The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Mari shiten no tsuma - full transcript

Are you in need of food as usual?

There were hardly any crops
to harvest last fall.

I'm sorry that this is all
that I can offer you.

Your stomach isn't showing
because of starvation, right?

That's not it.
I'm with child.

Whose child is it?

I'm so glad that you're back.

I couldn't gain employment in Mikawa.

I see.

It's not that I came back for you.

Kansuke! Did you come back for this?

Where's Densuke?

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 3:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi

Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko
Classic Japanese Poem Consultant: INOUE Muneo

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi

HARA Toratane:

MAEJIMA Masakatsu: SHIONOYA Masayuki

Densuke: ARIZONO Yoshiki
Takichi: ARIMA Jiyu

SATO Ryuta

YAMAMOTO Sadahisa:


Okuma: ASADA Aoi
HARA Akiko


Japanese Music Coach: HONJO Shotaro
Calligraphy Instructor: MOCHIZUKI Gyoun
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko

Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Tono City in Iwate Prefecture
Aizuwakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture
Sakado City in Saitama Prefecture
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

TAIGEN Sufu Sessai:
IBU Masato

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

Lady OI:

TAKEDA Nobutora:

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: TANAKA Mitsuru
Sound Effects: IMAI Hiroshi
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: SASAKI Tatsunosuke
Lighting by: HORIKAGO Isamu
Audio: NOHARA Tsunenori
Image Art: YAMADA Yasuichi
Art Direction Manager: TAKAHASHI Hideki

Directed by:
SHIMIZU Kazuhiko


Why did you return to Kai?


Why did you return?!

I had business in the area.


I want to work for the Takeda.

Densuke, wasn't the name
of your master, Hara Mino?

Could you arrange a meeting with him?

I'll take care of the rest.
I won't cause you trouble.

That's a good idea! You should
become a vassal of our lord!

Don't be ridiculous.

That's impossible.

What do you mean?

You're the one who killed Sir Akabe!

The Takeda vassals know that.

Is that right?

Kansuke, why didn't you
get hired by the Imagawa?

I was almost killed in Suruga.

Who are you, really?

To be honest, I don't know.

If our master sees you, he'll kill you.

Let him be killed.

If we shelter him, we'll get killed!

They think you're with the Imagawa.

If you stay here, we'll be in trouble.

We're already troubled about it.

Do you want Mitsu to get killed, too?

It's your fault.

I'm staying with Kansuke!

Just run away.

Kansuke, flee with Mitsu.


It can't be helped.

If not Suruga, go to Shinano
with Mitsu and the unborn child.

I won't run away.

That's for those who have
something to protect to do.

I'm tired of wandering.

You have something to protect.

You don't know who the
father of the baby is.

Damn you!


Stop it! What are you doing?!

What a waste...


I'll be invading Shinano soon.

If I may humbly say...

We just made peace with Suwa Yorimitsu,

the lord of Suwa, Shinano, last year.

That's the reason why
we made peace.

We will bypass the Suwa-guchi,
and invade from Saku-guchi.

Are you going to cross Yatsugatake?

What will you do if Imagawa and Hojo
invade Kai while we invade Shinano?

We could join forces with the Suwa army,

but that won't be enough to resist
those two powerful enemies.

That is why more so...

That is why we must
urgently obtain Shinano.

The bond between the Imagawa
and Hojo is tight.

If we twiddle our thumbs and do
nothing, we'll be invaded by them.

Shinano is a fertile land.

We need to gain that land
and bring prosperity to our province.

That's the only way to resist
Sagami and Suruga.

The invasion on Shinano will
require a tremendous amount

of soldiers, provisions, and funds.

If we must raise more
taxes and soldiers...

Our people's discontent will rise...

The soldiers will be away for
more than a couple years.

I'm more worried about
the Imagawa and Hojo.

The Imagawa will try to redeem
themselves from the previous battle.

The lord fails to consider those things.

Sir Oyamada, were you lying earlier?

No, I wasn't lying.

I can see the lord's point, that's all.

Sir Oyamada,

I am impressed with
your sense of loyalty.

My master is the lord, so I only
went along with his will.

More than loyalty, it's logic.

Very untypical of the Lord of Gunnai.

Sir Amari, nothing is sillier
than having an internal strife.

True, my father defied the Takeda,
and was defeated by the lord.

But I have only one desire now... have the lord build
a strong province.

That goes without saying!

