The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Winner Take All - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[birds chirping]

[cows mooing]

[Chase] Had a...
emergency at home with my daughter.

My daughter, uh, Cashleigh Blake Outlaw.

She was eleven years old.


She, uh, was a type-one diabetic.

It was on a Monday,
she come home sick from school

and just with a stomach bug.

Which caused, um,
her to go in the hospital.

She couldn't keep nothin' down,
no fluids or nothin',

so her sodium level was droppin'.

But also her blood sugar
was going high for some reason.

It was, uh...

She went unresponsive.

Unrecoverable brain...

injury is what it caused.

My daughter ended up passing away
in the hospital with...

it was, uh, cerebral edema
she had in the brain.

It was so rare
that only, like,

the thousandth case in the history
of people with diabetes have ever had.

All this is...

God's plan and...

she's no longer sick no more...

and she's an angel in heaven.


[Nicole] Cash was a cowgirl
through and through.

She loved to ride horses.
She was...

a free spirit and...
she was a beautiful little girl.

She loved to watch Chase ride.

And we would get her any chance
we could to take her to a bull riding

and, you know, just do the whole...
the whole thing.

She... she really loved it.

They had a really good relationship.

After she passed away,
we really came together as a family.

[Chase] One, two, three, go!

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, boy! I got a fish.

Daddy, do you see?

Did I get a fish?

It had one bitin' it.

Pull, Hayes.

[Nicole] Reel it in.

[Chase] Oh, it was bitin' it.


[Nicole] Chase is one of the toughest men
I know, I mean...

It... it's hard for anybody to go through
anything like this,

but Chase's decision to go back

riding after everything happened...

You know, he feels so strongly about it
in his heart

to be there for his team.

[dramatic music playing]

I love you, Daddy.

Love ya.

Hey. You the man of the house
while I'm gone.

Be a big boy.

That's what he loves to do.

That's... that's how he deals.

Love ya.

See you in a couple days.

[dramatic music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

[crowd cheering]

For rodeo fans, for bull riding fans,

there is no better place than Las Vegas.

Hey, y'all. Hey, I'm... [indistinct].

It is a city that is known
for its bright lights

and all of the entertainment,
but bull riding and Las Vegas

has kinda been hand in hand
since the beginning of the PBR.

The National Finals Rodeo
has been there for so many years

and the PBR has spent
the majority of its years

ending its season in Las Vegas.

And so there is a special bond
between the city, the community,

and our sport of bull riding.


Well, welcome to the first ever

PBR Team Championships.

Um, even though we've been coming
to Vegas now

for 30 years this time of year,

uh, this is the first of its kind.

It's the first team championship.

So I'd like you to give your teams
a round of applause

because they made this happen.


But we're here to crown a champion.

Without further ado,
I'd like to introduce you to the official

PBR Team Series trophy.

Which is the largest... actual buckle

because we made it wearable.


[man] Shit.

Can I put it on?


This is the official trophy

designed so that this piece of this buckle
will be replaced

for the year
with the logo of our champions.


Going into Vegas, there are
so many intriguing storylines.

You've had a season

where the top riders
have really risen to the occasion.

You've had some guys
that have struggled a little bit.

One thing that's for sure,

it's been proven that any team can win
on any given weekend.

Most should be right there left.

[man] Yeah.

[Jerome] Our boy
should be right there left.

[man speaks indistinctly]

[Matt] For Carolina, there's a whole lot
of added pressure in their talent.

They look around the locker room
and they go...

"We should be winning this thing
hands down."

Lot of insiders have them
as a team to beat.

But they're still young in their career.

Good news is, Carolina's not scared
to go nose-to-nose with anybody.

And they are not gonna back down
from a challenge, no matter who it is.

All right, men. It's time.

Tonight, let's freakin' shine.


[Jerome] Let's do it!

[crowd cheering]

[woman] Hats are going to be flying
inside T-Mobile Arena tonight

as we welcome you to night number one
of the PBR Teams Championship.

[Matt] In the PBR Teams Championship,
riders are going for about

three and a half million dollars
of prize money.

There's a lot on the line here
in Las Vegas.

[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
in front of you

are all the teams to battle it out.

Would you please welcome them
here to Las Vegas!

Heading into Championship weekend,

every team makes the playoffs.

The Austin Gamblers,
they got that number one seed.

So they get a bye,

and the teams are eliminated
at each stage.

[woman] It's the superstars
against the sluggers.

Number four Carolina
and number seven Kansas City,

the Cowboys have got the gold buckles,

the Outlaws have got the grit.

This is a really even matchup.

It is all about surviving and winning here
to move on.

Now, Las Vegas,
are you ready to ride some bulls?!

Here we go!

[woman] Hevalow hangs on
but ejected off the back.

[announcer] Cooper Davis!

