The Originals (2013–2018): Season 5, Episode 1 - Episode #5.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on The Originals...
A thousand years ago,

we three made an eternal vow.
Always and forever.

That vow now includes
my daughter.
Hope is gone.

She's the Hollow now.

You said there was
a way to save her.

There is.
When the Hollow was killed,

they divided her remains.
Four bones, four volunteers,

four different locations.

That's how we're going
to beat the Hollow now.

Transfer the Hollow's power
into four immortal vampires.

And you have to go
your separate ways,

and you have to stay separate.
Can never see each other again.

Can never go near
each other again.

This is gonna be the end
of always and forever.

Well, if it'll save my little
girl, then we will make it so.

When this spell is over,
you got to get away

from each other,
and you have to stay away.

I can hear it whispering.

Caroline and I have
built a school.

It's a place for kids
with supernatural leanings,

just like Hope.

I think this is what
she’s always wanted.

Friends her own age.

A normal life.

My disease has always been

blind devotion
to my brother

The Hollow's too
powerful. It's gonna tempt

him to try to get
back with his siblings.

Compel me.

We can wipe out centuries
of family drama.

The promise
of always and forever.

Forget it.

Your vow.

Let it go.

In all my travels,

France never disappoints.

Now I find I'm physically drawn
to the place,

as if locked in an orbit
I’m helpless to alter.

I suppose we're all satellites

orbiting those we love.

Recently, though,
I'm left to orbit from afar,

and to pass
the time

by dropping in
on old acquaintances.

Entres nous, in 1928,

the Gatineaux family and I
had a little falling out.

I'd really like
to put that to rest.

So if you'll just...
stand aside?

You must've heard of me.

Klaus le Fou?

Klaus le Dement?

Niklaus der Mder?



I myself prefer Klaus the Mad.

Do spread the word.

Hey. You have the money?

I'm not gonna ask
where you got this.

Remember, one now,

one after.

You sure about this, Henry?


Do me a favor.

Be discreet.

It's me. Leave a message.

Hey, Lisina.

You're gonna get a call later.

I just want you to know

that there's nothing
you could've done.

Come in.

Mr. Williams. What's up?

Mr. Saltzman wants to see you.

It's about Henry Benoit.

Is, um, Mr. Saltzman
calling my mom?

That, and he thinks your dad

should know
what you've been up to.

Yeah. Good luck finding him.

Pack your bags, Hope.

You're going home.

I don't like staying at home

When the moon
is bleeding red

Woke up stoned in the backseat
from a dream...

Okay, guys.

If these don't prep your liver

for Mardi Gras,
then nothing will.

Eh, my liver was probably dead
before I became a vampire,

but thanks, Poppy.
(soft laughter)

Skeleton whispering
in my ear...

Okay. So we should probably
get back to Mardi Gras prep.

Oh, come on,
Vincent, we got this.

All right? It’s gone off
without a hitch for,

what, seven years now?

Josh, that's because
we haven't taken it for
granted in seven years.

Let me remind you:
moments of prosperity

are invariably followed
by times of great pain,

unless we remain vigilant.

Thank you, Mr. Buzzkill.

Okay, Freya, what you
got, Mardi Gras prep?

The witches will be
working on their float

in the City of the Dead.

The werewolves in the Bayou.



Hmm? This is when
you're supposed to say

that the vampires are gonna
steer clear of both.

Yeah. Uh, actually,
maybe we should

offer them some sort
of incentive.

Seven years of peace
and prosperity not enough?

Well, it is, but we could
always use more daylight rings.

Is this a negotiation, Josh?

You know what?

First of all, reading that
was very rude, and second...

Josh, I don't know how
many times I have told you

that what goes on in
this city is no longer

any of Marcel Gerard's business.

Okay? A-And, guys, this is what
I'm always talking about.

Marcel means Rebekah.
Rebekah means Kol and Elijah.

And I don't even want to think
about Klaus right now,

cause apparently,
he has lost his mind.

