The Trusted Confidant (2007–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Sei ka shi ka - full transcript

In October, 1542,

Harunobu conquered all of Suwa.

Moriya Yorizane!

I relieve you from your post
as head of the Suwa Upper Shrine,

and put you in charge of all
rituals and miscellaneous events.

I am very honored.

For the post as the new "ohori",
Sir Suwa Mitsuchika,

I think your son Isemiyamaru
is the most suited.

What do you think?

Prepare for it.

If I may humbly speak up...

What will you do with
the Suwa princess?

I shall decide on that later.

As Toraomaru's guardian...

I wish for eternal prosperity for Suwa.

Men, work hard towards that.

Having captured the hearts of
even the former Suwa vassals,

Harunobu returned to Kofu.

"Swift as the wind"

"Silent as the forest"

"Conquer like the fire"

"Unmovable as the mountain"


Episode 18:

Original Story by:
INOUE Yasushi

Screenplay by:

Music by:

Theme Music Performed by: NHK Symphony Orchestra
Theme Music Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken
Performed by: The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Title Letters by: KAKINUMA Koji
Narrator: KAGAMI Sachiko

Period Consultant: SHIBATSUJI Shunroku
Customs Consultant: FUTAKI Kenichi

Architecture Consultant: HIRAI Kiyoshi
Wardrobe Consultant: KOIZUMI Kiyoko
Classic Japanese Poem Consultant: INOUE Muneo

Sword Fighting/Martial Arts Coach: HAYASHI Kunishiro
Conduct Coach: NISHIKAWA Minosuke
Horse-Riding Coaches: TANAKA Mitsunori, TSUJII Keiji


UCHINO Masaaki

TAKEDA Harunobu:


OBU Toramasa:

OYAMADA Nobuari:
TANABE Seiichi

TAKEDA Nobushige:
KASHIMA Noritoshi



Okuma: ASADA Aoi
Maki: OTANI Maiko


Princess Yu:

SUWA Mitsutaka: MAKIMURA Senzaburo
MORIYA Yorizane: OKI Akira
Lady Attendant: KURIYAMA Kahori

KOJIMA Takahiro
HARA Maika

Imperial Palace Dialect Coach: HORII Reiichi
Kyoto Dialect Coach: INOUE Yukiko
Calligraphy Instructor: MOCHIZUKI Gyoun


Photographed in Cooperation with:
Yamanishi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture

Aizuwakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture
Inawashiro Town in Fukushima Prefecture
Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

MUROZUMI Torasada:
KATO Takeshi

ASADA Miyoko


SUWA Mitsuchika:

AMARI Torayasu:
RYU Raita

Lady OI:

ITAGAKI Nobukata:
CHIBA Shinichi

Executive Producer:

Art Direction by: AOKI Masakazu
Technology: KAWASAKI Kazuhiko
Sound Effects: IMAI Hiroshi
Continuity: SATO Hideki
Editor: ABE Tadashi

Photography by: TAME Akihiro
Lighting by: IUCHI Minoru
Audio: SANGA Masaru
Image Art: YAMADA Yasuichi
Art Direction Manager: SUGIHARA Hiroki

Directed by:
SHIMIZU Kazuhiko


What awaited Harunobu was news
of his sister Nene's illness.

Mother, I have returned from Suwa.

Is that you, Harunobu?
Come in.

She has a heart ailment...

...caused by the heartaches
she suffered the past few months.

Nene, forgive me...



My lord...

Yorishige... calling for me.

Don't go! You mustn't go!

How is Toraomaru?

He's fine.

He returned safely.

Toraomaru protected Suwa
from the Takato...

I'll bring him here now.


Please don't take Toraomaru to Suwa...

He returned safely.

Please give Suwa to Princess Yu...

I don't want Toraomaru to
inherit the Suwa clan...

What are you saying?

Lady Okita...

Please take care of Toraomaru.

Don't worry about that now.

It is the late Yorishige's wish

that Toraomaru succeed the Suwa clan...

I'll talk to Yorishige about it.

I don't want him to become like you...

I don't want him to like battles...


She just fell into sleep...


How is Princess Yu, whom Nene
was talking about, doing?

I heard she's doing fine.

What do you plan to do with her?

I've heard rumors about her.

You're not planning to make her
your concubine, are you?

If I do... What will
you think, Mother?

If she kills you in your sleep,
I can't hate her for it...

Protected by Kansuke,
Princess Yu entered Kofu.

Thank you for coming a long way to Kai.

Princess, please stay
in this mansion for a while.

Sir Itagaki, thank you for
the courteous arrangements.

I am the daughter of the Lord
of Suwa, who was defeated...

It makes me feel better
to be treated roughly.

If anything, please place me
in Toko-ji Temple,

where my father committed suicide.