[woman] Wow!
Unexpected from the world champ.

Takes a shot as well.

[woman] Go, Ethan! Go, Ethan!

Come on, Ethan!

Yeah! [excited screaming]

[woman] Almost the whistle,
but you gotta get to eight.

He's gonna come crashing down hard.

[woman] It's still scoreless here
through five outs.

Come on! Come, baby!

[woman] Oh! He was forward,
he was back, he was off to the side,

but it doesn't matter.

Go on! Come on!

Oh! Keep riding!

[woman] Still looking for a score

to see who will move on
to tomorrow.

[man] Sandro Batista!
Here we go!

Sandro has got the final whistle here.

[man] Come on, Sandro!

-[woman shouting]
-[buzzer sounds]

[woman] Well, say no more!
Sandro on the board for Carolina!

[announcer] Job well done.
He got the Cowboys on the board.

The final rider for
the Kansas City Outlaws.

If he bucks off Carolina,

we'll have him headin' on.

From Steelville, Missouri,
Bob Mitchell!

Here we go!

[dramatic music playing]

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] Wow!

What a ride for Mitchell!

[announcer] They needed 87 points
to take the lead.

The numbers are in.

How about 88 and a quarter!

But, folks, this is not over yet!

The Carolina Cowboys

and their closer.

Ladies and gentlemen,
it is Daylon Swearingen.

For Carolina!

Spread out, Daylon.

[announcer] And right now, he needs
an eight-second qualified ride

to clinch the win! Here we go!

[dramatic music playing]


Hang on, Daylon! Hang on, Daylon!
Hang on! Hang on! Hang on!


-[buzzer sounds]
-[woman] He's got it! It's there!

Oh, takes a hit on the way out!

Gets loose!

He's on his feet to celebrate.

Let the hats fly, Carolina!

You're movin' to Saturday.

Good job, champ!

[woman cheers]

Daylon, you've won a world title.

You helped, uh, on that bull
earlier this season,

get you the gold buckle today,
the rematch.

You got the victory for your team.
How good does this feel right now?

Uh, it feels really good.

Uh, I mean, everybody on the team
tried their ass off

and we're just gonna keep moving forward.

[man] Whoo!

-[indistinct cheering]
-[man] Way to go, yes!

[cheering continues]

[soft music playing]

Fear is taught, you know?

We wasn't taught fear.

Since I came into the world,

I'd say I've always been a cowboy.

My dad, hell, even my grandma,

they wouldn't let us cry too much.

"All right, that was plenty of that.

Now you gotta get back up
and get back on."

They didn't make a choice.

And you would ride.

That's the way I was taught.

How y'all making it?

Didn't like it at the time.

I'm sure glad it was.


I've had to overcome a lot of obstacles.

And I'd say that's where
my toughness comes from.



Chase would've never wanted us to...

weaken or, you know,
back down from anything.

You know, if there's one person
that's gonna push ya

and hold you accountable

and expect you to step up
and be a cowboy, it's Chase.

Oh, man. I'm glad you're here.

-It's good to be here.
-I'm glad you're here.

It probably hit me, um...

harder than it hit
anybody else on the team.

Yeah, I... [clears throat]

Yeah, uh...

Blake, my, uh, one daughter,

and being in the hospital with her
for so long,

I couldn't imagine, uh,

what he was going through.

How you feeling?

Yeah, good. Good.

-You look good. You look good.

-Yeah, I know.

You look good. You look good.

Yes, sir.

[Eli] Chase didn't want
to talk about Cash.

Can I get a Coors Banquet, too?

Coors Banquet and a Coors Light?

Yep. Please.

He didn't want to talk about it

and... and I didn't want
to bring it up to him.

And...and he didn't want it
to be brought up.

I can't imagine going through
what he went through

and then having to show up into a city
like Las Vegas

where everybody knows about the situation

and there's thousands of people
that's been watching

that know your situation
and know what happened.

You ready for tonight?

-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, yeah.


To winnin'.

Here's a good one.

This here's to ships.

Some of the greatest ships
that floated the seas,

but the greatest ships are friendships,

so may they always be.

-I'll drink to that.
-Cheers, partner.

Without anything being said,

I knew that there was stuff on his heart.

But, you know, to know he was back
and with his buddies

and doing what he loved, uh,

it was good to sit back
and have a drink with him.

Hey. I was just gonna
call everybody and tell y'all

that I love y'all.

All right?

Love y'all.

-[crowd cheering]

[somber music playing]


[woman] As we get inside
T-Mobile Arena,

they've got their power five back.

They won eight in a row

with this starting lineup
in the middle of the season.

Last time Chase Outlaw
was in this building,

he was chasing a gold buckle.

Now he's wearing the helmet
of the Oklahoma Freedom.

First time back
in a few weeks for Outlaw.

