The Saint (1962–1969): Season 3, Episode 19 - The Golden Frog - full transcript

In South America the Saint meets two swindlers, Alice Nestor and her father. They show him a golden statue of a frog, claiming it is one of many such icons of the sacred frogs of the Incas and request that the Saint backs their expedition to find others. The Saint pretends to co-operate but plants some fake gold of his own to turn the tables on the swindlers, only to discover that they are also gun-runners for local revolutionaries. He sets out to thwart them.

This capital city of San Carlos,

some 1000 jet miles south of Miami,

lies at the port of a smoking volcano,

on an unreclaimed swamp surrounded by steaming jungle.

It's a place that no one ever visits

unless he has to, and having been once,

never comes back again.

Even the mosquitoes avoid it.

There are, however, certain other pests.


Hotel Miramonte please.

You have to come with me.

Well may I ask where we'll be going?

To see the general, of course!

He's most impatient! Oh by all the rules,

one can hardly ignore an impatient general, can we?

Especially this general.

The rules will have to be changed, won't they?


For two very good reasons, one I have no idea

who the general is, and two I have no idea who you are.

Uh, you gave me sign of recognition!

I saw you, you removed the flower from your buttonhole!

And three, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Look I don't want trouble, eh?

Now you, you can be big trouble, Simon Templar.

Come on!

Aren't you a little nervous for this sort of work?

You've come here to see General Cuevas.

Yet you won't permit me, to take you to him!

But why?

I wish you'd stop harping on the same old theme.

I have no idea who Hen-eral Who-avis is.

Then, what brings you to San Carlos?

The climate. No, you are here

to deliver a message!

Am I? Uh-huh.

What sort of message?

Concerning, the delivery of certain supplies,

as you well know!

Come on! All right, I,

I do have a message. Ah I knew it!

Well, come!

The message is I'm going to take that gun

out of your hand and break it over your skull!

Julio, vamanos!

Do you know a place called the Crown and Heather?

Si senor. Fine, take me there

Que pasa senor! will you--

Now to have this dry cleaned for me, will you?



Oh it's been a long time!

Not long enough to change Fergus MacLish!

What is this, a pub or the old curiosity shop?

Oh just a wee bit of home in this flaming city!

Oh, can a thirsty man buy a drink here?

Not you, you can't buy anything.

It was good of you to come Simon.

I haven't the words to thank you.

Well then don't try.

To hope, now you're here it's come back to me!

How bad was it Fergus?

That's a fine question to ask a Scotsman

whose been swindled out of his life savings!

17,000! Dollars?

Still that doesn't say how, but it must have taken

something special to swindle an old fox like you.

Aye, extra special, my own greed.

I was planning to go home next year

for good to put my feet up,

I had more than enough to see me through.

Then the blackguard showed me how to double my money.

Who is he, where can I find him?

Humphrey Nestor is what he calls himself,

also calls himself the Professor.

Are you staying at the Miramonte?

Uh-hmm. Then he will find you.

And there's something else I should tell you Simon!

He has a daughter, Alice.

That's nice. Aye, you'll be saying that

again when you see her!

That is nice!

Cheers. Cheers.

Oh, I can't think what we've done

to deserve such miserable luck.

Well for one thing daddy you're getting old.

What about the land deal, the old Scotchman fund?

Yeah and you paid off so many people you landed up

with a fat nothing for yourself.

Well, needed the practice.

We needed the money!

All right Alice, take your thumb off the button!

The panic's not here yet.

Isn't it? We've 28,000

in the bank haven't we?

Count again daddy, we haven't got a lead penny.

Now look Alice, half of that belongs to me doesn't it?

Only when you retire, when you give up

hooking suckers and start raising chickens, not before.

Now you look here Alice--

That's the way it was agreed,

and that's the way it's gonna be.

But if I don't find a sucker quickly

I'll have to borrow from the fund.

You better start looking daddy,

because the fund isn't lending.

Your baggage has been taken up to your room, senor,

and you may go right in.

Professor Nestor! Si?

Thank you senor! Oh, I am sorry!

It's quite all right, no harm done.

You may be right, for a change.


Eh, you took a long time arriving Senor Templar,

I have been waiting.

Not too uncomfortably I trust?

I've been resting as a reward for my work here.

Now don't tell me you're the chambermaid.

