The Saint (1962–1969): Season 3, Episode 11 - The Hi-Jackers - full transcript

The Saint is in Munich for the Oktoberfest when a friend of his, American Army Sergeant Henry Johns, is killed whilst trying to stop an armed robbery at his base. Unbeknown to him, Mathilde Baum, whom he believed to be his girl-friend, was actually part of the gang, using her friendship with him to gain insider information. Furthermore, she is now getting cosy with another American soldier, Sergeant Pargo, who was a friend of Johns. He teams up with the Saint to go after the hi-jackers and avenge their dead buddy.

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For one reason or another,

most countries have a crazy period at least one day

in the year.

In New York it's St. Patrick's Day.

Paris, Bastille Day.

And in Rio, of course, the Mardi Gras.

But here in Munich they have the October parade.

Now, for some reason which no one seems

to be able to explain,

the October parade takes place in September.

All I know is that once started,

the festivities go on all day and all night.

Hey, what are you--

Henry Johns, how are you?

I'm great.

I can't believe it.

Hey, I gotta get a shot of this.

The Munich parade starring my old friend, Simon Templar.

Now, how are we gonna get through that crowd, huh?

We can't until it's over.

It's the day of the big festival.

Just our luck.

Well, you know what they say,

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Come on, let's go watch the parade.

That's the kind of truck we want.

You know how to drive this?

After six years in the service of Uncle Sam,

I can drive anything that's got wheels on it.

Watch and see those GI's don't come back.

Oh, this jamboree will go on for hours.

So what, you can't expect them to stop the parade

just to get a truck through.

Now relax.

Ah come on, Sam, let's cut out of here.

Oh, what's your hurry?

Hey, get a load of that.

Sam, we gotta go.

Don't you ever relax?

Not on duty.

You'll make general yet.

Okay, come on.


Now what do we do?

Back to the base, and you can do the talking.

Yeah, but the truck's empty.

Why would anybody wanna steal an empty truck?

Hey, Schultz, you square-headed old sausage-eater.

We've done it, look at that, look at those tires.

See, that's best American rubber.

They're gonna carry six tons for us tonight.

No one saw you?

Well, only to wave goodbye to.

Come on, a little facelift, that's all she needs.

So this is all you have to change, number plates, huh?


Good, then I will tell Herr Lasser that we are ready.


Mein Herr, we are ready.

We can go ahead tonight.


Be sure to get in touch with our inside people

and let them know.

Ja, mein Herr, I will see to this.

What'd he say?

We go ahead as planned.


All that space is just crying out to be filled

with liquor and cigarettes

and everything the Army PX has to offer.

Ah yes, but first I have to get keys.

Sure, no use busting in when all we gotta do

is put a key in the lock and open the door.

Zimmerman, stack these.

I want all this stuff squared away before tonight, okay?

Very well.

Hey, Mathilde, I've got an idea.

Yes, I know.

How about coming up to my cabin for the weekend?

And just why should I do that?

Well, it's beautiful, it's isolated and restful,

tucked away in the mountains where we can relax.

I'm sure.

How about it?

I'm sorry.

What's the matter with me, anyway?

Oh nothing, you're charming.

Then why don't you enjoy me?

I'm yours for the asking.

Master Sergeant?

Now what?

One moment, please.

Nobody can ever do anything

around here without a conference.

How about tonight?

Sorry, I already have an engagement.

I'll kill him.

Oh, you won't, you're too kind.

I know, that's my problem.

I'm just a nice, sweet, good-natured slob.

And you promised I could leave early tonight.

Hm, so I did.

Okay, buzz off.

Thanks. On one condition.

Which is?

You give me a goodbye kiss.

Oh, with pleasure.

Thanks, Herr Master Sergeant.

If you play your cards right, you can drive me crazy.

First we meet in San Francisco,

and Honolulu, London, and now Munich.

Danke schoen.

You know, I gotta say, it is a small world.

It sure is.

But worth drinking a toast to.

And the first one is supposed to go down in one go.

All right, on the count of three?

You're on.

Eins, zwei, deep breath...

Bravo, bravo.



You're early.

Oh yes, I have influence with Sergeant Pargo.

Say, congratulations, you made it.

Oh well, you were distracted,

and very charmingly so if I might add.

I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine.

Simon Templar, Mathilde Baum.

How do you do?

Mathilde works at the base PX where I'm stationed.

Lucky you.

