The Outlaws (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

MUSIC: Slap Man Off The Phone
by Tempa T

Bit nervous,
this is my first time.

Not sexually, I mean,
with a prostit...

..with a lady of ill-repute.

You got the money, love?

The money? Oh, yeah, sorry.

I find the evenings quite lonely
since my wife left,

if you're wondering why...

Hurry up, love. I'd just quite like
to get back to Match of the Day.

Oh, yes, sorry.

So what happens now? Do you...?

Oh, straight to it.


Was your business affected
much by coronavirus?

Must be quite hard to do this
when you're wearing a face maaaask?

Oh, that's tremendous.

Oh, well done.

That's... You've done that before.




Open your window, sir.

Evening, officer. This is my wife.

What? If you're wondering
who this lady is, is my wife.

We are happily married. Can I see
your driving licence, sir?


Just going to reach for it
in the glove compartment.

I'm unarmed.

No, no, no. What are you...?

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

I know a lawyer, if you need one.

Oh, no, thanks,
I actually am a lawyer.

Really? But do you know a tyre guy?



I know you've got another
woman in there, Lara!

There's no-one here, Gabby. You
know, if you're going to cheat on me

would you at least get your own
fucking Spotify account?

I can see that you're on my Netflix
and Chill playlist.

God! Before you met me, you thought
Mumford and Sons

did furniture removals.

You're being mad.

Go home. Drink some water.

No, no, no, Gabby.

Shit, Gabby!
No, I will call the police again.

They will arrest you!

Ooh, why darling?

I'm just issuing a public
service announcement.

Lara Grant is a cheating SKANK.

OVER PHONE: Which service
do you require?

Yes. Police, please.

# Oh, I was born a good boy

# My momma loved me so

# And she gave me every
chance she could... #

How did he know I was going
to be here?

Get off.

# And the wrong crowd led me on

# But I could have gone right

# Just as easy as I went wrong. #


Does she put a rocket
in your pocket?


The girl you've been having a sneak
at the last ten minutes.

Do you like her?
She's just a friend from school.

Ask her out.

I can't just ask her out.

She's right there. With her friends.


So, they might laugh at me.

Remind me why being laughed
at is worse than dying a virgin.

I'm not a virgin.

No, and I don't have to get up six
times a night to take a piss.

All right, I'll ask her out for you.

No. Please don't.

I'm only waiting while Mum
takes my sister to class so that

you don't steal her car.

How's this?

Go tell it, you're having a party.

She and her friends are invited.

Mum doesn't let me have parties.

Let me worry about your mum.

Do it! Or forever wish you had.




We need to have a party.
You're an animal.

You're an animal.

There is.

Greggles, quick question, yep.

When they arrested you with
that prossie,

did you come quietly?

Just a joke.

Thanks for taking it on the chin.

As you said, your prossie.

I mean, you're a lawyer, mate.

You're the one who's supposed to be
charging 200 quid an hour
to get people off.

No, chap, seriously, peace offering,
got some intel for you.

I have been slipping Kingsley's
secretary a length.

And she tells me that he and the
partners are not happy with you.

What has she heard? That you are on
your way out the door,

unless you win some fans upstairs

Win some fans how?
Oh, come, chap.

When they hired you as a solicitor,

they didn't think the only thing
you'd be soliciting are

I mean, when is the last time you
brought in a new client?

That was you? For kerb-crawling.

I was not kerb-crawling.

I got her number of the internet.

I'm just saying you better find
a way to get yourself noticed

that doesn't involve being
noshed off in a car park.

Hey, I don't know if you've heard,
but I'm having a party,

and you're invited.

Beth, Louise and Cassidy
said they would come.

No-one's coming to your shitty

There's going to be alcohol.

I can get alcohol any time I want.

My dad has got it hid all over
the house.

No-one is coming to your party.


Make it quick because I'm rinsing
this kid from China

and he's got to go bed soon.

So, we good?

What do you think, Spider? We good?

Look, I done my part,
now you do yours.

My sister comes by, she ain't

All right. We good.


Any trouble?

No. No trouble.

Hey, bud!

I'm cancelling the party.


No-one wants to come.

I have to ask you something.

Are you a nerd?

What? No. Why would you say that?

You dress like one.

You're 70 years old, what do
you know about fashion?

Nothing. And I still know you dress
like a nerd, which should worry you.