Quintana, Captain, National Security Police.

I don't suppose you've seen my baggage, have you?

Yes, I unpacked your bags for you senor,

and very neatly.

You will find everything needing to be hung is hanging.

With one possible exception.

You find what you were looking for?

There was nothing of interest,

only a letter from Senor MacLish which explains

why you have come here.

Then if you've quite finished with your siesta--

Si senor, but not with my business.

One of my men recognized you at the airport.

He observed you talking with one Julio Monteros.

True senor?

That's his name, yes.

What was your business with Menderos?

Why he seems to be under the impression

that I had some sort of message for him.

Ah, you gave him a message. No, no, we exchanged

a few pleasantries, then he left rather hurriedly,

end of incident. I hope it is senor,

for your sake. Why?

Menderos is a follower of a certain General Cuevas,

a man who plans to take over the country

as his own personal domain.

If these men are not stopped senor,

there will be much bloodshed.

They sound like a nice happy little group.

They are desperate men.

And extremely dangerous.

You will report any further contact directly to me.

I will?

Be very careful senor, these people are killers.

Let them catch you off-guard

for one single moment, and .

I wish you a most pleasant stay in San Carlos senor.

It's been nothing but laughs so far.

Fool, you realize what you've done?

No, General... You have revealed us

to a possible enemy!

Uh, but there's nothing to indicate

Mr. Templar is against us!

He is with us, imbecile?


And what brings a man like the

infamous Simpon Templar to San Carlos?

I don't know! Then you had better

find out, and if you have the slightest suspicion

he is working against us--

Well, !

I have spoken to my cousin,

the one who is a bellhop at the Hotel Miramonte!


He says that this man Templar,

has had a talk, in his room, with Captain Quintana.

Did he hear what was said? Eh, no General.

My cousin could not stay to listen,

he had to go upstairs to deliver some ice water

to an American tourist.

I'm surrounded by fools and incompetents!

Si General. Very well, we shall now see

if two idiots working together are more efficient

than one idiot by himself!

The two of you will go to the hotel.

You will dog the footsteps of this Senor Templar

day and night until you find out

what he is doing here, is that clear?

Si General!

I doubt it!

Go on now the pair of you, out of my sight!

And Julio! Si, General?

Buy yourself a sleeve!

Thank you.


Would you like to bring me a champagne cocktail,

very dry, and make sure it's out of the

oldest bottle you've got.

Very good senor!

Hi ya! Hi.

A man that drinks champagne is a man

I can do business with.

Relax daddy and stop quivering.


Simon. Harvey!

It's me lad, Fergus MacLish,

I'm calling like you said I should!

How's that Canadian deal shaping up?

Are you ready to close?

They what?

Why how much more do they want, 40,000?


All right, pay them what they ask.

Sure I know it's a hold-up but you don't run across

properties like this every day, do you?

Now you just pay them what they want and call me back.


Pay what they want, like it grows on trees.

Stop drooling daddy and start thinking of ways and means!

Oh I've thought, the oldest game of them all.

The frog?

Yeah, you got it with you? Of course.

Camera? That too.

You're a good daughter. I know.

Now let's see how good you are.

And pappy, try not to ham it up too much?

Yeah, right.

Okay daddy you first. All right bring your bag

in case there are thieves around.

This is of no value.

He's sipping his drink, that's all.

Our orders were to observe.

Well then you will stay and observe but,

I am going upstairs. Eh?

To search his room. Ah.

Uh, pardon me sir if I might impose on you for a moment.

Would you be kind enough to take a snap of

my daughter and myself? I'll be delighted sir.

Thank you.

My name is Professor Humphrey Nestor.

Sebastian Tombs. This is my daughter Alice.

How do you do? It's very kind of you

Mr. Tombs, we never get a photograph of the

two of us together, is this all right?

Just fine.

We ought to have one with the frog.

Oh no no no, we mustn't take up too much

of Mr. Tomb's time. Oh that's quite all right

Professor, I have nothing but time.

Would you move in for a close-up please?

Thank you sir, you have been most kind!

Not at all, it's my pleasure,

that's quite an unusual piece,

it looks like solid gold. It is.

Oh now daddy, don't you think that's rather rude?

After all anyone might be curious.

Oh of course, my apologies Mr. Tombs,

I didn't wish to bore you.

