The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Gunshi tanjô - full transcript

Did the Oi clan attack
Nagakubo Castle in Chiisagata?

The army was personally led by
their leader, Oi Sadataka.

Oi Sadataka in Chiisagata,
Shinano, rose against the Takeda.

The Saku-Chiisagata region
was a strongpoint that Harunobu,

who wanted to conquer Shinano,
wanted to have control over.

The Oi and Shige clans may be
plotting to make a comeback

at Saku-Chiisagata.

We must take measures
as soon as possible.

Harunobu and Kansuke had
more battles to fight.

What lay ahead of them
was a new formidable enemy.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 20:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Flower Arrangement Coac: SUZUKI Sotaku
Transverse Flute Coach: TOSHA Kisho
Calligraphy Instructor: MOCHIZUKI Gyoun


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:


OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi


TAKEDA Nobushige: KASHIMA Noritoshi

KASUGA Gengoro: TANAKA Kotaro
IITOMI Genshiro: MAEKAWA Yasuyuki


SATO Ryuta



Princess Yu:

OI Sadataka: HOTARU Yukijiro
ASHIDA Nobumori: IIDA Kisuke

MOCHIZUKI Nobumasa: IZAWA Hiroshi

Maki: OTANI Maiko
SANADA Gentaro: NAKAMURA Keisuke

Imperial Palace Dialect Coach: HORII Reiichi
Kyoto Dialect Coach: INOUE Yukiko
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Inawashiro Town in Fukushima Prefecture
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

SANADA Yukitaka:
SASAKI Kuranosuke

AIKI Ichibei:
KONDO Yoshimasa


MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo:

ASADA Miyoko

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: KAWASAKI Kazuhiko
Sound Effects: ISHIKAWA Takao
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: TAME Akihiro
Lighting by: IUCHI Minoru
Audio: WASHIZU Nobuatsu
Image Art: KANEZAWA Masato
Art Direction Manager: MATSUTANI Takafumi

Directed by:
ISO Tomoaki

SEPTEMBER 19, 1543

The Takeda army of 6,000 had
surrounded Nagakubo Castle,

where Oi Sadataka lived.

Is the Mochizuki clan
assisting Oi Sadataka?

That is correct.

In addition to the reinforcements
holed up in Nagakubo Castle,

the men in Mochizuki Castle
are ready in the rear.

Nobushige, Amari, Morozumi, and Oyamada.

Attack Mochizuki Cattle.

We'll cut off their
reinforcements in the rear.

That would be dangerous.

If we take 3,000 of our 6,000 army
to attack Mochizuki Castle,

our main army will be weak.

With such a huge number gone,
won't a crisis arise?

The castle will fall shortly.

Are you going to rely on
Kansuke's strategy again?

I'm not relying on it...
I'm using it.

Amari, are you discontent?


Lord, if I may speak up.

What is it?

Why don't you appoint Kansuke
as your military strategist?


Then we can accept your
order more readily,

and when we disagree with his
strategy, we can openly say so,

and correct him without any
unnecessary sensitivity involved.

We would like you to stop
plotting in secret with Kansuke.


Fine. When this castle falls
as we strategized,

I shall appoint Yamamoto
Kansuke as our strategist.

And in times of battle,
he'll stay in the main camp.

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You look awfully idle!

Sir Kyoraishi!

Please pardon me.

How can you take a castle by sleeping?

It's been three days since
we surrounded the castle.

Is neglecting your duties,
part of the strategy?

Of course not.

To gain the opportunity
through a fight is bad strategy.

An excellent strategy means
to gain the edge before a fight.

If your judgment is right,
and that castle falls.

You will be named the
lord's military strategist.

Strategist? Me?

That's what the lord said.

The councilors advised him so.

The councilors?

They want you to stop doing
things behind their backs.

The secrecy... is what's good.

What are you saying?

You never know when there
will be a spy within.

What? The Takeda army has moved?

Yes... about 3,000 of them are
heading for Mochizuki Castle.

Are they planning to attack
my Mochizuki Castle?

They must be planning to stop any aid...

Which means, the Takeda army
is few in number outside.

