The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 8 - Errand of Mercy - full transcript

When Father Unwin is taken ill, he has an extraordinary dream. Can he and Matthew survive their dangerous journey in Gabriel, the flying car, and deliver medical supplies to plague-ridden Africa?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Father Unwin?

Father Unwin?

Over here, Mrs Appleby,
over here.

Here Mrs Appleby.

Oh, there you are.

I can't understand why you don't
get yourself a modern car.

You're always having
to work on this one.

Nonsense, Mrs Appleby.
Gabriel may be over

40 years old, but it's good
for another 40 yet.

Well, my young nephew's
got a lovely new saloon.

It's a pleasure to ride in it.

A tin can, Mrs. Appleby.

A veritable tin can.

Now with Gabriel one can experience
motoring as it was meant to be.

The open road,
the feel of power underfoot.

- Drafty!
- No, no, healthy.

- Noisy!
- Exhilarating!

Odd to drive,
said so yourself.

Well, yes, it needs
a masterly hand.

But look Mrs. Appleby,
just look at it.


Every nut and bolt.

Look at the workmanship.
This car would...

This car would take you
anywhere in the world.

- Anywhere in the world.
- Are you all right, sir?

Yeah! Yes, yes.

Just a slight dizziness, huh?

It's the sun in your ball patch
out here all day without your hat.

It's nothing, it will pass.


It'll pass.

Father Unwin.


Matthew, come and help me!

Father Unwin's collapsed.



Now you know what
the doctor said.

Put away that paper
and get some rest.

I'm perfectly all right,
Mrs. Appleby.

You really shouldn't have
bothered Dr. Brogan.

Oh, yes, yes. I know.

Now you take a
couple of these pills.

- It'll help you sleep.
- Tablets.

Send them to Africa. That's
where they're really needed.

Come along now you've got
to look after yourself.

Ah, they taste terrible.

That's it.

Now. I'll turn out the light
and leave the door open.

Call out if you want anything.

Good night, Father.

Good night, Mrs. Appleby,
and thank you.


Medical supplies urgently...




the world.

Well, men,

it's on. You will leave
after the briefing.

- Are you ready?
- Ready.

- Most certainly, we're ready.
- Right gentlemen.

If you will look at
the map you'll see

the first stage is
non-stop to Timbuctoo.

Here you'll land and refuel.

The petrol supply is in the desert
five miles north of the town.

Yes. I have it on the flight map.

Good. Now stage two.

Due south to a jungle clearing.

Here you will pick up
the medical supplies.

I see.

And from there to Bishopsville.

Yes, Dr. Purple will be waiting.

Now men, this is the most
dangerous stage of the journey.

Two brave men have
already tried and failed.

- Shot down by enemy jets.
- We'll get through, sir.

Good show I'll get up
to the control tower

and personally
supervise your takeoff.

Right, men.
On your way.

Control to tea for two.

Tea for two to control,
engine run up complete.

- Ready for take off.
- You are clear for takeoff.

Here they come now, sir.

Everything all right, Matthew?

- Everything's fine.
- Good! Lifting off.

Ah, lovely sight.


Good luck,
Tea for two.

Engine sounds sweet, Father.

All original, Matthew.
Vintage 1917.

We're over the channel.

Turn right.

Roger, Matthew, roger.

Ah it's starting to rain.

Right. Prepare to
switch on wipers.

- Ready.
- Switch on.


The weather should get better.
We'll soon be over the alps.

But it certainly can't
get worse.

Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.

Nonsense, Matthew.
What's the oil pressure?

Pressure steady on 30.

Look out!

You look a little pale, Matthew.

That was close, Father.

Too close.

Just in providence.
Just in providence.

You'll soon be over the
burning sands of the desert.

There it is,
the refueling station.

Excellent navigation, Matthew.
I'll take her down.


- Seems deserted.
- Anyone around?

Round the back!

- Fill her upper, efendi?
- If you would.

Don't I know you
from somewhere?

Oh, it's quite possible.

People are always dropping
in for afternoon tea.

Quite so.

Got the kettle on now,
as a matter of fact.

- Careful cup?
- That would be delightful.

There we are.

Full to the brim.

Come on then,
let's go into the shack.

Don't look much from the
outside, but it's home.

Charming, utterly charming.

Better close the door.

That sand gets in

Oh, right you are.

There we are,

a pot of tea.

Two eggs, three minute boiled.

Is that right, efendi?

Exactly right as always.

Oh, don't you be
too long, father.

We have a schedule
to keep up.


What a nice gentleman.

Didn't care for the navigator, though.

Struck me as bone eyed.

- What a beautiful day.
- You're right.

Next stop,
the jungle clearing.

