The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Cure - full transcript

A Russian saboteur, Sakov, arrives in England under the false name of Herr Vokas, claiming to be a patient in a nearby health farm. However, Father Unwin soon finds that Sakov is actually here to sabotage the test of an experimental fuel for the army for Tanks.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We depend on you, Sakov.

If our British friends need suffer
one little setback...

and we shall be ahead.

You have no need to worry.

Setbacks are my specialty.

That's why I chose you
for this mission.

You have a certain reputation
in these matters.

You can rely on me.

There's no doubt about it.
It's Sakov, all right.

He's traveling in the identity
of a german businessman.

Her Vokas, he call himself.

Vokas, oh, of course.

That's Sakov speak

A typical touch of
his humor.

The question is,
what is one of the world's most

astute freelance agent's
doing in England?




Is well?
In a nursing home?

I have a right to
sound worried.

I can assure you Savok is not in
England for the good of his health.

Yes, Bishop.
I heard you.

You sound concern about
this man... Sakov.

I do indeed.

And I want you to find out
why he's here.

As always, Bishop.
I am at your service.

Her Vokas, as he
calls himself,

booked into a
private nursing home.

A place called Greenway.

I believe I've heard of it.

The doctor who runs it, uses some
rather unusual methods, as I remember.

I want you to get
down there right away.

Take the cure and keep
an eye on Sakov.

My dear Bishop,
I hardly think I would fit

into a nursing home run
by a crank doctor.


You'll be as conspicuous
as a hair on an egg.

That's why Sakov will
never suspect you.

Hair on an egg, an
amazing thought.

All right, Bishop.
I leave in an hour.

But why you should be going
into a Nurse home?

There's nothing wrong with
you, isn't there Father?

It's not an ordinary nursing home,

a health farm I think they
call it, Mrs. Appleby.

You look healty
enough to me, Father.

Prevention is better than cure.

A few days rest and
a change of food.

Oh Father, I hope there's nothing
wrong with the food I give you.

Oh, Mrs. Appleby. No, of
course there isn't.

I'm glad hear that, sir.

Did you want to see me, Father?

Yes, Matthew, I'd like to
have a word with you.

In here, if you will.

Would you excuse us,
Mrs. Appleby?

Yes, Father. I'll going
pack your suitcase.

Where is it this time, Father?

No time to
explain, Matthew.

We must ger prepare to
for the road.

Ready whenever you
are, Father.

These are some of your
fellow guests, Father.

Colonel Johnson.

Mr. Bergson and Mrs. Dunlop.

And over by the window,
Her Volsak.

Ah, Her Volsak, I trust you
find the view interesting?

Very, I am an ornithologist,
in amateur way, of course.

Of course.

And you, father, are you hoping
to lose a pound or two?

Hoping to gain something, actually.

All you'll gain here
is good health.

Your diet will be strictly

And you will spend two hours
in my therapy theater.

In the morning and
in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward to it.

And talking of the therapy

It's time for your treatment,
Her Vokas.

If you will come with me.

Well, Matthew, what are
your first impressions?

Sakov's a smooth

But I bet he's no bird watcher.

Yes, I wonder what he was
really looking at out there.

That's very fair.

Fair? It's near the
record of his class.

This GK2 is certainly
proving its capabilities.

Yes, every
motorist's dream.

had a little GK2 to distill water

and we have a liquid equivalent
to high octane petrol.

No motorists could afford it.

I know Gk2 is
expensive to produce.

But think of the
military potential.

Enough in one test tube to drive
a tank a thousand miles.

- What is that?
- Carrot Juice.

Carrot Juice?

Well, I'm certainly looking forward
to whatever's under that cloth.

I've worked up
quite an appetite.

- Carrots?
- Raw carrots.

The Doctor. Klam does not allow
any other food in the clinic.

Uncooked vegetables.

Small wonder all the patients seem
to have a lean and hungry look.

Anchor not after the good
things of the earth, father.

That maybe so, Matthew.

But an agent
marches on his stomach.

To going praise.

Here, Matthew.
You try one.

Thank you, Father.

I think I'll try and see what
our friend sakov is up to.

Eat that inside the
case, Matthew.

Right, Father.

Going somewhere, Father?

Oh, who, you did me a
little fry load up the spoil.

I was about to try
find Her Vokas.

Her Vokas? Why, he's
in therapy theater.

- Are you certain?
- Of course.

Where else would it be?


Father Unwin, the theater
is occupied.

I realize you're anxious to experience
the joys of the Klam therapy theater.

But you must contain
you zeal.

It's all right, doctor.
I'm ready to leave.

I suggest's father
only appears

to be so eager, you
begin his treatment.

An excellent idea.

Please Father,
go behind the screen.

I will send the orderly
to you immediately.

If you insist.

Matthew, I'm in the
therapy room.

Could the sabotage attempt on that
car have been Sakov's work?

I don't see how.

It appears he was strapped to a bed
whilst in the therapy theater.

Sakov must have been
here the whole time.

I don't understand.

When the Bishop told us about the
of the experimental race track...

and the fact that this clinic
practically overlooks it,

I felt certain
it was Sakov.

Yes, most baffling.

Listen, Matthew. I want
you to get over to the track.

Maintain a careful watch
on the reserve car.

All right, Father.
but how do I get there?

The Bishop has arrange for an
agent to collect the case.

He won't know what's

I understand.

And what you be doing, Father?

I assume that I will
be experiencing

the deep joys of the
therapy theater.

Yes sir, I understand.

I collect the case at
the Greenway's Clinic...

and take it to the
experimental race track.

And, what then?

Stop about 50 yards from
the pits.

And carefully conceal the case
at the side of the track.

Yes, sir.
And then?

- Then you go home?
- Home?

- Home, Blake.
- But, sir...

