The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - This is War - full transcript

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Hey, hey...

This is fucking war, this is war now.
From now until Vegas this is war.

And these battles,
we need to win the battle tonight...

OK? Enjoy this battle.
I wish I could battle with you out there.

But I'm living through you.
Win the battles...

And then we'll win
the fuckin' war, all right?

- OK, yep.
- You're my riding boys.

[inaudible talking]

- One, two, three!
- [all yelling]


[Kate] It's the final game
of the regular season

[guitar tune playing]


[horse trilling]

- [Eli] Whatcha think, Jake?
- Uh, just livin'.

[Eli] Livin', L-I-V-I-N.

All right.

Being at home really just makes
everything better for me.

Clearing my mind you know it...
you know I've been gone so long

Um, gone my whole entire life not really
ever even really having a home.

Ya know just kinda jumping from
friend's house to friend's house.

Spare bedroom to couch, u,m and so

to be able to come home and come
home to your own place and...

even if it is only for two days it's nice.

I've waited my entire life, this is why
I ride bulls is to own a place like this.

I really ain't ride worth a shit all year.

[Jake] They've been putting you
on some rank bulls though huh?

[Eli] I've been getting on
some buckers but...

I dunno what my deal is,
I gotta figure it out.

Go win me a bunch of money, come back,
then we'll buy us a bunch of cows.

- [Jake] That's right, good working cow.
- Yep work our own cows.

Not somebody else's.

It just sucks 'cause like,
I've been trying so hard

Just being a first-round draft pick, being
the guy that they spent the money on.

I don't know if this has got
me overthinking or...

over trying, whatever it is.

Shoot, I've been working harder
than I've worked all year.

Everything's feeling good, healthy.

I hope Chase is ready.

His little girl, she's diabetic
and, um...

spent the last month in a hospital,
he ain't been to the last two events

Not that bull riding ain't tough enough
already now you gotta deal with that shit.

All right.

Chase is a huge part of this team.

And to not have him here
is tough on all of us.

Just as a family member, not having him

You know you're... you're missing him.


[Kate] The time is now!
It's the final stop of the regular season

and that road to the first-ever
PBR teams championship

runs right through Glendale, Arizona.

Stop number ten, this is it. You've gotta
get a win to have a shot in Vegas.

[announcer 1] It's so hard for me
to believe that this

is the final regular season stop,

but here we are, and the stakes are even
higher than we could have imagined.

[Kate] Yeah, as we take a look at the road

to Vegas season standings.

All those games and it comes down

to this guys!

[announcer 2] When you look
at those standings,

how fascinating is it that teams that

started out the season really hot

and have been at the top of the standings
for a lot of the year

are kinda struggling to hold those places.
'Cause teams that struggled

in the beginning, are rolling now!
How this weekend turns out, Flynn,

anybody's guess.


[Kate] Now if they secure
that number-one spot

they get a buy, as we go into Las Vegas.

[Sean] The teams wanna win the individual
season, the regular season

and have the best record.

One for the buy, which is really
important, getting that first day

and knowing you're going onto day two.

But there's a lot of money on the line
for the bull riders and the teams,

in bonuses at the end
of the regular season.

So you gotta win the regular season...

and it positions you well
for the team championships.

If you're able to win both
the regular season

and the team championship,
that team's gonna make

one and a half to two million dollars
in the course of the season.

[rider] You know how good you are.

- Hey, dude! I'm badass.
- How you doing sir?


So, like, when I'm just needing
some good vibes,

I, like, watch good rides
that I've made and kinda slow it down

and, you know, just remind myself
that I know how to do it.

If I wanna win the MVP
I gotta be the best.

I gotta be putting the work in,
you know have the confidence level.

And then the other half is
drawing good bulls to get on

and making every ride count.

I think studying, you know, having
confidence in yourself is big and that's...

When I watch videos of myself,
that's what I'm doing is just

boosting my confidence level and getting
it back where it needs to be.

