The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Saraba kokyô - full transcript

After Kansuke completed his
training across the country,

he returned to his hometown
in Ushikubo, Mikawa.

He had been away for 15 years.

Back then, Ushikubo was
under the control of

Lord Makino Shigekatsu, an ally
of Imagawa in Suruga.

He was in a pivotal position to help
the Imagawa infiltrate Mikawa.

Kansuke's adoptive father,
Obayashi Kanzaemon,

was at the clan's
mansion for vassals.


"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 2

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:

OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi


HARA Toratane:

Densuke: ARIZONO Yoshiki
Takichi: ARIMA Jiyu

Yasu: AMEKU Michiko
Kikuyo: MIZUSAWA Aki

YAMAMOTO Sadayuki: ITO Takashi
MAKINO Shigekatsu: TSUMURA Takashi

SATO Ryuta

YAMAMOTO Sadahisa:

KUSHIMA Echizen-no-kami:
Terry ITO


ASAHINA Yasuyoshi: SHIMOMO Toshiro
OKABE Chikatsuna: MIYAJI Yoshitomo

TAKEDA Katsuchiyo: IKEMATSU Sosuke

IMAGAWA Ujiteru: GOHO Takato
Gensuke: YAMAUCHI Hayate
Toshichi: MATSUKAWA Naruki

KOSUGI Yukihiko
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Oshu City in Iwate Prefecture
Tsukubamirai City in Ibaraki Prefecture
Joso City in Ibaraki Prefecture
Sakado City in Saitama Prefecture
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

IHARA Tadatane:

OBAYASHI Kanzaemon:
SASANO Takashi

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

Lady OI:


TAKEDA Nobutora:

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: KAWASAKI Kazuhiko
Sound Effects: ISHIKAWA Takao
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: TAME Akihiro
Lighting by: NAKAYAMA Shigeo
Audio: SANGA Masaru
Image Art: TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro
Art Direction Manager: TAKAHASHI Hideki

Directed by:
SHIMIZU Kazuhiko

You coward!

And you call yourself the heir
to the Obayashi family!

I am terribly sorry.
Please forgive me!

Of all things...!

Nevermind already. Just go.

It's been a long time.



I, Kansuke, have returned.

Kanbei, what kind of look is that?

He's your older brother.

He left home before you were born.

Then he is...?

Kanbei, what are you doing?

Your "yuzuke" (rice with hot
water) is getting cold.


Mother, it's been a while.

After you left, Kikuyo had a child.

Kanbei, come quickly.

He turned 14 this year,
and had his manhood rite.

Please forgive me for staying
out of touch for so long.

Have you been traveling across
the country all this time?


I've been visiting famous
tacticians and strategists.

I've also been to war-torn Kyoto
and fought as a foot soldier.

You were a foot soldier?

At 25, I confined myself
at Mt. Koya in Kishu,

and received the image
of Marici (God of War).

After that, I've been to Shikoku,
Kyushu, San-in and Sanyo.

I've fought in a number of battles.

To distinguish yourself in war?

No, to polish my skills
in the art of war.

The art of war?

I want to become a strategist.


You must've endured many hardships.

In comparison...

What is it?

I'm referring to Kanbei.

It might've been too early
to send him out to battle.

Are you referring to the
battle at Manzawa-guchi?

That's right.

We were supposed to aid
the Imagawa in battle.

But instead of distinguishing
himself, he barely escaped alive.

He hid in the mountains until
the enemy soldiers went away.

He had no valor to boast
about in his first battle.

Father, I participated in that battle, too.


I assisted as a ronin, so I did not
meet up with any Mikawa soldiers.

However, I got one of the
Takeda generals' head.


Is this really a general's head?

It is the head of Akabe Shimotsuke,
a direct vassal to the Takeda family.

I'll present this head and become
a vassal of the Makino family.

I want to eventually become a
direct vassal to the Imagawa family.

A direct vassal of the Imagawa?