Oh, come on, we don't know
if those rumors are true.

I know that we need
to make sure that they stay

as far away from this city
as possible.

And Freya, I'll be
Mr. Buzzkill if it means

reminding everybody here
that the magic

that those four
carry inside of them,

if we just put two of them
in the same place,

it is a ticking bomb.

Relax. Okay?

Marcel's in New York.
Elijah is...

High anymore.

In Amnesia-land.

Right, and Klaus is wherever
Klaus is these days.

We're fine.

Declan sent these over

to tide you over
until your date tomorrow.


Oh, my God, I swear,
if you don't marry that guy,

I will.

Baby steps.

He's human.

Life's complicated enough.

Oh. Hope's school.

Like I said.


Fa-ray a-voh-lah-ray...

Later, dude.

You going somewhere?


I, uh, I got suspended.

Hope Marshall got suspended?


Sorry I got you in trouble.

I said "be discreet."

What part of jumping out
of a tower is discreet?

I had to make sure
it would work.

If I only hurt myself,
then I would've just healed.

Right. Cause no one's ever died
peacefully from sleeping pills.

I'm not a person
things go right for.

You ever seen a werewolf with no
pecs who quotes E. E. Cummings?

I can already tell
I'm getting stronger.

You know how good it will be

not to have
to take crap from anybody?

What-what makes you think that?

You're a hybrid now.

You may be able
to defend yourself,

but they'll only hate you
for being different.

I don't think that you
thought this through, Henry.

You would not understand.

Oh, really?

Me? I wouldn't understand?

That's different.

None of the students know you're
Klaus Mikaelson's daughter.

I don't know why
Lisina told you.

You and I aren't even friends.

Your mom's our alpha.

All the Crescent Wolves know.

And so will everyone at
school when they start asking

how you survived a swan dive
out of the memorial library.

Your dad's not gonna kill me for
getting you suspended, is he?

I wouldn't know.

He can't bother to be a dad.

I've never felt this way.

I mean don't get me wrong,

there are so many
bad stories.

But, I mean,
every once in a while,

you can make a tiny difference
to someone and...

I guess that's why I became
a doctor in the first place.

I want to kiss you so bad.

Well, in five days,
you can do...

Crap. I lost you.

Hang on.

How's... that?

That's perfect.

Listen, um...

the program asked me
to re-up for another cycle.

Another six months?

But I thought maybe you'd want
to come back with me this time.

You'd love
the people here,

and Lebanon is so beautiful.

Yeah, but you know

I can't leave until I figure out

how to get my family
back together.

And that is something that
you have not been able to do

in seven years.

Because I can't even try

to neutralize the dark magic
that's inside of them

unless they're in
the same place.

And if they're
in the same place,

that magic will find its way
back into Hope,

and will probably destroy her
and them and the city,

so, I don't know,
you know, it's... kind of hard.

Yeah, but you don't
have to be in New Orleans

to figure it out, right?


I'll do you a deal.

For every year that
you have spent on this,

you spend a month
in Lebanon with me.

Marcel, enough with
the suspense.

It'll be worth it.

Trust me.

I'm enraptured

What is this?

I call it
"four objects and a question."

First object.

I remember that.

And saying
it was... hideous.

Yes, but your eyes
said "buy me,"

so I went back
later and did.


I've been

A romantic

The house you designed.

For you.

For us.

Now we can build it
anywhere you like.

Might not be quite up
to code, but...

It is beautiful.

Singing oh

My sword.

I told you when I was a child,

I was gonna marry you one day.

Right after our first duel,

And I said I would never marry
a man who couldn't best me.

Now that's the thing.

The last few years
have taught me something.

I don't want to best you.

I don't want to be ahead
of you or behind you.

I want us side by side.

And the moment
that I realized that,

I went in search

of this.

The fourth object.

Which leads me
to my question.

Rebekah Mikaelson,

delicate as lace,

elegant as a fine home,

tough as polished steel...

...and love of all my lives...

...will you marry me?