On the contrary, I'm sure you'll be fascinating.

Why don't you join us?

Thank you kindly.

I don't suppose you've heard of the,

Atellipus Nestor.

Do you catch it with a rod and line,

or from walking barefoot on hotel floor .

Oh waiter, champagne please!

It's the sacred Golden Frog of the Aztecs.

Daddy discovered it, that's why it's named after him.

You see the ancient jungle cultures

of South America made a fetish of the Golden Frog,

used it in all their sacred rights.

Eh, it is fascinating.

Daddy's spent a great portion of his life

tracking down this artifact, all his holidays.

Once we even spent an entire term away from university.

I don't mind telling you sir,

many's the time I almost gave up in despair.

But you didn't.

He never quits. Did you go along too?

Why of course!

I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Oh she goes everywhere, she has always been a Tomboy.

I find it quite difficult to imagine

you as a, any sort of boy.

Just how did you

go about finding this frog Professor?

Well it's a long story Mr. Tombs,

the point is we succeeded, we not only found

this exceptional specimen, but all of its kind

that ever will be found.

You mean there are more than one?

Oh yes, 37, to be exact in a cave,

into which we stumbled by, by the sheerest accident!

It's amazing.

Are they all the same size?

Three of them are enormous, as big as footballs!

Solid gold?

Of course.

If I'd known an archeologist could hit

pay-dirt like that I'd have gone in for it myself!

What sort of business are you in, Mr. Tombs?

Well I guess you could call me a speculator,

I dabble in anything that looks interesting.

Now I'm happy to say so far I've done pretty well

just playing my hunches.

Oh, I wish I could say the same.

Well you must excuse me, I have an appointment

with the curator at the museum.

Poor darling.

I must have missed something along the line.

If I had a hoard of gold statues I'd be jumping for joy.

Unfortunately the idols are still in the cave.

And since we're born with only one head

we must be very careful not to lose it.

There are headhunters in the jungle?

There are.

It would take an expedition to get to those idols,

and we haven't got the money.

I see.


Very interesting.

If I could get just a few of those frogs for daddy

I wouldn't care what happened to the others.

Wouldn't you? Suppose I managed

to find a businessman who was a bit of a gambler,

and made a deal with him on my own?

What sort of deal? Well suppose that in return

for financing the expedition he got to keep

half the golden frogs.

Is there any mail for me? No senorita I'm sorry.

Would you think I'd done something very wrong?

I'd say you deserve a medal, a gold one of course.

Look, would you and

your father like to have dinner with me tonight?

Why yes we'd love to. Wonderful, and if you should

decide to make someone an offer

concerning these frogs of yours,

well I'd be delighted if you let me have first crack.

I will, that's a promise!

Fine, I'll uh, see you here at eight.



Telegram .


Oh yes,

yes, telegram!

Now my friend, the next time you decide

to search my room make a little less

noise about it, all right?

I tell you General,

there was nothing among his possessions

to reveal why Templar has come to San Carlos,

nothing, nothing!

Obviously he's not here to intercept our shipment of arms.

They have safely arrived, thanks to Vargas.

But General, wasn't Senor Vargas' mission

only to arrange for the shipment of the guns,

and to send us a message concerning where

we might expect the delivery?

Si, si Julio, I see you're point.

Our comrade took a daring risk running the guns himself.

But I have no fault to find,

since fortunately for Vargas, he succeeded!

Now, our problem is to get these weapons

to our men who are training in the jungle.

Ah Paco!


What did you find out? Everything, General.

This Professor Nestor, according to my cousin,

is a swindler.

He pretends to know where there is a

cave in the jungle where there are golden statues,

statues of frogs.

Frogs? Si General,

he finds a rich tourista who is willing

to put up the money to go and look for the statues,

and then a boat is hired, they go up the river a way,

where there is a fake Indio attack,

and then of course they have to come back.

And that is all? Si General,

except that his Professor Nestor,

he makes plenty money out of this.

You're sure they go into the jungle by boat?

Oh si General.

Then it appears our problem is solved.

I would like to talk to this Professor Nestor.

Bring him here. Yes General, .

Uh, General,

what if he doesn't want to come with us?

I didn't not say invite him Julio!

Bring him!

Yes General.

And Julio.

Yes General?

Buy yourself a sleeve!

Ah, just the man I wanted to see, come in.

