The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Noroi no fue - full transcript

My lord wants to take
you as his concubine.

Amidst the surrounding
opposition, Harunobu voiced

his will to make Princess
Yu his concubine.

To send a hot-blooded princess
to the lord's bedroom

is unacceptable.

What does the Princess wish?

Is it my head?

While Kansuke was desperately
persuading Princess Yu...

Amari was pressuring
Princess Yu to commit suicide.

The lord orders her to be his concubine.

Sir Amari!

I will not commit suicide.

Princess Yu left herself to
her destiny, in order to live...

I shall do as you say and
enter the Takeda family...

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 19:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi
Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji

Imperial Palace Dialect Coach: HORII Reiichi
Kyoto Dialect Coach: INOUE Yukiko
Yamanashi Dialect Coach: KASAI Kazuhiko
Transverse Flute Coach: TOSHA Kisho


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:


OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi


TAKEDA Nobushige:
KASHIMA Noritoshi


KASUGA Gengoro: TANAKA Kotaro
IITOMI Genshiro: MAEKAWA Yasuyuki

Okuma: ASADA Aoi
Maki: OTANI Maiko

ASADA Miyoko

Princess Yu:

OI Sadataka: HOTARU Yukijiro

ASHIDA Nobumori: IIDA Kisuke
Lady Attendant: KURIYAMA Kahori



Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture
Japanese Drum Performance:

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi


SUWA Mitsuchika:

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: TANAKA Mitsuru
Sound Effects: WADA Naoya
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: SASAKI Tatsunosuke
Lighting by: HORIKAGO Isamu
Audio: NOHARA Tsunenori
Image Art: YOSHIDA Kenji
Art Direction Manager: TAKAHASHI Hideki

Directed by:

SPRING, 1543

How did you get her to consent?

I haven't done anything.

Why did she change her mind?

It must be the poem you sent.

She seemed moved by it.

Oh, that poem?

I get it...

Because it was poorly composed...

She was moved by me?

Was that intentional?

No, it was not.

Kansuke, did you think
it was lousy, too?


You needn't hide it.

I already know it is...

I don't know much about poems.

Didn't Sanjo go to see Yu?

With no one in Kai to depend on...

You must be lamenting.

This is my destiny.


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If it's your destiny...

Are you saying you can enjoy it,
depending on how you take it?

To lose your pride like that...

I sure wouldn't want to be
the defeated province...

My Lady... that was fine.
She wouldn't want to be

the concubine of the man
who defeated her father.


That was uncalled-for.

Why aren't you remonstrating me?


If I keep this up, I'll be
disliked by the lord...

Kansuke, what should I do
to rid the conflict

between my wife and concubine?

It is common for respectable samurai

to have a wife and concubines.

You need as many children
as possible for the clan.

Are you saying that if my wife
doesn't approve of it,

to just ignore her?

That I shouldn't bother with
what the women think?

Or, are you fond of the Suwa princess?

Of course not!

If I may humbly speak...

The princess despises me strongly...

Never mind...

Kansuke, continue to be
of support to the princess.

A few days later, Suwa Mitsuchika,
Suwa Yorishige's uncle,

who received the news, came to Kofu
with Itagaki, the Suwa deputy.

Uncle I am glad to see
that you are safe and well.

You must've gone through
much hardship in Suwa.

How are the Suwa people doing?

They were allowed to keep their
stipends, so they are working

towards restoring their families.

I am truly happy for you, too.


Your decision to become
Lord Harunobu's concubine...

will bring peace to Suwa.
It is truly auspicious.

Uncle, are you happy about it, too?

Takeda Harunobu, whom I'm
going to be the concubine to,

is the man who killed my father.

Princess, in order for the
Suwa family to be restored...

We need to deepen our ties
to the Takeda family.

Everyone in Suwa is happy
about your decision.

Please enter the Takeda family
with a peace of mind.

Please do that...

It turned out as you planned again.

The Suwa group hold the lord
in high regard for making

the Takato submit.

They see the lord's will to take
the Suwa princess as his concubine

is an act of kindness
towards the Suwa family.

It must be due to your
hard efforts, Sir Itagaki.

I'm impressed at how you
opened her heart.

We must quickly restore Uehara Castle.

What brought that on?

There will be many more
Shinano invasions to come.

Uehara Castle in Suwa will
make a perfect encampment.

It'll soon become a stronghold
for the Takeda.

I know... it'll eventually
come to that.

We must act quickly.

