The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Bitter Victory - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I was born and raised here

on the Blackfeet reservation
in Browning, Montana.

My grandparents always told us
to be thankful for the land that you have

because there's never
going to be any more of it.

My ancestors come from Canada
and here in Montana.

I definitely don't advise
coming in the winter.

Two years ago here,

it was the second coldest place
in the world.

It was negative 76,

and the only place that was colder
was North Pole,

and it was negative 79 there.


Being from the res, growing up here,

I still live on the res
and very proud to be a Native.

But then also, I'm a fifth-generation
cowboy, and rodeo, the sport,

is something that our family
has loved to do for generations.

Not only my family, but a lot of
other Native families as well.

Whether we're riding bulls
or we're riding a horse,

you have to respect that animal,
and I feel like that's

what drawn more Natives to this sport.

Growing up with animals, horses and cows,

we had to get out here and help my dad
take care of them in the elements.

You're trying to do everything you can
to keep this baby calf warm,

to see some that didn't make it,
and then to see when it does live.

And then you see it
four or five years later,

and then they see the calves
that come out of them,

you know,
just kind of the cycle of life.

It was definitely a blessing
to be born and raised on a ranch

where you have things
that you have to take care of.

You know, it makes you who you are.

Every buckle has its own story,
that's for sure.

The Indian National Finals buckle.

First gold buckle I ever...
definitely meant the most to me.

Kind of got my boost
in my career, I guess.

I got this. My grandma,
she was pretty proud of me

doing, you know, anything in my career.

She had gave me that
and wanted me to hold on to it.

My Billings buckle.

That's definitely one of my most favorite.
Biggest win up to date.

One of them events that I've went to
before I could even...

imagine myself being on a bull.

It's still kind of crazy to me
to think that I won it.

[spectators cheering]

[announcer]It is a career weekend
for Dakota Louis.

He can stay perfect.
Dakota's gonna need

a career high ride
in front of this home state crowd.

There was no other rides left.

It was just me.

I had to be 90 points.

I remember being a kid
in the living room over there,

announcing myself... you know...
[imitating announcer] "Dakota Louis,

all he has to be is 90 points

to be the next PBR champion."

Here's his chance to fulfill a dream.

Every second for Dakota Louis!

Ninety-one points!
He wins for the first time ever!

[Dakota]When it happened,
I mean, it was like,

this is what I've been working for.

And for my dad to be there
and to give me a hug, and...

it meant a lot.

I was standing up here,

right here in the same audience
when I was about nine years old,

watching down here with my grandma
and my little brother.

I looked down here and I said, "Grandma,
you think I could ever do that?"

She said, "You work hard.
You can do anything you want."

Here we are.
And this win was for her.

[spectators cheering]

My dad was the INFR
champion bull rider,

and I could see it in his eyes
that it meant a lot

for me to win that,
and for him to be there.

Here, Champ.

Get your hat on.

After I had my son, 2017,
I had to make a choice on

if I really wanted
to make this my career.

[indistinct remark]

I separated from his mom,

and I definitely had to provide.

You get up there.

All right, here, you want to put
your gloves on.

Don't want your hands getting cold.

Being a single father at a young age
and having a career as a bull rider,

it was hard because I had
to leave and go to bull riding.

I was really having to sit down
and-and see, you know,

Is this really what I want to do?

[Hayze speaks indistinctly]

Remember, when you get in here,
you gotta show her what you want to do.


[Dakota]I want to be the best father
and role model I can for my son.

Can you close that gate for me
right there real quick. Just in case.

And so I'm going to put my entire life

into, one, being the best
bull rider that I can be.

Remember, when you want to go,
you gotta smooch at her too.

Okay? Okay, go.

[kisses lips]

There you go. Keep going.

Keep going.
A full circle, full circle.

Keep going.
Kind of make her stop.

Say "ho."

Okay, now go in a circle the other way.

Go right, your right hand.
[kisses lips]

Pull around there.