[Matt] I think for Carolina,
there's a whole lot

of added pressure in their talent.

A lot of fans have them
as the team to beat.

I think that comes with a little extra
pressure and I don't know that

all of them are fully capable
of dealing with that pressure

at this moment.

For Daylon to win the MVP
he has to be absolutely perfect.


[Kate] For everyone watching live,
Texas Rattlers they take on the number two

Carolina Cowboys.

What was your message to your
team getting ready to start tonight,

with first place and those buys
in the finals on the line still?

Well it is, you know we really gotta
step up to the plate today, the guys

the guys they kinda put
a drive into 'em.

I feel like they'll really
step up tonight.

I feel good about our draw tonight and uh,
I feel like we're gonna get it dones.

[announcer 1] Now Boudreaux Campbell,
a 24 year-old on a bull called "Spice!"

[coach] Ride the middle Boudreaux

Come a-riding Boudreaux!

[announcer 1] Boudreaux Campbell! It is
time to get things rolling for Boudreaux

and I think it
happens tonight.

[Kate] He'll have some hot streaks
but he's often dealt

some pretty tough bulls as well.

[coach] Ride the middle Boudreaux!

- [yelling]
- [cheering]

[Kate] And yet another
tough pull for Campbell.

He was trying to power
to the whistle but ultimately

- comes down in four and ninety-four.
- Fuck!

[announcer 2] He needs to, not only
be more confident

but just calm down a little bit.

This bull-riding shit's fuckin' hard.

[announcer 2] He's having a tough
go of it.

And here we go!



Absolutely perfect!

[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] Wow! What a ride for Randolf!
Zoro now taking a victory lap!

[crowd cheers]

Texas leading with three qualified rides
to two for the Cowboys.

Rafael José de Brito a chance to put
his team another bull ahead.

[coach] Keep riding! Keep riding!
Come on!

[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] Texas four up,
four qualified rides!


Carolina with their final two rides.
They have to cover both of their bulls.

[Boudreaux] Consistency kills
in this game,

so this team has just gotta
improve on being consistent

You ride four or five bulls every game
they're not gonna beat you.

You know we've had a pretty
rough couple weeks

and we're just ready to turn it around
and have that momentum

- [announcer 1] Mason Taylor!
- [fan] Let's go Mason! Ready on, Mason!

[announcer 1] Man feeling the pressure,
with two riders left to go for Carolina.

[indistinct commands]

Got to get to the eight seconds!

Get up there, Mason.

[Kate] Oh!

God dang it!

[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] No team has ever gone five
for five and now we've got Cody Jesus.

[announcer 1] Yeah, he can hear you
right now!

Ladies and gentlemen take a look up there,
no team has ever gone five for five!

Cody Jesus trying to do five for five!

- [Kate] Here we go!
- [cheering]

[coach] Finish! Finish!
Keep riding! Keep riding!

[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] Texas is the first team
to ride all five bulls in a game!

[cheering and whooping]


Now for Daylon Swearingen

He's right behind Leme, just a couple
bulls behind the MVP race that is over

at the end of this weekend.
Someone is getting a $50,000 bonus,

and it's probably Leme or Swearingen.

[announcer 2] Well we know José's already
put up numbers

so this is a must-ride situation
for Swearingen.

Take a look, the PBR, MVP
standings Daylon Swearingen

one ninety-one and a quarter
behind José Vitor Leme!

A huge paycheck awaits
the PBR, MVP winner!

[Jerome] Have a ride, champ!

Straight out, champ!

[announcer 1]
Daylon Swearingen needs a perfect weekend!

Here he is!



Go! Yeah, yeah!

Stay in control! Stay in control!
Stay in control!

- [buzzer blaring]
- [Kate] Sending a message, Swearingen!

There's a reason he's your
reigning world champ!

[announcer 1]
And the reigning world champ...

Oh! Great move Daylon.

[fan] Good job Cowboy!

Woo! Watch out!

[Kate] Daylon's second in the MVP
standings the race has never been tighter.



