The Saint (1962–1969): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Old Treasure Story - full transcript

In a pub in Cornwall, the Saint meets three men, each of whom owns a third of a map that allegedly shows the whereabouts of sunken treasure in the West Indies. He joins their party to discover whether the treasure is a myth or a reality. On arriving at the supposed location of the treasure he quickly comes to see that there is - literally - a deadly rivalry among the group members.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the old adventurous, piratical days

when Britannia ruled the waves,

crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship

was about as tough as trying

to cross the Alps in your bare feet.

Columbus, for example, in the Santa Maria

took 66 days to cross the Atlantic.

Soon, the concord will jet us from London

to New York in just over three hours.

This, of course, is progress.


I'm not in that much of a hurry.

Good morning.

Good morning.

You must be April Mallory.

Yes. You must want Captain Williams.

Just a moment, I'll call him.


Yes, I'm coming.

Well, what is it?

Well! Get that special bottle out I've been saving.

Well you old buccaneer, how are ya?

I'm fine Bill, how are you?

Oh sailing pretty enough for an old hook, I am.

Ah, look, cruisin' rum.

Pal of mine brings this up from the Barbados.

You know I've been saving this up special

to drink to the health of an old friend.

Simon Templar.

A hurricane it was!

Nearly lifting us right out of the water.

And the Chinaman by this time was drunk as a maggot

and half crazy with fear.

And he was creeping up on the quartermaster

with a knife three feet long!

Last time it were four feet.

I oughta cut you off for that, matey.

And that was where I split his face

from eyeball to chin with a handy-billie.

30 years ago it was today and he still comes to see me.

And every word of that, Mr. Templar,

is God's honest truth.

Aye and if it aint,

may I be struck dead!

Ye I bet that fair gave you a turn, eh Bill?

Come on, Bill, tell us how--

Is it like this every night?


You're very fond of him, aren't you?

Yes, very.

He's practically brought me up.

How long have you been here?

Since I was 12.

Now Mr. Templar, I'm just a bit worried

about him at the moment.


I don't know.

He's been so nervous lately.

As if he were expecting something terrible to happen.

Eh come on lads.

You'll get their coats, will you Walt?

Come on fellas, drink up.

Hell of a storm on the way and it's nearly time.

Yes, we should get underway.

Come on, boys, down the hatch.

Good to have met you, Mr. Templar.

Nice meeting you.

I hope you get your shark.

Mr. Templar, do you know that our Bill here

has become a famous author?

Yes, I even read his book.

And a fair load of you-know-what, isn't it?

How would you know?

You can't read.

Well he can read better than know you can write.

The old treasure's story got barnacles on it.

Goodnight, April. Goodnight, April!

Well I'd better clear up.

There's a good girl.

Well, Bill, it was a great evening.

I enjoyed every second of it.

Oh except that I talk too much.

Oh go on, they love it.

Bill about your book.

What about it?

Well, is it true?

Every word.

Absolute gospel.

And I've got an autographed copy for you, too.

Perilous Treasure by Robert Doene.

Bill why didn't you write it under your own name?

Oh publicity and talk, you know.

Love, will you bring us my rum over

and a couple of glasses?

Yes, alright. Coming up.

Come on and we'll have a toddy.

I'll tell you all about it while we're having our rum.

No, leave that love.

Simon and me, we want to have a little talk.

Alright, then.

Not too late, now.

You look tired.

I promise. Night night.

Night, Mr. Templar. Night.

That was a lie for April's benefit.


Yes, I used a pen name, Simon,

because I'm afraid.

You're afraid?

Of what?

The past.

Well I supposed you'd guessed

I asked you down here for more than a bit of shark fishing.

It had crossed my mind.

I'll start at the beginning.

It was right after the war.

Simon, I was sick to the bones of the Nazis

and their torpedoes and sick at heart

of all the fine lads who had died.

You know...

me and my mate Tom Mallory, April's father,

we bought a schooner, The West Wind.

Oh she was a lovely ship, Simon.

Well, we figured it'd carry sugar and rum

from the West Indies across to Florida.

It wasn't before long we had a nice

tidy business going for us.

