The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 2 - A. B. and C. - full transcript

A new Number Two, anxious to find out why the Prisoner resigned, uses a 'Special Machine' to infiltrate and order Number Six's dreams, introducing, over a period of three nights, three separate characters to determine which one he was working with. Number Six, however, cottons on and uses his dreams to spoil the plan.


(Six) Where am I?

(Two) In the village.

(Six) What do you want?

(Two) Information.

(Six) Whose side are you on?

(Two) That would be telling.

(Two) We want information...

(Two) Information...

(Two) Information.

(Six) You won't get it.

(Two) By hook or by crook...
...we will.

(Six) Who are you?

(Two) The new Number Two.

(Six) Who is Number One?

(Two) You are Number Six.

(Six) I am not a number.
I am a free man!

(Number Two laughs)


Number Two here.

Yes, sir, I am doing my best.
He's very difficult.

I know it's important, sir.

He's no ordinary person, sir,
but if I had a free hand...

I know, sir, yes.

I know I'm not indispensable.

Get me Number Fourteen.

Number Fourteen?
The experiment must come forward.

- Impossible. I need a week.
- I haven't got a week.

I haven't tested it on animals yet.

- Then now's your chance.
- When?


Stop! Don't bring that wet in here.
Take your macs and boots off.

(Thunder rolls)

This brainchild had better work...
for your sake.

If this man is damaged
I'll hold you responsible.

I haven't proved the drug yet.

Just get it right
or I'll see it's proved on you.

(Two) What's all that about?

Energy from his brain - thoughts
converted into electrical impulses...

and finally...

...into pictures.


How very single-minded.

He's not conventional.

I sometimes think he's not human.

It's an anguish pattern.

So this is your wonder drug?

(Fourteen) Yes.

Three doses...
and that's the absolute limit.

- Why?
- Three's dangerous enough.

Four would kill him.

His mind is now yours.
What do you want from it?

Why he resigned.
I believe he was going to sell out.

I want to know what was selling
and to whom?

We've computed his whole life
and it boils down to three people.


and C.

He must meet them.

We shall then know what would have
happened if we had not got to him first.

- Where should they meet?
- Paris.

They've one thing in common -

they went to Madame
Engadine's parties.

Here's some film
from the most recent.

(Fourteen) Nothing like a good party.

I'm sure he'll welcome
the change of environment.

Go on, feed it into him.


Is he all right?

So far.

The moment of truth.

(Ballroom music)

Good evening.

- Engadine!
- Darling!

How are you?

- I'm so happy you're here.
- You look as wonderful as ever.

I should - what it cost! Oh-yi-yi!

You look tired, darling.
Things are bad?

- I'm starting a holiday.
- Oh, the English holiday?

Big boots, fishing sticks?

- Not quite like that.
- Where, then?

Somewhere quiet, where I can think.

Oh, there is no quiet anywhere.

- Hello!
- Hello.

- Sorry, darling, I'll be back soon.
- Of course, yes.

And remember, you're mine.
Be horrible to other women.

- I promise.
- Thank you.

See you.

(Two) I think it's time
we introduced A.

His face looks vaguely familiar.
What's his real name?

I'm surprised you don't remember.
He made world news a few years ago.

I'll be immediately back.

- I'm surprised.
- Not unpleasantly?

- I knew you came to these parties.
- And wondered why we never met?

- She's tactful. She's kept us apart.
- Until tonight.

- Perhaps tonight is special?
- I feel it is special.

- To us.
- As we are or were?

Oh! He defected about six years ago.

- A long time.
- Not long enough.

- We had a lot in common.
- Once.

Let's think of the future.
We're the same people.

- Working for different sides.
- Sides don't matter, only success.

We should still have a lot in common.

- We share jobs.
- For different reasons.

You still overrate absolute truth.

We both want to conquer the world.

I hope you're happy
in your new life.

- New life?
- News travels quickly.

In a few hours?

To you and me, news is like air.
We breathe it deeply.

If it's interesting.

- What will you do with freedom?
- Go fishing.

Perhaps you're fishing now?
What's your price?

- What's for sale?
- I'm anxious to know.

Madame's wine...

Is always excellent.

If you haven't got a price,
you must have a reason.

They're not always the same thing.
Excuse me.

He's going. We haven't
found out a thing. He mustn't go.

(Fourteen) I can only
create the situation.

- (Two) Get him back.
- It's his dream.

It must take its course.

You never could take a hint.

I don't want a hint, I want you.

I'm saving myself money.

Paris hasn't changed much, has it?

- Where are they going?
- I don't know,

but it's what you wanted.

- You're in my country, now.
- Diplomatic immunity?

I like travel, it broadens the...


You daren't shoot me.

Let us stay on different sides.

Be seeing you.

At least I know it wasn't A.

No! Let's try the second dose.

- He must rest first.
- How long?

- 24 hours.
- Why?

It's a dangerous drug.
He must have time to readjust.

I meet everyone, I know everything -
who's sick, who's better..

Be seeing you.

My handbook on social etiquette
doesn't deal with this.

How does one talk to someone
one has met in a dream?

Look, Number...?

- Six.
- Six.

I'm usually a social animal,
but not now. Another time?

Last week Number Fourteen
was an old lady in a wheelchair.

You're new here,
and you're one of them.

- Your nonsense bores me.
- My mistake.

Don't worry, we all make mistakes.
Sometimes we have to.

(Phone rings)


Oh, really? Send him in.

(Two) My dear fellow,
come and sit down.

- I'm not tired, I slept well.
- Good.

- We haven't seen each other.
- I haven't seen you.

- I don't always spy.
- No? Your predecessors did.

I have other things to do.

All this nonsense
about why you resigned...

Things have come to a pretty pass.
Do sit down.

I'm still not tired.

Perhaps you'd pour me some milk?
I didn't have a very good night.

- Thank you.
- A pleasure.

Your milk.

Thank you. Milk is the perfect food.
It creates good temper.

My temper's fine.

Anyone who had nothing
to hide would ask where I got it.

- Where did you get it?
- In my sleep.

You're restless.
You need a check-up.

I have a favourite doctor.

Number Fourteen.

(Door closes)



Yes, sir, within two days.
You have my word.

Yes, sir, I realise my future's
at stake. Two days, I guarantee.

(Soothing music on radio)

(Door opens)

- Night, sir.
- Good night.

(Ballroom music)

Where have you been, darling?

- Been?
- Oh...

Men always evade questions.
All my husbands did.

Where is my other handsome guest?

- Who?
- Your friend you were talking to.

- He's gone.
- Just like that?

- Yes.
- How very rude,

without saying goodbye.

I never liked that man.

Madame, excusez moi.


- See you later, darling.
- Yes.

Time for B.

She even looks like a spy.

(Two) She's from
a long line of spies.

He's full of the party spirit,
isn't he?

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

- She should be there.
- I think he's resisting.

- Don't you know?
- It may take longer to work this time.

Wait, he's seen someone.


No. No, that's certainly not B.

- I expect she's there somewhere.
- I hope so.

Lucette, what have you been up to?

I was helping Louis
collect the glasses.


- What is that, Lucette?
- A note, madame.

A lady gave it to me.

- No, madame, it's for...
- Thank you, Lucette.

It's for you.
A woman's hand.

I am jealous.

- What does she want?
- I dare not tell you.

Oh. To meet her in the arbour?

Oh! My guest at my party,
in the arbour?

- She's a friend.
- There's no name.

- Old friends don't need names.
- You prefer her to me. I shall go.

The party is finished!

Enjoy yourself.

(Cork pops)

(Six) I'd recognise
that signal anywhere.

- Let's get distressed together.
- There we are.

You are still the most
intriguing spy I have ever met.

It has taken much thought
and experience.

Last I remember, you were hiking
across the mountains -

to Switzerland?

- Sore feet.
- You should have stayed.

- I haven't friends there.
- Your enemy is a very bad loser.

He was here earlier.
Does he know you're back?

His chums are everywhere.

He and I had a little ride together.

I left him in an unforgiving mood.

He may return.

Being killed
is an occupational hazard.

Like a sitting duck.

Don't worry, tonight's a party.

You used to be...

a very good dancer.

- I still am.
- Are you?


Where are you going
for your holiday?


So you've heard?
I... don't know yet.

- A long one?
- Very long.

- Why?
- I need time to think.

I can't bear to think, to be alone.

That's why I like parties.
I drown myself in chatter.

Tonight there is no need for that.

Just dance.

He's far too relaxed.


He may be there, but he's not here.

With this kind of resistance,
he'll burn up the drug in no time.

Then you'd better
do something about it.

The only way to manipulate
his dreams is to get into them.

- Is that possible?
- I'm wondering.


If we could put words into her mouth.

Go on.

We've fed him with pictures...

Why not sound?

But the voice - would he
hear yours or hers?

That's the danger.

If he hears my voice, recognises it,

the shock will wake him,

he'll see everything -
we'll have failed.

We must use this chance
or we'll never know.

It's the worst time
to try anything - look at him.

Where's your scientific enthusiasm?

- What shall I say?
- Anything! Try it!

Go on!

Shall we have some more?

Shall we have some more?

- More?
- Champagne.

- Champagne.
- Not yet.

Get to the point! We haven't long!

I wonder if they will kill me.

I wonder if they will kill me.