One he wants here,
perhaps more than ever.

[Matt] Seeing Chase Outlaw come back,
into the arena,

down the hallways, into the locker room,
in Las Vegas,

it's honestly the same result every time
Chase Outlaw walks into a room.

Everybody kinda bows their chest out,

everybody gets a smile on their face,

everybody feels better.

There's something unique about
Chase Outlaw that just...

makes everybody in the room better.

[man] We're just the best there is,
that's all there is.

That's all it is,
we're the fuckin' best team here.

Today I'm gonna come back
and fire everybody back up.

That's one of things
that we love about this sport.

Especially here, whole word watchin',

just show the world I'm here to...

ride bulls and still do
what the task is at hand.

[dramatic music playing]

[man] Same chute, same bull.

Same job everywhere we go.

Ride like we got nothing to lose,
'cause we don't.

Tonight's all that matters.

One bull, one night.

We'll worry about tomorrow when it comes.

[announcer] There's something special
about the presence of Chase Outlaw...

that raises the intensity,

that puts more pressure on everyone else,

but also makes them feel like
they can conquer anything.

[Chase] I didn't have
the choice to be weak.

Had to be tough for my family.

Had to be tough for...

myself and...

You know, I'm the man of the house.

Yeah, what don't break you will build you.

For sure.

It all starts here with this game.

Number three Oklahoma,
number six Missouri Thunder,

they've gotta win here
to move on to Saturday.

There's gonna be no hiding.

Which team can step up?

And which teams are gonna be going home
with a little bit of heartache?

[crowd cheering]

Whenever you're out there in that arena...

and you hear that national anthem,

That's when you... that's...

when you felt that presence.

♪ Oh, say ♪

♪ Can you see ♪

♪ By the dawn's... ♪

[Chase] I'm thinkin'... winnin',

and then when you're sittin' there
with the national anthem playin',

I mean, that's when you sit there
and you think and you just...

picture, um...

[national anthem singing continues]

I could, um...

that was one of the kid...
that's the kid's favorite song and...

I could just picture her singin' it.

♪ Say does that star spangled ♪

♪ Banner yet wave ♪

-[man] Whoo!

♪ For the land of the free ♪

♪ And the home ♪

♪ Of the brave ♪


[Chase] A little bit of peace,
I feel that presence there and...

But then as soon as
that national anthem ends,

it is over, it's, uh...

it's game time.

[crowd cheering]

[announcer] Of course,
for the Oklahoma Freedom,

you're leading off with Chase Outlaw.

They have their catalyst back.

[woman] Ride on, Outlaw.

Keep movin'.

Come on, Chase.

[announcer] He's a guy
that if there is any question

about energy, Outlaw brings it.

[indistinct announcement]

Outlaw! Here we go!


[dramatic music playing]

There you go.

-[men exclaiming]
-[buzzer sounds]


[woman] He's done it again!


Outlaw on top in Las Vegas!

Gets Oklahoma on the board early.

[Eli] Kind of amazing
seeing him as he is right now.

After what he just went through,

to step out there
and ride a bull like that,

you know, I think that it kinda
put it in perspective to me that,

you know, you're sitting here
bitching about falling off

a couple little bulls,
and this man just lost his daughter

and stepped out here
and let it all hang out.

Yeah, boys!

[announcer] It's all time out,
88 and a half!

[woman] What a ride.

In the Missouri bucking chute,

it is one thousand percent
all business.

There's no cheering,
there's no clapping.

It's "strap Adriano Salgado
onto this bull

and try and make the eight
to keep your season alive."

Here we go!


Go! Go! Go!

Go on! Go on! Go on!

-Go on! Go on!
-[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] This was a big time bull ride
from Adriano Salgado.

He nodded five times it looked like.

[announcer] How about 88
and three-quarter points!

[Matt] They believe in this team.
They're still in it.

All right, yeah!

[announcer] All eyes are on...
Derek Kolbaba.

We know Derek Kolbaba
can put up some monster scores.

Expect one to come
to the Freedom right here.

[dramatic music playing]

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] All day long for Kolbaba!

[announcer] 91 and a quarter!

That's what I'm talking about!

[man] Go! Go on, Andrew!

[woman] Wow!


Briggs Madsen, Oklahoma!

[man] Come on, Briggs! Go!

-Go! Go!
-[buzzer sounds]

[woman] 87 and a quarter
for Briggs Madsen.

So, Missouri, just that one
qualified ride, courtesy of Salgado.

[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] Think this
Oklahoma Freedom team

didn't come into this last chance round
with a chip on their shoulder

and something to prove at one time?

Walking down the hallway,
I just remember looking back

and being like, yeah, there's
not a chance that we're going home yet.

There's not a chance,
there's no way that we're going home.

All right, get us home now, Eli.

