The Prisoner (1967–1968): Season 1, Episode 0 - Arrival - full transcript

After resigning from his organization, a secret agent is abducted and finds himself in a sunny, Continental-style village which has no name and where the taxi and phone services do not extend beyond its boundaries. After meeting an enigmatic woman, he ultimately gets to see Number Two, the apparent village head, who tells him that he is there for the information he can give. Then Number Two gives way to a new Number Two.


(Church bell chimes)

- We open soon.
- Where am I?

You're new here.

- Do you want breakfast?
- Where is this?

- The Village? I'll get coffee.
- Where's the police station?

- There isn't one.
- Where can I make a call?

Round the corner.

(Beeps) Number, please.

What exchange is this?

- Number, please.
- I want to make...

Local calls only.
What is your number?

- I Haven't got a number.
- No number, no call. (Click)

(Machine buzzes)

(Tyres screech)

Where to, sir?

Ou desirez-vous aller?

- The nearest town.
- We're only the local service.

As far as you can.

- Why did you speak French?
- (Driver) French is international.

(Man) What's this place called?

(Driver) I thought you were Polish.

(Man) What would Poles
be doing here?

(Driver) It's very cosmopolitan.
You never know who you meet next.

- Why do you keep avoiding my questions?
- Do I?

- This is an unusual job for a girl.
- Driving a cab?

First time I see a cab like this.
- We have got several - the very handy.

I did tell you we're only local.

The charge is two units.

- Units?
- Credit units.

Well, pay me next time.
Be seeing you!

(Man speaks foreign language)

Would you help yourself
to a pineapple, madam?

Thank you.

- Good day.
- Thank you.

Be seeing you.

Morning, sir.
What can I do for you?

- I'd like a map.
- Map?

- Colour or black and white?
- Just a map.

A map. Now, ah!

Black and white.

Here, sir.
You'll find that shows everything.

I-I-I meant a larger map.

- Only in colour. More expensive.
- That's fine.

Er... It's not what I meant.

I meant a... larger area.

No, we only have local maps, sir.
There's no demand for any others.

You're new here, aren't you?

Where can I hire a car? Self-drive.

- No self-drive, only taxis.
- I've tried those.

(Shop bell)

Well, I look forward to the
privilege of your custom, sir.

Be seeing you.

(Shopkeeper) Yes, sir?

(PA) Good morning.
It's another beautiful day.

(Phone beeps)

(Woman) Is your number six?


I have a call for you.

(Man) Good morning.
I hope you slept well.

Join me for breakfast.
Number Two - the green dome.

(Doorbell chimes)

(Doors hum mechanically)

At last! Delighted to see you!

Come in! Come in!

Do sit down.

(Man laughs)
I'm sorry, I can never resist that.

Do you mind a working breakfast?

- Tea or coffee?
- Tea.

- Indian or China?
- Either.

With lemon.

- How many eggs with your bacon?
- Two.

(Man) That will be all.

Help yourself to toast.

I suppose you're wondering
why you're here?

It had crossed my mind.
(Drops lid)

What's it all about?!

Sit down and I'll tell you.

- It's a question of your resignation.
- Go on.

The information in your head
is priceless.

You don't realise
you're a valuable property.

- You're worth a great deal.
- Who brought me here?

I know how you feel.
They've taken quite a liberty.

Who are "they"?

A lot of people are curious
about your resignation.

You had a brilliant career,
an impeccable record.

They want to know why you left.

What people?

Personally, I believe you,
that it was a matter of principle.

But what I think doesn't count.
One has to be sure about things.

So you poke your nose
into my business?!

- I have to check your motive.
- I've been checked!

When a man knows as much as you,
a double check does no harm.

I don't know who you are,

or who you work for,

and I don't care.
I'm leaving.

Haven't you realised
there's no way out?

I have something
that will interest you.

Oh, feel free!

A most important day. Remember?

About to meet Chambers, about to
become late of the Foreign Office.

