The Ride (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Comeback Kings - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[crowd cheering]

[Kate] PBR is taking the
toughest athlete you could find on earth

and matching them up with an athlete
that weighs ten times more than them,

is way more powerful,

and by any means
of looking at the matchup,

it is a complete underdog scenario.

[crowd cheering]

Oh! Claws come out early!

Oh, gosh!

Bull riding is a very,
very dangerous sport.

It's the only sport where after you hit
the grand slam or you score the touchdown,

you can still get killed
trying to get out of the arena.

Bulls are unpredictable animals,
and some of them want to hit you.

Bull riding is one of the most
dangerous sports in the world

because every time an athlete
crawls onto the back of the bull,

he's risking his life.

[commentator] Oh, boy.

[buzzer sounds]

There's not another sport out there
that comes with this amount of danger.

Every single play that comes
with making that eight seconds happen.

You'll see the same sorts of things

that you see in motor vehicle accidents:

broken necks, backs, broken ribs,
punctured lungs, liver lacerations.

[commentator] Oh!

[Tandy] If it can be done
to the human body in terms of injury,

you can see it in bull riding.

[crowd cheering]

[Jerome] In 1993, we took a picture
with the top 15 guys in the world.

Two of them guys got killed
ridin' bulls, and I got paralyzed.

So, I mean, it just shows you
how tough this sport really is.

-You makin' me skinny?

They didn't do this for me.

It's 'cause you look so good, honey.
You don't have to do that.

So full of crap.

So I knew Tiffany's daddy
really before I knew her.

Her dad put on some rodeos
and whatnot and, uh...

I would ride horses
at a sale barn in Siler City

on Tuesday nights
to help pay entree fees.

And I was probably 16 or 17
by the time we really...

I kinda got to know her.

And she'd be up to the horse sale
on Tuesday nights

and we'd talk a little bit.

And then as we got older
and she got a lot cuter... [chuckles]

we got to talkin' a lot more.

[Tiffany] And then that's when he started
callin' me a little bit more and stuff.

And then we kinda just...

He said he always knew I would
be the one, but I wasn't sure about that.


He hid that really well,
if that was the case. [laughs]

You always try to marry somebody
who, you know,

what they call "marry up."

I way married up way over my head,
so I did pretty good. [chuckles]

Jeremiah, you wanna
put a gate right there, you know?

[Jeremiah] Yeah, a gate.

When Jerome was ridin' the bulls,

he got hurt when he was 25 years old.

He hadn't hit his peak.
He was gettin' better every year.

[commentator 1] Here's Jerome Davis
from Archdale, North Carolina.

[commentator 2] You know, here's a guy
that's ridden 85% of his bulls,

and, you know, that's remarkable.

Here we go.

But he's to the right,
right in the gate! Boy howdy!

-Now turns to the left.
-[commentator 1] There he goes.

[commentator 2] Here we go.
Pump it. You gotta pump.

Oh, yeah. Oh, he made it.
What a nice ride.

Jerome Davis is my hero.

Jerome Davis is every bull rider
that's ever lived's hero.

I don't know that I've ever met
a better person in my life,

and that's powerful.

You know, just a winner at everything.

[commentator 1]
Well, the guy can ride.

-Not a bother. Good golly.
-[commentator 2] What a ride.

In '94, he was the reserve champion.

If he'd rode his last bull, he would
have been the World Champion in '94.

Here we go.

[Andrew] He was the first bull rider
east of the Mississippi

to win a world title when he won
the PRCA World Championship in 1995.

[commentator] And he's only one of four
gonna be there again.

Come on, get there.
Look at him shuffle them feet.

All right! Show me the money!

There's a champion right there.
[chuckles] There's a hat throw.

1996, he set a record of any bull rider,

how much money he had ever won.

[commentator] All right, World Champion,
come on, get 'er done.

Jerome Davis makes a great ride.
Man, that's the way you do it.

That gets a whopola from me.

[Tiffany] He was almost
a three-time World Champion in the PRCA.

So we never seen how good
Jerome was or was gonna be.

[engine turns off]

The last ride that he got on,

he was winning the PBR standings
by a landslide.

Me and Jerome were engaged at the time,
but we had also planned a wedding date,

and nobody knew it.

I'd already got the wedding dress,
so we had it all figured out.

And he was on a roll
ridin' everything.

And I remember sittin' beside
Reed Corder's wife,

and we were lookin' at the draw,

and she said,
"Oh, he's got Knock 'Em Out John.

