The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Last Harbor Raid: Episode II - full transcript

El Gamil steps in, replacing Betraine, to aid the patrol liberate the POWS. Sgt. Troy secretly meets senior captured officer Major Indrus while Moffitt and Hitchcock connect with Betraine's daughter Marianne, a suspected collaborater.

[ Man Narrating ] The Rat Patrol
had been given their orders...

Infiltrate a key
German dock area,

supply arms to the Allied prisoners
there and set up their escape...

For it was their forced
labor keeping the

dock area open after
continued bombing raids.

Through Bertaine,
a French fisherman,

local fishing boats would be waiting
to transport the prisoners to freedom.

And once and for all, bombers
would break Rommel's supply line...

flowing through this port.

After being stopped on
approaching the harbor,

Bertaine sacrificed his life for
the Rat Patrol and their mission.

But by doing so, the contact
with the fishing fleet was lost.

New hope was soon provided
by El Gamil, friend of Bertaine,

who informed the Rat Patrol
Bertaine's daughter, Marianne,

might be persuaded to arrange
for a meeting with the fishermen.

He also provided the
materials and the means...

so that a meeting with
Marianne could be accomplished.

Although an admitted coward,

he proved to be a 20th-century
genie from Aladdin's lamp.

Sergeant Moffitt and
Private Hitchcock...

are now approaching the meeting
place and Bertaine's daughter,

an accused collaborator
of the Germans.

[ Chattering ]

♪♪ [ Singing In French ]

[ Speaking German ]

♪♪ [ Audience Singing Along ]

♪♪ [ Continues In French ]

♪♪ [ Audience Singing ]

[ Cheering ]

[ German ] Merci.

Guten Abend.

[ German ]

[ Speaking French ]

[ French ]

Parlez-vous anglais? Yes.

Won't you please sit down?


The waiter said you had an
important message for me.


- Now, Captain Hoffman?
- It isn't pleasant news,

Your father is dead.

- When did he die?
- Earlier this evening.

- How?
- Does it matter how?

♪♪ [ Drum ]

You're not lying to me?

You're not saying he's dead.

I wish that were the case.

How did he die, Captain Hoffman?

He was shot... aboard his boat.

It was after curfew.

A patrol boat stopped him.

He tried to prevent the crew
from boarding his vessel.

He was machine-gunned.

Seems to be a very...
popular way to die these days.

You understand,

it isn't easy to break
this kind of news.

But since you
have, I feel a little ill.

I'm going to have to leave.

Please, let us at
least drive you home.

Herr Kommandant. [ German ]

Mademoiselle! [ German ]

[ German ] Mademoiselle!

Mademoiselle! Mademoiselle!

Thank you. I'll
be all right now.

I want you to listen carefully.

We were on your father's boat
when the German patrol stopped us.

There are two others with us. We
were sent in by American Intelligence.

You're not German?

He's American. I'm English.

- Our job is to get our people
out of the prison camp here.
- Why my father?

Your father was going to get
the fishing fleet to evacuate them.

Then our bombers were going to come over
and knock this port out once and for all.

You mean, nobody tried
to save my father's life?

There wasn't a chance.

We four were hidden below.

If the Germans had found
us, it would all have been over,

and nobody would
have been helped.

We were all briefed.
We all knew our chances.

We would still like to
go ahead with the plan,

except for one problem...

We don't have your father.

That makes two
of us, doesn't it?

We need that fishing fleet
on our side... desperately.

We think you can help.

It's all very convincing,
Captain Hoffman.

Sergeant Moffitt,
Private Hitchcock.

To me, you're Captain
Hoffman, Lieutenant Wagner.

- What do you need for proof?
- How do I know you're
not gestapo?

How does anyone know
anything these days?

No trust, no faith in truth.

I know what the Germans
do to traitors, Captain Hoffman.

And we know what the
Germans did to your father.

You say that.

If my father is dead, there is nothing
I can do to bring him back to life.

Now, whoever you are,

why should I risk
giving up my life too?

Your father did. We may.

If it will save a few lives,

push the Germans out
of here, shorten the war...

You're asking too much. I
have no proof I can trust you.

It cuts both ways,
even if you do say yes.

Everybody here
thinks I'm a traitor,


Yes. We know.

Suppose you give them a
chance to change their minds.

I'll do what I can.

I suppose I shall have
to be content with that,

but I'm leaving
Private Hitchcock here.

Don't let that
youthful face fool you.

He can kill if he has to.

He's very adept at it.
Do you understand?

You don't talk very much,
do you? I guess not, ma'am.

- Tell me, Lieutenant Wagner...
- Private Hitchcock, ma'am.

- Did you get to know
my father at all?
- No, ma'am, I didn't.

I hope he knew I loved him.

I'm sure he must have.

- And it half-killed him,
because you know what else?
- What else, ma'am?

I don't care who you are, and
I don't care if you're gestapo.

Do you know why I went to
the Officers Club every night?

It's because I got
to hear things...

Things I would tell my father,
and no one knew about it.

Do you know how much it hurt
him not to let our people know?

How do you explain that to them,

tell them how he had
to live with this lie?

The time for lies is over.

[ Knocking ]

[ Man ] Fräulein Bertaine?

