The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Lone Stars - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
How are y'all today?

Yes, sir.

-Good morning!
-Thank you.

How are you?
Doing good?

You are not here by accident.

The marathon runner is not slowed
down by the boulder in front of him...

but they're crippled by the small rock
that gets in their shoe.

If you don't start dealing
with the small issues...

it's going to become a big issue...

in the future.

[Daylon Swearingen]
Yeah, I'm still growing as a leader.

The first time bull riding's
really ever been put into a team aspect,

so it was just, for me,
there's a lot more to grow and learn.

And here's the thing,

most of you in your past
have some crazy thing that's happened,

and you're just grateful you survived it.


You didn't go through it
just to go through it.

Don't let your greatest hurts
in life just be hurts.

Why do I say that?

You'll look back, and you can be able
to bring people along with you

so they don't have to go through
what you went through.

Maybe be hard on yourself
for a couple of seconds,

then you know, go back
to celebrating with the team

because at the end of the day,
it's "y'all" and not just an "I."

Stand with me this morning.

[♪ contemplative music plays]

For some of you that have been healed
need to go to the ones that are hurting.

And say, "We're gonna make it through."

I'm here for you.

"We" is better than "me."

You don't got to go through it alone.

You don't gotta go through it by yourself.
We're going to do this together.

[pastor] And then I just need
one bold person.

One bold person to say...

"I'm gonna take the lead.
I'm gonna carry the mantle."

You paying attention,
so you know how to do this?

[Chase] I'd say I've always been
a cowboy. It's all I've ever known.

I mean, heck, I didn't want to be...
I don't want to live in town.

Live in an apartment,
never be outside,

and a place for my kids
roam around on

and be kids and be free,
like I did when I was a kid.

Get on, Chloe.

He's too big.

Whoa, whoa!


Daddy! What am I riding?

You're gonna ride with Daddy.

That's what makes it appealing for me,

knowing what you can learn
out here on the farm.

Ain't nothing that a dadgum schoolhouse
is teaching you, especially today.

This out here, you learn responsibility.

You learn how to get up
every day and go get it.

Yeah, it's a lot of hard work,
but... what ain't hard work?

There you go, Chloe!

Chloe is 6 years old.

Hayes is 5.

And I have another daughter

who is, uh, 10, 'bout to be 11.

Cashleigh Blake Outlaw.

And she was with a previous relation
from when I was in high school.

But we have a close relationship.

I'd say, heck, we're a...
we're a tight family.

Get on in. Hang on now.

-She gonna go now?
-Yep. Keep your feet right there, Hayes.

There you go. Look at 'em go.

Look at 'em go.

I freakin' love this life I live.

He's ready to get off.

[children shouting]

[♪ gentle music plays]

[♪ guitar music plays]

[Cord] Team events kind of eat up
four days of the week,

while the other three days
are with the bulls.

I hear you, buddy.

That was my complete living
before I took the coaching job.

[bull bellowing]

Oh, you want out?

I'll let you out. Come on.

Most of them, uh...

you know, bigger...
bigger stars than I ever was.

There he goes.

If the Bulls learn to sign autographs,
I mean,

they'll put the riders out of business.

You're not that bad.

[Cord] I feel like I have
a hundred more responsibilities

than I did when I was just a bull rider.

And now, uh, you know, a wife and a family
and a whole team to take care of as well.

[girl speaks indistinctly]

Who wants the pink cup?

-[Sara] You?

Thanks, Mom.

Okay, you wanna hold hands
and pray really quickly?

Hold Daddy's hand.

[Cord] God, thank you for this day
and thank you for giving us each other.

Bless the ranch and the animals,

and we just give you
all the glory and praise,

and we just ask you to be with us

and be with all
the Oklahoma Freedom team

as they ride this weekend,
keep them safe and protect us.

-I leaved my eyes open.

[Cord playfully] Oh, no...

You had your eyes open?

[Cord] I met my wife,
met her at a PBR in Tulsa.

That weekend...

like, I really I had the best rides
of my life, and there was a lot of, uh...

I always look back
to the time we met,

and we just ended up
naming our daughter Tulsa.

So you have good bulls for the weekend?

The one Eli's got, he actually
rode him a couple years ago.

Pretty good.

Chase is healthy?

Yeah, Chase is feeling really good.

I like the way Outlaw's riding,
like, to the right,

better than he's riding to the left.

