The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 7 - Recall to Service - full transcript

The nearby army barracks are testing the Aqua-Tank, an all-purpose tank that can be controlled by computer or automatically. When the computer malfunctions, B.I.S.H.O.P. sends in Father Unwin, undercover as a military padre, to investigate the matter, only to find that the traitor is more involved in the project than first realized.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Right, Mitchell.
Begin the test.

Come on to Aqua-Tank control.

Start the test run.

Commencing test now, captain.


A very forceful addition
to anyone's army, sir.

Not just forceful, Mitchell,

Tell the professor to program
it onto the target building.

Right away, sir.

Command to Aqua-Tank control.
Commence computer controlled run.

Switching to computer
control now, captain.

Unmanned unstoppable.

That'll knock their eyes out at
tuesday's NATO demonstration.

She certainly will, sir.


Tell the professor to take
the Aqua-Tank back to base.

Yes, sir. Command to
Aqua-Tank control.

Switch to manual and
bring her back to base.


She's not responding.

- Not responding, sir.
- She's heading straight for the cliff.

The computer has
conflicting instructions.

You'll go over the edge.

- Break the main circuit.
- It's too late.




Yes, Bishop, it sounds serious.

Is the equipment badly damaged?

Fortunately not.

The professor is repairing it now.

Then it will be ready for
the NATO demonstration.

Barely accidents.

And I'm depending on
you to see the antennae.

Very well, Bishop.

Matthew and I will leave
for the experimental

base just as soon as
I've changed my attire.

Well, I say don't we
look smart today.

Go on now, Matthew.
Father Unwin don't

want hear your
sarcastic remarks.

I'm sure Matthew wasn't
being sarcastic, Mrs. Appleby.

No, no, that's a
real nice regal.

So it is too.

All the same, Father.
I don't know what

you want to be
dressing up for.

All reservists are liable
to call up at any time.

Have you been
called then, father.

Yes, by the Bishop.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
Mrs. Appleby.

I'd like to have a word
with Matthew alone.

Very well, Father.

I won't be in for dinner, Mrs. Appleby,
and neither will Matthew.

Matthew neither, eh?

Oh, uh, very good, Father.

Where's that lazy good for
nothing enough to know?

- What is it, Father, a mission?
- Yes, Matthew.

I'm afraid an urgent one.

We have to be at an
Army base in two hours.

- That doesn't leave us much time.
- Not at all.

I'll tell you about it on the way.
Let's get ready.

Right, father.

Halt, who goes there?

- Friend, thank you.
- Oh!

I thought you was a civilian, uh.
Now then, sir. What can I do for you?

The name is Unwin,
captain Unwin.

New chaplain.
Here are my papers.

It appears to be
all correct, sir. Good.

Then I'll be getting along
to see colonel Blair.

Uh, just a moment, sir.

May I ask what's
in that case?

Ah, this is the difficult for
specialty of this case it.

All lock it up very
tightly low with a

special key number
thrity blue secret

in the special safe as
the white vault, sir.

Oh yes huh well I uh I'll
see what you mean, sir.

But this is a secret base.

Yes, but let me explain.
This is a

special directive
which came from

Whitehall through 45 which if you

wanted to stab from
the minute of the

special defended.
Am I thrift full and

failing all this.
I had no alternative

but to do a quick bully over
over the wool of

your eyed rose.
A caption of the Queen's

own special wretchy
mold and causing

everyone to rise up...

Ah, thank you.

Just a minute, sir.

Come back here!

We're naturally glad to
have you with us, Padre.

But I can't understand why the
Ministry of Defense sent you.

Ours is not the
reason why, colonel.

Quite so. Well, if there's
anything you require?

No, nothing.
Thank you, colonel.

Well, I'll get someone to show
you to your quarters.

Will you be staying
long, Padre?

Hard to say, um, how is
the Aqua-Tank?

Uh. I'm sorry if I
startled you, gentlemen,

- but, uh, I did hear a rumor.
- Did you? Well, uh...


You're gonna be with us for a
while so you might as well know.

There was an attempt
to sabotage the project.

And the evidence
indicates that the person

responsible is with
someone in authority.

Then it could be
someone here.

In this room.

It could be any one of us.

A very painful situation.

I pray it will
soon be resolved.

11 o'clock, Matthew.

Only 12 hours before
the demonstration.

That means if the
opposition are going to do

something to the Aqua-Tank
it'll probably be tonight.

Then we must prevent it,
Matthew, let's go inside.

Halt, who goes there?

It's all right, sentry.
It's your chaplain.

You again.

Uh, sorry, sir.
You can't go in.

A security.

- The Padre, sir.
- Let him in.

- But, sir.
- I said, let him in.

Yes, sir.

What brings you here
this time of night, Padre?

- Just interested, professor.
- In my Aqua-Tank, why?

All was interested in
weapons of war.

Purely academically,
of course.

Of course.

Tell me, professor. What's so
special about this weapon?

Well, just about
everything, Padre.

When the Aqua-Tank's
programmed to attack a target

it's completely impervious
to gunfire land mines.

- Go on.
- Your case.

It moved.

Ah, this is quite
clearly optical diluting.

Which resulted very
much in your burn

the candles out into
the early morning.

Very common occurrence.
Careful, Matthew.

What, uh...

- You, you mean I'm seeing things?
- Precisely.

Now tell me more
about the Aqua-Tank.

You must forgive me.

I have to prepare for the
demonstration tomorrow.

Well, I'd like to
offer success.

All clear, Father.

I'll get aboard the Aqua-Tank
as soon as possible.

Well, mustn't keep you
from your work, professor.

- Best of luck.
- Thank you.

Graham here.