I hate that bull. He don't read out,
blah, blah, blah," or something.

And I was like,
"Well, Jerome's ridin' good."

You know, didn't worry,
wasn't worried about it.

[Jerome] I'd been on that bull before
and he had hit me in the face,

and I remember that, so I really
emphasized on staying over him

so he didn't get me rockin'.

As it was,
I was ridin' that bull pretty good.

He was turnin' back to the left,
which was into my ridin' hand,

and I started kickin' loose around there.

Well, then he didn't like that
and he jumped forward

and when he did,
he got me at the end of my arm.

And in bull ridin' terms,
when you get the end of your arm,

you have, when the bull moves forward,

the only thing you got to come
is your body.

Well, when he made that big jump forward,
he got my arm straight

and he brought me, he hit me
in the temple and knocked me out.

You know, when I woke up, my body
was numb and I couldn't move my arms.

I've had some very serious injuries,

but that time
I knew it was something different.

I knew that I might have messed up.

[dramatic music playing]

[Tiffany] By the time I got back there,
he was on the stretcher

and he was asking me
to take off his glove.

And his buddy Tater Porter was there.

And Tater had already
tooken off his bull riding glove.

And I was like...
and I looked at Tater and me

and Tater kind of made eye contact,
like, "That's weird."

And I remember the medic
was touchin' his legs,

sayin', "Jerome, can you feel this?"

And Jerome said,
"No, I can't feel anything."

[siren wails]

[Jerome] I remember layin' there
and that guy comin' in

and he said, uh...
he said , "I got some bad news."

I said, "Well, shoot it to me straight.
What is it?"

He said,
"Well, you're never gonna walk again."

I said, "You mean
I'm never gonna ride bulls again?"

And he said,
"No, I don't think you understand."

He said, "You're not gonna walk."


I always get emotional at this part.

But when I come out in the waitin' room,
every one of his buddies was out there.

I think every bull rider
from the PBR was there

'cause the waitin' room
didn't have a spot for nobody else

and everybody had come there
after the bull ridin'.

But that just shows
how much these guys, they really do,

they care for each other
and love for each other.

[elevator dings]

[Jerome] It really shows,
when something happens in our sport,

you know, we just pull together.

And there's really only so many guys
at that level that you can bond with.

And I don't think people realize,
in eight seconds,

how your life can change.

[birds chirping]

[baby fussing]

Hey. Here. Here you go.

Feels good to be home,
able to spend it with my family

and live a normal life a little bit.

It's been a nice change of pace
to have him home throughout the week

and only gone on the weekends.

I mean, it's sad, but, like,
even when I'm home,

like, I'm still thinkin'
about bull ridin', you know.

Back to Kansas City, I come off
and instantly I feel my knee,

something pop in my knee,

and I didn't know
how bad it was at the time.

[dramatic music playing]

[crowd groans]

My knee hurts and there's times
where I can put it in a situation

where it doesn't feel good,
but more so my ribs.

You know, my ribs is what I feel.

Doesn't matter what you do:
eat, cough, turn, twist, walk.

[Paige] Gettin' kicked.

Yeah, you know,
I wake up in the middle of night

and Blair's kickin' me in the stomach.

But with the way it's set up now
with whatever's best for the team,

and I just work my butt off
to get better and get healed up

and get back to ridin'.

Can you say "Dada World Champ"?

[Paige chuckles]
Can you say "Dada"?

Dada World Champ.

-Champion. Champion.
-[Paige] Can you say it?

-So what's goin' on with the knee?

Just same deal. Just...

-[Tandy] Hurts right here?
-[Eli] Yeah.

Eli had several injuries in Kansas City.

My ribs.

[Tandy] Injury to his pelvis,
hurtin' ribs,

a sprain of his right knee,
I believe, an MCL sprain.

-Hold it up for me.
-Like, my knee weak or my hip?

-No, up here, your hip.

Hold it up. Make it strong.

[Tandy] Being an older rider
means you've got more baggage.

The knee is still givin' him
some trouble

and it's just a matter of time
in terms of gettin' better.

If it's anything like bein'
an older athlete in any other thing,

it means it takes longer
for you to recover.

You feel sore longer.

That's what happens to all of us
as we get older,

whether we're athletes or not.

[crowd cheering]

[Kate] It's the third stop
of the inaugural PBR Team season

and we're bringing you
a doubleheader from Anaheim.