Get aggressive. Good job.

There you go.
Now, make her back up a little bit.

Yes, sir. You're getting good.

-Can I do it again?

Are you ready to go outside now?

All right, do it.

He sees me chasing
my dreams and my goals.

Come on.

And that's what I want him to do.

All right, it's all you, dude.

As of right now in my career,
It's been a rollercoaster itself,

you know, a lot of ups and downs.

-Hustle her, hustle her!

There you go. Keep kicking on her.
Smooch at her.

But I feel like that's what
makes us who we are

as well, to get through them lows.

Okay, now, turn her around this way.
Come back.

Showing him that things are possible
if you go after them,

you put in the work.

Whatever he wants to do,
I want to support him to the fullest.

Sit up a little bit. You're getting
a little bit leaned forward. Sit up.

There you go. Loosen your reins up.
Let your reins go.

I mean, who knows?

He-he could be an astronaut
or a professional soccer player.

There you go.

OK, now, can you stop her?

Say "ho."

Pet on her, now,
let her know she did good.

Good job.

All right, let's go tie her back up.

[Hayze makes indistinct remarks]

I had role models.
I had people I looked up to.

So that, honestly,
that's what I'm trying to be

for not only this res,
but for all nations.

I want to be that person that says,

"Well, I can do it
because Dakota Louis did it.

You know, look what he did.
Look where he comes from."

[♪ intense music plays]

[announcer]Welcome everyone.
It's Freedom Fest at Paycom Center.

Great to have you with us
for stop number seven of PBR teams.

Let's get to our Road to Vegas
season standing.

Oklahoma Freedom...
well, they're on a roll.

They've got all the momentum...
perfect last weekend, going three and oh,

and all of that right here
in front of their home crowd.

Carolina, they're in that number one spot,
best record in the league.

Their number-one draft pick,

Daylon Swearingen,

he has been lights out
week after week after week.

As for the Austin Gamblers,
trending not in the direction they want,

one of the reasons...
well, their top producer

and the guy leading the MVP standings,

two-time world champ José Vitor Leme,
he is sidelined with a rib injury.

[announcer]It's impossible
to fill the shoes of a guy like José.

[announcer]Obviously, it leaves
a big hole, but somebody needs to fill it.

[Matt West]You know, when a man
is faced with ultimate adversity,

that's when you see the true character
of a human being.

Zeke, we've always known
is this flamboyant,

fun, entertaining character.

But I think what we all found out
together is how resilient he is...

and how truly passionate
he is about his family.

I was sleeping.

I was sleeping whenever
I found out Ouncie passed.

[news anchor]Professional bull rider
from Texas is dead

after being shot in a domestic
violence incident

in Salt Lake last night.

The victim's real name is Demetrius Allen,

but he was best known
in the bull riding community

and among his loved ones
as Ouncie Mitchell.

My cousin Ouncie.

He-he was more my brother
than he was my cousin.

He died, and I broke down.


I-I was just lost that day.

[Danny Mitchell]Zeke and Ouncie
were thick as thieves, man.

Hello, Facebook.

We got ol' Ouncie Mitchell here.

They'd eat, sleep, ride...
the whole nine yards together.

I mean, I don't think you could
expect a-a closer relationship

out of a family member or just a friend.

Ouncie was only a few years
older than Zeke,

but he looked up to him like he was
the biggest role model he'd ever seen.

To see them together,
you just couldn't help but smile.

That's family.
I mean, that's what brotherhood is.

[Zeke]One of the hardest things for me
is that I can't take him off my phone.

And I see him all the time.
I see him everywhere.

[man, laughing]
She shouldn't have done it.

[indistinct response]

She shouldn't have done it.

We all gotta go sometime,
but gosh dang it, I didn't...

I didn't want it to be this fast.

[spectators cheering]

Well, ladies and gentlemen,

the PBR lost a family member this week.

We are saddened at the passing

of Demetrius "Ouncie Mitchell" Allen,

a cowboy who wanted nothing more

than to be a bull riding champion.

