The Outlaws (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

# Salesman, where you going to go? #

That's two mochas, a flat white with
an extra shot.

Freshly ground Columbian brew.

We're offering eight lattes for 80,
if you order before 8pm.

And have you heard of our loyalty
card programme?

# Well, salesman, with your wooden

# That you push along while you walk

# Hey, salesman, got a little dog
whose tail wags when you talk

# You always wear a smile... #

We don't sell coffee. We sell

No, I...I can see the confusion.

# Short lifespan
Goodtime salesman... #

I think you might be better off
popping into a cafe?

# Yep, yep, salesman got it on the
street, whether it's hot or cold

# It's salesman
Well, you work real hard... #

Good? For now.

# Until every part is sold

# Salesman, as the years go by

# People changing every day... #

Place your bets.

Lady Gabby's doing well.

# You always wear a smile... #

I got this totally random text out
of nowhere

with all these coffee code words.

Turns out they were offering some
top drawer Charlie Chang.

This mystery text, good service,
was it?

Oh, superlative, mate.

# Copper kettles,
different kinds of tin... #

Ask Her Ladyship if she needs any
jazz salt

and I'll pass on the details

because we both get a discount,
if she uses my code name.

What's your code name? The Panty

# He's sailing so high... #

Someone will be along shortly.

OK, thank you. Thanks for your
business and tell all your friends.

# He's sailing so high, high, high

# Oh! #

Oh, my God, you're so disgusting!



Dealing is wrong. You know this.

Never forget that.

Now, be wise, stay in school all the
way till the end,

until you're 18.

Don't risk your education for

Drugs don't love you

and they will take you away from
everyone who does love you.

WHISPERS: Hey, Myrna,

we're all in agreement with the
"drugs are bad" thing,

but can you turn their lives around

after we've paid back The Dean
and avoided certain death?

Right, I want you to give one of
these to everyone who buys from you.

And don't just dump them in the bin.

WHISPERS: I will know.


We need more staff. Staff?

Bigger demand means bigger workload.

We need to recruit more runners.

Are you serious?

Look, I can't be ruining no more
kids' lives.

How else are we going to deal with
the demand?


We really need to do this?

I'm sorry. I don't know.

I just...

It's just four weeks.

Four more weeks.

How are you finding things in here?

My masseuse ain't great but
Margarita Wednesday's a sweet touch.

Who's running your line, while
you're inside?

You got any pull with the governor?

Have you been doing business with
someone called The Dean?

Plumbing in here is proper

so when anyone on the floors above
yanks their flush,

their shit bubbles up into the
toilet in my cell.

It's like brown lava.

Nasty ain't the word.

I could have a word about a

..if you tell me about The Dean.

It's aight.

I'll get used to having a shit
volcano in the corner of my bedroom.

I'll call it...



How about them?

No, no, no, I'll speak to them.

Kids get intimidated by adults,
so a woman's less threatening.

Hello. Um, I was wondering if I
could ask you a quick question?


Where do you see yourself in the
next five years?

In your vagina.

You're a disgusting young man.

You want me to show you how

All right, all right, all right, all
right, all right.

Let me.

Do you lot want to make some money?

Do we have to hold your thing?

Brook Hill are recruiting, right

Anyone that you bring to us that we
take on, earn yourself a fiver.

You've got one hour or the deal's

What are you waiting for?

Mr Halloran,

I don't see anything on your CV
about computer experience.

Why is that?

Well, I mean....

..can a computer sell fully floating
two-piece brake rotors

to the Swedish World Rally team?

We're developing AI algorithms that
can, yes.

Which is why I've recently purchased
a Toshiba laptop...

..voted Which? magazine's best
mid-price all-rounder,

two years in a row.

You all know what working for
Brook Hill entails, right?

Are you Jamie Honeywell's nephew?

Later, then.



WHISPERS: What's up?

What's wrong with him?

His uncle's a fed.

But we need bodies. No, we can't
just take anyone.


Can you give me an example of a
conflict you've experienced at work

and how you resolved it amicably?

Yeah. Actually, yes.

A lady at work was asking for
endless days off.

She said she had long Covid

and I gave her the benefit of the
doubt, as you do,

then saw her abseiling at
Chessington World of Adventures.

And how did you resolve this
conflict amicably?

Fired her.

It was fine, though. She had
a zero-hours contract, so...

How old are you? I'm eight.


Get to school!

I mean it. Go!


I don't think you're quite right
for us

but feel free to grab a Nespresso on
the way out.