Full cargoes every voyage,

money started rolling in, and we--

Who the devil could that be?

Just a minute.

My car broke down.

Well I'm sorry, but we're closed.

I'll need a room for the night.

We're full up.

Come now, man.

You wouldn't even turn a dog out on a night like this.

West Wind.

I once knew the Chief Officer.

Fella named Tom...


Now man, are you sure you couldn't find me a bed?

It don't have to be...

Fancy. Just dry.

Alright, I'll fix you a bed.

You do that little thing.

Hello, pretty boy.

Where are you from?

Down the road.

You know Bill Williams?

Ask him. Cruisin' rum.

The bar is closed.

Not to me.

To everybody.


I can wait.

Your room's ready.

I'll have a glass of rum, straight.

I'll get you a glass.

This one'll do.

And where is my room?

Number three, first right at the top of the stairs.

Oh, very hospitable.

I've been waiting near 15 years

to have this little talk with you, Captain.

I guess another night won't hurt.

Thanks for not sayin anything.

Was an effort.

Who is he?

His name's Reston.

Jim Reston, he was my boatswain on the West Wind.

Why is he here?

What does he want?

Simon, I don't want to talk tonight.

I just want to go to bed and think things over.

Excuse me.

How did you find me?

Man, you had to write a book?

Did you really think a pen name could cover you up?

You read it?

Page 10, I suspected.

But by page 50 I was positive!

Where's the map?

I keep it in a safe deposit box.

In a London bank. Liar!

No. Liar.

And a murderer.

It was an accident, I swear.

Then why did you cover it up all these years?

People don't get hanged for accidents, Mr. Williams.

Tom Mallory and I did quarrel about the map that night,

that part is true.

For sure it is.

I didn't mean to hurt 'em.

I lost my temper, I swear.

He fell and hit his head and when I turned him over,

he was dead.

And then?

You threw him overboard.

I was there, remember?

I've done all I could to make amends.

When Tom's wife died,

I brought his daughter here.

I did everything I could for her.

Sent her to school.

Reston, I swear in terms of mental agony,

I've paid for what I did a thousand times.

But not as much as you're gonna pay!

And I'm not talking about money, either.

I've got money.

Course, not as much as I'm gonna have

when you give me that map.

I haven't got it.

It's not here. Liar!


You're gonna give me that map,

or I'm gonna tell that little girl upstairs

how you murdered her daddy!

You pig!

The map's here!

Yes. Where?

The treasure, it doesn't exist.

Sure it does.

You're wasting your time.

Look, I know. Understand?

Then tell me!


What is it?

What's happened?

Bill's been shot.

Get a doctor, quick.

No, no. Wait.

There's a lot to say and there's not much time.

There's been a lot of...

Blather talked about pirate...

Treasure. This one exists.

Simon, in the West Wind,

in the deckhouse, there's a piece of parchment.

Get it. Hurry.

April, this is your legacy.

I owe it to you.

I was responsible for your father's death.

No, no don't say anything.

There's treasure worth millions

in the Virgin Islands.

Simon, this is a third of the map.

I wrote the book hoping that the people

who had the other pieces would

come and...

Bill, don't say any more.

I tried to make it up to you, April.

Oh, Simon, what should I do?

Why not stay on here?

Run this place.

After all, it's yours now.

I mean about the treasure.

Do you believe it?

April, there are thousands of stories

about treasure in the Caribbean.

Some of em are fact.

The majority are absolute nonsense.

However, it is a fact that there was a Pirate

named Blackbeard who lived around 1718.

But the odds of finding his treasure are

about a million to one.

If you'll forgive me,

not that high.

It fits.

Quite, Miss Mallory.

Oh you're exactly as Captain Williams described you

in his book.

I'd know you anywhere.

Who are you?

My name is Rawl.

Well, this is Mr. Templar.

How very nice to meet you.

And right on cue.


Oh it's quite simple, really.

And very open and above board.

See I live on the Virgin Islands,

which is where I first read Captain Williams' book.

I came to England to meet him

and to do some other business.

Yesterday I read in the paper that he'd died.

So I've come down today to pay my respects

and to talk to his heir.

Meaning, whoever owns this.


Do you take this treasure story seriously?

