The Saint (1962–1969): Season 3, Episode 21 - Sibao - full transcript

On the island of Haiti, noted for voodoo, the Saint meets the beautiful Sibao, a mystical young woman, and her fiance, Theron Netlord, a young Englishman who is entranced by voodoo and is ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
That's a pretty neat trick, very handy, too.

For instance, you're being entertained by a young lady

and her husband comes home unexpectedly.

You strike a couple of matches and, gone.

Not you, him.

Here in Haiti, Voodoo magic

is supposed to be pretty powerful stuff.

Now I don't know whether that was the real thing,

or something phony put on to impress the tourists.

However I'm willing to be convinced, either way.

We hope that your journey

to our country was comfortable.

We have looked forward to your arrival for several days.

Well thank you.

Would you sit down?

I feel the welcome's a little overdone,

you see I didn't decide to leave New York

until yesterday afternoon.

We have known that you would come here for some time.

Oh, what else do you know about me?


That's pretty smooth line of panter.

I'm sorry to sound so skeptical.

But quite frankly I don't think you even know my name.

Please brush away the sand.

That's Voodoo.

Oh come on.

You guys have been out in the sun too long.

Don't tell me you believe this black magic hokey.

I don't believe or disbelieve,

I'm just telling you what I saw.

What you think you saw.

You mean it might be some form of hypnosis?

It's possible.

I wouldn't call it black magic, Mr. Kreiger,

Voodoo's a religion in it's own right.

It's a power for good, not evil.

Of course, like all faiths,

it's open to corruption and misuse.

Voodoo shmoodoo.

Look this whole magic bit is strictly for hay-seeds.

Eh, you don't have to come to Haiti to see it.

New York is full a' night clubs

with second rate magicians doing the same act.

Yeah, but not like this.

I think that if you saw it,

you might be a little less sure that it's phony.

All right.

All right, I'm willing to take a look.

And I'll tell you something else.

There won't be one single thing I can't explain.

Should be very interesting.

Why don't we drive up there tonight.

Hmm, oh, why not?

As long as they've got booze

I might as well be bored there as here.

Speakin' of booze, I ordered a drink ten minutes ago.

I'm sorry, we're a little under-staffed,

I'll get it for you.

Don't bother, I'll get it myself.

I'll get a full glass that way.

You're getting quite a good class of customer these days.

Well in the off season I'm lucky to get any at all.

Sorry if he bothers you.

Oh he doesn't bother me at all.

Fact he might be quite fun tonight.

Why don't you come with us?

Yeah, I'd like to.

If you don't mind I'll take my Jeep,

I don't feel like driving through those mountain roads

in Mr. Kreiger's car.

You just caught yourself a passenger.

Boy's all charm, isn't he.

Sure is.

Come on now, will ya?

I just wanna show you how to get a real cool sound

outta these, I'm not gonna hurt 'em.

Think it's time one of us

got our wandering boy back again.

Your turn.

These people weren't so polite, they'd just throw him out.

If he doesn't calm down I may do it myself.

Mr. Templar.

Oh, good evening.

I knew you had returned.

Ah, you've been looking in your crystal ball again.

No, I saw you arrive.

Well after last night a simple explanation

like that never occurred to me.

Gimme gimme gimme.

Come on.


Hey, all of a sudden I know what I want for Christmas.

This is Mr. Kreiger.

Lee Atherton.

I'm afraid I didn't bring my sand,

so I don't know your name.


Look baby, why don't you and me take off into town

and go find some place where we can dance, eh?

I could show you a real good time.

Sibao is the one who told me all about myself.

You couldn't use your powers to turn our friend here

into a big white rat, could you?

I think somebody already did.

Ah, what's the matter with you guys?

Look if the broad wants to make a fast buck

doing a two bit mind reading that's fine,

but don't give me that stuff about powers.

Mr. Kreiger, you pretend to conceal the truth

about yourself when you have drunk too much.

I'm not drunk.

I haven't even got started yet.

Why don't you tell us more.

Your friend has much to hide.

Why else would he use a name that is not his own.

Ooh, .

Oh, baby, you're a really off .

You can see my passport.

Tony Kreiger.

Born 1930, white, male, American citizen.

Honey, you're really slippin'.

What is Mr. Kreiger's real name.

Ah, damn, this is stupid, the dame's a nut.