Come on, B. No, not you, Tyler.

I done this before, I know the

I'm a hard worker, punctual,
and I got my own bike.


Why? Because I don't trust you.

Can I speak to you, please?

WHISPERS: Why can't we use him?

We're going to run out of people
at this rate.

Tyler is 18. If he gets nabbed,
he's going to do time.

Plus, he's not the brightest light
on the Christmas tree.

OK, well, we're not auditioning
for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

We need drug runners, people who can
count in tens and run fast.

Trust me, we don't want him.

OK, but we need him!

Tyler, you're in.

All right, step up.

Come take your phone.

What are you doing? Have you never
painted a door before?

No. Half the time, I don't open them
for myself.

Well, that's not how you do it.
Give it here.

Right, look.

You get about a centimetre of paint
on the end of the brush, all right?

And we're going to go up.

Pull up, pull up, pull up.

Understand? Not really. Could you
show me again?

Right, look and learn.

We're pulling up, we're pulling up,
we're pulling up.

Nice and neat, yeah?



Hi, yes. Can I place a coffee order,
please, for delivery?

What do you want?

The cleanest way to wash
and transfer this money

to The Dean's Swiss account is to
set up a shell company.

Well, we need an offshore tax haven
for that, don't we?

Gibraltar or Virgin Islands
or something.

You'd think so, but those places
have tightened up the rules.

We need somewhere that doesn't
bother with their due diligence.

Like Azerbaijan?

Britain. Britain?

We're one of the best places
in the world for fraud.

This country really doesn't bother
with all that expensive,

time-consuming due diligence stuff.

So, I went on the Companies House

and for £12, I set up a company.

And since 11am, we've been trading
as Laycock Logistical Services.

You're welcome.


But it's not all good news.

I was thinking, why don't I take you
to the beach tomorrow?

We don't have time for a mini-break.

It's just for the day, just to get
away, get a bit of perspective.

It's nothing big. But I have so much
to do,

and what if we're needed suddenly?

Rani, you can take the afternoon off

to spend some time with your


Aren't I?

We just haven't used those words

Yeah, I know, but...

..we care about each other.

We share a flat, beds.

Are you not my girlfriend?


GREG: Oi, Bonnie and Clyde, problem.

When we come to the lock, that is
a different kettle of fish.

OK, I'm going to keep it low, keep
it loose, keep those hips loose...

..and really simple,
clean line down, creep off.

Creep and pull off.

Creep and pull off.

Creep and pull off. Yep, creep and
pull off.

Excuse me, excuse me. Hey, hey, hey,

Have you got a permit?

What is going on here?

You're bringing in too much money.

You're like the West Country Pablo
Escobar and her boyfriend.

We can't put it all through Casino's
and Gabby's client account

without drawing attention.

We need to diversify, find a third
way to launder all this cash.

OK. So, what's your plan?

I don't know. I ran out of ideas
after Laycock Logistical Services.


Get out of here!

I'm going to put out a tweet that
will shred you.

What is the matter with her?

You come back tomorrow and...

All right, stop!

Can you believe this?

After all our hard work.


The council is selling this place

to some telecommunication corporate

so they can demolish it and build
a mobile phone mast.

I mean, guys, I love my mobile phone

but we have spent ages renovating
this place.

I've told them we're going to do
a demo here tomorrow.

We are going to bring down the media
and we are going to raise a stink.

Who is with me? Greg?
Yes, obviously.

Is he?

We all have a lot on our plates
at the moment.

We need to save this place
from developers.

We're not the Goonies.


Myrna, I mean, you're on my side,

We'll get your group on board.

Yeah, I mean, I can bring it up
at a meeting, but as Rani says,

I've got a lot on my plate at the

What's wrong with you?!


We are going to the beach tomorrow.

The beach?


Well, in order to organise
a demonstration,

you need to give the police written
notice at least 24 hours before.

You've only got 19 hours left.

So, if you did do that, I would have
to take you down.

Why does nobody care about this?

We could raise the funds and buy
the place ourselves.

I am so disappointed in all of you.

I thought we were a team.



Is that the Panty Patrol?


Coffee delivery.

Yo, hang loose, my G. Let me get
your money.

Come in, shut the door, man.

50, 100...

150, there you go, mate.

Sweet watch, bruv. What is it,
a Rollie?

Thanks, bruv. It's actually
a Patek Philippe.

It's actually worth a bit more
than a Rolex.

Where do you buy a watch like that?

