arrive...

I don't like to lie, but...

If you make a written oath, sealed
in blood, to serve the Nagao family...

I can spare your life.

Well, Doan?

I refuse.

Your lord has abandoned
you a long time ago.

Will you still continue
to be loyal to him?

I am being loyal to myself.

Then you leave me no choice.

Bring some saké!

So he wasn't an ordinary
Negoro clansman.

He must be a spy from somewhere.

From where?

I don't know.

Judging by his composure,
he won't talk.

Nami... it's an eternal farewell.
Serve him.

I'm grateful. I can chant the
sutras for this cup of saké.

Stop being impudent.

Now, kill me!

Is one cup enough?

Why does he ravage other lands?

Kill me!

You're satisfied with just
one cup of saké,

so why does your master want
all the saké in the country?

A bird needs one branch to build
a nest in the deep forest.

The birds that live in the forest need
just one branch to rest their wings.

It's futile to want more.

I don't like Chuang Tzu.

Lecture me with Sun Tzu's theories.

All right.

I will not kill you with a sword.

I was able to hit it before
with the help of God.

I doubt God's power will
come to work that often.

If I miss, you will die.

Pray to the God of War that
I will not miss the target.

Bring the musket here.

I will not pray to
the gods or Buddha.

After I started believing in
a certain gentleman,

my gods and Buddha
have become only him.

That gentleman won't save you.

The gods and Buddha have
never saved me before.

I like human beings.

Their ugliness, slyness,
weakness, transient lives,

hatred, confusion, lies...
and their futile greediness.

You are beyond help...

I am saved by those things.

I have been saved by those things.

In that case, pray to that gentleman.

I shall have no regrets in life,
even if I die now.

How foolish.

Please wait!

Lord, a Negoro clansman wishes
to see you immediately.

Kan... Doan!


I am Tsuda Kenmotsu from
Negoro Temple in Kishu.

I am very honored to meet you.

Thank you very much for your
order of a hundred muskets.

I apologize for the delay in
producing such a huge quantity,

and delivering them because
of the long ship ride.

I have here your hundred muskets.

Thanks for delivering them.

Please return my apprentice
Doan, immediately.

I shall return Doan as I promised.

I shall pay you handsomely, too.

Nagao Kagetora forgave
Kansuke with a laugh.

Sir Kenmotsu...

I didn't come here to save you.
I just sold a favor to your lord.


You have a good lord.


Your prayers reached him.

Tell your true lord...

If he wants to know me, then
come and visit me anytime.

I have nothing to hide.

Tell him that.

I will not tell him that.

I'm sure you will meet him
somewhere, someday...

To Sun Tzu?

To Bishamonten (god of war).

Kansuke was looking at his life's
greatest enemy before him.

Episode 33:
The End


Episode 34: SANADA'S DREAM

Minami-Uonuma city in Niigata prefecture.

Since the Kamakura period,
have flourish as a post-town

on the main road connecting
Echigo and Kanto region.

Sakato castle was a main
castle for Nagao Masakage,

who fought against Nagao Kagetora
over unification of Echigo.

(Sakato castle, main castle ground site)

Sento-in, who was an older
sister of Kagetora, was... a symbol of peace with Masakage,

offered herself to marry
Masakage and came to this castle.

(Portrait of Nagao Masakage and wife)

She gave birth to a Kagekatsu who later...
(Nagao Kagetora's older sister Sento-in)

...adapted by Kagetora to be a
successor of the Uesugi family.


Said to be dedicated by Sento-in,

statue of Manjusri (bodhisattva).

Since Sento-in was known as
princess Aya in this area,

this statue is called "Aya's Manjusri"

This Minami-Uonuma city was where Sento-in
lived and wished for the family's prosperity.

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