I do not plan to end my life as a ronin.

I will make the Obayashi
name famous someday.

Kanbei, the bath is ready!


Kansuke goes in first!
Kansuke is the first to bathe!

Kansuke was not born in Ushikubo, Mikawa,

but in Yamamoto Village
of Fuji-gun, Suruga Province.

Kansuke was born in the year 1500,

to a country samurai family with
the same name as that village.

No way! No way!


No way! I do not want
to become a priest!


I don't want to!

What are you saying at this point?


You agreed to it! It's shameful
to go back on your word now!

Father, I want to become
a samurai like you.

Impossible! You must accept that fact.


Is it because of this blind eye?

That, and your leg!

There won't be any lord
who would employ you.

You'll only feel miserable.

That leg is the result of your
father's overly strict discipline.

What are you saying?

I am responsible for that eye,
for letting you fall ill.

Gensuke, please forgive us.


Consider it your destiny
to serve Lord Buddha...

for having bad parents like us.

Please take the easier path in life.

Gensuke, stop making your mother grieve.

I won't make her grieve,
even if I become a samurai.

Are you still saying that?

Don't you understand
your own situation?

Now, Gensuke, you mustn't
let Sir Obayashi wait.

No way!

Well, it's all right.

I don't want to take him by force
and feel bad during the trip.


Your parents are not abandoning you.

If that's what you think,
you are terribly wrong.


Listen. Even the second or
third son of a Daimyo Lord

will enter the temple at a young age
to train. It's a rare opportunity.

My younger brother became a priest
at Zentoku-ji Temple in Fuji.

He's presently training at
Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto.

The time spent at the temple
in Mikawa won't be meaningless.

I have one request to make.

What is it?

I'd like a fencing match
with my older brother.


If I lose, I, Gensuke, will become a priest.

How foolish... do you
think you can beat me?

All right.

And that will satisfy you, Gensuke?


What are you doing?

And you call yourself
the Yamamoto family heir?

Go around!



Sir Yamamoto, I have
a favor to ask of you.

I have no children, so I was
thinking of adopting a child.

Sir Obayashi!

I'm your friend who brought you
and Yasu together in Mikawa.

If he is your son...
he is not a stranger to me.

Won't you let me have Gensuke?

You may live however you want...
just as long as you live long.

Please do not forget that no matter what.


Your father feels the same way.

Do not hate your father.

Do you understand?

This is how Gensuke was adopted
by Obayashi Kanzaemon.

and his name was thus changed
to Obayashi Kansuke.

However, even after
having his manhood rite,

he was not allowed
to serve Lord Makino,

so he left on a training
trip at the age of 20.

I'm sorry!

What are you doing?

Go to the other side.

Did I scare her?

Kansuke, why aren't
you hiding your face?

Did you come back to spite me?

Spite you?

Why did you come back,
looking so pathetic?


Everyone who knows you
thinks you've become a priest.

Do not disgrace your father
any more than you already have.

Is that clear?

Where is Father?

I don't know.


Are you saying that your heir,
Kanbei, took this general's head?


Why did he return only now?

Sorry for informing you late.

If I may humbly speak...
it was Kanbei's first battle.

In haste of trying to distinguish
himself with his valor...

he went too deep into the
enemy's camp, alone.

With the battle at end,
he attacked the routed enemy.

He fortuitously took the head
of the enemy general, but...

having gone too deep within,
he was surrounded by enemies.

So he was forced to flee into the
mountains and wait for them to leave.

Go home.

But, Father...

Go home!

Kansuke... please forgive me.

Gaining fame in the country...
is beyond me, at this point.

I must survive as Makino's vassal.

As for what happened...

Please do not let it bother you.
A general's head is useless to me.

If that allowed me to be filial
to you once, then I am very happy.

I'm glad to have been of use to you.


I'll discard the Obayashi name
as of this very moment.

I shall go by the name of
Yamamoto Kansuke now.