I didn't buy it. It used to belong
to my grandfather.

But you know what they say,
you don't own one of these,

you just look after them for the
next owner.


Yeah, which is me, innit?

I'm sorry, what?

I'm the next owner.

So, give me my watch and I own that

and how much cash have you got in
here? Cos I own all of that, too.

OK, that's... Yeah, honestly, take
whatever you need, mate.

Take whatever you need.

We could use social media presence
to raise awareness,

which I would be happy to do.

What is going on?

I'm just bringing everyone up to
speed with our campaign.

What campaign? To save the community
centre, as we discussed.

We didn't discuss anything.

I said I would bring it up with
the group.

And that's what I'm doing.


Well, the 2012 Localism Act means
that a group like yours

can "stop the clock" on the sale

and nominate it as an "asset of
community value",

which allows you time to prepare
a bid,

so you can actually buy it

for the "wider benefit of the

One - can you "stop doing that"?

And two - what would we do with a
building like that?

Open a community hub.

Rehab centre, pre-natal advice,
groups for local kids.

It's a great idea.

Yeah, well, obviously, but how do we
buy a building?


It was Greg's idea.

Oh, was it, now?

We are planning a demo for tomorrow.

Right, well, you can't do that.

Because you need to give the police
24 hours written notice

before you can have a demonstration.

Since when do you care about
the police?

Has anyone thought about the optics?


An over-privileged white woman,
no offence,

fronting a black civil rights

She wouldn't be fronting it.

She'd be an enthusiastic celebrity

with a million followers on social

It is 1.2 million.

Right, so, that's what we've become
now, have we?

Getting into bed with fame whores.

No offence.

These days, any campaign has to cut
through the noise

to the wider public. Her Ladyship
could help us with that.

Just think of the fundraising
potential. No.

I am the Director of the BJC

and, no, I am too uneasy about this.

Then we have to put it to the vote.

All those in favour?

ALL: Yeah.

Greg, can I have a word?

What are you doing?!

Gabby is the only thing that links
me to that stolen money

and you're bringing her down here

with some crazy idea about buying
the community centre.

Yeah, because this is how we launder
the rest of the drug money. What?

Brownie? Oh, brownie, yeah, thanks
very much. Lovely.

No, thanks, Beth.

You're right. A moment on the lips,
a lifetime...

Off your tits.

That's Acid Beth.

Eat one of her brownies, you ain't
coming down for days.

Now, what were you saying about
laundering money?

Right, look, BJC fundraise to save
the community centre, all right?

Real people make cash donations,
all right?

A fiver here, a quid there.

To those real donations, we add the
drug money,

mix 'em all together, give 'em a
good wash,

pay that into the BJC account,

and then, transfer out what we need
to Laycock Logistical Services.

No! I am not using the BJC to wash
dirty money.

We need an organisation that
regularly deposits big sums of cash

into the bank without causing

Claire is already suspicious of
everything I do.

How do I explain this?

You don't have to explain it. You
just make me the BJC treasurer.

Say that Gabby demands that

her lawyer has independent financial

Yeah, right, cos that sounds like

Grant me access to the BJC account,
I'll take care of the whole thing.

Plus, Gabby was right.

Do we really want to see that
building torn down

after all the work we've done?

No, that could be a community hub,
owned and operated by the BJC,

helping the people of Bristol.

That could be a real thing.

That could be our legacy.

My legacy. No, our legacy.

So, this may be nothing but a bloke
just came in,

says he was robbed at knife-point

and the thief just walks in the
front door, no mask, nothing.

All sounds a bit suspect.

What do you think?

Drug buy gone wrong?

Mm. That's what I'm wondering.


Let's go.

Got a favourite criminal, or...?

No? No, sir.

I'm a Shipman guy.

Hello, sir. I'm Detective Sergeant

This is Detective Sergeant Selforth.

We understand you've been robbed.

Yeah, yeah. Utter ball-ache but, you
know, these things happen.

I just need someone to rubber-stamp
a report for my insurance claim.

How did the thief gain entry into
your home, sir?

He...he rang the door bell and...and
I opened the door.

So, you know the thief.


Then, why'd you let him in?

The poor lad said he was out and

and got caught short and he needed
to use the toilet.

Couldn't he just pee in an alley or

Yeah, he could've, um...

..but he said he needed more than
a pee.

So, you let a teenage boy into your
house to take a shit?

I did. That's very kind of you.

Yeah, which is why this all just
hurts so much

cos I...I feel used.