I figured you'd be
a mess by now, so... I made this part simple.

If you say...

or if you say...

Should be a pretty easy call.

It should be.


Please don’t say the family.

♪ ♪

Thank you.

Thank you.

An old favorite.

Try as I might, I can't
resist a familiar refrain.

I'm a sucker for Weill.

You play with such finesse.

Yeah, it keeps me
out of trouble.

Though Mahler's really
more my style.


Guaranteed to clear any room.

Well, then he and I
have something in common.

And how is that?

I have a bit of a temper.


See, I wouldn't be able to tell
by looking at you.

Wouldn't you?

And most people wouldn’t
look so disappointed

about that observation.

Well, truth be told,
it’s a balm to hear it.

I've been feeling
a bit one-note recently.

All work, you know?

Modern conundrum, my friend.

You work just to
take care of your family,

then you don't have any time
to spend with them.

My family is, uh...

is geographically

I've got a daughter
I haven't seen in seven years,

haven't spoken to in five.

There were some issues.

This all sounds like
a recipe for regret.

And now you sound
like my brother.

He was my lodestar.

You're talking about him
in the past tense.

He's been... away.

I've only just realized
how far he’s gone.

You didn't say "yes."

I didn't say "no."

I'm sorry, but I just knocked
that out of the park.

Are you waiting on
a better offer?

Please don't make this
about you.

This is about me. About us.

How long are we supposed
to put our lives on hold

for your family?
Oh, look who’s talking.

You're the one with
a secret mistress.

Excuse me?
I see you texting

your little minion, Josh.

You've traveled for seven years
and never left your precious

New Orleans behind.

Klaus is at it again.
Great, what's the point

of having all these rules
if Klaus doesn't follow them?

Is that blood?

Where's my phone?

Don't overreact.

Nik, you have pushed it
too far this time.

I just had a bath with
blood spewing from the faucet

like a carotid.

Yes, it does appear
to be escalating.

It is bloody biblical,
is what it is.

You've stayed too long.

Do I have any requests?

How does he look?


He seems happy.

You spoke to him?

I never dared before.

I miss him, too, Nik.

But you have got to leave. Now.

Can you just yell
at me already?

Seven hours

of hostile silence
is punishment enough.

The whole point
of sending you to that school

and calling you Hope Marshall

was so that you wouldn't
draw attention to yourself,

to keep you safe.

Why? Why did you do it?

What could you have
possibly needed the money for?

That's my business.

And selling your blood is mine.

You had no right.
You’re being
a hypocrite.

You're the one that taught me
"my body, my choice."

Well, my blood,
my choice.

You are not just anybody, Hope.

Do you even understand
what you have done?

Henry came to me.

And you should
have said no.

Hope, Henry was already a kid
who was struggling to fit in,

and now... he's gonna be
only one of three hybrids

in the world,

and seen as a threat
to everyone in the city.

You have no idea
what you've done.

You cannot create something

without taking responsibility
for it.
What are you gonna do?

Ground me... a-and lock me up?

I'll just whammy myself out;
I am a witch.

And I am your mother--
which means tomorrow

I'm gonna have to clean up
the mess you've made

before it gets worse.

Okay, so what
did you say?

Wait a minute,
are you packing?

I'm... organizing.

I said I don't know.

But Keelin, she
stayed in the city

for six years waiting for
me-- she deserves this.

And I really want
to go, but...

now that Hope's gotten herself
into trouble, I just...

Wait a minute, what
kind of trouble?
She was

helping a Crescent pack boy
at her school.

Everybody picked on him, so...
she gave him some of her blood,

so he'd...

Become a hybrid?

Vince, she knows
it was wrong,

No! No, no, no, no, no.

No, ma'am, Miss Pam. Freya,
you ain't going nowhere.

You're gonna get on
the phone with Keelin,

and you're gonna tell her to
bring her butt back here, okay?

Because you can't
go anywhere.

You and me, we
are a team, right?

I know.
We're the glue that holds
this city together,

and you just can't go.
Come on.