Let us go out and launch
an all-out attack on them.

Please wait!

We're talking about the Takeda
who obtained Suwa through their

cunning strategy. They wouldn't
fight such a stupid battle.

What are they after then?

This is a trap...


As Sir Ashida says, if we
go out to attack them at once...

The army heading for Mochizuki
Castle will turn back

and attack us from the back.

The Takeda have released
their back defense.

They are enticing us
to launch an all-out attack.

So what are we going to do?

We'll have only the Mochizuki army
quickly head to Mochizuki.

Then we can launch a pincer
attack on the Takeda army,

who are headed to Mochizuki.

The remaining Takeda army will
attack this castle in panic.

But they will be unorganized,
after being forestalled,

so they needn't be feared.

Sir Mochizuki...

Sir Oi...

The Takeda army heading to my castle

shall be disposed of by us.

All right.

We will defend this castle on our own!

We'll get the provisions ready immediately.

That hurts!

Lady Hisa!

Don't let your guard down!

The enemy may not necessarily
be outside of the castle.

What are you doing?

I'm sick of cooking.

Aren't the Takeda going to
launch an all-out attack yet?

Please go back before the
Master sees you and gets mad.

Sir Aiki!

It's been a while!

Who are you, again?

I'm Heizo! I met you at
Unnokuchi Castle before!

Heizo? The one that was
with Yamamoto Kansuke?

Yes, that's right.

So you're his vassal...

Weren't you working for
the Sanada family before?

Did you run away from them?

No, I was separated from
Kansuke at Unnokuchi Castle.

So I didn't go back to Sanada
and came to Suwa instead.

Is that right?

I heard a lot of men who fled
from Suwa went to Oi for help.

To think you're one of them.

I heard you're one of Sir Oi's vassals...

So I was looking forward
to seeing you again.

I'm happy to have met you.

Sir Aiki!

Kansuke is serving the
Takeda clan now.

I see.

Woman, there.


The Takeda may attack us
early in the evening.

Go back to the kitchen immediately

and help prepare the provisions.


Sir Kyoraishi.

What is it?

They're cooking rice?

Early, isn't it?

Fortune is with the lord.

So the Mochizuki soldiers
left from the back?

This is our signal now.

Komai, did you notify Amari?

They're waiting for the
Mochizuki army now.

It's time for us to launch
our attack on the castle.

Obu, you'll be the vanguard!

When will the Takeda attack?

No one is coming to inform us.

It'll be soon.

What do you mean?

They may already be
in the castle now.

Aiki! Ashida!

We're taking this castle!

Those with the Takeda,
follow after me quickly!

Damn you!

The enemy is here!


Kill them!

Sir Aiki!

As you can see, Oi Sadataka
has submitted to the Takeda!

Clear the way!

I am Takeda vassal, Obu Hyobu!

Are you Sir Aiki?

Yes. I followed Yamamoto's
strategy and have captured

Oi Sadataka right here.

Sir Aiki, good job!

Heizo, let's run away.




Out of my way!

Heizo, submit to me...
Side with the Takeda...

If you come with us,
we won't take your life...

Heizo, Takeda is our enemy.
He's a great villain that

made the Suwa princess his concubine.

Return Suwa to us!

Suwa will remain!
So, you remain, too...

We can't go back to Suwa.

Heizo, submit to the Takeda!


Don't interfere!

Submit to me!


In that case...
I'll kill you.




Sir Yazaki, if you want
to defeat the Takeda,

I'll fight you anytime.

But if you die here,
you'll be dying for naught.

Sir Kyoraishi!

Heizo, aren't you glad?
Take care of Lady Hisa.

Don't tell me that!

Heizo, let's go.

Don't laugh!

Are you being merciful?

What good will it do to kill him?

He may be a small fry, but
don't underestimate him.

We won this battle
with your strategizing.

Victory doesn't stand on a
mountain of corpses, does it?

Isn't that your strategic style?

Nagakubo Castle fell,

and Oi Sadataka committed
suicide in Kofu.

Meanwhile, Amari's army
took Mochizuki Castle and

the Mochizuki clansmen either
committed suicide or fled.

