The Saint (1962–1969): Season 3, Episode 22 - The Crime of the Century - full transcript

Betty Tregarth is forced to go with a group of men led by Bernhard Raxel. Earlier Chief Inspector Teal had told the Saint that he suspects Raxel of planning the 'crime of the century', having killed an undercover officer planted by Teal for more details. Betty works at a research plant perfecting nerve gas and Raxel has kidnapped her brother as security for her cooperation. He wants to employ nerve gas in a robbery to steal the plates and paper from the Bank of England's printing house. Teal intercepts one of the safe-crackers Raxel intends to use in the raid and substitutes the Saint, who, fortunately, is able to prove his safe-breaking skills to Raxel's satisfaction. All is now in place for the crime of the century.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Which one, the one with the bill?

Bernhard Raxel, the financier.

So that's Bernhard Raxel?

Why have you brought me here to see him?

I'll tell you in a minute.

Now please, I want to listen to the music.

A music lover and a money lover.

Whenever anyone compiles a list of the world's richest men,

the name of Bernhard Raxel is frequently included.

The newspapers call him the Midas Man.

It's rumored that he could finance

the entire American Space Program, just out of petty cash.

Now why Inspector Teal has brought me

here to see him, I can't imagine.

Take a look at the man with Raxel.

I want you to remember him.

Who is he?

Name's Crantor.

Rexel's personal secretary.

What about him?

He and Raxel are planning the biggest crime in history.



Fascinated, where do I come in?

I want you to find out what it is.

Why me?

Beause you're the man for the job.

And because you're the--

Don't say it.

Life would be so much more uncomplicated

if I were playing Harry Brown instead of Simon Templar.

Ah, Sorrel, my dear chap come in, come in.

Crantor, pour Mr. Sorrel a drink.

By all means. Thank you, sir.

Marring said you wanted to see me.

Yes, now let me see, when you first joined us

it was for a trial period of three weeks, wasn't it?

Yes, sir, that's right, yes.

Yes, well I want to tell you that we are very impressed.

Very, isn't that so, Crantor?

Oh, indeed, I can assure you we've watched

everything you've done with great interest.

So, we've decided to end the trial period.

Oh, thank you very much, sir.

Does that mean my position will be permanent?

Oh, very.

Gentlemen, I give you a toast.

To the quick demise of police informants.

Well I think that concludes our business for this morning.

Once you've disposed of this gentlemen,

you will continue your affairs as planned.

I can see the only way I can get you

out of this laboratory is by brute force.

Now, come on, put on your coat and go.

I'm just going to finish these notes.

Leave them to me, I'll tie up the loose ends.

Now I know you think the whole research program

will collapse because you're going on holiday.

Somehow we'll manage , now come on.

I know I'm being a mother hen over this project.

I suppose it will get on without me until I get back.

Now wait a minute, I better just save--

No, no, no, no.

For one month, just eat and sleep, ski, drink,

and when you get back, then you can come back

to slave driving us scientists.

Alright, Klaus, I give in.

Bye-bye, don't let them slow up while I'm away, will you?

Have a good holiday.

Don't even bother to send a postcard.

Don't worry, I won't.

You've got exactly 45 minutes

to get to London Airport, come on.

Ah, passport?

What ever happened to that ice cold

analytical brain of yours?

Oh, ah, airline ticket?

Travelers cheques?

These are not here.

Aye. Hmmm?

Oh , you dear sweet kind thoughtful brother.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

Now look, you just sit down there

and have your nervous breakdown

and I'll take care of this, alright?

Here we go.

Better call Stratton, tell him the operation's started.

Is the police car in position?

Alright, now are you sure you'll recognize her?

Good, out.

Everything's under control.

This is the character you want me to impersonate?

Yes, and you'll have to make up your mind quickly.

His flight is due to land in less than 20 minutes.

Well as a rule I don't mind working in the dark

but I do wish you'd shed a little more light

on this particular subject.

I don't know very much,

just that there's a crime in the works

that makes all other robberies

look like piggy bank stealing.

How did you get onto it?

One of my undercover men got word

that Raxel was hiring top operators;

Safe men, drivers, jetting out boys.

Where's your undercover man now?

In the morgue.

They dragged him out of the river yesterday morning.

This Carl Munster, he is the safe expert?

The best in the world.

How do you know the people

who are hiring him haven't met him?

We don't, not for sure, but we think it's unlikely.

The FBI have been keeping tabs on Munster.

Last week he received 10,000 dollars

and an airline ticket to London

via Paris where he's coming from now.

He flew out of Kennedy Airport this morning.

Claude, why do you want me to take his place?