Why are you being mean?
I'm not being mean.

I'm helping. Can you magically
make me cool? Yes.


You're going to have a famous person
at your party.

What? Who?

So apparently, since I started
community payback,

sales and hi-vis tabards
are through the roof.

Oi! Now... Eyes off the cellphone,
nose to the grindstone.

Eh, keep sweeping.

Yeah, but really look.

I mean, we trashed an entire

so the old people in care
homes didn't die of coronavirus.

But how long did they have left,

You know? I mean, 400 billion
in debt

so that Nana gets one extra
year watching Bargain Hunt?

I mean, who's bankrolling
this, by the way?

You know? I'm all about standing
there applauding nurses.

That's fine. But how about a round
of applause for the higher rate



You know, that, like, line that they
made you steal? What was that?

What the hell were you thinking?

You could have got one of us killed!
Why are you even there?

To help. Yeah, but I didn't ask for
your help. But you needed it.

You don't know me or my life.

Just stay out of it.


Lunch, 30 minutes.

Sashimi? I don't eat raw fish.

Have you ever tried it? No.

Then how do you know
you don't like it?

I've never shoved a cucumber
up my arse, but I'm pretty sure

it's not my thing. Only pretty sure.

Raw fish, the healthiest
protein you can eat.

When I was in Japan, all I lived
on for two months was sashimi

from Tokyo Fish Market.

I was as light as an otter.

That's a haunting image. OK.

Come on. Bonding exercise.

Everyone has to share one secret
with the group.

OK, who wants to start?

OK, right. I will.

I have pretty much completely ruined
things with my girlfriend,

but she has agreed to meet me later.

Now I know that I still have a long
way to go to make-up

for what I did,
but I'm working on that.

Someone did once say, "There is no
challenge more challenging

"than the challenge to improve
yourself." Mm! So, yeah.

Well, wish me luck. Good luck.
All the best. Thanks, guys.

Good luck. Good luck with that.

Come on, John. What's your secret?

You're a bunch of convicted

Why would I be sharing my secrets?
Angry I even told you my name.

Frank, what's your secret?

I first come to England in 1971.

I told people it was a vacation,

but I was dodging the draft. What's

In America, there was a lottery
conscripting men for Vietnam.

So I come here, married a wonderful
woman and I kept my head down.

So you never went to Vietnam?

Not until 1994.

I went on my terms.

Chris, tell us something
we don't know about you.


Unlike Frank, I've never been on
a plane before.

Never been further than

You have to travel, son.

You have not lived until
you've drunk rum with fishermen

on a trawler in the Bay of Bengal.

I once drank Tia Maria with a
greengrocer on the Isle of Wight.

That count?

OK, Myrna, tell us something people
don't know about you.

I was one of the people who tore
down that statue of Edward Colston.

Wow. So you're a vandal?

No, I just don't believe
in memorialising slave traders.

And that gives you the right
to destroy public property, does it?

Edward Colston got rich
from the systematic dehumanisation

of an entire people.

So did Simon Cowell. But you're not
going after him, are you?

Well, I'll tell you what, let's put
up some more statues of white

Who should we have? Prince Andrew?

Piers Morgan? Harry Potter?

Guys, please.

You can't fix yourself by breaking
someone else.

Which philosopher gave us
that little gem, Ariana Grande?

Greg, what's your secret?

I'm a lawyer.

Keep that quiet, shameful.

A lawyer who's badly organised.

Can't remember case precedents.

I use Wikipedia to conduct
most of my legal research.

I've missed court deadlines.
I've forged signatures.

We've all done that in my office.

In my office, I have this cupboard.
I call it the Cupboard of Chaos.

I've stuffed every letter,
witness statement, affidavit,

that's proof of my incompetence
in there and I can't destroy them.

I can't file them. So I live in
constant fear that someone will open
the cupboard

and I'll never work in law again.

Even though I'm probably going to
get fired anyway unless I
bring in some new clients, so...

Actually, does anyone need a lawyer?
I've got some business cards here.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Thank you.
Hey, are you any good?

Rani? Hm? What's your secret?

Well, the other night I stole
my dad's van,

I drove it to Lawrence Hill to help
this boy I barely know

get out of a really scary situation.

And even though I put my neck
on the line for him,

he's incredibly ungrateful.

You do not need people
like that in your life.