So, I assume this thief,

if he was just in your house to take
a dump, didn't have a mask on?

No. So, you got a good look at him.
Could you give us a description?

OK. Um, look...

..I'm actually a lawyer myself,

so I'm aware you guys are woefully

I'm not proposing a manhunt for the

I just need someone to sign and
stamp this

and I'll be out of your hair.

Which is looking incredibly glossy,
if I may say.

What conditioner do you use?

What drugs were you buying?



I wasn't...I wasn't buying drugs.

Like I said, I just thought the chap
needed an innocent poo.

He got a laptop, hard drive, iPad,
Patek Philippe wristwatch.

Don't they say you never really own
one of those...?

You're just looking after them for
the next owner, yes.

Do you want to just sign it and I
can be on my way? No.

We can't let this sort of thing

to esteemed members of our legal

Come with us. Um, why?

Come on. It'll be quick.

I do have plans today.

I'm going to a bitcoin seminar
in Swindon.

Sort of like curly fringe, wavy,
sort of.

Yeah, yeah.

Great. We'll run this through
the system.

If he has a record, we'll find the

You've got to focus on the bigger

I'm only in it for a few weeks, and
then, it'll be over,

and the good that the BJC will do in
the future

will make up for the bad that I'm
doing now.

Any real change implies the breaking
of the world

as we have always known it.



ALL: Not 5G.


ALL: Not 5G. Community!

ALL: Not 5G.

We really need some more people down
here. Yeah.

And some local news.

You mentioned about doing a

Yeah, good point. I'll get on it.


ALL: Not 5G.

Community! ALL: Not 5G.

What are you doing here?

I'm here in my official capacity as
a trainee PCSO.

These things start with a few
banners and a sing-song,

but then end with you getting shot
in the gonads by a rubber bullet.

Now, I don't want to have to do
that, but if it comes to it, I will.

All right? You've been warned.

This is us.

The little people versus big
business and it is war,

which is why I am dressed to fight.

So, just in case you were wondering,
the cardigan is vintage Valentino

and the shorts are upcycled
by Miu Miu.

So, come on down and join the fight.


No, thanks, I'm in training.

Community! Not 5G.


Actually, I will have one.
Keep the energy levels up.

Not 5G.

Community! Leg day tomorrow.
Better carb up.

Community! Not 5G.

Community! ALL: Not 5G.

TANNOY: Platform 10, the delayed
10:45 CrossCountry Service...

OK, look, revenue's really good,
it's just not high enough.

It's's like there's a hole

I think we need to re-check figures
on the three-for-twos.


Can you put that away...

..for just a few hours?

Yeah, yeah.

TANNOY: The 11:30 Weston-super-Mare
train is now arriving on platform 4.


Oi, check it out.

Cool, I love it.

Drake rocks one just like it.

You always see it when he's on
stage cos it catches the light.

Touch it.


Oh, shit.

# And every day's the same since
I met you... #


# It's such a pretty world today

# Knowing that you're mine

# Knowing that you're mine

# And happiness is being close to
you... #

You know, when I was seven, my mum
brought me here for the day.

First time I ever saw sand, donkeys,
all of that.

Was it weird?


Nah, it was cool.

It's one of the very few happy
memories I've got with her.

Got with anyone.

Oh, my days.

I remember this place.

I had my first fish and chips here,
that day.

The batter...


It's amazing it's still here.

Just about.

You ever remember something so much,
it's like you made it up?

Like you drew it in your imagination
or something.

That's how I feel, when I think
about this place.

I want you to imagine something,
yeah? Mm-hm.

Imagine a sign that says, "Ben And
Rani's Caribbean Cookout".

Nah, I'm serious.

We should buy this place.

My cooking, your brains.

What, did you bring me here...

..for this?

Yeah, I saw it online for sale.

OK, so...

..we'd move to Weston and run a
food shack together?

Yeah. I mean, you ever wanted to
live by the sea?

I mean, it''s out there...


Do you want to have a look inside?

Yeah. OK, fine.

Yeah? All right, I'll call the
estate agent.

It's open.

Can you positively identify the

Number three. You sure?

Yes, but he's not wearing my watch,
which is concerning.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I never knew you could do this. You
can hear your eyes breathing.

Listen. Shhh!

I can't hear anything. You can't
hear that?

Are you all right? Yeah, you?

Oh, it's bouncy.


I'm here with Kelly.

Now, when this place was a community
centre back in the '90s,

it helped you turn your life around,
didn't it, Kelly?

