The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 22 - The Exhibit A Raid - full transcript

Moffitt, can you read me? Can you
read me? Come in, please. This is Troy.

[ Engine Sputtering ]

Moffitt, come in,
please. Come in, please.

Moffitt, this is Troy.
Come in, please.

[ Moffitt On Radio
] I read you, Troy.

Moffitt, we found him.

He won't admit he's
Beckman, but he is.

He took the scenic
route, I suppose.

Hitch is hurt. Bad?

Bad enough. Listen. The jeep broke
down. You're gonna have to follow me in.

I don't know how long this
Jerry staff car's gonna hold up.

Right. We're on our
way. Roger and out.

Don't look so worried, Colonel.
I'll let the Allies hang you.

Sergeant, may I
ask you a question?

How do you know that I am...

what you Americans
call... Beckman the Beast?

How can you be so sure?

Don't you remember, Colonel?

Or have you tortured so many men
you can't remember their faces anymore?

You are mistaken. I am
not Colonel Beckman.

Forget it! I saw
you, foot to face.

I've tried to forget
that face, Colonel,

but I couldn't.

[ Moaning ]

[ Shouts, Grunts ]

What are you waiting
for? Why don't you kill him?

[ Jeep Approaching ]

[ Brakes Squeal ]

He killed Colonel Beckman!

- Beckman?
- I tried to stop him.

Until the last moment...
I tried to stop him.

I'm not ready for you yet,
Sergeant. You better wait outside.

Oh, I have no objection to
speaking in front of the sergeant.

All right. Sit down.

[ Officer ] Go on,
Captain Seitel.

Well, after they
talked on the radio,

the sergeant confronted
Colonel Beckman...

He's Beckman. [ Sighs ]

Sergeant, you're not on trial
here. This is simply an investigation.


He accused Colonel Beckman of
having tortured him in the prison camp.

He said he had waited a long
time for such a chance at revenge.

He seemed like a wild man.

- Then he killed Colonel Beckman.
- That's a lie!

- Sergeant.
- He slugged me.

Sergeant! Your version has
been previously recorded.

Captain, I don't
wish to intrude...

into the affairs
of the U.S. Army,

but in defense of Sergeant Troy,

I think it should be pointed
out the extreme pressures...

and tensions to which
he had been subjected.

I don't believe that he was in
complete control of his faculties.

All right. Thank
you, Captain Seitel.

Sergeant Moffitt?

Sergeant, tell me exactly what
you saw yesterday when you,

um, arrived at the scene
of Colonel Beckman's death.

A man was lying in the sand.

Sergeant Troy was near
him with a gun in his hand.

This German officer was
standing with his hands raised.

He said that the sergeant
had killed Colonel Beckman.

[ Sighs ] I see.

[ Captain ] Oh,
one more question.

Sergeant Troy says that
he was attacked... that, uh,

before your arrival he
had been unconscious.

Did you see any sign of this?

Well, did he seem
groggy, uh, in pain?

Did you see any
sign of it, Sergeant?

- I wasn't that close, sir.
- Well, from where you were.

No, sir. I didn't.

He's really done it, hasn't he? He's
convinced everyone that Beckman's dead.

Not everyone.

You know, the thing
I don't understand...

is why didn't he try to escape?

Twenty miles behind our lines.

It's worth a try. Think so?

When he can spend the rest of the
war in a comfortable P.O.W. camp...

as Captain Seitel.

Captain Seitel, almost time.

Ah, I'm only allowed
10 minutes exercise.

This had been most pleasant, Sergeant.
You've spent much time in Germany.

You must come and
visit me again soon.

Where exactly are you from in
Bavaria, Captain? Heh, a small town.

You would not
know it... Lichtenfels.

Lichtenfels? You've been there?

Yes. Oh. Ach so! [ Chuckles ]

I visited the cathedral
there once, the, um...

In English you'd call it, um, the
Church of the 14 Holy Men. Of course.

Yes. I particularly remember
the inn. Charming place.

The Drei Linden. Ja. Ja. Yes. Right
across the street from the butcher shop.

Uh, oh, no, no. You're
mistaken. The butcher

shop is in the inn. The
innkeeper is the butcher.

[ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] Yes.
My memory is a little blurred.

It was a long time ago. Ja.

[ M.P. ] Time's up.

Good night. Good night.

Colonel Beckman.

[ German ]

You called me Colonel Beckman.
Colonel Beckman is dead.

What was the question?

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

It's on. The C.O.'s going
ahead with the court-martial...

tomorrow morning.

They're not exactly
dragging their feet, are they?

You know, there is one way
to prove that Troy is innocent.

How? We could get
Beckman's personnel file.

There must be a
photograph of him in it.

How do we get it?
Mail a box top to Berlin?

I should think the Germans keep
their files here... division headquarters.

And if they don't? If they
do keep them in Berlin?

Then we're out of luck.

It's worth a try.

Good. We have about
six hours of darkness left.

We'll take Beckman's
staff car. [ Hitchcock

[] Do you think the
C.O. will loan it to us?

Do you think I'm
going to ask him?

[ Tools Rattling ]

Hey, you wanna check
this jeep out for me?

You got a requisition?
You better believe it.

I think it's the spark plugs.

Hey. Hey. Hey! Come back!

The carburetor's not
fixed. The carburetor!

[ Sighs ]

Sure hope you guys are
carrying enough drinking water.

[ Grunts ]

[ Engine Idling ]

The night shift.

Beckman and Seitel were on their way
to a conference. Must still be going on.

There must be another
entrance in here somewhere.

We haven't time to cast around.

- [ Hitchcock ] That balcony.
- Right.

Pull over there.

Hold it!

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Vehicle Departing ]

[ Men Speaking
German In Distance ]

[ Speaking German, Laughing ]

[ Clinking Glasses
] Prost! Prost!

- [ German Continues ]
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Men Chattering In German ]

[ Whispering ] The
personnel files?

They don't have any weapons.

But they've got friends downstairs.
[ Door Closes In Distance ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ Conversing In German ]

[ Footsteps Departing ]


[ Chattering In
German Continues ]

How do we get 'em outta there?

[ Quietly ] Get outta here.

[ German ]

[ Cart Clattering ]

[ German Continues ]

[ German ]

[ Beckons In German ]

[ German ]

[ German Continues ]

Hey, what's wrong?
Beckman's file isn't here.

I'll look for Seitel's.

[ Laughing ] [
Shouting In German ]

[ Shouting In German Continues ]

- No luck.
- Any ideas?

Two officers reported missing.
Files could be anywhere.

Ah, this is no night
to search the building.

There must be a master
file here somewhere.

[ German ]

[ Laughing ]

Here we are:

"Service files, Beckman, Seitel.
Checked out to General Freleng."

The coffee klatch
is breaking up.

[ Laughing, Chattering
Approaching ]

[ Conversing In
German, Laughing ]

[ Conversing In German ]

[ German Continues ]

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

[ German ] [ German ]

Here it is.

Troy was right.

[ German ] [ German ]

[ Engine Sputtering ]

Halt! [ Shouting In German ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

Here. Cover me!

You think they'll bring him
to trial right away, Sarge?

It'll take time... red tape,
witnesses... but they'll get him.

Oh, and, uh, in case
I forgot to mention it,

- thanks.
- Forget it.

Piece of cake, actually.

Yeah, I bet. Now, who
was there, Sarge, you or us?

Move it.

[ Roars ]