He was a father, a professional
bull rider, and a dear friend.

Rest easy, cowboy.

Ouncie Mitchell was 27 years old.

[Ezekiel]We had a million and two
conversations about bull riding.

Whenever we were down on ourselves,
it'd just be like, "Hey, man,

just get back to being a Mitchell.
Be a Mitchell.

Stop being sad.
Be a Mitchell, gosh dang.

We gotta go ride bulls.

That's what we do.
We ride bulls."

[spectators cheer]

It's two teams coming off a loss,

looking to get back in the win column.

The Austin Gamblers
taking on the Texas Rattlers.

I cannot wait for this one.

And now, the game of the night.

[♪ dramatic music rises]

[announcer]Texas, they know
they have to strike early here,

hoping to get Austin on the defense.

Here we go.

And he battled through.

[announcer]That's not gonna make it
any easier for the Austin Gamblers.

Austin Richardson for the Gamblers.

[indistinct remark]
Thattaboy! Just like that!

Wow, you could hear that contact!

Man! Good to see him on his feet.

What a shot.

You all right?
That was some cowboy shit right there.

Holy crap!

That son of a gun was nothin'!

[announcer]And, Will,
Dakota Louis,

he's next in the line-up for the Gamblers.

[announcer]He's got
to break out of whatever it has been

that's been holding him back.

They need this to stay in it.

Let's go, Dakota!

I have high expectations for myself.

I have a chance every time to win.

That's what I expect.

Jump for jump, Dakota!

Jump for jump. Attaboy!

Cowboy shit!

Cowboy shit!

You're running, you're running!

Let's go!

Let's go, Dakota!
Ride him! Stay on!

Stay on!

Louis comes down hard.

Four and sixty three
is when that clock is going to stop.


[Dakota]You know,
me bucking off that many bulls,

you can let doubts
start popping in your head.

You start second-guessing yourself.

What if I'm not cut out for this?


What if this is Creator's plan

to tell me I need to do
something different?

Hey, let's go. Get back up here!

You don't want 'em to see us do that.

You got it, it's all good, baby.

For the Austin Gamblers,

they have to get on the board now.

[announcer]For the Austin Gamblers,
Ramon de Lima.

Do it, Ramon!

[man 2] We gotta let the air
out of there, somebody.

-Do it, cowboy!
-Come at the timer, Ramon!


[overlapping excited shouts]

De Lima does it!

[spectators shout]

[announcer]Austin Gamblers down
as they go to Lucas Di Vino.

[man] Go in, Lucas!
Everything you got!

[Michael Gaffney]
Go get him!

Fifteen seconds.

Go get him, Jolly!
Go get him, Jolly!

Arm down, arm down, arm down!

There you go!
There you go, arm down!

There you go, arm down!
There you go, Jolly!

[celebratory shouts]

Do not count out Divino!

Brings this one within two points.

[announcer]Each team
has one rider remaining.

[announcer]Cody Jesus,
their number-one pick.

[man] Ride, Cody!
Keep riding!

[indistinct shouts]

Jesus has it! He's got the score.

Eighty-eight and a half.

[announcer]It puts Austin
in a very daunting position,

and a huge mountain to climb.

The Gamblers right now, man...

It has been an emotional week
for this guy, ladies and gentlemen.

Ezekiel Mitchell!

[Andrew Giangola]
We all deal with grief differently.

Losing your beloved cousin,

this is so fresh in Zeke's life right now,

and Ouncie's passing
is going to affect Zeke.

[Sean Gleason]This is the loss of

probably the closest person
to him in his life.

So, to see him ride

despite the fact that Zeke,
I know, was just hurting.

And that's what bull riders do.

[Michael Gaffney]
Deep breath, now.

Ten seconds, yeah?

Enjoy yourself.
Keep that arm down.

Remember, be ready to move
wherever he goes, right?

Back to the front end, Zeke.

