The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 29 - Gyakushû! Takeda gun - full transcript

There's Takeda Harunobu!


TAKEDA ARMY of 10,000 vs.

Forgive me...

I'll see you... shortly.

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Lord, please retreat.

It was Harunobu's first
taste of defeat.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 29:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Imperial Palace Dialect Coach: HORII Reiichi
Kyoto Dialect Coach: INOUE Yukiko
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko
Japanese Music Coach: HONJO Shotaro


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:


OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi

BABA Nobuharu:

HARA Toratane:

TAKEDA Nobushige: KASHIMA Noritoshi


SANADA Yukitaka:
SASAKI Kuranosuke

Princess Miru:


Princess Yu:

Attendant: ONO Kiyoshi
Shiro: MOTOKAWA Ransho


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Tateshina City in Nagano Prefecture
Nagawa City in Nagano Prefecture
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

AIKI Ichibei:
KONDO Yoshimasa

TAKATO Yoritsugu:

IMAI Tomohiko

SUWA Mitsuchika:

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

Lady OI:

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Produced by: NAKAMURA Takashi
Art Direction by: SHIMIZU Kensuke
Technology: TANAKA Mitsuru
Sound Effects: ISHIKAWA Takao

Photography by: SASAKI Tatsunosuke
Lighting by: HORIKAGO Isamu
Audio: FUJII Yoshiyasu
Image Art: YOSHIDA Kenji
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi
Art Direction Manager: MATSUTANI Takafumi

Directed by:

Harunobu himself, was wounded, but
he maintained his battle formation

and did not issue the order
to withdraw from Uedahara.

Lord, please issue
the order to withdraw.

Murakami has withdrawn his forces.

I doubt he'll be attacking again.

Please make the decision
to withdraw, too.


Why must I lose?

It's because Itagaki and Amari
did not follow my orders.

If this battle prolongs,
the vassals' discontent...

will be directed at you.

That's what Itagaki and Amari
were concerned about.

You make it sound as if I
killed both of them.

Itagaki protected you
until the very end.

He must be satisfied.


The lord isn't withdrawing.

He's not withdrawing?

In the battle at Uedahara...

He lost Sirs Itagaki and Amari.

The lord is wounded, too.

Yet, in spite of that, he remains
at Uedahara, ready to fight...

another battle with the Murakami forces.

Ten days have passed already...

Everyone must be freezing in this cold...

Can you write him a letter,
persuading him to retreat?

Harunobu, I am worried about you.

How hurt you must feel from this battle...

When I think of you,
refusing to admit defeat,

and ignoring your vassals
and people's sufferings,

to remain there, I feel pity for
you and I can't help crying...

The heartache you are feeling
must be confronted by you, alone...

I pray to Buddha that you will
bravely accept the heartache...

and return home as soon as possible.

Let us retreat to Suwa temporarily.

We are retreating!

Harunobu withdrew from Uedahara
over 20 days after the battle.


I see... so the lord won't be
stopping by here.

What will happen to Shinano,
after the Takeda's defeat?

Seeing this as an opportunity,
groups may rise against him.

Misfortune may come to
Suwa as well, but...

Kansuke, don't worry about Shiro and me.

Just stay by the lord's side.

He's the one who needs your help.

I will be returning to Kai now.
Excuse me.

Young Lord Shiro...

You can speak well now.


What's wrong with Kansuke?

He's blaming himself...

What have you governed as lord?

The province? The people?

What does it mean to govern a province?

Is it to scare the other
provinces through battles?

That's not it, is it?

It means to be able to live
your life out fully,

by having the people believe in you.

It's important to seek gains
for the province.

But without love for the people,
the province can fall to doom.

I know...

I haven't lost sight
of that reasoning...

Are you saying that your
vassals have lost it?

Do you think Amari and Itagaki
abandoned you and engaged in a battle

that disobeyed your orders?

They disobeyed your orders and died
in action because they believed in you.

They believed in your fortune,
that is why they remonstrated you

with their deaths.

You must reflect on your life once again...

The people don't believe in you
because you are strong...

They just want to believe in
what you believe.

Lady Okita...

People and time may change, but...

The mountains of Kai will never change.

The lord's heart will eventually
become the mountains of Kai.


Don't worry about Kai,
and rest in peace...


That Murakami... I never thought
he'd defeat the Takeda, but he did.

