The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 11 - A Change of Mind - full transcript

After a brawl Number 6 is declared "unmutual" and is made to think that he has undergone "instant social treatment."


(Six) Where am I?

(Two) In the village.

(Six) What do you want?

(Two) Information.

(Six) Whose side are you on?

(Two) That would be telling.

(Two) We want information...

(Two) Information...

(Two) Information.

(Six) You won't get it.

(Two) By hook or by crook...
...we will.

(Six) Who are you?

(Two) The new Number Two.

(Six) Who is Number One?

(Two) You are Number Six.

(Six) I am not a number.
I am a free man!

(Number Two laughs)

- Training for the big break?
- Why not use the village gymnasium?

Perhaps I prefer privacy.

That could be taken
as being anti-social.

Some setup.

Keeping it all to yourself,
Number Six?

Not the action
of a public-minded citizen.

- The committee wouldn't like that.
- Certainly not.

You'll face the committee for this.

(PA) The council chamber
considered your case, Number 93,

and there's disharmony
in your behaviour.

You seem reasonable, but you don't
want to work for the community.

The court has several cases
to be dealt with.

Number Six needs help,
and we want to do something for 42.

She's in a permanent state
of depression, always in tears.

Your duty, 93, is to prove you are
a suitable member of society.

The only way to regain the respect
of your fellows

is to acknowledge
your shortcomings.

Go to the rostrum and confess.

We will tell you what to say.

- They're right, of course.
- They're right, of course.

- Quite right.
- Quite right.

- I'm inadequate.
- I'm inadequate.

- Disharmonious.
- Disharmonious.

- I'm truly grateful.
- I'm truly grateful.

- Believe me.
- Believe me.

Believe me... Believe me.

- Believe me!
- Believe me... Believe me.



Number Six, enter.


You have completed the written
questionnaire of confession?

Of course... Naturally.

(PA) Please do not be hostile.
We're here to help.

Do sit down.
Tell us about yourself.

I take it you have checked my file -
regarding hostility.

Your files are not our concern.

Information on you
is with Number Two.


The committee deals with complaints.

- Complaints?
- Your complaints.

I have several.

A charge has been made against you
about your attitude to your peers.

We deplore your disharmony.

A common complaint around here.

Discretion, Number Six.

Everything is being recorded.

As evidence against me!

This is an impartial committee.

Number Six, you're not here
to defend yourself.

All we ask is for your confession.

I'm sure you will cooperate.
Gentlemen, it's time.

We are ready for a tea break.

The Group and medical reports
will be considered

at the resumed hearing
of this committee.

(Man on PA)
They're right, of course.

They're right, quite right.

Quite... right.

I'm inadequate. Inadequate.
I'm inadequate, disharmonious.

I am grateful, truly, truly
grateful, truly, truly grateful.

Believe me, believe me,
believe me...

Beautiful day, Number 61 .

I might've guessed.
Enjoy the show?

The slowest mule's
nearest to the whip.

He who digs a pit
will one day lie in it.

Is Number Two above investigation?

Nobody is. Non-cooperation
makes one an outcast.

No more taxis, no more credit.

It could be only a beginning.

You should know.

You don't think
I'm a member of the committee?

Of course not. Never.

No matter what significance
you hold for me,

to The Village and its committee,
you're merely Citizen Number Six,

who has to be tolerated
and shaped to fit.

Public enemy Number Six?

If you insist. But public enemies
can't be tolerated indefinitely.

Do not defy this committee.

If the hearings go against you,
I'm powerless to help you.

Number 86 has had valuable
experience with the committee.

- As a member?
- I had the shame of being posted.

- Disharmonious.
- How terrible(!)

The hearings were fair. I was wrong.

Sir, Number Six has a busy schedule -
the Social Group, then the medical.

Of course. Do carry on.

- No time for tea?
- No. Only your future.

First, your frivolous attitude
to the committee.

The hearings are televised. That is
why your behaviour is so important.

The Social Group is your one hope.
I too have been attached to it.

- Most fortunate.
- Do try to cooperate.

