The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Fatal Chase Raid - full transcript

After liberating POWs, the Rat Patrol must transport to safety surly Sgt. Gribs, who possesses key information about Nazi troop movements. Along for the trip are Tex and Eddie, two privates determined to kill their sergeant for cowardice.

Hitch, you ready?

Fire one.

Fire two.

[ Men Shouting ]

[ Shouting Continues ]

Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

You guys get back
down here on the double!

Come on! We haven't
got all day! Move out!

[ Shouting Continues ]

All right. Now, we
need two drivers.

The rest of you guys pile back into
those bone crushers. You're going home.

[ Cheering ]

- All right! Move out!
- [ Cheering Continues ]

You go straight
ahead, seven miles.

You'll see a sign
to Biskra. Take it.

Within 20 miles, you'll spot our front
lines. We'll radio ahead. You got it?

- Right. Hey, thanks, Sarge.
- Move it.

[ Chattering ]

[ Man Shouting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Troy ] I wouldn't
do that if I were you.

You stay out of
this. You saw them.

They tried to kill me.

Well, maybe I'll save
the army some trouble...

with a court-martial,
right here and now.

Go ahead, Gribs.

Show 'em how brave you are...

Getting your men killed
just like at Mers el-Kebir.

All right. We'll let you
boys settle your differences.

- We're moving.
- Hold it!

You ain't going no
place without me.

Those creeps you
can leave behind.

But me you gotta take
back to headquarters.

I'm important. I know
things. Big things.

The only thing he
knows how to do is run...

Run and leave his
men to get blasted!

Well, personally, I'm not in
the market for any private wars.

Tell it to the Jerries
when they get here.

Maybe they'll listen.
All right. Hit it, Hitch.

[ Gribs ] Hey, wait a minute!


Okay, I'm coming down.

Just keep them
monkeys off my back.

All right. You heard him.

What about you two? You coming?

[ Shouting ]

[ Gribs ] Oh, this
is great. Just great.

Here we are, smack in
the middle of Jerryland,

and now you bums can't even
keep your own jeeps going.

I can fix his mouth a lot
sooner than I can fix this jeep.

Can't fix this either. That bullet
just didn't part the water hose.

It went clean through the
block. Well, it's out of its miseries.

[ Sighs ]

All right. We'll take the
.50 and all the ammo...

and all the water
you've got left.

You two lend a hand.

Seven men, one jeep, enemy
territory. It's a poor equation.

No, it could be worse. How?

No jeeps. All right, look. We'll try
and make it as far as Hassi Messaoud.

At least there we'll have
water. Maybe on the way,

we luck out with a German patrol
and commandeer another buggy.

Unless you have a better idea.

I have, but it's hardly worthy
of an English gentleman.

You mean Gribs. And
those two other Neanderthals.

Just wishful thinking.

All right. You ready?

We take turns riding, otherwise
she boils over in a minute.

Come on, Gribs.
You and I walk first.

Not me, baby. Now, look.

I didn't sweat for them stripes
to take turns with those monkeys.

You let them walk. I'm riding
all the way back to headquarters.

Gribs, when I walk, you walk.

Okay. See?

All you had to do
was ask me pretty.

Come on, Gribs. Keep up.

What for?

You know what's
gonna happen, don't ya?


We left tracks.

Them Germans ain't dumb.

In a half hour, maybe less,

they'll be piling over that hill and
smashing us high and beautiful.

Got any bright ideas, Sergeant?


You still got one jeep.
Why don't you use it?

What do you think I'm doing?


I mean, really use it.

There don't have to be
seven of us, you know.

Just you and me.

Why don't you crawl
under a rock, Gribs?

You've lots of company
there. Okay, okay.

I'm a creep. I didn't
say you had to like me.

But I ain't stupid
like them monkeys.

Back in that P.O.W.
camp, I kept my ears open.

There was a Jerry
guard talked English.

Him and me, we got to
be pretty good buddies.

Get to the point.

Suppose I told you
I got information...

that could save maybe a
couple of thousand G.I.s?

First thing you'd have to do is
take me down to headquarters...

so the brass could
question me, right?

Sure you would. It
would be your duty.

And you strike me to
be the kind of fella...

that is really
devoted to his duty.

You got something
to say, Gribs, spill it.

Hey, Sarge, he
been telling you...

about all that big info
he's supposed to have?

The only thing he's got is a strong desire
to put some distance between him and us.

But it doesn't matter, because
sooner or later, we're going to get him.

You're right. And, Sarge, don't worry
about all that bull he's been feedin' ya.

This guy's got more lies
than a dog's got fleas.

Shut up, you monkeys!

So I'm lying, huh?


Why don't you phone them desk
jockeys down at headquarters?

Tell 'em some heavy German
hardware left Benghazi last night.

Ask 'em if maybe they'd like
to know where it's headed.

