The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Sweet Home Carolina - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[♪ twangy music plays]

[Jerome Davis] We feel really good
coming into Winston this week.

I hope we can keep the momentum
going through the next three days.

How we doing, Joe?

[man 2] That's Ed and Leonardo.
Leonardo's the new guy.

This is our home game. I mean,
I'm just excited about this team,

of what we've got started,

and I think we've got a legit shot
at the end of the year

to be the world champs.

Well, good afternoon, everyone.

I'm Allen Joines,
the mayor of Winston-Salem, and, uh...

today we're bringing more "bull"
into City Hall.

[laughter and light applause]

Okay, y'all, this is not a show steer,
this is a real bucking bull here.

So, he's used to being at the bull ride,
at this point.

Who wants their picture...?

I started buying cattle
when I was in high school.

My dad used to have bulls and stuff,

so I started buying
my own cowherd.

And, looking back,

we didn't really think that one day
we'd have one of the top bucking bulls

in the world out there right now.

Is he in a calm mood today?

[man 2] No, he's about
to tear this thing down.

[Tiffany] So, they've decided
to induct Dang-It

as an honorary citizen,

and we're hoping we don't
have to pay taxes on him.


His name is Dang-It because he was
such a handful when he was little.

I always laugh and tell everybody,

"If I cussed, his name would be
something else."

I wouldn't go that far.

Yeah, I'd be careful.

[Tiffany] Dang-It's still one
that we take to the PBR events

when we're not coaching 'em, so, like,
he's still a bucking bull

even though we've got him
in Main Street Winston-Salem,

and I'm thinking, at any time,
this could go so wrong!

You know, we don't put a halter on him,
so for him to make those appearances

like that, you're still
holding your breath a lot.


"Now therefore I, J. Allen Joines,
mayor of Winston-Salem,

do hereby declare Richard Childress,

Austin Dillon,
Jerome and Tiffany Davis,

the riders of the Carolina Cowboys,

and Dang-It

shall be honorary citizens
of Winston-Salem."

And I'll sign this today.
So, Richard, thank you. Congratulations.

Richard, please, say a word.

[Harrison] To me, you can't ask for
a better guy than

Richard Childress to run a team.

I mean, look at him and what he's
done with RCR Racing.

I was in NASCAR when NASCAR

was, I think, about the level
of the PBR is getting going now.

I became an owner in 1981.

Dale Earnhardt drove for me,
all the way through my grandson.

Austin Dillon's a champion as well.

When John started talking to me
about doing one of the franchise,

I went to my grandson and I said,

"Austin, you know, I'm really busy.
You're busy.

But will you jump in here and help me?"

So, I named him the general manager.

I think it's amazing that we have
a PBR franchise here in North Carolina.

And, being from Winston-Salem,
it's so special to bring it to the Joel.

The general managers
is a big player,

and Austin is steadily...

thinking and figuring out
how to make this team better.

I ought to get RCR to do it
'cause they can look up the matchups

where the highest ride
wins it all, right?

And, I mean, it might be
a one o'clock phone call

that he comes up with this idea
and needs to call me about it.

But he's always like that,

and it don't matter if it's racing

or if it's bull riding.

This guy's always got his... he's got
his inch wheel turning, I call it.

Hey, did you hear, I got a...

I got a surprise for you guys
in the locker room.

Yeah. I ain't tellin' 'em.

[man laughs]

Yeah, it's one of the jobs.

I wanna see that hat.

We gotta put some crease in that.

I just bought it, so you can fix it.

I know, it's right out of the box.

Luke, you gotta fix this thing for me.

Get it steamed up,
and Luke will fire it down.

Whew, there's a lot going on in there!

Do you like that deejay?

Oh my gosh, it is loud in there.

They said, "What do you want to do
in the locker room?"

I said, "Put a deejay in there."

[loud dance music]

This is how we get ready
for a bull ride, baby!

This is how you get ready for a bull ride!

When we got to our locker room
in Winston-Salem,

Austin Dillon and Richard Childress

made it very special
for each one of us there.

[indistinct happy chatter]

Everything that Mr. Childers do

that Austin does for us,

our lifestyle has kind of changed.