Just leave it alone, eh.

You guys don't go for this parlor trick stuff, do ya?

It's all crazy.

Ah, welcome to the party Mr. Grant.


Who's Grant?

I tell ya, it's a pretty lousy act

when the dame can't even get my name right,

even after we've been introduced.

Hey waiter!

Bring us another round of drinks, will ya?

Ah come on, baby, why don't you show us

a couple of card tricks.

They're probably more in your line.

Excuse me, I must go now.

Who's that?

Theron Netlord.


That's a familiar ring.

Is he what the newspapers call a political opportunist?

Yes, and since the war he's been mixed up

in every revolutionary movement in the Caribbean.

Hey, the party's gettin' serious,

what about those drinks?


Get the lead out an haul that booze over here.

Sibao, I cannot order you not to come here,

I can only ask you.

But you must believe me it is for your own good.

There's no harm, the tourists will pay

to see these stupid tricks.

Don't you see how you cheapen yourself?

Sibao, you are one of the great ones,

you have been given powers denied to the rest of the world.

To use them on what you call these stupid tricks

is an abuse of those powers.

I'm sorry.

You must understand, to westerners,

Voodoo is some sort of a joke.

They know nothing of its strength and history.

By using your gifts as you do here

you perpetuate that image.

They continue to think of it as a musical act.

I will not come here again.

Thank you.

I'm sorry if I've upset you.

No, I know what you have said is the truth.

That you should trust me enough

to take my advice is a great reward.

Now it's time you left this place.

Your brother is waiting to take you home.

You need not have come, I can walk home on my own.

Netlord told me to take care of you.

What kind of a grift are you running here?

You think I'm too drunk to know where I am?

Monsieur I'm sorry, but this bill is correct.

There's five bucks.

That's all you're getting.

I'm sorry monsieur, but this is not enough.

Take your hands off me.

That does it.

One more word outta you,

I'll take you and this whole joint apart.

All right, Kreiger, now you've had your fun

and you've spoiled everybody else's, now get out.

You can't push me around.

You wanna bet.

You wanna talk some more about it, we'll do it outside.

Now get moving.

I'm going anyway.

Sorry about that, let's see the bill.

Well when I write my memoirs,

I don't think this is gonna feature

as a gay and memorable evening.

I don't know, it had certain compensations.

After all, we saw Sibao in action.

That was pretty impressive.

Yes, I don't even pretend to understand it.

It's Sibao!

There's nothing we can do for him, he's dead.

His back's broken.

What about the girl?

She's very badly cut.

Where's there a doctor?

Well Sibao lives a couple of miles up the road,

there's a doctor there.

Hold it, that's Kreiger's car.

That is the car that hit us.

This one's alive.

I would say that doctor's in for a busy night.

Let's get him in the Jeep.


Why not?

If we take him to that village and they find out

he killed that boy back there, there'll be trouble.

You have got a point.

But no matter how much he deserves it,

we can't leave him here.

No you go ahead and take the girl.

There'll be some other cars coming down from the bar,

I'll flag one down.

All right, I'll see you back at the hotel.

How are you feeling.

Does not hurt now.

The man in the car?

He's alive.

My friend's taking him back to the hotel.

It doesn't matter, he could take him

to the end of the earth, it could not change things.

Change things?

I don't understand.

No matter where he is, he will be dead before sunrise.

Okay, sit down.

Let's see.

Not too deep.

I think it looks worse than it is.

I'll be all right.

Hey, where's Templar, I wanna talk to him.

I'm pretty certain he'll wanna talk to you.

I'll get him to drop in when he gets back.

Meanwhile you better try and get some sleep.


You want anything, I'll be just down the hall.


Now just hold that.

That's right.

One minute.

A'right, is that comfortable?

No, no, no, no.

It's better if you rest for just a few minutes.

How is she, doctor?

SHe's fine.

She'd be fine even without me.

May I?


I fear the people around here are just humoring me

when they let me treat them.

They've got far more faith in their own native meds.

Does it work?

Most of the time.

They use potions and incantations.


Those are things they don't teach in medical school.

Maybe they should.

I agree.

I tried to learn, but even after 20 years,

I am still an outsider.

These are tribal secrets that belong to Africa's prehistory.

You know doctor, Sibao was next to her brother

when he was killed.

Yet she shows no emotion at all, I don't understand it.