[José] Hey.

How are you?
Too good, thank God.

This is where we hangout and have
good times, you know, ping pong.

For relaxing a little bit.

- [laughs]
- Ah!

Five - three.

Ah ha!

Those are the checks,
some uh, special events.

All of them is special but uh

I got those two in the middle.
It's the most special ones

because that's the world champions ones.

And uh, I like the sign too [laughs]
"Nothing is impossible."

I believe in that.

The world finals event champion.
That was my first check here so... uh...

That was a... lot of numbers
on that check.

And all the other ones uh, from different
places different uh, events.

But... They're all special.

[Kate] The MVP award comes with
a $50,000 bonus to the best rider

at the end of the season. That means
the guy who has ridden more bulls,

scored higher than any other
individual in the league.


I would have to fall from three bulls,

and he would have to beat three
bulls to take the lead.

He has a mathematical chance
of doing that.

However, if it depends on me,
it will not happen.

I will not make it easy for him.

I am going to work hard so that I can
keep the advantage and be the champion.

[announcer 1] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to night number two!

At the PBR, Arizona ridge rider's day!


Would you please welcome
the Kansas City Outlaws!

And here comes their opponents,

From deep in the heart of Texas,
to push their chips all in again,

The fourth-ranked team in the league!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
the Austin Gamblers!

[announcer 2] Get ready to stack
those chips up and push em all in

if you're an Austin Gamblers fan.

[Kate] José Vitor Leme looks to lead
his squad to yet another win.

The Gamblers are ready
to let the dice roll.

[announcer 1] Lucas Divino.

- [yelling]
- [cheering]

[coach] Get ready! Get ready!
Yeah! Yeah!


[announcer 2]
Coach Michael Gaffney ecstatic

with the performance of Lucas Divino!

[Kate] Koltin Hevalow pulling the rope
as Specalty goes down

and then continues to buck.

[announcer 1] Here we go!

And a quick buck-off.

[Kate] He knows he needs a ride
when you've got

Leme and Mitchell in the wings.

- [coach] Come on! Come on!
- [cheering]

[announcer 1]


[announcer 2]
The Austin Gamblers, Ezekiel Mitchell

All day, Ezekiel! All guts, all day!
All guts Ezekiel Mitchell!

All guts.

Slide up easy, slide up easy. Keep that
chin down and you battle for 20 seconds!

To hell with that ten you go for 20!

Chin down! Chin down!
Atta boy! Chin down!

- Atta boy! Very good Ezekiel! Oh!
- Oh!

[announcer 1]
Ezekiel Mitchell got rocked!

And now to the boys from Kansas City!
Here we go!

[coach] Come on! Keep riding!
Keep riding! Keep riding!

[buzzer blaring]

[coach] Yeah, baby!

Yeah! That's what I like to see!

- Yeah!
- [cheering]

[announcer 1]
Oh Yeah! Kansas City with the lead.

[Kate] Leme is climbing over the chutes
and he's aboard Chainsaw.

[announcer 2] You might expect this
moment to get interesting.

Let's do it, little brother!
All day little brother!

[announcer 2] The two-time world champ
might be on the verge

of something spectacular.

[Kate] If he finds the whistle, he is
the MVP of the PBR team season,

and earns that $50,000 bonus.

Atta boy! All day José!
Enjoy yourself!

All day little brother.

Go to it!

[bull braying]

All day! All day! Get ready, get ready!
Get ready! Yeah!

All day! All day! Yeah!

- [buzzer blaring]
- [Kate] Leme leaves it all on the line

and it pays off!

He's the MVP!

He wins it!

- [cheering]
- [clapping]

Right here in the desert, gets a final
qualified ride that seals the deal!

You're looking at him, the two-time champ!
José Vitor Leme

just won the first-ever
PBR team series MVP race!

With making the whistle tonight, you have
locked up the MVP award for PBR teams

for this year.

As the top rider in the inaugural
season, congratulations.

Thank you so much. So happy another
big win for me, for my career that...

