The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Deadly Whisper - full transcript

Professor Soames has developed a sonic rifle, capable of projecting destructive waves of ultrasonic vibration, accurate to within a centimeter from over thirty feet away. Three unscrupulous saboteurs intend to use Soames' rifle to bring down an experimental aircraft, holding the Professor's daughter hostage to ensure his complicity. When Father Unwin becomes suspicious and investigates, he too is held prisoner in Soames' house.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Well?
- It's all set.

For your sake, Mark.

- I hope this is the right way.
- I promise you.

It's the only way.

One well-placed tracer bullet
in the aircraft's fuel tanks.

And she'll be a massive
fire in five seconds.

And if they found the bullet.

If they discovered sabotage.

They'd roll out the second prototype
and continue tests straight away.

No, Kronor, our accident must be
made to look like a design fault.

And you think it can be done?

Play it my way.

And I'll do just that.

Hello dad.

- It's Anne.
- Anne, you're back.

Oh, good.
Where are you?

In a phone box just outside London.

I'll be home in the morning.

We'll, watch the traffic I know
what sort of driver you can be.

All right, dad.


Theoretically you should work.


I wonder.



All right, Miss Soames.

What is this?
What's happening?

Let me introduce myself,
Miss Soames.

I'm Mark Slater.

- And this is my partner.
- I don't understand.

What do you want?

I suppose you could say...

we want you to help us
destroy an airplane.

Oh, it's coming down, Father.

We were warned there'd
be some inconvenience.

Ain't you do something
about, Father?

Before my nerves
give out all together.

If you're preparing
your sermon, sir.

- You could mention it.
- My sermon? No Mrs Appleby.

These are just entries
for the Rose show.

May, 24th, 10:30 A.M. First successful
projection of ultrasonic vibration.

Distance 30 feet.

Accurate to within
one centimeter.

Even at this early
experimental stage,

the destructive capacity
of the weapon is evident.

A second generation
sonic rifle could have

a fire power sufficient
to destroy a tank,

- pulverize a blockhouse or...
- Blow a prototype airliner...

clear out of the sky.

Who are you and what
are you doing here?

Uh, we're your new
employers, professor.

We've come to offer
you a contract.

What do you mean a contract?

To develop your sonic rifle to the
point we can make use of it.

Uh, we want the second generation
weapon you talked about.

And we want it fast.

I want nothing to do with
the contract. Who are you?

How'd you get in here?

That's because you don't
understand the terms, professor.

We've made them
simple easy to grasp.

If you don't work for us,

your daughter will be killed.

- How's that, Father?
- Good Matthew very professional.

All we need now are
the rest of the roses.

They're coming in slowly, Father.

But professor Soames
is late as usual.

Such a forgetful man.
I think I'll phone him.

Answer it and remember,
everything as normal.

- Hello.
- Professor.

Father Unwin here. I was concerned
about your entry for the flower show.

The flower show?

My entry?

Everything as usual.

I should have let you
know earlier, Father.

Apologize to Matthew for me. Tell him
the dahlias will be there tomorrow.

And, uh that's a promise.
Thank you for calling.


Well done, professor.
The dalias will be there tomorrow.

Very good.


Since when has professor Soames
taken to growing dahlias?

The professor? Oh, he's purely
a rose grower, Father.

You know that.

Quite so, Matthew.
Quite so.

You'll never get away
with that, it's crazy.

I too thought so at first.

But the more I see of
your father's genius,

the more I change my mind.

Yes, Bishop.

Do you know a
professor Soames?

I understand he is one
of your parishioners.

Yes, indeed. I was talking
to him earlier this morning.

That's reassuring the
professor's work is classified,

and he did not report
today as arranged,

I hope nothing is amiss.

It's funny you should
say that, Bishop.

I found the professor a
little strange myself.

I see.

In that case I think it might well
be an order to pay him a visit.

Of course, Bishop I'll go
over there in the morning.

It's a model T ford,
driven by some priest.


Father Unwin to
see you, uncle.

I brought your
entry form, professor.

All entries for the dahlia
competition must be in today.

Of course, Father.

Now if it had been roses, you
would have had until friday.

Why don't you
sign it, uncle?


There, Father.

And, uh, thank you
for coming.

What's going on?


Panic over,
he's leaving.

All right I've completed
my calculations.

I'm ready for the experiment.

- Let's go then.
- No.

First you promised I could
speak to my daughter.

All right,
I'll take you up.

But remember,
I've got the gun.

Father Unwin,
can you hear me?

Yes, Matthew, loud
and clear, as they say.

- Where are you?
- On the professor's desk.

The professor and his daughter are
being held prisoner in the house.

I surmise as much, Matthew.

But, why?

Well, from what I can
gather from his notes,

the professor is working
on some sort of rifle.

Very interesting.

I heard a demonstration

I'll know more if I can
manage to watch it myself.

- Dad!
- Anne are you all right?

Yes, dad.
I'm all right.

Oh, very touching.

But we have work to do.

How long will it take you to modify
the equipment, professor?

In three, four hours.

Good, then you can
give us a demonstration.

Splitting a plane of
glass is one thing,

step two is to see the sonic action
on something more substantial.

That rock for instance.

What's worrying that dog?