[ Knocking ]

Fräulein Bertaine?

[ Knocking Continues ]

Fräulein Bertaine?

[ German ]

- Danke.
- Guten Tag.

Seems I forgot my
compact at the club.

Must be important
to send it special.

It's a gift. For
services rendered?

For songs... sung.

[ Sobs ]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Hey. Anything, Tully?

Everything's about as quiet as
the graveyard in back of this church.

Do you sometimes get
the feeling the U.S. Army is

hinting they're gonna
drop us off their payroll?

You got something better to do?

I can think of a hundred
things I'd rather do

than end up in somebody
else's marble orchard.

I think we got company.

[ Narrator ] The Rat Patrol's first
request of El Gamil proved successful,

but the second one was
much more demanding.

Could he actually supply Major
Indrus for a meeting with Troy?

Troy knew that
without this meeting, the

escape could only
result in complete failure.

[ Bells Jingling ]


- Sergeant Troy?
- Major Indrus.

Huh. Feels good to get out.

Get a breath of fresh
air, have a look around.

One of the reasons they sent me,
sir. I take it El Gamil had no trouble.

Don't ask me how, but I'm out,

and there is one fat
Arab resting in my bed.

Next time out I
hope is the last, sir.

Everything all right here?

Okay. Major Indrus?

Private Pettigrew.
How do you do, sir?

Keep everything
quiet out there, Tully.

It's as quiet as a church mouse.

You, uh, started
to say something...

about the next time out
being the last one, Sergeant.

That's right, sir. G.H.Q. sent me to get
you and your men out of this prison camp,

take you out on
the fishing boats.

G.H.Q. sent you in, did they? And
you're gonna take us out, are you?

Let me tell you something. You
got off at the wrong station, Sergeant.

We've been had before. We
didn't make it out. Men were killed.

There were reprisals. I
don't want it to happen again.

I don't come with a
guarantee for success, Major,

but I do have my orders, and
I do need your cooperation.

How many of you are
there to pull this off?

Four, sir, not
counting the fishermen.

Four? Four men?

I told you, Major, I've got a
job, but I give no guarantees.

I have 5,000 men, Sergeant.

I don't sleep too
well as it is, nights.

There's only one way
to close this port, Major,

and that's to get you
and your men out.

All right. Let's say I take the
chance and go with you on this thing.

- How does it work?
- My men and I get arms
and explosives.

We mine the whole beach area and at
strategic points around the prison camp.

When you march out to work
the docks, we blow our first point.

That's the signal for you
and your men to break loose.

Now, we'll do everything
we can to cover you.

You head for the beach, and
the boats will be there waiting.

I hope.

I must say, I...

admire your enthusiasm,
Sergeant Troy.

Do you have any boys that are
good with incendiaries? I think so.

Arrange for 'em to
burn the barracks...

at exactly 0614 hours.

And I suggest you
form rifle squads, Major.

We'll stash weapons at various
places. We'll get that word to you.

Four of you to my 5,000...

Not counting the fishermen, sir.

You said the boats will be
out there waiting, you hope.

Yeah. Our contact
here was killed.

One of the fishermen?
Well, who takes over for him?

He has a daughter.

Sergeant Moffitt, Private Hitchcock...
They're handling that situation now.

What about the daughter? How
can you be sure you can trust her?

I'm sorry you asked
that. We can't be sure.

You have the arms
and the explosives?

No, sir, not yet. Not
yet? Well, when...

But we will have!

And also, G.H.Q. said
they'd try and send air cover.

And if you can't get
the arms and explosives,

and you can't get those boats
out there to transport my men,

how do I go back there
and build up their hopes,

only to have them drown in
ice water at the last moment?

You tell me that!
Then tell 'em "maybe."

Maybe it will work,
and maybe it won't.

All right. Let's do it.

[ Sighs ]

How'd it go?

Didn't muff it?

Well, Major Indrus
is a hard sell.

He's been burned before. He
doesn't want his men burned again.

Do you mean he
won't go along with us?

I think he's convinced.
What about the Bertaine girl?

Yes, she'll help. She's
very upset, of course.

And suspicious of us. I've left
Hitchcock with her, just in case.

If they're gonna send air cover, then
somebody better be on that beach.

Let's hope it's us.

[ Narrator ] The third request of El
Gamil was again carried out with precision.

[ Whistles ] His children
were deployed as lookouts...

and assigned the task
of acting as decoys,

while he escorted the Rat Patrol to the
warehouse storing the arms and explosives,

lost when Bertaine's boat was
confiscated by the Germans.

[ Whistles ]

[ Speaking Foreign Language ]

- Come on! Would you hurry up?
- Come on. Come on. Hurry it up.

I would have had this door open
by now if I brought my own keys.

I had to liberate the real ones.

German tooling is not what
is used to be. [ Chuckling ]

Oh! Allah is with us.

Come on, come
on! Oh, no, not me.

It is far too dangerous.
Vite, vite, vite, vite!

I am such a blunderer, an oaf.

[ German ]

[ Man Shouts In German ]

[ German ] [ Guns Cocking ]

Fire! [ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Narrator ] Next week, the
conclusion of "The Last Harbor Raid."

Here are some exciting scenes.

[ Roars ]