Yeah! Why did you even help him?

I guess I thought he was my friend.

Oh, honey, he is not your friend.

He is a total fart-knocker.

Hey boys, let's bounce, man.

A line is a mobile phone that drug
dealers use. It contains numbers

for all their customers,

so that makes it valuable to rival
gang members

that might want to steal
their business.


Look, I'm not used to
people helping me,

so when they do, I get suspicious.

I'm sorry and thank you
for what you've done for me.

You're welcome.

Look, before I turn into a... fart-knocker...
SHE LAUGHS said that you'd help my
sister with her exams.

Don't know if I can.

Frank's not the only one with
a curfew.

You don't have an ankle tag.

I have an Asian mother.

Nature's ankle tag.

She uses that Find My Friends app,

so she can see where me
and my phone are at all times.

Her and my dad watch it like a TV

Well, could you meet my sister
somewhere you might legit be going



Can I play some music?

I'll allow it.

By the way, I overheard you doing
your bonding exercise.

Is that against the rules?

No, you should include everyone,

Everyone's got interested
in secrets.

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Of course. What's yours, Diane?

No, I don't mean me specifically?
I just mean, if there's a group of

you should include everyone
or no-one at all. Or it's just

Got it. Yeah.

But you know, if you did
have a secret that you wanted

to share, then I'd love to hear it.

No, I don't.

OK, then.

I've just started
Brazilian jujitsu.

My teacher says I probably got
the strongest thighs of any beginner

he's ever trained.

And he once trained Jason Statham.

Wow! So if you were to come at me

I'd drop you a single-leg takedown.

Your head in between these bad boys.

Uh-huh. Crack that pretty
little neck like a walnut.

I feel like I know you so much
better now.

You're welcome. Back to work.

Your Ladyship.

Can I just say I was so struck
by what you said earlier?

There's no challenge more
challenging the challenge

to improve yourself.

Wise words that really struck home.

Oh, I'm glad.

Can I share a secret?

I didn't want to mention it in front
of the group because I'm ashamed.

Oh, yeah, of course. I've been a
terrible father and a worse grandad.

In what way? I lived here 40 years.

Pecker in on one hand, bottle
in the other.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll.

I broke hearts. I burned my bridges.

But I figure if we can mend this
dump, I can bend my bridges too.

Hey, good for you!

I'm throwing my grandson
Tom a party tonight.

He's a good kid, he's not
the coolest beer in the fridge,

but I'm trying to win him
some street cred.

And I'm wondering... much would you charge to make
a VIP appearance?

Oh, darling, you couldn't afford me.

Damn it!

This poor kid can't catch a break.
Poor kid.

Well, look, you know...

I admire anyone trying to change
their life for the better.


How about I stop by for five
minutes free of charge?

You would to do that?

Oh! Your ladyship.

Oh. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Hey, Frank.

Yeah? What kind of music do you

Oldies but goodies.

Right, so what I'd do there is
I would just in one movement

just snap that giraffe-like neck
of yours like a dry twig.

OK? Yeah. Right back to work.

MUSIC: Chain Gang
By Sam Cooke

# Ah!

# Ooh!

# Ah!

# Ooh!

# Don't you know that's the sound
of the men

# They're working on the chain gang?

# Well, Lord, the sound of the men

# They are working on a chain gang

# All day long they're singing

# Ooh!

# Ah!

# Ooh!

# Ah!

# Ooh!

# Ah!

# Ooh!

# Ah!

# Don't you know
the sound of the men

# They're working on the chain gang

# Can't you hear them?

# They're out there working

# They're working on the chain gang

# All day long, they're going...

# I'm going home one of these days

# I'm going home

# Yes, I am

# See my woman

# The girl I love so dear

# But in the meanwhile, people... #

What on earth? Wait.

Never open an unattended bag.

See it, say it, sorted.


Oh, my God.

Bloody hell!



Did you like the flowers I sent?

Hard to appreciate them fully when I
looked at them my windows

and saw my defaced car outside.

I'm so sorry.

I mean, come on, you know,
that's not me.

Sometimes it is.

Well, look, it's not how
I want me to be.

Just give me another chance,
Lara, please.

I'll get anger management,
whatever, anything you want.

It's not just your temper, Gabby.

I never know what mood you're going
to be in from one moment
to the next. It's exhausting.