In Saku and Chiisagata, are
the Suwa clan's ji-samurai.

They are debating on whether
to side with the Takeda,

or go to another clan.

What's the rush? Can you
only think about battles?

That's not true. The matter
with the princess is just

an aftermath of a battle.


What is it?

Lady Sanjo is here to see Princess Yu.

Lady Sanjo?

Please excuse me.

Please wait.

Yamamoto Kansuke...

What brings you here?

Why should I tell you?

Excuse yourself.

I will take the message...

Be gone.

No, you must not see her.

What do you mean?

Tell me why I shouldn't see her.

What do you think I'll do to her?

I am...

Protecting the princess, right?

You encouraged the lord
to invade Suwa,

and had her father killed.

But this time, you are
siding with the princess

and encouraging him
to take her as his concubine.

Do you see me as an enemy?

Of course not!

Are you a vassal to the
Takeda or Suwa?

Which side are you on?

The Takeda.

That is why I am protecting
the Suwa princess

under the lord's order.

Please understand that.

Sir Yamamoto, the Lady
orders you to excuse yourself.

Close the door.

It's all right.
Leave it open.

With the weather so nice, the
princess should not be cold.

I heard you agreed to
enter the Takeda family.

Yes... since it is my destiny.

Destiny, huh?
What a fine resolution.

I married into the Takeda family,
thinking it was my destiny.

The Sanjo family that I was
born into is a noble family

that serves the Emperor in Kyoto.

Yes, I know.

Both the Emperor and Shogun
have diminished in power...

So they are forced to rely
on the daimyo lords.

The night before I departed for
Kai, I was crying until morning.

I met with the lord for the
first time at our wedding.

That will probably
happen to you, too.


Maybe I shouldn't be
telling you this, but...

He isn't very attractive.

But don't let that depress you.

You can't tell his goodness
from the outside.

You'll see the beauty in him
after you are with him.

I heard that he is rumored to
be hideous for banishing

his father, but that is not
the case at all.

For the sake of Kai and its
people, he made that decision.

I saw him suffer through it,
so I know so.

He did not invade Suwa
for his personal greed

and lust to make you his concubine.

You must understand that.

As his wife, I had to relay that to you.

Bring that over.

Do you play the flute?

Yes, a little.

I'm glad to hear that.

This is the flute I brought
with me from Kyoto.

The Sanjo family served the
Court by playing the flute.

But I'm not good at it.

So I couldn't play it for the lord.

Will you play for him?

I want you to console the
very troubled lord...

Please take care of the lord.

You're being rude...

Insolent one!

Hagino... it's all right.

Aren't I allowed to think
about my father anymore?

Aren't I allowed to hold
a grudge anymore?

I am merely a political tool,

so I should not hold any feelings.

What do you want?

Please excuse me.

Please excuse me.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

The day that Princess Yu would become

Harunobu's concubine arrived.

In making Princess Yu his concubine...

Harunobu had a formal
wedding ceremony held.

He wanted to display the very strong bond

between the Takeda and Suwa families.

Yokichi, that is not a bathroom.

Yokichi, what are you doing?

Takichi, I'm going to
Shinano for a while.


Are you going to look for Heizo?

You can forget about Heizo.

I must find the same thing as Heizo.

Same thing?

Anti-Takeda people.

I'm worried about the
movements in Shinano.

I'm going there to check it out.

I'll accompany you.

No. I want you to go
to Joshu instead.


There's someone I want to
welcome in the Takeda,

to prepare for the
invasion on Shinano.

I want you to locate him.

Very well.

Just talk casually.


After we capture Shinano...

We must have the lord
hold greater ambitions.


However you decide to use this...

I shall follow you.

You are not a political tool.

You are a noble Suwa princess.

Your watery eyes will
put him off guard...


I pray for your success...

What are you hiding?

What is that flute?

I received it from Lady Sanjo.

The one she brought from Kyoto?

She gave that to you?

Yes. She's a kind lady.

I see. Can you play it?

I'm not very good at it.

Let me hear it.
Play it for me.

You listened to her flute
playing all night long?

She played it all night long.

I fell asleep...

Strangely, I could sleep well.

I wonder if it has some kind
of strong magical powers to it.

I couldn't check the tune
of the flute...



I wonder if Yorishige's
curse is on it.

It seemed as if the princess
was resisting me.

Maybe it is Lady Sanjo's...


No, it's nothing.

Tell me.

Could it be Lady Sanjo's curse?