Well, they might want Munster

to prove his skill with a safe

and you're the only man I know who can match him.

I won't fool you about this, Simon,

this could be the most dangerous thing you've ever handled.

Where to, Sir?

307 to Zurich, BA.

And you better go and check in, I'll park the car.

Oh no, don't bother, I can make it on my own from there.

Are you sure?

Yes, I think so.

Bye-bye, thank you for bringing me.

Bye, have a super holiday. Yes.

He'll be back on the main road in about two minutes, okay?

Yes, see you back at the house.

Munster's plane gets in about an hour,

why don't we take a look here?

No, nobody contacts him until we're sure

he isn't being followed.

Now let's get back, I wouldn't want to miss the reception.

Well what do you say, Simon?

Heads, how do we do the switch?

Immigration are going to delay him.

We better get on over there.

They'll take him into an office.

I've got a team waiting there.

You make it sound so easy.

Oh, I'm glad you think so because

in the next 10 minutes you've got

to learn Munster's life history.

Right, bye, thank you.

Sit here, please, Mr. Templar.

Oh, what's all this about?

There's a few distinguishing marks you'll be needing.

We can't make you look exactly like Munster

but we can make you less like Simon Templar.

Oh, this is Phillip Grey,

he'll brief you and act as your contact man.

Nice to know you.

Just exactly how will we make contact?

We'll each have one of these.

You expect me to write and say help?

It's a microcircuit walky-talkie.

Has a range of about a hundred yards.

At 11 o'clock each night,

I shall try to get near enough to wait for your call.

Munster's flight's on the glide path.

Alright, you better get on with the briefing.

Right, here we go.

You are Carl Patrick Munster,

born August the eighth, 1925 in New York City.

You attended P.S. 84.

Oh, Miss Betty Tregarth?


I'm glad I got you in time.

I'm a police officer, I'm afraid there's been an accident.

Your brother.

David? Yes, a car smash.

He's not dead?

No, but badly injured, I'm afraid.

Where is he now?

They've got him at a doctor's house.

They don't move him to the hospital yet.

I've got a car waiting outside.

Yes, I must get to him now.

This way.

Alright, let's try it.

What's your name?

Carl Patrick Munster.

How old are you, Carl?


Did you serve any time?

Two years reform school, 18 months San Quinn.

They tried to book me six months ago

on a grand larceny wrap, they couldn't make it stick.

Are you married, Carl?

Nope, but I got a broad, Gloria Mancini.

As a matter of fact, Simon, she's quite a dish.

Show him the picture.

Hmm, it'd take more than ten thousand dollars

to drag me away from that.

They've got him, they're bringing him in.

This way, sir.

What's going on? What is this?

Alright, take him.

Hey, now wait a minute, you guys got nothing on me.

Don't worry, we're almost there.

What is this place?

Where's my brother?

You'll see him in a moment.

Where are you going? Come back!

Where are you going?

Why did you lock the door?

How long will this last?

Four or five days.

There's some stuff in Munster's case

that you can touch it up with.


American passport, it has Munster's name

but your picture and description.

What's that?

It's a cologne called Wolf Whistle,

Munster uses it all the time.

I suppose there's some of that in his case as well.

Yes, there is.

That's something you didn't have in your files, Claude.

Munster has no sense of smell.

You better get going, Simon,

in case somebody's waiting to welcome you.

Grey will stay as close as he can

but from here on you're on your own.

Watch yourself.


You call me?

Your reaction did just fine, good luck.

Well let's decide what we're going to do with our guest.

Attention please.

Will Mr. Munster, passenger from New York,

please report to the Information Bed?

Mr. C. P. Munster, please.

My name's Mr. Carl Munster, you were calling me.

Yes, Mr. Munster, this was left for you.


Good evening, Miss Tregarth,

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Please don't be alarmed.

You'll notice high on the wall to your left

is a small television camera.

It allows me to both see and hear you.

If you would like to remove the dust sheets

from the object over the mantle piece.

Don't be afraid.

Where's my brother?

Why have you brought me here, who are you?

All in good time.

Miss Tregarth, for the past three years

you've headed a research team at International Chemicals.

During that time you have perfected a nerve gas.

How do you know that?

It's top security.

Quite, as it happens you are the only person

who knows how it is manufactured.

Now, you are going to make it for me.

No, I won't, I can't do that.

I did foresee a certain reticence on your part,

for that reason I have provided an inducement.

David? David!

What have you done to him?

As yet, very little.

However if you refuse to do as I say,

we can inflict on the young man

a considerable amount of pain.

Would you like to see?

No, no, stop it, stop!

