The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 9 - Hammer Into Anvil - full transcript

Number Six is incensed when he witnesses the suicide of Number Seventy-Three who has been brutally interrogated by Number two and he informs Number Two that he will avenge her death. He begins a war of nerves,leading Number Two to believe that he is Agent D6,employed by a superior called XO4, and making him fear that he is in danger. Ultimately the prisoner is triumphant as yet another Number Two resigns.


(Six) Where am I?

(Two) In the village.

(Six) What do you want?

(Two) Information.

(Six) Whose side are you on?

(Two) That would be telling.

(Two) We want information...

(Two) Information...

(Two) Information.

(Six) You won't get it.

(Two) By hook or by crook...
. . .we will.

(Six) Who are you?

(Two) The new Number Two.

(Six) Who is Number One?

(Two) You are Number Six.

(Six) I am not a number.
I am a free man!

(Number Two laughs)


(Number Two) Why did you
slash your wrists, 73?

Aren't you happy here?

You're not being very cooperative.

There's nothing I can tell you.

Come, now, you must know
where your husband is.

He's still there.

- Where?
- Oh, somewhere there.

He had some work to finish.

Was he devoted to you?

- He is devoted to me.
- Oh.

You don't mind about him
and the woman, Mariah?

That's a lie!

Stop protecting your husband.
He went to her hotel several times.

Then there was the villa, of course.

Let me show you just how loyal
your dear husband is to you.

They look quite at home together.

Would you like to know
the date, the place?


I've wasted enough time.

(Woman screams)



You shouldn't have interfered.
You'll pay for this.


You will.

(Telephone bleeps)

This is Number Two.
I want you in my house.

We've got nothing to talk about.

You defied my instructions
to come here.

- We have things to discuss.
- About the girl you murdered?

- No. I want to talk about you.
- You're wasting your time.

- Many have tried.
- Amateurs.

You're a professional.
A professional sadist?

Light blue.

Fearless - or are you?

Each man has his breaking point.

You are no exception.

Ah, you react!

Are you afraid of me?

What is going on up there?


You think you're strong.
We'll see.

Du musst Amboss
oder Hammer sein.

- "You must be anvil or hammer."
- I see you know your Goethe.

- And you see me as the anvil?
- Precisely. I'm going to hammer you.


Number Two.

Yes, sir,
everything's under control.

No, sir, no problems.

Assistance? No, sir, I can manage.

No, sir, of course. Be seeing you.

You were saying
something about a hammer?

Get out.

Thank you very much.

I'll break you, Number Six.


Get me the supervisor.

Supervisor? Number Two.
Alert all posts.

Special surveillance on Number Six.

Report any unusual activity to me.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Tally Ho? That'll be two units.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, sir.

These, um, these new records...

I'd like to hear "L'Arlesienne".

Ah, yes, the Davier recording.

There's no one to touch him on Bizet.

- I'd like to hear them all.
- I beg your pardon?

- How many have you got?
- Six.

- May I have them?
- If you insist. They're all the same.

- I doubt it.
- Yes, sir.


Thank you, and the others -
all of them.

Yes, sir.

Thank you very much.

(Music starts)

- Well, sir?
- No. An unsatisfactory recording.

I thought it was first-class.

It's a matter of taste.
Thank you, all the same.

- Be seeing you.
- Be seeing you, sir.

Give me Number Two - urgent.

I don't understand.
They sound identical.

Yes, sir.

And he was timing them?

Yes, sir.
There was one in particular.

- I don't suppose you know which one?
- I've no idea.

He kept looking at his watch,
then he wrote something down.

Did he now?

The sleeves are all the same -
no variation in tempo.

What was he listening for?

What makes one of these
records different?

I've no idea. And that's not all -
he left his "Tally Ho" behind.


Look at the front page, sir.

You can go.
Take these with you.

- Yes, sir.
- Leave the paper.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

What's he up to?

That's all, 1 4.