That's going to be amazing.
I'm just so happy to help my team.

[announcer 2] Congratulations,
José Vitor Leme!

The Austin Gamblers win tonight

And uh, are fighting for first place,
on the final day on Sunday!

[Jerome] You know Daylon had a good shot
to win the MVP

and he only lost it by a couple bulls.

You know? But it was...
it was a tough deal.

José Leme is... he's a machine.

But at the end of the day
Daylon Swearingen's tough,

and he's gritty tough.

And he'll take a gut punch and still
come back the next night.

[Daylon] Yeah, I mean the MVP race,
I think it come down to two rides.

And... it was definitely something
I wanted to win.

There's spots where I messed up,
where I shouldn't have and...

I didn't ride to my fullest potential.

And I let some bull slip up that
I probably shouldn't have.

That was just on me.

But I had to quit looking
at it as an individual sport...

I just wanted whatever the team
had to do, to be the best.

We're just gonna keep moving forward.

So now our comeback at the finals
is gonna be even better.

[announcer 1]
Game number two!

We start with the eighth-ranked
team rollin' in fast and hot

to make their stand!
Got a win last night,

They represent music city!
With toughness, grit, and determination!

Please welcome the Nashville stampede!

Their opponents, from the "Sooner State!"

They roll in to take on Nashville!

The number-one-ranked team in the league!

The Oklahoma Freedom!

[Kate] Oklahoma riders,
without Chase Outlaw this weekend,

competing with heavy hearts.

Prayers are with
Chase's family and thinking of Cash.

And it all starts with their number one
pick in Eli Vastbinder

to really set the tone,
and set the pace to do that.

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!
Whaddaya think? Whaddaya think?

Yip, yip! Get ahead, get ahead!


[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] All the moves from Dr. Cool
and it doesn't matter! Easy,

for Eli Vastbinder!
Oklahoma is on the board!

That's what I'm talking about! Yeah!

[announcer 1] Lay down, backflip,
it doesn't matter what the bull's

gonna do, Eli's gonna
hang on, ride through it!

[announcer 2] It is going to be a battle
from start to finish!


[buzzer blaring]

[announcer 2] We got a race.

[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] Pollmeier! Perfection once again!

Oh, Matt's in!

- What!?
- [buzzer blaring]

Oklahoma takes a loss.

[announcer 2] This is gonna be
a heartbreaker.

We're seeing a celebration here.
Yeah, that's huge for the stampede and

and again everything that
we've talked about,

the scenarios, the situations,
but when you keep it back in terms...

[Brandon] That's the life,
and it's a tough life.

It was in the middle of game two, um,
Chase texts

and said that Cash is an angel.

They uh, they...they took her
off of life support, um...

From what I understand
and she passed away.

Think it's just pure shock right now,
more than anything.

[heavy sigh]

You guys are family to me, you know?

Go ahead, Cody.

[announcer 1] Well, ladies and gentlemen,
it is truly with a heavy heart tonight.

to announce that the PBR has lost
one of its members of our family.

Cash Lee Outlaw passed away.

She was the daughter of Chase Outlaw.

Tonight ladies and gentlemen
our thoughts and our prayers...

Are with Chase Outlaw and his family.

Cash Lee Outlaw was 11 years old.

It was tough I hated it,
hated that happened and uh,

and it's been tough on
a lot of people and um...

it's sure... sure a hard...
hard pill to swallow.

I mean you could just feel that whole
arena it just wasn't the same.

Ya know just everybody's heart went out
to Chase and you really realize what

a close-knit group of people
the PBR really is

when something
like that happens.

[Eli] Bull riding is my life,
and ya know...

I get so wrapped up in winning and doing
good and winning money and

whatever it is and those moments
it makes you realize that...

None of that shit matters,
not one lick.

Just being a dad I can't imagine what he's
going through or what he's thinking about.

This whole Cash deal has just...
made me open my eyes

to how small bull riding really is.



Run me over why don't ya?