Only you can stop it, Miss Tregarth.

Oh please, please don't hurt him.

Then you'll do as I say?

Oh, please, you must,

must understand I can't make the gas.

Very well, pity.

He really was quite a good looking young man.

Carry on.

No, stop, stop!

Alright, alright, I'll do as you say.

For God sake, leave him alone.

That's enough.

Now you'll do exactly as I say.

Please go to the small table.

Lift the dust sheet.

The hypodermic contains a drug

which produces a state of catalepsy.

I'm sure you know enough of medicine

to give yourself the injection.

Oh, come along.

I promise you, when you recover you will find yourself

in more attractive surroundings.

Just leave him alone.

Just leave him...

Evening sir, are you a member?

Oh, yes, of course, Mr. Munster.

Your private dining room is ready, sir.

If you'll follow me, your guest has arrived already.

This is cozy.

May I take your hat and coat, sir?

Hello, Carl.

After that, hello seems kind of inadequate.

I'm Madeline. Madeline.

This sure beats shakin' hands.

How nice, that's a very sexy cologne you're wearing.

I guess it must be.

I knew someone else who used it, it's called Man Powerst.

Uh-uh, Wolf Whistle.

It removes stains from clothing

and makes a very palatable drink when mixed with vodka.

Champagne will taste better.

Incidentally, the kissing bit was great

but you didn't have to go through all of that

just to find out if I was wearing a gun.

Business before pleasure, but now that business is over,

this is strictly for pleasure.

Hey, what is this?

Let's just say I'm sending you up.

Good night, Mr. Munster.

Hold it.

Leave the gun, Mr. Munster.

Pick it up.

Get over to the safe.

He's got the scar.

Listen, what are you crazy or something?

We just want to make sure that you are Carl Munster.

You calling me a liar?

We've devised a simple test to establish your identity.

Carl Munster's a safe expert.

That's right, the best.

We estimate that he could open this safe,

to which you've become so attached,

in three minutes flat.

It's not possible.

Munster could do it.

I am Munster and I know what I can and what I can't do.

Three minutes, Mr. Munster.

If the door is open in that time,

we'll have no doubt about who you are.

And if not?

When this liquid overflows into there,

it'll create cyanide gas and that'll be released

three minutes from now.

I need hardly mention that the only way

to avoid being gassed, is to open the safe door.

That'll stop the gas from escaping into this room.

I do hope you don't make it.

We'll be back in two minutes, 50 seconds, Mr. Munster.

Well? He's still inside.

Stay as close as you can but don't take any chances.

At some stage he might want out,

when he does he'll need you first.

Oh, don't worry, you know Templar,

he's probably enjoying every minute of it.

He isn't going to make it.

Then the gas will save us a great deal of trouble.

How long has he got?

45 seconds.

Ah, congratulations, Mr. Munster.

You satisfied now?

Perfectly, unlock him.

I hope you haven't been too uncomfortable?

If you ever cross me again, that goes for you too.

I wouldn't dream of crossing you.

Come on, let's go, we've got a great deal

to do before Wednesday.

Come along, come along, Miss Tregarth.

Why am I...

I had hoped you'd think of a more original recovery line.

However, you're in the laboratory

which will be your home for the next few days.

All the equipment needed for the manufacture

of somnar nerve gas is here.

Where's my brother?

Safe and well, and will remain so as you cooperate.

To reassure you, you will be allowed to see him

for a few moments each night.

I want to see him now.

Perhaps, later.

For tonight, I want you to check this equipment.

Tomorrow, you will start producing the gas.

Anything you want, you can get by ringing this bell.

What are you going to use the gas for?

To help me steal several hundred million pounds.

Good night, Miss Tregarth.

It's quite a pad you've got here.

Hey, you didn't expect an organization like ours

to operate from a slum tenement, did you?

Ah, Mr. Munster, welcome, welcome.

Nice to see you, I'm Bernhard Raxel.

I take it you're heading this operation?

That's right.

So what are we gonna heist?

I'm afraid that will remain unanswered

until tomorrow morning.

What happens then?

We hold the first full briefing session.

All the stockholders will be present.

I think they'll impress you.

We've been able to recruit the elite

of the criminal profession.

Have you given Mr. Munster an agenda?

No, sir.

9 am, breakfast and introductions.

10 am, opening address and briefing by the chairman.

12 noon, first training session.

Sounds like a summer camp.

But far more rewarding, I assure you.

You must be tired.

Crantor, will you show Mr. Munster to his room?

I'm afraid I must insist that until the operation is over

you will confine yourself to the house and grounds.

We'll talk more in the morning.

Good night, Mr. Munster.