That is because he's not dead.

Now come on, doctor.

Sure, the heart has ceased to beat,

respiration has stopped, every known medical test

would confirm that life has gone from the body,

but you'd never convince Sibao of that.

I'm afraid this is all a little beyond me.

This is Haiti, Mr. Templar.

Those who die violently avenge themselves.

This is the land of the undead.

The living dead if you like.

The zombie.

But doctor, zombies, I thought they were just a legend

perpetuated by horror movies.

If you're interested, why don't you ask Sibao about it.

She's supposed to have great powers.

Around here, people treat her like a deity.

Her father's a local houngan,

that's a sort of witch doctor,

or high priest of the Voodoo cult.

Doctor, a while back you said something

about the dead avenging themselves.

Sibao, she mentioned that Kreiger,

the man who drove the car, would be dead before dawn.

Then I thank God that I am not he.

You really ought to rest a little longer, my dear.

How's the leg.

It begins to heal now.

I must go to my father.

He will want to thank you.

You will come with me?

Oh there's no need for thanks, but I'll walk with you.

Good night and thank you, doctor.

Good night, Mr. Templar.

One last thing.

When you see something that you know is impossible,

leave room in your mind for doubt.

Good night.

Good night.

Good evening Mr. Templar.

Don't look surprised that I should know you.

You must realize that you have a certain notoriety.

I'd have chosen a different word myself.

What are they doing?

They are summoning back the departed spirit.

Before the body can rest in it's grave,

a life must be taken.


If he is the one who killed Tano, yes.

An eye for an eye, huh?

He deserves to die.

There is nothing even you can do about it, Mr. Templar.

He's dead.

It's impossible.

I'd say his spine's broken

the same way Sibao's brother died.

Better call the police.


Yes, yes, of course, I'll do it right away.

Operator, I want you to place an international call.

To Washington DC, to Mr. John Hamilton in the Pentagon.

Look Simon, it's great to hear from you,

but you didn't call me just

to tell me the weather's great in Haiti.

What goes on?

John, you had an operator working under cover down here

by the name of David Grant.

Well he's dead.


Now Simon, I don't wanna talk about it in the open line.

Grant was working on something that's pretty hot.

I'll have Phil Brinkley fly down there right away,

he'll be in Port-au-Prince by mid morning.

'Preciate if you'd pick him up, give him the facts.

I'll do that.

Maybe he can fill me in a few points too.

Good night, John.

Killed by Voodoo?

How can I put that in my report?

I'd be laughed out of the service.

Well I'm personally convinced it's true.

The medical report says he had a heart attack

causing him to fall, which resulted in a broken back.

Well I can tell you that'd be far more acceptable

to Washington than that black magic bit.

Now what about the car.

Well I checked that myself.

The break fluid had been drained off.

He was supposed to die in the crash,

but unfortunately he ran adrift and

knocked down the native boy, and killed him.

But did these people know the car was fixed?

No, no, had they known,

I don't think they'd have avenged the boy's death.

As it was, Grant was putting on a drunk act.

Had everybody fooled including me.

He wanted people to think

that was a harmless, loudmouth rummy.

Somehow, Netlord musta got onto him.


That's who he was after.


We don't know what he was planning,

but you can bet your life it was dangerous.

He was with Castro in Cuba,

he was in Bush, Guyana when the trouble started there

and now he's here, and there are incidents

between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

That's quite a record.

Mr. Templar.

What I am about to ask you is quite unofficial.

But you'd like me to take up where Grant left off.

Hamilton wasn't exaggerating when he told me about you.

You realize you'd be on your own.

If you ran into any trouble,

there's no use coming to us for help.

We'd deny even knowing you.

Believe me, if I shout for help

I'll need someone a lot closer than Washington.

You'll do it?

You'll have a tougher job trying to keep me away from it.

Thank you.

Now this is Grant's last report.

He hadn't learned much, but one fact had emerged.

Whatever it is Netlord is planning,

is going to take place very soon.

Mr. Templar.

I was in town, I thought I'd look you up.

Our meeting last night was too brief

and under difficult circumstances.

Well I'm sorry you had to wait.

I had some business to attend to.

Yes, your meeting with the man who flew in this morning.

Oh it's not black magic.

This is a small place.

Gossip travels very fast.

Especially if the gossips are paid to keep an out open.