Like the Takeda family, we are
part of the Kai-Genji clan.

Thus, we strive for the same goal!

Sir Oyamada, well said!

The Oyamada family is blessed
with a truly good heir.

By the way, Sir Itagaki,
how is the young Takeda Lord doing?

The Young Lord has attained manhood, but
hasn't been invited to sit in the conference yet.

Rumors have it that he
deserves such treatment.

At that time, Harunobu was spending idle days.


Is the Young Lord still in bed?

It's almost noon.

He was composing poems with
the maidservants till late.

The vassals will take him even more lightly.

Why is he indulging in such amusements?

What are they making?

They're planting radishes.

After that, we scatter millet.

We hope there'll be a harvest in autumn.

Who did you learn that from?

Heizo's grandmother.


These will bring in some
money in the city.

Is Densuke staying at Heizo's?

That's right.

Don't worry, Kansuke.

Densuke and Heizo won't do
anything terrible to you.

Mitsu, if anything happens,
you can turn me in.

You might get a small reward.


You can give me this kind of life,

but I can't accept it.

It doesn't matter whose child it is...

but it's better off not being mine.


Kansuke, it's your child!

It moved.

It's your child!

Find employment here.
Become a samurai here.

Knowing the lord here, he'll surely
instigate war again soon.

Just distinguish yourself in it.

Then the lord will forgive you.

Are you telling me
to wait here as a farmer?

I'll keep you alive!

I'll keep you alive no matter what.


"Before dawn, a typhoon blows"

"In the garden, the grass sways"

How refreshing.

A fierce autumn wind blows through
the garden before dawn breaks,

refreshing the heart.

Isn't it quite a nice poem?

The morning breeze really sinks in,
after staying up all night.

Don't you agree, Komai?

Yes, it sure does.

What about everyone else?

Has anyone else finished her poem?


What do you want?

Young Lord, how long are you
going to continue this?

The art of versification is
part of being a samurai.

You wouldn't understand it, though.

You may receive notice to go
to your first battle shortly.

Enough amusements!


I have a favor to ask of you.

Come closer.

Remember the woman I met in the
village by Fuji-kawa River?

She had the image of Marici
hanging around her neck.

I want to employ her.
Please arrange it.

You're going to hire a farmer's
daughter as your maidservant?

That'll be one less starving person.

Isn't that good?

What will the lord say about it?

He'll laugh it off, saying it's
better than indulging in books.


Oh, Takichi.

Regarding Heizo...
Will you forgive him?


He's been in love with
Mitsu for a long time.

His whole family died from an epidemic.

The villagers think they are cursed.

Densuke and Mitsu saved
the surviving Heizo.

He'd do anything for Mitsu.

But don't kill Heizo.

Killing Heizo won't help me
gain employment with the Takeda.

Do you like the Takeda that much?

Just cherish your life.


Hide! Mino is here.


Densuke! Just the person
I wanted to see!

I have something to discuss with you.

Mitsu, the master wants to see you.

Me? Why?

I don't know.


Yes! Coming!

Go, Mitsu!

This is Mitsu.

What's with that stomach?

She's carrying a child.

Child? She's pregnant?


Oh my...

Are you her husband?

What? No.

I see.

Where's her husband?

I'm asking who the
father of the child is.

I'd like to see the face
of the fortunate man.

It's me!

I am Mitsu's husband.


I thought it was that one-eyed ronin.

That fool let his perfect
opportunity slip away.

I you are with child.

I see. Harunobu desired
a farmer's daughter.

I do not understand what
Sir Harunobu is thinking.

Perhaps he meant nothing by it.
Then again, he may have.


Harunobu may be afraid that
the lord will disinherit him.

The lord and Harunobu can
communicate without words.

Instead of being taken in a good
way, it may be developing fear.


The lord is afraid of
Harunobu's intelligence.

Harunobu is afraid of
the lord's resentment.

The lord doesn't resent
Sir Harunobu's amusements...?

He's acting like a fool...
to avoid being hated?

I don't understand it.

As his guardian, I am ashamed...

The strange bond between
father and son...

...may never be understood.

Since then, Itagaki Nobukata stated he had
suddenly fallen ill, and left the scene.

About half a month later...

Kansuke, I made this.

Do you like it?

It matches you.

He is an Imagawa vassal
from Suruga Province.

His name is Yamamoto Sadahisa,
and he's a messenger of Lord Kushima.

I am honored to meet you.

Get straight to the point.