You wish to report Julio Menderos' attack on you?

Why I'm sure you know all about that,

however I do want to talk about your insurrectionism.

Yes? You know who they are?

Their leader is General Cuevas, as I've already told you.

Won't you sit down?

Why don't you arrest him?

I said I know who senor but not where.

Julio Menderos is the only man we ever see.

If we could catch Cuevas, the revolution

would be over before it even begins.

And surely if you follow Menderos

he'll lead you to Cuevas.

That is the only reason Julio is not in prison.

My men are tailing him day and night.

And you've learned nothing? Only that Julio can lose

my men whenever he wants to.

Then you should tail someone else,

someone a little easier.

There is no one else.

Isn't there?

You know someone who can lead us to General Cuevas?

Tell me.

Of course Captain, but first

I want to be sure that this valuable

contribution to the nation's welfare

evokes a small show of gratitude.

How much? Oh I don't want money.

What do you want?

A scrap of paper, a document signed by

the President of the Republic.

Your father approved of the deal?

He nearly went through the roof

when I suggested parting with half the frogs.

Yeah I'll bet. But I pointed out

the advantage of half a loaf as compared to none

and he had to agree.

It's too bad he couldn't join us for dinner,

we could have started working our plans.

Oh we'll meet daddy later, he's gone to visit Loro.

Loro? The native guide

who took us into the district.

He's a full-blooded Indian.

If it hadn't been for him,

we'd have never made it back alive!

Surely he won't want to go back there.

Well that's what daddy's seeing him about.

He wants us to join him there.

Yeah that'll do.

I don't know Prof,

these gigs get me down.

All that heat, and the flies!

And the jungle, it's dirty!

Ah, I don't like it.

Are you holding out for more money?

Did I say I wanted more money?

I'm paying you $1000, that's an awful lot of money

for a man who lives on fried bananas.

Oh, believe me Prof, it ain't the money,

it's just that I don't like that dirty jungle.

Well all right, I'll make it 1200.

Do you mean it? Yeah.

Professor, you got yourself an Indian!

That'll be him, get ready.

There now, are you ready?

All Indian,

but a simple, a sweet, a innocent Indian, are you right?

Right! Eh...

And I love you like a father!

Mr. Tombs?

Now it won't be so easy to capture Nestor.

This man Templar is the devil in person,

Ah do not worry amigo, I have a way with devils.

With this I can handle Satan himself!

Yeah we'll anchor here at the bend of the river,

Rincon Del Rio, which followed from there

the expedition proceeds on foot.

How many men will we need? Uh, I'd say about 30.

30... Oh we must show

a force of strength Mr. Tombs, enough to keep that

tribe of headhunters at a safe distance.

It's the only way.

Now just at minute, we're going to be carrying

an awful lot of gold we hope,

and with 30 armed men we're bound to find

more than one believer in free enterprise.

So it could be goodbye gold, and worse still, goodbye world.

Young Master speak with straight tongue!

Soldiers steal gold frogs!

Loro know plan, make all here fill up with joy!

What is it?

Take guns, let Indians have it!

You mean shoot the Indians?

No, no shoot the guns, give the guns.

Guns for Indios, gold frogs to masters.

But you uh, think they'll trade?

Oh they trade, headhunters get the guns,

get the more heads, also get heads more quick eh ?

Including ours. No no Master!

You keep heads, pop have plan!

I make talk with Chief, him good man.

He say word he keep word.

Why how many guns do you think we'll need?

100, 200, also bullets!

Well that's impossible, there aren't that many

guns in his country!

Oh, Loro buy dear father!

Loro know man with much guns leftover from last revolution!

High price, but the man sell.

Give $10,000, man sell.

Now we wouldn't really be saving anything would we?

Oh yes, Queen of Light!

Big save, save trouble, save fighting,

also save heads eh !

Well we wouldn't have to recruit an army, I like it.

Uh, you two run along, I want to discuss

some of the finer points with Loro.

I'll make arrangements with the bank,

first thing tomorrow morning.

Bank, Mr. Tombs?

Regarding the necessary finance, Professor.

Finance, finance, of course of course.

Goodnight Loro. Goodnight senor.

Goodnight daddy! Goodnight my dear!

Mr. Tombs!

It's only Templar and the senorita.

Now we'll wait for Nestor.

When he's gone Julio, you go and wait by the house.