As Ezekiel Mitchell gets set...

Relax and enjoy yourself. Relax.

Be ready for whatever.

Come on down, out over him.

Relax. Thattaboy.


[indistinct overlapping shouts]

Get your hand on down!

[buzzer resounds]

Mitchell makes all the right moves!

[announcer]We all know
who he's thinking about right now,

that means so much more, that ride.

[♪ poignant music plays]

[spectators cheer]

This is what me and Ouncie
loved to do, is ride bulls, so...

to finally get it done this weekend
was very fulfilling and...

I'm glad he's watching over me,
and I'm just blessed to be here.

Great job, Zeke.

[announcer]So, Austin will take
a loss here by one point.

[announcer]Yeah, and I think
at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

This is even bigger
than the sport of bull riding.

The emotion's so real,

so raw, and just as Ezekiel said,
Ouncie would want to ride on.

[indistinct remarks]

Gotta get my calculator.


So the exercise on the paper,

I want you to write down
what you're going to do today.

And it can't just be win.


I got ya.

[man]We get the win
in Winston-Salem.

Eli doesn't have a good weekend,
and Eli is not handling it well.

You know, like, last night
Eli was so mad, you know,

because... because he failed
and the team won, and that's okay.

Give him that space.

But we are asking you guys
to do something unnatural

that you've never done
in your bull riding career ever.

We're asking you to operate
in the act of being like a team.

You know, it's hard to convince a guy
that wants the ball all the time

that you don't have to be
the only one to score the touchdown.

If you fumble, somebody else
is there to pick it up.

I don't give a shit about the scores

or the eight seconds
or the wins or losses.

I just want you guys to be able
to walk back in this locker room

and promise each other
that you did everything you could

for the guy next to you because
that's... that's the team thing, right?

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Me and Brandon Bates
have been head to head,

and we have been in arguments,

and it's been tough
for me and him just because

if we won the game, whether I fell off
in point one seconds

or two seconds, he wants me to be
happy and cheerful, and that's not me.

I-I... that's not me.

I didn't do my part,
and I understand this is a team deal,

but without me doing my part,
I'm not much of a team player.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[spectators cheer]

It's Friday night in Oklahoma City,

and this one really could go either way.

Carolina Cowboys taking on
home team Oklahoma Freedom.

Oklahoma with the edge here

as they go to their number-one pick
in Eli Vastbinder.

[announcer]All eyes are on
Eli Vastbinder right now.

Bear down, Eli.

Do what you do, big dog.

Whoa, Spot! Whoa, Spot!

Whoa, Spot! Whoa, Spot!

I talked with him in the hallway

just before they came out
to be introduced.

He said, "Every bull I should ride."

He said that's the only way
you can do this and be successful.

Now what he's got to do

is channel that
into production for his team.

He's got great draw right here.
This could be big.

Finish it, Eli!

Finish it right now!

Keep riding, keep riding, keep riding!

[announcer]Eli's really having to make
the big moves to get over there.


[buzzer resounds]

[announcer]Vastbinder, though,
comes down early.

That's tough for a bull rider.


[announcer]Cowboys, they've got
to get on the board to get it done.

Campbell out of position early.

He is crawling to get to safety.

[ring announcer]
Give it up, give it up!

He gets the ride!

Oklahoma City knows it's big!

[buzzer resounds]

He gets the qualified ride.

We're down to the final out
of the game for both teams.

Both have ridden one bull,
but Oklahoma is better.

Carolina needs the ride.

Now, the Carolina Cowboys.

The number-two man in the MVP standings,

by twelve and a half points,
Daylon Swearingen!

[announcer]He's got a chance to step up
and give his team the lead.

Not only that... he can take
the momentum for the MVP race.

Swearengin finds the whistle,

he overtakes Leme in those standings.

Yeah, I mean, it's that easy.

[Daylon] So I'm a little bit
behind José in the MVP race.

But when I'm climbing down in there,
I don't want to be thinking about that.