Very seriously.

I am offering you a partnership.

We split the treasure three ways.

And who will be the third partner?

A friend. You'll meet him.

I'll bet we will.

You sound suspicious, Mr. Templar.

And your surprised?

Captain Williams was murdered for this.

Two days later you walk in with another section.

Now you surely don't think

that I had anything to do with Captain Williams' death?

I'm glad you get the point.

My dear fellow, that is absurd.

A great many people know that Blackbeard's treasure exists.

And since Captain Williams wrote his book,

a great many people know that he had a section of the map.

That's why I'm here.

There'll probably be others.

That's why we haven't a moment to lose.

Are you asking us to go to the Virgin Islands with you?

By the next plane.

I have a boat in St. Thomas.

It's equipped and waiting.

Simon, could we?

Why not?

It appeals to my buccaneering spirit.

I do hope you're taking this seriously, Mr. Templar.

The treasure that Blackbeard hid on Cudjoe Key

is worth seven million pounds.

There they are.

West Indies!

You don't trust Duncan Rawl, do you?

I distrust everybody at the moment.

I don't like the high-handed way this meeting was arranged.

And why on Rawl's boat?

Why not on neutral ground?

Who else will be there?

Undoubtedly the guy with the other third of the map.

Three weeks we sit on this boat and do nothing.

The action is about to start, so shut up.

These people, they have a map?

Of course they have a map.

Don't ask idiotic questions.

I tell you,

if we don't start looking for the treasure tomorrow,

then Maria, she go home.

Now just how are you going to get there?


That does it!

No more delays!


You dish out any of that Italian temperament

and I'm gonna have to belt you.

You are 26 years of age.

And you know exactly what you're doing on this boat.

Anytime you don't like it, get off.

That must be them now.

Miss Mallory.


Mr. Templar.


Delighted to see you again.

Won't you go aboard?

Miss Cavallini.

How do you do. Piacere.

And Mr. Templar.

How do you do.

And this is Jack Forrest, our third partner and cover.

Welcome to the party.

Did you say cover?

My dear Miss Mallory,

I can't emphasize enough the need for absolute secrecy.

And Mr. Forrest is a film producer.

Ostensibly, he is here in the islands looking for locations

which means that we can sail anywhere we like

and no questions asked.

Now if we find the treasure,

and we will,

nobody and I repeat nobody must know about it.

Otherwise, we face a great many legal and tax problems.

Do you agree?

Sounds logical enough to me.

When do we start?

Well the sooner the better.

An hour?

Ah, Mr. Templar is a man of action.

Now, I suppose we have a look at the map.


It's obvious, isn't it?

Well not to me, it isn't.

When we land on Cudjoe Key,

we'll put the map sections together on the beach.

That way no one will get premature ideas.

Hadn't we better start out?

Ha, we got plenty of time man.

Our launch will get to Cudjoe Key

well ahead of that schooner.

And Tom, the guns.

Enjoying it?


Marvelous. I love it.

When I think of all that money...

Don't spend it before you get it.

Oh Simon, you're such a pessimist.

No, a realist.

Rawl turned up far too conveniently.

I don't like the whole set up.

April I want you to be very careful

and keep this with you.

You are evil, cruel, mean...

For God sakes,

why don't you shut up and fix us something eat?

You think you get rid of me?

Is not so simple.

You think you throw me off this boat

and I go back to Napoli like a good girl.

But no!

I tell everybody.

Tell what?

What you found the treasure.

Then the government will come

and they will take half of it away...

In tax, Si?

Why you stupid little Italian broa--

We can do without that, I think.

Why don't you mind your business?

That's one of the ship's rules.

No beating of ladies in public.

Thank you.


For this afternoon.

My pleasure.

This uh, Miss Mallory,

do you love her?

I hardly know her.

Then maybe you do not mind if uh,

her share of the treasure...

Go on?

If we work together, you and me.

Once we get on the Island, we cou--

We'll be off Point Pahala in an hour.

Should make the island by dawn.

There it is, Cudjoe Key.

So beautiful...

And peaceful.

Yeah, we hope.

It's definitely volcanic in origin.

Do you think it's completely uninhabited?