Quiet, boy.

Quiet Rex.


What do you intend to do?

We have just received information
of a special test tonight.

One which will place great stress
on the airframe of that aircraft.

So you mean to go
through this tonight?

Of course.

We use your rifle, professor.
Leaving no trace.

No indication of sabotage.

So that the accident
inquiry concludes

there was a design
fault in the aircraft.

And the whole project is returned
to the drawing board.

Let's get on with it.

I see, Matthew.


But I hardly think we can
allow them to pull it off.

Excellent professor,

I think we're in business.

Just a few more hours,
professor, and it will all be over.

It's that priest.

What a game?
What does he want?

Well, he says he's come to collect
the dahlias for the flower show.

Tell him no.

Wait a minute, we don't want
to arouse his suspicion.

Give him what he
wants, professor.

- But I, um...
- Don't stall, professor.

we've got your daughter.

The dhalias, where are they?

Well, the garden's full of roses,
but I didn't see any dahlias.

You're right.

You've been stupid, professor,
involving an innocent priest.

Take him up to his daughter.
I'll deal with father Unwin.

Come on. come on.

I think they're on to
you father, be careful.

Understood, Matthew.

Father Unwin, do come in.
Please, sit down.

Uh, most kind,
most kind.

I'm afraid uh the
professor is unwell,

he he's gone to rest, uh.

You came for the dhalias,
I understand.

Oh, yes, dahlias, yes, yes, well
I get a confusing most

with the dahlias and the joy of
the rosy but of the horticult.

- Horticult, I beg your pardon.
- Yeah, horticult or culture.

Push your case to me,
Matthew, if you won't, please?

- Push your case?
- Yes, oh, yes yes.

Or take it up to a higher cork is.

This is a deep joy, if
you understand?

I'm afraid I find it difficult to
follow your train of thought.

Ah, train, yes,
now there's a thing.

Non-stop emotes and Parks Glade or Glam.
Kingsy cross Scotlland, almost short.

But, let's stop this charade.

You see, your little intrigue with the
professor has been discovered.

In that case I must ask you to release
the professor and his daughter.

Or take the consequences.

I'm afraid you're in no position
to ask anything, Father Unwin.

But I must ask you
to come with me.

You'll be held here
with the professor,

and his daughter until our,
um, business is completed.

Very well, but I'm
afraid you may regret it.

Controller to zero one zero.


Controller to zero one zero.


Zero one zero to tower.

Night test program six.

- Ready when you are.
- Clear for takeoff.

Let's all just relax and
there'll be no trouble.

A little to the lefty port,
load side, if you, old Matthew.

What are you talking about?

- Who is, Matthew.
- Yes, Matthew, Mark or Lucky John.

- If you understand.
- Oh that's enough of that.

Yes, of course, but
this is the angelo say

of this and there's a deep joy of it,
I assure you.

Let's cut out the
chat, shall we?

Eastman and I
are leaving, Kronor.

I sure you can handle
the situation here.

Leave it to me.

Exactly right, Matthew.

- How did that happen?
- The value of a good book.

- Is often underestimated.
- Yes, but, uh...

No time for explanations.

We must get after
Mark and his henchmen.

Oh deep joy and the
goodly workload, Matthew.

Pickle up back in the case
and I'll pick you up later.

Tower to zero one zero.

Climb to twenty five thousand
feet and begin test program.


Approaching test altitude.

Embarking flight program six.


- It's that model T.
- They've escaped.

- How they get past Kronon?
- There's no time to worry about that.

Get in the back and
take care of them.

You're holding them, Father.

Yes, I am. But I'm afraid
there's someone in the

back with what looks ominously
like your sonic rifle.

Oh, they got away.

Professor, it is imperative
we locate them.


They could set up the sonic
rifle anywhere overlooking

the runway in a hundred
different places.

There must be some
way to stop them.

Well, there is one possible way,
but we'd need the cooperation

of the airbase controller and
he'd never believe our story.

Maybe if it were told
to him by a Bishop.

Bishop? I don't see what
good a bishop could do?

And how would you
contact him out here?

- Telepathy?
- You could say that?

A Father Unwin,
you said, sir?

Give him full command facilities.

Of course.
If you say, sir.

Full command facilities
to a priest?

We let the wheels touch.

And let her have it.

- Take her up?
- Immediately.


Abort landing,
full throttle.





What's happening?
What is it?

Probably an overshoot.

She'll come in again.

What now, Father?

I want another aircraft to fly
over the air base at mach 3.

- Mach 3?
- Exactly right.

What's happening?
It should have landed 15 minutes ago.

Shut up!

Stand by.

There's a plane
coming in now.

Stand by to activate.

This is your chance.

Here it comes.

Well, your idea worked,
professor, but how?

From the tremendous buildup of sound
waves from that Mach 3 aircraft,

bounced back the sonic vibrations to
the source and destroyed the rifle.

I'm happy to say father there's a
basic theoretical flaw in my design.

I see.

I had intended to correct the
floor in my calculations but...

now somehow
I think I'll stick to roses.

Excellent idea, professor.

Matthew I'm sure will be
delighted when I tell him.

Where is Matthew,
by the way?

Oh, he's around,
near at hand as always.

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