I have an insatiable curiosity.

I see you yourself are not without inquisitiveness.

After last night, how could I fail, but be interested?

You'll find it a fascinating study, Mr. Templar.

I myself have been here for a year now

and I've spent most of that time in the study of the cult.

You learn much?


Please don't think me immodest if I say

that I probably know more about it than other white man.

Of course I have been very fortunate.

I've had expert tuition.


Yes, she and her father have been very helpful.

They took me through the rites of Rada,

the initiation ceremony.

Having established myself as a true believer,

I am now permitted to learn some of their secrets.

That means you're able to practice magic?


Of course at the moment I only have very minor powers.

Conquest of pain, touch of healing.

You mean, you don't feel pain.

The tobacco is locally grown.

I hope you don't find it too mild.

A little, but like everything else around here

I'll probably get used to it.

Well I really must be going.

I only called by to see if you'd join me

at my house for dinner tonight.

How could I refuse?


I'll have Sibao prepare some local native dishes for dinner.

Sibao, I didn't know she worked for you.

Yes, by doing so, I'm able to give her

and her father some money, which otherwise

they'd be too proud to accept.

But the problem will cease to exist in a short while.

How's that?

But of course you didn't know.

Sibao and I are to be married.

Well Mr. Templar, until this evening.

Goodbye Mr. Lee.


I gather you're going with him tonight.

Yes, he's asked me up to his house.

Well, consider yourself honored.

As far as I know, he's never invited anybody else there.

Wasn't so much an invitation

as a challenge.

Come in.



Boy brought this for you.

What is it?

St. Valentine's day in Haiti or something?

not that I've heard of.

What is it?

I thought you might tell me.

Obviously native work.

I've never seen anything like it before.

Jacob, come here a minute.

What's this?

What's the matter?

It is V?v?, V?v?, , Erzulie.

Erzulie is the most important Voodoo goddess,

this must be a charm or symbol.

If you get it in a good way, very good.

If you should no have, very bad.

I think I got it in a good way, from Sibao.

Then, nothing harm you.

Well, congratulations, it's nice to know

you're officially protected, isn't it.

All right, thanks Jacob, that's all.


Sibao's not the sort to make idle gestures.

I wonder what she thinks I need to be protected from.

Then she obviously thinks you're in danger.

Yeah, well I have the greatest faith in this little thing,

but I think I'll take along something

a little more concrete in the protection line.

Good evening.

You are welcome.

My master will be with you shortly.

How's the leg?

It's completely healed.

Don't know what you used, but it sure beats penicillin.

Please, the medallion I sent you,

you are wearing it?

Sure am, here we are.

Do not speak of it to my master.

All right, but you're wearing the same thing.

It is necessary if I am to keep you from any harm.

Incidentally I understand congratulations are in order,

you're to be married.

It's my father's wish.

When's the happy event.


Sibao you mustn't let this happen.

If Netlord marries you, he'll be permitted

to know the mysteries of Voodoo, I'm right aren't I?

It is true, he will share all my powers.

I don't know what he's told you.

But believe me he'll use them only for evil and corruption.

He'll destroy you and your people.

The goddess Erzulie watches over me.

Sibao, you can't afford to take the chance.

Good evening, Mr. Templar.


I hope Sibao has entertained you.

Yes, we had a good deal to talk about.


Then I think it's time you got started.

They'll be waiting for you to start the preparations.

You seem remarkably composed

for a man on his wedding night.

You didn't really expect me to conform

to the romantic concept of the nervous,

trembling groom, did you?

Not really.

They've started to warm up for the ceremony.

Let me get you a drink.



After the ceremony, there'll be a bule-zin.

That's the big Voodoo celebration, isn't it?

Dancing, invocations, sacrifices.

Your studies have taught you

a good deal in such a short time.

All I've really learned is that there's a great deal more

to Voodoo than I ever imagined.

Sibao, daughter, it is time to make ready.


The flames speak of death.

There's evil in this night.

Metres Erzulie guards over her followers.

You must not be afraid.

That man must not be permitted

to know all the last mysteries.

He is to be your husband.

That cannot be denied him.

If he should share our powers,

he will use them to destroy us.

These things you say are not written in the omens.

He seeks only after truth.

He wants only to help us.

Please father, do not let him know all our secrets.

I cannot refute the omens.