There, how did I do Prof?

Did I put on a good show?

Most commendable Loro,

you make a very intelligent illiterate.

Thanks. Now look,

I'm gonna arrange for the crates of rocks

to be on the key side, you see they're put

aboard that ship tomorrow morning, okay?


Hey, now sucker will think they are full of guns, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

Professor? What is it now?

Eh, why do we have to go all the way

into that smelly jungle, why don't we just

take off when he forks over the cash?

Now you forget it, because that sucker

is gonna lose his money legitimately,

have nothing to blow to the law about!

Hmph, well it's a lot of work for nothing.


Since when is 10 grand nothing?

You're coming with us senor.

I can't believe this crazy dream is coming true!

How can I think you?

Consider me thanked.

Well I uh, think I'm gonna enjoy this trip.

And this tourista, what do you call him?

Sebastian Tombs. He thinks you'll be taking

a cargo of guns up the river?

Oh no General, those crates will be full of rocks,

I assure you!

Wrong senor, not rocks, guns.

You will be taking my guns, understand?

Yes General.

One of my men, Colonel Vargas, will go along

to make sure that you do.

I uh... Any questions, Professor?

Yes, well uh...

Go on.

Well I was wondering, I'm a business man General, I,

wondered if there was something in it for me?

Oh, there's a lot in it for you, Professor.

Quite a lot.

Your life.

A fine time of night

to be calling on people!

Oh it's you Simon, come in lad, come in!

Have you brought back my money?

Not quite but it's beginning to look promising.

How well do you know the jungle?

Better than most.

Do you know a place called Rincon Del Rio?

A bend in the river, I know it.

Are these what I think they are?

Fools gold, not worth anything!

Nah, well they may be worth more than you think!

Go and get dressed Fergus, you're going to the jungle.

The jungle? Rincon Del Rio, to be exact.

Careful, careful, right!

Well are we straight?

Uh, just a few more cases!

Good. Hey, the sucker

come through with the bread?

Yeah I got his check. Check?

Professor, have you popped your cork?

A certified check is as good as money,

and Loro will you drop the hip talk

until this gag is over, remember you're an Indian!

Hey !

Look out, don't break those boxes,

that'd thicken the plot to have one of

those things bust open wouldn't it?

Come on! Well why the sweat,

they're only filled with rocks!

Yeah. How's it going daddy?

Oh fine, fine fine.

Come on, careful with it now, I don't want 'em busted!

All right now look, as soon as he's gassed up

tell him to get going, right? Sure!

Aren't you forgetting something?

What? The reason for this

merry cruise, where's Mr. Sebastian Tombs?

Oh, oh, um...

You're not looking your bubbly old self today pop,

anything bothering you? No, no...

Who's that? Who, oh that's a,

well I'm, I forgot to tell you we're taking a passenger.

A passenger, why?

Eh, his name is Vargas.

I asked you why, maybe I should have said how much?

I wonder where Mr. Tombs is?

My men have located the taxis you described.

It is much easier to tail than Julio Menderos.

My part of our bargain, Senor Templar.

You have been a great help senor, I am deeply grateful.

I've been well rewarded!

No senor, this concession to find gold

is not worth the ink that it is written in.

There is no gold in San Carlos.

Why yes there is Captain.

But how can you be so sure?

I put it there myself.

Fella, will you come here a moment?

Yes sir.

Ah, is everything aboard? Everything.

That's fine. Morning!

Ah good morning, there you are Mr. Tombs!

Sebastian what kept you?

Oh I'm sorry I had to wait for a friend,

a business associate in fact.

He was late getting back from a journey,

I couldn't leave without seeing him.

It must have been very important.

Well, ,

you might say a man's whole future depended on it.

Shall we get underway? Yeah...

Professor, who's that character?

Oh, that's a friend of Loro's.

Shall we join Alice in the cabin?

Well we're making good time,

should be at Rincon by mid-afternoon.

Well, that's an impressive looking document

you have there, some sort of a, business contract?

Oh this, this hard-won document grants me

the right to prospect for, develop,

and keep any precious ores that I might find.

Oh, are there any, precious minerals here?

Are there any golden frogs?

The natives must have found the gold somewhere,

and this Castilian gobble-de-gook says that

if I can find it, I can have it.

I'm not surprised you're successful.