Oh, not the famous Mr. Templar I've heard so much about.

The same.

And everything you've heard about him is true.

Oh, how fascinating.

It depends what you heard.

Mathilde, I have bad news.

Frank took sick and I've drawn guard duty tonight.

Oh no.

I'm sorry, but see, it can't be helped.

But it's only until midnight.

And the town only starts getting nicely warmed up

at that hour.

And Simon will entertain you

until I'm finished, won't you, Simon?

Oh no, please.

I'd be delighted.

Oh no, I really couldn't.

Well of course you can.

And then at midnight both of you

can drive out and pick me up.

Okay, Simon?

That's a date.

Well, I guess I better be going.

See you later, honey?

Yes, goodbye, Henry.

Now you look after her, Simon.

You bet.

May I offer you something to drink?

A beer, I suppose.

But would you excuse me for just a moment?

I have to telephone.

Of course.

Do you have this key, Fraulein?


Leave it by the telephone.

Yes, all right.

Your alibi for tonight has just walked out.

I have another one.


Well, the rest of the evening is ours.

Only until midnight.


What do you want?

Picking up storage.

10th Armored Corps at Base Landsberg.

The depot closes in 10 minutes.

Yeah, sorry, I had a couple of breakdowns on the way here.

Okay, straight through.

You'll see the loading bays in front of you.


Now, there's an optimist for you.

Who's that?

Well, the guy that just came in.

He's come to pick up supplies.

And Laughing Boy Pargo's gonna be delighted to see him.

You want this stuff now?

In 10 minutes we close up for the night.

I'm sorry, I had trouble with the truck getting here.

No, maybe we can do it.

You got your truck backed up?


Well, get it backed up.

This order just came in, let's get it organized.

Sergeant, this will make me late.

Well, you'll get overtime, double pay.

Think of all the beer you can buy with it, okay?

Bring it here.

Hey, bring it here.

Turn it around and back it in.

I'm having more trouble.



Any idea what?

Pile of junk's been acting up all day,

now I can't get it started.

Well, that does it.

Forget it, we'll load the stuff in the morning.

And you better be sure you can move this thing.

All right, I'll work on it now.

All right, you can knock off.

That guy's truck is broken down.

There's nothing we can do about it till the morning.


Now, this time just hold it steady and squeeze.

Squeeze slowly.

Good shot.

A cow's eye.

A bullseye.

My English is silly.

It's charming.

May I have another shoot?

Shot, you can have as many as you like.

Oh, but no I think you have paid already so much.

Let's do something else.

Ferris wheel?

Uh, shouldn't we be on our way to pick up Henry?

Oh don't be silly, it's early yet.

And I know a shortcut to the base.

It'll take us only a couple of minutes.

I'm completely in your hands.

Thought you'd like some coffee.

Oh, thanks.

Do you know what you're doing?

I mean, I know something about motors if you want a hand.

That's all right, thanks.

All right.

Don't forget to check out when you leave tonight.

I won't.

Patrol time.

Tie him up.

I'm sorry, Mr. Templar,

to be what you'd say the poor sport.

Oh, not at all.

But I've been on my feet all day and I'm tired.

Well, after awhile if it will get boring--

No, I know what you mean.

A lot of people running around

convincing themselves they're enjoying it.

In a way, this is the story of my life.


You have no idea what it was like

to be brought up in Germany after the war.

Everybody running all the time.

Running away from past, away from loneliness, away from men.

Is that what you're doing?


And it would be so easy to relax, to drift, but I can't.

I want so much.

What, for instance?

Respect, money, power, roots.

And love?

No, not love.

I thought you were Henry Johns' girl.

I'm nobody's girl.

Does Henry know that?

I'm just me, Mathilde Baum.

Independent, free.

You know what I mean, surely.

Ms. Mathilde, these are just words.

Nobody can really be independent.

Are you suggesting I should marry and settle down?

That all depends on how tired you are of running.

To whom, a fat businessman?

An American soldier?

Somebody like Henry Johns, maybe.

Why not?

And when you've said that, you've said it all.

Henry Johns is a nice boy, but...

All right, let's go.

Cigarettes. Yeah.


Hey, love that booze.

That means goodnight.

I wish you wouldn't go.

I can tell you do.


I'll give your love to Henry.

That's about all we can take.

Come on, let's get it loaded.

Yeah, boys, just like coming home.

We're gonna take $40,000 worth of stuff out of here tonight.