What's the matter?
You too cheap?


I'll even give you the
nickel for the phone call.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Troy ] Code that
information. Send it.

- Ya monkeys!
- Why, you...

Thanks, Sarge.

[ Laughs ]

It just goes to show...

your heart's in the right place.

Gribs, I'm putting
you on notice.

You provoke those
guys again, you're walking

back through that
desert in your bare feet.

And that goes for both of ya!

Hey, how about a drink of water?

I'm parched.

Then I suggest you
suck on this stone,

because the only thing
that's drinking now is the jeep.

- Thanks.
- Roger. Over and out.

Well, what'd they have to say?

Usual red tape.

We're to call them back.

Hassi Messaoud should
be right over that dune.

Well, it better be. This
crate's on its last leg.

- Break down again, huh?
- We're there.

Well, what are we
sitting here for? Let's go.

[ Chuckling ]

What's so funny, Gribs?

Funny? It's hilarious.

I have to hand it to you, Sarge.

It isn't everybody that can lead a patrol
right across the desert into a Jerry nest.

- You're a born leader of men.
- You're an education, Gribs.

I suggest an old Arab trick.

We'll burrow into the sand.

That way we'll be
less easier to spot,

and it'll afford us some
protection from the sun.

Okay. Pass the word.

Moffitt. Moffitt!


Go down to the jeep and see
if you can raise headquarters.

Find out if that guy
means anything,

and tell 'em our situation.

In clear or in code?

Code it.

We've got nothing but time.

What are you gonna do, Sarge?

Try to find out if
I'm worth saving?

Or drink my little share
of our water yourself?

You know, if he keeps that up,

that sergeant's gonna
get to him before we do.

Your friend evidently
has something.

H.Q. wants it, and
they want it now.

[ Sighs ]

All right.

All I can do is ask.
All right, mister.

What you have must be valuable,
and headquarters wants it now.

I told you, Sarge.
The answer is no.

Not till I'm safe, away
from the Jerries...

and them two monkeys that are
trying to kill their own sergeant.

Look, it must be
important, so give.

- No soap.
- All right. Can I buy it from ya?

What do you got to sell?

How about water?

Sorry, Sarge. It
just isn't enough.

Tell 'em he won't give.
They'll just have to wait.

Hey, Sarge.

How about a drink of water?

If we can hit 'em fast enough and
keep 'em away from those vehicles,

we just might get a
ride out of this mess.

We have the makings for some
Molotov cocktails downstairs.

Okay. Good.

All right. Move back.

Moffitt, you take
Tully and Hitch.

Go down and bring up the .50s
and the making of our cocktails.

You guys know how to use 'em?
All right. This is what we're gonna do.

Tex, you and Eddy
move out to the right.

It'll take you 15 minutes
to flank the oasis.

Gribs and I are going to the
left. Don't start your attack till I do.

Not me, Sarge. I'm
valuable information.

I'm gonna dig a nice hole for myself and
get in it. You guys can play the heroes.

Sergeant Gribs, I'm
issuing you a direct order.

You're coming with me. If
you don't, I'm gonna shoot you.

- Is that understood?
- Okay, Sarge. No need to get sore.

All right. Remember,
if we don't get wheels,

it's a long walk home.

Let's go.

Stay up here with me, Gribs.

I'm right behind ya. I
don't want you behind me.

I want you where I can
see you, and that's up front.

I just hope that bum don't
get the sergeant killed.

Don't worry.

I figure he's a rough boy.
He can take care of himself.

I just hope he doesn't
do our job for us.


[ Shouts ]

[ Gunfire Continues ]

Come on, Gribs!
Fight, you yellow...

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Come on down! The water's great!

Hey, where's Gribs?

I don't know. He was
with me when I started.

You didn't keep
your promise, Sarge.

You said you were
gonna protect me.

Now I ain't gonna
give you no information.

That's your choice, Gribs.

But I've gotta tell
you. You're gonna die.

You're not kiddin' me, are you?

No, I'm not kidding you, Gribs.

I'm sorry. It's too bad.

A lot of other guys are gonna have to die
because you won't give us what you got.

He ain't kidding me, is he?

Okay, I'll tell ya.

Please say... I ain't gonna die.

Please, Sarge, tell me.

I can't promise you that, Gribs.

German armor...

left Benghazi last night.

Moved to Agheila.

Rest... under camouflage.

Move... to Sheba tomorrow night.

[ Moans ]

Help me.

[ Panting ]

You got it? Yeah.

Send it.

Message completed.

Stand by. Anything else, Troy?

Make sure they know the
information comes from Gribs.

The guy might've had a family.

Information previously
transmitted was supplied...

by escaped prisoner of war
Sergeant Archie Gribs, unit unknown,

who was killed in action this day
at the oasis of Hassi Messaoud.

[ Roars ]