Hope made a mistake.

It will get sorted out.

And besides,
that's only two things.

Everybody knows
bad things come in threes, so...

So, is there anything else
you feel like sharing?

Hope is...
coming to the Quarter.


till this all blows over.
Look, it's nothing

to worry about.

Trust me.

Hope is coming home.

She created a hybrid.

One, two, three.


Declan, I am so sorry.

I didn't realize it was you.

So you stand me up
and beat the crap out of me.

And I forgot our date.

I am so sorry.

Something came up with Hope.

Is she okay?

Yes, it's just complicated.

Look, I know how you feel
about the dreaded "B" word.

But as your boyfriend and
a big fan of your daughter's,

I'd really like to help.

I so wish that you could,

It's just, right now,

I think Hope is gonna need
all of my attention,

which means maybe you and I
should probably take it...

Right, don't finish
that sentence.

I deserve better than that.

Come on, I'm a chef.
You're a good eater.

You can't break up with me.

Well, you can't
break up with someone

if you're not
really a couple.

Well, one half of this couple
was deeply committed.

I'm sorry.
If you want to break up,

you have to do it
like a civilized person,

at a bar with bourbon.

Meet me later.

How is my little ne'er-do-well?

I've been better. How's Davina?

My darling wife is gorging
on papaya right now.

You know, Belize is beautiful
this time of year.

You should visit.

I'd love to, but...

I'm grounded.


Can't ground a witch,

let alone my favorite niece.

That's what I said.

Mom didn't think it was funny.

Well, I'm sure it will
all blow over by Mardi Gras.

I... I didn't think it was
such a big deal at the time,

but now that it's stirred up
so much trouble,

I-I feel kind of bad.

Darling, you can't get
your knickers in a knot

every time you have
a little kerfuffle.

You'll never have a moment
of pleasure.

And I, for one,
thought you showed

some real entrepreneurial

Yeah, that's me,

your friendly,
neighborhood blood dealer.

I'm sure you've noticed by now

the best people are black sheep.

Like my dad?

I was referring to me.

Niklaus is in a league
of his own.

Seen him lately?

Well, thankfully for you, no.

Don't worry.

Sooner or later, something
will blow up in New Orleans.

Some crisis or other
always brings us back.


Is Hope proud of herself?

Henry is barely home
and we're getting threats.

The vampires
will never trust him

and how long before
the pack turns on him?

The pack will adjust.

Henry doesn't need to be afraid
of anything.

Have you been at the top
of the alpha heap so long

that you don't
get how this works?

Your daughter put
a target on his back.

We can limit the damage

if we just work together.

For ten years I've been
all the family this boy has.

I'm not letting him down now
by trusting the wrong person,

alpha or no.

You can trust me.

I swear.

Tell me one thing.

Are you here as a Crescent
or as a Mikaelson?

I'm here as a mom.

My kid screwed up.
I can't change that.

But I can try and
make up for it.

If my bloody brother

doesn't answer the bloody phone,

I swear, I am going
to rip his heart...

I don't want to hear it.

Okay? I don't want
to hear another thing

until after you say, "I do,"
at city hall at 3:45 today.

I have waited decades for things
to be right with your family.

No more.

We are either all in...

or we're done.

The choice is yours.

"Knew you weren't
just a pretty face.

"There's one more present
docked in Monaco.

Seemed like a nice place
to honeymoon."

Damn it.

Bonjour, Monsieur Gatineaux.

I should let you live
to tell of this,

but I seem to be
on a bit of a roll.


Why don't you pick on someone
your own size?

Hello, luv.

It's a pity. I thought
there'd be more of them.

Trying to break your own record?

At the moment, I'm trying
not to flatter myself

that you're here
on a sudden whim to see me.

Why are you here, Caroline?

Surely, the Salvatore School
for the Young and Gifted

needs its headmistress
across the pond.

I got a phone call.

Apparently, you don't
pick up anymore.

So, you came all this way
at Hayley's request?