Please excuse me.


Where are you going?

I don't know.

I forgot to tell you...

Your father and mother passed away
while you were on the road.

Your mother's memorial day
is coming up soon.

I cut my ties with my family
in Suruga a long time ago.

Excuse me!



Is this the sight of those
defeated in battle?

Young Lord, it must be your
first time seeing this.

When you attain manhood next year,
you'll see many of these scenes.

Just of the enemy generals, though.

Those three farmers from
this village found him.

He was lying on the riverbed.

Young Lord, Akabe Shimotsuke would
regularly misconduct himself.

His indiscreet actions
were overbearing.

The lord was having problems with him.

Young Lord...

The Akabe family has been
banished by the lord.

I must say though, that it
was magnificently cut.

Look... at how it's split.

The person didn't luckily find him
and cut the neck off a dead body.

Akabe was beheaded alive.

It couldn't have been done by
a farmer or an allied soldier.

The person must be a battle veteran.

A ronin did it.

A ronin from Mikawa did it!

A ronin from Mikawa?

Densuke, is he the one
that you brought?

Ah, yes.

Who is he?

A strange ronin wanted to help us.

Densuke, I thought he died.

The truth is, he ran away.

That ronin showed up in the
village and killed Sir Akabe!

No one saw him do it.


Who is it? Come out!

Please forgive me!

If you were targeting him, then
you are magnificently skilled.

She is my younger sister, Mitsu.
Please forgive her.

So she's your sister...

That ronin from Mikawa
must be with the Imagawa.

Don't try to hide it!

Young Lord?

Marici (God of War)?

Why do you have this?

A traveling priest gave it to me.

Show it to me.

A versatile man riding
four boars. How unusual.

Is he the God of War?

He was originally a heat haze,
born from the sun's light.

But the samurai see it
as a guardian deity.

I'm sure it will protect you
from danger and misfortune.

You are part of the country
that we protect.

Or so I hope, when we go to battle.

Calm down!

Father, please give me your prized horse.

You want Onikage?



For my first battle, I want to
at least assist in the back.

That is why I want a good horse
to train with under Itagaki.

That's an admirable thought.

But that horse can only be
tamely ridden by the lord.

That is why I want to be able to ride it.

Father, please...

There's no need to ask.

It won't accept you.


Just wait until you get
your manhood rite.

Then I'll give you my Samonji sword,
short sword, and everything else.

I don't need those things
when I reach manhood.


Young Lord.

The long sword, short sword, flag, and
armor are heirloom items for the Takeda.

I'll receive them when I succeed you.

Right now, I want your horse...

Don't get it wrong.

What are you saying with
that triumphant arrogance?

Whether you succeed me or not...
will depend on how I feel.

If you don't want the hereditary
items that I am offering you...

Then I'll name your younger brother,
Jiro, as the next head.

Please wait, my lord...



Mother, I, Kansuke, have returned.

I am a fool...

To live long is foolish...




I thought you became a priest.

No, I didn't become one.

That's what Sir Obayashi said.

I just left the Obayashi family.

I see.

Sir Obayashi seems to have
suffered much, too.

A rumor went around town
that he kicked you out

after his blood-related son was born.

Gensuke, have you been well?

Yes. I go by Kansuke now.

You're right.

Our late mother must be happy
to see you are well.

Brother, you have changed.

Oh, have I?

You seem kinder.

Was I that strict to you before?

You had some kind points, too.

Oh, really?

I'm glad you remember them.

I go by the name of Yamamoto Sadahisa.

I took our grandfather's name.

Do you serve Sir Ihara?

No, I serve Kushima Echizen-no-kami
of Hanagura Castle.

Kushima Echizen-no-kami on the
Imagawa side has contacted us in secret.

Don't tell me you are planning
to gain employment in Suruga?

I'd appreciate it if you
would give me a referral.

Can't you see your situation yet?

Yes, I can.

That, I can see very well.

