The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 29 - The Hour Glass Raid - full transcript


Wind's getting up.
Might have a storm.

[ Engine Starts ]

Dr. Anderson. Ah, yes.

You're the gentlemen who wanted
to see Captain Markham. That's right.

I'm sorry to say he's
dead. Heart attack.

- Where are his belongings, sir?
- I'm afraid we're
not allowed...

to release his personal effects
without proper clearances, Sergeant.

Doctor, our
intelligence believes...

that Captain Markham may have
been an agent for the Germans.

Oh, really?

We arrived at his unit too late.
He'd already been brought here.

We have orders, Doctor.

He may have been carrying
very classified information.

Of course, of course.
Whatever you have to do, do it.

Well, excuse me, gentlemen.

I'll get Captain
Markham's things for you.

Is it really all that important?

It could be.

[ Sighs ] Nothing.

Hey, Sarge!

Moffitt, you and Tully grab
that end. Hitch, let's go!

It's in direct violation of
the Geneva convention.

Yeah? Tell 'em about it!

Tell your doctor to
keep his head down.

Doctor! Doctor!

[ Gasps ]

[ Gunfire ]

- Wait till they move in.
- [ Moffitt ] Get down!

I don't want to harm anyone.
I just need Dr. Anderson.

What do you want with him?

One of our staff
officers is badly hurt.

We don't have anyone of Dr. Anderson's
caliber available at the moment.

I think it would be best if
we did what he said, Nurse.

But you can't take
him. He's needed here!

I just need a few minutes
to get him out of here.

Meanwhile, I suggest
you stay quietly in your tent.

Otherwise, my men
would be forced to move in.

We wouldn't want that
to happen, would we?

Do you understand?


- [ Gunfire Continues ]
- I don't get it.

Neither do I. We're way
out of range for their guns.

They're just wastin' ammo.

I don't understand why they're
firing. They're so far away.

[ Gunfire Stops ]

They didn't move in at all.

I wish I knew what
this was all about.

Boy. If that don't beat
everything I've ever seen.

[ Engine Starts ]

Sergeant! Sergeant!

- They've taken Dr. Anderson.
- Now we know what it's
all about.


[ Wind Gusting Strongly ]

[ Crashing ]

What are you going to do? Wait.

[ Hitchcock ] It's all
secured, Sarge. Right.

- Wait for what?
- Wait for the storm to end.

- Then we're heading
back to our base.
- What about Dr. Anderson?

- There's nothing we can do.
- Someone has to go out
there and find him.

Look, I'm sorry. I know
how important he...

Sergeant, don't
you know who he is?

Why, Dr. Anderson is one of
our most important physicians.

He didn't have to
work for the army.

He volunteered. We'll
be lost without him here.

He's such a wonderful
man. I don't...

Even without the storm, we'd
never have caught up with him.

As it is, I'm afraid
you'll have to realize...

that it's unlikely they'll
ever reach the German lines.

[ Crashing ]

H-Hauptmann Dietrich...

I think I got some sand in it.

Can you see? [
Laughs ] You faker!

[ Moffitt ] Troy!

It's a message from Dietrich.

Some kind of accident.

He's trapped in the car.

Giving a rough
estimate of his position.

Here it is.

Well, that should put
him right about, uh,

here! What did he
say about the doctor?

Nothing. Perhaps it's a trick.

I don't think so. I'm
sure you can find them.

Well, we can try.

We don't know how long he's
been sending out this message.

A German unit may
already have picked it up...

and be heading there already.

Then we're gonna have to hurry.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ Radio: German Continues ]

[ Conversing In German ]

[ Horn Honking ]

This way! Here!

Over here!

Are you all right? I'm
all right. I'm all right.

[ Coughing ]

But it's a little
too late for him.

[ Groans ]

[ Wind Gusting Weakly ]

Sarge, half-track headed
this way... a few miles yet.

All right.

How is he, Doc?
Possible broken ribs.

I wouldn't move him without a
stretcher. Might puncture a lung.

Then we'll have to leave him.

One half-track is on its way.
Probably others following.

How are you guys
coming? Almost ready.

[ Labored Breathing ]

Do you wanna leave
something with me, Doctor?

You know, headquarters suspects
that your loyalty has been shaken a bit.

You can reassure them by...

giving me the information that you were
supposed to pass to Captain Markham.

I haven't got it. Be quiet.

I think you need a little vacation.
Perhaps in an Allied prison camp, hmm?

I said, be quiet.

Don't you have something
for me in this... [ Taps Bag ]

little black bag?


A shot for pain, Sergeant.
Do you mind? No. Go ahead.

- [ Gags ]
- [ Laughs ]

Poor fella's delirious.
You'd better restrain him.


He's trying to
kill me, Sergeant.

It's only a shot for pain.

This whole capture is
a stage. He's one of us.

Surely, you don't believe that.

We know about Captain Markham.
He was one of your men, wasn't he?

Only as a courier.

When this good doctor
here used to visit your staff,

he... picked up
valuable information...

which he passed on
to Captain Markham.

- I won't hear any more of this.
- Why do you think Captain
Markham died at his hospital?

Because we knew you
were onto him, you see?

Our good doctor did
some postgraduate work...

at the University of Munich.

We'd better go, Sergeant.

This man is obviously
out of his head.

Sergeant, I was sent here by my
headquarters to test this man's character.

What do you think is
in the syringe, hmm?

Come on, Sergeant.
Let's get out of here.

Doctor, I want you
to take that shot.

Don't be absurd.

Well, it's only a
harmless painkiller.

Preventive medicine, Sergeant.

Give me that gun, Doctor.

Don't do that.

What Dietrich was
looking for is in here...

In the bandages.

[ Engine Starts ]

Hold it! We'll pick him
up on our way home.

That jeep only has enough
gas to take him a few miles.

[ Coughs ]

Got the information,
but you lost the traitor.

Too bad. No. Not too bad.

He has no place to go.

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

[ Conversing In German ]

Halt! [ German ]

- [ German ]
- [ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

- Dead, Tully?
- Yes. He's dead.

It's been a long day.
Let's get outta here.

I see you failed to bring
Dr. Anderson back with you.

Yes, I'm afraid so.
The doctor's dead.

We were prepared for this, now,
weren't we? Let's act accordingly.

As I was saying, Sergeant,
we were prepared for the worst...

and now that it's happened,

we want to repay the doctor's
selflessness and dedication.

Would you please assure the general
staff that we will try to live up...

to the high standards
that the doctor set for us?

Well, I'm sure the doctor
would have wanted it that way.

Good-bye and good luck.

[ Engine Revving ]


[ Roars ]