A team took it upon themselves

to pay tribute to their friend

the best way they know how
and that's to show up and do their job.

Get 'er out of there!
Get 'er out of there!

Keep ridin'! Keep ridin'!


-Go! Whoo!
-[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] 89 and a half!

The boys from the vast plains
of the Sooner state of Oklahoma

are going to move on.

They had to ride their way into Saturday.

And they did it!

Open seven days a week here,
every other day,

closed twice on Sunday.

[Chase] Team pulling for you
and you did it for them.

To know that, I mean, that is, uh...

[grunts] It's, uh...

It's victory, that's for sure.

[guitar music playing]

Hi. Do you do pedicures?

This place is kinda spiffy.

Very fancy.

Having Jessie in Vegas,

she's super supportive.

She's kinda my rock,
you know, she's, uh...

I mean, I may not be
the most perfect guy in the world,

but she accepts me for me.

Look at that. She peelin' off
the crusty-dusties.

[Jessie] She's a brave woman
to work with your feet.

You're over here talkin' about my toes,

she gotta get
the power drill out on yours.


She's dealt with a lot of BS,

to be completely honest.

What are you guys in Vegas for?

He's working. I'm vacationing.

I'm vacationing.


I just showed up here to collect a trophy.

That's the plan.

-No, that's what's gonna happen.
-[Jessie] It's gonna happen.

We come off of a two-week break

coming into the finals.

I enjoyed having the bye.

But then again, uh, it also
feels like a hinderance almost.

We watched the first round.
We're not working.

Everybody else has already

kinda got the pre-game jitters
out the way.

Oh, look at that, that's fancy.

I know, that's what I was thinking.

So what bull do you have tonight?

The one with horns.

[Jessie] You don't know?

[Ezekiel] Bottom's Up.

-[Jessie] Bottom's Up.

We have to find our stride.

'Cause it's not gonna be given to us.

It's not gonna be handed to us,
that's for sure.

The only problem that I can see is if...

if any of us go down.

But as long as we can stay healthy,

I think we're the team to beat.

Don't tell anybody I get pedicures.

[Jessie] Yeah. [chuckles]

[dramatic music playing]

In less than 24 hours,

Las Vegas will crown its newest champion.

The bulls are gonna buck hard,

the guys are gonna ride good,

and anything can happen.

Austin had a bye.

They'll nod for the first time
this weekend.

Two more teams will be eliminated tonight.

The final four will advance
to Championship Sunday.

[José speaking native language] Finishing
in first place means a lot to us because

it proves to everyone,
that we are the best.

I've always had good results in Vegas

and our team is really good at the moment.

I am confident
we will leave with the title.

[crowd cheering]

[woman] But it starts with this one,
number eight Nashville,

number one Austin.

[announcer 1]
They're the number one seed for a reason.

That's a hell of a team down there.

José Vitor Leme,
he's got two gold buckles,

he's got an MVP.

[announcer 2]
But Nashville, the eighth seed coming in,

been riding a lot of momentum

after winning two of three in Glendale
a few weeks ago.

[announcer 3]
They're a cohesive group,

they've put a lot of scores on the board.

I think they're the dark horse
and you gotta watch out.

[crowd cheering]

We start with the Nashville Stampede!

And the question is,
can they take down the top dog?

Let's go, big guy. Come on now.

Go win! Go win!

[announcer] Here we go!


There it is! There it is!

There it is! There it is!


[woman] Nashville
wastin' no time to get on the board

on a Saturday night. He does it here.

How about 88 and a half points!

88 and a half!

Nashville's on the board.

Instantly putting the pressure
on the number one team.

[announcer] Let's go!

Now, Dalton Kasel finds his team
behind 88 and a half points.

[man] Let's do it, Dalton Kasel,
we're not lettin' go tonight.

All guts, Dalton Kasel!

All guts!

[announcer] Dalton Kasel, here we go!

[man] All guts!


[announcer] Ooh, and Dalton...

[buzzer sounds]

Kasel comes down here

and takes a hit as well.

Two and 48, that buck-off time.

The Michael Gaffney squad
needin' to find production.

[announcer] Well, folks,
it is time to get loud and proud.

Right now, Austin needs you.


[man indistinct]

Ride on, cowboy!

There ya go, Ramon. There ya go.

[man] Let's do it, Ramon!
Keep that chest out!

Chest out! Chest out!
Thattaboy! Chest out!

Get up, Ramon!

Let's go, Ramon! Let's go!

Chest out! Chest out!
Chest out! Chest out!




[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
how about it for Ramon de Lima?

Oh, my God!

[woman] Do it, de Lima!
87 and three quarters.

Not enough to take the lead,

but enough to give
José Vitor Leme a chance.

That was a long eight seconds.

[announcer] There was no momentum
on the Gambler's sideline.