It better be.

At this stage cannibalism would be far more

than I could bear.

First to the tabletop go.

And there spy the arch of skulls.

And from the spikes set therein,

38 degrees Northeast by North.

10 chains out Sisyphus.


Greek mythology, Kind of Corinth.

First to the tabletop go?

Doesn't make sense.

Hey wait a minute.

That mountain!

That's it, the tabletop.

First to the tabletop go.

That's a pretty tough climb.

You think you girls can make it?

Are you kidding?

I'm beginning to miss my psychiatrist.

Just imagine you've got a parrot

and an eyepatch and you'll adjust easier.

It's crazy, the whole thing's crazy.

The arch of skulls!

It says everything but Captain Kidd.

Likely he was a real comic.

Yes, legend has it that it took five pistol shots

and 20 sword thrusts to kill him.

They don't hardly make them like that anymore.

Yeah they even drank gunpowder in their rum.

Oh you make that up.

Rum with gunpowder?

Yeah everything went with a bang.

I'll forget you said that.

What does the map say?

And there spy the arch of skulls.

And from the spikes set therein...

The spike set therein.

It fits.

Everything's working.

20 million bucks worth of treasure.

And from the spikes set therein,

38 degrees Northeast by North.

10 chains out.

Chain? What is that?

When I went to school it was 66 feet or 22 yards.

How copilarie.

It's that peak over there!

10 chains out, that's 220 yards.

Right, I'll pace it out.

One, two, three, four...

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19...


It's rock. Nothing but rock.

We must've come too far.

I paced it with you.

It's exactly 220 yards.

220 miles.

Somehow we must have got off course.

We couldn't have.

We checked it every few feet.

Could the compass be wrong?

I don't know, I...

What does the map say again?

38 degrees Northeast by North,

10 chains out. Sisyphus.


Sisyphus and the rock, that's it!

Sisyphus pushed a rock up the hill.

Every time he got to the top,

it slipped out of his fingers and fell back again.

Do you mean that rock?


This is the entrance to a cave.

We have to move that thing?

Must weigh tons!

The treasure is behind it.

Then we move it.

We'll need dynamite.

There's some in the ship.

We have to go all the way back?

Down that cliff?

It's getting dark!

Alright, we'll make camp.

I'll go back to the ship in the morning

and get the dynamite.

Let's make a fire.

They've found it.

Tomorrow morning we move in...

For the kill.

You girls had better get back behind that rock.

Oh and take this bag with you.

Three sticks going to be enough?

Well should be if we get em in the right place,

behind the boulder so it blows outwards.

This seems to be a likely place.

You know what beats me is how they got this thing

in position in the first place?

By man power, the same way they built the pyramids.

You ready?

Why not?

Come on, let's get out of here.

My foot's caught, help me!


Leave him!

Come on, pull with your back.

I can't. I can't.

Don't leave me. Don't leave me!

Forrest, you're an idiot.

For God sakes, help me!

Come on, jump.

Go on, run!


How's the foot?

Thanks to you it's just a bruise.

Are you disappointed, Rawl?

What about?

That I'm still alive.

Well let's get one thing straight, shall we Forrest?

I am not your nurse.

You're here because you've got one third of the map,

so you get one third of the treasure

and you take one third of the risks, alright?

Thanks a lot.

The explosion may have weakened the roof.

Do you think it's dangerous?

That's a chance we're gonna have to take.

Maybe the girls better wait outside.

Look I said before, there are risks involved

in treasure hunting and we share them equally.

Is that understood?

We can do without the lecture, Rawl.

This is as far as the map and the clues take us.

And what we're gonna find in this cave I don't know.

So if any of you want to back out of the deal,

now is the time to say so.

Alright, let's get started.

This is a dead end.

It doesn't lead anyplace.

Well there must be a way.


Don't touch it!

What's the matter?

What's going on?

Whether you live or die, Rawl,

is a matter of complete indifference to me.

However, I suggest you step back.

You'd all better stand back.

What'd you say, Rawl?

Treasure hunting involves risks.

Do you want to back out?

Touche, Mr. Templar.

And thank you for saving my life.

It's nothing, he does it all the time.