I mean, like, he's just, like,
he gets solid when he goes right.

Are you excited to go to the bull riding?

Yeah. Get ice cream.

[Cord] What?


[announcer] It's stop number nine
of the inaugural PBR team season,

as Dickie's arena
welcomes the Texas Rattlers

to their home dirt
for the very first time.

And it's so good to have you
with us for Rattler Days.

There's not very many towns in the U.S.

that are more cowboy
than Fort Worth, Texas.

There's going to be great bulls
and great rides all night.

But the team I'm keeping an eye on

is the Oklahoma Freedom.

Chase Outlaw has been strong for them.

They are without him this weekend.

[indistinct chatter]

Okay, guys,
I think everybody is out here.

Thank all of y'all.

This does my heart good.
I hope it does y'all's, too.

So, I just...
I think this is awesome.

We all get together
and as a big family and pray together.

In case any of you didn't know,

Chase's little girl, Cash Outlaw,
is in the hospital.

And it's... it's pretty bad, guys.

So we just, um, we're going to do
a group prayer because...

Dalton Kasel, where you at?
What'd you say, Dalton?

When two or more come together,
it will be done.

How about my brother preaching here?

So, Mr. Kody Lostroh, you want
to start this and get it started for us?

[Kody Lostroh]
Yeah. Yeah.

Father God, we thank you so much
for this day,

this opportunity that we've got
in front of us right now,

and I just pray for first and foremost
Cash Outlaw

and everything that her and her family
are going through right now, Father.

We ask for complete healing
over her body,

her brain, and everything
that's affected right now, God;

that you would give the family
peace and comfort

and the determination
to see it through

and trust in you
through this whole process.

And we know, God, that even though...

even though we can't tell them today
that we're...we're with them,

that every person in this building

is with them and praying for them
and standing with them.

-In Jesus' name, amen.
-[all] Amen.

-Thank you, guys.
-Thank you.

Thank you, Lostroh.

Um, here. I'm bringing you two of these.

We got stickers made for Cash.

Hey, give me one. I'll put one on.

I can't imagine what Chase Outlaw is
going through right now with his daughter.

You know, my heart
just goes out to 'em.

Everybody's heart went out to Chase.

[Tiffany] They... they know
she went into a diabet...

she's 11 years old
and went into a diabetic coma,

and she's still on a ventilator.
She's been in it a week now.

Chase is tough. He'll get through it,

but he's not gonna get through it alone,
and he won't have to get through it alone

'cause there's enough of us out there

and he's always got all of us.

You got, uh, the Cash stickers?

Is that... did PBR do those?
Oh, there they are.

These guys, they're
the toughest guys in the world.

They'll go to battle, you know,
against an 1800-pound animal

with a sticky glove and a rope.

Then you talk about some big hearts.

These guys, uh,
these guys got your back.

[Eli Vastbinder] How closeknit
we are is unreal, you know?

And I've always thought that,
and I've always knew that.

But going through this deal, uh,
with Cash Outlaw, Chase's little girl...

It brought everybody together.

[Chase Outlaw]


Yes, sir.

Cord McCoy. Hey, uh...

I just, uh, I wanted to call and tell you

you're in not only Oklahoma Freedom's
thoughts and prayers tonight,

but Cash is, you know,
here for everybody.

We, uh, Oklahoma Freedom,

we went ahead and put you
on the roster for today,

so you're riding with us whether you...
whether you know it or not.

So, uh, know everybody's...
everybody's got Cash on their mind,

so, bigger... bigger things
than bull riding.

You go take care of that, okay?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I am. I am.

Well, you, uh...

Y'all just hold it down there.

We'll talk to you soon, then.

Yes, sir, and thank you for your worrying.

-Love you, Outlaw.
-Thank you, brother.

[announcer] Riding for a fellow teammate,
of course, Chase Outlaw

on the Oklahoma Freedom.

His teammates with their minds

not only on the games

but on Chase Outlaw's
daughter Cash fighting for her health,

and we're all sending our prayers out
to Chase Outlaw's family.

[Cord McCoy] I'm hoping that Cash
comes to a full recovery,

but the team is ready to stand behind him

and ride for him and Cash,
whether he's there or not.

It's Arizona Ridge Riders.

Oklahoma Freedom getting set

looking to get in that win column.

[Eli] Everybody on my team, even
the young kids that have no kids at home

and don't understand
what Chase is going through,

seeing their hearts
and how everybody come together,

it's been breathtaking.