You can feel the momentum
change a little bit.

Only three-quarters of a point
separating Austin and Nashville.

So back to the boys from Music City,
the Nashville Stampede.

Take it to 'em, Dirt!

Come on, Dirt!

Go ahead! Stick on it!

[announcer] Not able to add on
to the score for the Nashville Stampede.

[woman] Nashville with
the early lead in this one,

but still plenty of game left to play.

[announcer] Let's move to Austin.

They need one point.

And who do they call on?

The one and only Ezekiel Mitchell.

Trap this motherfucker.

He's gonna be all over you.

Don't jump ship. Don't let go.


If you get them...


Get back in there! Get back in there!

Yeah! Yeah!

Come on, baby! Come on, baby!

Get up!

[man] Yeah! Yeah!


-[woman] Oh!
-[buzzer sounds]

Damn it!

Six point seven one seconds.

Ezekiel Mitchell unfortunately
not able to connect right there.

[woman] One he already
seems to be wanting back.

[announcer] Yeah, this is gonna be
a heartbreaker for Ezekiel.

It's okay.

[man] Tough break for Ezekiel Mitchell.
What'd you tell Zeke?

I just told him to go out there
and enjoy himself.

Give us ten seconds, don't let go.

He was right there to the finish,

you know, six and a half,
almost seven seconds.

He...he's given us his heart
all year long

and I couldn't be prouder of him now.

So the closer for Nashville.

The Ice Man! Kaique Pacheco!

[woman] This one's still anyone's game

as José Vitor Leme
gets ready on the other side.

Oh, this is going to be a good one
to see how it ends here.

Pacheco is on fire!

In Las Vegas!

The Stampede move a full bull ahead
over number one Austin.

[announcer] How about...
ninety and a quarter!

Ninety and a quarter.

Not just a full bull ahead,
but a very tough score to reach.

What a moment for a Stampede squad

that came into Las Vegas
with the worst record

and now here they are,
just seem to be surging.

[crowd cheering]

There is the two-time PBR world champion,

José Vitor Leme!

He's gonna close things out
for the Austin Gamblers.

Be ready, little brother, be ready.

Keep that elbow down, chest out.

Keep getting off your ass.

[woman] One year ago,
when José Vitor Leme

nodded his head inside T-Mobile Arena,

98 and three quarters aboard Woopaa.

He is your PBR Teams Championship MVP.

And he is the man
with it all on his shoulders

to take Austin into the semifinals.

[man] All day!

♪ God ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ I'm one ♪

[announcer] Ninety points to win!

Las Vegas, are you ready?

All day, little brother.

Go do it, José.

[announcer] Here we go!

[dramatic music playing]



[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] Look out!

-[woman] What?!

Absolute shock. Tense moments now...

on the dirt as the bullfighters come in
to protect Leme.

And ladies and gentlemen, it is confirmed

it is a no score.

He is helped up out of here.

You all right, little brother?

-Ribs again.
-It's his ribs again?

[man] Yeah.

No head, just ribs.

It's not his head? Okay.

Hell of an effort.

All right, take a breath.

His ribs are hurtin'.

He hit the ground like a ton of shit.

You all right?

Your chest okay to breathe?

[José sobbing]

Just chill. Try to chill, okay?

Can I get you anything at all?

-[José] No, I'm good.

To come away with...

just shy of a win was...was disappointing.

But, uh...

When...when you take a José Vitor Leme,

who is the athlete that he is,

coming back from injury,

it has been difficult.

Oh, my God!

[indistinct chatter]

We were the number one seed.

We're supposed to win.

We showed up as a team.

We lost as a team.

And we accept it as a team.

We...we gotta hold our heads

damn sure high when we walk out of here.

It wasn't... it wasn't a lack of effort.

This is bull ridin', you're gonna have
shitty nights, all right?

We know that.

This world is full of shitty nights.

But it''s the guys
that step back up and...

and come back to battle again.

I couldn't be any more prouder
than all I've been.

Everyone of ya,
I really, I mean, I...

It's been so fun and so enjoyable

for me to be back in this room

with this group.

We've become literal...
I mean, a true family.

Appreciate y'all helping me
elevate my game.

Um, and it's been each
and every one of us on the team.

I mean, we started as a team,

we finished as a team,

maybe not how
we wanted to necessarily, but...

it's been a hell of a journey
with you guys.

I'm just ready to freakin'
come back next year

to do it all over again with you men.

[Gaffney] Yup.

[somber music playing]

All right, we're gonna do
one last Gamblers tonight

to kinda sell this thing.

[indistinct chatter]

-Loud and proud, guys.
-[Gaffney] Yup.

One, two, three! Gamblers!

We...we gave it our all.

And I think that's all that matters
and that's...

the biggest thing that we could build on
and move forward with...

is we have
a chip on our shoulder.