That was choking me to death.

You all right?

Yeah, get me out of here.

Get on the phone and call some help.

Let's go.

What did you have to shoot him for?

Keep going.

Hank, Hank.

You're crazy.

Why did you have to shoot him?

It was him or us.

Yeah and now we're stuck in the middle of this town.

The plan was to be clear of Munich.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Stop it!

There is no point in us fighting.

The raid was planned to the last detail.

Do it quietly, smoothly, efficiently.

You bungled it.

It could not be helped, Fraulein.

At any rate, it's done.

And I won't be able to go back to the base.

Won't that look suspicious?

They don't know anything about you.

And I don't intend them to.


Schultz. Fraulein.

I'm going home to pack a bag.

Pick me up at my place in half an hour.

Ja, Fraulein.

Herr Lasser, bitte.

Hans, there's been a mistake.

Well, it's enough to say that the police

will be looking for the truck.

We need another to take it's place, quickly.

But Pargo was the sergeant

in charge of these stores and I want him.

You can search every beer hall in town until you find him.

Don't you say, "Yes, sir."

Get the lead out and move.

Go on, Templar.

Well, that's all there is to it, major.

I was on my way here to pick up Sergeant Johns

and the truck passed me.

And you think the driver was in uniform.

I don't think, I know.

This is incredible.

This is the worst security I've bumped into in my life.

All they've got to do is drive

onto the base and they help themselves.

That's not quite true, sir.

Look, all you guys do at that gatehouse

is sit around and drink coffee.

I'm sorry Johns was killed.

You're grief-stricken.

If he had been doing his duty, he'd be alive.

Major, you weren't there.

So don't jump to conclusions.

Templar, you're a civilian.

This is a military matter.

Thanks for your information, such as it was,

but I don't need you anymore.

I'll remember that, major.

Thanks for your courtesy.

Five American PX bases robbed in the past six months.

Now I need to find out how and why.

Yes, sir.

And this last time, sergeant,

an American soldier was brutally shot down.

Yes, sir, I know.

Johns was a friend of mine.

Sergeant, that main door was opened with a key.

It was?


So let's see yours.

Yes, sir.

The key to the cold storage locker.

This is the safe.

My office.

And the one to the main door?

It's gone.

Oh it is, is it?

I can't understand it, sir,

these keys are never out of my possession, never.

That's not quite true, is it?

No, sir.

Now as of this moment,

you consider yourself under open arrest

until this investigation is finished.

Major, I've been in the Army for 15 years.

You don't think I'm gonna start goofing off now.

There are a lot of soldiers with longer service than you,

sergeant, who have soured off.

All right, so long.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Sergeant, I wonder whether you could give me a light.

Oh yeah, sure.

I took the liberty of standing rather close to that door.

I understand there's a key missing, thank you.

Yeah, there sure is.

Well, were your keys out of your sight

even for a few seconds today?


I mean, if I lost my keys they'd give me 600 years.

That's quite a sentence.

Hey, just before closing time,

Mathilde asked me to open the file

that she wanted to put a folder in.

Just then, somebody called me.

And you left your office?

Yeah, but only for 10 seconds.

But Mathilde was alone with the keys?

Yeah, I guess so.

I was out with her this evening,

she seemed rather anxious to detain me.

It might be quite an idea if you

and I drop around just to say hello.

All right.

Who the heck are you?

I was a friend of Sergeant Johns.

I'll explain on the way.

Now what do we do?

You wait here.

Sort of situation where three's a crowd.


Hello again, Nobody's Girl.

Simon, what do you want?

Feet have recovered, I see, to do a little traveling.

Going far?

Well, I must go to West Berlin, my mother got sick.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

But it's nice to know you're such a dutiful daughter.

I don't quite understand why you're here.

Let me explain.

Mathilde, my pet, I've come to warn you.

What do you mean?

You're not going to be independent or free much longer.

Those little feet of yours are going

to get quite sore trampling around the prison courtyard.

I am not in the mood for cheap jokes.

All right, let's try riddles.

Who killed Sergeant Henry Johns tonight?

You're drunk.

And who stole Sergeant Pargo's key?

I have no time for this kind of nonsense.

You'll just have to make the time, won't you?

You hypnotized Sergeant Pargo

with those great, big, beautiful eyes

and then you took the key.

What do you think you're doing?

I don't know anything about that key.

Who killed Johns?

Nein, nein, his name's Borieff.