[announcer] Number two Oklahoma,
number three Arizona.

Let's not forget, top two teams
at the end of Glendale next weekend,

well, they get an ever-so-important
by when we get to Las Vegas.

[announcer] If you're one of
those top two teams in Vegas,

how important is that extra rest?

It's really important

because you're talking about bull riding
is extremely hard on your body.

If you have an extra night to rest up
for the championship, it's big.

[indistinct chatter]

I'm getting really amazed at
how important that first ride or two is.

Getting somebody on the board
in those first couple.

It matters at the end too, you know.
Just to give yourself a shot.

[Allen] For a while, everybody wanted
to have their best rider

as the closer in case you needed
a ride to win the game.

Then everybody started
to figure out, wait a minute.

Now we want our best shot
at a score first

'cause then everybody else
picks up that energy and runs with it.

[announcer] Well, when you look
at the Oklahoma Freedom,

they're going to start
with their veteran, Eli Vastbinder.

Great move. I love the fact they're
starting with the superstar player.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[announcer] They definitely need
all of their key players,

and that guy is still one of them,
even though he's riding a little bit

of a negative streak right now.

Hey, change the game, Eli.

Go do it. Show 'em
why you're the captain.

Get him where you want
to keep him there, now.

[♪ thrilling music plays]

[onlookers shouting]

[Cord] All day.
Finish it, finish it!

Good job!

[man] Good job, good job!

Eighty-seven and a half points,

and Oklahoma's starting out great!

[announcer] Chase Outlaw's
little celebration there.

I know this locker room certainly
has all of their thoughts and prayers

with their teammate, their brother.

He's pointing there to Cash.

That, of course, Chase Outlaw's daughter.

He's saying, we're thinking
about you right here.

[Cord] Hey, Captain.

Good job.

Good job. Great job.

[announcer] Oklahoma on the board,
courtesy of that Ela Vastbinder ride.

Can the Ridge Riders answer
as we go to the heart of their line-up?

Yeah! Whoo!

[announcer] Lil 2 Train
gets him down in 4 and 44.

All right, now, Tate,
keep the ball rolling now!

[announcer] He came crashing down
in two point two seconds.

[indistinct urgent shouts]

[announcer] Unable to put
a ride on the board,

Trevor Reiste next to go.
The Punisher, the bull.

Hey, go ride him, now.
All day long.

Hang on. There you go.

Don't quit, don't quit! Don't quit!

[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] Whoo!

[announcer] A bull that's only
been ridden twice!

And the Oklahoma Freedom
extending their lead.


The Arizona Ridge Riders
meet him right here.

[indistinct shouts]

Gotta get outta there.

Get out, keep running.

Unable to put a ride on the board,

Briggs Madsen, clinch situation
for the Freedom.

Can they get that third qualified ride
and get the win?

-Oh, no!


[buzzer sounds]

Briggs taking a hard hit there.

We do see the re-ride flag on the ground,

but with the hit that Briggs just took,

it will be interesting to see
who will be getting on this bull.

And, again, this is a bit of
a depleted roster.


[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
Briggs Madsen has said,

"I will get on the re-ride bull."

You saw what happened moments ago,
the shot to the head.

Here we go.

[♪ strong music playing]

[buzzer sounds]

Absolutely outstanding!

[announcer] Minutes after he was just
slammed against the steel,

comes back to finish off
the game like that.

Hello, Briggs Madsen!
Toughness, he's got it.

Oklahoma getting this win for Cash
for Chase Outlaw.

[Jay Campbell]
Put this one on backwards.

[Boudreaux Campbell]

We put this one on backwards.

You mean you put it on backwards?



Just... I don't know, just did.

What do you mean it's on...?

That wheel's... that wheel's
turned around backwards.

Needs to be flipped around
the other way.

I was born in
The Woodlands, Texas,

in 1998.

My dad and mom got a divorce
when I was real, real young.

And, uh, I've lived with my dad
for most of my whole life.

[Jay] Take that around
to the other side in the back.

I've never had the... the mom side
of things, you know.

It's just been me and him in a house
together my whole, whole life.

So, it's kind of like we're
a married couple a little bit.

Well fixed.

This right here, Boudreaux,
is the whole cap for this.

This one is broke.

Where do you get another cap at?

[Jay] Um...

Trailer store.