Booby trapping his treasure

was one of Blackbeard's little tricks.

From now on, don't put one foot in front of the other

without looking first.

It's so hot.

Naturally, the island is of volcanic origin.

How do we know we're going the right way?

We don't.

You making sure we find our way back?

That's obvious, isn't it?

So are other things.

Look, Mr. Templar.

You are not in charge of this expedition.

Neither are you a member of it.

Unless of course it's your intention

to take over Miss Mallory's share of the treasure.

Oh now, come on you two.

It's my intention to make sure she gets it.

And to keep a promise to a man who was murdered.

What's that mean?

Now aren't we being just a little premature, Mr. Forrest?

I mean surely as a film producer you'd know.

We never fight over the treasure until we've found it.

Isn't that the logical plot sequence?

Why don't you calm yourself, Miss Mallory.

Our friend can hardly harm us in his present condition.

This guy Blackbeard sure didn't fool around, did he?

Well that's the usual pattern.

No survivors to say where the treasure is hidden.

We made it, man.

They must be well inside by now.



We've got two choices.

I suggest we split up.

Alright, Forrest and I go this way

and we'll meet you back here in 20 minutes.

Well what about us?

Well you stay here.


Maria, for God sakes, shut up and do what you're told.

Believe me, it'll be safer.

I also suggest you turn off your torch,

conserve the battery.

You mean just stay here in the dark?


All the comforts of home.

Alright, 20 minutes.

See anything?

Nah, it looks like a dead end.

Better try another pass--

Templar. What did April mean back there

about a guy who was murdered?

Bill Williams.

Who is Bill Williams?

Well you probably knew him as Robert Doene.

Doene? The guy who wrote the book?


He was murdered?

That's right.

He was April Mallory's guardian and my good friend.

Who did it?

Someone who's not far behind us.

Well who?

A man named Reston.

Ah. They came this way.

Yeah, creepy aint it?

You scared?

You kidding? Come on.



What is it?

It's an opening.

We'll explore, huh?

Shouldn't we wait for the others?

Oh you English girls.

Always the managed ones.

Come on.

Maria, be careful.


Try and get a foothold.

Try and get your feet on the side.

I can't. Help!

Maria, try and get your foothold.

I can't push.

Get yourself on the edge. Push!


Simon, help!

Dig your feet in. Squeeze me.

Help, Simon!



Simon, grab her hand.

What's going on?

Ones of us survived another of your risks.

Did you find anything?

No, we turned back when we heard the screaming.

What about you?

Same thing.

Let's not stand too close to the edge.

Look, there's treasure!

How the blazes do we get across?


What is it?

Some sort of drawbridge.

Jack, I want you to go back to the outer cavern

and stop whoever is behind us.

What about the treasure?

I'll take care of your interests.

April, the gun I gave you?


Come on, Simon, help me.

Get back and don't say a word.

Reach for it, Mack!

Now turn around nice and slow.

{Maria gasps)

Blackbeard's treasure!

I knew it!

I knew it!

All that work.

All that effort.

It's paid off.

Alright, Rawl, I'll have your gun.


The game is up.

Where's Forrest?

He's gone to meet your friends.


Yes, the ones you were signaling to last night.

Oh sure, the white crosses would help us find our way out,

but the main idea was to help your friends get in.

Look, I don't know what you're talking about.

I swear I don't, I--


He's been planning to double cross us

ever since we left England.

Come on, Rawl, your gun.

Give Mr. Rawl his gun back, man

and drop that fancy little toothpick.

Where's Forrest?

Tom gave him a little sleeping tablet, and is...

Kindly taking care of his girl.

You know, Mr. Templar, there is an old adage

about the man who laughs last.

Shall I kill him?

No, no. Don't shoot him.

I prefer Blackbeard's methods.

Tom, kill the girl if he tries any monkey business.


Put that gun away and help me, come on.

Okay now hold it!

Drop the guns.

All of it gone.


Not all of it.

Hmm? I'd like you to have it.

Oh no, no I couldn't.


Thank you.

What I've got to say next is better said in private.

Well, Blackbeard had the last laugh after all.

You think so?


It's alright, you can take em.

They're not booby trapped.