The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 24 - The Two Against Time Raid - full transcript

[ Door Opens ] [ Men
Speaking German ]

[ Dials Phone ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ Troy ] How'd it turn out,
Hitch? It's not first-rate, Sarge.

It'll do.

If that munitions dump is so top
secret, it'll be heavily defended.

Then we un-defend it.
We'll try and reach it by...

12:00 tomorrow. [ Moffitt
] That'll be too late, surely.

Dietrich isn't
going to sit still.

By 0900 tomorrow morning he could have a
large convoy clearing out that ammunition.


Then we'll have to move fast,
try and get there and blow it...

before 0900.

All right. Let's move out.

Sarge. What if that convoy
gets in before we get out?

Then we don't get
out. Come on. Shake it.

No wonder our planes
couldn't find them.

They were looking for
a well-manned garrison.

[ Pettigrew ] Well,
we have no problems.

We're at least two hours ahead of
that German column. Need any help?

No. You and Hitch, get
those jeeps at a safe distance,

and keep your heads down.

If I make a mistake, this whole
thing's going up ahead of schedule.

[ German ]

- Jawohl.
- Gut.


[ Groans ]

[ Machine Gun Fire In Distance ]

Put your hands up, Sergeant.

Don't make any moves, please.

Those are pretty
high-powered pistols, Captain.

You shoot, bullet
goes through me,

maybe my mission's accomplished.

It's awfully quiet all of a
sudden, isn't it, Sergeant?

Seems to me you're the
only one left of your group.

Now, to remain that way, why don't
you move away from the explosives?

Come on.

Let's take a look.

Troy should have
finished by now.

I wonder how much
longer we've got.

Only one hour, Sergeant.

I can wait that
long to be liberated.

What about your friend, Captain?

He looks nervous enough
to blow us up in the hour.

[ Dietrich Speaking German ]

Suppose I was to
make him... fire in here.

- Don't be ridiculous, Sergeant.
- Ridiculous, Captain?

If my men... are dead...

- [ Gunshot ]
- [ Gunshot ]

[ Creaking ]

[ Rumbling ]

We're both in the
same boat, Sergeant.

We're trapped together.

Ironic, isn't it?

[ Both Coughing ]

What happened?

Where's Troy? The whole
passageway collapsed right in front of us.

Never even saw him.
He's trapped in there.

Well, what are we gonna do?


Sarge. You're not gonna blow
that place right now, are you?

Yes. Troy made
the rules himself.

Our first job is to
destroy that ammunition.

Yeah, but... Even if
he is still alive in there.

What do you want us to do? Wait for the
Germans to arrive to help us dig him out?

He may be a few feet
inside that entranceway.

He might be a few inches maybe.

Sarge, that German convoy
doesn't come for 45 minutes.

You can't spend 45 minutes...

to dig that guy out?

Tully, keep a
lookout from that hill.

Come along, Hitch.


It is one thing to be trapped
by a cave-in, Sergeant.

It is quite another...

to be trapped by one's
own weakness, you know.

[ Together ] Troy!

You could have
escaped, Sergeant.

I didn't stop because
of you, Captain.

I could have been
trapped in that passageway.

You want to shoot
again, Captain?

One more shot could be enough
to cave in the rest of this place.

Then it'd take your friends about
a week to dig these munitions out.


I see them. About
10 minutes out.

By the dust they're stirring up,
it looks like a heavy column...

Tanks, armored
cars, the whole works.

I guess we'd better do it, huh?

Let's hope he's dead already.

Come on.

Don't you think you're wasting
valuable time, Sergeant, fixing that wire?

The oxygen is not gonna
last forever, you know.

You pride yourself on
being a professional?

Would you give up
before you had to?

Well, neither can I.

There's not much time.

The wire must have been
broken in the cave-in on Troy's end.

Look. We're running out of time.

Two more minutes, they'll
be coming down our throats.

You quite finished, Sergeant?

You ready to give up? Hmm?

If you are, come
out very slowly.

You see, Sergeant,

I know the way out of here.

But I need your help.

Hold it. Drop your gun.

I warn you, Captain.

If that detonator is
still intact out there,

I'll make a break for it.

You take your chance,
and I'll take mine. All right?


Great job.

Troy lost, mission botched.



Come on.

There's nothing
more we can do now.

[ Engine Starts ]

My men will be here
very soon, Sergeant.

If you take off now, you will
have a chance in the hills.

I told you. I'm headin'
for that detonator.

I give you a chance
to escape. Now take it.

If you move toward the other side
of that mine, toward the detonator,

I will kill you, Sergeant.

[ Groans ]

- [ Gunshots ]
- Wait!


The detonator! The detonator!



What's bothering you?

Could you have killed
Dietrich back there?


Yeah. I suppose I could have.

But you didn't...
No. I didn't even try.

[ Sighs ] Move out.

[ Roars ]