Yeah, I imagine. I'm sorry.

I can't be a lifeboat or your punch
bag or whatever it is you need.

Lady Gabby. Are you,
Lady Gabby Penrose-Howe?


Oh, my God, we love you.
We both follow you on Instagram.

Oh, thank you.
How's your festival going?

You know, it's a lot of work.

I bet. Yeah. Can we get a picture?

Oh, naturellement. Would you?


Thank you so much.

We're massive fans.
Oh, thank you so much.

Well, listen, you guys
have the perfect day. Thanks.


What? We're in the middle
of a conversation.

What was I suppose to do,
tell them to fuck off?

Yes. All right, fine, next time
I will.


What, you don't think I will?

No, it's not your fault.
You're addicted.

To what? Approval from a million
people you've never met.

Well, then take it, Lara. Take it.
Delete Instagram and Twitter.

Everything. It'll just be me
and you. I'm serious, Lara.

I can change.

It's too late, Gabby.
Don't...FUCKING say that.

I'm sorry... Hi! Can my daughter
have a photo?


In, fuck off.

See, I can change.
Why don't you believe me?

Because you say you're going to do
a lot of things and you never
see them through?

What about my festival?
I'm going to see that through.

It's never going to happen.
Fuck you. Yes, it is.

I have to go.

Are you seeing someone else?

I'm not even cold in my grave yet.

Bye, Gabby.

Fine. Go, go. Fuck off.

Fuck off!

Hi, sorry about earlier. I just...

Bad day. Do you still want to do
that picture?


What do you want?

What do you mean?

I don't want you hanging round me
no more. Why not?

I ain't got to give you reasons,
little girl.

I ain't a little girl.
Give me a chance. I'll prove it.

Go home. I want to be out...
I said, "Go home."

What's the matter? Nothing.

Es, how would you feel about leaving

And go where?

Anywhere in the world?

What, Swindon?

No, anywhere.

Tokyo Fish Market.

Why would we go to Tokyo for fish?

There's a Morrisons round the
corner. It's just an example.

How you hoping to pay for this?

Scratchcards? Got some money coming
to me.

From where? So, what do you think,

Maybe somewhere new,
you know, starting again.

No, I want to stay in Bristol.

I don't need your permission.
Anywhere I go, you have to go too.

Well, once I'm 16,
I'll just come back.

Look, Es, I'm...

I'm not suggesting
this to be a dick.

I want you to have chances
in life, options.

I pick the option where
I do what I want to do.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.

I can make my own friends.
No, she can help you. How?

By getting you a life, so you can
stay out of mine.

Helping you with your exams.
I ain't doing my exams.

Yes, you are. No, I'm not.

Well, if you want to stay here,
you're doing your exams.

Or we're both on the next
flight to Tokyo Fish Market.

I'm taking Holly to her dad's
and then I'm going to work.

Don't forget there's a cottage pie
in the fridge and your grandpa
is a lying snake, bye, love you.

Why did you keep saying
that about grandpa?

He's only ever nice about you.

And he really cares about us.
No, Tom.

The only thing your grandpa cares
about is drinking and gambling

and getting his end away. What "does
getting his end away" mean?

It's what some adults do when
they've got no moral compass,

Oh, OK.

What's a "moral compass"?
I'll explain in the car.

Mum's gone. Where is it?

Oh, Frank!

We are off now.

OK. You sure you can't save me
from the mouth that is Yamini?

Come, love. I think I really need to

Ooh. I might actually go
to the library a bit.

OK, we won't be late.

There's some kottu in the fridge
in case you get hungry. OK?

OK, thanks. Have a nice night.
Love you. Bye.




Rani, this is my sister, Esme.

Pleasure to meet you.

I really appreciate you doing this.

Don't we, Es? Oh, we're BUZZING.

Don't shush me.
I'm not one of your cats.


Cool. All right.
Well, I'll leave you to it.

You're not staying.

No, I can't, I got to work.
I'll see you later.

OK. Thanks, again.


I thought we'd go over some
old papers.

Why are you here?

To help me prep for your exams.

So you're wearing that top for me?

I mean, I'm flattered,
but you're not really my type.

Why have you fancy my brother
when he's such a waste, man?

I don't fancy your brother.

He's a moron. That's why he's doing
community service.

What's your excuse?

