The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 32 - The Delilah Raid - full transcript

Grab a canteen.

[ Coughing ]


- [ Coughs ]
- All right?

Yes, I-I think so.

What are you doing
here with the Germans?

My name is Michele Cartier.
I'm of the French underground.

- The Maquis?
- Yes. We were...

[ Hitchcock ] Hey, Sarge!

What is it? Look.

- It's radar equipment.
- What do you know about this?

The Bosche were delivering it for a
new radar installation they are building.

Where? About 200
kilomètres from here.

West. I could direct you.

You still haven't told me what
you were doing with the Germans.

I was a prisoner.

I was captured when my friends
and I tried to do what you just did.

Our people in Algiers... We found out
about the shipment and the new station.

- We were to destroy them both.
- What about your friends?

They were killed... all of them.

I thought all hope was gone.

But now... Now what?

You could do it.

You could blow up the station.

Why not?

Why are we stopping
here? We're low on water.

Won't take a moment.

What's troubling you?

Ah, nothing. [ Sighs ] The girl?

Why else would she be out here?

I don't know. You tell me.

I said, the radar
station was west.

You're going too far south.

Not according to our map.

Your map is wrong. I
heard the Germans talking.

You shouldn't believe
everything you hear.

I think we're close enough now.

Let's get the jeeps
from under the wraps.

All right, Hitch.
Let's go get her.

You wanna talk about it?

[ Gasps ]

We better tie her up.

I don't think that
will be necessary.

[ Exhales ]

[ Clicks Tongue ] We should
have known what she was...

A Delilah.

Not quite.

Delilah was a spy.

She spied on Samson for the
Philistines. This girl is a collaborator.

Something of a distinction.

[ Speaking German ] Schnell.

No wonder our spotter
planes couldn't find this place.

They've taken
everything underground.

Where do you suppose
they have Hitch and Tully?

Let's find out.

[ Shouting In German ]

♪♪ [ Whistling ]

[ Knocking ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

My name is Colonel
Leske. May I ask yours?

Sergeants Sam
Troy, Jack Moffitt.

- You've met
Mademoiselle Cartier.
- We've met.

Sergeant, you were
very easy to follow.

You did some damage when you dumped
the radar equipment, but it was repairable.

- Yeah, we've noticed.
- War is a strange thing,
isn't it, Sergeant?

- Overnight, friends can
become foes and vice versa.
- In some circles.

You despise me, don't you?

I'm not ashamed
of what I've done.

Ulrich and I...
We met in Algiers.

I think...

I loved him the first
moment that I saw him.

The days we spent together
were the happiest in my life.

The convoy picked me up in
Phillipeville to bring me to him.

And your friends, the Maquis?

They shave your head
as a going-away present?

Yes, my own people
shaved my head...

and paraded me
through the streets...

because I fell in love;

because I wanted
something more from life.

You've come to the wrong
place for, uh, sympathy.

So have you, Sergeant.

Sergeant, it would be
much more pleasant...

if you would answer
a few questions...

about your recent activity.

All right. [ Sighs ]

Get into his clothes.

Get up.

All right, Colonel. You're
gonna help us get out of here.

You'll still treat me
as your prisoner,

and get us to the hut where
my other two men are being held.

One wrong move out of you two,

you'll be the first
ones that get it.

And if I refuse?

You won't.

All right. Let's go.

Colonel. My German is very good.

I want you to dismiss the guard.

[ German ]

[ Vehicle Departs ]

What took you so long, Sarge?

[ Sighs ] Where are the jeeps?

Near the gate.

Here. Tie 'em up. Tight?

No. Comfortable.

Don't go away.

[ Vehicle Engine Starts ]

[ Gagging ]

[ Grunts ]

All right. Get ready.

Let's go!

[ Shouting In German ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ German ]


What'll we say in the report?

- You mean, about her?
- We have a choice, you know.

You don't think
she's guilty, do you?

There are degrees of guilt.

Personally, if I were
making out a report,

I wouldn't even
mention the girl at all.

It'll do a lot for
French morale.

[ Chuckles ]

All right. We'll think
about it. Let's go.

[ Roars ]