Princess, no matter what happens...

Do not hold yourself in contempt.

Even if your father is dead...

Suwa and Kai are at peace now.

You are a princess from
the Suwa head family.

You must not forget that.

I haven't forgotten that.

No matter what happens,
that will always follow me.

I want to welcome Princess Yu
as my concubine.

By doing so, there'll be
no grudges left with the Suwa.

What are your opinions?

Brother, is that true?

Making a concubine of a girl
from a defeated clan...

will incur an even deeper grudge.

In this warring era,
that is not unusual at all.

If I may humbly speak up...

The Suwa people wouldn't want that.

Is there any other alternative?

Should I return the princess to Suwa?

That cannot be done.

Doing so will affect the Suwa group

and they may rise against us.

Just don't let her out of Suwa.

Then she'll be an ordinary woman.

Though a woman, if she bears
a child with the Suwa

main family bloodline, equal to
Toraomaru, what will you do?

There's a possibility a conflict
will arise with Toraomaru...

and the Takeda clan.

Then she'll have to renounce the world.

That would be the best.

If she doesn't agree to it...

Sending her to a convent
in formality won't mean anything.

Knowing that princess' nature...

She won't stop in getting revenge.

We can't send such a dangerous
woman to the lord's bedroom...

Sir Morozumi, please be
careful of what you say.

What's wrong with "bedroom"?
What else do you call it?

We should've made her commit
suicide at Kuwabara Castle.

It was an act of carelessness
during the castle raid.

Lord, why did the princess wish to live?

Kansuke... well?

What does the princess wish?

My head?

I do not know myself.

Just that...

The princess wishes to live.

To let her live would be to the
best interests of the Takeda...

Silence! Do you want us to incur
the wrath of the Suwa group?

If I may humbly speak up...

Do you think the Suwa group
hates the lord that deeply?

Do they see him as a great villain
who destroyed the Suwa family

and took their princess
as a concubine?

In the recent battle, they have
felt your authority deeply.

To strengthen that feeling
even further,

we need to take a good look
at the future.

That is why we supported Toraomaru.

He, alone, is unreliable...

If a son should be born between
the lord and the princess,

then that son would be most
suited as the head of the Suwa.

Are you telling me to produce
an heir for the Suwa clan?


Then, even if you place Toraomaru
in Suwa, as a family member,

it will be the lord's son
who will govern.

There is no fear of an uprise.

By having the lord welcome the
princess as his concubine,

then for the Takeda clan...

and the Suwa people, who wish
to restore the Suwa head family...

it'll be a joyful event.

What if no heir is produced?

That is the divine will
of the Suwa Shrine god.

To govern Suwa, you must rely
on that god's protection.

We can pray to that god, but,

we can't send our lord into a
dangerous bedroom like that.

Bedroom, you say?
Sir Itagaki...

Pardon me.

But it is truly dangerous.

What goes on between a man
and woman cannot be gauged on

the same scale as politics.

We can't assume that she won't
fall in love with the lord.

Even in relationships, you either
submit or control, like in battle.

The lord's resources will matter here.

This is turning strange, isn't it?

Kansuke, go and get
the princess' reply.

What do you want?

I would like to get your reply.

Reply for what?

My lord would like to welcome
you as his concubine.


Won't you consider it?

I wouldn't even want to...

Be gone.

How were you planning to survive,
without considering that?

Don't be insolent!

Because I survived without
committing suicide...

is it inevitable to be
disgraced in that manner?

Is wishing to live as I please
a foolish thing?

Princess, you should fully
live as you please...

But to do that, you need power.

Without power, you cannot
live as you please.

As rude as it sounds, you are
limited to what you can do alone.

Are you telling me to give in
to him, endure the disgrace,

and win his compassion?

You must produce an heir for him.

An heir that will have the
Takeda and Suwa blood in him.

If it's your son,
he'll surely be wise.

Whatever you decide to inspirit
in him, will be your freedom.

Please give it careful thought

Even for the resourceful Kansuke,

this isn't going as smoothly
as plotting a battle.

This is what you have to do
to win a woman's heart.

This is a poem that I composed.

Deliver this to the princess tomorrow.

I hope it will comfort her a little.

You can come again and again,
but my answer won't change.

I'd rather kill myself than be
disgraced in that manner.

Lady Nene is not doing well...

Lady Nene?

She's bedridden with illness.

At this rate, Young Lord
Toraomaru may lose his mother.

How frightful.

Are you telling me to enter
the Takeda for that reason?

How ugly of a heart can you have?!

The lord is a great general that excels

in military and literary arts.

He will surely make you...
Please wait!

This is for the Princess...

It reflects the lord's feelings...

Kansuke, you seem to be
having a hard time.