There's something about him worries me.

What does Crantor think?

Well Crantor's convinced, after all,

he did open the safe all right.

Well frankly I don't think there's any doubt

that he's really Munster, however, it never hurts

to pay attention to these intuitive feelings.

How else can we check on him?

That's very simple.

Telephone my New York office,

tell them to get a first class air ticket

and deliver it with a thousand dollars

to Miss Gloria Mancini.

Munster's girlfriend. Exactly.

No one will be able to tell better than she

if he's an imposter.

This is Grey, come in.

Just checking, I have nothing for you yet, over.

Okay, I'm parked just outside the wall.

Call me tomorrow if you can, over.

I can hardly hear you for the static.

Can you come any closer? Over.

I'll try tomorrow.

Fine, I'll call you then.


Look at your face.

Don't worry about me, I'm alright.

Now look, you mustn't let them force you to make this gas.

Look, it's alright, David,

I've decided I'm not risking your life.

You can't do it.

She can and she will.

Well now, I think the purpose of this brief visit

has been achieved, you can start work knowing

that your brother is unharmed, come on.

No, can't we talk for a minute?

Some other time, good night, Miss Tregarth.


Good morning, gentlemen.

If you will take your seats,

I will call the meeting to order.

First, I would like to welcome you

and thank you for attending.

I hope that you have found your quarters comfortable

and that you have been provided

with everything that you require.

Ah, now to business.

Mr. Crantor, will you outline the groupings?

Well basically, we'll divide into three groups.

A, transport, that concerns

misters Arnuff, Trenton, and Siebert.

Now you'll be trained and briefed by Mr. Marring.

I shall command the assault force.

Sounds like the bloody army.

Exactly, this whole operation

will be conducted on military lines.

And finally, there's a technical unit.

That's you, Mr. Munster.

All on my own?

You can select anyone you need

to help you from the assault force.

And Mr. Raxel, himself, will be in charge of your briefing.

Fine, so, what's this big deal?

What are we gonna knock over?

In the past, some of you will have engaged

in the not very rewarding business of forgery.

You will know that to manufacture of perfect plates

is almost impossible, it is also impossible to obtain

the special paper upon which the notes are printed.

Mr. Siebert, you have done time for forgery.

What would you say was your greatest difficulty?

Distribution, my notes were mere copies.

But you could only pass them in a crowd.

Thank you.

Will you have a look at that note please?

Good, perfect.

Would you have any difficulty in passing it?

No, it's as good as the real thing.

It is real.

Gentlemen, this is what we are going to make.

Millions and millions of them,

identical to those made by the Bank of England.

This, this is our target.

The actual plates used in the Bank of England Printing Works

along with the special paper and the ink.

Gentlemen, we are going to make money

like nobody has ever made it before.

Come on, come on, get a move on.

Alright, hold it, hold it.

Truman, I need you to stay to the gates.

Charlie, you were 15 seconds behind that time,

now pick it up.

Ah, shaping up quite well.

Munster is waiting for you in the mock-up strong room.

You're still suspicious of him?

Yes, he was out of his room last night.

I put a thread on the door and when I checked it was broken.

It doesn't really prove anything.

No, maybe not, but we'll know soon enough.

New York just phoned, Munster's girlfriend

gets in late tonight.

Good, well I better get on and show him the layout.

Ah, Mr. Munster, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

It's alright, I've got no place to go.

Would you mind holding that, please?

Thank you.

It's quite a set up.

This is an exact replica of the vault

at the Printing Works.

The safe is the same model as the one they use.

The only difference is in the combination.

That's where you come in.

The plates are put in the vaults every night

when they've finished printing.

Do I have to deal with this door on the night?

No, the assault force will open that before you arrive.

All you have to worry about, Mr. Munster, is this.

Well this door has a time mechanism.

No locksmith in the world could open it

before the time it's set to.

The time lock here's no problem.

What's that?

This is a device I've had manufactured

specially for the operation.

As you know, the electric clock that controls the time lock

is driven by impulses.

Now, just a minute, if you think you're going

to speed that clock up just by increasing the voltage,

you're wrong, I've tried it.

Right, of course, but if the impulses

are made more frequent, the electric clock will speed up.

Don't worry, it's all been thoroughly tested.

That's quite a gadget.

With one of these you could revolutionize

the whole bank robbing business.

When all this is over, it's yours.

However, you won't have to worry about it

for the purpose of this rehearsal.

Now we've got a lot to do, we'll go through it step by step.

Then men will be here in an hour for the first run through.

Now, are you ready?

You're not going to be there on the night are you?

Alright, now when I give the word,

you start turning that dial.