(Door opens and closes)

Number Six,

a plant?

Come on, we'll follow him.

- Follow him.
- Yes, sir.

- Where is he now?
- He's going down to the beach, sir.

I'll follow you down.

Which way is he heading?

He's going
towards the swimming pool.

After him. Careful now.

What's he doing?

- He's going to the stone boat.
- Go on reporting.

He's going aboard,
he's going into the cabin.

Now he's come out.
He's heading back.

Let him go.
I'm coming to the boat.

- You're sure he didn't have it?
- Quite sure.

- I shan't need you any more, 1 4.
- I thought...

Don't, just obey orders.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir?

I understand, sir.
I'll be over right away, sir.

- I want these tested immediately.
- Yes, sir.

For what, sir?

Anything - words, figures,
whatever's on them.

- There isn't...
- Don't argue with me!

I'm telling you there is.

A message of some kind.
Try everything - x-ray, infra...

- What are you staring at?
- Nothing...

Then get on with it!

- Well?
- This one's negative too.

Of course.
I didn't expect anything else.

- Shall we put them through again?
- No point. We've tried everything.

He won't like this.


I'm sorry, sir, but there's nothing.


No, sir, they're just
blank sheets of paper.

They can't be!

Why should he hide blank sheets
of paper in the boat?

Or are you hiding something?

- What do you mean, sir?
- Are you hiding a message from me?

- Why should I do that, sir?
- Perhaps you're in with Number Six?

You don't know
what I'm talking about. Get out.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Can I help you?

Yes. I'd like to put
an advert in the next issue.

Certainly, sir. What is it?
I have it written down.

There you are.

- Hay mas mal...
- Hay mas mal en el aldea que se suena.

Nine words. That'll be three units.


- Spanish, isn't it?
- Yes. Cervantes - "Don Quixote".

Oh, yes.

A sort of personal joke
between myself and a certain friend.

I see...
Aldea, does that means "village"?



Hospital? Psychiatrics,
head of the department.

- Director of Psychiatrics.
- Ah, yes.

What's the verdict on our "friend"?

What friend?

- Who is this?
- Your report on Number Two.

What are you talking about?
Who is this?

I understand, you'd rather not
talk on the phone. Very wise.

I'll be seeing you
later on, perhaps?

I understand, you'd rather not talk
on the phone. Very wise.

I'll be seeing you
later on, perhaps?

- Perhaps you'd explain?
- I'm as much in the dark as you.

Are you?

- You don't know who phoned you?
- No.

It was Number Six.
The oscilloscope will prove it.

Voices are like fingerprints -
no two are the same.

Even if the voice is disguised,
the pattern doesn't change.

I'll now show you
the voice pattern of your caller.


I understand,
you'd rather not talk on the phone.

I'll be seeing you
later on, perhaps?'

Now you'll see the pattern
of the single word "you"

taken during an interview
with Number Six.

Let's compare them.

If the word "you" on the tape
is identical to that one,

the patterns lock.

(Six) on the phone.

I'll be seeing you.

As I thought, they match.

It was Number Six who phoned.

- Do you still plead innocent?
- I haven't the faintest idea.

You aren't
preparing a report on my...

- ...mental health?
- No.

- Number Six didn't see you later?
- No.

- Then why did he ring you?
- I've told you, I don't know.

You're a psychiatrist, aren't you?
Would you say Number Six was mad?

Not according to our records.

Then he had a reason
for phoning you. What was it?

Why don't you ask him?

- I was merely...


- You can go.
- Thank you.

(Martial music ends)

(Smattering of applause)


A request, you say?

Yes, sir, that's all.

He asked me to play the "Farandole"
from the "L'Arlesienne Suite".

What else?

I don't understand, sir.

What else did he say?

Nothing, sir.


Number Six just asked you
to play a tune

and then walked away?

Did he, sir? I didn't notice.

Does that make sense to you?

No, sir.

No, it doesn't, does it?

I'll ask you again.

Did Number Six say anything else?

About me, for example?

About you, sir?

Did he?

No, sir.

Perhaps you've forgotten.
Try and remember.

- He didn't, sir.
- You're lying, aren't you?!

There's something going on.

- I don't know what you mean, sir.
- "I don't know what you mean."

You're all lying! It's a plot.

Who do they think they're
dealing with?


Get out!

Here is a personal message
for Number Six, from 1 1 3.

I'll call you later.

Warmest greetings on your birthday.

May the sun shine on you
today and every day.

That concludes the messages.
Now, some music.

(Automatic door opens)

What's going on here?

Going on, Number Two?

That personal message
for Number Six...

What about it?

Do you all think I'm stupid?

- I don't understand.
- Don't you?

Birthday greetings for Number
Six from Number 1 1 3.

- That's right.
- It's not, it's all wrong!

It is not Number Six's
birthday today.

- Oh.
- Yes.

- Number 1 1 3 doesn't exist.
- Doesn't exist?

An old woman - she died a month ago.


I swear...

You're innocent(!)
You know nothing.

Nothing at all.

May the sun shine on you today
and every day.

- What does it mean?
- It means what it says.

- It isn't a coded message?
- I've no idea.

You're finished.


I'm relieving you of your post.

- You, take over.
- Yes, Number Two.

Steer clear of Number Six
or you'll lose more than your job.

Yes, Number Two.


You say Number Six
put this personal ad in?

Yes, I checked.

Hay mas mal en el aldea
que se suena.

There's more harm in The Village
than is dreamt of.

- Number Six should be fixed.
- I can take care of him.

It's got to be done soon. Every day
he's a bigger threat to you.

I'll handle him.
He's undermining your authority.

He doesn't hide it. He's out
to poison the whole Village.

He's a plant. If he's harmed, our
masters will know who's responsible.

Leave it to me. They'll never
connect it to you - an accident.

It's the only way, sir.

What do you want?

Nothing. You sent for me.

I did?

You said you wanted to
see me urgently.

- I didn't phone you.
- It was your voice.

He said he was Number Two.

Someone here is impersonating him.

I have some calls to make.

I shan't need you.

Right, sir.

You're a troublemaker.

Do you know what I'd really like?

To dust you down. I'd enjoy that.

Nothing's stopping you. Kosho?

- I challenge you.
- I accept.


(Cuckoo clock strikes)

- Hello.
- Good day, sir.

I'd like a small notebook.

Certainly, sir.

There's a nice little selection, sir.

That one's nice, I'll have that.

- Will that be all, sir?
- No. I think I'd like, er, of these.
- Ah, yes, sir...

Very good value - special import.


What about this type, sir?

No, I'll have this one.

As you please, sir.

That'll be 42 units in all, sir.

- A what?
- A cuckoo clock.

That's not all. I think he was
looking for a special one, sir.

He didn't want the one I picked.

He seemed to be searching
for a specific box.

All right.

What's he up to with that clock?

It's a bomb.

It must be a bomb!


(Cuckoo noise)


- Supervisor.
- Yes?

Number Six approaching
restricted area.

Let's have him on the screen.

Get me Number Two quickly.

What's the matter?

Number Six
approaching restricted area.

What's he up to?

He could be making
for the shores or the hills.

Don't lose him, I'm coming over.

Track that bird.

Tracking, sir.


Beam on, sir...


Tracking... Orange.

He's out of sight.

Get me a fix. Radar.

- We've got a fix, sir.
- Prepare to fire.

- What do you think you're doing?!
- That pigeon is carrying a message.

Don't destroy it. I want
that message. Minimum strength.

(Supervisor) Minimum strength, sir.

(Two) Fire!

- I want this deciphered right away.
- Yes, sir.

20, 60,

40, 47,

67, 81 ,

91 ,


"Vital message tomorrow,
0600, by visual signal."