Rebekah called, actually.

I was in France already.

Winter getaway?

For work.

I don't know what year
you think it is, Klaus,

but I'm the mother of twins,

I was married and widowed
on the same day,

and I am responsible
for an entire school

full of kids, including yours.

You know, the one that
you haven't asked about.

Why are you avoiding her?

She's beautiful and smart.

So smart.

Maybe too smart
for her own good... her father.

But Hope...

she hears the same rumors we all
have over the past five years,

that you have gone
completely bonkers.

As you see.

Yet, standing here...

you seem only
normal crazy to me.

High praise, indeed.

You know, two men from the
family who own this building

were killed at a nightclub

by an alleged maniac.

And here lie more bodies.

Care to explain why you're
methodically picking off

all the members
of one family?

Because I'm compulsive.

Or perhaps it's just
to while away the time.

Or maybe...

just maybe,

Klaus Mikaelson
has finally gone mad.

Or maybe you just want
people to think you have.

This spree you're on,

it isn't random.

You have a list.

Don't you?

Over here!
Break it up.

Come on!


So, talked to Rebekah
about the blood

and Klaus got
too close to Elijah.

And so he tempts fate while his
daughter wakes sleeping dogs.

That's great.


You see this over here?

What seems to be
the problem here?

This town is just going
from zero to 60 in no time flat.

I'm not even surprised that
nosey vampire, Greta Sienna,

is all up in the mix.

Freya, this town is just itching
for some sort of fight

and if we don’t do something...

I know this is serious,
believe me, but, um...

man, I'm fighting for my life.

Let redemption...

I love Keelin.

And if-if I don't go to see her
now, I'm-I'm gonna lose her.

Now, look,

listen, I am terrified that
if I walk out this door,

everything is just gonna
go to hell, but I...

I know you can do
this without me.

Right now,
I just need to hear

that leaving isn't
gonna make me a bad sister

or a bad aunt or a bad friend
and, I don't know,

maybe I'll get the guts
to pick myself for once.

Hey, guys.

I am not digging the vibe
in here.

Control yourself, please.

More of a live-and-let-live
vampire, so I'm cutting out.

I hear you.

Uh, Pops, what do we owe you
for all of this?

Oh, shut up. It's on me.

Peace out.

Why don't you just calm down

and we can talk
about this later?

Leave your sorrows behind

Freya, I'm not not even sure
that we can stop all this.

I mean, we put it on
pause for a few years,

but how are you supposed
to stop human nature?

Or vampire, werewolf,
witch nature.


Let redemption keep you warm

You should go.

I know it's killing you

You should go because I have
absolutely no idea

how this is going to end up,
and I think at least one of us

should have a shot at happiness.

I know it’s killing you

♪ So you better run ♪

You better run.

Going somewhere?

Is that what you
needed the money for?

Now you’re rummaging
in my room?

For laundry.

Where were you going?

I met a guy online.

And he's in a band
and he lives in London.

He says he's 25,
but he seems older.

You wanted to see your dad.

I know it's stupid.

He obviously
doesn't care,

but I-I just thought,

maybe if we were
in the same place

for even a little while...

It's not stupid.

He loves you.

But he just knows
that being near you

puts you in danger.

A phone call wouldn't.

Look, I...

I really...

hope one day that
you'll talk in person. I do.

But until then,

...try not to judge him
too harshly.

So... I can't judge
my deadbeat dad,

but you can judge me?

I don't judge you;
I judge your actions.

I'm your mom.

I love you, and I would
forgive you for anything.

But that's not...

that's not a blank check
for bad behavior.

I did one thing.



I... I made a mistake.

No one wants any trouble,
Hayley. We just want the hybrid.

You're not getting Henry!

Let me handle this.

Remember that that hybrid
is just a kid.

But Poppy was just trying
to walk home from work,

and she was our friend.

He's not going anywhere.

Hayley, you might not
have a choice.

I didn't even know that girl.

I can't hear.

