The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Lighthouse Raid - full transcript

[ Crickets Chirping ]

[ Man Narrating ] Based on
information supplied by Intelligence,

the Rat Patrol has been assigned
one of their most demanding missions:

Rescue from a Gestapo
interrogation unit...

operating in a remote
desert outpost...

Ulri Lacaze,
general and leader...

of the French
underground in North Africa;

transport him to a rendezvous
point on the Mediterranean coast.

From there, with the cooperation
of members of the underground,

evacuate him to the Allies.

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

Well, what do you think?

He's had a rough go, but he's still
breathing, if that means anything.

I hope he keeps breathing. After we
get him to Command, he's their problem.

If he lives that long.

We have to be at the rendezvous
point at exactly 2300 hours.

Hmm. That doesn't give
us much time, does it?

Four hours and 23 seconds.

- Better get a move on.
- Right.

Tully, check out one of those
cars. Hitch, grab the jeep, take off.

You know what
to do. Right, Sarge.

Here, I'll give
you a hand. Okay.

How is it? They were real
polite. Even left the key in it.

Let's pack him in.

- I'll be waiting, I hope.
- We'll get there, I hope.

[ Narrator ] Unaware
that news of the rescue...

had been flashed
to all enemy units,

and a reward of 100,000 marks
placed on the head of their passenger,

Sergeant Moffitt and
Private Pettigrew...

were approaching
the rendezvous point:

a German-held lighthouse...

where the third and final step of
the mission was to be executed.

Pity the general's in
no condition to see it.

His one-way ticket to freedom.

Yeah, if we get through that
roadblock. Only one way to find out.

- Any problems?
- There were two of them
instead of one.

- I'll need some help when
their replacements arrive.
- What about Troy?

Sarge? I hear the lighthouse
keeper's wife is a great little cook.

I bet by now he's
stuffing himself.

You've got me. Now
what are you waiting for?

Why don't you call
the guards? Oh, sure.

So that the noise and the excitement
will warn away your friends. Come.

A fisherman has to be patient.

And now, thanks to you,

I am about to hook the
biggest fish of them all.

It would be foolish at this time to
throw a stone into the water, no?

[ Footsteps ]

Not a sound, Sergeant.
Otherwise, I will have to kill you.

And with the Germans around,
it will not help your friends.

- Who is he, Troy?
- The lighthouse keeper.

- Looks like we got
some bum information.
- Oh, no.

No, monsieur, your information
was correct. But the price was wrong.

Until today, I have been a very
faithful servant to the underground.

But now, for General Lacaze,

the Germans are willing to
pay 100,000 marks in gold.

I am only human.

You won't live to spend it.
You know that, don't you?

Oh, yes, I will.

You see, in French,
we have a saying...

[ Speaking French ]

"Gold has no smell." Now,
your guns, if you please.

This man is not well.
May I put him down?

I am no monster. Uh, there.

Now, your gun, if you please.

Très bien.

Your friend will die instantly, and before
the Germans arrive it will be your turn.

That is, of course, if
this is what you wish.

[ Woman ] So you
have done it after all.

Did I not tell you it
was going to be easy?

Well, look at them. There
they are, just as I planned.

My brave husband.

He often spoke of doing these
things, but I, his foolish wife,

thought it was the wine
which made him boastful.

And I know what you thought.

You thought I would be satisfied to stay
here forever in this miserable lighthouse.

Oh, but not me. Not Mathias.

Not when these fools are
willing to give us a fortune...

for this old man's life.

- Go get the commandant.
- So you have everything
planned, haven't you?

- Yes, of course.
- The underground has long arms.

Have you thought of that? Yes.

But not long enough to reach
us where we shall be going.

And you... Where will you
go to hide from yourself?

- [ French ] - And me?
Have you thought of me?

- Stay back!
- "Gold has no smell," you say.

You poor fool! Gold bought
with the blood of other men.

That gold stinks to heaven!

[ Groaning ]

Close the door!

Thanks, lady. That
took 10 years off my life.

What time is that trawler
due past? 2300 hours.

That gives us seven
minutes to get a signal out.

But the light hasn't
been used for two years.

We don't wanna use the light. Do
you have a, uh, lantern? A flashlight?

They are in the
storeroom. This way.

Keep an eye on our friend.

[ Thump ] Go, go! German!

[ Speaking German ] Bonsoir.

[ German ]


How far away is the storeroom?

Well? Perhaps your
friend is being delayed.

[ Soldier Speaking German ]

[ Woman Speaking German ]

[ Moaning ]

Open it!

[ Splashing ]

Get the light.

Moffitt! You all
right? Yes, sir.

Where'd he go? Let's go.

[ Whirring, Dinging
] Hello? Hello?

Hello, hello, hello?

Hello? Hello?


Hello? Hello?


Please. He will listen to me.

All right. All I can
give you is one minute.

Whoever it is coming
up, stop! Or I will kill you!

Mathias, please, come
down. Do you hear?

Ah. It is not enough that you let
a fortune slip through our fingers.

Now you give orders? What
kind of buffoon do you think I am?

Mathias, please, come down.

They will not hurt
you, I promise.

Promise? Not harm me?

Mathias, the traitor? The Judas?

Ask the sergeant what
he thinks of your promise.

I won't lie to you, Mathias. But if you
help us now, I'll try and save your life.

My life? What life?

- When even my wife
has abandoned me.
- I have not!

Another three minutes, and
that trawler will be level with us.

- I'm sorry. Time's up.
- Mathias, I'm coming up.

If you do I will kill you!

[ Troy ] Violette!

Moffitt, the Germans!

Violette, stop! I beg you!

Go back! No, I will not
unless you listen to me.

Very well.

Watch out.

Do you know what
I'm thinking? Mm-hmm.

It hasn't been on for
years. If he gets it lit,

we'll have every Jerry from
here to Cairo on our tails.

You take the old man
and go down to the beach.

We'll have to risk it.
You know the path.

Will you show him the way down?

Good girl.

Well, he almost got it lit.

Well, Sarge, how was her
cooking? As good as they say?

You wouldn't believe it.
I didn't get a thing to eat.

Aw, come on. Don't hand me that.

Hitch, who was there, you or me?

All right. Shake it.

[ Roars ]