We're not here to talk about me.
We're here to talk about algebra.

Tell me how you broke the law.
Do you want to study or not?

Not. OK, fine.
I don't give a shit, either.

Yes, you do. You want to turn me
into a genius,

so my brother will fall in love
with you.

No, I'm not doing that. I'm
literally here...

Are you still a virgin?

Don't worry, I got it.


WHISPERS: Outrageous.

How 'bout...

..I ask you a maths question

and for everyone you get right,
you can ask me a question?

Sound good?

My brother was right.

You are clever.


I just love her so much, you know?

I mean, she's...

..she's caring, and she...

..and she makes me laugh.

And, you know, she's just not
interested in the money or the fame.

You know, she...

..she actually loves me for me.

But I get this rage sometimes,
you know, this...this anger,

and it's like I have to just blow up
anything that is good in my life.

I mean, who does that?

So, do you want to pay
by cash or by card?

What are you doing?

That's not how you roll a joint.

Give it to me.


It's not her, it's not her.

Is she not here yet, then?

No, not yet, fashionably late,
of course.

That's so her. Isn't it?

Well, come in, let me get you
a drink.

"Dear Mr DuPont,

"Re your letter dated May 7th,

"we await your response to the
plaintiff's statement of claim

"file number GRT 4...


".. .1."

Are you paid by the hour or the word
to type up this crap?

Whatever they're paying you in
Singapore is not enough. So sorry.

You know, every day I come
back to my desk after lunch

and I have a panic attack.

I just sit here and I realise that

I don't understand any of this.

And if you're thinking, "Well, why
don't you quit, then,

"you spineless, bog-eyed,
beanpole wanker?"

I say, "And do what? Finance?

"I'd be worse at sales than I am at
bloody law

"and I'm pretty bloody shit at that,
love, so that's a mad idea."


DICTAPHONE: Recording deleted.

"Dear Mr DuPont, re your letter
dated May 7th,

"We await your response to the
plaintiff's statement of claim..."

I'm really trying to cut down
on my screen time, and I only

want to follow influencers who make
me feel really good about myself.

Yeah, me too.

Oh, no, it's just some old people.

Yeah, come in. Hi, Frank.

Is she even coming?

Where's lady Gabby? She's coming.


And you score 33 out of 60 on
paper one and then 75 out of 100

on paper two,

what's your overall percentage
score for the exam?


Very good. That is correct.

My question. Why did you steal

I don't know.

Not good enough. Must try harder.

My mum does not like me doing things
that take me away from studying,

but when she was my age,
her family in Sri Lanka were...


So, I feel like I just can't get mad
at her

when she says I can't go ice skating
a school night.

But I don't know, that...frustration
has to come out somewhere.

Your mum sounds like my brother.

He's trying to run my life. No, no,
he just...

..he cares about you so much.

Do you know he called social
services on our mum,

had her parental rights taken away,

so I'm forced to live with him
instead of my own mum.

That's not caring.
That's psychopathic.

Did she do something? No.

She's just...sick.

Sick how?

Next question.

OVER TANNOY: Welcome to
Good Burger. What can I get you?

What would you recommend for someone
whose girlfriend is a cheating

Uh...spicy mozzarella dippers?

Yeah, great, and I'll get to Gert
burgers and two large fries.

Thanks. All right.

Hi, friends.

So I learnt something valuable
today, and I just wanted to take

a minute to share it with you,
so here it is.

Sometimes it's not what you do
that counts, it's what you don't do.


Now, I've talked to you guys
before about how I can react

too emotionally to things,
and you know what, I very nearly

did the same today.

But then I remembered my
Eckhart Tolle.


"Suffering is resisting what is."

MAN: Move!

Now, if you can accept what is,

you can relinquish anxiety
and anger.

And just remember, peeps,

you can't fix yourself
by breaking someone else.

SHOUTS: What is your fucking

Can't you just wait
for five seconds?

Oh, you piece of shit.



Middle-aged wanker!

We can't keep it.

Why? I'm calling the police.

You think those corrupt sons
of bitches are not going to keep
it for themselves.

It's not our money.
We found it, we're entitled to it.

Sorry, are you citing the legal

"finders, keepers, losers, weepers"?

We don't know who's money it is.

It could be some old-aged
pensioners' life savings.

Yes, cos us pensioners always
keep our life savings in the
ceiling of a derelict building.