All eight teams have a home game,

but this is the second
and last neutral site game

until we get to the finals in Las Vegas.

The game is simple.
Best team on five outs wins the game.

But let's start with that first game
we're gonna see here,

the Austin Gamblers
and the Nashville Stampede.

[Matt] A lot of people look at Jose
as being on another level.

In PBR Teams, it's different.

You cannot win with one great athlete.
You have to have a team.

The end of the day,
when we leave Las Vegas,

the team with the most
well-rounded group of athletes

is gonna be the most competitive
and they're gonna be the champions.

[Kate] Manoelito de Souza Jr.
He is making his debut.

He's a fourth-round draft pick
for Nashville,

one Coach McBride
has been excited about since the spring

before he was even on his roster
and was looking at him.

He got him. Well, now he gets to see
what he can do aboard Wired Kitty.

He gets out,
but he gets down too early.

-He stops it at two and 96.
-[buzzer sounds]

Nashville still looking
for that first ride in this game.

As for Ezekiel Mitchell,
he's aboard Hell Storm.

[commentator] Needs it for his team,
but as Gaffney said, needs it for himself.

[Ezekiel] I got a chance
to get on one bull in Kansas City.

Very hard to ride a bull there.

I really felt like I didn't get a chance
to showcase what I could do.

But thank God
that I tried my heart out, I guess,

and the coach did see something
and let me stay on the roster.

Failure is not an option,
so I won't stop tryin'.

Do what you do, Zeke.

Ride, Zeke! Line 'em up! Get 'em in there!

That a boy! That a boy!
Get 'em in there! Get 'em in there!

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]


Mitchell makes it eight on Hell Storm.

[commentator 1]
I truly believe this is the place

where you put Ezekiel Mitchell
in the lineup.

Let him start things off.

[Flint] Zeke, great energy.
That bull fit you just right, didn't it?

Yeah, I rode that bull
at the PBR World Finals in '21

and I knew he was gonna fit me good.

I just had to do my job.

Way to dance it up.
The fans love it.

[chuckles] I guess that's something
I'm accustomed to now.

[both laugh]

See? Hey, it worked for G-Man.

[Kate] Austin on the board,
86 and a quarter.

Let's go, Dirt.

[crowd cheering]

[man] Way to go, Dirt!
Way to go!

[Kate] Coach said it.
You see eight on the board.

They're goin' to celebrate.
Dirteater finds the whistle.

That's the ruling on the field.

Out of retirement.

Good job, Dirt!

-[Kate] Goes the distance.
-[man] Good effort. Good effort, Dirty.

Way to keep goin'.
Way to fight, buddy.

The Austin Gamblers can clinch it here.

And who do they have?

It is the number one draft pick
in Jose Vitor Leme.

Let's do it, Jose.
Let's take it to 'em, brother.

[Kate] He asked his coach, "Put me
in that last spot in the starting lineup.

I like the big, high-pressure moments.
That's where I'm at my best."

Well, he's got it right here in Anaheim.

Just so happens to be the place he's won
the last two times we've been here.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

Let the hats fly.

Put him last in your lineup.

Give him the chance to clinch the game
and he does it.

Leme finds the whistle.
Austin takes the win.

Look at him.

Take your rightful spot on the podium
where everybody in the bull riding world

can see you and see the greatness
that you have displayed

your entire career.

[crowd cheering]

[Matt] I think probably the main rivalry
in PBR Teams right now

is Austin Gamblers
and everybody else.

Good news is, Carolina is not scared
to go nose-to-nose with anybody.

And they are not gonna back down
from a challenge no matter who it is.

They're looked at as a group
of young, charismatic guys

that enjoy a little bit of the notoriety.

With that comes a little bravado.

With that you could even say ego at times.

Let's go.

That's what I'm sayin'.

We're all young, we're all cocky.

We like to go out to the bar
and have a good time.

And trouble seems to find us
wherever we're at.

-[man] Then all of a sudden...

[Matt] Carolina is looked at
as a team that should be successful.

[indistinct chatter]

You look at their lineup,
Carolina's got all the key players.

They've got all the major factors
to be a team that could come out

and ride five bulls in a game.

They've got the gold buckle,
Daylon Swearingen.

Daylon Swearingen is in the zone.

[Kate] They've got the firepower
in Boudreaux Campbell.

Go, Boudreaux, go!

[commentator] I think
Boudreaux Campbell has done enough

for his second career win.

[Kate] They've got the consistency
in Mason Taylor.

And they've got Cooper Davis.

All these guys at certain points
have won events,

had the high-marked ride.

Now can they do it together?

[crowd cheering]

Let's go down to Carolina and Flint.

He's standing by
with head coach Jerome Davis.

[Flint] Yeah, Jerome Davis here,
the head coach, Carolina Cowboys.

Jerome, you've started with
the World Champion Daylon Swearingen

every week.

It seems like that's a given.

[Jerome] Well, Daylon,
he just kind of kicks it off most time,

gets the guys fired up,

and just try to take that rhythm
and roll it right onto the next four.

So it's been workin', so let's
don't break what's not messed up.

Swearingen, we mentioned,

of course, World Champ,
but it's not just that.

It's the momentum that
we've seen from him over that last year.

[Daylon] It's been an individual sport
for forever, you know,

so my first thoughts when the
Team Series came up, it's like, "What?"

I mean, this is the way
I make my livin'.

And I'm probably talkin'
for a lot of the bull riders,

you know, we wanted something
where we were individual again.

I won the world this year
and now I wanna win the MVP, you know?

I wanna show dominance
and just make every bull ride count.

All right now, Daylon.

Show 'em, Champ. Show 'em what you got.

[crowd cheering]

[dramatic music playing]

Swearingen down early.

Try This went to the left
and said, "Try that."

Did not go Swearingen's way.

Carolina not on the board yet.

And so we start with a huge surprise.

One of the games that Carolina lost,
Daylon did not get a score.

I think he is a key element
in them winning these games.

And then when
he doesn't start off on the right foot,

that momentum can roll backwards
for the Carolina Cowboys.

Reigning Rookie of the Year, Bob Mitchell.

A huge opportunity here
to get Kansas City on the board first.

He's aboard Melanie's Dream.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

[Kate] Comes out backwards,
away from his hand.

It doesn't even matter.

J.W. Hart and squad,
they're on the board first.

83-nothing, Kansas City.
Carolina, one attempt remaining.

Boudreaux Campbell has to hear
the whistle to keep Carolina in the game.

-Ride, Boud.

Campbell, average score 88 points.

[crowd cheering]

[Kate] But Campbell down early.
Four and 17.

The Team Series
has not changed bull riding at all.

It's still one man, one bull,
a bull rope, and eight seconds.

I think the accountability to others
is gonna change the game

because in individual bull riding,
you can jump off

and you're gonna get on the next day.

In team game,
you better give it 110%

or you're not gonna be
ridin' for that team.

As for Carolina,

that was the second shutout
they've suffered this season.

[loud clattering]


[man grunts]

[Daylon] When I didn't do good,
I made that whole team not do good

because the energy that I got
on the back of the buckin' chute.

You know, I'm tryin' to boost those guys,

but my tone in my voice
was more of an angry tone,

when I have more of a light
in my voice normally, you know?

It happens.

You know, tonight
things didn't roll like we wanted.

We're dang sure too good
not to have a score on the board.

And, uh...

But you know, it ain't how you win,
it's how you lose.

And we dang sure gonna bounce back
and we're not gonna let up from here on.

[Kate] Takin' a look at tonight's game,
what's glarin'?

A shutout from the Carolina Cowboys.

[Matt] It's the Kansas City Outlaws
that got it done.

Carolina surprises me in a huge way.

I did not think we would see them
shut out again the rest of the season.

[cows mooing]

The whole idea of this thing is teamwork.

'Cause that's how we win championships
and that's how we get strong

when we don't have a good day
or we lose like we did Sunday.

You gotta be mentally ready to accept
the whole challenge is in front of you.

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...

We brought Seal Team Six in.

That team,
they're the toughest of the toughest.

Oh, man, that ain't goin'
the way that I wanted it to.

And that perception may change
the minds of some people.

Get over it. Right?
Find a way to get past it.


Use your team to help you out,
solve that problem.

They put these guys through the drill.

We're lookin' at mental toughness.
We're lookin' at attitudes.

Come on, Nathan, hurry up!

Everybody's waitin' on you!
Get your sandbag and go!

We gave you enough time!
Hurry up!

Come on, let's go! Hurry up!

We wanna mentally work with 'em,

you know, to really push 'em.

You know, just try to make 'em
almost break down to that point.

Hey, those cowboys can't hear you!

-[man] Gotta count 'em off!
-Count 'em off!

-[man 1] What number are you on?
-[man 2] Start over.

-[Mason] Six.
-[man] Start over.

-[Mason] One.
-[man] There it is.

Let's go, let's go.
Clock is ticking. Clock is ticking.

Hurry up!

[Austin] It's more about tryin'
to bring an edge to their game

where when they go out there
to ride a bull

that's bigger, stronger, and faster,
that they have a mindset

that it doesn't matter
what you throw at me,

I'm gonna be ready and be able
to tack it and get it done.

-[man] Up!
-[all] Two!

[man] Down!


[Daylon] It doesn't matter
where we come from, who we are,

we all had to roll in the mud,
we all had to get in the water,

we all had to carry our sandbags.

We just had maybe
a little too much confidence

and we just had to be humbled.

We were humbled.

[man] When everybody looks at you,
they're gonna see a Carolina Cowboy.

-What are they gonna see?

[country music playing]

There's plenty to do.

[Eli] I always knew that this was
something that I was gonna do.

I'd always hoped that it
would go as far as it has.

But ever since I was a kid,
you know, all I ever wanted to do,

everybody I watched, you know,

everybody I looked up to
was bull riders and cowboys.

So as long as I can remember,
this is what my dream was.

[crowd cheering]

[commentator] From North Carolina,
the 31-year-old Eli Vastbinder!

I grew up in a rodeo family.

Most families
were at soccer games or football games.

We went rodeoin'
and I started gettin' on sheep.

You know, as I got older,
I graduated to calves

and on to open rodeos
and then to a professional level.

My dad, he's just a farmer.

He would have rather me
went and got a job, I believe,

and pursued a different career path.

You know, when it comes to bull ridin',
we tried to push him for years

to do different things,
tried other sports,

and bull ridin' has always come back.

So me tryin' to talk him out of
bull ridin' is not gonna happen, you know.

It's what he loves and it's his passion.
He's not gonna change, you know.

And that's why he's good at it,
'cause it's what he loves.

It's just his life.

[Eli] I just don't think that my dad
really understood

that I could make a livin' doin' it.

There was definitely some good arguments
and fights growing up over that.

It's all a struggle.

You're workin' all the time.
You're always tryin' to get ahead.

Seems like you're always behind.
More stuff to do than time, you know.

But it all works out.
In time, it all works out.

[Mike] Me and Eli can bicker back
and forth 'cause, you know, as a father,

you have different dreams
and different careers.

You know, you see him gettin' hurt
or something bad happenin'.

[crowd cheering]

So as long as he stays healthy, you know,

doesn't get on a bull
that there isn't, uh...

One time I don't pray
before he gets on, you know.

We've been at rodeos and seen him...
[clears throat]

...hurt and drug out.

He's been stepped on, broken ankles.

And you don't wanna see that
out of your children.

But he's not gonna give it up.

PBR two years ago, you kept watchin' him
get on and on and on...

and he kept gettin' hurt
and hurt and hurt.

You know, he'll sit there and say,
"Well, if I break my leg, I'm done."

"Well, Son, if you puncture a lung,
you are done."

[Kate] It's Stampede Days,
live from Nashville,

stop number four
of the inaugural PBR Team season.

We take a look at our
Road to Vegas season standings,

and it is Missouri at the top,

but behind them,

a lot of teams that are surging.

Eight teams have
made their way to Music City,

but only the best
will be belting the high note

right here from Bridgestone Arena.

We are the only ones
holding ourselves back.

I mean, we are.
We've got everything we need right here.

Fuckin', we're all bad motherfuckers.

When we walk out there,
fuckin' just feel it,

swag, fuckin' whatever
you wanna call it.

Just feel like you're
the baddest motherfucker here.

Whether it's cocky or not,
every time you walk by Jose,

you fuckin' bump him
in the fuckin' shoulder.

"Fuck you. You ain't shit."
You know? Do it to everybody. You know?

It's all made up right here.

So if you make it up right here
and you believe it,

fuckin' ain't shit gonna stop us.

[indistinct chatter]

[clicking tongue]

[Cord] Eli.

-I see you got your spurs on.
-[man] Turn the dog loose.

I just, uh, I think for the season,
for the team,

we've only got five healthy guys,

so I would just
give those guys another shot,

like, I mean, 'cause it'll be their
first time in the big lights, really.

Just give them a shot to show out.

Since you're number one draft pick,
team captain, save you back.

I mean, I know I don't want it
to come out wrong,

but I think it's best for the team...

-Whatever you think.
-...if you just sat out.

[crowd cheering]

[commentator] Well, you take a look
at the number eight-ranked team here.

We start with the Oklahoma Freedom.

And you mentioned injuries.

Take a look at Eli Vastbinder,
Derek Kolbaba, Chase Outlaw.

That is three heavy hitters
that are out for the Freedom lineup.

[Kate] Yeah, the top three draft picks,
which means they're looking for depth.

They need someone
to manufacture some kind of success.

[Cord] When you see that
your number one draft pick

and your number three draft pick
are not there,

the problem is,
is the rest of the team knows that, like,

"Hey, we don't even
have our starters here."

We're playin' with the other ones,

so the morale
is definitely hard to keep up.

[Eli] You know, I've been pretty much
beggin' to get on

and get a bull tonight,

and just they're gonna let my knee
give it another day at least.

They wanna make sure
that I'm healthy

and firin' on all cylinders
for next weekend.

It's killin' me, sitting' here watchin',
so, yeah, you know,

this is only making me, you know,
want it even more, holdin' me back.

You need to get to know your players.

I know Eli
and I know how he's gonna answer.

I mean, they're gonna have
to cut Eli's leg off

before he tells you that "I won't get
on that bull for you or for the team."

Bull ridin' is dangerous enough already
and hard enough when you're 100%,

but definitely you have to make
the best decision you can at the time.

[rock music playing]

[commentator] For the Freedom,
they've had a rough go of it.

This is an injury-riddled roster
looking for one of these young guys

to step up and really take the lead
for that team.

Here we go.

If you're looking at fine details,

you're not seeing something.

That is Eli Vastbinder's helmet
that Triplett just borrowed.


[Kate] Ow!

Triplett in position until
Express Lane took a different route.

It was a quick exit.

Go ahead! Go ahead!
Get goin'! Stay up!

Stay up! Yeah, stay up!
Stay up! Stay up! Stay!

-[buzzer sounds]
-[all cheer]

Holy crap! What a move!

And Arizona on the board first.

Up and down! Up and down!
There you go! Get over there!

[Kate] Oh!

[rock music playing]

-[Kate] Oh!
-[buzzer sounds]

Seein' these boys,
every one of 'em that's fell off,

I've been like, "Damn,
I could've rode that one. Shit."

You know, it's not easy.

So with that buck-off from the Freedom,

it clinches the game for Arizona.

Yeah, he's gonna be disappointed.

-[indistinct chatter]
-[loud clattering]

This course is the same. We didn't...
We didn't show out too much.

They're freakin' roughin' us up
one at a time.

My dad always said the safest spot
in bull ridin' was on top.

We ride them suckers.
It's, uh...

It's way safer.
You guys got the talent.

We rode a herd of bulls
six, seven seconds this week.

Gotta finish it.

So whatever that gut feelin' is
you got right now,

you're gonna have to hold it in
till Friday.

It sucks. Losin' sucks.
There's no way to get over that.

You guys are here 'cause
you're freakin' professional bull riders.

So, uh, you know, they don't hire us
for the fancy shirts and sharp hats.

So we gotta do some bull ridin'. So...

We should be pissed right now.

[Cord] It's all fun games
doin' what I love.

I'd do it, I'd do it for zero.

But we can't eat zero,
so we're all gonna have to go home

and get jobs
if we don't ride some bulls.

That's it. So...

[man] Exactly.

That's all I got.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

it is time for your Nashville Stampede!

[crowd cheering]

[Matt] The fans here are fired up
to cheer for the home team.

That could be the difference maker.

But they're going up against
the fourth-ranked Carolina Cowboys

in the final game of the night.

Last weekend in Anaheim,

we definitely didn't have
the week we wanted.

I didn't stay on anything.

So we knew from leavin' Anaheim

that we had to be perfect
from here on out.

I feel like we can win every game
movin' forward.

You know, our team
definitely, as a group,

has the most try
and the most heart here.

[commentator] Jerome, you've made
some lineup changes tonight.

Boudreaux Campbell leading off for you.

Well, just the enthusiasm
Boudreaux's got, he brings to the team.

We're feelin' good about this matchup.

I think it's gonna be a good one
to kick us off.

And we're gonna end it with Daylon.

And we're gonna start it with a bang
and end it with a bang.

So we're gonna see what happens.

