The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Austin vs. Everybody - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[♪ dramatic music plays]

[announcer] Longhorn Nation,
meet Gambler Nation.

The newest professional sports team
has slammed into Austin, Texas,

but there's seven other teams who hope
to make a move on the hometown favorite,

as the brand-new Moody Center welcomes
PBR teams to their arena.

Are you ready?

[crowd cheering]

[announcer] For all the fans
inside Moody Center,

they will be happy with
where their hometown favorites are

as we take a look
at the PBR season standings.

Austin Gamblers are on top.

Right in the middle of the pack,
number 4, Carolina.

At the bottom of the standings,
looking to move up, number 8 Oklahoma.

[♪ rock music plays]

[Ezekiel Mitchell]
It has to be Austin.

Austin Gamblers,
it's gonna be our home turf.

Literally an hour from where I grew up.

So, uh, all the family's gonna be there.
We're-we're gonna represent.

[announcer] The home team
is getting ready to go into war,

and I can tell you, sounds like the
Gamblers have the home field advantage.

How are you?

[♪ humming]

[Ezekiel] Things are going
pretty good for the Gamblers.

We're kind of rolling in on a hot streak,

but the job isn't done, you know.

These other teams don't care
what we've done,

and, if anything, they want
to beat us now more than ever.

We're six wins in a row.

They want to be the team
to put a stop to it,

and they want to be the ones that
embarrass us in front of our hometown.

[J.J. Gottsch] Although Zeke was one
of the top 40-ranked riders in the world,

he didn't get drafted,
and so, we took a chance,

called Zeke.

And I can tell you, from the day
that he signed with us as a free agent,

he has gotten on the program.

He has gotten with the team.

And what we found out is,
he's really enjoying his role.

You know, these last couple of weeks,
his batting lead-off,

you now, riding first for us,

it's been awesome for him
on a personal level,

and it's been great for our team.

[playful chatter]

[man] The moment
we've been waiting for!

I'm gonna get on tonight.

You're getting on tonight?
All right, well, good luck.

[Gottsch] It's just fun to be around
this Gamblers family.

You know, we've got
several guys that are fathers,

we've got a couple of guys
that are single dads.

And Dakota's part of that family,
and so is Hayze.

I'm gonna go out there with you.

- We've got to wait till it gets started.
- Okay.

If you go sit out there right now, you'll
just be hanging out, watching lights.


Remember, when they have
that big ol' fireworks,

just close your ears so it's
not so loud, okay?


[Dakota Louis] I love my son,

and I'm so thankful that I get to take him
to the events with me

and show him the world.

We travel a lot,

which sometimes is hard.

There's getting our bags in
and things like that,

and sometimes Hayze might be
a little bit tired,

so I'll be carrying him plus my bags.

Sometimes I don't know
how I get 'em all through.

We manage, and we're making it
a little bit easier as he gets older.

[Hayze] That looks pretty good.

That looks pretty good, right?

[Hayze] These are cool.

You want to put it on?

[Gottsch] Dakota actually comes
as a package deal.

Oh, boy.

If I would have been the CEO
of this team 25 years ago,

I would have had
a much different thought process

on how we handle family situations,

but now I'm a dad myself.

Whoo. You want to see
what it looks like?

[hearty laughter]

Dude, you look like
a real Gambler right now.

For Hayze to be a part of our
larger Gamblers family,

it's been awesome.

[announcer] Look, let's be real,
it's put up or shut up time.

If you're on the bottom half
of the equation coming into this weekend,

it's time to make a move.

The Freedom and the Texas Rattlers,

both on the bottom end of the standings.

Both looking to make a move, both
with returning superstars here tonight.

Look for a heavyweight shootout
between Oklahoma and Texas

here this evening.

We got a room back there or what?

Or what.

[announcer] And what kind of team
are the Freedom going to be?

That's the big question
everybody needs answered.

It goes from a team scrapping
to use free agents to fill spots,

to a team that looks pretty good on paper.

[Eli Vastbinder] Yeah, as of Nashville,
we didn't have our guys.

Most of the starting five guys
out with injuries...

myself, Outlaw.

Well, so the manpower
just wasn't there,

and, uh, it showed,

and the three or four events
we've had so far this year,

uh, we've only really done
very good at one.

And so we're all pissed,

and it kind of lit a little bit
of a spark in us,

and give us a fighting chance.

[Cord McCoy] Hey, you guys, uh...

management wants to talk
to you guys for a second.

Y'all want to head this way
for a second?

Hip, hip, hip, hip.

[indistinct remarks]

[Cord whistles]


See, guys? We win, we get a bus!


You guys... you guys sneak on in here.
He got... he got a few words to tell you.

Get on in here, man, we gotta
figure this winning stuff out.

