The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 1 - A Case for the Bishop - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are put onto the case when the Ambassador of Dreisenberg attempts to smuggle a stolen mini-computer out of the country.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


This is Healey Automation.

There's been...

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Are you there?


From what you've said, Sommers, there's
no doubt that the new...

KX20 mini-computer was stolen
by Dreisenberg's agents.

That's right, and furthermore, we
know that the computer...

is in the Dreisenberg
embassy at this very moment.

And I suppose they use diplomatic immunity
to get him out of the country.

That would seem to be their plan.

The ambassador's flying
the country tomorrow.

No doubt his luggage will
include the mini-computer.

And there is absolutely nothing
we can do about it.

Now, listen here, Sommers.
You know perfectly well...

Healey automation
had export orders

in excess of £500 million
over the past 10 years.

You can't just sit there and say
there's nothing we can do.

I repeat, there is
nothing we can do about it.

But there is someone in our
organization who certainly can.

This is a assignment for the BISHOP.


This is British Intelligence Service
headquarters. Operation Priest.

We have a very important
assignment for you, BISHOP.

One moment.

Right, scrambler in operation.

Yes, the whole thing
is very clear to me.

I understand perfectly. Your
wishes will be carried out.

I can't over emphasize the
importance of this assignment.

And whatever happens, the interception
must not take place at London Airport.

Ah, Matthew, you seem to
be doing a splendid job.

Thank you sir.

Matthew, we have work to do, I just
had a message from the BISHOP.

The guard's condition is still
critical, Mr. ambassador.

But there are no other
details in the report.

Hardly surprising.

You don't advertise
security lapses.

Yes sir, your plan
worked perfectly.

This time tomorrow
we'll shall be flying home.

With the minicomputer.

And those British fools can't
do nothing about it.

You know, Father, there's a lot
of people would like...

to get their hands on
this equipment.

Indeed they would, Matthew.

Incidentally, you can drop the accent.
We're quite alone.

- Are you ready.
- Quite ready, Father.

Alright Matthew, now I think we ought
get started the soon is possible.

Into the case
should you go.

Good luck, Matthew.

Testing, one, two, three...

- Four, five.
- Loud and clear.

Are you receiving me?

One, two, three, four, five.

Loud and clear, Matthew.
Fine, we're ready to go.

Matthew, do you
have a good view?

Yes, thank you, Father.

Provided the traffic's not too bad we
should be at the airport in half an hour.


All right, Matthew, you
should be safe here.

Now, synchronize watchs.

- It's just coming up to 18:16.
- Check, 18:16.

I'll call you again
at 24 hours.

Matthew, can you hear me?

Your information was correct.

There's no work in
progress here tonight.

All right, Matthew, now
you know what to do.

Yes, Father.

So far, so good. The hangar
is completely empty.

And we're in luck.

They are inspecting the
aircraft's engines.

And one of the cowlings
is still open.

I will be able to do it.
I think it's going to work.


Next check call, 09:00
hours tomorrow morning.

- Good night, Father.
- Good night, Matthew.

- Matthew, can you hear me?
- Loud and clear, Father.

They've completed checks
on the aircraft.

And so far I have remained

That's good.

Now you're due to leave in an hour.
I will wait for you to contact me.

Right, Father.

Did you call me, Father?

No, Mrs. Appleby, I didn't call.

You been talking to
yourself again, Father?

No, Mrs. Appleby, I was talking
to someone far, far away.

Engine starting, Father. We're
taxing out for take off.

Thank you, Matthew. Call as
soon as your airborne.

Well it all worked
according to plan.

In that suitcase lies the key to
our country's future prosperity.

All done right under the nose of
the British government.

And thanks to diplomatic immunity,

they weren't even able
to open our cases.

We are now airborne, Father.

Very well, I shall be
joining you shortly.

The time has come.

Oh, don't be so
morbid, Father and when.

You look perfectly
healthy to me.

Talking to yourself
again, were you?

No, Mrs. Applebee, I was talking
to someone up there.

Ah, I see.
I see.

I don't understand, we should
be over the sea by now.

Air traffic regulations,
Your Excellency.

We have to fly west for
50 miles...

before we take the
airline to Europe.

Oh, I see, there's nothing
to worry about.

Now we are airborne,
nothing can stop us.

Matthew, according to
my calculations...

- you shoulb now be over Oxford.
- You're exactly right, Father.

How about you?
Are you on schedule?

Yes Matthew. I'm
paying on schedule.

Matthew, I'm afraid I'll
may be slightly delayed.

Did you realize sir that you
exceeded the speed limit?

I'm afraid I didn't, officer.

Well, you will be reported for
the question to be considered

prosecuting you for exceeding
the speed limit.

Quite so.

You're not obliged to say anything
unless you wish to do so,

but what you say may be put into
writing and using evidence.

Oh, yes, righty scribbly
in your bookery.

All that true word speed of your pen
slowed must deceive my eye bold.

I didn't quite
catch that, sir.

Oh, "parlo", I'll explain this.

Matthew, my gardener
is deep joy with

green fingers in the
garbage, you understand?

- I see.
- Yes.

Well, now we've got this urgent
mission for the BISHOP.

You understood for the bishop of that?