Is Lord Kushima plotting treason?

Isn't that why he sent you over?

Shall we kill your lord in Suruga?

If I may humbly speak...

I think that all depends on you.

Are you telling me to aid Kushima?

With your support, he will
have nothing to fear.

Relay this message to Lord Kushima.

I, Takeda Nobutora,
shall assist him at any time.

Thank you for coming.




Who is he?

My older brother.

Your brother?

Suruga is making their move.

Something is going to happen in Suruga.

Are you going to Suruga?

Treason is brewing in Suruga.


Sir Sessai, things are turning out
the way you said.

Itagaki, have you recovered
from your illness?

Young Lord, I would like to
compose a poem tonight, too.

You're going to compose a poem?


Hey, Komai!

The theme is the evening flower.

Compose me a poem.

I won't laugh, even if it
is a satirical poem.

I've just thought of one.


Well, then...

"Untiring, the sunset glows"

"The moonlight shines,
and the flower blooms"

Never tiring, the moonlight
shines continuously,

and the flowers conform
to bloom beautifully.

Who did you learn how to
compose poems from?

I learned it from the priest at the temple.

Just in the past 20 days?

Why did you learn it?

If I may humbly speak...

Please clear the room.

Everyone, leave.

If I, your guardian, can't do what
you are striving hard at, then...

It wouldn't seem right.

I sure had a hard time with it.

Knowing you, you must've
worked hard at it everyday.

How many years must I train
to become better than that?

Don't worry, you'll gradually
get better over time.

How many years will it take
before you govern these lands?

Young Lord, you have no time
to be indulging in poetry.

You must stop staying up all night
and sleeping in late already.

The Takeda heir can't be
acting like a fool,

or we will meet with demise.

If my remonstration upsets you...
punish me anytime.

Itagaki... that's enough.
I understand.

Don't say anymore.

You needn't act like a fool before me.

I understand.

Forgive me.

Young Lord...

That's enough.

Leave... Leave!

"Untiring, the sunset glows"

"The moonlight shines,
and the flower blooms"

My lord...

My lord!

Kansuke, are you having
a hard time sleeping?

What are you making?

A castle.

A castle?

A mountain-top castle.

The main bailey...

second bailey...

Third bailey...

and the castle gate.

This crescent-shaped one is the moat.

The "umadashi" (entrance barrier)
is the key in capturing a castle.

Mine is round.
It's a "maru-umadashi".

It's the eye of the castle.

Kansuke, do you want to be here?

You don't mind being here
with me? Are you happy?

Don't you want to leave?

Isn't that right?


I wasn't wanted by anyone
since I was a child...

So I lived my life alone.

For 15 years, I traveled
all over the country.

I even killed people.

I witnessed battles and fought in battles.

I earned my living by taking heads.

I participated in numerous battles.

But I haven't fought any real battles.

Battles should be for the purpose
of protecting one's country,

and family.

In that respect, I haven't
fought any real battles.

All the battles I fought were
for irrelevant thoughts.

You are my castle.

I've finally found... my battle.

A person is most happy living
in a place where he is wanted.

Can I believe that?

Can I truly believe that?

Believe it.



I finally got it.

How is the lord?

There aren't many deer,
so he's quite upset.

Sir Harunobu!
We got a big one!

Not so loud! Hide it!


Mitsu! Look!


Episode 3:
The End


We may have to kill that ronin.

Crush the Takeda!

Is that true?

You can't defeat the Takeda with
grudge alone, Yamamoto Kansuke.

Damn you!

A person who remits light can
only shine with a peace of mind,

by having someone bearing
shadows near him.


We'll make Takeda Nobutora
die in battle.



The Toyokawa Shrine is known for
its Business Prosperity charms.

Toyokawa City in Aichi
Prefecture is a temple town.

Two km from the boisterous approach
to the shrine is Ushikubo-cho.

The house of Obayashi Kanzaemon,
where Kansuke was adopted, stood here.

Kansuke lived here
from the age of 12,

and left at the age of 20 to go
on a samurai training journey,

according to the records
at Chokoku-ji Temple.

The image of Marici that
remains at the temple...

Kansuke, who climbed Mt. Koya
during his journey,

received it in prayers of
improving his military arts.

Ushikubo is a town where Kansuke, who dreamed
of polishing his strategic skills, grew up in.

Access to Chokoku-ji Temple
From JR Ushikubo Station,
10 minute walk.

Production & Writing: