The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Dare-Devil Rescue Raid - full transcript

[ Gunfire ]

Everything all right?
Anybody been hit? Fine here.

Hope we kept the Germans
away from the landing area.

Don't worry. Your
father'll be all right.

Do you honestly think your
father's going to be able...

to uncover a
2,000-year-old Roman road...

that's been buried in
the sand for 1,000 years?

Who came up with
this idea? It's a real dilly.

Trying to find and use a
2,000-year-old road for a supply route.

I'm afraid my father has to take
the blame for the whole thing.

He first found reference to
the road in a manuscript...

discovered by Trishendorf
in the monastery at Mt. Sobel.

Took the idea to a friend
of his in the ministry.

Well, let your
father explain it.

We better get to the rendezvous.

Trishendorf? Trishendorf?

Aw, let's shake it.

[ Engines Start ]


A little hard to do.

Well, a long wait
is the toughest.

That plane's two hours overdue.

It'll get here.

Yeah, I see it.

May I, Sergeant?

Feelin' better?

Sorry if I sounded
like a worried child.

You did.

[ Cannons Firing ]

- Take it easy, Sarge.
- They'll make it.

[ Whining ]

Moffitt. That's my father, Troy!

- I have to go out there.
- No one could have
survived that crash.

I'll go alone. Meet
you back here.

If we saw where that plane
went down, so did the Germans.

You stay put. We
pick up the mission.

But my father was
the mission. He's the

only man that could
find that Roman highway.

Now you're gonna have to find it. You're
gonna have to take us back two centuries.

You're gonna have to
rediscover that old highway...

through the
mountains for Battalion.

Are you telling me that you're
willing to let my father die out there?

Abandon him to go looking for
a Roman road 2,000 years old?

No, I'm not telling you that.

I'm telling you he's dead.

And we can't risk any of us
to go back for a dead man.

Too many lives depend on us.

But the man is my father, Troy.

We're running out of time.

There's enough left
to get to that plane.

It's hours away.

But that road is centuries
old. What's a few hours?

I have no other
appointment, Sarge.

I just finished his father's
book... archaeology,

anthropology, Arabs
and all that stuff.

Pretty wild things.

Doesn't seem like
the kind of guy...

you'd say fell out of an airplane and
died without taking a look-see first.

If my father is out there, dead,

the least I can do is bury him.

All right.

All right. Let's go.

Better let me.

One body, pretty badly burned.

I wouldn't.

There's one body.
Bury him, whoever it is.

That's not my father.

He could still be alive.

If that's not your father,

one of two things happened.

He was either thrown
out, or he jumped out.

Either way, he's dead, Moffitt.

I don't see his body.

- Where is it?
- What do you want as proof,
a grave marker?

If that's the only way
I'll know he's dead, yes.

Forget it.

I said I'd come this far.

We bury the body and
pick up the mission.

Hey, Sarge.

There's a dead Arab over here.

Must've had company.

Good and shot up,
right where it hurts.

Someone left here on a horse.

Where's his horse?
No other tracks around.

Could have been sent
out into the desert alone.

Wind blew the sand
over these tracks.

Somebody left here, Troy. That
somebody could've left with my father.

[ Sighs ] I can't buy it.

Well, maybe my father
left alone, on his horse.

Maybe he had to
shoot him to escape.

Sorry. There are
too many maybes.

Whoever was here could be back.
We're not staying to welcome them.

Start digging. Maybe he
does have a point, Sarge.

We could follow those
tracks out of here.

I never knew a horse that
could outrun a jeep in sand.

I said, start digging.

Sidi Bel Zir isn't
far from here.

I could skirt the
German-occupied section.

I have a contact in the
Arab quarter. He would know.

Moffitt, you're staying
put, right here with Patrol.

Then we take a ride
and you find that road.

- Maybe we save a few lives,
not risk them.
- It's my life, Troy.

All I'm asking is a chance to
find out, one way or the other.

I'll come back. Meet you.

If it was my father,

I couldn't run this
show any different.


You move one inch in that jeep,

and I'll shoot
you as a deserter.

Well, it's lucky
we scouted ahead.

It'll give Moffitt a
chance to settle down.

We could have run
right into that convoy.

You know, losing your
dad is a terrible thing,

but I didn't think Moffitt, with all his
British reserve, would crack up this way.

You know, your dad's your dad.

Doesn't matter
where you're from.

I know how he feels.

Well, we know where they
are and where they're going.

Let's go back and
get Tony and Moffitt.

Maybe we can find that road.

Everything's clear up
ahead. Let's move out.

Where's Moffitt?

- He's gone.
- What do you mean, he's gone?

- Just gone.
- You mean he took off
for that Arab town?

Now that you mention it, he
did say something like that.

- Then why didn't you
try and stop him?
- You see, it was like this.

You said if he came
near this jeep to shoot him.

I was in this jeep all the
time. Took that Arab's clothes.

He never came near the jeep.

[ Man Narrating ] On his
way to the Arab village,

Sergeant Moffitt
met a Bedouin...

who informed him that the
bartender of the local café...

could lead him to
further information...

pertaining to a
captured Englishman.

[ Man Shouting In German ]

[ Shouting Continues ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Speaking Foreign Language ]

♪♪ [ Tooting Fanfare ]

[ Tapping ]

[ Foreign Language ]

[ Grunts ]

Where is he?

Where is the Englishman?

The Englishman! What happened?

Is he alive?

Do you know?

I won't hurt you. I promise.

I won't hurt you. I promise.

If you know anything about
the Englishman, please tell me.

The man is my father.

Please tell me
anything you know.

If he is alive...

Jawal... He saw a plane
fall. He brought a man back.

He took him to German officer.

He got paid gold for.

He is like this all day now.

Sold him for gold!


Choose sides.

[ Speaking German ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Moffitt Speaking German ]

[ German ]

[ Moffitt Speaking German ]

[ Guard Speaking German ]

Try the steak-and-kidney
pudding. It's lovely.

Sorry. You'll speak
up first next time.

You've lost a little weight.

Have I now?

Well, we'll do something
about my diet when I get back.

You've put on a pound or two.

I lost a few when I saw
that plane going down.

I knew you were watching.
That's what upset me.

You'd no way of
knowing that I got out.

It was close. Too close.

[ Footsteps ] The guard.

Here. Back against the wall.

[ Punch Lands ]

- We'll ride out
in those barrels.
- What's in them?

Rubbish, I expect. They
have to move it sooner or later.

What then?

You worried? Me? Worried?

Of course not. Come on.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Shouting In German ]

[ German ]


- Do me one last favor?
- Yes, sir.

Don't hang about
to watch me take off.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Roars ]