[gate clanks]

[upbeat music playing]

[woman] Now this one is going to be
a tightly contested race.

[announcer] We knew it was going to be
a heavyweight competition

between the Carolina Cowboys
and the Oklahoma Freedom.

Give me a hand here tonight!


[woman] And it will be the 2016 champion
Cooper Davis

who will be first to nod aboard
Express Lane.

Cooper Davis! Here we go!


[buzzer sounds]

And he's back in the win column!

Davis gets it done on a Saturday night!

Carolina's on the board early.

[announcer] And he comes out
and sets the tone for his team...

quick with a great bull ride.

[woman] And he delivers huge.
North of ninety.

Ninety and a quarter
to get him on the board.

Oklahoma, they're paying attention.



[woman] But if you want
someone with the energy

to counter that on the other sideline,

you bring in Chase Outlaw.

And he has been just that for this team.

And let's not forget,
last time Chase was in Las Vegas,

back in 2019, he was battling for his
old gold buckle at the World Finals.

Finished third that year
in the World Title Race

just behind Jess Lockwood and Leme.

[rock music playing]

[man] Go ahead!

Go ahead!

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] And out of the gate,

Chase gets it done again!

[man] Get out of there!

He's perfect in Las Vegas.

Oklahoma's on the board.

[announcer] Notice the calm
in Cord McCoy's voice during that ride.

He knew it was gonna be a knockout
for Chase Outlaw.

[woman] He needs 90 and a half
to take the lead.

It's just short of that but huge score.

[announcer] 89 points!

We've got a close one here.

One and a quarter points
separating these two.

And as we go back to the Carolina side,

Mason Taylor's
next to nod aboard Midnight Flyer.

[announcer] Carolina, here we go!


[buzzer sounds]

Taylor takes it to him!

Started into his hand,
had to make some big moves.

-Carolina, two for two.
-[announcer 1] Simply outstanding!

[announcer 2]
This was a super impressive move.

87 and a half points!

[woman] 87 and a half.

So now Carolina moves
a full bull ahead in this one.

As we go back to Oklahoma,

it's Trevor Kastner.

Sneaky Situation is the bull.

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] Kastner continues
to perform for the Freedom!

[man] Get up there, Trevor.

[woman] He goes flyin'!

But he's on his feet and Oklahoma answers.

Ninety and a quarter!

Look out, Las Vegas,

because the Oklahoma Freedom
have found their way.

And now you go to Sandro Batista

aboard Safety Meeting.


[announcer] Here we go!


[man] Whoo!

[woman] Into his hand!


does it for Carolina!

-Yes, sir!

[announcer] 87 and a quarter!

Eli Vastbinder, he's aboard Prime Tested.

Big moment in this game.

[announcer] Huge moment in this game
and I will always bet...

on Eli Vastbinder's side.

Those big horns,
they're not gonna scare Eli.

He's gonna get right up in between 'em,

put it all over Prime Tested.

Here we go!



[buzzer sounds]

And he doubles down on Prime Tested!

No move too big of a test for Vastbinder!

Oklahoma gets a much-needed ride.

The numbers... 88 points! 88!

Oklahoma takes that lead back.

What a slugfest.

[announcer] That it is.
A big time bull ride from Eli.

Prime Tested going every which direction.

Doesn't matter.
He can't shake Eli Vastbinder loose.

[woman] Well, for number four Carolina,
they need Daylon Swearingen,

the reigning world champ,
to get that qualified ride.

If he doesn't, Oklahoma gets the win
before Derek Kolbaba even nods.

[announcer 1]
This is why you save your world champion

to that closer position.

[announcer 2]
Choc Tease!

This bull... does not give up any rides!

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] He's down!

So unexpected from Swearingen.

And that buck-off...
sends Oklahoma to the semifinals.


Take it how we get it.

[woman] Oklahoma gets the win,
courtesy Trevor Kastner,

Chase Outlaw, Eli Vastbinder rides.

[announcer] ...the Texas Rattlers,
the Carolina Cowboys.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not go anywhere.

[somber music playing]

[faint indistinct announcement]



[loud clattering]



Man, I know it ain't no fun losin'.

I'm proud of ya, every one of you
rode your hearts out.

Did everything you could. But...

As long as you're pissed off
when you're losing,

you're a winner in my book.

Yes, sir. Everybody tonight,

when y'all nodded y'all's heads,

y'all put it on the line.

There was not one... not one guy tonight...

turn loose. You know what I mean?

When we made that bond
at the beginning of the week,

we was gonna put out the effort,

give it everything we did, y'all did.

Th-there was nobody that just...

got off tonight. And...

Guys, we just keep going to 'em like that,

they're gonna be hard to hold us back.

I mean, it just take...

-[man] Yeah.
-It's not gonna happen.