She just bumped into me,
and I-I just...

I got so angry.

They-they want...

they want to kill me, huh?

relax, for God's sake.

Just... feel better.


That's- that's weird.

You... you said "feel better,"
and I actually feel better.

Because my blood made
you a hybrid, so...

you're sired to me.

I have to do what you say?
Pretty much,

but don't worry, I...
believe in personal autonomy.

But for now,

stay here.

We need to be rational.

Should they go back
and tell Poppy's mother

her daughter's killer's free,

but at least we were rational?

Peace is complicated.

We haven't had it all this time
because we've been perfect.

We've had it because we haven't
overreacted when we're not.

Revenge isn't justice.

Do we really want
to sacrifice a...

a kid to assuage our fear?

He's not just a kid.
He's a hybrid.

With the power to kill
any vampire he chooses.

I'm a hybrid.
I'm not a threat to anyone.

And after I teach Henry

he won't be, either.

Look, every death

is a tragedy.

And I'm truly sorry
for Poppy and her family.

But we've evolved beyond
an "eye for an eye" mentality.

This is a test.

Don't... throw away
all we've accomplished.

You can't be serious.
I've never been
more serious.

It's my experience that those
who are wronged seek revenge.

And since many
have long memories,

I am determined to
systematically annihilate

each and every one
of our enemies.

And the heirs
of our enemies.

But... that list is endless.

It's the only way
to protect Elijah.

In his current state,

he wouldn't know an enemy
if they sat down at his piano.

And it...

it passes the time.

Though why we're bothering with
all of this, I don't know.

It's a historical building.

Just take this.

Start here.

You may have started out
playing crazy

to make your enemies
fear you,

but now I'm not so sure
that you're pretending.

This isn't right,
Klaus, even for you.

I find I'm not good
without Elijah.

I mean, we've been...

parted before,
but not like this.

This is worse
than if he were dead.

I've lost my brother.

But you still have a daughter.

She's better off without me.

I know

what it's like
to be raised by a monster.

Oh, my... Come on, that was,
like, a thousand years ago.

Really? "Mean dad"?

the guy's dead.

Get over it!

Stop using Michael
as an excuse

to be a bad father.

I also know
what it’s like

to be a kid
missing her father.

You may not be able
to be in the same room with her,

but there is this...

this ancient gadget
called a telephone.

Use it

before you lose your daughter
and she loses you.


I happen to think that
you're someone worth knowing.

I'll see you at the next
parent-teacher conference.

Hey, Declan. It's me.


don't kill me, but...

something's come up.

Wait there, have a drink,

and... I'll just be there
a little late.

It's been a long day, and...

I'd really like to see you.

I'm a coward.

And a hypocrite.

It's true I miss
my family, but...

I suppose
I'm always running away.

Well, sometimes it's good
to make a fresh start.

Is it odd having strangers
confide in you?

I guess I just have
that kind of face.

Wide awake

Feeling defeated

I think it's a nice face.

I say your name

I say I'm sorry

I know it's not working

I'm no holiday

Hey, jailbird.

I've got some news
about me and Keelin.

Where's your mom?
I don't know.

She said she'd only be gone
a few minutes,

but then she never came back.

Where'd she go?

Outside to make a call.

Auntie Freya?

Another year...

The tricky thing
about tipping points... you can only define them
in retrospect.

I say your name

Who can say which choice led
to a car crash, or...

I say Iâ'm sorry

...which cigarette started
the cancer?

I'm the one doing this

There's no other way

It's nobody's fault

No guilty party

And so we blindly
stumble forward,

never sure how close we are
to the edge.

Nothing left to say

It all

Someone found this
in the street.

All I know for certain

is if the four Mikaelsons
come together,

it will signal darkness
like we've never known.


I was looking for your mother.

Yeah, so are we.

Um... I don't know where she is.

She's missing.

I'm on my way.

So many possible
tipping points.

But without the benefit
of hindsight,

how will we know if we're
at the end of the beginning...

...or the beginning of the end?