You hoped he'd change his mind
before the big boys found out.

But he never turned up.

A nice guy, Chambers.
And so taut.

There's not much we don't know,
but we like to know everything.

Remember that time
you returned from Singapore?

Change of climate, feeling shaky.

You caught a cold - sneezed
yourself out of our camera.

Deciding to take a vacation.
Now, where can you go?

Ireland? Too cold that time of year.

Paris! Maybe not.

What was that?! Something in
the mirror? Or was it over there?

Yes. Over there, too.

As I said,
one likes to know everything.

For instance,
I didn't know you liked lemon tea.

- My time of birth is missing.
- There you are.

- Let's update it all.
- 4:3 1 am, 1 9th of March, 1 928.

I've nothing to say. Is that clear?

(Throws book on floor)

- Absolutely nothing.
- It's just a matter of time.

Sooner or later, you'll tell me.
Sooner or later, you'll want to.

Let's make a deal. Co-operate
and this can be a nice place.

You may get a position of authority.

I will not make any deals with you.
I've resigned.

I will not be pushed, filed,
stamped, indexed,

briefed, debriefed or numbered!

- My life is mine.
- Is it?

- You won't hold me.
- Won't we?

Let me prove that we will.

Come, I'll show you.
We can take this up later.

- Are you receiving me?
- Loud and clear.

A beautiful place, isn't it?

Almost like a world on its own.

I shall miss it.

It'll grow on you.

We have everything here -
water, electricity.

There's the council building.

We have our own council,
democratically elected.

We use it for public meetings,
amateur theatricals...

- Fascinating.
- Yes, indeed.

There's the restaurant.

Did you know we have
our own newspaper?

You must send me a copy.

You'll be the death of me!

We also have a graveyard.

But you'd be more interested
in our social club.

Members only,
but I'll see what I can do.

You're too kind.

If you have any problems, there's
our citizen's advice bureau.

They do a marvellous job.
Everybody's very nice.

You might even meet
people you know.

(Man) You'll probably see
the funny side of that.

They here for St Vitus's dance(?)

(Laughs) You've still got
your sense of humour.

They're the senior citizens.
They have every comfort -

you're looked after
as long as you live.

Brilliant backgrounds.
He's an ex-admiral.

- Excellent chess player.
- Hope he finds a partner.


(Car horn honks)

(STRAUSS: "Radetzky's March")

(PA) Good morning, all.
It's another beautiful day!

Your attention, please,
here are two announcements.

Ice cream is on sale
for your enjoyment.

Flavour of the day is strawberry.
Here is a warning.

There is a possibility of
intermittent showers later.

Thank you for your attention.

(Loudhailer) Come along,
my dear fellow, don't be shy.

(Both) Beautiful day!

They couldn't settle for ages.
Now they'd never leave.

You brought them round
to your way of thinking?

They had a choice.

(Loudhailer) Wait! Wait!

(Loudhailer) Be still!

(Eerie echoing sounds)

- What was that?
- That'd be telling.

(PA) Number Two
to the labour exchange.

Right with you.
Come along, dear fellow. Bear left.

Now, straight ahead.

Follow the signs.

Well, how do you like it?


It'll grow on you.

(Bicycle bell)

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

- Go straight through.
- Thank you.

- Five, this is our new friend.
- Everything's ready, sir.

Will you sit down?

First of all, the aptitude test.


Now the questionnaire.

Just fill in your race,
religion, hobbies,

what you like to read and eat,

what you were,
what you want to be,

any family illnesses,

any politics.

Never mind, you can get
all you need from this.

I think we have a challenge.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm your personal maid.

- The labour exchange sent me.
- That's another mistake they made.


(Gentle piped music)

(Music grows louder)

(Music continues)

(PA) Attention,
Electrics Department...

Please go to number six -
adjustment is needed.

- I forgot...
- How do you stop this?!

We can't.
It's automatic.

Who controls it?
Who runs this place?!

I don't know!

I really don't know!

Have you never wondered?

Have you never tried to find out?

- How long have you been here?
- Ages.

- Parents?
- They died.

- You don't remember them?!
- We don't ask questions.

There's a saying -
A still tongue makes a happy life.

People must try to get away.
How many have succeeded?

- Don't ask.
- Has anyone escaped?!

Some, they've been brought back...
not always alive.

Go on. What are you afraid of?


I've said too much.

What time tomorrow?

I know what you must think of me!

Put yourself in my position - they
offered me my freedom in exchange.

- Exchange for what?
- Gaining your confidence,

making you trust me
and telling them all about you.

Then they'd let you go?

You really believe with that
knowledge they'd let you go?

- I hadn't thought about that.
- Obviously.

They might let me go...

...if you give me some information.

Oh, please, help me!

Please, help me!

Your services will not
be required tomorrow.

(Six) Don't forget
what you came back for.

Be seeing you.

She was convincing.
I thought she'd pull it off.

He's no ordinary man. This has
to be handled very differently.

That could be dangerous.

You know how important this is.


Electrics, sir.

Help yourself.
Why do you drive those things?

- What?
- The... tractors.

- They're steady.
- Bit slow.

In an emergency, we walk.

I feel like a bit of a walk myself.

(Electrician) Feel free!

- Be seeing you.
- And you.

- Lovely day.
- Showers later.

Careful, sir - they're new plants.



(Eerie echoing noise)

Attention, post fourteen.

Attention, post fourteen.
Yellow alert.

Yellow alert! Yellow alert!

Now leaving northern perimeter -

Number Six.

Repeat, Number Six.

(Siren wails)

Now approaching.

Contact imminent.
Contact imminent.

Northern area - Number Six heading
for outer zone in our vehicle.

All units. All units.
Orange alert.

Orange alert.

(Eerie noise)


How are you feeling, son?

You've had a nasty experience.

- Where am I?
- In the hospital.

Now... Mustn't exert yourself.

I'll just tell the doctor
that you're awake.



- Why are you here?!
- And you?

I don't remember.

How long have you been here?

Three, four weeks? Months?

It's difficult to work out.

What happened?
What are they doing?

They keep asking me questions.

- They want to know all about me.
- Have you told them?


I don't know.

I feel tired. I must sleep.

This is important!
Who brought you here?!

I was in Germany.
I remember going back to my hotel.

I went into the bedroom.
I went to bed, then I was here.

Why are you out of bed?
You should be resting.

- There's nothing wrong with me.
- I'd like to make sure.

I'm all right. I want to leave.

Let me judge. The after-effects
can be unpleasant.

Please come with me.

- What if I don't?
- It's for your own good.

I advise you to.

Very well.

There's nothing to worry about -
the tests are quite routine.

Group therapy. Counteracts obsessional
guilt complexes producing neurosis.

Here we are.

- Sit down.
- If I agree to this?

If you're fit, you can go.

If you have a relapse,
you may have to come back.


- My size.
- Naturally!

Now, just relax.

I'll just listen to the old ticker.

Excuse me.

No, he's having his medical.

No, no trouble.


Of course I don't mind. One has
to make sure of these things.

Everything's in order.
You're absolutely fit!

- So?
- You're free to go tomorrow.

We'll get you some new clothes.

- And my old ones?
- Burnt.

- Why?!
- Let's go to your ward.

(Manic laughter)

(Talking gibberish)

(Doctor) Coming along nicely.

(Alarm bell)

- What happened?
- The amnesia case, Cobb!

He's jumped out of the window.
He's dead.

Here's your employment card,

your card of identity,
your health and welfare card,

credit card...
and a free ride home.

- Get One!
- I'm in charge. What do you want?

- Cobb.
- What we do here has to be done.

You imprison people.
Destroy their minds.

- Depends whose side you're on.
- I'm on our side.

- Where do your sympathies lie?
- You know where they lie!

Subject has enthusiasm for his work.
He is devoted and loyal.

- You walked out.
- I didn't walk out.

- I resigned!
- People change, so do loyalties.

Not mine.

Very commendable, but let's be
practical. I'm interested in facts.

Give them and you can leave.
If not... I'll take them.

It's up to you. Think about it.

- Good day, Number Six.
- What?

Six. For official purposes
everyone has a number.

- Yours is six.
- I'm not a number. I'm a person.

Six of one,
half a dozen of another.

(Two) Good day.

Report on Number Six.
Normal classification.

On arrival,
subject showed shock symptoms,

followed by
accepted behaviour pattern.

Has since been uncooperative
and aggressive.

Attempted to escape.

Subject proving difficult.
But in view of his importance,

no extreme measures to be used yet.

(STRAUSS: "Radetzky's March")

(Car horn)

Friend of yours?
Know him?

- No!
- You're crying!

It's emotional.

- People you don't know?
- Yes.

I knew Cobb.

I'd like to help.

He's dead.

He was a friend of mine.

We met...

...some time ago.

- Can I trust you?
- Can I trust you?

- You know how he died?
- He jumped from a window.


Had you known him long?


- Just a short while.
- Where did you meet?

- Here?
- Y-yes.

Cobb was a good man.
(Bell chimes)

- Go!
- Can we talk?

- We mustn't.
- We must.

Twelve o'clock... at the concert.

(Band plays)

You came.

- I can help.
- How?

I know a way out.
We planned an escape.

- They found out?
- They came too soon.

He expected them?

In here, if you don't give them what
they want, they'll take it.

His time had come, so will yours.

- Can you fly a helicopter?
- I might.

It's due at 2pm.
Only stays two hours.

- How's it guarded?
- Electronically.

- You need an electro-pass.
- A what?

An electro-pass! It's synchronised
with the alarms - lets you through.

- Where I get?
- From me.

- Where is it?
- Safely hidden.

If it's so important,
how did you get one?

I knew the last pilot.

You did this for Cobb?

Meet me by the boat at 2pm.

(Band strikes up)

He hasn't given any information yet,
but is settling down.

He even attended the
regular brass band concert today.

Thank you, my dear.

More tea?

- Thank you.
- You've done well.

Pity about Cobb.
Still, it wasn't your fault.

Never mind.
There's no blot on your record.

Here is your new assignment.

We'll be watching your progress
with great interest.

(Sailor) We haven't got all day!


(Helicopter engine)

- Your mind's not on the game!
- My apologies.

- Checkmate!
- Hmm?!

- Want another chance?
- I'm not on form.

- I think I'll take a stroll.
- Try the boat.

- What?
- I've sailed her many times.

- Have a good trip.
- Yes.

(Hums "What Shall We Do
With The Drunken Sailor?")

Here - the electro pass.
Hurry! There's not much time!

- Your boss give you this?
- What?

- Number Two.
- You saw me?

I saw you leave
after you'd made your report.

- You're assigned to me?
- And to Cobb.

- You betrayed me, too?
- I betrayed neither of you!

Soon, it'll be too late for you.

Please, believe me.

- You're coming!
- No!

- Why?
- Not without him.

- You're coming.
- Go now, before it's too late!

Game of chess, my dear?

- I don't play.
- You should learn.

We're all pawns, my dear.

Your move.

(Engine accelerates)

I'll let him keep the watch, Cobb,
to remind him he can't escape.

Go easy on the girl -
she is charming.

- She'll be well taken care of.
- That's what I was afraid of.

I'd better go -
I've got a long journey.

Mustn't keep
my new masters waiting.

Give them our compliments.

And I'll tell them
there are no loopholes.

I appreciate that.

I hope your stay had
its lighter moments. Au revoir.

He's a tough nut.
Auf wiedersehen.

(Eerie noise)