-All we...
-[man] They're not gonna beat us.

We're gonna take this right here
with the momentum

and we're gonna roll it
right into next year.

[Daylon] You know,
I didn't let just myself down in there,

you know, I... I had to walk in

and face all those guys
in that locker room that I let down.

And you know, that's probably
the hardest thing is, uh...

you know, there's a lot of people
believin' in ya,

and you let 'em down.

[man] They ain't gonna keep us down, boys.

-[all] Cowboys!

Yes, sir.

[Daylon] Ah, we definitely had
a good season, you know.

Uh... but I know we're not having...
we're not gonna be happy till we win.

So we're just gonna keep working
and moving forward.

It's just gonna light a fire in us

and probably bring us closer together
and we're gonna move forward.

[phone rings]


-[Paige] Hey!
-[Eli] Hey, girls.

Hi, Dad!

[Eli] Hey, baby.

-[girl exclaims]
-What's y'all been doing?

[Paige] Fed the cows.

Checked on the hounds. [laughs]

[baby cries]

[Eli] You know, as long as I've been with
Paige, every time we've come to Vegas,

it's always be... it's been good for me.

All right.

Being here and not having them,
it's tough.


Let me see your horse.

Oh, yeah.

[Paige] Very good.


[Eli] Everybody's sacrificin',
my wife's sacrificin'.

So, tonight, I mean,
I'm ridin' for my family.

And I'm ridin' for my team.

What time does it start?

Six o'clock. Seven.


[Eli] All right, I love y'all.

[Paige] All right, love you, too.

[Eli] Bye.

Last night in the second round,

you know, to be able to step out there
and grab one for some big points,

and get a win for my team,

there's not a doubt in my mind
that we won't be the team champions

and it's just a matter of time
before we win it all.

[crowd cheering]

[announcer] Four teams are left
with the title on the line.

It is time to meet the contenders!


Please welcome the Arizona Ridge Riders!

And their opponents, the Oklahoma Freedom!

Whoo! Let's go! [cheers]

[announcer 1] One of these teams
will make it to the championship game.

The prize at the end

is beautiful silver and gold.

[announcer 2] There's no stage any bigger.
I promise you that.

Pressure... the only pressure
that actually affects you as a bull rider

is what you let affect you.

[announcer 1] And the lights coming up
on JT Moore...

for Arizona.

Jump for jump, JT. Don't wait for her.

Left, go right.


[man] Jump for jump!

Jump for jump!

Jump for jump!


[buzzer sounds]

Seven point seven one seconds.

And will come up short.

[man 1]
Aight, Outlaw, eat him up.

[man 2]
Go to work, Outlaw.

[announcer] And now, Oklahoma,
the boys from the Sooner state,

the CEO of Outlaw Nation leading off,
Chase Outlaw.


Chase Outlaw will be first to nod

and everyone watches
when he puts his hand in that rope.

And this time, it's aboard Bubba G

to get his Oklahoma team on the board.

[announcer] I love this matchup.

Puttin' Chase Outlaw
at the top of the lineup

vs. Bubba G, get the momentum
rolling early for the Freedom.

We gotta do our job right now.

[man] All right, Outlaw,
let's rock and roll now.

Bear down that wall!

Lets go to war!

Outlaw's slidin' up, here we go!


-There you go, Chase!
-Get up! Get up! Get 'em down...

[Brandon] I need you to finish, Chase!
He's better than you think.

I need you to finish!
I need you to finish!

[buzzer sounds]


God damn!

And he's there for eight and more!

Outlaw does it again!


[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
how about it for Chase Outlaw!

Let's go home!

Let freedom ring for 89 and a quarter!

And the Oklahoma Freedom
are on the board!


He done gooooood.

Arizona Ridge Riders fans,

the second man up
is the veteran Eduardo Aparecido.

And now he slides up on Gangster Time!


[buzzer sounds]

[woman] And he does it!

He's there for the direction change
and more!

Arizona's on the board.

[announcer] Numbers are in.

How about 87 points!


Not enough to take the lead in this one,

but an ever-so critical qualified ride

to keep his team right in it.

Wear his ass, Trevor.

Get it right, Kastner.

[woman] Back over to
the Oklahoma Freedom side,

34-year-old Trevor Kastner.

[man 1]
Cowboy, now.

[man 2]
Bear down, Trevor.

That clock stops at four and 66.


Oklahoma Freedom right now

with 89-and-a-quarter-point lead.

87 for Arizona.

[man] Be a frickin' cowboy, Alessandro.
Right now.

Three! Two! Here we go!

[rock music playing]

[woman] But he's down early.

[announcer] Wow.

[woman] That gate opens up
and clock stops at three and .02.

That red bull right there...

just got some airtime.

And look at this.
You want to talk athletic ability?