I don't understand.

May I ask what's in
the case?

If I told you it contained one of our most
valuable agents, would you believe me?

- No, sir, I'm afraid I wouldn't.
- As I thought.

On your way, Blake, I want that case
at the race circuit in 15 minutes.

Well, there is nothing
wrong with GK2 fuel.

Tell that to the driver.

It's a miracle he's
still alive.

Look, we're on the
edge of breakthrough.

All we need is money for
another month's work.

Don't try to convince me.

The minister is on his
way to see it himself.

Well, you just get that
reserve car ready.

Leave the rest to me.

Now, stop 50 yards
from the pits.

Thank you.

Father? Father?

Father Unwin, can
you hear me?

Ah, Matthew, it's good to
hear a friendly voice.

You sound a little
strange, Father.

I suppose Klam's therapy is something
I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

However, what is
your next move?

Well, I think the best place to keep
an eye on things is in the car.

Excellent idea Matthew, yes.
I wish you luck.

What's going on,
Father Unwin?

Who are you talking to?

Oh, you jumped me up a load out
of my skin. Oh, folly, folly, folly.

This is a much more comfortable position.
Could we maintain it for a little while.

The Klam recliner moves at random.

Any tension is registered
and it moves,

to facilitate a greater
blood flow to the head.

Thus relieving tension.

Most ingenious.
But in my case it seems to

increase tension rather
than the relaxed one.


Ah, I see the trouble.
That hearing aid.

No, doctor, you mustn't
take that.

It's interfering
with the impulses.

You will find that the recliner
will work perfectly now.

Doctor Klam, it's imperative
that I have that hearing aid.

Doctor, doctor,
come back here!

Relax my dear sir.
Just relax.

doctor Klam!


Literally translating:
"Oh miserable me, I've had it".

Very apt.

As the minister responsible,

I am always interested in
new developments.

But after this morning's crash,
it will take a faultless demonstration

to convince me to put government
money into GK2 project.

I am sure, sir, you will
find the test run satisfactory.

The car's been fitted
with two fuel packs.

- One contains normal pretroleum.
- The other, distilled water.

- Distilled water?
- Yes.

I'll add 10 grams of
GK2 from this test tube.

The car will run approximately
10 laps until the commencing...

exhausted and then
switch to the GK2 tank.

And we'll show the lap
times are as good,

if not better when the
car is running on GK2.

Well I think I'm a fair man.

If it does what you say it
will. I'll be convinced.

I would like to help you, but I'm afraid
Dr. Klam will never forgive me.

What are you doing,
may ask?

Behind this panel
is an air duct.

It's a a tight squeeze, but I can
just manage to wriggle through.

- Where does it lead?
- Just to the back of the clinic.

It's, uh, its a way of coming and
going without being observed.

To tell you the truth. I'll
go and buy myself a meal.

I let you in a secret.

I can't stand carrots.

So you go to the race track
for more appetizing fair.

What you mean?

You will not there this morning
about the time of the crash.

I underestimated you, Father.

You failed.

The demonstration should be about
to start and I was informed

a security cordon had been
thrown round the track.

- Then you underestimated me.
- What you mean?

This morning's escapade
was a cover.

During the confusion, I switched the test
tube containing GK2 with one of my own.

It's contents will produce a
much more violent reaction.

I assure you.

I tell you this knowing
that unlike myself.

Those traps will keep you
here for the next hour.

By then I'll be out of the country...

And the GK2 car will be
a mangled heap of steel.

Goodbye, my dear
Father Unwin.

Doctor! Doctor

Come in, Father.
Father, Unwin?

Doctor Klam, please. It's
imperative you release me.

Father Unwin!

Father Unwin, there about
start the demonstration.

Well, here we go.

Is the GK2 in the
distilled water tank?

Of course. Here.
Have a souvenir.

Will someone please help me.

I have information of
an impending disaster.

Thank you, thank you so much.

You're not cheating, Father.
It's a matter of life and death?

Yes it is, indeed,
but we're wasting time.

Quick, where's
my hearing aid?

Dr. Klam had it, Father.
I do not know where it is.

Five laps completed.

Another five and the
driver will switch to GK2.

- How's going, Dave.
- Fine.

First tank about
half empty.

Well, there's only
one thing to do.

We'll be switching to GK2 fuel tank
in approximately two laps.

Just about one lap left, sir.

And then I think you're
in for a surprise.

What's going on. Who allowed
that vehicle on the track?

- Stop the test!
- What?

It is essential that car is stopped.

Are you mad?
Who are you anyway?

There is no time for explanations.
Stop that car if you will.

Another couple of miles and
I'll switch to the GK2.

No, no, the car will explode.

Ah, phone de
security people.

Hey, come back here!

What is going on?

He's taking the radio.

Matthew, Matthew,
can you hear me?

You must stop that car.

Who is it?
Is that you, Pete?

I can't hear you probably.

Matthew, it's essential you
stop that car immediately.

Look. I don't understand what's going on,
but I'm switching to GK2.

No, Matthew!

Changing to GK2.

- Now!
- Matthew!

Well done, Matthew.

- Driver?
- Yes.

Go to the pit and tell them to analyze
the contents of the second tank.

I think you will find it contains
something very different from GK2.

What is Matthew doing
here, Father?

Why can't eat in the
kitchen like he always does.

This is a very special

That's right, I've been to
the valley of shadows.

You mean he seen
the light?

Let's just say that he's acquired a
greater stature since this morning.

Now Mr. Appleby, the
food, if you please.

Oh yes, Father.
Of course.

Raw carrots?
Oh dear!

That's right, carrots.

Doctor Klam telephoned, he said
I wasn't to ler neglect your diet.

Carrots, indeed.
Oh, folly, folly.

There's a lack tasty chew.

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