You don't miss a trick do you?

In business, the plumbs are where you find them.

I go to land, arrange with headhunters,

see if they take guns for frogs.

They say yes, I know!

Then I wait, get frogs, I come back with frogs

some time tomorrow, you give Indios the guns,

we all go home !

I have tell Capitan, he wait here, look after you!

You be careful Loro! Oh, Loro always careful,

Queen of Light !

No be afraid, me come back,

no lose head !

I go to canoe!

Think he'll be all right daddy?

Oh yes, Loro'll be all right, he's done it before.

Many times I'm sure.

Captain, would you like to give me a hand?

Now why don't we all go ashore and look for some minerals?

Oh I wouldn't do that if I were you not,

unless you're use to the unbearable heat,

it is unbearable I tell you!

Oh well I'd hate to miss any opportunity Professor

to search for gold, and like Alice

I love the jungle atmosphere.

Come on Alice, you and I will go along.

Look at it! What, where?

Why isn't it beautiful? Oh, yeah, yeah, it's great.

Now what's the matter?

I saw something moving over there!

It's just a crocodile.

Just a crocodile?

Let's get out of here! Oh it won't harm you

unless it happens to be hungry.

It's nice of you to take this little walk with me.

Oh I love it, I love the jungle, I love all outdoors!

Yeah I can see, now, let's see,

this looks a promising direction, you'd better go first.

Watch out for the snakes.

Maybe you better go first.

If you insist.

Watch out for the cougars.

Cougars? Well they always attack

the last in line, but only if they're hungry.

Great fun isn't it?

Oh yeah, delightful.

Now you listen to me senor, when we have finished

with this nonsense with the Indios,

we'll go up the river to Gardia Island.

My comrades will be there to take away the guns.

Hey you!

You've not told anyone about these guns?

Not even my daughter, I've done exactly

as the general said.

Ah just you keep on doing that senor.

Because the moment you do not!

Why do you keep picking up rocks,

what are you looking for?

The gold of course, the ancient frog worshipers

must have got their gold from somewhere.

I figure somewhere must be close to home.

Shouldn't we be starting back to the boat?

It'll be getting dark soon.

We have heaps of time.

Let's push on a little further, hmm?

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this.

I can't describe it either.

Not the way I'd like too!

Now listen, any of you characters slips up,

he gets a sock on the nose, okay?

All right, now where's the gear?


The record player, is this still working today?


Now what about this?

This still in good order?

Uh, better see for myself.

Why, hello beautiful!

Ain't I seen you somewhere before?

Ah, you stupid bunch it isn't real!

It's only made of paper!

Here, take a look for yourself!

Ah, me feel ill!

Couldn't we stop and rest for a while?

Of course, sit down!

Hey Alice, will you look at this?

What is it? It's gold!

Darling! This whole place

is teaming with gold! It's marvelous!

You're marvelous the world is marvelous!

I could kiss you! Why don't just stand there!

Just look at it darling, a whole mountain of gold,

and it's all ours!

Ours, darling?

Beautiful hunk of mineral isn't it?

Too bad you and the professor had the

headhunters chasing after you the last time

you were up here, otherwise you might have

stumbled across this gold.

It's wonderful that it has been found.

Wonderful for all of us.

Alice sweetheart, are you by any chance

under the delusion that we are partners?

Aren't we?

I agreed to finance an expedition to

recover the golden frogs, that's all.

But if we hadn't brought you here,

you'd never have found the gold!

That's true, and if I hadn't gone onto

the terrace at the Miramonte Hotel for a drink

I might never have met you.

Does that entitle the waiter to a cut?

You hear that?


What is it a fiesta in Loro's honor?

No they only play those drums for

a blood ritual I've heard them before!

Come on Professor, we'd better go and have a look!

No there's nothing you can do, I won't let you go!

Well in that case I'll stay.

Manuel you got soft feet or something?

Come on you can yell louder than this, get going!

Where's the head ,

stupid, don't tell me you forgot to bring it?

Okay get it ready, here!

There, that !

When I give the word Charlie you hold it up right?

Okay, come on, put some effort into it!

Come on, come on!

Bloodthirsty devils!

Loro, what have they done with Loro?

Look, it's a head!

Get out of here,

get below Alice, get below!

Captain, Captain!