- I thought you didn't care?
- I do.

I'll help you, you know that.

They are going to kill me.

They want me to find out
why you've resigned.

Go on.

If you'll talk about it
they'll let me go.

If you'll just talk about it
they'll me go.

- Are you shocked?
- Surprised.

- I can't believe it's you.
- I'm a mess.

I need something to swap.

Will you meet them?
They're here now.

- Are you asking this?
- Don't hate me.

We all make mistakes.
Sometimes we have to.

Have you the feeling
you're being manipulated?

- Who are you?!
- They're here.

If you don't tell them,
they'll kill me!

You are not who you pretend to be.

Excuse me.

Tell him! He'll kill me!

- I don't believe in you.
- He'll kill me!

How long has your
husband been dead?

- Four years.
- Four years.

- Four years.
- How old is your son?

Son? Husband, yes,
but there's no son.

Help me, please.

Help me, please!

What is your son's name?
That's an easier question.

I thought you couldn't answer.

Come back! Don't leave me!
I can explain everything! Please!

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

(Switches on monitor)

(Ballroom music)

(Switches off monitor)

I couldn't sleep.

What's that Number Six doing?

He's always walking.

Irritating man!

Doesn't he ever get tired?!

- Be seeing you.
- No, I'll be seeing you.

(Soothing music plays on radio)


(Lounge music plays)

What's gone wrong?

The strain's too much.
I'm going to stop.

No, it's our last chance.

- On your head.
- I'll worry about that later.

(Lounge music playing)

Haven't they killed you yet?

Sorry, must have been
thinking of someone else.

It's so wild, it will end in tears.

- All the best parties do.
- He's terrible!

Terrible?! It's dreamy.

This is a dreamy party!

We'll have to hurry.
Get C's picture.

There isn't one.
This is all we have.

He's French, goes to
Engadine's parties disguised.

Known to have been
in contact with Number Six.

I can't bring them together
without a picture?

It's a process of elimination.
Only C's left. He'll find him.

He'll have to hurry.

We all need more champagne!

Watch him for me, will you?
He's the last sane man in the world.

I like sane men.

- Are you in business?
- I was.

- You're young to retire.
- Age is relative.

- Meaning you're free?
- Possibly.

I know of something
and the pay's very good.

I'm free.

Number Six.
I'm sure it's your lucky number.

(Croupier speaks French)

Six, noir.

Pour le service, monsieur.

It can't be!

She can't be C.

It takes you a long time
to sell yourself, darling.

It took a lot of thought.

Come on, this way.

She's fooled us for years.
But not any longer.

- You'll bring her to the Village?
- Yes.

You are sure?

- No change of mind?
- No change of mind.

- And no doubt?
- Not any more.

It's a one-way journey.

You have the fare?

Yes, these papers from London.

If you want to go back you can,
back to the party, to your life.

But once through this door... can never return.

This is what I've been waiting for.


- What's happened?
- He's collapsed.

We've pushed him
as far as we dare.

- No, get it back.
- You've found C.

But I don't know what he's selling.

And if it kills him?

I shall have to take that risk.

I'll try a heart stimulant.
Hold this.

- Where are you taking me?
- To the summit.

To hand over your papers.

Not to you?

Even I work for someone.

Someone else?


I've never seen him. No one has.

- But you had it down to three.
- I had.

I didn't know about this one.
It's great!

You'll have to call him "D".

- We're here.
- Are we?

(Engadine) Oh, yes,
he likes impressive offices.

- Good luck.
- Aren't you coming?

I must go back. I can't leave a
party so long. People will talk.

- How will I know him?
- He will know you.

(Man) I am glad you could come.

Where are you?!

(Man) It doesn't matter.

I want to see you.
I've been dying to see you!

(Man) It won't make any difference.

People who hide are afraid!

I didn't know you existed.

It's often true with
really important people.

Anonymity is the best disguise.

You are afraid.

This is very important to me.

It is only a commodity.

No, it's my future.

You belong to me now.
You were told there is no return.

(Six) Not till I know who you are.
I've never liked secrets.

I want to see him!

No one will see me.

I will. I want to know
who I'm selling out to.

We must all know.

All? Aren't you alone?


...but you are.
- Violence will do no good.

It relieves the feelings.

Does it matter?

It does to them.
We mustn't disappoint them...

...the people who are watching.

I knew, of course.

Now, show them!


(Six) See?!

(Fourteen) He knew all the time.
He was playing with you.

- Your drug failed.
- No. He succeeded.

(Six) I owe you an apology.
- (Two) An apology?

Yes. I forgot to give you this.

A bargain's a bargain.

Open it, fool!
I must see what's in it.

He was going on holiday.

I wasn't selling out.
That wasn't the reason I resigned.