Then I must pray to Erzulie to protect us all.

I know only what she has shown me in the flames.

Tonight, a man will die.

I agree there are more things in heaven and earth

than I ever dreamed of.

I think I underestimated you.

You really are ready to seek for the truth, aren't you.


Especially about you.

You see I don't believe you've gone so deeply

into this Voodoo business, just for your own personal,

spiritual satisfaction.

Don't stop.

You want power.

Or money, or both.

Voodoo would give you those things.

You would corrupt a religion into a political machine.

Your ruthlessness, combined with the ability

to raise the dead and the other mysteries of Voodoo

would make you the most powerful man in the Caribbean.

Not just the Caribbean.

South America, Africa.

For a thousand years they have been searching

for a leader to take them

to their rightful place in the world.

And you think you're that man?


Tonight I complete the most difficult, and the last, part.

After that nothing can stop me.

Especially not you Mr. Templar.

You know I'll try.

Of course.

It's very amusing.

Two men totally certain that they each will succeed.

That's what makes horse racing.

Well we shall see.

But I'm being a very bad host.

I invited you here to dinner, you must be hungry.

Let's eat.

That gun you're carrying, I'm sure you're too civilized

to used it before we dine.

There's something I don't understand.

Once you have this power of Voodoo behind you

and you start using it for your political advancement,

how do you know Sibao won't resent it

and withdraw the power?

Don't be absurd.

Once I know all I need I can do

without either Sibao or her father.

And just how will you manage that?

When a member is properly initiated,

certain parts of his sacrifice go into a small urn,

called a po-to-det.

After that the vulnerable element

of his soul stays in the urn.

Just like a safe deposit.

And so no one can lay an evil spell on him.

Unless they got hold of his urn.

You see how easily I can destroy them.

If I act first.

I've already told you I'll try and stop you.

You must be pretty certain I'll fail, to be so confidential.

You've failed already, Mr. Templar.

Naturally I took certain precautions.

I'm surprised you haven't noticed anything already.

Don't you feel a certain heaviness about the body?

A great desire to close your eyes.

Stand up, Mr. Templar, try.

The wine.


A simple drug to relax the muscles.

Pull the trigger, Templar.

Kill me now, it will be your last chance.

Pull it.

Please don't feel too badly.

Even had you pulled the trigger,

you could not have harmed me.

I checked the gun myself.

There's nothing wrong with the gun.

You've had an exciting career, Templar.

I don't think anyone will deny that you died

as dramatically as you lived.

Come to the in peace.

awaits me.

Mr. Templar, Mr. Templar.

Oh, what happened.

You are badly bruised.

By all accounts I should be badly dead.

You sure this is not heaven?

The goddess Erzulie protected you.

Hey help me up, will you?

Where's Netlord?

He has gone to the .

Has the initiation started yet?

No, first comes the ceremony of purification.

You must take me there before they start.

how much further?

In the next valley.

Sibao, you go ahead, I can't move as fast as you can.

You must try and stop them.

I will try, but hurry.

The drums, when they stop, the initiation will begin.

Go on.

All I ask is that you wait, just wait until he arrives.


The rites of purification are ended.

Now must come the initiation.

He must not be admitted!

You must trust in the gods, Sibao.

If, as you say, evil has entered this sacred place,

they will show me a sign, and I will drive the evil out.

Is it your wish to be admitted to the Seekers of Oh-gar.

It is my wish.

How did you...

Not quite sure myself.

Think I had a little outside help.

He is an unbeliever, he has no right in this sacred place.

Sibao told me of his coming.

He shall speak.


He wishes only to discredit me

by saying things which are untrue.

He shall be heard.

If what he says is deemed by the gods to be false,

then his life will be ended.

That's a chance I'll have to take.

This man will use the powers you give him for his own ends.

His soul purpose in learning your secrets

is first to destroy you and Sibao,

and then to raise himself

as a supreme leader of your religion.

It's not true!

I want only to further and strengthen our religion.

Ma-coo-tee ah-lay-ha will seek out the lie.

I'm afraid I'm the new boy around here.

What's this Ma-coot ah-lay-ga?

It's the test of the serpents.

What happens now?

The fangs of the serpents will enter

into the flesh of the one who lies.


No, you must listen, you must listen to me, please!


Templar, get me to a doctor.

You cannot leave this place.