Wake up, the show's over, we can go,

but not back to San Carlos,

we're going upstream to Gardia Island!

But we must-I know how you feel,

I don't like it either!

Think hard daddy and try to come up with something,

even if it's legitimate.

Well, since we were more or less instrumental

in his discovering the gold, perhaps he'd

sell us a share of the find?

Oh, uh, how could we, we haven't any money!

We've got the money, what's left of the

10,000 we took him for and, what's in the retirement fund.

You said you won't touch it. Well I've changed my mind.

We're heading away from San Carlos aren't we?

Hmm, more or less.

Is it something to do with that man Vargas?

Don't concern yourself with Vargas!

We've never had any secrets before, why start now?

Oh go below, you annoy me!


Well professor, either I am a little

mixed up or the skipper is.

San Carlos is back there.

Oh, yes, more or less. Then why are we

going in that direction?

Well, you see-Senor, because I ordered it.

I'm in command here for the next few hours.

And who the devil are you?

Colonel Emilio Vargas at your service senor.

Colonel eh?

Name of your general wouldn't happen to be Cuevas, would it?

It would indeed senor.

Professor, getting involved in an insurrection

wasn't part of the deal.

I had no choice Mr. Tombs, he threatened to kill us,

both of us, unless we cargoed their guns, our guns.

I mean they were our guns.

What happens to us when we've delivered the guns?

If it is not inconvenient senor you will

remain as our prisoner until our mission is over.

And if it's inconvenient?

The fortunes of war, senor.

Are you all right Mr. Tombs? Yes I'm fine,

thanks for your help Professor.

I still say we're going in the wrong direction.

Yes, turn the boat around!

Si, si senor! Turn it around!

Senor, you are a hero!

Once more, what have I done this time?

General Cuevas and his men have been arrested,

Julio, Paco, the lot!

I will personally see you receive the order

of Saint Carlos, our highest honor!

Ah that's nice, has Colonel Vargas turned up?

Who knows what has happened to him,

perhaps he will turn up, but maybe without his head!

You see Mr. Tombs we too have an interest in your venture.

Your gold discovery will open up the country

and make it possible for us to get back our frogs again.

Nevertheless you are not obligated to pick up our contract.

Though we did contribute something to your good fortune.

You both obviously feel quite strongly about this.

Perhaps you're right.

Oh Sebastian you will?

How much do you want to invest?

I have here a check for $20,000.

But it was my understanding you were broke, Professor.

Yes so I was my boy, so I was but, not anymore.

Upon our return to San Carlos I discovered that I too

had come under the benevolent eye of fortune.

Nothing to compare with your good luck of course.

Oh what was it Professor, an unexpected inheritance?

What an extraordinary assumption!

That's exactly what it was!

There we are, my receipt.

Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me,

I have some business to finish up.

I cannot find words to thank you Mr. Tombs.

Not now perhaps Professor, but you will, you will.

Daddy we did it! Of course!

Did you have any doubts that we would?

Receipt from Professor Humphrey Nestor,

$20,000 for stock in the Golden Frog Mining Corporation,

signed Simon Templar. Who?

Simon, Simon Templar!

The Saint! We've been swindled!

How can I thank ye?

Just send me a postcard from the hee-lands!

Oh would you ask room service to send

someone up to pick up my bags?

Come in!

Why hello darling! Going somewhere?

Yes, business calls,

my plane leaves in an hour, unfortunately.

Sorry to see you go Sebastian.

Or would you rather I called you Simon?

Ah, you noticed. That you signed

the receipt Simon Templar, yes.

Well that was careless of me, wasn't it?

Oh don't worry, I haven't come to make a scene.

In fact I stopped by to thank you.

Thank me? Yes, my father

finally agrees it's time he retired.

I've been trying to persuade him for a year.

You did it in a few days.

I wasn't even trying, what's he gonna do now?

Go back home, buy himself a business.

Some kind of store, I guess.

At the risk of seeming inquisitive,

what are you going to use for money?

Oh we have money, the money we got for the guns.

You sold the guns? Yes, to the government

of San Carlos.

It seems they're modernizing their army.

That nice Captain Quintana gave us the check.

Incredible. Why, it's a straight-forward

business deal, and in business,

the plumbs are where you find them, you taught me that.

There was one thing I had to learn for myself though.

After you found the plumbs you have to be

very careful in choosing which one to pick.