Keep fighting, Daylon.
Go get it, now.

Keep fighting.
Fight, fight, fight.

[announcer]Comes down to this:
reigning world champ.

What's gonna happen?

[man] Come on, Daylon!
Come on, Daylon!

-Come on!
-Come on, Daylon!

[buzzer resounds]

Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

[announcer]Oh man, and the numbers,
89 and three-quarter points!

Eighty-nine and three quarters.

[announcer]To move into
the number-one spot in the MVP race.

This should be fun
for Daylon Swearingen right now.

It feels good, you know.

Probably stuff's
gonna change up next week,

but I just want that MVP spot
to go back to Carolina.

It will come down to this.

they go to a fired-up Chase Outlaw.

This is what you do it for now, Outlaw.

Whatever it takes.

[announcer]He's aboard a bull
you may have heard of, Matt.

Yeah, Woopaa.

[announcer]First time we're seeing
Woopaa here in the team's series.

The champ is back.

When Woopaa comes out of the draw,
everybody goes,

"Ooh! Yes, put me in, coach!"

[announcer]Every rider in the locker room
wants their chance at Woopaa.

Talking about a 1,500-pound bull
that jumps like a cat.

Kicks over his head.

[ring announcer]

Really fast.

[ring announcer]
One impressive...

The bull that they set
the world records on.

[ring announcer]
Ninety-eight and three quarters!

It's another record-setting ride!

The spotlight belongs to Woopaa!

[announcer]Absolutely incredible
to look at Woopaa's resume.

[announcer]And I can tell you
from looking down here

at Chase Outlaw
in the back of the bucking chutes,

he is wired up and ready

to try to take down
that top score of all time.

Bump it.


All day long, Outlaw.


Go, go! Take your chance now!
Get around there!

There you go!

Chase and Woopaa

team up for fireworks!

[buzzer resounds]

[announcer]Let it explode
in Oklahoma City!

Oh, it's gonna be big
for Outlaw Nation!

That's what I'm fricking talking about!


-Ninety-four and a half!

[announcer]Best ride
we've seen all season long.

What a... what an incredible
performance by Chase Outlaw!

Whoo! Yes, sir!
Thank you for believing in me!

You a bad-ass motherfucker.

[announcer]Right now it's all cheers
for this Oklahoma Freedom squad.

Let freedom ride!

Good job, my friend. Great job!

Awesome. Way to finish it!
Good job!

I broke out the knife

and cut up that turkey, baby!

When he went
back the other way, I was like...!

[indistinct announcement
on PA system]

[announcer]Oklahoma just
two days ago was number five.

They have made their way up
to number two.

[announcer]They're climbing the ladder.
They're looking like a title contender.

Good ride.

I told you, didn't I, baby?

[indistinct remarks]

I told you, didn't I, baby?

Yes, you did!

We knew we had one more day left,

and there was no need
of celebrating on a half-assed win.

We had to make sure we pulled it off.

[indistinct congratulations]

Did you see me crawling
like a motherfucker?



[man] They'll tell that story to
your grandkids about this shit.

That's what I'm talking 'bout.
You remember when that Outlaw

rode that red bull around the left
and back to the right?

They come to put on a show.

-Gate already open?
-On the shed?


We can probably just ride up beside him,
then, and jump out on him.

Yeah. Shit, I'll just grab him.

[girl] Mmm. He's got him,
he's got him, he's got him!

He's got him!

He's got him, he's got him, he's got him.

I really think Chase has really
lived up to the Outlaw name.


-[girl] Don't hurt him!
-[Chase] We're not.

[Chase]When I was a kid,
I was a fuck-up there for a while.

Sixteen to 25.

I was hell on wheels.

Oh, shit!

Good job.

I didn't give a fuck about nothing.

I was just there to ride bulls,
fucking party.

-Salsa and chips.
-[Nicole Outlaw] Yes, salsa and chips.

When I first met Chase, he was...
he was... he was a wild child.