[Jay] He... when he played baseball,
you know, I was his coach there.

When he played football,
I was his coach there.

In the rodeo world, I mean,
he-he ran barrels, he'd run poles.

I was his driver. [chuckles]

Good job, buck!

You the one took the tire off!

So, therefore,
I think you might've broke it.

-That's what I was thinking.
-That's what I was thinking.

[soft laughter]

[Jay] Boudreaux is
my best friend at times, you know.

He's my best friend, and then he's
my enemy sometimes, you know.

I definitely got the short end
of this deal.

[Jay] But, like I say, I wouldn't
change it for the world.

He's my buddy, he's my go-to,
but, in the same sense,

I get frustrated with him
because, as a parent,

you want better for your children.

And then sometimes I just go,
"What are you doing?"

[♪ twangy music plays]

[Boudreaux] Then, when my dad
come home from work,

he built me a, uh, a little arena,

and I started riding steers
and riding horses.

He really went all out, you know,
when I was growing up.

What's up, Daylon?

Did you have to get a bag like Bubba's?

Here at the ranch all the time,

me and my dad, we bought calves, steers,
beef, big bulls...

just anything for the kids or just anybody
round here that wants to get better.

We got every level of stock.

We got beginner stock,
and then we got some bulls

that actually buck pretty hard.

Hey. Stay purdy, you hear me?

Chest. Big, big chest.

Tear down, Daylon.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

[indistinct shouts]

He's good, he's good, he's good.

I thought he was gonna turn him loose, but
he just kept coming to me!

Rookie! [laughter]

Hey, stay off of their heads!

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

[sharp cry]

[Boudreaux] I didn't want to listen,

but I'm glad he taught me
everything he taught me.

You know, changing tires,
building a fence, working cows.

Growing up like that,
I feel like I know so much.

[♪ driving music plays]

Big chest, big chest!

Ride, Daylon.

Keep hustling, keep hustling,
keep hustling!

You did good.

He got to moving real fast.
He's not that big.

You just gotta keep chasing that front.

You're kind of just behind the jump.
You gotta keep chasing him.

I've known Boudreaux for years.

He's tough. Like, he's
South Texas tough, too, you know.

When he rode here Wednesday,

Boudreaux won it, but there was
another kid behind him.

His name is Jalen.

Boudreaux goes up there
and he tells the secretary,

he said, "Hey, take half that money
and give it to that kid."

He didn't have to do that.

And that kid... like,
when you went up there

and we told that kid,
his eyes got about that big.

He said, "Are you kidding me?"

And I said, "No, Boudreaux said
that was a good ride you made,

you deserve half that money, so..."

He's got a huge, huge heart, you know.

Get up there.

Now, lift with... lift.
Drive your chest out. Look pretty.

There you go.

There you go.
[indistinct remark]

[Jay] For anybody
that's never met Boudreaux,

for the most part,
he's happy-go-lucky.

Kind of like me...
if I'm not gonna have fun,

I don't want to live.

All right, that one was real tough
on the kid.

When they make a hard
direction turn like that.

[Jay] I'm a very proud parent.

Boudreaux's accomplished lots
and lots of things

that I'd never accomplish.

He's had a great, great career.

He's been places
that I'll never get to go to.

Heck, I've been to places
only because of him.

You know, later in life,
I think he'll look back on that

and go, "Man, that was so awesome,
to get to travel

and see the different sights
he's gotten to see,

all because of bull riding

and his success, you know.

Keep your head up, Bru.

This is just practice.
It don't mean nothing anyway.

Don't quit, Bubba.

Fort Worth, Texas.

Are you ready?

Game number two coming your way.

The Kansas City Outlaws take on
number one Carolina Cowboys.

[announcer] And Leonardo Lima,
the 28-year-old to start

for the Kansas City Outlaws.
Here we go!

[indistinct shouts]

Into his hand to start.

Ultimately, Lima loses that one.

Kansas City unable to strike
in their first out here.

And not really the position you want
to put number one Carolina in.

[overlapping shouts]

Batista, ever so close.

[announcer] It's a seven two five,
according to the judge here.

No mistake!

Mast here for eight and more.

Goes all the way, takes an extra
hit on the way down.

Kansas City on the board.

So, Carolina, unexpectedly
on the defense first

as they go to Boudreaux Campbell
to get on the board.

[Jerome Davis] Boudreaux
is the guy I go to a lot.

There's a bull over here that not really
everybody wants to get on.

And when I say, "Hey, Boudreaux,
what do you think about this bull?"

He said, "I'll chew him up
and spit him out."

Show 'em what you got, Boudreaux.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Ohh! Over the front!

Two up, two down for Carolina.

[Jerome] I mean, I can match Boudreaux
and he would be a top five guy,

but he's doing it for the team.

[Boudreaux] And then,
when you're bucking off a lot,

it starts wearing on a guy.
It really makes him think,

"Am I good enough to do this,
or should I be doing this?"

I always tell myself, "It's gonna
come around, it's gonna come around.

Keep trying hard. Keep fighting, um..."

Head back to the back
of the bucking chutes,

and then I'm just cheering
and helping the next guy

'cause we need him to do good,
you know? So...

Hey, Boudreaux, hold it up to your eye.

There you go.

Break it up, boys! Let's go!

I kept that fur in front of me.

I kept it in front of me.

You did, hey!

Kansas City with the edge.

They've still got Kolton Hevalow
to add to that lead.

[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] Wow!
Hevalow hung up there.

Good to see him get loose.

Somehow he made the whistle.

[announcer] Kansas City
has two scores on the board.

Three attempts remaining,

so this is the time
to make a move as they go

to the middle of their lineup,

and who else than
2016 world champ Cooper Davis?

We've seen him as a closer for this team.

We've seen him lead off,
and now he's right there in that

number three position
aboard Shot in the Dark.

Can he find the whistle for Carolina
and get 'em on the board?

If I had to bet, I'd say yes.

[ring announcer]
Here we go!

[Tiffany Davis]
Stay with him! There you go!

And Davis does it!

Put out that effort! Whoo!


[announcer] Carolina,
they're on the board, courtesy Davis.

[Jerome] Daylon's kind of been
our captain, you might say,

but Coop, when he come in,
he stepped up to the plate

and started knocking it out too,

so, just having both
of them guys in there...

it's like having two captains.
[light chuckle]

[announcer] Well, Kansas City, who
wrote this up on paper to look like this?

Have a close situation
as they go to the young gun

and reigning rookie of the year,
Bob Mitchell.

Kansas City can seal it.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] My goodness!
Kansas City pulls off the upset

before Daylon Swearingen
even nods his head!

[announcer] Kansas City Outlaws
are fired up, and rightfully so.

[announcer] Not just a win,
but a giant upset over Carolina.

-That's a big fucking deal.
-[Cord chuckles] We saw it.

Like, that's a big deal.

[announcer] Folks, even though
the game is in the books,

Daylon Swearingen,
the number one man

in the MVP standings,

and here he goes.

That's a $50,000 bonus

for an individual rider
at the end of the season.

Daylon Swearingen is sitting
aboard Cliffhanger.

No one's been able to make
the whistle yet on this one.

[announcer] Yeah,
this bull bucks really hard.

You got the world champion bull rider

getting on the most
dangerous bull in the pen.

Like, why... why are you doing it?

To me, if you're gonna play him tomorrow,
he's gonna be sore tomorrow.

This'll make us...

They put him on the rankest bull
they have in the pen.


[♪ dramatic music plays]

[spectators cheering]

There you go!

[announcer] Because al the talking,
it comes in the form of...


See what I mean? Nah-yah-yah!

[announcer] Swearingen takes
a huge shot after that ride.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

An uncomfortable hush over this arena.

[Tiffany Davis]
What'd it do, step on him?

[man] I think whenever he hit the ground,
he landed on that shoulder.

-It knocked him out.
-Knocked him out. Okay.

[♪ percussive note]

Folks, look at this.

He is getting up on his feet.

Um, my head hit his horn.

Knocked me out.

You know, the bull riders,
everybody did their job.

And I don't remember anything till, uh,

being back in the sports medicine room.

[Tiffany] They said he's all right.
He's talking.

Cooper thinks it landed on his shoulder,
it made him knock out.

And sometimes the pain, when you
have pain, it'll make you pass out.

But the team is working with him now,
checking on him.

[Matt West]
You can never plan on injuries.

The guy's fighting for that MVP honor.

You want to see him step in there
and succeed.

You throw Daylon in the mix,

and he's got a chance
at the MVP race.

The team doesn't need him
for the victory,

but his team wants him to win.

That's what this is all about.
This whole sport's all about winning.

Doesn't matter if it's individual,
doesn't matter if it's team.

You want to see guys succeed.

[birds chirping]


Lauren's actually from North Carolina,

and Jerome and Tiffany,
that's their goddaughter.

I met her one time
when I went to Jerome's.

Hope he don't buck for you.

-That's what I told them.
-Ain't been on him in a week.

A couple weeks.

I hope I don't get bucked off.

[Lauren] He used to come to
Jerome and Tiffany's.

We were riding down the road one day,

and he sent me a message
on Instagram, and I was like,

"Oh, my God, he messaged me
on Instagram!"

Then me and Jerome and Tiff were
just, like, messaging back and forth,

and then... we were dating from then.

[horse whinnies]

[Lauren] The stigma of a bull rider
is probably chasing women

and not really settling down.

But me and Daylon,
we talk on the phone a lot,

and I could just tell, like,
how he was,

and, like, he was who I wanted to be with.

Lauren, you got spurs? Use 'em.

[Lauren] It's Alf.
This is just how he walks.

He's like a Cadillac.

[Daylon] Lauren, she really helps me,
you know, keep stuff in line.

She helps me with stuff here,

and, you know, she helps me
enjoy life, too.

Like, I love working.

She goes with me, and we have fun.

And, you know, when I'm down,
she picks me up now,

um, and vice versa.

[Lauren] Quit.

I'll get him hot for you.

No. I don't want him hot.

He's a nice horse. Keep him calm.

This is where I've been working him.

When we first got together, he was
probably still a little bit of a boy.

His priorities weren't in line.

He was just living life.

In 2022, he set his goal.

The Team Series was new.

He wanted to be, you know, the first MVP,

so he's gonna work for it.

-Now, how's your head feeling?
-My head feels good.

A hundred X, you know.

[Lauren] So, like, whenever you did
get knocked out,

like, how does it feel?

[Daylon] Well, it feels great.
I don't remember anything until...

Murph, he was helping me
in the, uh, locker room.

But, so, like, you never... you didn't even
come to, like, in the arena, really?

Well, I mean, I probably did.
I walked out.

I mean, yeah, I know you walked out, but,
like, did you even know you were walking?

No, I didn't.

I don't remember anything till...
till I got back into sports medicine.

I really don't remember anything
clearly till later that night.

[♪ music plays]

I know Alf will be in my future.


Hopefully, you'll be in it.

-[Daylon] I'm in it.
-[Lauren] You're sure about that?

You don't think I'm in your future?

[Lauren] No.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[Jim] Ready, go.

Water pools.
Remember, don't chicken-wing.

Keep your knee in tight.

The main focus today is balance,
agility and reaction.

Blue. Blue.

Yeah! Ha ha!

As a bull rider,

they don't necessarily need
to lift a bunch of weights.

They don't want to be super bulky
or top heavy

or bottom heavy
or feeling super tight.

White. White.

Good job, Lucas.

Almost got out of your shoes again.

Having a good center of balance,

where they're at,
whenever they're sitting on the bull,

staying in the middle the entire time,

and being able to react whenever
something comes their way.

They never know what direction
the bull's gonna really go

because it has a mind of its own.

[whistle chirps]

Gonna go back in line.

Come on, José! Come on, cowboy!

Come on! Oh, he lost it!

[José] I'm feeling good today.
I'm getting better.

I was hurt couple of weeks ago.

I broke some ribs, and, uh,
I had to stay out for...

for two events, and...

we was doing pretty good.
We was in first position.

We lose some positions, but...
[clears throat]

that's why I come back sooner,
to try help my team.

Hopefully, uh,
we can do better this weekend

and come back to where
we was before.

Good, Dakota! Come on, cowboy,
come on, cowboy!

[whistle chirps]

-What'd you get that time?

That's better than the last one, right?

Here we go. Ready. Blue!


-What was that?

Bad throw!

Bad throw!



20 seconds left!
Fight! 20 seconds left!

José is just what you would
expect it to be.

You know, he goes 100%
in everything he does.

José gives it his all.

And whether he's riding his bull,
whether he's training in the gym,

whether he's playing soccer.

There's not too much you can say about it.

Everything you would think is
exactly what he's doing.

You know, he wants to be the best,

and his goal is to be the best.

[praying in Portuguese]

-[all] Amen.

Lean in, boys. Loud and proud.

One, two, three... Gamblers!

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Incredible rides, incredible wins

have happened right inside this arena
over the last two days,

and the conclusion of Rattler Days
is sure to serve up even more.

But no, Carolina Cowboys came in here
number one spot in the standings.

They are oh-and-two on the weekend.

[announcer] Also, the two-time
champion of the world,

José Vitor Leme, back from injury.

Looking to start his team off on
the right foot, get the momentum rolling.

[announcer] Hey, Texas,
are you ready to ride some bulls?

Let me hear you!

It's a battle of the Lone Star State

deep in the heart of Dickies Arena.

Austin Gamblers, Texas Rattlers.

[announcer] I'm looking
at the Austin Gamblers lineup.

We know Dalton and José are in there,

but I'm going straight
to the number one spot,

Ezekiel Mitchell.

[Michael Gaffney] Let's do it,
Ezekiel Mitchell! Enjoy the battle!

Huge moves out of the gate.

Look out... Mitchell down
in three and 98.

[announcer] Yeah, that bull trying to make
sure that everybody remembers him.

[announcer] It's the home team
and the Texas Rattlers,

going to perennial top five favorite
João Ricardo Riviera.

He's aboard Top Shelf.

Let's make some noise! Here we go!

Clock says eight!

Eighty-nine points!

The Gamblers down to one.

[announcer] Austin unable
to find the whistle yet.

Of course, they have Leme left
in that closer position,

but for José Vitor Leme,
he's leading those MVP standings.

[announcer] Daylon Swearingen
had taken over that number-one position,

and then, all of a sudden,
José shows back up.

[indistinct remark]

Run the buckers in there.

José's gonna ride 'em
almost every time.

[announcer] The Gamblers need
89 and a quarter for the win.

[Michael Gaffney] Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy the battle.

Enjoy the battle.

Let's do it, José, let's do it.

Buckle up, folks.

Here we go!

[indistinct shouts]

[buzzer sounds]

Do you love Leme or what?

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Beautiful, beautiful.
Get off good, get off good.

There you go, there you go.
Easy, easy.

That was huge for Austin.

Leme makes it look so easy.

And not enough to get 'em!

[announcer] He had to be 89,
and you can already hear the crowd.

You never think that Leme is ever
gonna be anything below a 90.

He absolutely dominates bulls,

and I think the issue here is
he might have made it look too easy.

Yeah, it's not enough.

But Leme takes the lead
in the MVP race.

Game number two coming your way.

Get ready, Dickies Arena.
Number one Carolina Cowboys,

number two Oklahoma Freedom.

When we get to Vegas, top two teams,
they get a by Friday night.

Both of these teams looking to stay
in these positions.

The tale of the tape says
it could be anyone's game.

[announcer] Well, I think
for the Carolina Cowboys,

look no further than the world champion,
Daylon Swearingen.

[announcer] Now, I'm looking
at the Oklahoma Freedom,

and I look at the number-one guy
in the lineup,

the veteran, one of the backbones,
Eli Vastbinder on Medicine Man.

They're riding for so much here today.

[announcer] Outlaw not here,
dealing with a family matter.

We wish the very best to Cash
and his entire family.

Go, boys! Go down, guys!
Let's go!

Let's go, Coop!
Bear down, Coop!

[announcer] As for Cooper Davis,
well, he has been

lights out in the best way in bull riding.

Now, Pickle Moonshine is the bull,

but you're looking at a guy
riding at 80%.

[cheering and shouting]

Davis does it yet again.

This time, finds a whistle
aboard Pickle Moonshine.

Carolina, first out of the gate.

Eli Vastbinder first to nod for Oklahoma,

looking to match
what Carolina's just done.

He's aboard Medicine Man.

This team is riding for Chase,
riding for Cash.

You ride him all day long, Eli!

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Vastbinder down.

This time around, all the effort
was there for six and more,

but Medicine Man
was just not stopping.

He was throwing out every move he could.

Speaking of bulls that could be
tough to get by,

this one could, but he's got
Boudreaux Campbell matching up with him.


All right, Boudreaux!

Ohh. Gets forward quickly.

War Dress, you mentioned
how tough the bull.

We saw Coach Jerome Davis
looking on as well

as we go to Trevor Reiste
aboard El Cid.

[announcer] Trevor had a wrist injury
whenever he was really young,

turned his hand around,
put it in backwards,

and has found major success doing it.

[♪ dramatic music plays]


Gets forward, takes a shot.

Slow to get up.

What do you think right here?
Want to look at it?

Ain't gon'... Foul?


[announcer] Well, there's a challenge
like there might be a rewrite here.

Bovine athletes need to have a clean out

to give, of course,
the human athletes on their back

the best opportunity
for a qualified ride,

so, if the judges feel it is not
a clean enough out to do just that,

that's when that re-ride is awarded.

So, Oklahoma will get the re-ride.

The coach has to decide
who is getting on the bull.

[indistinct chatter]

Same guy.

Okay, guys, it's gonna be the same guy.
What's my re-ride?


Uh, Brindle.

Wrap it up, right here.

[man] Let it ride, Daylon.

[announcer] Oklahoma,
still two outs remaining.

Carolina has one,
and it's a big one here.

Daylon Swearingen aboard a bull he's
been successful on three times before.

Bear down, Daylon.

[Daylon] Bull riding's a sport where you
have to ride hurt a little bit sometimes,

and you gotta know for yourself
when that line is.

Being a bull rider
is riding with toughness

and just riding with whatever you've got.

So, I need to step up when I have
the opportunity to get on that bull

and just make every bull ride count.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[indistinct shouts]

[announcer] Swearingen
comes down in five eleven

and takes a shot on his back
once he hits the dirt as well.

[announcer] I can promise you
that Carolina bucking chute

have a whole lot of question marks
on their faces right now.

What just happened?

[announcer] And that opens
a door for Oklahoma here.

But because of Cooper Davis's
big score of 91 and three quarters,

it's not just a ride,
it's got to be a huge ride...

a 92 to take the lead...
or they need both qualified rides.

Well, if there's a guy
on the Oklahoma Freedom team

you want to put up a big 90,
it's Derek Kolbaba.

[announcer] D.K., got to be perfect.
Here we go!

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Can he go the distance?

He does!

Oklahoma, they get on the board!

Is it going to be enough here?

Come on, 92. Come on, 92.

You can hear Cord McCoy:

"Come on, 92. Come on, 92!"

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Yes, sir.

Eighty-nine and a quarter.

They have cut the deficit
to one eight-second ride.

If they get to eight seconds...

they go to a league-leading
15 and 10.

[announcer] What a moment
for the newest member of the squad

in Trevor Reiste.

He's got to find the whistle
to get the win.

Stick your chest out and ride, now.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[indistinct shouting]

[buzzer sounds]

[announcer] Reiste rises
to the occasion in his debut weekend!

Brand-new member
of the Oklahoma Freedom.

That's what I'm talking about!

He finds the whistle, walks it off.

Oklahoma is your new number-one team!

Welcome to the Oklahoma Freedom,

Trevor Reiste.

Welcome to the winner's circle, and now

he takes that spot as the hero
to get it done

and get his team the win.

Two teams coming in.

Same record.

So many similarities in that win.

Moves Oklahoma from
number two on the season

to number one, overtaking the spot

that Carolina has held
for quite some time.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[pained shout]

Damn it.

[indistinct chatter]

He should have never got
a re-ride in the first place.

[indistinct chatter]

Allie! Oh, crap!

Game day.


Are you all right?

[indistinct chatter]

You seen that on your back yet?

Hey, we just lost, man.

Can y'all just, like, leave us
the fuck alone for a second?

I don't mean to be rude,
but can y'all just...

Let's go. My goodness,
give us a second to regroup.

Son of a bitch.

It's been a Cinderella story.

[announcer] Oklahoma has won
ten of the last twelve games.

The Freedom have certainly been on a roll.

Great, great job, guys.

I couldn't be prouder of you.

Winning never gets old,
I guarantee you.

[laughing] Oh, my God!

That was so good!


So good.

Looks like you're riding
the top of the wave right now.

I'm with the highest of the highest...

[overlapping happy chatter]

I mean, I can't get over the way
you guys just did exactly

what you decided you were gonna do here.

You guys... excuse the pun
we talked about earlier...

you guys stepped up to the plate today.

It's the same bull riders
on tougher bulls.

And y'all just stomped it out and said...

"This is... this is our game."

[Eli] None of us could think
of a better way than to win

in Chase's honor and Cash's honor.

It definitely means more
when you're riding with purpose like that.

We... we were playing today,
and that was... it was impressive.

Whatever that was, stay in that lane.

Whatever that was.

[♪ end credit music plays]