When my mum died, I started using
drugs and alcohol,

got evicted, I was living on the

and one day, I just came in here
to get out of the cold.

The people were so caring,

didn't judge, they just listened to
me when I said...

Listening is so important.

Yeah, it helped me get my confidence
back, my self-esteem.

They helped me get a flat.

They helped me go back to school and
I turned my life around.

Amazingly, Kelly is now a doctor.

I'm a chiropractor.


Thank you for sharing your amazing
story with us, Kelly.

God bless you, sweetie.

Can I have a hug? OK.

At me, if this hit you as hard as
it's hit me.

We need to help people like Kelly,
so come on, come down here.

Oh, sh, sh. It's OK.

It's all right.

It's all right. We'll find her,
don't worry. Don't cry.

Oh, it's OK.

Right, you stay there. We'll find
her, OK?

All right.

Has anyone lost a small child?

She's got no hair.

So, why did you leave your previous

I felt like I'd hit a bit of a glass

You felt like you hit a glass

at a company called Halloran & Son,
where you were the son in question?

Yes, love. Yeah, I...I do. I did.

Hitting the glass ceiling normally
refers to women or minority groups

encountering invisible barriers to
their career because of prejudice.

Yep. And you feel that applies to

Prejudice can impact anyone, I

and what I want to do is...

I want to...I want to smash that
ceiling, you know?

And I want to reach back in

and I want to pull up anyone who's
behind me, you know?

Be they women or...

..immigrants, minorities, anyone,
you know,

as long as they're hard workers and
they pass the background checks.

Thank you for taking the time to
come in today.

That's it? We're done?

Did I get the job?

I'm afraid not. We've decided to go
a different way.

What does that mean?

We're looking for someone

who can integrate into a more
contemporary ecosystem.

I can integrate into an ecosystem.
I can. That's...

Please, look, I...

..I need this job.

OK? And, so, you know...

Come on. Just give me a chance.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for calling you love,
just then.

I don't know what that was. Sorry.

I just... I don't even say that
normally. Just a slip of the tongue.

It's fine.

Well, is it, though?

I mean, you're not hiring me, are

Not because of that.

I just... I don't know.

I don't know what I'm supposed to
say or do any more.

Changing by the bloody minute, isn't

It just seems like from
the beginning of time, you know,

if it...if it wagged its tail and
it barked and looked like a dog,

it was a dog.

And these days, it turns out it
could be a cat.

It could be a cat.

But if you call it a dog and it's
actually a cat,

that's it, man, you're just...

You're cancelled. No second chances.

You know, I'm a...I'm a middle-aged
white bloke. Sorry, you know?

I can't help it. I was born this
way and...

..that's it. It doesn't
automatically make me homophobic

or transphobic or sexist
or racist, OK?

Yes, I did...I did recently fire one
of our black delivery guys,

not because he was black,

because he was reading his Kindle
while he was driving.

And, ladies, for what it's worth,

if my hand happens to brush up
against you in the lift,

it doesn't automatically make me
Harvey bloody Weinstein, OK?

Cos believe it or not, not every
single living man out there

wants to jump your bones at every
fucking opportunity.

Thanks for coming in.

This place would need so much work.

Doesn't anything that's worth doing?

You ready for my menu ideas, yeah?

Aight, so we got ackee and saltfish,

oxtail, jerk chicken rice and

green mango chutney, sorrel -

all the stuff my grandma used to

So, what do you say?



PHONE: You're screwed.

Did you scoop new recruits without
talking to me?

Well, business is booming. We needed
extra hands.

Well, one of your new hands pulled
a knife on a customer,

who then went to the feds, who've
now picked him up.

Some youth called Tyler?

Are you even vetting these people?

Well, how are you meant to vet
drug dealers,

you know, ask for a CV and a

I beg you tell me this Tyler ain't
seen your face.


Yeah, he has seen my face.

Shit! What?

That means he can ID you,
you amateur.

He could be looking at
a ten stretch.

Which means? Which means he'll trade
you for a reduced sentence.

And once they've got you, genius,
they've got me.

There has to be something we can do.

Damn right. Stop him talking ASAP.

OK, how do we do that...?


You all right, officer?

Go on, then.

Are you going to say,
"I told you so"?

I was going to say...

..we need a good lawyer.

No, we need a bad lawyer.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

Breathe, calm down, we can sort

How? He'll have a duty lawyer
assigned to him

and he'll encourage him to make
any deal he can,

and then he'll start naming names,

and one of the names he's going to
name is your name

and that'll lead to my name.