Thus, the Takeda gained
the Mochizuki fief, too.

Aiki Ichibei, Ashida Nobumori...

Thank you for your great work.

As promised, the Aiki and
Ashida fiefs remain yours.

Please continue to
work hard for Shinano,

and spread your powers
in Saku and Chiisagata.

I am very honored by it.

I will do exactly that.

Thank you for coming
a long way to Kofu.

You may excuse yourselves now.

As for Yamamoto Kansuke...


Come forward.

That was an excellent strategy.

I have a reward for you.


Wear that coat of arms in battles.


I was planning to give it
to you someday, anyway.

Yamamoto Kansuke, you are
hereby named my strategist!

I humbly accept the position.

Work hard at it.

How long has it been?

Two years.

It's been half a year...


Yu won't take to me.

It's been half a year, and I
still can't get her pregnant.

I don't know that to say...

What do you mean?

I'll be frank with you.

She won't open up to me.

In bed, I feel as if she's
just being merciful to me.

But once we're done with
our bed activity,

she reverts back to being her icy self.

Kansuke, I'm telling you
this so that you can

figure it out for me.

I want you to see Yu
and hear her thoughts.

I want to know what's
lying under her icy front.


What a brave and fine young lord.

My father, who was killed
by the Takeda, must be happy.


Toraomaru is growing up
to be nice and strong.

I have something to give you.

A "hiogi" (cypress fan) from Kyoto.

Please use it.

Toraomaru is a precious guest from Suwa.

If you should bear a child,
there'll be a stronger bond

between the Suwa and Takeda.

Are you saying Toraomaru
and I are receiving mercy

from the lord for the sake of Suwa?

You needn't slight yourself like that.

Slight myself?

Isn't that it?

Aren't you in love
with the lord now?

What makes you say that?

By the tune of the flute.

By listening to your flute,
I can tell how you feel.

Just openly show your feelings to me.

Don't hold back with me.

You don't believe in a bad heart.

You are a fine lady, indeed.

I believe that people aren't
born with bad hearts?

Your hardened heart makes that bud.

Bear him a child.

The lord will love your child
as well as Toraomaru.

When you become a mother,
your heart will soften...

Do you really think so?

I'm sure it will turn that way.

How is Young Lord Jiro?

What are you saying?

If anything should happen
to Young Lord Taro,

then the blind Jiro won't
be able to succeed as heir.


What a thing to say!

The Lady is being merciful to you.

Have some shame!

It's not mercy.
I just believe in you.

I'll forget that you said that.

What is it?

Why did you say that to the Lady

who sympathizes with you?
I am disappointed in you.

Shima, don't you understand?

She didn't come to console me.

She came to gloat about
her own happiness.

She knows that a Suwa woman
can't be happy in the Takeda.

Why are you tormenting yourself?

What do you mean?

If you're going to torment
yourself like that,

why didn't you kill the
lord once and for all?

It was for the sake of Suwa...

I don't think that's it.

What are you trying to say?

You've turned into a woman.

That is probably why you
are feeling confused.

You're not making sense.

Reporting. Sir Yamamoto
Kansuke is here.

Kansuke is?

I am glad to see you are doing well.

Kansuke, what are you doing here now?

I entered the Takeda
family as you advised.

Aren't you done
with your job?

You haven't visited me since.

Someone lowly like me is not
allowed to disgrace the Lady.

But it's all right to disgrace me?


What am I to you, anyway?

I'm asking, what do you think of me?

Tell me!

I'm praying for your happiness
in the Takeda family.

Rest assured... As you wish,
I am trying to carry out

my duties of having his child.

But I won't let him have my heart.

I can leave my heart with you, though.

If it's with you, who held a grudge
against the Takeda before,

I'm sure we can
understand each other...


What do you say to it?

I don't understand...


Where are the Mochizuki refugees hiding?

Let's head further north tomorrow.

North...? It'll be Winter soon.

Lady Hisa, are you cold?

I'm cold.

I'm sorry.
Please come here.

Don't scream like that!


You're Heizo, after all!

Sir Sanada!

It's been a long time!

Are you Sanada... Yukitaka?

Indeed I am.