Too bad they both didn't
go down together.

They are as good as both down.

I doubt Murakami has the strength
to engage in another battle.

He can only twiddle his thumbs
while we invade Suwa.

He may even come
crying to us for help.

Stop fanning the idea.
I know how you feel.

If I join hands with my in-law
Nishina Dogai in Azumi,

we should be able to overthrow
the Takeda at once.

Of course!

Men! As starters, I, Takato
Yoritsugu, will retrieve Suwa!

I will be the one to govern it!

Make the Ogasawara vassals
betray their lord?

That is correct. I have
some men in mind.

You're awfully prepared.

Not me...

But Sir Itagaki.

Sir Itagaki?

Please work on Nishina in Azumi,
in the Ogasawara clan.

I can try, but...

If the Takeda don't have the
advantage in battle,

no one will switch over.

Instead of gaining allies, we may
lose our Suwa allies to Ogasawara.

The Takeda must protect Suwa!

That is Sir Itagaki's will.

I misread the situation in Shinano.

Rather, I wasn't watching it.

I was the one that
was big-headed.

In Saku, Chiisagata, and Suwa...
I am surrounded by enemies.

They are determined to
overthrow the Takeda now.

Don't you feel insecure in Kai,
where there is no solid castle?

Not at all.

I can be in a solid castle, but...

You, not having any compassion
in you, scares me more than...

being surrounded by
the many armies.

Have I made you feel
insecure until now?


I stopped seeking your
compassion, too...

By losing in this recent battle...

I feel like I've regained the
heart that I had forgotten.

It's something important
that supports me.

The Takeda family precepts.

Something that I must teach
my heir, Taro, someday.


I must teach Taro to never forget it.


In June of 1548, the Nishikata
group in Suwa revolted,

and the Ogasawara main army
came to their aid.

The anti-Takeda army
gathered at Shiojiri Pass.

In response to that, Harunobu
departed Kai to battle.

Without entering Shinano at once,

he stayed at Oiga Forest
on the border of Kai-Shinano.

Lord, why aren't you advancing
to Suwa immediately?

Kansuke, tell them your thoughts.

We will stay here for a while.

Why? Why are we staying here?

To put the enemy off guard.

The enemy is taking us lightly,
thinking we lack the strength

to resist. That is why
they challenged us.

So let's have them take us
lightly all the way.


The Ogasawara army isn't the
only one taking us lightly.

While we are doing this, the Suwa
groups that are waiting for our aid,

may switch over to the Ogasawara.

Komai, what is the situation
at Uehara Castle?

The Shake group members are
following the Nishikata group.

Didn't I tell you, Kansuke?

Suwa will surrender
before we get there.

That is what we want.

If they take the Takeda lightly,
they won't attack Uehara Castle.

After the defeat at Uedahara,
the spirit of our soldiers are falling.

Therefore, we will inevitably
have traitors.

But this time, we must defeat
the Ogasawara army in battle.

If we can defeat the
Ogasawara, the deputy,

the situation in Shinano
will once again change.

The Takeda clan will revive.

The enemy's unguarded moment and
this July heat will be our allies.

So only the military strategist
has come back to life...

Sir Oyamada.

What is it?

Having lost Sirs Itagaki and Amari,
we are faced with a crisis to unite.

Please bear with me.

Kansuke, is Lady Yu well?

She and the Young Lord are safe.

Miru bore a son, also.

It's almost a year since she was
captured at Shiga Castle.

Miru is happy about it, too.

She is a good woman.

In celebration of his birth,
we shall win this battle!

Kansuke, what are you plotting?

You said their unguarded moment
and this heat will be our allies.

Do you think the enemy
will attack us naked?

That is correct.

Don't you get it?

I know! A surprise attack?

Indeed. We will launch it.

Let me be the one to lead it.

This is a battle to avenge Sir Itagaki.

No. Sir Itagaki is still alive.


Deputy! There's no order
in the camp!

Tell them to keep on their armors!

What's your problem?

It's all right.

We won't last in this heat.

While the Takeda are in Kai,
there won't be any battles...

It's been seven days.

If they were planning to come out,
they would've done so already.

You never know what
the Takeda are up to.

After the Suwa groups submit to us,
we'll just march to the Takeda's...

main camp and attack them.

You should have a drink, too.

You need a drink to forget about
this heat and dirtiness.

You sure smell.

This unpreparedness will be our
greatest flaw against the Takeda.

At dawn on the seventh day, the
Takeda army finally made their move.

Without the Ogasawara forces'
noticing, they entered Uehara Castle.


Tonight, we will advance to the
bottom of Shiojiri Pass.

Early tomorrow morning, we will
attack the enemy camp at once.

Sir Obu, from Nakasendo Highway.

Sir Oyamada, from Tagawa Pass.

Sir Nobushige, from Katsutsuru Pass.

Sir Baba, from Ono Pass.

The others will protect the main camp.

Sir Hara and I will be the vanguards.

Please wait!

What is it, Mitsuchika?

Please order the Suwa groups
to be the vanguard for it.

You want to be the vanguards?

I hope you're not planning
to switch sides.

We will not do that!

The enemy is our Suwa god's enemy.

They will surely receive
divine punishment.

We have our god's protection.

None of the Suwa people doubt that.


Because you hoisted that flag.

That is...

It's the Suwa flag that you made.

Please write the Suwa god's words.

Are you satisfied?

This will bring you victory in battle!

No one in Suwa will defy this flag.

Those who betrayed us, will return.

Please let us be your vanguards.


The battle at Shiojiri Pass started
at 5:00 a.m. on July 19, 1548.


Lord! The Takeda are attacking!
It's a surprise attack!

Damn Takeda!

The Takeda army rose victorious!


Ogasawara Nagatoki barely
escaped to Hayashi Castle.


Lord! Please run away!

Damn Takeda! Damn you!
Damn you! Damn you!

Takato Yoritsugu! How many times
must you shout "damn you"?

Damn you!

Takato Yoritsugu was sent to Kofu,
where he later committed hara-kiri.

The evening shower washed down
the blood on the battlefield.

The Takeda removed the stigma
attached to their name.

Morozumi, we won!

I have something to say to you.

Hereforth, I will not call
my brother, "Brother".

I shall call him lord!

He is the lord that we chose.

I shall believe in his gift
until the very end...

No... I will believe in myself.

I am truly ashamed of myself.

Great men such as Itagaki
and Amari have died...

and a foolish old man
like me is alive.

I have made a mistake!
A mistake!

How long are you going to cry?

So you survived...
it can't be helped.

Your master isn't crying.

The master is cold...

What are you doing?

I was planning to join him
after we won this battle.

Denbei, are you going to
follow him in death?

That's fine...

That's the easiest way out.

I wonder if Sir Itagaki
had an easy death...

Who do you think you owe
this victory to?!

Kansuke, doesn't this victory
battle sadden you?

I have no time to be crying.

You have to make use of the life
that you were spared of.

You can't join Sir Itagaki yet.

The lord is fighting,
while enduring his sadness.

Lord, I would like to thank you
on behalf of the people,

for protecting Suwa.

I wasn't the one who protected Suwa.

Itagaki, you did a great job.

I'll promise something
important to you.

I will not build a castle in Kai
for as long as I live.

You, the people, are my castle.

The people are my castle,
my stone walls, and moats...

Compassion is my ally...

Grudge is my enemy...

This is my promise to you...


Young Lord... that is a fine poem.

People are the castle,
stone walls, and moats...

Compassion is the ally...

Grudge is the enemy...

What an excellent poem!


Are you praising me?


I will not commend you!

Why did you die?

Why did you die...

Why did you die, Itagaki?!

Why did you die?!

Itagaki! Why did you die?!

Why did you die?!

Episode 29:
The End




Shiojiri pass located in between the
Okaya city and Shiojiri city in Nagano prefecture.

Tenbun 17 nen (1548) July,

Takeda Harunobu defeated Ogasawara Nagatoki
in battle of Shiojiri pass.

Battle took place in between the current
Route 20 to 3 km away in Katsuru pass.

(Katsuru pass)

(flag of Suwahossho)

In this battle, remarkable work of
Suwa clan have contributed to the victory.

Former Nakasendou Shiojiri town,

small stone marker indicates the burial
ground for the soldiers of Ogasawara clan.

Do-zuka (Burial marker for the body)

After the victory in Shiojiri pass,
Kubi-zuka (Burial marker for the head)

Harunobu once again confront Murakami Yoshikiyo
over the seat as only ruler of Shinano.

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