But, um, since we got married
and had children,

he's settled down
and grown up so much

and really became a man.

Yeah, it just kind of depends on...

-On the school schedule.

I was glad that I met my wife because...

it was her that saved me,
saved my bull riding career.

I think we're gonna go
to the bucking chute.

[boy] Yes! Bucking chute!
Bucking chute!

I was headed down a bad road
of addiction, and, uh, I was lucky.

Didn't nobody else really notice,
but my wife knew.

Mama, look at that,
with the little hood on it.

I could drive it.

Daddy, I don't need a hand.

You don't need my hand?


[Chase]There's been a lot of guys
that lost their career

by using substance,
and, um, and I was lucky...

that I didn't get too far.


and I'm just glad that she was strong

and... and stuck with me
through it. And...

That's why I knew that I had me one
that was as tough as me.

What do y'all think about it?
Y'all wanna go see the bull?

-All right.

Let's go see that bull.


What do you think about that old bull?

It was wild and crazy,

and there was no way
I could live that kind of lifestyle.

And then, I believe since then,
his career has really taken off as well.

You ain't scared of him, are you?

She's a little bit,
but I'm good... I'm glad.

Behind every frigging good man
is a better damn woman.

So, everything I got, my wife...

'cause ever since her, I've never
rode as good as I had my entire life.


You see his Mohawk?

Yeah, I want a Mohawk!

-You do?

Ride that bull!

[♪ dramatic music rises]

It's a scene from a story book.

The majestic hills of the Ozarks
have made way

for the most breathtaking arena
in bull riding.

And... go!

Feel that stretch now, feel that stretch.

What a place to return to action

for the Gambler's José Vitor Leme.

He's been on the sidelines
rehabbing a rib injury.

Two-time world champ looks
to help his team rebound

right here in the final stretch
of the regular season.

[José]I was already thinking that

I had to come back as soon as possible.

Watching our team
not doing well, losing positions.

I wasn't happy
with the results we were having.

And I knew that having
another guy could help us.

One, two, three: Gamblers!

[spectators cheering]

[announcer]Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Professional Bull Riders

PBR teams
at the Missouri Thunder Days!

[announcer]It all starts with a tight one
between number-two Oklahoma Freedom

and number-four Austin Gamblers.

[announcer]Oklahoma Freedom
have been riding outstanding,

and you mentioned it: Austin Gamblers,
they have José Vitor Leme.

[announcer]And now the question is,
who else can step up along with Leme?

One man who's not riding tonight:

Dakota Louis being subbed out.

[Michael Gaffney]Dakota Louis,
he's a big guy. He's strong.

The law of physics are not in his favor.

He needs to change some of
the mechanics of how he rides,

and the mechanical mistakes
that I've seen in Dakota,

it's been repetitive.

Keep moving!
Drop your arm, drop your arm!


[Gaffney]From a lineup standpoint,
until he fixes them,

I've got to take him out of the mix.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[spectators cheering]

For the Oklahoma Freedom,

they have been posting
multiple ride games

night after night after night.


[announcer]The Oklahoma Freedom,
Chase Outlaw

in the number-one position on roll tide.


Huge ride last week for Outlaw.

Look for him to keep it rolling now.

Bear down, Outlaw.
Go eat him up.

Chase Outlaw,
he's got a great bull under him.

You know he's gonna bring the energy.

[man] Here it comes, Chase!

[man] Cowboy!

[Gaffney] It's your time, Outlaw!
Ride, Outlaw!

[ring announcer]
Here we go!

[Gaffney] Ride, ride, ride!

[overlapping shouts]

[Gaffney] Stay with it!
There you go!

[buzzer resounds]

Okay, Chase Outlaw!

[shouted congratulations]

[spectators cheering]

[triumphant yawp]

[announcer]On top right here
in the Ozarks!

Freedom... they're on the board early.

[announcer]Big thing for me
is they're winning all these games,

and you have a struggling Eli Vastbinder.