You know where he is?


What about that truckload of stolen goods?

In a garage not far from here.

Here, hurry.

All right, get in, we're ready.

Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

Well, that figures.

Hold it, let's not worry about him.

Let's worry about the other truck.

This one being hot,

they've obviously transferred the goods to that one.

Could be.

This road leads to the Isar Bridge.

After that, it's open country.

What are we waiting for?

Another half an hour and we'll be there.

I think we're being followed.

I'm gonna let 'em pull along side

and then bounce him off the road.

Recognize him?

Yeah, he's the guy who drove the truck into the PX,

pretended he had a breakdown.

Go and look inside.

You know you can get in trouble,

sonny boy, driving like that.

Hey, look at this.

Look who's traveling passenger.

Is she badly hurt?


She must've bumped her head on the windshield or something.

Take care of this one.

We'll look in the back.

This is it, everything marked PX.

Where are you going with this stuff?

Get lost will you, Mack?

You're an American, aren't you?

What do you want me to do, sing the Star-Spangled Banner?

An American was killed hijacking this stuff.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?

I had nothing to do with that.

Oh brother, I'd really enjoy working you over.

Simon, I've got a little cabin

near here, absolutely isolated.

It'd be a good place to--

Convince this character we're serious?


This cabin of yours much farther?

About two minutes.

Simon, this load of stuff,

I figure I oughta take it back to the base.

No, not yet.


You can just hide the truck, I'll explain later.

Come on.

Make a real good job of hiding it, Pargo.

Sit down, make yourself comfortable.

Now, what's your name?


Where you from?


Been in the Army?


And you got a dishonorable discharge.

What do you want me to do, blush?

Where's Borieff?

I don't know.

Who's behind this PX operation?

I don't know that either.

You know, Jopley, you're of so little use to me,

you might just as well be dead.

Now are you gonna talk or not?

I don't know the whole setup,

I just get paid to drive the trucks.

You must know where they're going.


Just someplace in the country.

They said they'd guide me there.

All right, Borieff, the one that killed Johns,

tell me about him.

I told you, I don't know the inside stuff.

Borieff was just a dumb, gun-happy Kraut.

I told him so.

I told him Johns was a nice guy.

You knew him?


But he passed me a cup of coffee

when I was pretending to fix the truck.

I didn't even ask him.

He was all right.

Now he's dead.


And I'm sorry.

All right, tell me about Mathilde.

She works at the base, she does the inside job.

Was she in on the other operations too?

Why not ask her personally?

On your feet.

Well, Nobody's Girl again.

Yes, and at the moment I am still very independent

and quite free.


But you can't shoot, remember?

I can.

You know, a lot of people have mistaken ideas

about how easy it is to part a moving target,

even at this close range.

Care to try me?

Hit this.

Well, cow's eye.

And now, Mr. Templar, where is that truck?

That's very valuable information.

It's a buyer's market.

Care to try and shoot the information out of me?

What's your proposition?

The shipment's what, worth say 40, 45,000?

Mm-hmm, about that.

I want 20.

You know where it is?

No, Pargo drove it somewhere.

And you won't find it in a month of Sundays.

And what's more, unless we make a deal,

the whole shipment will return to the PX within 24 hours.

Why not think it over and call me, okay?

Get into his car.

I'll return your car tomorrow, Mr. Templar.

Don't be shy about using my first name.

What happened?

Where is Jopley?

Those bunks comfortable?


Oh, I feel sleepy.

What's going on?

Pargo, the trap is baited.

Listen, Simon, I know you're good at this kind of thing,

but I gotta call the major.

What for?

To let him know that we found the stuff, that it's safe.

Oh, I wouldn't do that.

If you do, the Army police will come tramping in

with their great, big feet

and our friends will quite literally vanish.

I want to catch them, all of them.

So just be patient.

As I say, the trap is baited.

All we have to do is sit back and wait for the prey.

Hans, there must be no more violence, please.

I won't hear of it.

You won't hear of it?

You are not running this organization.


To make a deal with Templar

would simply be to give away $20,000.

We can afford it.

We grossed 250,000 with the five raids.

What difference does 20,000 less make?

$4,000 of that is mine.

And I want it.

Please listen, both of you.

Thank you.

I agree with Mathilde.

You mean make a deal?

Mathilde's right, we can afford it.

We mustn't press our luck too far, Borieff.

Mr. Templar's a very clever and a very dangerous man.