Kansuke, that flute
may curse me to death...

What is it this time?

Please send me to Shinano for a while.


I'm worried about the
movements in Saku-Chiisagata.

The Suwa allies may not
necessarily follow the Takeda.

Ogasawara Nagatoki and
Murakami Yoshikiyo

may eventually rise against us.

The Oi and Shigeno clans
may plot a comeback

at Saku-Chiisagata, too.

We must take precautions
as soon as possible.

Kansuke, go and check out
the situation with your eye.

That's enough!


I'm sorry, but I can't
let you kill me...

I can't let you kill me!

Lord, is something wrong?

What brings you here?

The Lady is worried about you.

I'm fine.
You may go now.

That's a nice flute...

For the sake of Sanjo,
who gave you this flute

and accepted you, I cannot
let you kill me.

But that isn't all.

The fates of many vassals
and people rest on you and me.

You and I aren't just
a single woman and man.

We represent our
respective provinces.

For the two provinces to bond,
we must bond as well.

I understand your feelings of
wanting to be a single woman,

a daughter who seeks revenge
for her father,

and a woman who can live
freely as she wishes.

But, are you truly alone?

From the time I succeeded as lord.

I gave up my individualism.

But by doing that,
I ended up being alone.

And that's my destiny.

But we can share our
destinies together...

For Kansuke's sake,
I can't let you kill me...

As in Yamamoto Kansuke?

That's right.

He's the one who saved your life.

He persuaded those
who were against it, and

desperately worked on getting
you into the Takeda family.

I thought he secretly
tried to kill me...

What? I haven't heard
anything like that.

So that can't be true.

All the efforts he put into it...

I couldn't understand why he had
such special feelings for you,

until I met you.

It's because your eyes show
your desperation to live...

It must've been a while since
he showed mercy to anyone...

Is Kansuke around here?

He went to Shinano.


He was originally a ronin that
traveled the country freely.

He lives under a different
destiny from us.

What it comes down to is,
a person can't live alone...

SUMMER, 1543

The Oi clan invaded
Nagakubo Castle in Chiisagata?

They were led by Oi Sadataka.

Wasn't Nagakubo Castle
in the Suwa territory?

Yes. It was a castle
captured by Suwa Yorishige.

Who was the lord of it?

Ashida Nobumori.

He had submitted to the Suwa
once, but he was originally

a vassal of the Oi family.

He was probably in secret
communication with them.


The Takeda are the Oi clan's
sworn enemies for years.

Follow us in punishing
the Takeda family!

Fight hard!



Brother, will you send
troops to Chiisagata?

Hasn't Kansuke returned
from Shinano yet?

Sir Kyoraishi, didn't you go
with him this time?

No. I don't know where Kansuke is.

I'm sure he'll bring news
to us. Let's wait for him.

Sir Nobushige, the lord is
relying on Kansuke even more.

I wonder if he feels
indebted to Kansuke,

for helping him get the Suwa
princess as his concubine.

I doubt that. He just finds
Kansuke's plots promising.

Sir Amari praised Kansuke.

Without Sir Itagaki around,
the lord must feel insecure.

Princess Yu is a concubine
he wanted so badly that

he would send Itagaki away to Suwa.

No wonder he finds Kansuke,
who made it happen, promising.

He can be intimate with the
beautiful Suwa princess nightly.

But he won't get any sons if she
only plays the flute nightly.

Only Sanjo noticed the different
tune in the flute that night.

Episode 19:
The End



He is our military strategist!

What are the Takeda after?

It's a trap.

You will be the van!

Yes, sir!


The mountains of corpses
won't conclude victory.

The Takeda are my enemy.

Murakami Yoshikiyo is
my greatest sworn enemy.

I will kill you!

The princess has turned
into a woman.

I can leave my feelings with you.

Kansuke, go and see Yu.



Kamo-cho Town, located north
of Toyohashi City...

This is believed to be
Yamamoto Kansuke's birthplace.

In this windy area...

are houses with hedges
that act as wind breakers.

Kamo Shrine is believed to have
been built in the Nara period.

From long ago, it has protected
East Mikawa in peace.

Kansuke's parents' house
is said to have been located

by the Shinto priests'
mansions of Kamo Shrine.

Hongan-ji Temple, Mt. Io-zan...

This is where Kansuke's parents
are believed to have been buried.

Kamo-cho Town, Toyohashi City...

Kansuke continues to live in the
hearts of the local people here.

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