- I will.
- Join in the Group's spirit.


- Only they can help you.
- Naturally.

Come, we are already overdue.


If she makes one mistake, we could
lose Number Six. You hear? Lose him.

There can be no mitigation.
We must all stand together.

I don't contest the complaint but...

No exceptions.

All right. You say you're a poet.

You were composing and didn't hear
Number 1 0's greeting.

Neglect of social principle.

- Poetry has a social value.
- He's trying to divide us.

His intentions
are to stop us helping this girl.

You're trying to undermine my
rehabilitation. Disrupt my progress.

Strange talk for a poet.

- Reactionary!
- Disharmonious!

(All) Rebel! Reactionary!
Rebel! Disharmonious!

Time for your medical, Number Six.

Yes, of course.

My medical. Splendid, let's go.

First rate, Number Six.
Life here suits you.

- Are you finished?
- Just the patella reflexes.

Excellent. Fit for any contingency.

Anything specific in mind?

My dear chap, how suspicious
you are of us all.

Be seeing you.

(Doctor) Next!

Relax, fellow. Relax.

- Are you his keeper?
- So excited, rushing and shouting.

You ever been in there?

- Not in there.
- That's odd.

Not odd, please.

- Different, maybe.
- Different?

I'm one of the lucky ones. I was...


I was unmutual.

The fellow analysis report
submitted by the Social Group

leaves us no choice.

We are bound to classify you
as unmutual.

We must warn you, if any further
complaint is lodged against you,

it'll be necessary
to give you the treatment -

instant social conversion.

(PA) Your attention, please.

Here is an important announcement -

Number Six
has been declared unmutual.

Any unsocial incident
involving Number Six

should be reported
to the Appeals Sub-committee.

Thank you.



We represent
the Appeals Sub-committee.

Quick off the mark - Number 42?

Appeals Sub-committee already?
You get around.

Do not sneer at Number 42.
Social work requires moral courage.

Risk of infection?

Bitterness will not help you,
Number Six.

You've brought misfortune
on yourself.

Nevertheless, ladies,
I'm sure you will help me.

It is premature to look for
contrition in the poor creature.

Now, let's see how our loner
withstands real loneliness.

And for his sake,
I hope it will not be for long.

Did you hear that?
For his own sake. (Sniggers)

(PA) Attention, please.

Weather -
continuing warm and sunny,

with a danger of sudden storms.
A reminder.

Coffee, please.

Incidents about Unmutuals should
be reported to the Sub-committee.

Thank you for your attention.

Unmutualism, Number Six.
More than a game.

They're socially conscious citizens
provoked by an Unmutual.

- They are sheep.
- He rejects our help.

There remains
but one course open to us.

(Phone bleeps)

- Yes?
- I warned you.

The community won't tolerate you.

You need a scapegoat - "citizens
unite, denounce this menace".

A scapegoat?
Is that what you think it is?

Let me assure you,
that after conversion,

you won't care what it is.

- You just won't care.
- Ah, yes - social conversion.

You'll soon have peace of mind.

- Drugs?
- Would drugs be lasting?

What would be lasting
is isolation of the aggressive

frontal lobes of the brain.

(PA) Attention, please, all staff
psychologists and psychiatrists.

Those wishing to study
the conversion of Number Six

on the hospital's
closed-circuit TV,

please report immediately
to the hospital.

Thank you.

Splendid, Number Six.
Just in time for the procession.

We are using standard equipment.

A unit of quartz crystal

is activated by a variable
electromagnetic field

from high-voltage condensers - here.

The crystal emits
ultrasonic sound waves,

which are bounced off
the parabolic reflector, here.

The focal point of the reflector
can be seen... here

by use of light waves.

I'll demonstrate the molecular
turbulence at the focal point.

The ultrasonic beam can penetrate,
whereas the light cannot.


The prime concern is to locate
the link point of the frontal lobes.

To do this, we use a low voltage

and "feel" our focal point
into place.

We have now located the medial
aspect of the left motor area.

Three centimetres in...

1 .5 centimetres up...

0.45 centimetres right...

0.023 centimetres down...

0.001 5 up...

Hold the horizontal.


The ultrasonic beam is focused on
the link point of the frontal lobes.

Lanolin to minimise external
cell breakdown and scar tissue.

Relaxant to preclude
muscular reaction.

Now, to step up the voltage
until the ultrasonic bombardment

causes permanent dislocation.

You went to sleep, Number Six,
at the most interesting point.

Just remember, my boy -
no exertion,

no excitement,
that's not for you any more.

Don't worry, Doctor.
I'll keep an eye on him.

And this?

Largely superfluous, but keep it on
for a couple of days -

to remind you to take it easy.

Some of us have to get on!

Go home at your leisure, and by
the way - congratulations. Wonderful!

Here he is. Welcome, Number Six.

(Band strikes up)

Welcome, Number Six.
Welcome home.

The lamb returns to the fold, eh?

That's right, my dear, the kettle -

to make Number Six
a nice, soothing cup of tea.

A celebration drink, eh?

Yes, we'll have our little chat
later on. I'll be seeing you both.

You're tired.

Lie down.


- Cold.
- Cold?







Rest well.

(Six) Be seeing you.

Time for our talk, Number Six.

Our talk?

Yes, now that all your aggressive
anxieties have been expunged,

let us say "forever",
I know you'll feel free to speak.

- Free to...
- Particularly about that

little incident which has been
causing you such absurd distress.

- (Six Mumbles)
- The trivia.

The trivia of your resignation!

Yes, you resigned.
Why? Why prematurely?

Why did you resign?

It's difficult. Need time to think.

- Oh time, that was it was it?
- No, it wasn't time!

You couldn't stand your job.
You needed time to think.


- Please don't be angry.
- I'm not angry, my dear friend.

That's just the way
things seem to be to you.

Because your new world... so quiet by contrast.
- Is it?

For you,
agitation is a thing of the past.

Lay back and rest, lay back and rest.

We'll have our little chat later -

when you've had time
to collect your thoughts.

Strange, very strange.

- What is?
- Already he suspects.

The scar is genuine.
He'll learn nothing from that.

No, but he suspects already.
I gave him eight grains of Mytol.

Suspicion, doubt -
all factors of aggression.

The drug should preclude
all such reactions.

- He's still confused.
- He's shocked.

He's seen what he thought was the
operation. He should be convinced.

There's no reason for him
to suspect it never really occurred.

So he must feel he's undergone
the full personality change.

- How long before his next dose?
- At least four hours.

Repeat the dose now.

Now?! Sixteen grains of Mytol
is quite impossible.


Already aggressions, suspicions.
We cannot afford a relapse.

- Yes, but this drug...
- The man's as strong as a bull.

We must step up the injections.

(Number Six drumming fingers)

You still have some impatience,

- D'you like my dress?
- More feminine than slacks.

There's one thing, though -

I can't stand girls who don't know
how to make a decent cup of tea.

A lesson.

Empty pot, rinse out...

Warm the pot, always.

Rinse out. Now...

One for me, one for thee,

one for the pot... for luck.

Boiling water, switch off,
let stand for one moment.

Oh, pour the milk, would you?

Cup, saucer...


...sugar, please, end cupboard.

Pour - should be just nice.

All charmingly domestic.
I think I'd like some tea.

- Here you are. Sugar?
- Thank you.

Excellent, my dear. Just leave him.

Just leave him to me.

(Dum-da-dum... Drrum!)

Stupid woman!

Number 86,
report to Number Two immediately.

Do you hear that? Immediately.

Number 86
report to Number Two immediately.

Repeat, immediately!

Stupid woman!
She'll ruin everything!

Be seeing you.

Well, why not? Let him go out.
Feel free. He's safely drugged.

If he has doubts, suspicions even,

a little outside contact
will soon reassure him.

- Lovely day.
- You were an Unmutual.

Yes, but I was saved
by social conversion.

Do you feel different?


- You should know.
- I should?

- Who better? See you soon.
- See you.

Back here again?

But not so full of himself now.

Not so much punch in him this time.

We have some unfinished business.

Yeah - remember, Number Six?

Perhaps he doesn't feel up to it.

Too much of a social convert now.

- Planning a funeral?
- I have to report.

- On plant life?
- To Number Two.

- I want to make him happy.
- Really?

I want to make him happy.

The ecstasy of illusion.

- I'm higher.
- Really?

- I'm higher than Number Two.
- Are you?

I have to report.

Go on, then, report.

She could ruin the whole thing.

Maybe she's watching
over Number Six.

Put out a general call for her.

Number Six as well?

No, he's safe enough here
for the time being. Just the girl.

(PA) Calling Number 86.
Report immediately to Number Two.

- I have to report.
- Of course.

86, report to Number Two!

- I have to report.
- First, there's something

I have to show you.
Very important.

Number Two's orders.

- See?
- Watch!

Yes, watch. See?
See the little green light?

When I look at that,
I always feel sleepy.

It makes me want to sleep.

I am your superior.
Here are my instructions.

Listen carefully.
This is what I want you to do.

I'm going to count
from four down to one,

and then you're going
to make a full report

on the social conversion
of Number Six.





Everything went as planned.

We created the illusion
of a full ultrasonic dislocation

of the frontal lobes of the brain.

How was this done?

By using just sound.
No ray, no focal point.

The patient lost consciousness?

The result of an intra-dermal
injection of Mytol I gave him.

I see.
How was the illusion maintained?

The patient is being kept
heavily tranquillised.

Well done, 86.

Thank you, sir.
Was there anything further?

Yes -
here are your final instructions.

Listen carefully.
This is what I want you to do.

When The Village clock
strikes four...

- He's safe.
- And if the drug wears off?

It's good for several hours yet.

If we search for him,
it might revive his suspicions.





My dear man,
how kind of you to drop in.

That little chat we were having...

Why, yes. Clearer in the mind now?

Much clearer and happier.
I wanted you to know.

- Such peace of mind.
- Only to be expected.

To think I resisted for so long.

Understandable, a man
of your training. But now you er...

Everything is clear-cut now.
It's quite simple.

Quite so. No more problems, eh?
At last we can have our chat.

- Yes, I hope so. But...
- But?

I feel I ought to tell everyone.

You need only tell me. Just me.

Yes, but there must be people who
have secrets that you want to know.

If I was to speak out publicly,
I might...

- Inspire others to speak out also?
- Exactly.

What a good idea, Number Six.
Highly commendable.

I shall record this in my report.

I'll be able to thank everyone -
the committee, the ladies' appeal -

for their help - for bringing to me
total social conversion?

Now, what could be more natural?

Your attention, please.
Here is an exciting announcement.

Following his successful
social conversion,

Number Six has expressed
the touching desire

to address you all in person.

All of you not otherwise occupied,
come now to The Village Square.

Thank you.

There is a proverb that
he who ploughs a straight furrow

needs owe for nothing.

Come. And just remember -
no over-excitement, please.

Fellow citizens...


You're cheering me, you're
cheering me - that is a mistake.

It is Number Two
you should applaud.


Until he brought about
my social conversion,

and it was him, not your committee,

until then, I was a rebel -
an Unmutual,

senselessly resisting this,
our fine community.

To borrow Number Two's saying -

The butcher with the sharpest
knife has the warmest heart.

Some of you have resisted, have
withheld knowledge from Number Two.

Now, thanks to social conversion,
I want to tell you all something.

I trust that my example will inspire
you all to tell... to tell...

(Clock strikes four)

Number Two is unmutual... unmutual!

Social conversion for Number Two!
The Unmutual!

Number 86 has a confession
that Number Two is unmutual.

- Unmutual!
- Look at him! An Unmutual,

who desires to deceive you all.

Your welfare committee
is the tool of those who wish

to possess your minds!

(All) Unmutual! Unmutual!

You still have a choice.

You can
salvage your rights as individuals.

Your right to truth and free thought.

Reject this false world
of Number Two. Reject it now!

(All) Unmutual! Unmutual!