[Eli]With this season, I've struggled
more than I would normally struggle.

You know, I can take falling off
a really hard bull to ride.

But when I have bulls
that I know I can ride, and I don't,

that's what eats me up.

Every athlete deals with slumps.

You start fixing things
that weren't even broke

'cause you're just
trying to get out of it.

-[Chase] You got this shit, dawg.
-[Eli] All day.

All... day.

Well, all night. All night.

You got him?

[man]Learning how
to mentally stay in a place

and then recreate it over and over
and over and over and over

for thousands of rides,

it's the biggest trick
that you've got to figure out.

Ride, ride, ride, buddy.

Breathe and believe, buddy.
Breathe and believe.

Do it, little brother!

[bull bellowing]

[buzzer resounds]

[announcer]I don't like to see him
holding that riding hand.

You all right, Eli?

Oww, fuck!


So, their number-one draft pick,

unable to ride here
on a Saturday night.

[Eli]If there's one thing I hate
more than anything in this world,

it's losing.


You've got a slew of guys

and people spending money on you
to make you their captain,

knowing that you let them down and you
just fell short time and time again.

It's... it's... it hurts.

[spectators cheering]

[announcer]Oklahoma is
still in the lead, but as for Austin,

a chance for Ramon de Lima
to get on the board.

And he was the bright spot of this team
when Leme was on the sidelines.

[announcer]He needs a big score to match
that number that Chase Outlaw put up.

[♪ beat-driven music playing]

[encouraging shouts]

Go, Ramon! Go, Ramon!

Thattaboy! Thattaboy!
Do it!

Do it, Ramon! Yeah, yeah!

Do it! Do it! Yeah!
Good boy!


[celebratory shouts]

Good boy!

[announcer]Wow, does this
set up a close one!

Just two points
separating these two teams,

and we've got Derek Kolbaba
for the Freedom

and José Vitor Leme
for the Gamblers.

[♪ vocalist sings bluesy tune]

[bull bellowing]

Keep working! There you go!
Keep working!

Keep working, keep working,
keep on... no!

[buzzer resounds]


What frustration for Derek Kolbaba.

This game now in the hands
of José Vitor Leme.

Any qualified ride,
and Austin pulls off the upset

over number-two Oklahoma, and...

[announcer]If you're a member
of the Oklahoma Freedom right now,

you are nervous because the last guy
you want to look across the arena at,

pulling his hand in this bull rope,
is José Vitor Leme.

[ring announcer]World champion
bull rider José Vitor Leme!

Ride like you do, champ.

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself.

All right, ride like you do, champ.

The Gamblers have missed him.

Without him in the lineup,
they lost six games.

[Gaffney] Go get him, champ,
go get him.

Go get him. Go get him.

Go get him, go get him, go get him.

There you go, go get him,
go get him, go get him!

Go get him, go get him, go get him!

Go get him! Yeah, beautiful!

But that all changes here.

[Gaffney] Get off, get off!
Watch his spur, watch his spur!

[♪ dramatic music plays]

[announcer]Takes a shot.
He's down on the dirt.

With sore ribs.

I can only imagine how bad that hurt.


[announcer]To put up a 90-point ride
and then, just moments later,

having a moment like this.

We're starting to hear the cheers
from this crowd at Thunder Ridge Arena.

Leme sits up talking with sports medicine,
and now to his feet.

Wow, what a hard hit!

He will make his way back
to get evaluated.

The question is, are the Gamblers
back in a position of missing their ace?

And it's a big hole to fill.

Who can we look to
to get the production out of it?

It's 179 and a quarter to 91.

They upset number-two Oklahoma.

That breaks the eight-game win streak
that the Freedom were on.

[items clatter]


No sport, no athlete,

no team wins
with only one great player.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

We leave Las Vegas, the team

with the most well-rounded
group of athletes.

They're gonna be the most competitive,
and they're gonna be the champions.

The teammates
have to step up and be the best.

[♪ end credit music plays]