- [Ezekiel] Whoa, whoa! Oh!
- [Jesse] Get to work!

- Good job!
- I told you "Whoa!"

- Go ahead.
- You said "Whoa" as it fell.

I was tellin' you "Whoa" before it fell.

God dang that was almost my toes woman.

- That's why you gotta put it down first!
- All right you're good now, it's good.

- Go.
- Success!

You're the one who barely lifted it
on there and you said "Whoa" as it fell.

- No I told you "Whoa" before you hit it.
- How am I supposed...

- Whatever, at least I can drive a tractor
- I said "Whoa"... I said...

- You come do it then.
- I will.

- Come on. [laughs]
- You got it.

That's what I thought.

[Ezekiel] Losing Ouncie was...
was tough...

And it still is uh, something that
I guess gets easier with time.

Uh, they say time heals everything.
I don't think time heals everything.

Just slowly starts to get a little easier.

Thank you.

- I'm comin' through there.
- Appreciate it.

- I don't wanna run you over.
- Thank you.

[Ezekiel] I just try to, ya know,
do my job.

My goal was still to be a world champion.

My goal is still to help the Austin
Gamblers win a world championship.

And I know for dang sure if it
was him in the same position

he wouldn't give up so
that's the same thing I'm doing

so now we're here we're
just gonna keep rollin'.

For the most part Jesse,
she's the workhorse,

outta the both of us honestly.

Throughout the day we stay pretty busy.
She has people that board horses here.

We have our own personal horses here
and we're constantly moving around.

[Jesse] She's got an attitude problem
when you actually make her work.

Good girl.

Think she gotta poop.

[Ezekiel] I don't care.

[both laugh]

Usually the afternoons we
try to get to do some riding.

Do the fun part of owning horses.
But uh, it's a pretty good life.

[Jesse] Why don't ya come ride her?
Get a feel for her.

- Nah that's your horse.
- It's your horse, you bought her.

- You ain't been on her yet.
- Yeah.

The only thing I need that horse
to do is produce me dollar signs.

[Jesse] Well, none of 'em do that, babe.

We're in the wrong business
for dollar signs.


Bulls bring dollar signs,
horses bring negatives.

[Ezekiel] Bulls don't bring no
dollar signs, what's wrong with you lady?

Not owning 'em, riding 'em.

[Ezekiel] Oh yeah, that does.

That's what I meant,
I don't wanna own 'em.

I want buckin' horses.

[Ezekiel] I don't want buckin' horses
no more, neither.

I want a field of buckin' horses so I can
go drink coffee on a porch and watch 'em.

[Ezekiel] My vision outside
of bull riding is just

to transform and inspire and change lives.

And to be able to do what I'm doing now,

without having to ride bulls
anymore in the future.

Uh, I want to be able to set
something up to where

I can be successful after this and I just
wanna hang out with my horses and Jesse.

- [clapping]
- [cheering]

[Kate] Austin Gamblers,
Arizona Ridge Riders.

The final game of the regular season.

[Ezekiel] The final game
of the regular season.

We're either getting
the buy going in first,

or we're losing and coming
in fourth or fifth.

[bull roaring]

[announcer 1] So far no team has been able
to strike.

All right little brother.
Keep moving little brother! There ya go!

Enjoy yourself.

[Kate] It goes to Leme,
he's aboard Dagger here.

[announcer 2] And let me just tell you,

you can feel the tension
down here in the bucking chutes!

It's thick!

Anything that stresses out a lil' longer.
Anything that'll prolong our stress then.

[announcer 1] José Vitor Leme!

And this bull's leaning on him
bad inside of that bucking chute.

But Austin looking to seal the deal,
the W, get the buy and clench it!

[coach] Ride little brother, ride!
Do it little brother!

Enjoy yourself José!

Aww! How is this gonna end?
Leme's lined up!

Call the corner!

Atta boy! Get ready! Get ready!
Get ready! Get ready!

Yeah! Atta boy! Get ready!

[buzzer blaring]


[announcer 1] And Leme!