We should be
there by nightfall.

A rather pleasant
spot, Matthew.

I'm glad you think so father.

I get the feeling hidden
eyes are watching us.

- What was that?
- I have no idea, listen.

We're surrounded.

You seem to be
right, Matthew.

But at all costs we must stay
calm and await our fate.

I'm afraid the situation
is a little difficult, Matthew.

I'm sure this is
the right clearing.

But the language
is the problem.

They don't seem to
understand medical supplies.

My dear sir.

Listen for a
moment, will you?

It's no good father.

I think they're preparing
for a sacrifice.

And the sacrifice
seems to be us.

I have an idea, Matthew.
It might just work.

Ah, yeah! Matthew and I a very
travel safari long load here

for the medical uh supplies of
the surplus to Bishopsville.

Very good.

Exactly, let me explain, uh,

we have in the medic
hold for the hypodermy.

- Hypodermy.
- And the stethoscops.


- And Bandage.
- Bandage.

- Ointment mold.
- Ointment mold.

All this deep joy
of medical supplies.

Medical supplies.


Bandage surgical.

- Medical!
- Bandage!

All tackle, deep joy and
thank it on behalf of

Matthew and myself from
the bottom of my heart.

Great thank you for your deep joy

of hospitality and stuffy
with the knife and fork.

Oh, yes. Deep joy especially
after we sorted

out the slight
misunderstand of corpse.

We will carry out our mission.
Next stop, Bishopsville.

Get back, everyone.

We're taking off.

Make one stand it back
throw, we're floating after.

Look Matthew,
sunrise over Africa.

It's gain to be
another scorcher.

In more ways than one.

If I remember rightly,
we were told this

would be the most dangerous
part of the mission.

Jungle drums, father.

A primitive but very effective
radar right here.

They'll know we're on the way.

- Better take her up.
- Right.

Hold tight, Matthew.
I'm taking evasive action.

My, my. I hope that didn't
scratch the paintwork.

Keep going, father. We're
nearly out of range.

Very funny.


We made it.

Just so, Matthew. That
there's a long way to go.

I'm sure they will try everything
they can to stop us.

Yes, this 91 to control.

Control here.

I' ve have visual contact
with de bandits, Sir, but...

You sound frightened.

What's wrong?

Sir... I'm afraid...

It's... It's a model T.

- A model T?
- Yes, sir.


Now, listen.

I realize there are
only three of you.

But it must be stopped.

I understand, sir.
We'll do our best.

That's lider do squadron.
Prepare to attack.

Jet fighters, Father.
They're closing.


I have visual
contact, as they say.

They're heavily armed.

Ah, that we can out speed
and out maneuver them.

We'll be all right.

Commence attack,
fire at will.

Hold tight, Matthew.
I'm opening her right up.

Two down, one to go.

Press hold attack.
Press hold attack.

Here comes
the last one, father.

Don't worry, we should have
the edge for speed.

I'm not so sure.

- He seems to be staying with us.
- I see.

Hold on, I'll try and
shake him off.

They're turning
right, general.

This time I'll get them.

Very naughty of me to give
an erroneous signal.

However, in the circumstances.

- Be careful, Father.
- Have no fear, Matthew.

You'll never pull out.

You'll never do it.

Oh, dear. I trust the pilots
not seriously injured.

Come in one.

Come in two.

Come in, anybody.

Mercenary leader
here, general.

What happened?
Where are you?

In a tree, general.

- All jets destroyed.
- All destroyed.

By a model T, 1917.

What a chance did we stand?

Dr. Purple.
Dr. Purple.

Come in, come in.

We brought the medical supplies
you so urgently required.

My dear fellows I
must congratulate you.

Can I get you anything?

All I need is about
a week's sleep.

Yes, I must admit. I'm feeling
a little drowsy myself.

Of course.

Through here, gentlemen,
through here.

Remember what
the doctor said.

Rest, lots of rest.

I can't understand why...
Don't get yourself...

- Noisy!
- Exhilarating!

Well, my young nephew's
got a lovely new saloon.

Father Unwin, wake up.

Wake up, Father Unwin.

Anywhere in...

in the world.

Time to wake up, Father.

Matthew, yeah.

- What time is it?
- It's 11:30.

You slept for 14 hours.

How do you feel?

Oh, fine, fine, fine.

They say a trip to Africa
is as good as a rest.

What was that, father?

It was of no consequence.

I feel like a drive.

- Get Gabriel out of the garage.
- If you feel up to it, Father.

Certainly. I do we'll go
somewhere exciting.


Hampshire Heath.

My dear brethren.

Today I would like
you to give a little

thought to those in
far-off places who

do not have the
good things of life

that we sometimes
take for granted.

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