Before I get on a bull, I'm nervous,

but it's a good nervous.

You know,
I got butterflies in my stomach.

But this is something
I've done my whole life.

So I put my helmet on and step
over that buckin' chute, it's game on.

Show 'em what you got, Boudreaux.

[Boudreaux] The more you think,
the worse it's gonna get.

So just get in there, get out,
do your job.

It's just eight seconds,
how hard can it be?

Come on, Boud.

[all cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

[Kate] Starts into his hand,
holds on for that direction change.

Campbell quickly creates some chaos
on the leaderboard.

Carolina, 83 and a half,
on the board early.

Pacheco, he's aboard Midnight Flyer.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

Pacheco is perfection!

Time to celebrate, Nashville.

That gives Nashville the edge.

There you go, Ramon.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

And Ramon responds!

Whoo! Gets out of the way from Bobcat!

Carolina, back on the board
and back on top.

It's 170 to 88 and three quarters.

Three attempts, three qualified rides.

[crowd cheering]

All day long!

Take it to the house, Baby T!

We've got a game right here in Nashville.

Do your backflip, Salgado.
You earned it, 87 and a half.

That gives Nashville the edge.

We're about halfway through this game
and it is a slugfest so far.

Everything you got.

[Kate] Oh! Down early.
Takes a couple hits.

Shake it off, boys. Let's go.

Go take it right here, Joao.
Go take it.

Can they stay perfect?

This could be a big one.

[crowd cheering]

Oh, Lucas only finds five and 97.

Here we go, boys.
All right, Mason.

Make that work count
for something this week.

Hustle, hustle, hustle, Champ.

[all cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

Taylor takes this one all the way!

[commentator] The re-ride flag has already
been thrown onto the arena floor.

[Kate] If the bull does not
perform correctly, the judge will say,

"We're gonna give you a re-ride."

Coach then gets to say yes or no
for the re-ride.

-No re-ride or yes?
-Well, I think we better keep it.

-Keep it?

Keep it.

[Kate] And that instantly
gives Carolina the edge.

If this was an individual sport,

you would say, "Uh, let's think about it."

But you heard the conversation.
A score is a score.

Take it when you can get 'em.

Yes, sir.

[Kate] One of the biggest differences
here in the PBR Teams format,

you would never see a score like that
stay on the board at 64 and a quarter.

But now what that does
is puts Nashville in a situation

where they know they gotta
get that ride on the board.

[crowd cheering]

And now is when Jerome

looks like
the smartest man in the building.

He keeps the low score,
forces a must-ride in that situation

because bettin' against
Daylon to stay on is never a good idea.

[Kate] He knew the bulls
that were on the Nashville sideline

and perhaps part of his decision-making
to keep that score.

If that score helps them win this game,

that's a huge, huge moment.

[Kate] And it's the reigning World Champ
who is in that closer spot for Carolina.

He's done it all season long
and there's a reason.

It's Daylon Swearingen,
nodding his head here.

A qualified ride gives Carolina
the win on Nashville's home turf.

I can watch Daylon ride.

I usually watch all of his rides,
but do I watch it with ease? No.

I am in prayer.

Yeah, I'm prayin'. [chuckles]

Everybody's excited.

I wanna see him get up and walk out
and then I'll be excited.

So, yeah, that's really the way it goes.

[crowd cheering]

[Jerome] Stay on the gas, boys.
Stay on the gas.

I'm the last guy out.

I'd rather have that pressure on me
than lettin' it go on somebody else,

just 'cause I feel like I can handle it.

You know, it makes me tick
and I can go in there and do my job.

All right now, Daylon.

Daylon Swearingen needs to show up.

He needs to bring
that World Championship form

and really show out for his team.

[Jerome] I think Daylon bein' young
and just winnin' a world title,

he knows guys
are startin' to look up to him.

If he rides, they get the win.

[crowd cheering]

[buzzer sounds]

Swearingen secures the victory,

gets eight!

Carolina takes this one!

[crowd cheering]

[Kate] This is a team that did not
start the way they wanted to,

but the season is young and
they are headed in the right direction.

[Boudreaux] This team's just gotta
improve on being consistent.

As long as we're gettin' our job done,

I don't think
there's a team out there to beat us.

[Jerome] A lot of things went into play
when we put this team together.

I don't think there's
another team out there like it.

There can only be one winner.

And the Carolina Cowboys
are about to take over.

We're here to win the Team Championship.

[theme music playing]