Visual signal?

Stand by, observers.

(Man) Standing by, sir.

- Camera 8.
- Camera 8 on, sir.

Switch to Camera 5.

Camera 5 on, sir.

- Camera 1 3.
- (Woman) Camera 1 3 on, sir.

- Get that Morse down!
- Yes, sir.

Get in closer.

Get him as close as you can.
Who's he signalling to?

We'll find out. Radar!

- Anything?
- No, sir, not at sea.

- There must be.
- (Man) There's no ship, sir.

There must be an aircraft,
helicopter, something.

(Woman) There's nothing, sir.

Under the sea - submarine.
Try the sonar.

No, sir,
there's nothing coming through.

He must be signalling to someone.

- The Morse, did you get it?
- Yes, sir.

What does it say?


Pat a cake, pat a cake,
baker's man

bake me a cake
as fast as you can.

It must be a special code.

Here's your answer, sir.

Pat a cake, pat a cake...

- This is what you put in.
- And that's what came out, sir.

If it is a new code,

then the computer's
not programmed for it!

Morning. Did you sleep well?

I had another terrible night -
insomnia. I was so restless.

There's no point lying in bed
when you're awake, eh?

- What are you talking about?
- I got up, went out,

had a long walk on the beach.
It's marvellous at that time.

- The air is brisk, clear...
- You're out of your mind.

...the rain on your face... Don't
look now, the waiter's watching.

It's the only way,
I'm so glad you agree with me.

Get me Number Two.

- You expect me to believe that?!
- It's true. He...

- Asked if you'd slept well?
- Yes, sir.

- You were whispering.
- He was.

- What about?
- He said...

- Yes.
- He talked rubbish.

Then he said the waiter's
watching us.

Why? Why did he say that?!

- I don't know.
- Don't you?

- You're working with Number Six!
- Me, sir?

- I thought I could trust you.
- You can - I'm loyal.


Traitor! Traitor!

You and your friends have lost!
I'll break you all!

You're in this plot too,
aren't you? Oh, yes!

Get out of this house!

(Soothing classical music)

Turn that thing off!

- I beg your pardon?
- Turn it off!

I'm listening.
Music makes for a quiet mind.

I'd rather you didn't.

What's your problem?

- You put the poison in.
- Did I?

With Number Two - I'm finished!

- Sorry to hear that.
- I'll kill you!

(Automatic door opens)

- What are you doing here?
- I've come to keep you company.

All your friends have deserted you.

You can't trust anyone any more.
It's a pity.

Odd, isn't it? All this power at
your disposal and yet you're alone.

You do feel alone, don't you?

- What do you want?
- To talk, to listen.

- I have nothing to say.
- That's not like the old Number Two.

Where is the strong man,
the hammer?

You have to be hammer or anvil,

I know... who you are.

- I'm Number Six.
- No, "D" Six!

- D Six?
- Yes.

Sent here by our masters
to spy on me!

Sorry, I'm not quite with you.

Stop acting.
I was onto you from the beginning!

- I knew what you were doing!
- Tell me.

The messages, the recruits...

I knew you were a plant.

Maybe you fooled yourself?

- What does that mean?
- Let's suppose that what you say

is true, that I was planted here...

By XO4.

- XO4?
- Mmm.

Very well, by XO4 to check on Village
security, to check on you...

- What would've been your first duty?

Not to interfere,
but you did interfere.

There is a name for that -


- Who are you working for, Number Two?

That is not the way XO4 will see it.

I swear to you!

You could be working
for the enemy or a blunderer.

Either way, you've failed!

They do not like failure here.


...destroyed me.


You've destroyed yourself.

A character flaw -
you're afraid of your masters.

A weak link in the chain
waiting to be broken.

Don't report me.

I don't intend to.

You're going to report yourself.

I have to report
a breakdown in control.

Number Two needs to be replaced.

Yes, this is Number Two reporting.