That new Padre. There's
something funny about him.

I don't know, but he knows too
much and asks too many questions.

Well I'll leave it to you, but
he must be kept out of the way.

- Hello, Matthew, where are you?
- I'm inside the Aqua-Tank, Father.

- Among the electronics.
- Any sign of sabotage?

No. Everything appears
to be in order here.

Good. Well, we seem to be prepared
for the demonstration tomorrow.

Have you checked the
security arrangements?

Yes, sir. All guards on the
base have been doubled.

I shall be supervising security
of the aqua tank myself.

Good. And I shall be free to take
care of the NATO chiefs of staff.

It's a big responsibility, sir.

Shall I take it?

No, it's all right.
Colonel Blair here. Yes, sir.

Yes, we have him here the
watch's regulation, sir.

Yes sir.
Of course.

Immediately, sir.
Goodbye, sir.

- Something wrong?
- Captain Unwin, the Padre.

He's to have complete freedom
to go anywhere on the base.

- Who said so, sir?
- The Ministry of Defense.

Take care of it, Mitchell.

I'm going to see the professor.

I'll take care of it.

Mitchell here.

The colonel's just had a
call about that Padre.


Government orders.

Yes, it can only mean one thing.
He's Secret Service.

All right.
All right!

But I don't like it.

Yes, the demonstration
starts in an hour.

Is it in a time for
the demonstration?

Patience, please, gentlemen.

The Aqua-Tank is due to
appear in 15 minutes.

Anything to report, Matthew?

No, father, no one's been
near the Aqua-Tank.

Good then I'll just remain
here in reserve as it were.

In case of emergency.

Gentlemen may I have
your attention, please?

You are about to see a
demonstration of one of

the most advanced vehicles
of its kind in the world.

The Aqua-Tank. It is completely
automated and has no crew.

It will be programmed from
the control truck here,

to attack and destroy the
target building here.

I understood attempts
would be made to

stop the Aqua-Tank
reaching its target.

Yes, indeed, general. The training area
has been covered with land mines.

And the Aqua-Tank will be attacked by
conventional tanks and aircraft.

That is why we shall be
watching from the

comparative safety
of this block house.

But we hope to
show you, gentlemen,

That nothing will
stop the Aqua-Tank.

It will seek and
destroy its target.

Zero hour. Give the command,
captain Mitchell.

- Begin the demonstration.
- Yes, sir.

Aqua-Tank programmed
onto target building.


Where's captain Mitchell?

Don't worry about the captain,
look at the Aqua-Tank.


- What are you doing?
- Sealing the electronic doors.

The chiefs of staff did
not want to be disturbed.

That means...

It means they can't get
out until I release them.

But those are their orders.
Get back on duty, sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Are you all right, Matthew?

Matthew, can you hear me?

Just about.
Everything's fine.

I hope the chiefs of
staff are impressed.

Mitchell what
are you doing here?

A change of plan.

Program the Aqua-Tank
to attack coordinates...

Zero, two, four,
four, one, nine.

- I don't understand.
- Change the program, professor.

Zero, two, four,
four, one, nine.

Wait a minute.

- That's the block house.
- Precisely.

Stand back, I'll do it myself.

What have you done?
We'll all be killed.

You will,
the chiefs of staff will.

I'll be in the safest
place on the space.

The target building.


Father, there's something wrong.

We've gone right off the
programmed course.

I don't understand.

It means someone in the control
truck has altered the program.

I'll get over
there immediately.

It's only half a mile
across the training ground.

No father,
remember the land mines.

And by the direction it's heading,

You'll have to cut across
the Aqua-Tank's path.

and it's still under attack.

Trust in providence, Matthew.
Trust in providence.

Get back, Father.

The forces have
orders to attack

anything that crosses
the battle area.

Have no fear, Matthew.
I'm a smallish target.

Sorry about this, Gabriel,
but we're both in the army now.

What is going on, colonel.

I'm afraid we are
locked in the building.

And it seems we are under attack
from your indestructible Aqua-Tank.

I'm sorry, general,
there's nothing we can do.

Professor Graham.


Get out of here.
We'll all be blown to pieces.

My dear professor,
what happened?

Mitchell has programmed the
Aqua-Tank to destroy the blockhouse.

Then we must stop it.

We can't.
He smashed the computer.

What if someone were
inside the Aqua-Tank.

Would it be possible then?

It would be possible but there's
no one inside the Aqua-Tank.

Let's pretend there is.

- Ridiculous.
- But if there was.

What would you do?

Well, I'd... I'd remove the red
protecting panel at the front.

Quickly Matthew, a red protecting
panel can you see it?

Yes, I see it.

Hurry, Matthew.
there's not much time.

I'm trying father
I'm trying.

Done it, Father.
What now?

- The panel's off. What next?
- Oh you're mad, Padre, mad.

The missile will
launch in 30 seconds.

no time to explain,
what now?

Throw the switch
to manual control.

- Switch throw.
- 27 seconds to launch.

- Are you listening?
- Certainly, what now?

- Instructions quickly, professor.
- Pull the left control lever.

That'll revert the Aqua-Tank
to the original program.

Why am I telling you all this?
10 seconds.

The left lever,
Matthew, quickly.




It's impossible, there was
nobody in the Aqua-Tank.

There couldn't have been,
but then...

Who were you talking to?

Oh, no, it's impossible.

But we saw it happen,
didn't we?

- Yes, we saw, it happen.
- Then let's just call it a miracle.

Shall we a miracle of science.

Padre, I know, I saw it, but
I just can't believe it.

The theme for my sermon
this morning,

my dear brethren, is the
subject of poetic justice.

They who live by the sword,
shall perish by the sword.

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