The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Chain of Death Raid - full transcript

Troy and Dietrich are taken captive by a roving band of Bedouin slave traders. Meanwhile, Moffitt, Hitch and Tully are preparing to sabotage an oasis the Nazis depend upon for water.

[ Wind Blowing ]

[ Man Narrating ] Fifty
miles behind enemy lines,

the Rat Patrol was
unsuccessful in their attempt...

to gain access to and
destroy Sidi Capur oasis,

the key German water supply upon
which the entire enemy offensive depended.

Now, with time running out,

Sergeant Troy decided to have the Germans
give him a free ride into the vital oasis.

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

What a time to get stuck.

Get this heap on the end of that Kraut
convoy and stay on her, no matter what.

Moffitt and Pettigrew are
late. Well, you get going.

I'll wait a couple minutes for 'em. If
they've been held up for any reason,

they've got orders to bird-dog
this column right up the oasis.

Either way, I'll be in the
truck right behind you.

- Drive carefully, Sarge.
- Shake it!

[ Revs Engine ]

Turn around slowly, Sergeant.

Sorry I missed
you the other night.

The oasis.

Sidi Capur.

My apologies.

Maybe your reception won't
be as hot next time, Captain.

Now we've relaxed,

men will be looking
for me very soon.

Throw me your gun.

[ Unsnaps Holster ]

What about your other friends?

[ Chuckles ]

I, too, have seen the
American cinema, Sergeant.

All right.

Don't take my word for it.

I wouldn't cut loose
with that handgun.

I heard they're pretty
good with those rifles.

[ Horse Whinnies ]

They must have
heard us firing. Yeah.

They collect the shell casings.

Make bangles out of 'em
and give 'em to their wives.

- [ Speaking Foreign Language ]
- He wants the guns.

Give it to 'im.

[ Foreign Language ]

[ Foreign Language ]

You know, in Miami they...

They charge you
$30 a day for this.

And we're getting
it for nothing.

Why don't you shut up?

What direction do you
think we are headed?

South, I think.

Seems like we're, uh,
heading deeper into the desert.

[ Chuckles ] Precisely
what I thought.

Sergeant, we are
caught by slave traders.

Slave traders? Uh-huh.

I think we better
get outta here.

What do you suggest?

Let's warm up first.

When I take a swing at you,

return it.

With pleasure.

When he comes
over to break it up,

we give him the chain.

[ Chain Rattling ]

[ Grunting ] [ Screams ]

- Tell him to bring the horses.
- [ Foreign Language ]

[ Shouting In Foreign Language ]

- [ Foreign Language ]
- [ Horses Whinny ]

Tell him... if they
follow us, he dies.

[ Foreign Language ]

[ Leader Shouts In
Foreign Language ]

[ Panting, Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

[ Exhales ]

This is where you...
get off, Mohammed.

[ Foreign Language ]

Save your strength.

[ Shouting In Foreign Language ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Chain Rattles ]

If you kill me, you're gonna have to
carry me out of this desert on your back,

and you won't get
two miles in this heat.

I'm not going to
carry you 10 feet.

How you gonna dispose of me?

Cut off my hand? With what?

Your turn.

Go ahead. Suck on it.
Work up some saliva.


Come on. It won't bite.

[ Weak Gasping ] Thanks.

- Don't thank me yet.
- A truce, Dietrich.

- [ Sighs ] One condition.
- Name it.

That we keep each other
alive no matter what happens.

Till we're safe...
and free of this chain.

All right now.

We got to find the trail.

Because, Sergeant, if we don't,

we will never find my column.

All right? Let's go.

My column, Sergeant.

I'm afraid this
war is over for you.


[ Clangs ]


Hauptmann Dietrich!

Are you sure that
was Troy? Positive.

[ Moffitt ] They're
moving up again.

That's Hitchcock with him.

Sarge, you really got
yourself fried! Yeah.

You got some water?

Drink it up.

We can refill it.

We're heading
straight for the oasis.

[ Vehicles Approaching ]

It's a busy place.
It's gonna get busier.

You have that
knapsack ready? Ready.

Remember, Sarge,
when those fuses get wet,

you got yourself 90
seconds before it blows.


You want me to
time you... or pray?


[ Engine Revs ]

Shouldn't be too long now.

[ Engines Rumble ]

[ Shouts In German ]

Well, they won't be using
that water for a long time.

Troy. It's Dietrich, isn't it?

All right. Let's move out.

[ Roars ]