The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Blind Man's Bluff Raid - full transcript

A sun-blinded Sgt. Troy is an unwitting ploy in Dietrich's scheme to rout the Rat Patrol.

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

Sarge, can you see anything?


No sign of him.


What about the gas dump,
Sarge? Are we still gonna get it?

No. It'll wait.

- What'll we do now, Sarge?
- Stop calling me "Sarge."

If we don't find him, we'll
make for the rendezvous point,

wait there.

All right. Let's move on.

[ Woman ] It's all right,
soldier. It's all right.

Take it easy. You're safe now.

You're safe.

Don't be frightened.
I can't see.

I can't see! Just lie
back. Just lie back.

I'm blind. Relax.

Why can't I see?
I'm blind! Lie back.

[ Weakly ] Can't
see. Take it easy.

Can't see.

Doctor! Doctor,
come quickly, please!

I've had it. Huh, Doc? Take
it easy, soldier. Take it easy.

I'm really blind.

Just let me have a look here.

Well, if they hadn't have picked you
up when they did, you'd have had it.

But you just succeeded in picking
up a beautiful case of sun blindness.

- Will I get my sight back?
- You just relax
and take it easy...

and do what your nurse says,
you'll be all right in two or three days.

And wait till you see the nurse,
huh? You're in a lucky troop, sir.

Nurse, those eyedrops
every two hours. Yes, Doctor.

[ Slaps Reassuringly ]
We'll see you later, Sergeant.

Thanks, Doc. Oh, Doc!

- Yeah, Sergeant?
- What about the others?

Moffitt, Pettigrew, Hitchcock...
They know I'm here?

Well, we're just a temporary aid
station here at El Abid, Sergeant.

You were picked up in the desert two
days ago, headquarters was notified.

I imagine by this time there's
been contact from your boys.

- Anything else?
- No.

That's okay, Doc.

Well, you've got yourself quite
a prize package, haven't you?

I want this area to be kept
clear of all personnel, Doctor.

If anything goes wrong, I
lose my chance at the others.

How long will the
medicine keep him blind?

As I said, Captain, he'll be
normal in two or three days.

I want him to be kept blind until
he tells me what I want to know.

Is that understood?

How's Fraulein Bauer?

She's one of our best.

Good. You know,

you're real anxious to get this
Desert Rat Patrol, aren't you?

Oh, yes.

It's strange...

Strange how we fight
for different things.

It's funny how a woman can
make the air smell like perfume.

- Now, now, Sergeant.
- Well, if I can't see,
I can touch.

A little thing like that can't
hurt a man's eyes, can it?

Against military rules. Unfair.

I'm sick and a non-combatant.

[ Laughing ] Oh! You're
not that sick, soldier.

- Blonde?
- [ Gasps ] How did you know?

This really isn't fair.

I can't see you. You can see me.

Tell ya what... You turn off
the lights, and we'll start even.

Just what kind of a
girl do you think I am?

- What's the lady's name?
- Patricia.

Pat, if you'd like.

I'll take one of each.

You'll take some rest now.

I'll, uh, be back
to see you later on.

Oh. Could you find out
something about my men, please?

If it'd make you feel better.

Yeah. It'll make
me feel better...

A whole lot better.

He's gotta be out
here somewhere.

I just know it.

When I was two, we had a big mammy.
Used to tie me to her apron string.

One day, when she was
hangin' out the laundry,

I saw a butterfly.

Somehow the string came
undone, and I wandered off.

I thought they'd never find me.
Everything was so tall and I was so short.

Can't wait here forever.

- Supplies are getting short.
- Troy has none at all.

- Maybe he's captured.
- Maybe he's dead.

Good morning, Captain.
Morning. How's my patient?

Well, he seems to be
enjoying poor health.

Has your nurse been
able to learn anything?

You'd be the first to know. I want you
to understand one thing very clearly:

Every hour means they
can slip away from me.

We're doctors and nurses
here, not the Almighty.

Then we will try my
prescription, my good doctor.

How about that?

When this harry-do is over, what's gonna
happen to you when you get back home?

Pick up where I left off, I
guess. And where's that?

Try putting myself back in the
world again, being a woman.

That shouldn't be a
problem for someone like you.

And how would you
know that, Sergeant?

Oh, I know. I just know.

[ Footsteps ] Doc?


I'm here, old buddy.

What's the matter? Something's
wrong. I won't be able to see?

- No, it's not that. I've got
some pretty lousy news.
- What is it?

It's your friends. They haven't
reported back to headquarters.

Now, they were in contact,
you know, before you got cut off,

but the radio
transmission was cut.

The report is the operators heard
machine gun fire before that cut.

- Did they say where they were?
- No, but the report
went to the C.P.

- They had hoped to be
in contact before this.
- And?

- No, not at thing.
- What else?

Well, the big problem is, nobody
seems to know where to look for them.

Is there anyplace, anyplace at all, they
might hole up if they can't contact us?

Yeah. There's a
spot, a rendezvous.

For heaven's sakes, man, tell me
where it is and I'll send a patrol for 'em.

- Get my hat. I've got a map inside.
- Nurse.

They'll be there, won't they?
The sun rises tomorrow, doesn't it?

The map.

Take my hand.

Now give me the Habib oasis.

You're there. Now
make a sharp left turn.

But be careful. There's usually
a Jerry recon patrol there.

Easy, easy. Slow down.

Now, a little to the right. Up.

Hold it.

Now where am I?

You are 1.2 degrees southeast
of Habib oasis, old buddy.

We just got the
jackpot, old buddy.

No, Sergeant Troy. I did.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

You'll be sent to a P.O.W.
camp immediately, Sergeant.

Don't feel badly. You didn't betray your
men. You were only trying to help them.

I would like you to
meet your nurse, Fraulein

Bauer, from the German
Intelligence Corps.

[ Clicking ] Here
are dark glasses.

I hope the sun won't
hurt your eyes too much.

And now, if you will
excuse me, Sergeant,

I have a nest of Desert
Rats to clean out.

That's the way she
goes, old buddy.

You should know.

Thanks. You sure
know how to help a guy.

It's one of the things
I get paid to do.

I told you, you wouldn't have
any problems in life as a woman.

- The Germans train
their agents well.
- It isn't all the way you think.

I was living in America. I...

I was going to become
an American citizen, but...

I went back to Germany for
a visit, and the war broke out.

And you decided to
double-cross your new country.

Is it a double-cross?
I am a German.

And you have to
live with yourself.

Don't you think I love my
country as you love yours?

I do what I can to help,

to fight the way a
woman can to preserve...

the life that I grew up with.

If I can do that,

yes, I will live with myself.

[ Engine Starting, Revving ]

They're moving out now.

Let's not play games, Sergeant.

My job is to be sure that
you can't see to go anywhere.

Are you really a
blonde? No. I'm not.

[ Coughing ]

Could I have a glass
of water, please?

Yes. Don't move.

Thank you. Your name Patricia?

Let's not try to get to
know each other, Sergeant.

As they say, some other
time, some other place.

Who's going with me
to the P.O.W. camp?

I'll be with you, as
long as you can't see.

Then who knows?

I'm sorry, Sergeant.

[ Breathes Deeply ]

Are you ready for a
little ride, Sergeant?

- You speak pretty good
American, Doctor.
- Oh, I like the language.

Why don't you try
teaching Dietrich sometime?

Well, I think he has plans to
teach you German, old buddy.

[ Engine Starts ]

Cigarette, Sergeant?


You know that you've made
Captain Dietrich a very happy man.

I hate to have to
disappoint the captain.

Since you and your guys
got here to this desert,

you have bugged him but good.

I'm afraid he'll miss the
challenge of getting you.

I gotta admit it. He hooked me
this time... in fact, all of you did.

Oh, it's not so
bad. You're out of it.

Have a drink, Sarge.

To liberation.

To liberation.

To liberation.

[ Patricia Gasps ]

Like you said, another
time, another place.

He doesn't look very happy.

It's a long story, old buddy.

All right. Shake it!

[ Machine Gun fire ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Roars ]