We're getting pampered a little bit more,
and, you know, it's just

incredible, you know. Like, they
definitely made it our home event.

Whoo, yeah!

The race is on.

Winston-Salem marks
stop number six of PBR teams.

We're in the heart of NASCAR country,

and I think everybody
that is involved in that sport

just became a part of
the Carolina Cowboy nation.

It is time to get loud and proud

for your Carolina Cowboys!


Coming off the win
at Austin, Texas,

everybody on the team felt great.

We were coming in to home,
we were seeded number one in the league,

and everybody was firing on all cylinders.

[announcer] This is what
this crowd has been waiting for,

their home team taking on
a Missouri thunder squad

that has stayed at the top
of the standings,

but it's hometown favorites,
Carolina Cowboys, in number three.

[Austin Dillon] The boys are ready
to ride. You know, they're pumped up.

Uh, having Cooper coming back
from shoulder surgery,

it means a lot.

[announcer] We have not seen
Cooper Davis since January.

Plus, you got another world champ
in Daylon Swearingen.

[announcer] The reigning world champion,

and he has been nothing short
of spectacular.

All right, getting nervous.

I'm definitely more nervous
as a general manager,

I think, than a race car driver.

I have a lot more control
in that situation.

And I... I just gotta sit back and watch
and hope it all plays out.

[announcer] The hometown Cowboys
are riding the wave

of a 4-game win streak,

and now, with their leader,
Cooper Davis,

stepping into the lineup here tonight,

this could be a massively energized
Carolina Cowboy team.

[announcer] Now, here comes
the 2016 world champ

making his debut,

coming back not only from a neck injury
but perhaps thinking

he was gonna step away from the sport
when it comes to riding.

[announcer] He has been through
a lot in the last seven months.

[man] Give it everything
you got, Cooper!

Be strong in your chest
and show us all something.

Go on, Coop!

[indistinct arena announcement]

Bare down!

Here we go!

[spectators shout and cheer]

[announcer] Davis doesn't waste
any time getting back in the ride column!

[man] Let's go, Coop!

Cooper Davis was back.
I mean, he was back

and he was on fire, and that
was really good for our team.

[announcer] You think he hasn't been
waiting for that moment right there?

But it's the exact same Davis
we watched back in January.

Eighty-eight and a quarter.

[man] Eighty-eight
and a quarter! Whoo!

[announcer] And now Missouri has
to find a way to not look at that

and focus on their own ride.

10 to 12, A to B. Long time!

[indistinct shouts]

Yeah, Cody! Go, Cody!

Go, Cody! Go, Cody!
Get a ride! Yeah, baby!

Keep riding!

[announcer] This is gonna be
a tough one to swallow for Cody Teel.

This is a bull that Teel rides
nine times out of ten.

[announcer] Mason Taylor...
can he keep the hot hand?

Here we go!

- Lay down, Mason!
- Yeah!

[whistle blows]

Take it all the way, Taylor!

Gets the ride... Carolina puts
another one on the board.


[announcer] We're seeing a very hot
Carolina Cowboys team right now

riding that momentum.

But look at that!

Da Silva does it here!

[cheers and applause]

Slays this one for eight seconds.

Let's go, baby!

[announcer, indistinct]
That'll just bury the hopes and dreams

of Missouri Thunder here on this one.

[indistinct shout]

[announcer] And now Daylon gets to put
his hand in the rope and not his head

in front of this crowd
that knows they've already got the win

but a chance to add to that here.

[announcer] And look at this,
they're all standing up.

Everybody in this building is on
their feet right now to watch this one.

[Daylon Swearingen] Win or lose, you
have to capitalize on every opportunity

if you're gonna win the MVP.

[man] Bare down, D!

It's gonna come down
to who rode more bulls

in the actual event.

We all want to take home the MVP,

but no matter what happens,
we want it to go to Carolina.

[man shouts indistinct encouragement]

Let's make some noise!


That bull turned right.

He is on the ground.

He is the number-two man
in the MVP standings,

and I want you to take care
of Daylon Swearingen if you would.

The win: 261 and a half!

The Carolina Cowboys.

[Daylon] Doesn't matter
if you're the world champ

last year or two years ago.

Truthfully, I shouldn't be falling off
as many as I have.

[spectators cheer,
distant cowbell rings]

[indistinct announcement]

You okay, bud?

Yeah, I'm good.

He went right on the gate, huh?
Was he not supposed to do that?

No, he's been doing that.


That's bull riding, you know.

You get humbled really quick,

and then you've got to come back
and find the better version of you.

Daylon was about to shave out
from that bull.

And that was away from his hand.

He's pissed right now.
I said, "Hey, you all right?"

He said, "Yeah."
He wanted it.

There can only be one MVP.

Jose, you know, he don't
mess up very much, you know,

so, just moving forward, I've got
to make sure I'm doing everything right

and feeling good.

[indistinct shouts]

[speaking Portuguese]

[speaking Portuguese]

[speaking Portuguese]

I was doing the things I've always done
during the season.

What I always did.

[speaking Portuguese]

Which was not only riding bulls,

but also doing other things I've
always done like playing soccer

and having fun.

I was already feeling a little pain
in my ribs from the last event we did.

A very hard hit to the ground.

[Jose Vitor Leme] I think that
was the beginning of the injury there.

[announcer] That extra effort,
it might get you to eight seconds,

but it also might get you hurt.

I still went to play soccer because
I thought it may help my body recover,

it would help loosen up my muscles
a little more.

And I ended up being hit
while playing soccer,

and I hurt my ribs.

At that moment I thought,

"Something serious has happened."

I went to do some tests to find out
what it really was,

and I had fractured three ribs.

Everyone knows how much I love
being in the arena.

Everyone knows how much I love
being who I am, riding bulls and...

I was leading the MVP,

our team was doing well
and leading the competition,

and I hurt myself playing soccer.

[Michael Gaffney] So,
Jose is out due to soccer playing.

Coming here to North Carolina
without Jose,

um, is a, obviously,
a real disappointment.

You know, it... but, hey,
you can't put them in a cushioned room.

For us as a team, we'll see...
we're week-to-week with him right now

as far as competition.

[man] Come on, man,
if you want to take a nap.


Bui, I got my salad in today.

[Jim Bui] I got mine in too. I bet yours
was better than mine, though.

They look disgusting, dude!

[Jim] Come on!
It just looks like that!

Twelve point four.

- You're good?
- Yeah, let's go.

Okay, perfect.

You been riding well lately, man.

Trying to.

Can get a little better.

Hey, Matt, you know
where I can find a water?

I just ate that salad.

South... yeah, Southwest avocado.

Their salads are badass.

[indistinct small talk]

So, walk and lunge.
Just walk and lunge.

Everyone, just don't hurt yourself.

[Ezekiel Mitchell] It was a shock,
you know? It was a shock to all of us.

We were like, "Man, that's...
that's the ace in the hole."

[man] We're gonna go high knees next.
High knees. Go!

[Ezekiel] Gamblers have been
putting in a lot of work.

I mean, going into this, we don't know
what exactly is gonna happen,

but, uh, we're still gonna try to stick
together as a team

and rally around each other.

Leave there nice and square,
Elijah. Stay right there.

Go to him. Hustle!

Hustle round there! Hustle round there!
Hustle round there!

[man] Forward! Forward!

Get you another one, Elijah.

[Ezekiel] Jose is such a great leader.

Everybody was trying
to figure out their roles, and

I've always tried to be the guy
that helps everybody out.

But, uh, I've always been that guy
that'd try to go out of my way

and-and make sure that everybody
can be the best that they can be

because, at the end of the day,
I want to be the best.

You watch these guys like Jose.

What's the last second
you see Jose do?

He goes like this, he goes...

He does exactly that,
and he does that.

We all do that. And that's just
a reminder of, hey,

"I'm loose, but I'm square, and I'm
not all stiff and shit, but I'm... I'm..."

I just feel like my rope
was, like, way splayed over.

I want you to just keep thinking about
that rope stays where it needs to be.

I want you to think about just stay...
you gotta stay off that ass.

[indistinct remark]

Keep riding, keep riding!

We're back to the basics.
We know we have a big target on our backs.

So, uh, we gotta
just take it one bull at a time

and continue to do what we've done
to get to this point.

Spur! Spur! Spur, go ahead!

[crowd cheering]

[announcer] So, I just talked

to Austin Gamblers
head coach Michael Gaffney.

Jose Vitor Leme out of their lineup
is a big hole to fill.

Here's another way to look at it:
For a lot of young riders on this squad,

it's opportunity.

Just do what you have to, Zeke.

Just enjoy yourself, huh.

Stay off your ass.

[announcer] One constant we've seen
over about the last month,

this guy, Ezekiel Mitchell
for the Gamblers,

he's been in that lead-off spot,

successful almost every time
he nods his head.

A guy they're relying on
without having Leme in the lineup.

Do what you have to, no more, no less.

Be a cowboy.

[announcer] There's a big difference
in being the number-two guy behind

Jose Vitor Leme and feeling like you have
to carry the team on your shoulders,

and I think Zeke is definitely
feeling that right now.

Do what you do, brother.

Go do it, Zeke. Be a gunner.

Keep it on there!


He bucked you, huh, Zeke?

Clock stops

at two and fifty aboard Duke.

[announcer] This is not
the Ezekiel Mitchell

we have become accustomed
to seeing here out of the gate.

I think there's a lot of nerves
that come with now him looking at this

as kind of his team, he's got to step up.

Disappointing one for the Gamblers,

falling short here.

[announcer] the Oklahoma Freedom.

Briggs Madsen from Utah
getting ready inside that bucket chute.

[announcer] Briggs Madsen...

wow, has he stepped up in a big way
for this Freedom squad.

Just how many?
Three straight qualified rides.

That is impressive.

I think this is gonna be four in a row.

[spectators cheering]

[♪ dramatic music plays]

Keep riding! Keep on him!
Keep going! Keep going!

[horn blares]

[announcer] Madsen
with a masterful ride to eight.

Is that... is that four in a row?

[indistinct remark]

[announcer] And the young gun
gets Oklahoma on the board,

which means the Gamblers,
they gotta make a move,

and they go to the middle of their lineup.

Lucas Divino, one of the veterans
in this starting lineup.

He's aboard Chickasaw.

[announcer] In the absence of Leme,
he needs to make a move.

Keep getting there, Lucas.
Keep getting there.

Ten seconds, OK?

Ride, Jolly.

Keep that chest out.
Thattaboy, just like that!

[indistinct shouting]

[buzzer resounds]

[announcer] Into the steel,
and it doesn't matter!

Divino, he goes the distance.

Austin, they get on the board.

[announcer] We'll see what the numbers
are gonna be and where it puts them

in terms of Oklahoma's
86 and three-quarter points.

Way to keep your head.
Way to keep your head!

Kept cool. Atta boy.

[announcer] So you just saw it...

eighty-three and a quarter
for the Gamblers.

So, Oklahoma still has the edge,

so Austin has to ride,

and they go to Ramon de Lima

and put him in that closer position

that has been owned by Jose Vitor Leme.

The Gamblers down to their final rider.

Go on now, Champ. Have fun.

Do it, Ramon.
Fight like you do, brother.

It is Ramon de Lima.

Now they need him to step up!

Do it, Ramon! Do it, Ramon!

[indistinct overlapping shouts]

[indistinct repeated shouts]

[indistinct repeated shouts]


De Lima, so close!

What was the clock, was it seven-three?

- Seven-two?
- Yeah, seven-three.

We have nothing to lose, anyway.

They already ride... bulls.


[announcer] The Gamblers
had to have that right there.

[announcer] It gives the second win
of the weekend to Oklahoma,

so Freedom move to two and oh,

Gamblers move to oh and two.

We started with a limp,
and then we... we fucking came on.

We've been in that position before.

Right before we got on a heater.

[Gaffney] I know.

[Zeke] We were down two games.
Came back and won that game.

- Went on a roll after that.
- I know.

What's to say we can't do it again?

I didn't ride as good
as I possibly could have,

and I could do a lot better.

[Gaffney] While Jose's on the fence,
it's your turn to shine, you know?

It's your turn to say, hey,
this isn't a fucking fluke.

This isn't being carried by one,
two, or three of us.

This... this fucking team is a collective.
You know, it's everyone.

[Zeke] I'm here to become
a better bull rider.

I'm far from done,
and I'm far from where I want to be

and what I want to achieve.

[♪ twangy music plays]

Thank you.

How are you?

- How are you?
- Good.

It wouldn't be fucking bad
being part of this family.

You know?

Should I ask Austin if he's got,
like, a sister or something?

Yeah, I'll take a fucking
second cousin or something.

[soft laughter]

First time I ever met Eli Vastbinder,

I was 18 years old.
I was still in high school.

And, I'm not gonna lie,
I thought he was kind of a...

he was a little bit of a dick at first.


Hey, Boud!

- Dude, they love our story.
- What story?

My... the way I tell the events...

the chain of events that happened
to us the other day.

They love it.
We're going viral.

[Boudreaux] He didn't know me.
I didn't know him either.

But when we got further down the road,

he got to warm up and we had
a lot of fun that weekend.

And ever since then, he's been
one of my best friends.

So, Eli calls me the other day and he's
like, "Hey, I'm gonna come get you.

I need help bucking a couple of bulls."
I said, "Perfect."

Finally get everything loaded to go buck,
then Eli's truck's broke down.

- So then we gotta go get another truck.
- [laughter]

Load the bulls up,
then that truck gets stuck!

Then Boudreaux gets up the next morning,

he's gonna take Casey Roberts' van

back to Austin's house.

- [laughter]
- Blows up on the way!

Blows up! It fucking went boom!

Then I gotta come get him.

- Don't touch any more vehicles.
- Don't let me drive your car!

[indistinct remark]

Let's go try this ax-throwing thing.
You try it?

I need a beer, but yeah.

Sounds great.
Yeah, y'all doing good.

Anything y'all wanna hear?

[Boudreaux] Anything. Something I can...
something I can dance to, you know?

[Eli] He ain't gon' dance!

[Boudreaux] I... I'll get somebody
out here dancing.

[Boudreaux] Eli, I don't think he was
chose for the Cowboys

just 'cause he got picked too early.

If he would have been down there
anywhere further,

he definitely probably would have been
a Carolina Cowboy.

With the eighth and final pick
of the first round,

the Oklahoma Freedom

select Eli Vastbinder.

I wish Eli would have been on our team.
We wish he would be on our team now.

But they're not gonna trade him.
I wouldn't either.

[Eli] Getting drafted to Oklahoma,
you know, I left thinking, Dang,

I didn't know anybody even
on my Oklahoma Freedom team.

And I could have went to Carolina
where I, like,

my second Mom and Dad are the coaches.

Every one of my best friends
is on that team.

All right, Boud.

Wing her.

[Eli] Doesn't matter
what team you're on,

what position you're in,

I'm just here to ride bulls, and...

we're all family.

Look at this!

[Eli] Tonight's gonna be
our night to step up and ride.

I'm here to pull my weight
and push my team

and help them get a win.

Well, folks, here we go.

The three and ten Nashville Stampede

going up against the five and eight
Oklahoma Freedom.

[announcer] It is number eight
versus number six,

but these two records don't do justice

to the teams we're
getting ready to look at.

[announcer] Carolina,
are you ready for game number two?

To the Oklahoma Freedom...

Bear down, Outlaw.

All you, baby. Right here.

Folks, if you've been following along,

you're gonna know this guy,

the CEO of Outlaw Nation,

Chase Outlaw!

I like to start with Outlaw.
He's a good leader to get people fired up.

You know what Chase Outlaw
brings to the table,

but we also know
when the draft comes around

the chance we're taking
'cause he was,

you know, on the I.R. when we drafted him.

It's like picking an injured guy.

[announcer] ...and Outlaw,
who has been on the sidelines

with an absolute laundry list of injuries.

[Eli] Keep breathing, Outlaw.
Take a deep breath.

[Chase] My first event back,
I was fired up.

The first one's always the hardest one

to get knocked out and come
back from something, you know?

Move. Move. Move, Chase.

[man 2]
One minute, men. One minute.

[announcer] Chase Outlaw
happens to be aboard Big Black.

Five times these two have met up.

Five times, Outlaw has produced
a 90 with Big Black.

If we want to know if Outlaw's back,
this is the way.

Move, Outlaw.

Give it to him now.

[overlapping shouts]

[buzzer resounds]

Come getcha some!

Get off good!

Make it number six!

Outlaw outlasts...

Ohh! But goes flying, takes a hit.

Bad get-off. Bad get-off.

God Almighty.

[announcer] Chase Outlaw just got
dropped out of the rafters

into the middle of his back

and popped up like Superman!

Good to see him up on his feet.

That's right, Chase Outlaw.

Heads up, baby!

Ninety and a quarter points!

[announcer] Oklahoma on the board,
right here at Winston-Salem.

And guess what... it's another 90!
90 and a quarter!

[Chase] Man, that feeling
when you've just stepped off

and you just rode not only for yourself,
but your team, putting them before you.

And you did it for them.

To know... I mean, that is a...

Mmm. It's, um...

It's victory, that's for sure.

[victorious yawps]

[announcer] We're wondering,
is Chase Outlaw

back in the way we've seen him
for so many years?

Get rid of those question marks.

The landing was the last quarter
of the 90 points there.

I thought it knocked the wind out of you.

Then you get up and celebrate.
I was like, he's good.

Freedom are looking good here.

Nashville has to make a move,
find protection and do it quickly.

[man] Don't chew him up, Silvano.
Long time ride here!

[indistinct shouts]

[buzzer resounds]

[announcer] He never had a seat
and just could never find it.

[announcer] They've got such
an incredible amount of talent.

Things have just not went their way.

[announcer] That is absolutely not
the place you want to end up.

[announcer] Well, as for Oklahoma,
they've already got the win,

but now they've got an opportunity

to just keep racking up
those qualified rides.

[announcer] Forty-five minutes
from here is a town

by the name of Statesville,
North Carolina.

You see dada?

[announcer] And, ladies
and gentlemen, their closer,

Statesville, North Carolina's
Eli Vastbinder!

Win, win, win.

You got that right.

To me, I can't be completely happy

if we win the game or not.

If I don't do my part,
I didn't do my part.

You guys ready?

[Eli] And I know and understand
that this is a team deal,

but, um, I'm a winner
through and through, and... and...

if I ain't winning, it's not good for...

It's not good.

All you, boy.

Show 'em what you're made of.

Fuckin' cowboy, now.

Here we go!

[indistinct shouts]

Get out of there. Out!

[buzzer resounds]

Eli will not get there...

for the Freedom.

[announcer] And that is a bull
that he had been on before,

the PBR World Finals,
and he had ridden him.

That was an automatic matchup
for the head coach.

But it did not go their way.

[Eli] Still winning, but then
have to explain, "Oh, yeah,

I wasn't the actual winner

because I didn't win, my team won.

The rest of 'em carried my weight,

and, yeah, you know, you're right,
I am the captain,

but, yeah, Chase Outlaw did my part
for everybody else.

Yeah, you know, it's no biggie.

As a position of a captain,

I've not handled it very well.

Even though we just won the game.

I can't walk back in that locker room
and pack my shit up

in a good mood, you know?

Like, there's no way.

Don't touch me, don't look at me,
don't talk to me.

I'll catch you next week.

Whoo! Yeah! Freedom!

- [laughter]
- [man] We started off good!

Chase is a little more spunky
in every aspect:

leadership, bull riding, personality.

It doesn't matter. He's just... he's just
got a different personality than me.

Hey! Motherfucker, you called it!

Said... he was wrapping them ropes,

he said, "Boy, I'm
in the fucking zone tonight."


Chase is one of those guys
that doesn't overthink much.

All he knows is put his hand in there
and hold on really tight.

And that's a great theory to have.

That's just...
it's never worked out for me.

Nice ride out of Big John!


I would say that I see myself

as being seen as a leader

by some... by the younger guys, I'd say.

I'm giving all that I can give

as far as motivating,
as far as leadership.

But Eli's the captain, and I don't try
to step on no toes.

[indistinct happy chatter]

Oh, just having a little fun here
before we go riding tonight,

and let 'em jump
into the racing world a bit.

This go-cart track's
a really nice go-cart track.

These are fun, fast carts
and everybody's, like, competitive,

so get the competitive juices flowing,

and then, uh, get 'em
calmed down for the night.

- Is this down?
- Down.

Hell, I put mine upside-down.

I've never done a racetrack
this big, you know?

Like, I've been, like, in the mall.
Nothing like this.

Who all wants to make a lap?
Like, everybody.

All my guys are.

[indistinct chatter]

[Boudreaux] Austin actually talked them
into letting him drive around the track

in a passenger van with us in there.

[Austin] We're just trying
to show 'em a line

because this is actually
a pretty challenging course.

See these "3, 2, 1" cones?

They've got them here for a reason.
Like, that's your marker.

Like, you shouldn't drive in
past this second cone.

Hold on back there.

[Boudreaux] He starts
slinging us from side to side

as he's going around this track.

[laughter and chatter]

I got kids!

I got a rule about dying.

I will say he's a good driver.

He's a real good driver!

[tires screech]

Everybody good in the back?

Oops! Needed
to move over a little bit.


[♪ intense music plays]

Getting to race with Austin,

even in this, you know,
we want to be competitive.

You gotta go fast to get first in life.

[engines rev]

Everybody ready!

I'm about to put you in the wall.

Austin, he does do this for a living,

but we was all still trying to beat him.

I was trying to mess with Cooper,

and I got on the outside of him,

and he didn't let me back in,
and I about had a big moment.

[Cooper] He was gonna kind of
bump me and go around me,

and I just put him in the grass.

I hit a hole and got to bouncing,

and skipped across the track
and made it to the inside grass.

- Did I cut in between you?
- Yeah.

Well, if you're not the fastest, you might
as well be the scariest out there.

Go, dude!

I felt like I was
driving slow the whole time.

Me too. I spun out three times.

I got your ass, son.

No, no, I was in the number two car.
I was third.

You were down here...
Daylon Swearingen.

I was in the number two car,
I'm telling you.

No, you weren't.

- You see that?
- I'm right behind you.

Putting me into NASCAR next week.

I'm right behind you. I'm gonna be
in the next TV series.

They're all competitive,
and the first two are practice.

Then we'll race the third one.
It might get serious.

Kind of wrecked out a few times,
but I'm ready to race now.

[♪ intense music plays]

[Daylon] I was going full blast,

and somehow Austin would be
going full blast and still pass me,

and he'd get to bumping me,

and every time he'd bump me,

I'd just step on it even more
going into a turn,

and normally I'd hit the grass
and come out.

[man] I kept sending him into the corner,
and he'd just do... shewww!


You're crazy.


That curve gets me every time!

I'd just tap you,
and you just kept going!

I'd look, and you'd be gone!

[Daylon] I think Austin,
he was pushing me.

That's the way I'm going to look at it.

You know he's a NASCAR racer.
That's what he does for a living.

I don't expect him
to get on a bull and beat us.

But I was number one for the bull riders.

You never lapped me, though.

- Yes, I did!
- Not twice.

- I lapped you guys.
- You passed me once.

And then came on around.

No, you didn't pass me once.

[Jerome Davis] Tonight,
if we beat the Ridge Riders,

we're gonna move to first.

I think it's gonna be really exciting,

right here in the backyard, man.

The team we've got,
the guys we've put together,

I mean, we've really worked hard.
The whole team's worked hard.

End of the day,
hopefully we'll be the champs.

All right, boys,
I'm feeling five for five tonight.

That's what I think I'm feeling...
five for five.

Carolina, are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Arizona Ridge Riders

and the Carolina Cowboys!

Number one, number two.

Whoever wins this game,
they leave tonight the number-one team.

[Daylon] We just want to make
North Carolina feel good,

so going in there number one
would be awesome.

Richard Childress, he's here.

That's how important this game is.

That's how important this weekend is.

[Daylon] We want to be the first team
to win a team championship.

We want to be the first team
to go five for five.

We want to be the first team
to win their home event.

[announcer] Moments away
from cracking that first gate.

[announcer] Alisson De Souza,
he's been the pacesetter.

[announcer] And he's down!
De Souza comes down early!

Not anything that they were wanting
in a game like this.

[Daylon] I think we've kind of had
some ups and downs and struggles.

But the Carolina Cowboys, you know,
we're hungry, and we gotta make it happen.

[announcer] Are you ready
for the one and only Cooper Davis?

[spectators cheering]

[announcer] When that chute gate
swings open, it's time for you, the fans,

to do your job! Here we go!

[announcer] Davis doubles down
in front of his home crowd!

Carolina on the board!

[announcer] Wow! How about
eighty-five and a half points?

[man] Down in the back!

[announcer] Eduardo Aparecido,
the Ridge Riders,

they go to the veteran
in the number-two spot,

hoping to get on the board
aboard Petito Red.

[man] Bear down, Eduardo!
Go ahead!

Go ahead!
Go down, go down, go down!

Get down! Get down!

[buzzer resounds]

Aparecido answers the call!

Arizona needed him!

Ridge Riders on the board.


[announcer] Both teams
have one qualified ride.

Boudreaux Campbell
wants to add to that right now.

Dig deep, Boudreaux, dig deep!

[announcer] Wow!
Takes a slamming into the steel.

That does open the door for Arizona.

Losnake sails to the dirt
in just two seconds.

We're far from finished here.

Folks, here we go!

Two and a quarter points' lead
for the Cowboys, Mason Taylor.

[buzzer resounds]

Carolina on the board again!

Number-one, number-two teams
battling it out

to leave Winston-Salem number one.

[announcer] Arizona's
in a must-ride situation,

and it comes down to the top
draft picks for both squads.

Luciano De Castro
will be first to go.

[man] Go, Luciano!
Get down there! Get down there!

Whoo! Yeah! Whoo!

Whoo! Whoo-hoo!

[announcer] There's your
number-one pick for Arizona!

De Castro does it again.

[announcer] Eighty-six points.
There is your leader.

[announcer] With that ride,
De Castro stepping up huge for his team.

They take the lead
late in the fourth quarter.

And it all comes down
to the reigning world champion,

Daylon Swearingen,

in a must-ride situation for Carolina.

The score doesn't matter.

He has to hear the whistle.

[Daylon] Being there
in those pressure situations,

for me, I'd rather have
that pressure on me

than letting it go
on somebody else just 'cause,

you know, it makes me tick,
and I can go in there and do my job.

Ninety-five, D.

[man 2]
Throw down, Daylon.

You need one point to win this game.

[Daylon] I'm mostly worried
about the team, but at the same time,

there's a competition, you know,
for the MVP, and Jose, he's winning it,

and, at the end of the day,
I want to be the MVP.

For me, the MVP award

at the moment,
Daylon is my biggest bull-riding rival.

It's been difficult to win
and stay in front of him.

[announcer] The hair on the back
of my neck just stood up

because of the drama
that we're about to watch.

[Daylon] Bull riding's a sport where you
have to ride hurt a little bit sometimes.

And, you know, Jose was out, so...

you have to capitalize on every
opportunity if you're gonna win the MVP.

[announcer] Can he do it?
Here we go!

[spectators cheering]

[announcer] Swearingen sends Carolina
to the win column again!

I. Love. This. Sport!


I see him catching up to me
and I'm falling behind,

so it's a very difficult time.

Cowboys have done it!

Not only do they get the win,

but they're your number-one team
in the league!

[announcer] What a weekend
Carolina is having!

Champ, your team needed you;
you made the eight.

Every time, I must have eight.
You know, that's my job to do it,

and that's the mindset
of all those guys back there.

[spectators cheering]

[indistinct happy shouts]

[Daylon] You know,
it was really big for me,

moving forward for the team,
for the MVP race.

Daylon, you guys are heroes.

D-wade coming in clutch.

[indistinct celebratory shout]

[Daylon] It sucks that Jose
ain't riding right now.

And we've always been battling.

I mean, there's definitely
a rivalry, you know.

But it's gonna be me.

I'm gonna win the MVP this year.

[♪ music plays]