The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 13 - Living in Harmony - full transcript

Number Six finds himself in a western town called Harmony,which is run by the Judge, with the Kid,a young gunslinger, as his murderous assistant. The Prisoner would appear to have been the town sheriff,who resigned and refused to carry a gun. The Kid leads the townsfolk in an outbreak of killing with Kathy, a saloon girl befriended by Number Six, as one of the victims. This persuades Number Six to take up arms but then finds that he has been enacting a role play in the village to make him more disposed to killing and the Judge is yet another Number Two. The result ends in tragedy.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Welcome to Harmony, stranger.

Harmony? Never heard of it.

Not many people have, Senor.
It's sort of... exclusive.

So am I.

- Where is this town?
- You'll find out.

It's not wise to ask
too many questions.

Hey, hombre... You look like
a man who could use a drink.

Why you not try the saloon?

(Piano plays)

(Music stops)

On the house.

- Regulars get one on the house.
- I'm not regular.

I'm Kathy.

That's a nice name.


- Come and join me, Sheriff.
- Whisky.

You know me?

You shouldn't have done that.
A man needs friends.

- I don't know you.
- I know you.

I know all about you.
That's why you're here.

- Where?
- Here.

Kathy, bring us more whisky.

He's good. Sensitive...
but one of the best. He's mean.

You've got plenty of those.

I could use more -
yourself, for instance.

I'm not for hire.

- You turned in your badge.
- And my gun.

What were your reasons?

MY reasons.

You've already taken a job.
Who with?

With whom.

Look, I'm offering you a job.
Harmony's a good town.

Runs smooth and peaceful.

Now, let's be friendly.

Red two...

...on the black three.

- Think it over.
- I already have.

- And?
- I'm moving on.

When you change your mind,
I'll be here.

- How much?
- Sold.

- The bay?
- Yeah?

- How much?
- $5,000.

- The rest?
- They're expensive.

How's business?

Well, stranger,
fancy living in Harmony?

- Not my kind of town.
- It's a good town.

Enjoy it.

Why, what's wrong with it?

Maybe I don't like how it's run.

Just obey the Judge -
he'll look after you.

I look after myself.

- It's a good town.
- Keep it.

You don't like our town, huh?
You insult us!

- He insulted our town!
- Let's get him!


OK, folks, we'll handle him. Now get!

(Crowd jeers)

Changed your mind yet?

- Charge?
- Protective custody. Lock him up.

And bring Johnson out.
Mustn't disappoint the crowd.

There he is!
(Angry shouts)

Stop it! You can't hang my brother!
He's done nothing wrong!

You promised!

Let go of me! Let go!


(Door shuts)

I brought you a drink, Kid.

You know I've always liked you, Kid.

Hey, Kid, how about pouring me one?

No, not now, Kid.

I've gotta get back to the saloon.

I'll drop by later.

(Door closes)



There's only one way out -
that's due north.



Let justice be done.

Order! Order! Court in session.

- What's the charge?
- Against you, none.

You were in protective custody.

You're free to go.

The people of Harmony
against Katherine Johnson.

The accused, step forward.

The charge is aiding a prisoner
to escape. How do you plead?

But Judge, he wasn't a criminal -
he was in protective custody.

She didn't know that.

How do you plead?

Have you reached a verdict?

We have, your Honour.

Do you find the defendant
guilty or not guilty?


I'll pass sentence later.
Take her away.

When you work for me,
I'll let her go.

You're a bad judge.

We'll see. We'll see.

Give me a whisky.

Hold it!

I been looking for you, Kid.
I'm giving you your old job back.

Go take care of the jail.

You'll need two of these
to take care of a woman.

There's always another time, Kid.

The Kid's real fond of Kathy.

But he does tend to get...

If anything happens,
it'll be paid for.

Nothing could happen...
if you were sheriff.

Let her go.

Let her out, Kid.

I said let her out.

Don't give me any problems.

I'm sorry.

That's all right.

She's safe now. Safe for
as long as you work for me.

But let's not start off
on the wrong foot.

You'll grow to like this job.
It's most rewarding.

No, Sheriff, you won't regret
joining my outfit.

Well, you may.

You're just sore right now.
Put this on - you'll feel better.

Nothing but the best.

I agreed to wear the badge,
but not the gun.

That's a start.

But this is a rough town
without a gun.


Mornin', Sheriff. I'm Zeke.
I don't carry a gun, either.

But then I don't need one.

No! He's mine.

The boys are just teaching him
it's safer to have a gun.

Are you hurt?

Nothing a bit of water
won't take care of.

I'm sorry. I'm blushing.

I didn't think
I could blush any more.

That's all right.

Get out or they'll kill you.

Last time I got out...
they dragged me back,

and, er, I can't refuse
that kind of hospitality.

Can I?

You saw what they
did to my brother.

That's one reason I'm staying.

He was a stubborn man, too.

I'll be in the saloon tonight.

- Regulars get the first one...
- On the house.

(Music and chatter)

(Drunken laughter)

Come on, bartender, let's have
some whisky! They're on me!

Come on, Kathy,
you're gonna have a drink.

OK, Will, but don't
let your wife catch you.

Ow! !

Now, just a minute...

Will drew first, Sheriff.

- You're the sheriff here.
- Yeah, time you did something!

Get some guns on!

You're wearing a star, Sheriff!
Come on!

(Door opens, then footsteps)

Some of us been talking, Sheriff.


You're the only man that's stood up
to the Judge, so we're with you.


We'll help you clean up the town.

You're... going to help me...
clean up your town?

We can't do it by ourselves.

And, Sheriff, neither can you.

Get yourself some coffee.


That one's on me.

Come over, Jim.

Jim, you disappoint me.

Your choice of friends.

Jim, old friends
are the best friends.

What did you see the Sheriff about?

Well, if you don't tell me,
I'm sure you'll tell the boys.

(Door closes)

(Piano plays)

And still he doesn't wear guns.

We're leaving tonight.

I told you, the pass is guarded.
You'll never make it with me.

Be on the edge of town...

...after the saloon closes.

I'll be there.

The Kid wouldn't like to see them
together like that.

I think someone should tell him.

(Horse whinnies)

Get out of my way.

You're crazy!
Now get out of my way!


You beat him!
He was the fastest I ever saw!

Fastest you ever will see.

I just quit.

You won't quit while I have Kathy.
Get it clear - you work for me.

- Guns and all.
- You haven't got Kathy now.

She's dead.

But he was only supposed to...

- Rough her up a little.
- Hold it!

You work for me, like it or not.

Nobody walks out on me.

I won't let you join
some other outfit.

I'll kill you first.

You got five seconds
to make up your mind.





(Two gunshots)

(Brass band music)

Interesting - that he separates fact
from fantasy so quickly.

I told you he was different.
I knew it wouldn't work.

Fill him hallucinatory drugs,
change his environment,

talk through microphones!

It still would have worked
if you hadn't...

But it didn't, did it?!
Give him love, take it away!

Isolate him. Make him kill.

Face him with death.
He'll crack.

Break his mind and
the rest will be easy. Huh!

Why did I listen to you?!

It would have worked...
if you had kept your head,

and not created the crisis
too soon.

I had no control! You knew we'd get
involved, act as if it were real!

So don't blame my methods, just
your own darn lack of self-control.

It's fine for you!
I have to answer for this failure!


It seems I'm not the only one
who... got involved.


What are you doing here, Number 8?

The game's over, Number 8.


(Bloodcurdling howl)

(Howling continues)

I wish it had been real...

Get away from me, Judge.
Get away!

Not gonna hit me no more.
No more!

No... No mo-oo-oo-oo-oo-re! ! !