Like, I'm not here to give you
the rah-rah deal and whatever,

but your coaches will take care of that,

and they get all...
handle all the technical stuff.

So, most of you guys had
the sports psychologist this week, right?

What was the one thing
that he said to do?

What was the one consistent thing
that he said to do?

I'm... I'm guessing
he said it to all of you.

I know he said it to you.

One thing he said:
Block out the negative.

Like, block out the negative energy.

So, we obviously have some of it,

but when I drafted each and every
one of you guys that are here,

I didn't draft you based on stats.

Heart is why you're here.

So, that switch
that I need you guys to flip,

I need you to flip it right fucking now.

Flip that switch.

Every time that you fuckers decide
that you wan to win,

guess what... you win!

So tonight, I need you to decide
that it's time to fucking win.

Regardless of what's wrong with him
or him or him,

or anybody, just go win.

'Cause you know how to win.

Are we good?

Everybody ready to go?
Let's go!

Freedom on three...
one, two, three. Freedom!

[spectators cheering]

Are you ready for this?

As the great eagle flies
from the vast plains to the arenas,

ladies and gentlemen,
these are the Oklahoma Freedom!

Leading off, the CEO of Outlaw Nation,

Chase Outlaw!

[announcer] Big names are back
for the Oklahoma Freedom.

For Chase Outlaw,
set to make his season debut.

Chase is like the spark plug
that never stops firing.

It's like the Tasmanian Devil
crossed with Yosemite Sam

coming into the arena,
and everybody loves him.

Chase is jacked to be a bull rider.
He just loves what he's doing.

His second-grade teacher asked
the class to do an assignment:

Write a letter to yourself about
what you're gonna be when you grow up.

Chase took out his number 2 pencil

and wrote, "I'm gonna be
a professional bull rider."

[♪ honkytonk blues music plays]

Nat, your patient's here.

Ashley did that.

- How are you?
- Good.

[Dr. Nat Grubbs] Chase Outlaw has
been one of my patients for many years...

not the entirety of his career.

Uh, we found each other, uh,
maybe three or four years ago,

which in Chase Outlaw time
is five or six surgeries ago.

Kid's had a great recovery
from everything.

He has remarkable
healing potential and capacity.

Not sure he's fully human.
I work with lots of humans.

Chase is the "uniquest" of the unique,
in my experience.

[Chase Outlaw]
To be a successful bull rider,

you gotta have the mindset of a warrior.

[♪ hard-driving music plays]

And you have to have heart.

[buzzer resounds]

And the main majority of it,

you gotta have a set of balls.

[indistinct announcement]


[man laughs]

[playful scream]

Chase Outlaw.

[soft chuckle]
Where do I begin?

Talk about a guy that will,
you know, go to battle with you,

Outlaw's tough.

He's been tough
ever since I can ever remember.

One time, he slammed his hand
in the car door,

and he didn't even cry.

He was about five years old.

[chuckles] 'Course,
he had little fingers, but still.

He's not afraid of anything.

Or anyone.

When you leave that locker room,

you know, he's got his little
strut and swagger of like...

I mean, I feel sorry for what bull
he's got drawed today.

I mean, like, "Oh, my goodness,
get out of his way, here he comes."

Real aggressive in sports.

He was the smallest guy on the team,

but, uh, he made the biggest plays.

[announcer shouts indistinctly]

[announcer] They're definitely going
to look at this one.

Chase's greatest weakness...

it's, unfortunately, it's his body.

[Chase] My first time I ever got
injured really was 2015.

I had to have total reconstructive
surgery on my right shoulder.

Was out seven,
almost eight months with it.

I had four shoulder surgeries.

Every time I was out one year,
right after another.

He's been beaten and bruised and,
you know,

and that's what happens in bull riding.

I think Chase's weakness is just time,

and the wear and tear that
bull riding's taken on his body.

[Chase] Tore all three groin abductors,
legs from my pelvic bone,

and tore my abdominal muscle loose
from my pubis bone.

And I had emergency surgery on my leg.

They said I had so much
dead tissue in my leg

that I was right there from going septic.

If he was completely healthy,
he'd be a world champion every year.

He'd be giving Jose and Daylon
a run for their money.

[announcer] This is a great time
for him to really catch fire.

Chase Outlaw, Hamburg, Arkansas.

[Chase] 2018, at Cheyenne,
that's where I got hurt.

They put us on the pop,

and he was like that right there.

And it shot out, came down...

[stunned reactions]

Hit me right in my eye.

[announcer] Wow.
Chase Outlaw stunned. Tacks bare.

[announcer] Chase Outlaw
is on his feet, folks.

But he never knocked me out.

He never knocked my hat off.

[chuckles] And I got up
and walked out of the arena.

[distant siren wails]

Hell, all I thought it just broke my nose.

And it broke my eye socket a little bit.

Till I went to blow my nose.

I felt like one of them toys
that you squeeze,

and its eyes go "bing," bug out.

I felt like that's
what was about to happen.

Took me to the hospital,
got in there and did the X-ray,

and they said, "Oh, Lor... Jesus.

We gotta get him into surgery
30 minutes ago."

Over 30 bones broken in my face.

Sixty-eight screws and 13 plates.

The famous Chase Outlaw injury

is the facial fractures,

the facial reconstruction

that no one on earth had any business
returning to this sport from.

[♪ heavy drumbeat]

[♪ ominous note plays]

Most people would have
given up on the sport,

walked away,

been terrified to do anything
even remotely dangerous.

Most people aren't Chase Outlaw.

[Chase] I came back,
there was three events left to the year.

I was in, like, 80th in the world.

Made it to the World Finals.

[indistinct excited announcement]

[Chase] And went
third at the World Finals.

USA Today named me
the toughest athlete in sports.

I don't know how my story'll end,

but they won't say I fucking quit.

[announcer] This is going to be
the game of the night

with a totally different-looking
Oklahoma Freedom.

[Cord] Outlaw.
Four minutes, meeting.

[Chase] Yes, sir.

I was just calling to tell you I love you.
'Bout to get ready.

[Chase] You know, I scared
the living hell out of my family.

All right, thank you.
Love y'all too.

Love you, baby.


They probably been wishing
I would have retired,

but I just can't.

I'll never understand how a guy
can jump right back into the mix

the way Chase Outlaw did.

At 30 years old, right?

This is, uh, an age where a lot of guys

are really starting
to think about retirement.

Chase Outlaw's a freak.

We've always said he's a freak.

[Chase] This sport is very
demanding on your body.


You gotta be a machine, that's for sure.

Heavenly Father, we just
ask you to come here tonight.

Dear Lord, just, uh, we don't ask you
for the best bull ride.

We just ask you to bring your guidance
and protection on all of us.

All the praise and worship
and glory to you. Amen.

- [man] Amen! Let's go get 'em!
- [man 2] Let's go!

[announcer] I like the Oklahoma Freedom
and what they're doing with their lineup.

Let's rock and roll, guys.
Eight seconds, one hand. Easy money.

[announcer] Number eight Oklahoma,
number seven Texas.

[announcer] This is the game
of the night right here.

[announcer] I like seeing Chase Outlaw
in that number one position.

High-energy guy, high motivation.

If Outlaw can have a big showing,
looking to get off on the right foot,

should be good.

[announcer] There has been
a plethora of injuries

this guy has had to deal with
the last couple of seasons.

[Cord McCoy] Do what you
were born to do, Outlaw.

Do whatever it takes to finish, Outlaw.

You get aggressive and stay aggressive!

Start us out right, Outlaw.
Make him like it.

Buck eight, now, okay?

Hup! Here we go!

[excited shouts]

[Cord] There you go, there you go,
there you go, there you go!

[announcer] Ohh! Outlaw!

[announcer] Outlaw trying his heart out,
but that is just really tough.

[announcer] I mean, you just
absolutely cannot watch this sport

and not be a Chase Outlaw fan.

Well, the question for
the Oklahoma Freedom all season long

is who's healthy, who's not healthy.

Eli Vastbinder,
another one of those guys

that was on the sidelines last weekend
because of injuries,

so we'll see if he can bounce back here.

[Eli Vastbinder] Yeah,
I remember I was in high school,

and-and I went to
the National High School Finals.

I got up on the back of this big,
scary, mean bull.

And I just remember
praying to God, saying,

"If you get me through this,
I will never do this again."

And not only did He get me through it,
I won the round.

And I felt like that was God saying,
"You're gonna keep doing this,

and you're gonna go really far with it."

As I was walking out
of the arena that day,

I was like, "Oh, yeah, I'm a bull rider.

This is what I'm gonna do
the rest of my life."

All day long, Eli!

Eli Vastbinder. Here we go!

Keep riding, keep riding!

Keep riding!

Yeah, keep riding, keep riding!

Right there! Keep riding!

There you go, there you go!

That'll work. Good job.

Good job, Eli.
Good job.

[announcer] Grabs the momentum
back for Oklahoma.

You see the teammates cheering,
and rightfully so!

Couldn't have done it
better myself.

No, literally, I couldn't have
done it better myself.

[buzzer resounds]

[announcer] Makes it!
Seals the deal for Oklahoma!

They get the win over Texas!

Are you kidding me?

...15 minutes.


Let me tell you, it feels good.

Just praise the Lord and, uh...

look out! It's Freedom, baby!

[announcer] I need that on a
tee-shirt: "It's Freedom, baby!"

[announcer] Oh, everybody's gonna be
wearing "It's Freedom, baby" tee-shirts.

The return of Chase Outlaw

drastically changes the dynamic
of the Freedom.

[Cord] Good job, guys.
Good win.

Good win. Good win.

Good win, guys.
Good freakin' job!

- Good win, guys!
- They interviewed me.

I'm going, "Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma!"

[Cord] How do you
like me now, Texas?

[♪ pounding music plays]

What's turned things around
for this group

here in this last week and a half or so?

Oh, shoot, we got the majority
of our guys back

and it's just made a big difference,

and just the energy and the vibe,

and, uh, you know,
our riding has just changed.

It's a whole new team now.

This is the team that's gonna
win a championship,

and I truly believe that.

[Chase] It ain't no other feeling
in the world like it,

um, to be back doing what I love.

You know, you're always nervous to get
that first one back after an injury.

But to get that monkey off your back,

heck, it's just smooth sailing
from there, after that.

[Cord] I know Outlaw's fired up.

Feel like we've kind of, like,
got the crew back together.

We're going hard, we're winning.

So, uh, you know, Vegas, here we come.

One, two, three... Freedom!

[announcer] Austin,
are you ready for the Gamblers!

[crowd cheers]

[♪ drumbeat]

[♪ twangy music plays]

[Ezekiel Mitchell] I don't know
what it was about the Western lifestyle

that struck me as a kid,
that made me want to do this.

It's like, you know, my... me and my dad
watched Westerns when I was a kid.

He'd take me to rodeos.
He was a horse dentist,

so we went to rodeos to build clientele,
but there was never...

I-I can't think of a time in my life
where I didn't want to be a cowboy.

[Danny Mitchell] It can be difficult
to be an African American cowboy.

The saying is,
and I-I-I don't go for that,

but that's the saying,
"It... it's a white man's sport."

The hardest thing he's ever been through?

I would think is the discrimination
that he's had to deal with

in being a part of this sport.

You know, uh, that's hard.

Uh, I went through some of it with him,
you know what I mean?

So I know it's hard.

When he first started participating
in-in junior rodeos,

one Caucasian guy...

and he actually pushed him off balance

when he came out the chute.

And I told him... he was a big ol' guy.

I told him, "Don't you ever put your hand
on my son again," you know.

[indistinct background chatter]

[Danny Mitchell]
I'm really proud of Ezekiel

because Ezekiel is living proof
that, you know,

uh, that-that he...
He's broken the barrier.

[announcer] Zeke gets it done,
and you can see...

[Mitchell] And-and the thing of it is,
is that, I'm gonna say this here,

people just have to be willing
to accept change.

[Andrew Giangola] When you
look at the history of cowboys...

Black cowboys play
a very important part and role in that.

Following the Civil War,

about one in four cowboys
were minority,

most of them African American.

And as cowboys began
to showcase them in rodeo,

there were a number of Black cowboys
who did quite well as rodeo stars.

In the 1980s, Charlie Sampson,

a bull rider from all places
Watts, California,

became the first World Champion
Black bull rider.

I think, you know, when you look
at a rider like Ezekiel Mitchell,

he kind of carries that torch.

Charles is a mentor to him,
and it's-it's been great for his career.

Uh, man, I love Charlie.


I lo... I love Charles Sampson.

Yeah, my-my dang-sure goal
is to do better than him.

[Ezekiel chuckles]

Before I was born,
he-he was the first African American

to win the World at bull riding.

All the guys that came before me,

uh, they're all inspirations to me.

And, uh, I just want to do it
bigger and better than they did.

[crowd cheering]

Don't move unless you have to, right?

I mean, hell, let him do
some of the work for you.

You don't... hell, you only
have to work when you have to.

Set him back underneath you, champ.

All right? Get that chest out.

[Michael Gaffney] Well,
I think Ezekiel's found his spot

in our roster at that gunner spot.

Set up strong, Zeke, set up strong.

He's had a lot of success there.

I keep putting him there because
that's where he belongs,

and that's where he's comfortable.

It's been like a natural fit for him.

All day! Ten seconds!

[Ezekiel] You know, I have to be
the guy to start us off

because as long as we've got one
score on the board, there's momentum,

and we can always build off of one score.

I like to think of myself
as partially a leader on this team.

You know, I'm not the team captain.

I give that to Jose, full credit due.

But, uh, I feel like I'm a leader
on this team, a big part of this team,

and if I can get us on the board early,

that's all I-I look forward to doing.

[man] Relax, Zeke.
Relax and enjoy it!

Being in front of the home city,

that's the only thing that scares me
about this matchup

for Ezekiel Mitchell.

[man] Set up straight.

Are you kidding me!

[buzzer rings]

Make no mistake...

Ezekiel Mitchell is
in that top spot for a reason.

No other first out...

he makes the eight every time!

Austin is on the board at home!

And the man remains perfect

in the leadoff spot
for the Austin Gamblers.

What a great bull ride.
What a great start for the home team.

[announcer] He took a couple
of shots there... no big deal.

Feeling the adrenaline
and feeling the sweet taste of victory.

Good start.

Hey, way to start!

That was perfect!

Let's go, boys!

Let's go!

Not difficult. Beautiful.

I thought I should have been
more than 84.

- Well, hell yeah!
- It felt like more.

'Cause you made him look so stupid,
that's why!

I get another sticker!


Here we go!

Austin... is hot!

[cheers and shouts]

Hot dang it!

Jose! Jose! Jose!

Deal 'em in every time!

[cheers and shouts]

The game's over.

Austin gets the win.

[♪ drumbeat]

[♪ twangy music plays]

[Daylon Swearingen] I think
my toughness just kind of comes

from the way I was brought up, you know.

My mom was a trick rider
and a barrel racer.

We saw how hard my mom worked...

going to school, raising two boys,

and still taking us to the rodeo
on the weekend.

She always put hard work into everything.

- [young Daylon] I did!
- [adult] Whoo-hoo!


I did not picture my child to grow up
and be a world champion bull rider.

But I did always tell him,

if you find something that you love to do,
find a way to make money doing it.

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Carrie Swearingen]
We would go to rodeos,

and Daylon rode the junior bulls
and-and the calves and steers,

and they would kind of put on a little
show at the rodeos for people watching.

[Daylon] In 2004,
so I would have been, like, 4 or 5...

Mom was in a domestic violent situation.

[Carrie] Daylon's biological father
was not there.

Drinking and doing drugs, and...

he beat me up pretty good,


I-I don't think it could get worse.

So, I'm at work, and he came in
with a... with a gun...


All that I can really remember is,
"Who will raise my kids?

Who's gonna raise my kids?

I'm gonna be dead,
and you're gonna go to jail.

Who will raise my kids?"
That's what I was thinking.

And he was just firing.

He actually grazed the back of my head.

I got a little area back there
that I have no hair,

and, then, um, I have one
that went right in here,

and I have 33 pieces
of a bullet in my head right now.

[Daylon] For her being a mom,
help her kind of recover quicker,

because she was reading
kids' books to us every day,

even though she could barely read.

[Carrie] My words were not coming out.
I was jumbled.

They sent me to a rehab,
like an occupational rehab,

and they gave me stuff to do
like if I was in kindergarten.

"See Spot run." They wanted me
to say that, and it would train my brain

what my brain had lost.

And I'm thinking, "Why are they
giving me this? It's, you know..."

But every night,
I would read to the boys,

and that would help me
put it together.

I think maybe the boys saw, you know,
you gotta work for what you want.

How are y'all today?

Yes, sir.

- [man] Good morning!
- How are you?

Good, good?

Most of you in your past have some
crazy thing that's happened,

and you're just grateful you survived it.

[Carrie] There were a whole lot
of people that supported me,

that helped me.

I had a great church.

They surrounded me.

Uh, my family surrounded me.

And everybody worked
to help me with the boys.

They worked to help me
get back to work.

[pastor] You didn't go through it
just to go through it!

You didn't go through it
just to say, "I survived!"

Don't let your greatest hurts in life
just be hurts.

Get healed and gain an authority from it

that you can bring healing to others.

So, Daylon, his childhood,
you know, we struggled a lot.

We struggled a lot financially.
We struggled a lot mentally.

But I never gave up.

Life is hard, 'cause this world
will take you down.

But, you know, we are all given
a purpose in this world.

He is a fighter. He will give it
everything he's got

and leave nothing on the table.

[Daylon] Nothing's gonna come easy,
but if you want something bad enough,

you're gonna work for it, no matter
what kind of obstacles are in the way

or how long it takes to get to that goal.

You're just gonna keep working
and working.

A lot of work and a lot of praying,

and you're gonna get
wherever you want to go to.

[announcer] This ride is important
for Swearingen to get a score.

They leave it close enough for Daylon
now to hit a walk-off home run.

It matters where you're at in the lineup.

[announcer] Good
for the Carolina Cowboys

just for the momentum
of the rest of the weekend.

Here we go!

[buzzer blares]

[announcer] Swearingen
holds onto the side.

He's got all the effort.
The clock says eight.

[Matt West]
Daylon is one of those guys that,

he's gonna give it everything he's got.

When a bull starts to spin,
he is a bull rider's bull rider.

He likes to show that
he can dominate a performance,

and when he does...
there's nobody better.

And the Carolina Cowboys

kick off the weekend in Austin
with a win.

You're not going to ice this guy?

Daylon has ice in his veins,
and you saw it right there.

[announcer] What a way to end
for this Carolina squad.

[crowd cheering]

Getting close.

Who do I... who do I...
who do I cheer for?

Look, maybe-maybe you guys
just take Austin now.

- You could do that for us, huh?
- Uh-huh, I will.

They gettin'... they gettin' too high
in the saddle, man. Bring 'em down for me.


All eyes in bull riding are on Texas.

Austin Gamblers, Texas Rattlers

square off for the first time
in their home state.

The Gamblers,
riding a seven-game win streak.

The Gamblers are really, really good.

Big opportunity to move here.

Well, how did the Gamblers get there?

They've been on a roll. No surprise.

Two-time world champ
Jose Vitor Leme.

[announcer] No doubt about it,
Jose Vitor Leme

is the heart and soul
of the Austin Gamblers.

The question is,
if he's Michael Jordan,

who's stepping into that supporting role?

Well, you take a look
at the rest of the team.

Finally, they got a little help.

That ace in the hole, in my opinion,

is going to be the production
of Ezekiel Mitchell.

He has moved into that number one spot,

and he has really started to step up
for his team.

[ring announcer] How many
Austin Gamblers fans out here?

[cheers and shouts]

I get little jitters whenever
he gets ready to ride, but...

I'm here to see my son kick ass.

I love to watch him ride.
I love to watch his teammates ride.

And I just be in there
whooping and hollering.

[announcer] Question is, will we
continue to see the Ezekiel Mitchell

that has been leading off
consistently well

for the number one team in the league?

- Thattaboy.
- Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Nice and square, Zeke,
the whole time.


[overlapping shouting]

Thattaboy! Thattaboy!

Mitchell makes the moves

to get past the big power
of Gangster Bones.

[announcer] He worked tirelessly
to be right next to Jose Vitor Leme,

and that is why they've got him
in the lead-off position.

[Michael Gaffney]
Keep riding! Keep riding!

Keep riding!
Keep riding!

Keep riding!

[joyous shouts]


Let's do it, Jose.
Ride, little brother.

Now it's Jose Vitor Leme

who is climbing over the chute.

[man] As an overall strategy,

I want a great starter,
and I want an even greater finisher.

I mean, Jose has always thrived
on those pressure moments.

We've all seen that.

Ride, little brother!
Ride, little brother!

He owns it.
He owns that number five spot.

He wants to go last.

That's where he lives.

[announcer] He's near perfection
as the closer for the Gamblers.

Everybody in the Gambler Nation

is nervous right now.

They desperately need a ride,

eight seconds from their
franchise player to win the game.

[announcer] And that is
the best bull rider in the world.

But he's got to lock...

[announcer] Oh, and that Tractor Supply
chute clock down to two!

And he calls for them!

[buzzer blares]

No one could do that but Leme!

The clock ticks down!

Ninja Cowboy was not in position,
but it didn't matter!

Leme is locked in once again,

locks it off for Austin!

Jose Vitor Leme is not human!

It's that simple.

He is an absolute monster
in every situation

where his back's against the wall.

The time was running out.

[ring announcer]
...eighty-eight points!

He called for them to open the gate

with two seconds remaining

after that bull lunges forward
in the bucking chutes.

Everyone else in the sport
would have checked out...

everyone except
for Jose Vitor Leme.

The Gamblers get the win.

[ring announcer] Taking congratulations
from some of the Texas Rattlers...

[Jose Vitor Leme] I'm so happy
and blessed at this moment now

to have another qualified ride
and help my team win.

We leave, uh, all this...

bull riding, the team, our family...

Austin Gamblers,
it is my family now.

[sports reporter]

- That's it!
- It's au naturel!


[Janie Davis]
When I look at Ezekiel and Leme,

it just looks like
a whole bunch of brothers.

Badass, Captain!

- [man] Yeah!
- [clapping]

They're rodeo brothers.

It's like they're
actually bonded as brothers.

They actually treat
each other with respect,

and that's what I love for him
'cause then he gets to see that.

Hey, they do respect you.

It doesn't matter about some people,
just as long as you know...

you have the respect of your teammates.

And I think with the leadership of Leme,

that is really what's turning him around

'cause he gets to see firsthand
how a champion acts,

and how they move.

[Ezekiel] One of the biggest things
I got from Jose is just demeanor,

the way he carries himself.

I feel like I carry myself well, but...

the way he carries himself in competition
is a totally different ballgame

than most anybody else
I've ever seen 'cause that...

I mean, that's how he's able to do
all these things that he's able to do.

Uh, let's just be real,
he's a freak of nature

because there's-there's no way
you can be that intense.

[soft chuckle]


[♪ twangy music plays]

[♪ twangy music continues]

I was born in The Woodlands, Texas,
in 1998.

My real name is actually
Jason Byron Campbell, Jr.,

um, the same name as my dad,

but, uh, when I was a little bitty baby,

he just started calling me Boudreaux.

I got it on my driver's license
now and everything.

- Hey! Hey!
- Come on, baby.

Hey! Hey!

[indistinct shouts]

[Boudreaux Campbell] My dad and mom
got a divorce when I was real, real young.

So, we packed up and we moved out.

I've lived with my dad my whole life.

[sharp whistling]

- Hey! Hey!
- Giddap!

You might need to start running
a little bit more, Buck.

- Whoo!
- Kind of sound a little winded there.

You wanna try it?

No, you go ahead.
You're doing a fine job.

Growing up, my dad was tough on me,
he was hard on me.

But it was a good thing,
you know. I needed it.

He made sure I had everything
I needed to have to be successful.

[Jay Campbell] Boudreaux
becoming a bull rider was...

probably a hundred percent me.

Um... [chuckles]

'Cause actually Boudreaux started riding
with his right hand, and I said,

"Well, you know, there's more bulls
turn to their left than go to the right."

So I swapped hands on him
when he was itty-bitty.

He had a lot of success real quick,

and then when he got into the pros,
he had a lot of success real quick.

[Boudreaux] As I got older, we just
kept going more and more and more,

and I kept getting
better and better and better.

In 2020, I won the World Finals,
won the Rookie of the Year,

finished third in the world.

Kind of just, boom,
went straight to the top.

Hey, Boudreaux, don't forget to put
the tractor and mower up, please,

before you head yonderways.

I was gonna go put it up for sale.

Yeah, well, you think that.

[Boudreaux] Put it up for sale
at the end of the street.

Yeah. Let me know how it
works out for you.

I'll call it in as stolen!

Good luck to y'all.

Buck good, and you're not
gonna get to come home.

We'll see you later.

[Boudreaux] Winning the championship
in 2020 was awesome.

You know, I won the finals,
won a lot of money,

and I kind of got content after that,
and it showed this last year.

I didn't do as good,
I wasn't riding as good.

I got hurt last year.
I broke my riding hand,

so I wasn't able to ride all year long.

I want to be at the top, you know.

I never want to just settle and get
content, so coming back to the top

and getting back in that winner's circle,
it means everything to me.

[announcer] It's Championship Sunday
from the capital of Texas.

[announcer] Yeah, and I think
the next game on the docket

is gonna produce more rides
than any game we have seen so far.

[announcer] For the final game here,
Carolina Cowboys

and then your Austin Gamblers.

For the first time in league history,

the home team is in position
to win their event.

As we take a look
at your starting lineups,

it's Carolina and Austin
who are tied for the league.

[announcer] Yeah, this is
gonna be a heavy-hitting contest.

You've got two titans
getting ready to battle it out.

[announcer] I love seeing it.
Jose Vitor Leme.

Reigning champ Daylon Swearingen.

[Daylon] Today, we're going to go
up against the Austin Gamblers,

and they're like the Yankees
of the PBR,

and, you know, they got all the money,
they got all the cool stuff.

And they get treated good.

And we just got to beat them on their
home turf, so now it's time to step up.

[announcer] As for Carolina,
if you want to rival the Gamblers,

you gotta do it early.

[announcer] If they want to pick up
the "W" here in a hostile environment,

it has to start quickly.

I'm talking Boudreaux Campbell
in the number one spot.

Kind of take a deep breath.

And, um, I mean, I'm nervous,
but it's a good nervous, you know.

I got butterflies in my stomach.

Just kind of breathe,
try to clear my head.

Um, when I step over that bucking chute,

it's kind of like I'm a warrior
going to war.

[man] They're just as aggressive
at eight as they are at one.

[ring announcer]
Boudreaux Campbell!

[excited shouts]

[buzzer sounds]

Campbell comes out swinging,

hits this one over the fences,

gets the ride for Carolina!

They're on the board here.

[announcer] Leading off
is Ezekiel Mitchell for the Gamblers!

Well, for Ezekiel Mitchell,

he's 3 and 0
when he is in this top spot.

He's 0 and 4 when they move him
to a different spot in the lineup.

So, Mitchell looking to stay perfect
aboard Big Pokey.

Oh, Daisy. Oh, Daisy!

Yep, do it, Ezekiel.

He's ready, buddy.

[indistinct shout]

Flop your arm!
Flop your arm! Flop your arm!

[overlapping shouts]

- [buzzer sounds]
- [announcer] He did it!

You must believe in Mitchell!

Gets this one for the Gamblers!

He stays perfect in that starting spot.

[announcer] The Gamblers
have called on him three times!

And all three times,
Ezekiel Mitchell has handled it.

Eighty-four and a quarter points.

[announcer] This one close...
86 and a half to 84 and a quarter.

This is tight.

Carolina, looking for their second score.
Here we go!

Ow! The bulls came to play.

[buzzer sounds]

Here we go, Austin!

We need it!

- Ooh!
- Ooh!


- Oh, my!
- Richardson, though, slung to the dirt.

And so Carolina down to one!

Daylon Swearingen,

the reigning PBR World Champion.

Spread out, hero.

Get in there, D.

With a razor-thin lead.

[man] Come on, Daylon,
make it happen, buddy.

Here we go!

Head up, Daylon!

Go, Daylon! Get up!

[overlapping shouts]

[buzzer sounds]


sends a message to the Gamblers!

Finds the whistle
for a Tijuana Two-Step!

[announcer] Their ace in the hole
just stepped up and got 'em another one.

[announcer] Eighty-seven
and a half for Swearingen.

[announcer] And then leave it up
to the number-one overall pick

in Leme to finish the deal.

[announcer] Jose Vitor Leme,
he's been the last guy to ride

the last two nights, and it's been
absolutely spectacular.

Jose, Jose, Jose!

Ride, little brother!
Ride, little brother!

Ride like you do.

He was born for moments like this.

[indistinct remark]

[announcer] They need 90 points.
This bull's never been ridden.

Time to do it!

I got goosebumps!

This is real.

Chute clock is ticking away.

Here we go!

[Michael Gaffney]
Get him, boy!

Head up! Head up!
There you go!

Head up, head up!
Head up, head up!


Through the whistle,

but the drama is just starting!

We saw the clock stop
at one and 95.

[announcer] Oh, my goodness,
and immediately going to a review.

This is an official review.

Then they're gonna announce it
or what?

[announcer] We're going
to review this. Watch the free arm.

You know the rule:

you cannot touch the bull,
the equipment,

or yourself during the 8-second ride.

And so, under review...

It is a no-score for Jose Vitor Leme.

[♪ dramatic music plays]

The Carolina Cowboys
get the win in Austin!


Look at that squad right there!

Take a look at your final event standings:

the Carolina Cowboys leave here on top.

Your hometown favorite Austin Gamblers,
they will leave here number three.

[Daylon] In Nashville, Austin beat us,

and we were ready to take Austin down
at their hometown.

And, uh... and we did.

And got the win in Austin,
and going to Winston,

we want to win the first home event.
We're feeling really good, you know.

[Jose speaking Portuguese]

Hey, hey, hey.

Just take a breath, all right?
It'll be all right.

Don't let this moment ruin
what you did the other day, okay?

You fucking rode good.
You were stellar.

Don't let this... don't let this
ruin that, all right?

Just take a breath.
We need you, all right?

All right?

You all right?

I-I know you're not.
Seems like your leg is... you know...

Sorry. Sorry.

[Michael Gaffney]
Jose Vitor Leme is a perfectionist.

Jose doesn't handle loss
very well, I can tell you that.

[Ezekiel] This bull riding, it's a sport
that's unpredictable and unforgiving.

Uh, so, at this point,
we have to be humble.

That way, we can make this
resurgence to the top.

You give it your all,

and everything just doesn't seem
to be going right.

Uh, it can... it can really
play a toll on you.

You're not satisfied.
Every game counts,

and we want to win every game.

All we can do is ride our bulls
and let the chips fall the way they may.

Hey, fellas, regardless of the week,
it was a helluva weekend.

Did me proud of you guys.

I love this shit. I love it.

You know why? 'Cause if we
don't win, y'all is pissed.

- We're gonna win.
- That's what winners do.

That's what winners do. You're
pissed when we don't win. I love it.

Put everything that you've got.
Don't waste a minute of any day.

Don't waste a minute.
Don't waste a day.

You know, there's a lot of times
in sports and in life

when you can get dealt a bad hand...

pun intended for the Gamblers...

you can pout, not feel good about it.

Zeke took losing as a team

and he said, "You know what? I'm never
gonna let that happen to me again."

We can do this. Easy. You know?

And it-it took y'all helping me
to realize that,

I mean, whenever we get our bull list

and you've got a bull drawn
and you say okay to get on him,

that means that that bull
shouldn't buck you off.

We've got to all start digging
deeper than ourselves,

and let's just go after it
and keep putting in the work

and let's freaking go out
and take their freaking home town.

[♪ dramatic chord plays]

We've got to get them in their home.

You know how to split wood?


I would hold it for you, but I don't
really trust you that much.

No, you don't hold it.

You don't hold it.

Mmm, you're not too bad.

You know, it is life or death.

Whatever happens,
once that gate opens,

it's got to play out
however God wants it.

You just never know
what's gonna happen.

And our team, you know,

we learn from our mistakes,
and we've moved forward,

and every time we learn,
we come back stronger

and better than we were.

Just... we have to keep fighting
for that first place

'cause then there's a target
on their back,

and those guys are gonna ride
even harder and even better, you know?

[♪ end theme music plays]