And if $20,000 will keep him quiet,

I think it's an excellent investment.

Well, if you say so.

Thank you.

Thank you, Hans.

You tell me there's a telephone in that cabin?


Ring Templar and ask him to meet you

at the Rathskeller tonight at, say, seven?

And what's the proposition?

We'll meet him at the Fornietta

and Neurietta Crossroads tonight at 10.

We'll pay in cash and then he'll lead us to the truck.

I'm very grateful to you, and I'll call him now.

And you're also very logical and very beautiful.

So, you're gonna knuckle under, eh?

My dear Jopley, you know me better than that.

I haven't the faintest intention

of paying Templar any money.

You haven't?

Not the slightest.

Next turn on the left, it's about two miles.



Life's full of surprises.

Templar, listen, yeah I've done a lot of things in my time

and I'm not particularly ashamed of any of 'em

except Henry Johns.

Jopley has a conscience.

No, no I haven't.

It's just I draw the line

at letting Germans shoot down my own countrymen.

This whole deal at the Crossroads is a double-cross.

There's five guys in the trees deployed around.

They're gonna shoot you down.

That means they won't get the truck.

Yeah they will.

They won't shoot Pargo.

They'll make him talk.

Well, that's all I had to say.

I had to warn you.


Jopley, I don't want just the guy who pulled the trigger.

I want the whole operation.

What'll it cost for your help?

No, I don't want to get mixed up.

I just want to save you from getting shot.


No, it's too dangerous.


What do you want me to do?

Where do they operate from?

Country place about eight miles from here.

Take me there?

Well, there's nobody there.

They're all at the Crossroads waiting for you.


When they get back from the Crossroads,

I'll be there waiting for them.

When will you pay me?

Right now, if you want.

Come on, we'll use my car.

It's all right, Fritz, it's only me.

Good evening, Mr. Templar.

The reception committee?

Congratulations, you pulled off

the double-double-cross very well.

Do you want your money back?

I thought we made a deal.

$20,000 is an awful lot of money,

Mr. Templar, even for me.

Yes, I can see you are pretty poverty-stricken.

Prefer Swedish modern myself.

Will you please sit down?

And Mr. Pargo.

Mr. Templar, I've heard a lot about you.

I knew that a most intensive effort

would be required to outwit you and I want that van.

And I want it very badly.

I'm sure you do.

And I intend to have it.


Do you know what this is?

I believe it's called a flail.

Yes, you're quite right.

It's a very ancient and quite devastating weapon.

Now, will you and Mr. Pargo please be so kind

as to place your hands on the table undone like that?

What is this?

Do as he says, it's a Ouija board.

Thank you.

Borieff, show them.

Ah, Nobody's Girl again.

What are you doing?

Borieff is showing his price.

You said you'd pay Templar off.

You promised me there would be no more violence.

Mathilde, mind your own affairs.

Don't interrupt, otherwise Schultz

will escort you to your room.

Now, Mr. Templar, where is that van, hm?

I haven't the faintest idea.


What about you, Mr. Pargo?

In 10 seconds from now, your right hand is gonna be useless

for the rest of your life.

Now where is that van?

Tell him.

Are you kidding?

It's in the woods near my cabin.

It's pretty well-hidden, you'd never find it alone.

Won't you volunteer as a guide?

And how.

Thank you so much.

Jopley? Yeah?

You go with Schultz.

On your way, Mr. Pargo.

Now, Mr. Templar, we've got 15 or 20 minutes to kill.

May I offer you anything?

Do you mind if I smoke?

No, of course not.

I prefer my own.

Be very careful, won't you?

Tell me, you've had an interesting career, haven't you?

Yes, but why the past tense?

Slip of the tongue.

Watch him.

Hello, Fraulein.


Hans, don't.


I don't intend to have this deal ruined

by your stupid sentimentality.

You promised me, Hans.

You swore to me there would be no more killing.

Now get up to your room and keep out of this.

And I'm warning you, Mathilde,

interfere with me and you'll be sorry.

Now get out!

Police have got the gang.

The Army gets its property back.

And what do I get, nothing.

What did you expect, a medal?

Well no, but--

You're lucky you didn't get that 600 years.

Yeah, maybe so.

And what will happen to me?

Well, you did make the phone call.

I suppose that warrants some consideration.

I'll help you.

That's more than I deserve.

I know.

But if I get the chance,

I'm gonna drive you crazy for a change.