You cannot live, unless you
discard your grudges.

That princess reminds me
of you in the past.

Kansuke, I will be leaving
for Suwa shortly.


The lord is sending me
to Suwa as a deputy.

Congratulations to you.

I kept remonstrating him on
the matter with the princess,

so this might be his way of
getting rid of the nuisance.

However, when I think about Suwa,
I worry about the princess...

If you run into any problems,
inform Denbei...

"Painful is the village
where you stay...

"In my heart, I await a spring
breeze to come..."

What kind of poem is this?

What will you do with it?

I'll decorate it by the alcove.

And he's the general that excels
in military and literary arts?

When Yamamoto Kansuke comes next,
I'll laugh in his face.

I haven't seen you smile
in a long time.

That winter, the Takeda family
had a misfortune.

Lady Sanjo gave birth to
Harunobu's third son, but...

he died of illness
shortly after birth.

Then on January 19,
of the following year...

Harunobu's younger sister,
Nene, passed away.

I don't want Toraomaru
to become like you...

Princess Yu was not allowed
to attend her funeral.

SPRING, 1543

Without time to heal the
wounded hearts, spring came.

Then Kai encountered continuous rain.

Is this long rain a sign
of Nene's grudge?

And the reason my baby died...


I'll meet with Princess Yu.

My Lady...

I must console her in place of Nene.

That is...

I am the lord's wife.

Welcoming his concubine
is part of politics...

If I let that bother me,
I cannot support the lord.

Mind your manners when you eat!

Be careful!

I brought some manju.

Master, have you heard
from Denbei?

Heard what?

Heizo fled from Suwa with his master.

That fool holds a grudge
against the Takeda...

I doubt it's just a grudge.

He must have something else
that is precious to him...

He can't live on just a grudge.



Sir Amari went to see
the princess now.

Lady Nene had an admirable death
as the wife of Lord Suwa.

She committed suicide.

Or so I think.

No, she did not commit suicide.
If she had died like a Suwa woman

as you have stated, then she
was killed by the Takeda...

You haven't committed suicide
or gotten killed...

and are living.

Are you planning to use
your youth and beauty

to win the lord's heart?

How insolent!

What would your late father think,
if he saw you like this?

I have no such thoughts in mind.

I'm glad to hear that.

With such a noble thought,

any general would want you
as a concubine even more.

What is the matter?

Have you decided to kill
yourself, like your father?

My father was forced to die...

He broke his agreement with the Takeda!

So we had cause to kill him,
if we wanted.

The lord was being merciful
by letting him kill himself.



Sir Amari! What is going on here?

It is lord's order
to make her his concubine!

If you block that, you are
defying the lord's order!

Sir Amari!

Sir Amari...

I will not kill myself.

Please forget about this.

Princess! Are you all right?

Sir Yamamoto...

He didn't come to kill me.

He came to get killed by me.

He sacrificed himself... keep me away from the Takeda.

For the sake of the Takeda,

he went that far...

She's a bright princess.

Is Takeda Harunobu
that great of a man?

I used to have a wife...

We didn't have a formal
wedding ceremony, but...

she was pregnant with my child.

The previous Takeda lord
killed my wife and child.

I hated the Takeda for it.

But the lord ended that
grudge of mine.

He eliminated my grudge only.

The lord stated...

"True ambition is born from despair...

"Without ambition, even if
you take revenge...

"Nothing will amount from it."

Are you saying my ambition
is to bear a Takeda child

for the Suwa?

Yes. That is correct.

The rain has let up.

I'll be back for your answer later.


Denbei... What is it?

Lady Sanjo is here now.

Lady Sanjo?

I'll meet with her.

Are you the Suwa princess?

Yes. My name is Yu.

Face me.

You must be lamenting,
after coming to Kai alone.

I am not lamenting.

This is my destiny.


Are you saying that depending
on how you take your destiny,

you can enjoy life?

If it means you'll lose your
pride to that point...

I truly wouldn't want to see
my province defeated.

Lady Sanjo! That made me
feel very good!

My Lady?


She came by to get hurt, too.

I can't be the only one
to remain unhurt.


I shall do as you say and
enter the Takeda family.

I may've survived for this purpose...

Episode 18:
The End



In the past, land of Kai suffered
by many floods caused by two rivers.

Takeda Harunobu is said to spent 20 years
to change the course of the rivers greatly.

It is known as great construction
of the Shingen-Zutsumi (bank).

Huge masonry levee.

In addition, developed a technique called Seigyu
which used log and stones to suppress the flow of water.

To protect a bank, Harunobu
created new villages

people who lived in those
village were exempt from tax.

Thanks to Shingen-Zutsumi, development
of new rice fields were greatly advanced

and brought the bountiful
harvest to land of Kai.