The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Life Against Death Raid - full transcript

Hitch is critically wounded and to save his life the Rat Patrol risk their own by bringing him into a German hospital camp for emergency surgery.

[ Gunfire Continues ]

[ Troy ] How is he?

Bad. Shrapnel fragment
against a main artery.

- Can we get him back
to the front lines?
- No.

It's over a hundred miles.
He'd be lucky to do 10 in a jeep.

Well, can we get him back if
the shrapnel was taken out?

I can't do it. It's too
close to the artery.

[ Pettigrew ] I spotted a German
field hospital yesterday over the ridge.

- How far?
- Couple, three miles maybe.

All right. You two stay put.

I'm gonna take him
in and get him fixed up.

There's a price on our heads. After
they fixed him, they'll hang you both.

No, they won't.

I'm gonna take him in, get him
fixed, and then bring him out.

Troy, if you go into that
German hospital, we all go.

All right.

We all go in,

and we'll all come out.

Take it easy, Hitch.

Where's the driver? He
preferred not to come along,

but I brought
you a little bonus.

She's with the
German nursing corps.

Her English is good, but
she's rather disagreeable.

I'll work on it.

Tully, get those
uniforms out of here!

- We only have the one.
- I'll wear it. You play sick.

- Ready, Mark?
- It's not worth it, Sarge.

You just keep your mouth shut.

And if you have to
moan, do it in German.

You have no right to hurt
innocent people at the hospital.

Nobody gets hurt
if you cooperate.

It will never work. They
know you are not German.

Not unless you tell 'em.

There is the surgical tent.

Remember, nobody
gets hurt. It's up to you.

I hope your German holds
up. We'll soon find out.


- [ Speaking German ]
- [ Speaking German ]

Your German is quite good.

[ German ]

You understand me perfectly.

You're enemy soldiers.

Wache! [ German ]

Wache! Wache!


[ German ]

You needn't bother
speaking German, Friedrich.

I'm quite familiar with
your native tongue.

I'm afraid you are
overwrought, Herr Colonel.

Seeing this wounded
man has upset you again.

Battle fatigue has not clouded my
ability to recognize American swine.

Please, Herr Colonel. If
you'll just return to your tent.

This man needs my attention.

These men are no more
German than you are, Friedrich.

And you're English.

I can smell an Englishman,

like the giant in "Jack
and the Beanstalk."


Herr Colonel, I must insist
that you return to your tent.

I will soon see to it that the gestapo
learns of your activities here, Friedrich.

And see to these others also...

before you allow them to escape.


Herr Doktor.

Herr Doktor. [
Footsteps Approaching ]

[ German ]

It would appear that Herr
Colonel Von Helbing...

is suffering from
only partial paranoia.

Who would operate on your wounded
friend if I'm suddenly taken dead?

- She would.
- No, please. I couldn't.

Doctor, I'm gonna
get this boy fixed up...

one way or the other.

I will need an assistant
to administer the ether.

Let her do it.

[ Von Helbing ] Herr Doktor.

Your American ersatz
guards are quite stupid, Doctor.

They shouldn't have relaxed while
guarding an officer of the Elite Korps.

You will stop
what you are doing,

and you will put
your hands in the air.

I will give you exactly three
seconds to obey, Engländer,

or I'll save you the trouble.

I'm a German doctor.

A German, no matter
what you may believe.

A German doctor. [ Scoffs ]

You're saving the
life of an enemy.

I have not saved
his life, Herr Colonel.

I have been biding my time since
I discovered he was an American.

I have just taken
the necessary steps.

In this division, we do not
mix sentimentality with surgery.

[ German ]

He's killed him!
Morphine injection.

Drop it, Colonel, or
I'll blow your head off.


He's not dead!


understand your
reaction... [ Exhales ]

but it was necessary
to prevent the colonel...

from spoiling a perfectly
good piece of surgery.

If you're through
with the ether,

I'll need it for my patient.

How much longer? Soon. Soon.

Tully, check the ambulance.
Will he be all right?

I think he will be all right until
you get him back to your hospital.

It's gone.

Truck outside filled with
coffins. For my failures.

Not this time. Is
he ready to travel?

Yes. Moffitt, you and Tully
bring one of the coffins in.

We're obliged to you, Doctor.

I can't take the chance on you
sounding the alarm the minute we leave.

- You have my word.
- We don't want to see innocent
people hurt at the hospital.

All right. We'll
take him with us.

He is under my care,
and he is my patient.

I will not let you take him.

All right. I'll leave him if you give
him something to keep him quiet.

I'll take care of
him as I see fit.

Someone's bound to come looking
for him. You're wasting precious time.

Thank you, Doctor.

Sergeant, you are a
very determined man.

I hope you make it.

Thank you.

- No!
- Moffitt, drive!

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

Troy...Troy... Easy,
buddy. Easy, buddy.

He's putting them
to sleep... with ether.

[ German ]

All right. Hurry up, fellas.
We gotta move outta here.

I don't see how you
guys pulled it off.

From what I can see, that
Jerry doctor did a pretty good job.

I wish I was awake so I could see
it all. Did you have much trouble?

Trouble? Are you kidding?
How was it where you were?

Great, Sarge. I met
the greatest chick!

Sarge, who was there, you or me?

You got me there, pal.

I hope this doesn't lay
me up too long, Sarge.

You'll be back pushing
your luck soon enough.

Just listen to the doctors,
and leave the nurses alone.

That'll be the day.
Take care, Hitch.

[ Roars ]