That's 1,800 pounds
jumping five foot straight up in the air.


That bull was halfway to heaven.

[announcer] Casey Roberts from Alabama
on Wicked Dreams

needing to extend the lead.

Gosh, damn it, Casey.

You're all right, buddy.

And Arizona, they are behind.

Luciano De Castro, Big Black.

They've teamed up for fireworks
three times before.

They've gotta do it again
to keep Arizona in this one.

[announcer] If Luciano bucks off,

Oklahoma automatically moves on
to the championship round.

[indistinct shouting]

Everything you've got!

[announcer] De Castro!

The bona fide closer.

For the eight seconds, here we go!

[dramatic music playing]


De Castro and Big Black team up!


Arizona is in the lead now!

How about 89 and a quarter!

What a ride for De Castro.

Steppin' up to the plate and doing exactly
what his team needed him to do

when his back was against the wall.

It doesn't get any better than this.

It's not over.

[announcer] 176 and a quarter
for the Arizona Ridge Riders.

And Oklahoma with 89 and a quarter.

It's down to one!

And right now, ladies and gentlemen,

they call on the number one draft pick
for the Oklahoma Freedom,

Eli Vastbinder, here in Las Vegas.

-Come on, baby.
-Come on, Eli. Come on.

This is why I drafted
the guy that I drafted, right here.

What do we gotta beat, Chris?

Oklahoma needs 87 and a quarter to move

to the championship game.

You get mad, now.

Get some payback on 'em.

Whatever it takes. Get pissed.

I need Eli to close this out, right here.

[announcer] There'll be fireworks
right here, Oklahoma.

Here we go! Eli Vastbinder!

[dramatic music playing]

He's good. He's sittin' good!

Yeah, Eli! Ride him! Ride him!

Hang on, hang on, hang on,
hang on, hang on!

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] Wow!

Seven point eight six.

[woman] It seemed like it was
going straight to qualified ride.

[crowd cheering]

But he comes down
and Arizona's headed to the title game!


Oh, no!

He's all right.

He's walking, babe. He's walking.

He hit the ground so hard

and that ground gets hard as concrete.

And that is exactly where Eli landed,
right on his hip.


He gave it everything he had.

Just bucked him off.
Went back the other way.


You all right?

[somber music playing]


-Got hurt?

Oh, I'm ready for a day off.

Hey, guys, uh...

I know nobody come in to Sunday with...

the idea to finish fourth.

But, uh...

I guess I've never lost
and walked back out of that arena

and so excited about
gettin' started again.

Uh, so I mean, I know we've got,
uh, six months...

call it off-season or continued season,
but, uh...

man, I'm, uh,
I feel sorry for them other guys

and those other bulls next year.


Great year, great... It was so much fun.

And I'm...I'm like the coaches,
like, I'd go back out there...

[clears throat] with you guys again.

And... fuck. I just...
Like, I'm just proud of ya

and... let's go get it.
Let's go get it again.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

[woman] Pacheco does it!

The Stampede storm into Las Vegas!

They take it all!

Nashville Stampede just made history

as the first-ever
PBR Teams Champions.

Ladies and gentlemen,

that is going to wrap it up
and put a bow

on this unbelievable weekend.

[birds chirping]

Whatcha doing?
Whatever Jessie tell you to do?

How you doing, brother?

All right, Katie, how long now?

[Katie] One fifteen.

One minute, guys, one minute!

Boudreaux, what are you doin'?

Boudreaux is on a donkey.

Everybody, come on in!

[crowd cheering]

[band music plays]

Well, hello, everybody,

we want to welcome everyone out tonight
for the Boot Barn Wild West Wednesday.

We're about to kick this thing off.

How many of y'all are ready to see
the contestants

of the Boot Barn Wild West Wednesday?

[crowd cheering]

-Go, Hayes!
-Hang on, Hayes!

Let's go!

Hang on, Hays!

There you go!

Seems like this last month or so

has taught me so much
and helped us grow as friends.

[crowd cheering]

[Jerome] You know, this sport
grounds you really quick.

But one good thing about it, these guys
have always got each other's back.

[dramatic music playing]


[man 1]
This season was a lot of ups and downs,

a lot of rollercoasters.

[man 2] Taking a lot away from it,

but I'm taking the bonds
that I built with these guys.

[Eli] We learn from our mistakes
and every time we learn,

we come back stronger
and better than we were.

[man] Regardless of the team's...

I mean, this sport is so dangerous.

So we have to rally around each other.

We're a family.

[upbeat music playing]

[Eli] Eight seconds isn't that long.

Riding bulls isn't that long.

This career I have isn't that long.

But this life I have isn't that long.

And so, if you're gonna love, love.

If you're gonna ride bulls, ride bulls.

Do all of it the best you can and...

It's your life. Make it what you want.

[theme music playing]