No, what if this is from a
bank robbery? Then it's insured.

No-one suffers. What if it's drug
money? We didn't sell drugs.

No, but it came from ruining
lives in my community.

Then use your cut to set
up a needle exchange

or a methadone clinic.

Yeah. You're not considering that.
Drug addiction is a major disease.

Penis cancer is a major disease.

Drug addiction is a lifestyle
choice. Lifestyle choice.

No-one's selling their body for
heroin because they saw it on the
cover of Grazia.

Listen, even if we could justify
keeping this, which we can't, OK,

and even though we patched
up the ceiling,

whoever hid it there in the first

they're going to come looking for

And he's going to have a name
like Joey Pliers or Eddie Machete.

OK, so... Thank you.

I'm calling the police. One-third
of that enough to keep the lights

on in your factory?

You've got workers depending on you
to feed and clothe their kids.

You think they care where their
pay packet comes from?

It doesn't justify keeping it.
How old are you?

45, when your business goes under,
are you getting another job?

Are you going to retrain?

No. You're going to be my age,
stacking shelves down Tesco.

OVER MOBILE: Hello, emergency
services. Which service do you


Oh, God, OK, I need to think
about this.

Me too. Fine, you two brain it
around. I'll hide the loot here

No. No. Yeah. How do we know that
you're not on the next flight

to the Costa del Sol? Because here.


Shit. Now we're going to have
to kill them.

What did you say? Fuck. I'm kidding.

Funny, man.



I'm DS Selforth, this is DS Haines.

We need to ask you a few questions.

About what?

About the masked gunman
seen running from this house.

You get one phone call.
Who do you want to call?

You don't have someone to call?


Hang on.

All right, mate?

Journo, from the Mail.
Sent me down because that, uh,

Lady Gabby Penrose-Howe is in again,

That so.

Come on, chief.
Is she in there or...?

Sorry, mate.

Your pictures, my words. Huh?!

Yeah. Uh-huh. All right.

She's in there.

Also, I heard there was a copper
in there who takes bribes.

What's his name again? Bennett?
Bennett? Desk Sergeant.

Desk Sergeant Bennett. Yeah, yeah.

What's his rate again?

100 quid for the details.
Extra 100 for the access.

Cheers, m'dears.

Hello, I'm Lady Gabriella
Penrose-Howe's solicitor.

I believe you're holding her.
Yeah, that's right.

I want all the charges dropped
and I want her taken out the back
way so that pap doesn't get her.

No chance, mate.

OVER DICTAPHONE: I heard there
was a copper in their who takes
bribes. What's his name again?

PAPARAZZO: Bennett. Bennett? Desk
Sergeant. Desk Sergeant Bennett.

Yeah, yeah. What's his rate again?

100 quid for the details. Extra 100
for the access. Cheers, m'dears.

No chance?

You won't believe it, mate.

She tunnelled her way out
with a cocaine spoon.

She's halfway to Chipping Norton.

You all right?


I'm pathetic and lonely.

Please, no-one's more pathetic
and lonely than me.

I live in a flat paid for by my dad,
which he never visits.

I live in a flat for divorcees
where they make you pay six months

upfront in case you hang yourself.

I depend on likes from people
I don't even know for any

kind of self-worth.

My wife walked out cos she said
that living with me

was like being trapped down a well.

When I was arrested, the only
person I had to call was you.

You win. That's the most pathetic
thing I've ever heard, and that's...

And I've heard some pathetic things.

What were you in for this time?

Oh, God, I...

I smashed up a man's car
by reversing into it.

No way! I did the same
to a police car.

What, seriously? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, then we're car vandal buddies.
Car vandal buddies, yeah, forever.

Boom. Boom.

You know what makes me feel better
if I've had a bad day is junk food.

There's a drive-thru near here...
Definitely not. No? OK.

Well, what would cheer you up?




How'd it go?

Yeah, good.

As you said your sister is
a really clever young woman.

What do you think, Es?

I think that you're such an idiot

that to stop me from ruining my

you got me a tutor
who's ruining her future.

Great find, bro!

But she still did a pretty good job

..I'd study with her again.

Thanks again. Pleasure.

Think she has a chance of passing?

With a few more sessions, yeah, I
think so.

Cool. It's good to know.

Do you want to go for a coffee?


..can't, it's getting late and I...

Oh, no, yeah, sorry, it is late.

Coffee now would be madness.

We'd never get to sleep.

In our separate beds.


All right, well,
I'll see you at CS.

Yeah. Yeah?

By the way, I like your necklace.

Thanks. I stole it from Pandora.


That's for being a liar
and wasting everybody's time.

Mum's right.

You are lying, two-faced snake.

IN DEEP VOICE: Pizza delivery.

Who ordered pizza?

IN NORMAL VOICE: Hi, friends.


Who wants free pizza?

It's not strictly free,
I did pay for it.

Tommy, hi, handsome.

Oh, long time, no see.

Darling, I am so sorry, I'm late.
What have I missed?

Not much. Can I introduce you to
some people?

Oh, naturellement.

This is Beth and Cassidy.

It's a pleasure to meet you, ladies.


Do you mind if they take
a picture with you?

Abso-bloody-lutely. Come on.

Here, let's give
that to someone else. You.

Now, tell me,

does this party have a hashtag yet?

Anyone want a pizza?

Cost me a bloody fortune.

Get involved, mate.

She's just getting home.
I'm going to call her.


Hello? Hi. We're on our way home.
Are you back yet?

Aren't you checking on the app?
No, of course not.

Well, I'm home.

I'm just walking to the door now.

Hey, what did you study
at the library?

Unit vectors, again.

I bet that was more interesting than
spending an evening with Yamini.

Her story about doing the half
marathon in under three hours

someone took over four hours.

She's just jealous that
you are going to Oxford

and her daughter dropped out of
catering college.

She flunked custard. Classic Yamini.

I know! Listen, we'll be home
in about five minutes.

OK? We'll see you soon. OK.

Love you. Bye. Bye.



Hey, do you want to go outside?

Yes, you do.


She is the one who is not
happy with plastic fittings.

Oh, for goodness' sake.

Never fly... Because she doesn't
want to pay for the better ones.

I said, look... Yes! Exactly, right,

Do not struggle. Shut the fuck up.

Now I'm going to take my hand away.

If you scream, I'll slit your throat
and anyone who walks in that door.

Got it?

Do you recognise this van?

Do you recognise the van?

SHOUTS: How many fucking times do I
have to say it?
Do you recognise the van?

It's my dad's. It's my dad's van.

Well, the driver of this van helped
someone steal from us.

Was it your dad? No.

So why was your dad's van
in Lawrence Hill on Sunday night?

Are you deaf?! I...I...

It was stolen
about a week ago.

It was stolen by who? I don't know.

Who was the van stolen by? We
reported it to the police

and they haven't got back to us.
We don't know.

We don't know who stole it. Are you
lying to me? Are you lying?
I'm not lying.

I'm not lying.

Cos you know if you are lying,
I'll kill you and your whole family.

WHISPERS: And I will bury you


Hiya. Have a goodnight? Yes.

Have you eaten?
I brought you some leftovers.

I don't have much of appetite,
but thank you.

Oh. Oh. OK. OK, suit yourself.

Coffee, please.


He wants to talk to you.


OVER MOBILE: I get this all the time
with ambitious people.

They forget who they were before
I came into their lives.

Do you remember who you were?

A fucking nobody.

A scared little child. You wanted
respect. I gave you status.

You needed money,
I taught you a trade.

And now this is a loyalty I get.

What, chill out. What happened?

My West Country line gets jacked.

thief knows exactly
where to find it,

and you're saying you didn't take it
or the bag?

What bag?

The bag on its way from your inbred
part of the world

with six months of my fucking


"'Good morning, Pinocchio,' said,
the fox, greeting him courteously.

"'How do you know my name,'
asked the marionette?

"'I know your father well.

"I saw him yesterday,
standing in the door of his house.'

"'And what was he doing?'

"He was in his shirtsleeves,
trembling with cold.'

"But after today, God willing,
he will suffer no longer.

'Because I have become a rich man.'

"'And may I ask,' inquired the fox,

"'what you are going to do
with all that money?'"

Guaranteed peace of mind
is what you promised me,

well, I don't feel too fucking

I tax you less and you stop shit
like this from happening.

That was our deal.

So I suggest you find my money

and whoever took it, because now
I have to kill either them

or you just to make a fucking point.

You have no moral compass.

Right, and immediately just
chundered all down himself.