[Kate] He sails to the whistle once again

and there was celebration
on the Austin side.

- [announcer 2] But wait a minute.
- But! Now you're hearing the challenge.

- No?
- [announcer 1] Arizona, challenging this.

Yeah, so it is under review.

[announcer 1] Yeah, wait a minute,
it could get dramatic here.

[annoucner 2] And another look back at it.
Back there, right there.

[Kate] So, there it is. Being called
for a slap at seven and forty-five.

[announcer 2] And ladies and gentlemen,
it's a no-score!


- [Kate] It says it all.
- We've seen that one time this season.

- [Kate] Yes.
- [announcer 2] Frustration.

[announcer 1] José, not happy.

That's home-field advantage
shit right there.

It is.

[announcer 2] Are you ready!?


[buzzer blaring]

[Kate] You can hear it! You can feel it!

Aparecido aces that one, easy!
Right here in Arizona!

Well, Ridge Riders,
they don't have any outs remaining

But the Austin Gamblers it's going to come
down to Ezekiel Mitchell

with their last up.

All right we're gonna
change the pace, yeah?

We're gonna change this shit.

You know what he's doing so keep
control of that free-arm and shit

and keep your chin down.

Be ready for whatever yeah?
Jump for jump.

Atta boy.

Cowboy stuff Ezekiel Mitchell.
Ten seconds, you hear me?

We're going home happy today.

Let's do this!
You keep that chin down!

Just like that.
You flow with this bull.

Only if you're strong
and get off your ass.

Off your ass, the whole time.

[Ezekiel] Everybody thinking
I can always stay on

whenever I'm the first spot.

Well, I have not rode a bull outside
of the first spot in the lineup.

Ever, the whole season.

I have to do something to prove a point.

[announcer 1] Guys, I got goosebumps,

the hair on the back of my
neck is standing up.

[announcer 2] It's down to one!

Ezekiel ten seconds.
Bury that chin and keep that elbow down!

- Here we go!
- [cheering]

[Kate] Get's past that first move!

[indistinct shouting]

[Kate] The gamblers are gonna love this

and Zeke seems to make
all the right moves!

My goodness, Austin wins it!


Are you serious!? [laughs]

[Kate] Austin not only wins the game
but that means they are

your number one team
of the regular season!

[Ezekiel] Just by the weight
of that one score,

we got to go ahead and win
and get the number one seat

and the buy going into the finals.

[Kate] Zeke, do your dance!

[Ezekiel] From the first event
of the year, you know, I'm undrafted.

Free agent. I really feel like
that team made me better.

Just because I wanted to pour into
the team what they were pouring into me.

It all just goes back to the team
and them believing in me.

And putting me in a position
to where I could do that.

I didn't win the game myself,
we win as a team and we lose as a team.

If it wasn't for them being behind me

I might not have been able
to accomplish it.

And I'm truly grateful
for my experience there.

[Eli] We might not be the number-one team
in the league right now

but we're still a brotherhood.

I'm hoping Chase comes back in Vegas

I think that's the kind of medicine
he needs right now.

[Ezekiel] We wanna win the finals.

So, we're going gung-ho
and we're full steam ahead.

It is not gonna be given to us, it is not
gonna be handed to us, that's for sure.

I think that we have the drive,
and we have the momentum going.

We're on track to do exactly
what we want to do.

We've got a chip on our shoulder
and we can only get better from here.

We managed to finish well.

We managed to achieve several of
the goals we had that weekend.

I am very confident about going
to Las Vegas...

because Las Vegas has always
been good to me.

I am confident that we will leave
there with the title.

Nothing comes easy and we
gotta fight for it every single day.

We're hungry and we want,
and we gotta make it happen.

Couple bad weekends
but that doesn't define us.

'Cause I'm not gonna quit,
I'm not gonna let go.

You gotta have a lot of grit.
It's either first or nothing.

And I don't really settle
for anything less.

We're gonna go to Vegas
and take care of business.