- Right.
- You do.

Right, unfortunately Matthew is trapped in
the engines all rotating rows.

- Rotation rows?
- Yes.

Yes, that's the
rotating engine bolt.

You spell it with "ENG",
engine bolt. Right.

- Now, this doesn't.--
- You know...

- Engine bolt.
- Engine bolt.

Trapped now...

This is a cause in the
vibrate in his eardrums

he might crush you for low apart.

We must get there before
it's too late.

It's a matter of life and death.

- A matter of life or death, you say, sir?
- Absolutely.

And what is your destination, sir?

Oakington Airfield, officer.

But it has been closed to air
traffic for four years, sir.

that's where I'm going.

- Matthew, did you hear all that?
- Yes, I certainly did, Father.

How far behind schedule are you?

Well, with a bit of luck
I should still make it.

Particularly with
a police escort.

You should now be
approaching Oakington.

You're right again, Father.

We're right over Oakington.

Right, Matthew. You
know what to do.

Flight Alpha XR-140 to
London Tower.

Failure on the inner port engine.

Returning to London.

Roger Alpha XR-140.

We are turning back.
What is happening?

I will find out, your excellency.

Matthew, what's happening now?

Trouble, Father, we seem to be
heading back towards London Airport.

They are obviously feel quite happy
about flying with three engines.

Let's see how they feel
flying on two.

OK, Father,
cutting port outer.

Alpha XR-140 to London Tower.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Port engines failed.

Request to stanby for
emergency landing.

Roger, Alpha XR-140.

London Tower to Alpha XR-140.

Divert to Oakington Airport.

It is approximately15 miles
from your present position.

- Thank you, officer.
- I hope you're on time.

For, whatever it was you're
supposed to be on time for, sir.

Thanks again, officer.

I will mention your cooperation
to the BISHOP.

Father, we are approaching
the runway now.

I'm sorry, your excellency,
there was no alternative.

With two engines out of action,

we had to make an emergency

The first question that has
to be answered, Captain...

Is why did two engines failed?

But we'll deal with
that later.

What happens next?

We were in radio contact with
London Airport, Your Excellency.

They have radioed the
local police and their

car will be here to pick
us up at any moment.

Okay Matthew, you can
come out now. Well done.

Here I come.

- I say, is anyone on board?
- tha must be the police now.

What about the computer?

Don't panic. Remember, we've
diplomatic immunity.

Quick, get me back to normal
size, they might be armed.

Not Matthew, we'll
do it my way.

Keep out of sight.

- Oh, good morning.
- And this is a police car?

Are you the ambassador for Dreisenberg?

Of course I'm the ambassador.
And who are you?

Just a humble servant of the Lord.

No photographs please.

The ambassador said,
no photographs.

Get that camera out of here.

What are you doing?
What is that noise?

Your Excellency!

That wasn't a camera, Ambassador.

It's yet another invention you
would like to get your hands on.

And diplomatic immunity won't
save him this time.

Don't just stand there.
Do something.

Now listen carefully.

The device we've just used is
the only one in existence.

Disobey my orders and the ambassador
will never return to normal.

It will remain as small as
the country it represents.

Give him anything
they wants.

I want that suitcase with the computer
you stole from our government.

Just push it over the side.

I don't know what you mean,
what computer.

You know very well
what I mean.

The ambassador has only his
personal luggage on board.

The police are arriving
at any moment,

I suggest we let them
handle the situation.

Thank you, Excellency.

Good morning, are you the
ambassador of Dreisenberg?


Ive been radioed by
Scotland Yard to pick you up.

Get out of that car!

All right, drop the emergency
chute. I want that computer.

Well Matthew, I think we
can claim success.

Thanks to your minimizer, Father.

Thanks to the late Professor
Humbert's minimizer.

Father, it's the ambassador and his aide.

They must stole the
police car.

Aim for your tires, Matthew,
be very careful.

Make sure you don't hit the
ambassador or his aide.

Someone is definitely
firing back at us.

And It's obviously not the driver.

But your excellency there's no one
else in the car except the driver.

They're getting a little
too close, Matthew.

Don't worry, Father.
I'll keep them back.

Remember the blind
bend ahead, Father.

Don't have fear, Matthew,

I'm well acquainted with
this stretch of road.

Look out!

Keep them a little longer, Matthew,

We're nearly home.

Two eggs three minute boil
is that right, sir?

As always, Mrs. Applebee,
you are exactly right.

I wish you thought I was
right about Matthew.

Do you know he had another
day off yesterday?

I'm sure there was a very good
reason for it, Mrs. Applebee.

The trouble with you, Father,
you can't see bad in no one.

and did you get your inspiration
for the sermon this morning.

Indeed I did, Mrs.
Appleby, indeed I did.

Today my dear brothers, I would
like to show you a book.

Which belonged to the late
Professor Humbert.

A dear friend and member
of this congregation.

Just a book containing
his life's work.

But every time I open it, I find
his contents helps me...

to do fulfill what I consider
my life's work.

Trying, in my own small way,

to bring the maximum good to
mankind that I can.

This is something we should
all try to do.

And now I would like you to join
me in singing a hymn,

that remained a favorite of the
professors from early childhood,

to the end of his deaths.

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