I'm saying this for your own good...
Abandon the samurai way.

It's not too late to become a priest.

Let me and Mother have peace of mind.

Do you understand?

If there's a problem abandoning
your life as a samurai,

come to me for help.



Isn't Kushima Echizen-no-kami in
secret contact with the Takeda in Kai?

What are you saying?
Who told you that?

Didn't you know?

No. But that can't possibly be true.

Stop saying foolish things.

Abandon the sword, Kansuke.
Do you understand?


I see.

Kushima, sorry for the trouble.

That's enough.



Mother, well? Is Kushima in secret
contact with the Takeda?

He would've been the only one who
could've brought the Takeda

into the main camp!

We don't know that for sure yet,
but we must take measures.

Damn Kushima!

Calm down.

Don't make a commotion about it.

Everyone, keep this confidential.


Master, someone claiming
to be a relative is here.

Gensuke, you...?

No, I haven't become a priest.

What about Obayashi Kanzaemon?

I've cut my ties with
the Obayashi family.

I am now a ronin named Yamamoto Kansuke.

I'm surprised...

What do you want with me?

There's someone in the Imagawa
clan plotting treason.


He's in secret contact
with the Takeda in Kai.

Who is it?

The Lord of Hanagura Castle,
Kushima Echizen-no-kami.

Sir Ihara, why is my brother
assisting Kushima?

Did you hear that from
your brother, Sadahisa?

No. My brother does not
know anything about it.

But why is he assisting Kushima?

Your father was close to him.

If you would recommend me for the
role, I'll investigate into the details.

No, wait!

We must wait.

Sir Ihara, please...

Please employ me into the Imagawa clan.

Wait, I said...

If it's true, I must save
my brother from treason.

Do not tell anyone about this.

Don't make any moves
on your own. Is that clear?

Stay in Sunpu for a
while as my guest.

What about my employment
with the Imagawa clan?

We can talk about that later.

Do not make any moves.
Do you understand?

Even later, Kansuke did not
receive any notice of employment.

Who are you?!

Who hired you?!

What is the lord thinking?

No matter how outstanding
Katsuchiyo's been in recent years,

the Lord still favors the second son, Jiro.

Does he take him that lightly?

Brother, please have
a match with me.

Sure. Come at me.

He has no chance.

You never know.

The lord recognizes Jiro's talent.

Who hired you?

Was it Kushima Echizen?

Or was it Ihara?


Leave Suruga.

Please leave Suruga for our sake.

Is that clear?

He lost...

Young Lord...

He laughed...

The Lord showed me his smiling face.

Minamoto-no Harunobu is granted
the junior fifth court rank.

In January of the
following year, 1536,

the young lord of Kai
had his manhood rite.

He received a part of Shogun
Ashikaga Yoshiharu's name

and his name was changed
to Takeda Harunobu.

That year, Kai suffered
from famine again.






Episode 2
The End


I'll keep you alive!

I'll keep you alive
no matter what.

Mitsu will get killed for it!

Didn't you meet a woman
in a village by Fuji-gawa?

Where is your husband?

Aren't you the Takeda heir?

With a fool like you,
the province will fall.

Harunobu fears the
lord's hatred.

I finally found... my battle.

Episode 3: MARICI'S WIFE


Sengen Taisha at Mt. Fuji,
Suruga Province.

Takeda Harunobu (Shingen)
also worshipped at this shrine

in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture,
and is Kansuke's hometown.

An old family with a history
of over 500 years...

Kansuke was born here,

and lived here until the age
of 12 when he was adopted.

Soji-in, Kansuke's father
and mother's grave,

no longer exists.

The wooden statues of his parents
remain at a nearby temple.

The locals in the area, feeling close to him,
named a hill Kansuke-zaka after him.

Fujinomiya is a quiet town that
remembers Kansuke's childhood.

Access to Yamamoto Kansuke's Birth Place
From Fuji JR Station, Walk 15 Minutes

Production & Writing: