The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Sankoku gekitotsu - full transcript



Hereafter, the lord will
always protect you...

Kansuke has found Yu
who was missing in Suwa,

and returned her to Harunobu.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 22:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

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Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi


TAKEDA Nobushige: KASHIMA Noritoshi

IHARA Yukimasa: SEGAWA Ryo

IMAGAWA Yoshimoto:

SUDA Shinzaemon:


Princess Yu:

Yamanashi Dialect Coach:
KASAI Kazuhiko
Japanese Drum Performance:


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Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture
Miura City in Kanagawa Prefecture

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo:

HOJO Ujiyasu:

SHIMIZU Yoshimasa:

TAIGEN Sufu Sessai:
IBU Masato

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita


ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: SHIMIZU Kensuke
Technology: KAWASAKI Kazuhiko
Sound Effects: WADA Naoya
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: TAME Akihiro
Lighting by: IUCHI Minoru
Audio: SANGA Masaru
Image Art: TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro
Art Direction Manager: TAKAHASHI Hideki

Directed by:
FUKUI Atsuhiro

JUNE, 1545


I am with child.


With the ongoing battle in Ina,
the lord stayed in Suwa.

Everything turned out as you said.

I am glad to hear that...

Kansuke... I feel like I've
treated you terribly.

That's not true...

I am ashamed of myself.

My life revolves around the lord...

...and this unborn child.

Is that all right with you?

Yes, that is fine...


Thanks to you, I was able
to conceive this child...

Please take care of the lord
and this child...


The lord and your son...
...are my life.

Kansuke, we don't know that
it's a boy yet.

No, I'm sure it is...

It is definitely a boy!

With the backing of Ogasawara
Nagatoki, the Shinano guardian,

the Ina forces rose again, but
were crushed by the Takeda forces.


So the Takeda scared
Ogasawara and left?

Ogasawara Nagatoki must've
been scared out of his wits.

He'll surely come crying to me soon.

Shall we rise soon?

No, wait...

Aren't the Takeda allies with
the Imagawa in Suruga?

Because of that pact, they can
attack Shinano without having

to worry about home.

The Imagawa's greatest enemy
now is the Hojo.

The Hojo are in a crisis now,
with their conflict with the Uesugi.

Do you think the Imagawa will
let this opportunity slip by?

Are the Imagawa and Hojo...?

If they go to battle, the Takeda
will be forced to send troops.

Then they won't have time to
be bothered with Shinano.

We must wait for that opportunity.



Sessai, what do we owe
your personal visit to?

My lord in Sunpu has
a favor to ask of you.

Yoshimoto is my brother-in-law.
I will oblige to anything.

Please send troops to punish the
Hojo, who've ravaged our lands.

Is Yoshimoto planning to engage
in battle with the Hojo?

Fuji-Suntogun is on the border
of Kai province, too.

Please aid the Imagawa and
send reinforcements.

The Fuji-Suntogun in Suruga was
a land that was invaded by the Hojo

eight years ago, when the Imagawa
and Takeda signed a pact.

The Imagawa and Takeda engaged
in skirmishes over it against the Hojo,

but the Hojo continued to occupy it.

This riot that occured to the
east of Fuji-gawa River

is called the "Kato Rebellion".

Ujiyasu, who succeeded as lord of
the Hojo, is in a predicament now,

due to his strife with the Uesugi.

My lord wants to seize this
opportunity to retrieve the Kato lands.

He plans to crush Hojo Ujiyasu.

And he wants reinforcements
from the Takeda?

The Hojo are in a predicament now.

Please think about that
point very carefully.

Please make your decision.

Shortly after that, Imagawa
Yoshimoto in Suruga sent an army

to Zentoku-ji Temple in Fujigun.

Upon receiving news of this,
Hojo Ujiyasu led his army

to Yoshiwara Castle.
The situation was delicate.

Should he send reinforcements
to Imagawa or not?

Harunobu was pressed for a decision.

I repeat, if we send troops to Suruga now,

Shinano will be in danger.

Murakami will seize the opportunity
to invade Saku-Chiisagata.

Then what will we do?

Even if we left Itagaki in Suwa,
that will not be enough.

But we can't break our pact with Suruga.

We are obligated to them,
for taking care of the previous lord.

We must avoid prolonging the
battle with the Hojo.

I know that.

Is there any way we can
avoid this battle?


- There is a way.

Oyamada, speak.

You should delay your entrance
into the battle and watch the

development of the situation.

Watch the situation, and what?

The Imagawa, who are relying on
the Takeda, may lose to the Hojo.

If the Hojo should win, then
make peace with the Hojo.

That's outrageous!

Are you telling us
to betray the Imagawa?

You must know why the Hojo
are in a predicament now.

Because of the Uesugi's movement?

That is correct.

The Uesugi and the Ashikaga have
governed Kanto from long ago.

But they've had endless strife
within their clans.

Thus, the Hojo are taking
advantage of the open seams

to take leadership in Kanto.

To overthrow the Hojo, the Uesugi
have come here to join hands

with the Ashikaga Shogun.

Thus, the Hojo became fearful
of their surroundings.

If the Imagawa should join them
in the flow of things,

then they will be
caught in a pincer attack.

Why should we join hands
with the trapped rats?

But we are in the same boat.

If the Uesugi should gain more power,
then they'll become a formidable

enemy to us, who are trying
to control Shinano.

That is why we should join
hands with the Hojo,

and suppress the powers of the Uesugi.

If the Takeda and Hojo should join hands,

the Imagawa won't fight them.

Wait a minute. Wasn't it you
who mediated for Sessai?

Not only Sessai.

The truth is, when Hojo Ujiyasu
succeeded as lord,

he approached me...

To display his will to make
peace with the Takeda.

Our lord is already aware of this fact.

Please wait.

In that case, I have an idea.

Please send me to the Imagawa
as your messenger.

I promise to stop this battle.

How do you plan to stop it?

Tell me your plan, Kansuke.

I'll have the Imagawa and
Hojo make peace.

That's impossible!

The Takeda will mediate and
make both armies withdraw.

That would be the best method.

I agree!

If you can do that,
that would be for the best.


You never know...

Judging by how Sessai talked...

You might be able to negotiate
peace with the Imagawa and Hojo.

By the way he talked?

Please wait!

We can't break our pact
with the Imagawa!

So we'll have to send troops.




It's been a long time.

It sure has!

Have you been well?


I'm glad to hear that!

I'm happy to be on the same
side as you this time.

Sir Yukimasa...

Why are the Imagawa trying
to crush the Hojo?

I don't know. My lord is
focused in the west now.

He must want to get rid of
any fears at home.

Kato was originally within
our territory.

Are the Takeda unhappy
with this battle?

Sessai, my uncle, was also
against this battle.

Sessai was?

According to my father,
Sessai was trying to stop it.

With the battle coming up
with the Oda, over Mikawa,

the lord apparently wants
to show his authority.

He is so set on the attack on the Hojo,

that even my uncle, Sessai,
can't dissuade him of it.

I understand very well.

So the Takeda are proposing
to negotiate peace

between the Imagawa and Hojo?


Was it Oyamada that advised it?


Was it you?

It was my lord that wished it.

Is that what he concluded?

You've found a good lord to serve.

I'll have you meet my lord.
Go ahead and tell him that.

He is the Takeda messenger,
Yamamoto Kansuke.

It's been a long time.

I am honored to meet with you.

Yamamoto Kansuke here, is the
strategist for the Takeda clan.

You, a strategist?

You've really climbed the
ladder of success, haven't you?

Sessai, did I have bad judgment?

Or does Harunobu really hate his father?

Why else would he hire as his
strategist, the man who hated

his father, and escorted him to Sunpu?

Will he offer Hojo Ujiyasu's
head to his brother-in-law,

who holds custody of his father?

I'm afraid to say that the
Takeda aren't sending troops

this time to punish the Hojo.

We are requesting that the
Imagawa withdraw their forces.

Are the Takeda going to betray us?

We'll make the Hojo withdraw
their forces, too.

In fact, we'll make them
withdraw from Kato.

We'll regain the Fuji-Suntogun
lands for the Imagawa.

Fool! Do you think the Takeda
have that kind of power?!

With your backing, we can do it.

This is our opportunity
to crush the Hojo!

It won't be a benefit to the Imagawa
or Takeda to crush the Hojo.

Are you going to defy me?

If you attack the Hojo now,
you'll only lose soldiers.

Please take the route of
not saving or killing the Hojo.

Use them as your shield
against the Uesugi instead.

Please stop siding with the Uesugi as well.

I understand very well.

I'm impressed... very impressed
with you, Sessai!

You've got the Takeda to side
with you. I guess it's my defeat.

Yamamoto Kansuke!

Go back and tell Harunobu...

If he fails to make the Hojo
accept these peace terms,

then I'll launch a full-scale
attack on them at once.

And the Takeda force will act
as my vanguards.

Very well.

Kansuke, you are just a messenger.

Don't even think that
you dissuaded me of it.

Sessai, won't I have to prepare
a written pledge for this treaty?

Yes, Sir.

Kansuke, tell your lord...

...the send a worthy vassal to
pick up the written pledge.

Is that clear?

AUGUST 11, 1545

Harunobu sent his hereditary
vassal, Komai, later.

Yoshimoto prepared the written
pledge with the Hojo as promised.

How despicable of Sessai...


Did you see Kansuke, too?

Yes, my Lady.

I wish I could've seen him, too...
after becoming a strategist.


I don't think he's capable
of being loyal to Kai.

No, that's not true.

What are you doing? You didn't
even hire him as an agent.

Your father and Sessai are
too good-natured.



On September 9th, after waiting
for Komai to return,

Harunobu set up camp at Motosu in Kai.

He just had to get the Hojo
to withdraw their forces now.

What? Sessai's strategy?

To stop his battle-happy lord,
he devised a strategy to avoid

a battle by using the Takeda
as the intermediary.

Judging by how Sessai talked...

It might be possible to negotiate
peace between the Imagawa and Hojo.

You've found a good lord to serve.

Sessai knew about the Hojo's intent
to make peace with the Takeda.

That is why he took the long about
way to ask the Takeda to mediate.

Which means, we were merely
in the palm of his hands.

I didn't realize that...
Did you?

No, I didn't think that far, either.

It was the lord that realized it.

Only the lord saw through his
true intent, and went along with it.

Due to his resourcefulness,
the Imagawa, Hojo, and Takeda

will all be saved.
The lord...

Enough! Just leave me!

Are you saying I am no match
against the lord?

Sir Itagaki!


You must not bungle this
peace talk with the Hojo.

Go with Itagaki.

If this three party peace treaty
isn't signed, the battle will prolong.

Then the Takeda will become
the target of criticism,

and Shinano will turn into
a scene of carnage.

Kansuke, the Uesugi have moved.

Have they?

While the Hojo are caught up
in Suruga...

Uesugi Norimasa's army have
surrounded Kawagoe Castle in Musashi.

The Uesugi have surrounded Kawagoe Castle?

The Hojo must want to withdraw
their forces from Suruga immediately.


What is it?

I would like to see the Uesugi,
who attack the Hojo, engage in battle.

Please send me to Kawagoe Castle
to assist the Hojo.

It should prove our intent for peace.

That's fine... If Hojo
Ujiyasu agrees to it.

I'll make sure he does.


What is it?

Something's been bothering me.

Can I ask you something?

What is it?

Did Lady Yu flee from Suwa?

Did you find her and desperately
persuade her to return?

Where did you hear that from?

Did you think I didn't know?


Kansuke, I saw what happened.

I saw you running in the snow,
so I followed you.

How did you persuade her?

Sir Itagaki!

Let me ask you this...

Do you love Lady Yu?

I heard you've been
visiting her often.

I hope the both of you
aren't deceiving the lord.

No, we're not!

Princess Yu is a noble lady
in my eyes...

Yes, I love the princess.

But it's like loving one's province!

Unwanted by my home province...
I traveled across the country...

Therefore, I had no land
to call my homeland.

To me, my province means the people.

Such as the lord, you, Princess Yu,
and my late wife, Mitsu...

You, people, represent
the province itself.

That's where I can finally see
the image of my province...

And have a province
I can live in...

And stake my life on...

Please stop the unnecessary

I understand.

Kansuke, I understand your
feelings very well.

I'm sorry for asking.

It's my fault! I'm sorry!

The people represent the
province... and vice versa...

I feel like I understand
you a little now.

You are a warrior that lives
in the same province as me...

Sir Itagaki...

I can go to the Hojo with you,
with a peace of mind now.

I am Takeda vassal, Itagaki!

I would like to see
your lord immediately!

I am Yamamoto Kansuke!
Please let us see him immediately!


Lord Ujiyasu!

The Takeda messengers
are requesting be see you.

Takeda messengers?
Is Oyamada one of them?

No. Their key vassal, Itagaki,
and Yamamoto Kansuke.

Yamamoto Kansuke?
His name sounds familiar.

He's a one-eyed warrior.

Is he "that" ronin?
Why is he here?

He became a vassal to the Takeda.

Kansuke, if you want to defeat
the Takeda, you have to discard

your grudge and focus on
what is before you.

Then your enemy will appear
clear before you.

When you can clearly see
the Takeda, come back here.

You, who are allies with the
Imagawa, shouldn't be here

in our camp at a time like this.
What is it that you want?

Yamamoto Kansuke, do you have
a clear view of the Takeda?


Report to me.


My lord wants the Imagawa
and Hojo to make peace.

Itagaki, what will the Takeda
gain from this peace treaty?

Friendship with you.

He feels it's not to his benefit
to have you as his enemy.

My lord has taken Kansuke's
advice to heart.


Wasn't I wise not to employ
you in the past?


I understand. I, Ujiyasu,
will consent to it!

Thus, the three party
peace treaty was signed.

Hojo Ujiyasu returned Suntogun to the
Imagawa and withdrew their forces.

A few days later, Harunobu met
with Yoshimoto in Suruga.

For you, who were born and raised
in the mountainous Kai...

Is this your first time seeing the sea?

If we had crushed the Hojo together,

I would've given you
a castle by the sea.

What a shame.

No. Someday,
with my own powers...

I will leave the mountains and
go out towards the sea.

I hope you're not thinking
of the sea of Suruga.

Meanwhile, Kansuke had departed
for Odawara to assist the Hojo.

He harbored new ambitions
from this battle.

Episode 22:
The End


Listen, Kansuke. The signal
is the prostitute.


The enemy numbers 8,000,
while we number 80,000.


We'll launch a surprise attack tonight.

That's Uesugi Norimasa!
Kill him!

What did you inform the castle?

Don't you want to see the Hojo's
victory battle with your own eyes?

I won't submit to the Takeda.



The eastern part of Yamanashi
Prefecture was called "Gunnai" before.

It was governed by Harunobu's
key vassal, Oyamada Nobuari.

Oyamada was from the
Heike lineage.

He, who was very resourceful,
focused on diplomacy under Harunobu.

Katsuyama Castle, with Katsura-gawa
River as its natural moat,

was a fortress that protected
the center of Gunnai.

Oyamada, who sought financial
stability as a means of preparing

for battles, promoted the silk
fabric called "Gunnai-ori".

Iwadono Castle in Otsuki City...

is one of Oyamada's castle, famous
for the use of the precipitous cliffs.

Gunnai, located at the border,
was an important strongpoint

of Harunobu's, in preparation
for the Hojo in Odawara.

Access to Katsuyama Castle site (Tsuru City)
On Fujikyuko to Tanimura Town stop, walk 15 minutes
Further trails, 15 minutes
Access to Iwadono Castle site (Otsuki City)
On JR to Otsuki stop, walk 20 minutes
Further trails, 40 minutes

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