OK, so, just get in that police cell
and stop him talking.

How the bloody hell am I supposed
to do that?

Oh, God. Oh, God, oh, God.

Just breathe, calm down. We can
figure it out. It's fine.

There's no way to get inside a
police cell.

There is always a way. Think.

We're on our way back now.

Did you commit armed robbery in
broad daylight with no mask,

nothing covering your face?

Peppa Pig.

Either you're incredibly stupid

or you didn't go to that flat with
the intention of robbing anyone.

Why did you go to the flat?

Peppa Pig.

Are you involved in drug dealing?

Peppa... Pig. I got it.

GABBY: Community!

Community! Not 5G!

Not 5G!

Community! Not 5G!

Not 5G!

Community! Not 5G!

I told you I was right to involve a

Lady Gabby.

Lady Gabby.

Hi, guys. Esther Mansfield, West
Country News.

How do you react to the controversy
around your livestream?

What controversy?

Have you read some of the things

that people are saying about you

What are people saying?

"Tell Lady Gabby I'd like to donate

Yay, great!

" this dumb airhead can go back
to school

"and learn about white saviour

That took a turn I wasn't expecting.

Mm. You're trending.

People are accusing you of being a
white supremacist.


We have to get going, we've got a
big problem.

I know, I've got a problem right

Yeah, but this one won't put you
in jail.

REPORTER: people by

inherited white supremacist systems
of oppression.

But I'm...I'm not. I...I don't even
know what that means.

I think that's part of the problem.

Can we talk about why we are really
down here today?

This one says, "Does Lady Gabby
seriously think

"people of colour need her to save

I mean, I'm trying to.

OK, let's go. Lady Gabby...

Where's Greg? He normally handles
these things.

Where's Greg? Lady Gabby.

Lady Gabby, are you a white

Does your silence mean yes?


PROTESTERS: Telephone! Go home!

Telephone! Go home!

Telephone! Go home! Shut up.

When were you born?

You can answer that at least.

The 12th of August 2003.

So, you're 18 years old.

You'll be charged as an adult.

That means prison.

Do you know how long you get for
armed robbery?

Five to ten years.

You will get done for this.

You'll go to prison...

..or you can co-operate and I can
help you.

If you don't, they will charge you
with armed robbery,

and once they charge you, I can't
help you.

WHISPERS: Do you want me to help

Myrna Okeke, Bristol Justice

You're holding a young man named
Tyler Levison.

We demand to speak to him

Well, hurry up.

Chop, chop!

Do you think you're ready for

Locked up for 23 hours a day.


It's overcrowded

and I hope you like a ruck

because they will beat you down the
minute they look at you.

That's if you don't kill yourself

Lots of suicides in prison.

Tyler Levison's being spoken to by
an officer

and has a duty solicitor present.

Oh, well, that won't do.

Yeah, well, it's going to have
to. Goodbye.

Do you want me to get on social

Tell them that Bristol and Avon
Police are holding a young black man

and refusing to give him access to
independent, free legal counsel?

There'll be a mob outside
in an hour.

He's not black.

Twitter won't care.

Christian Taylor, heard of him?

Ran Brook Hill.

He's inside now and he told me,
in his cell,

whenever anyone above him pulls
the flush,

their shit bubbles up in his toilet.

Fancy staring at other people's shit
for five to ten years?

What do you want to know?

Who are you dealing for?

Knock, knock. Don't say another
word, Tyler.

What's going on?

Well, as a solicitor working with
the Bristol Justice Collective

and given the ongoing miscarriages
of justice

by the police in this city,

I am providing this young man
with free legal counsel.

So, I'd like to speak to my client
in private, please,

if you don't mind.

Off we go.

Quick as you can.

I normally get paid by the hour but
I'm doing this pro bono,

so I'm losing money.

Why did you let him in?

They were threatening to put
something on Twitter.

Fair enough.

What have you told her?

I ain't sayin' nothing to you, too.
I don't know you.

Well, my name's Greg and I'm your
new lawyer.

I like pork pies...

..good manners, anything starring
Martin Clunes.

I hate racism, homophobia,

and when you leave tissues in your
trouser pockets,

and then put them in the washing

Yeah, that sucks. Right, exactly.

So, you know everything about
me now. We trust each other.

What did you tell her? Nothin'.

OK, good. Well, if you continue to
say nothing,

I can get you out of here.

OK. All right? But you have to tell
me, what did she want to know?

They said they're going to charge
me with armed robbery,

unless I 'fess up about some dealing
I done.

OK, who did you rob? Some posh twat
in some twatty flat.

He kept going on about his Patek

and it was getting on my tits.

I can see how it would, yeah. Do you
remember where he lived?

Yeah. Raymond Gardens, number 22.

You don't know his name, do you?

His watch was engraved,

"To Spencer, enjoy this fanny
magnet, love, Gramps".

Did you say Spencer? Yeah.

PHONE: Hello? Hi, it's me.

Excuse me, sir, your father said not

Dad, I need to talk to you.

Now's not a good time.

No, please. I'm on my way to see

Please, listen. Put me on probation.

Cut my pay by a quarter. Whatever
you want.


..just take me back, please.

You're begging. It's undignified.

No, I'm not...

I'm not begging, Dad.

I am asking you...

..for a second chance. Please.

Listen, I...I will work every hour
God sends.

What would that teach you?

Teach me?

What more do I need to fucking


Sorry, I just...

I'm on my arse here, mate.

Really, truly, and I need your help.

I don't deny you're on your arse but
you're not coming back.

Then what am I going to do?

You will do what I did.

Pull yourself up by your bloody

REPORTER: Lady Gabriella

the social media influencer, dubbed
"the it-girl for the IT generation",

faces a powerful backlash,

following a livestreamed interview
with a local woman of colour

that many say revealed her white
saviour complex.

Abigail Knightly is from a nonprofit

fighting poverty and modern slavery
through art and dance.

Abigail, you're one of those

who was deeply upset
by Her Ladyship's words.

Yeah, I mean, my sister sent me the

and I was just immediately

We do not need any more rich,

narcissistic white saviours coming
down to "the ghetto"

to rescue impoverished people
of colour,

so that they can feel better about

and get more likes on Instagram.

If you agree, please do follow me -

Well, Lady Gabriella, who first
became famous

after she was spotted twerking with
Prince Harry

in Ibiza eight years ago,

is currently inside this building,
refusing to speak to reporters.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Diane, it's me. Do I know you?

It's Myrna.

Myrna, hi!

Whoa, why is your head so big?

It's normal size.

Is it?


Hey, hey, look at my hands.

They've turned into feet.

Big feet.

What happened to the protest?

Myrna, I was only trying to help.

Why are you hiding in here?

We're not hiding. We're formulating
a response.

And that takes a committee, does it?

This is a democracy, Myrna.
The group has to speak as one.

We should never have brought her in.

I knew this was going to happen.
I said that, didn't I?

I'm so sorry.

You were right, we know.

We've just written her a statement.

All in agreement, say "Aye".

ALL: Aye.

# It's easy to fall in love

# When you fall in love
you know you're done

# You got easy eyes to hunt

# When the world above
needs your blood

# And the cold vain
to the richest man

# They're paid away
to steal our hand

# There ain't no easy way
No, there ain't no easy way out

# There ain't no easy way, no, there
ain't no easy way out

# There ain't no easy way
No, there ain't no easy way out. #


A quick word, Lady Gabby.

I have prepared a statement.

Through my recent insensitive

I have reinforced the damaging
stereotype of the white person

as the benevolent agent of change

..and people of colour as the
passive others

in need of my charity.

This goes against everything

the Bristol Justice Collective
stands for,

and so, consequently, I am...

..stepping away from all involvement
with the group.

I am so deeply sorry for the hurt
and pain I have caused.

I will be taking time to reflect
and... educate myself.

Thank you.

Lady Gabby, white saviour complex is
a symptom of white supremacy,

which was used to justify the slave

Are you a white supremacist?

I don't think so.

You don't think so. So, you might

No, you're twisting my words.
That is enough.

I am the founder of the Bristol
Justice Collective

and I refuse to accept Lady Gabby's

And what's your name? Myrna Okeke.

How do you spell that?

You're a reporter, Google it.

Do you know what? This is fake news.

The real story is, why aren't you
news people

camped outside the council offices,

asking the politicians why they're
accepting money

from a multinational
telecommunications company,

who pay zero tax in this country...

CROWD: Yeah! they can knock
down this community centre

and put up a mobile phone mast?
CROWD: Yeah.

We wouldn't know about any of that,
if it wasn't for Gabby.

I've been fighting white supremacy
for 40 years,

and let me tell you something, this
woman ain't no white supremacist.

She's just trying to raise some
money to save this building.

So, put your phones away, put your
hands in your pockets - thanks -

and give us your money.

Community! ALL: Not 5G!

ALL: Not 5G!

Come on, you as well.

Paparazzi, news reporters,
photographers, give us your money.

Community! ALL: Not 5G!

ALL: Not 5G!

Who are you dealing for?

No comment. Who's running you?

No comment. Who's in charge
of Brook Hill?

No comment, pig.

I didn't tell him to say pig.

I...I have absolute total respect
for the police.

Not the racist ones or the corrupt

..or the ones that beat confessions
out of people,

but ones like you seem absolutely...

It's three o'clock.

I'd have a little conversation
with your solicitor,

because at 3:30, I'm walking back
in here,

and if you don't start talking,

I'm having you charged with armed

That's five to ten years of bubbling

You said you'd sort this.

I am.

Well, you've got 30 minutes or I'm
singing like Beyonce.

Sure you want to do this?

Is there another way?

This'll be like role-play, yeah?
Like WWE.

We're not going to hurt him for





INTERCOM: Hi, it's Detective
Sergeant Haines.

Can I have a word, please?


Yeah, OK.


What? Urgh!


Make a sound and I'll slit your
throat. You got it?

Take anything you want but I was
literally robbed yesterday,

so I haven't got much left.

Look, I don't want your stuff.
I want you to drop the charges.

What? The boy that robbed you,
I want you to drop all the charges.

I...I can't. I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you.

No, no, I can't, I can't.
The copper's already suspicious.

If I drop the charges, she'll know
something's up.

You're going to do what we say or
I'm going to break your arm.

You're not serious?

Hold his arm out straight.

Hold his arm
out straight!

OK, sunshine, that's it.
Final warning.

I'm charging you with aggravated

unless you tell me right now, who
are you dealing for?

I... DS Haines. What?!

What do you want?

I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

The man you have is totally

I withdraw all charges fully.

Who got to you?

I...I don't know what you mean.

That watch just means so much to me,
so I just wanted someone blamed,

so I picked a random kid out of the

Get out. Yes, ma'am.

I don't suppose you found the
watch...? Get out!

Shall I put eyes on him?

It's pointless.

Whoever's running him knows he's hot

They'll stand him down.

I blew our one bloody lead.

Well, we may have another.

You know PC Lane? No.

Big guy, squiffy eye. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, well, his gran got this random
text -

"Party all weekend with Columbian
coffee, 100% pure.

"Flat white - 80 quid.

"Rock harder with double
espresso - 150."

That's some pricey coffee.

Yeah, I'll check it out.

Wow, people are so generous.

Look at all these 50s.


Only four weeks left, until The Dean
needs his money.

He's worried you're falling behind

So, he's asked us to come and give
you a little kick up the arse.

You weren't seriously going to break
his arm, were you?

If that's what it took.

You can't be serious.

You said it yourself, we have no

We always have a choice -

whether to cross the line or not.

Just four more weeks, and then
we're done.

All right, you keep saying we have
four more weeks,

and then we're done,

but what if we've crossed a line and
we can't go back?

You didn't say if you were down.

To what? My food shack idea.

We'd need a lot of start-up money...

..and it would be difficult.

Look, I could work extra shifts at
the club.

And I'm going to talk to John about
mortgage structures

and small business loans.

You're not into this, are you?



Look, I don't want to pressure you,

but don't you want to make plans for
when all this shit's over?

A food shack?

You were the one that said I could
do this professionally.

For the first time,

someone said I could do something
other than just staying alive.



I'll have two flat whites, please.

Where are you? Bridge Street, by the

Wearing what? Grey hoodie and blue

30 minutes. Safe.

How about I...ask my parents for a
loan to put down a deposit?


You'd do that?

Course, you're my boyfriend.

REPORTER: In response to the

a spokesman for Bristol City Council

they would hold a town hall meeting
with local residents

and the telecommunications company
to discuss plans.

The protest ended with a rather
unexpected example

of police community outreach.

This is the grasshopper.
CROWD: Yeah!

This the wheelbarrow. CROWD: Yeah!

Are you ready to see the Diane
special? CROWD: Yeah!



You, yeah?

All right, mate?

What you sayin'? You all right?
Yeah, good, boss. How you doin'?


Aight, take that and take that.

All right? Cheers, boss.

Have a good one, yeah? You too, man.

All right, what have you got for me?

He gave me these, which ain't very

We cool?

Cool. Cool.

"Say no to drugs, stay clean
for good."