Right, that's it.

We've got to get it done more quickly.

We'll have a 10 minute break

and then we'll start all over again from the beginning.

We've got to go on doing this until it's absolutely perfect.

Ah, that last rehearsal, was bloody well perfect.

Like clockwork.

When do we get the gas?

She's finishing the last four canisters now.

And then we're all set.

Yes, better get down to the airport

and collect Munster's girlfriend.

That's one reunion I'm looking forward to seeing.

You're out of your mind, the guy's perfectly genuine.

All this worrying, Marring, you'll give yourself ulcers.

I'll take ulcers to a 20 year stretch anytime.

Come in, Simon.

They're holding Betty Tregarth.

Simon, I just can't hear you.

Do you read me, over?

I can hardly hear you, you're very faint.

This is no good, I'm coming over the wall.

Can you meet me in the garden

somewhere on the north side of the drive?

Yes, I'll be down there in about five minutes.

Get up.

I was right about you.

What are you talking about?

I was in my bedroom window,

I saw someone moving around down here.

Oh, don't give me that, your copper friend

set off the alarm when he came over the wall

so you come down here and walk straight up to him.

I told you I saw someone moving around.

What do you expect me to do, go quietly back to bed

and hope it wasn't a cop?

Look, Buster, if your security arrangements are so lousy

you let a guy wander right up to the house

then I have a right to protect myself.

Ah, that'll be Crantor back from the airport.

Now we're really going to find out about you.

Ah, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Mancini.

Good evening, my name's Bernhard Raxel.

How do you do.

Carl will be here in a moment.

Oh, fine, gee, I can't tell you

how much I've missed that big slob .

Now, Mr. Munster, an old friend of yours

is waiting to meet you, don't just keep her waiting.

Ah, here's Carl now.

Carl, baby.

Hi, Gloria.

Hey, ain't you glad to see me?

Sure am, kid, it's just I'm a little surprised.

You look swell, baby.

Thanks, gee, wasn't it swell of these guys

to fly me over just so I could be with ya?

Real swell.

Come on, hun, let's go some place and talk.

I'm sorry, Miss Mancini, I'm afraid I shall have

to cut your reunion short.

What do you mean?

Not another rehearsal now?

No, not a rehearsal,

we're bringing the whole operation forward.

We hit tonight.

Radio check, come in if you hear me, over.

Section one, loud and clear, over.

Section two, you're clear, over.

Right, stand by, out.

They should be hitting the ventilating system now.

Right, the paper's stored around the right, move.

I can't do anything until it gets away the clock.

Come on, come on.

Hey, what is this?

Get your things, Miss Mancini, we're moving out.

But I gotta wait for Carl.

We're finished with this place, now, let's go.

But Carl's expecting me to be here--

There's no time for explanations now, Miss Mancini, move.

Come on, out.

Right, dump the gas masks and guns on the truck.

We'll dispose of them on the way back.

Now line up here and listen to me.

Now, Crantor.

Done with the whole thing in a little under 30 minutes.

That should've done it.

Now all I have to do is clear up a few loose ends,

rid ourselves of the Tregarths and that Mancini woman

and we're on our way.

Means loading up the money in a couple of hours,

nothing will stop us now.

If I could only get my hands free.

Oh, David, you're wasting your time.

They can see everything you do

in that television camera up there.

Good evening.

Now where's the part company quite so

and I thought you'd be interested to see

what your invaluable help has achieved.

Exquisite, isn't it?

Our presses will be turning these off by the millions

complete with watermark, metal strip, everything.

Very interesting.

Let's put that on the floor, Marring.

Now kick that this way.

How did you get here, Munster?

Oh, let's start using real names.

Mine's Simon Templar.

I knew it.

And the girl?

Gloria Mancini was picked up at the airport

just the same as Carl Munster was, I deputized for her.

Then I was right, that guy who came over the wall

was a cop and you were going to meet him.

Yes, Phillip Grey, you'll answer for his murder.

Oh no.

Alright, get 'em.

Well, Claude, I am forced to admit

you have a great facility for arriving

just after the nick of time.

You're to be congratulated, Simon,

it was rather a good haul.

We picked up the whole lot of them at the Printing Works.

The hospital says they'll be unconscious for days.

And wake up with terrible headaches.

I thought that nerve gas was a killer?

It is, I reduced its strength.

The effect looked the same.

Hmm, that seems to tie it all up.

Good, then we'll be off.

Oh, there's just one more thing.

Dear, oh, dear, bombs, poison gas,

I can face them all but the sight

of Claude useless Teal with money to burn

is too much for anybody.

Good night, Claude.