What are you doing here?

That's my line to you.

We fled from Nagakubo Castle.

I'm Yazaki Jugoro, a former
vassal to the Suwa family.

This is my daughter, Hisa.

Heizo, did you go to Suwa?

The Mochizuki remnants are
heading to Nunobiki Castle.

Nunobiki Castle?

That castle belongs to
Gakuganji Masakata.

And he's supported by
Murakami Yoshikiyo.

Let's head to Nunobiki
Castle immediately.

You needn't rush so...

We haven't eaten
for two days.

Sorry, but I have
nothing to offer you...

Sir Sanada, if you are
alone, would you like

to come with us?

The Takeda are my enemy.

But Murakami Yoshikiyo
is my mortal enemy.

There is no castle
I can go to in Shinano..

That is why I am spying
in this disguise.

Sir Sanada, do you
remember Yamamoto Kansuke?

Oh, Kansuke?

He's serving the Takeda now.

He's with the Takeda?

So you couldn't see Sir Sanada.

Yes. He apparently left
on another trip.

Who told you that?

His wife.

Did you see her?


Are you with Yamamoto Kansuke?

Yes, I'm his vassal.

Where is he now?

He's in Kai. He's serving
the Takeda family now.

Leave at once.


My lord will be upset if
I speak to a Takeda man...

If you don't leave at once,
I'll punish you as a spy!

She wouldn't give me a chance
to say anything else.

I'm terribly sorry.

I see.

So you're up...

Takichi, bring some saké.

You want Sanada's help?

If you have him, it'll be
easier to obtain Shinano.

After all, he knows
how Murakami thinks.

Can we get him?



Sir Mochizuki, it's
been a while!

Are you a Suwa refugee?

I'm glad you escaped
from Nagakubo Castle.

Let's get our revenge!

Sir Mochizuki!

Lord Murakami will be here.

Show your respect.


Are you the men who fled
from Nagakubo Castle?

They are men of Mochizuki, Oi, and Suwa.

We are ashamed of our situation.

You fools! How could you
make many good men die?!


However, I'm glad you're alive.

Leave your vexations with me.

I promise to get all
your lands to you.

I promise I won't let
your wishes go ungranted.

Murakami Yoshikiyo was a
strong general that would

negatively impact Harunobu's
winning streak in battles.

However, for now,
Kai was still at peace.

Kansuke, that did Yu say to you?

Didn't she say something?

I'm afraid she hasn't
told me anything...

Nothing? So you couldn't
find out how she feels?

Yes. I'm confused, too.

If you can't figure it out,
you can't become a strategist.


What is it?

Princess Yu invited
the Lady to Toko-ji Temple.

Sanjo went to Toko-ji?

To pray for the repose of
the Suwa lord, Suwa Yorishige.

Thank you for accompanying me.


Being able to come here with you,
where my father committed suicide,

couldn't offer me
greater consolement.

I'm glad to hear that.

This is in appreciation...

This was delivered to me
from a Suwa relative.

It's sweet saké from Suwa.

Please drink it.


Episode 20:
The End



The princess thinks
you've abandoned her.

I can't live apart
from the lord!

You are a Takeda member.

You made a misjudgment.


What cold hands...



Kill me.



Sakaki City, Nagano Prefecture.

Murakami Yoshikiyo made this harsh
region with precipitous mountains

his land of residence.

Yoshikiyo, who conquered
all of northern Shinano,

is a brave general that
defeated Harunobu twice.

Yoshikiyo had his manhood
rite at Sakaki Shrine.

Katsurao Castle was the
hereditary main castle

for the Murakami family
of lords.

It was a strong castle that
used the steep slopes

to its advantage, with deep
moats to surround it.

Yoshikiyo prayed to the
Shakyamuni Tathagata.

Yoshikiyo prayed to the
Shakyamuni Tathagata.

It is believed to have been
carved in the Kamakura period.

Murakami Yoshikiyo stands in
Harunobu and Kansuke's path

as their greatest rival
in Shinano.

Access to Katsurao Castle.
Take Shinano Railway to Sakaki stop,
walk 70 minutes.

Production & Writing: