The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 9 - Queen Death - full transcript

When The Hollow sends a terrifying message to Vincent, he must team with Haley and Freya to embark on a desperate mission to stop the Hollow once and for all - even if it requires a heartbreaking sacrifice.

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Previously on The Originals...

Marcel, do me a favor.
I want you to keep

that book far away from me.
If I even try to come for it,

I want you to kill me.

The Ancestors

drive me into their darkness.

You will give me a safe place to hide.

The Hollow created the werewolf curse.

It was your line that began it all,

and yours alone, that still
has power over the Hollow.

That's why she's been hunting Labonairs.

- If you die, there's only one Labonair left.
- Hope.

After the tribe killed the Hollow,

they burned her remains.

Which would allow her to be reborn.

Not if she's free... She won't stop

until those pieces are gathered.

Trapping me requires
the life of an immortal.

I promise you, I will make this right.

Then start by giving this to Marcel.

Are you ready to die, Elijah?

Because I'm quite ready to live.

Such a will to live.

Wouldn't it be easier to give in?

To simply let go?

Part of you must crave that peace.

The silence of the
nothing that lasts forever.

Why don't you come a little closer...

and we'll find it together.

You'll have enough company.

When you die, so, too,

does your entire sire line.

The great sacrifice that will
return me to flesh and blood.

All I need now is the last of my remains

for the ritual.

Your family has done
the job of finding them,

and they should be
coming to me soon enough.

You can't expect to torment
my family and survive.

I survived far worse
fates than your family.

I say let them come.

They will try to save
you from the poison

coursing through your veins,

and in doing so, they
will give me what I want.

And as a reward for their efforts,

I will let your family
watch as you finally die.

You've come early. Good.

We're eager to serve.

And your covens?

More witches join us every day.

They now know they're
either with us or against us.

You New Orleans witches have been weak.

Finally, you have a chance
to shed that frailty,

just as I will shed this frail form.

My rebirth will herald a new day

to all who swear allegiance to me.

Only a few final details remain.

Now, you can't call
yourself a connoisseur

if you have not sampled
each and every one of these.



Mmm, it's so good!

Did I ever tell you the
story of my first beignet?


You are in for a treat.

Long ago, three French nuns

came to New Orleans
looking for a fresh start.

And they came here.

They marched right into our courtyard,

and they presented
your Uncle Elijah and me

with these rather lumpy-looking,

sugar-coated pastries.

Well, needless to
say, we were entranced.

We set them up quite well.

Why did they come to you?

Because there was a time

when we were regarded as royalty.

You might even go so
far as to say I was king,

which would make you a princess.

Good morning.

I guess apple turnover is fruit.

Well, I saw no harm in indulging
our daughter's sweet tooth.

All things igsmoderation, of course.


Don't eat too many.

You'll get a stomachache.

Can we talk?

Have you seen Elijah?

I thought he was with you.

I haven't seen him since

he left for Marcel's last night.

This can't be good.

I came here for quiet, to light candles,

pray... found it like this.

Knew you'd want to see.

It's desecration of a holy site.

It's meant to be a warning.

I think it's more than that.

We're losing people, Vincent.

More and more witches
talking about making a pact

with this darkness.

When our covens see
the church like this,

they'll think it's better
to join the side of the enemy

before the enemy comes for them.

Witches are defecting?

Some say the Hollow's power
is what our covens need

to fight vampires,
to take back the city.

All the peace you fought for, to them,

is nothing compared to the
promise of taking control.

Tell me you don't believe that.

Vincent, you know where I stand.

So loyal.

There was a time Vincent
showed me such devotion,

when, in fact, he worshipped me.

And now, how far he's fallen.

Maxine, you need to go.

I'm-I'm gonna be fine.

Hello, Vincent.

It's been far too long.

I think it's time we
caught up with one another.

Don't you?

Still playing with toys, huh?

It is a protection
spell for the compound.

Representational magic,

so it's not tied to my heartbeat,

should anything happen to me.

Can we pretend for, say, five seconds,

that you don't have to
worry about dying today?

I'm not going to die.

Certainly not

until well after breakfast.


You are perfect.



Mm, let me guess... Family drama.

I'm so sorry.

Can we meet later?

Oh, no, Ms. Mikaelson, I'm coming with.

You have your family's back.

I've got yours.

Right, right.

You knew this day would come.

All those years abstaining

from magic, afraid
that if you practiced,

I might come around.

Still, after all that,

here I am.

Here you are.

Hiding inside the body of a vampire,

because you're not as strong
as you want me to think.

You always had such spine.

It's what I enjoyed most about you.

And I know you enjoyed
the power I had to offer.

It's still here, Vincent.

You can have it all back if you want.

You just need to swear loyalty to me.

The only thing that I want

is for you to slither back
into the rot that you came from.

Do you want to fight me?

Well, come on!

I should send you back
to join your dead wife.

But I have a better idea.

An offer, for you

and the Mikaelsons.

You can hear me out...

or die.

The choice is yours.

You're not listening to me.

All right, check again,
and when you do find her,

you keep your distance and call me.

You can come on in, Klaus.

To what do I owe the displeasure?

I thought we had a truce.

We do.

If we didn't, I might've
responded differently

when Davina asked me to sacrifice you.

And does our truce extend to my brother,

despite your extensive grievances?

Well, yeah, I want to get Sofya back

and stop the Hollow.

As long as you guys want the same thing,

I don't see why we can't play nice.

Why? What's wrong?

Well, far be it from me
to jump to conclusions,

but the last time anyone saw my brother,

he was on his way here

to talk to you.

And you think I have him?


No, I don't.

But I'd like to know who does.

He's not at Marcel's.

I'll find him.

Jalgida minu bl?o mitt.

Jalgida minu bl?o mitt.

He's cloaked by magic.

I can feel it.

That's her.

That's the Hollow.

She has Elijah, and
now she wants that bone.

In exchange for Elijah?

No, you don't understand.

There won't be an exchange.

She needs Elijah to die in
order to channel the energy

from his sacrifice.
She's already poisoned him

with the rose thorns.

She wants this bone by
sundown. If she doesn't get it,

then she's gonna come here
and she's gonna take it.

And when she does,

she's gonna burn this
entire city to the ground.

Freya informs me your
mate Vincent has a plan.

Just one tiny problem.

I don't trust him.

All right, Vincent
helped me keep the peace

for five years.

He knows the Hollow's power,

and he is our best shot
at coming up with a plan.

I have a plan of my own.

We find this thing

and its acolytes, we
slaughter the lot of them.

And then stack their
bodies into a monument

dedicated to those who
would threaten my family.

Right, right. There's
just one problem with that.

One of those bodies would be Sofya,

and I want her alive.

Please, Marcel.

It's not a time to be sentimental.

This is New Orleans, toss a few beads.

You'll find another girl.

That is the problem with you
and your family, all right?

You'll do anything to save your brother,

but to hell with anyone else, right?

It all seems a little familiar.

The Hollow is evil, yes.

Do we want to defeat it? Yes.

But I'm not willing to
stand by and watch someone

that I care about become more
Mikaelson collateral damage.

Oh, spare me your sanctimony.

It was your refusal to make peace

that led Elijah here last night.

If you two had settled
your differences...


The only reason

why you are still in this city

is because I allow it.

Now, do you want to fight me,

or do you want to
find a way to end this?

You want a plan of attack,
it comes down to this.

Use the element of surprise.

Now, Marcel will hand over the bone,

and then stab the Hollow
with Hayley's blood,

and then I'm gonna cast
the spell that buries her.

The Ancestors' spell

requires a sacrifice.

An Original has to die.

Yeah, and right now, the Hollow
is gonna use Elijah's death

to come back, but there's a window

where I can use the sacrifice

to shove her back into her grave.

You'll forgive me for
stating the obvious,

but your plan does
nothing to save my brother.

In fact, it relies
entirely upon his death.


He's just trying to help.

Klaus, Elijah's already dead.

Now, the only thing
that we can do right now

is figure out whether or not that death

is gonna count for something.

That's not a call any of us get to make.

Especially not you.

There has to be a way to save him.

Freya, you still have the antidote

we used to cure Marcel's bite?

I have it, yes.

But I don't know if it'll work against

the poison of the rosebush.

You guys aren't listening, okay?

Even if we do cure Elijah,

we still have a big problem,
that's called the Hollow.

And it's just gonna keep coming
at us until it resurrects.

And when that happens, we're
talking about an ancient,

primal power that's
made flesh and blood.

It will wipe out this entire
city in an afternoon, and ain't

a damn thing that you or anybody
else here can do about it.

Now, my way? We take her out
while she's still a spirit.

Elijah dies, but at least his
death counts for something.

No. No, I'm not willing to
discuss this any further.

What about your little girl?

This thing wiped out the
entire Labonair bloodline.

It already got to Hope once, right?

Now, this is a chance, Klaus.

This is probably the
one chance that you got.

Now you want to blow that opportunity

to maybe save your brother,

or do you want to do you job
and save your little girl?

Don't use my daughter to
justify your absurd plan.

Hey, his "absurd" plan is
the only plan that we've got.

So maybe we should do
a little less fighting,

and a little more thinking.

There's always a loophole.

I have my mother's grimoires.

I welcome you to study them with me.



It won't be long.

Even if you finish this,

my family will bury you.

They will no doubt try.

Though I believe the
odds are in my favor.

Once the ritual is completed,
my spirit will return

to New Orleans' soil.

From it, I will be reborn

far stronger than I have ever been.

You are just another body
for my brother to slay.

You expect your brother to avenge you?

Inspired, perhaps, by
duty to the familial bond.

I've been inside Klaus' mind.

You care for one another so deeply.

It's quite ludicrous, this
dedication to one's own blood.

After all,

look where it got you.

Perhaps now you understand:

family is a curse.

We inherit the sins of
those who come before us,

and those sins are passed
to the ones who come next.


your little niece.

No! No!

You will never...

Hurt her? Why?

Because your family will protect her?

You poor soul.

You can't even save each other.

But your niece?

She who's born of my bloodline?

She has the power to destroy me,

and that...

I cannot allow.


Hope. I didn't see you there, sweetie.

Uncle Elijah is sick, isn't he?

Uncle Elijah is very sick.

Well, can we help him?

We're doing everything that we can.

I promise.

Maybe I can help Aunt Freya
do a spell to make him better.

That's very brave of you.

So I went through Cami's logs.

Even if we channel every
dark object that she had,

it still wouldn't be
enough to trap the Hollow.

Great. Well, my mother
had a million spells,

and absolutely nothing on
trapping ancient spirits.

It was funny to me, because, um...

was it, five years ago, we
were in this exact same room,

trying to work out a way to take out

a different threat to your family.

You made the call to take out Davina.

In your mind, the ends justify
the means... I get that.

But what am I to think now?

Elijah's life is just worth more?

Elijah's my brother.

All right? And if you
think that I never regretted

what we did to Davina,
then you're wrong.

No. I think that we are
wasting our time here

trying to loophole ourselves
out of the inevitable.

Okay, well, I'm not giving up.

Is it really giving up, though, Freya?

Elijah's a thousand years old.

How many lifetimes is gonna be enough?

How much longer is he
going to feed off the blood

of innocent people whose
lives amount to a fraction

- of his own?
- I get it.

Okay. You hate us.

But that doesn't mean
that Elijah has to die

stopping some beast that crawled
from the basement of your city.

There's no other choice!

We don't have any other option, Freya!

You Mikaelsons, you're the
oldest family in the whole world.

You're the oldest family of all time.

You've seen empires rise.

You've seen empires fall.

You've seen ages begin and end.

And yet somehow,

despite every single thing you have seen

with your own eyes, you fail...

you fail to see the obvious.

You don't get the takeaway.

Everything dies, Freya!

Not Elijah.

Not today, okay?

I already lost my brother Finn, and...

Of course.

That's it.

I can save him.

I can save him using this.

Vincent said the Ancestors
can imprison the Hollow.

To power their spell,
an Original must die.

If Elijah is going to
die one way or another,

we should harness his
death, and then I can try

placing his soul inside the pendant.

Try? What do you mean, try?

Well, it won't be easy.

We have to find him, and
I'll need all of my magic.

And Elijah's been poisoned
for some time, there's...

a chance he won't survive the process.

But I would survive.


If I'm the sacrifice,
you can channel my death

to imprison the Hollow

before she kills Elijah.

Yes, I'll be in the pendant,

but the rest of you
can find him, cure him,

and bring him home.

This is insane.

That evil wench cannot be killed.

Left unchecked, she will come for Hope.

Sacrifice me,

we can save Elijah and
we can defeat this thing.

It's the only way.

We don't have time to debate this.

Work your magic, sister.

It's gonna be okay.

Is this the last of it?

The cure you made using my venom?

Assuming I get to Elijah on time,

it should at least slow the
poison from the rosebush.

But how are you gonna find
him? You said he was cloaked.

This is Marcel's venom.

That rosebush was born from his blood,

which means it has the
same magical signature.

So, while I can't trace Elijah,

I can track the magic of
the thing that's killing him.

Although finding him is not the same

- as knowing what I'm walking into.
- Freya. Hey.

- This all has to be perfect.
- Look at me.

You're doing that thing

where you put it all on you.

Just stop.

Take a breath.


And know that if anyone
can do this, it's you.

What if you're wrong?

I'm never wrong.

I'm a doctor.

All right, just listen to me.

This spirit, she's evil.

And from what you said,
she goes back a long way,

and if she really did
create the werewolf curse...

I mean, that's what made me who I am,

and my entire life I
have been fighting this.

And believe me, I'd stab her
in the chest myself if I could,

but since you need me here...

Just do me a favor and watch yourself.

And if you do get the chance,
don't hesitate, all right?

Take this bitch down for good.


Stainless steel laced
with Hayley's blood.

Now, you're gonna get one chance.

Make sure you stab Sofya
directly in the heart.

I assure you, it's not gonna kill her.

It's just gonna drop the
Hollow's spirit out of her.

Then I'll sacrifice Klaus and
put the Hollow away for good.

All right, I got it.

You think you got it.

This thing stole Elijah's blade,

which means not only is it
wearing your girlfriend's face,

but it's got the weapon
that can kill you.

So, Marcel, if you're
not careful with it...

Even if I am careful,
I'm in for a fight.

I got it.

And I'm ready.

All right.

It's been awhile since I played.

You just bounce the
ball, pick up the jacks.

That's it.

Okay, I'll try.

Nice one.

Klaus... it's time.

Wow. Really?

Your girlfriend seems nice...

for what it's worth.

Kind of. Kind of did it.


Now, try it again.


Well, go on, your silence is deafening.

Say it.

Say what exactly?

That my impending execution pleases you.

There's no shame in taking pleasure

in finally felling a long-standing foe.

"The man who killed Klaus Mikaelson."

That'll make a lovely
epitaph on your tombstone.

May be engraved sooner than you think,

if things don't go our way.

The truth is, Klaus,

I never thought I'd
live to see this day.

See, growing up in New Orleans as kids,

we-we hear stories about
the evil Klaus Mikaelson.

Yes, yes, and now I'll
finally reap my just desserts.


I was gonna say, here you are,

finally living up to the
potential that Cami saw in you.

She would've been proud.

The vampire, Marcel.

Did you come here to witness my rebirth

or to die trying to stop it?

I didn't come to fight you.

The truth is I'm a little jealous.

See, you went to Vincent to
make a deal, but this is my city.

I should be making the deals.

And what deal did you come
to make, king of New Orleans?

Are you here to bow and
swear your undying loyalty?

Yeah, well, we'll get to that,

but first let's talk about my terms.

All right, I want Sofya back.

A reasonable request.

After all, this body will
soon be of no use to me.

What do you have to offer in return?

I got this from the Mikaelsons.

And I'm willing to give
it to you as an offering,

in exchange for my friend.

Then you have a deal.

And you're a wise king.

Perhaps when this is
over, I will let you live.

How much longer?

We're almost there.

All that's left is your death.

Once I scratch you with the thorns,

I'll stake you in the heart to
end things quick and painless.

The Ancestors are gonna
help me with everything else.

Might reconsider, Vincent.

Or else your friend dies.

Oh, you've got to be joking.

Don't hesitate.

Kill me now!

Such small, frail things, these bones.

They eluded me for so long.

Now they will serve as the seeds
for everything that is to come.

Sounds like you got big plans.

For your city?

In fact, I do.

And why not? I was of this
land long before you existed.

Imagine spending nturies in the cold,

longing to once again feel this soil,

to breathe this air,

to sweat in the heat of its sun.

All that remains is the sacrifice.

If you're so eager to die, be patient.

Once the Hollow rises,
she'll kill you herself.

Man, you don't have to do this.

I mean, we're all New
Orleans witches here, right?

You talk of witches as you
make deals with vampires.

It's 'cause of them
that we need the Hollow.

Please, man, she is
never going to save you.

She's just gonna damn you to hell.

Okay, enough talk.

Sofya, fight her.

I will kill you.

Oh, my God, are you okay?


The thorns!


They're gone.

I can't complete the
sacrifice without them.

I'm curious.

Are you aware how pathetic it is,

selling your soul to the devil?

What are you doing?

You didn't think we were
just gonna let you die?


Freya, you have to leave now.

Stop talking.

Save your strength.

Can we break the barrier?

It's old magic. We'll need time.

Freya, don't do this.

Brother, I'm not leaving you.

Where is Niklaus?

He's nearby.

Just hold on.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.
Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

It's working.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Grab the cure. The
barrier's almost down.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.
Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Foolish king.

I might have let you live.

Instead, I will build my
kingdom atop your ashes.

Aubsbeaute an pj?ns p?ns.

Freya? What's wrong?


What happened?

She knew we were coming!

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

We have no choice!

Get Elijah into the pendant.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

He's too weak.

Klaus, she's killing him!

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Spasiti animam suam.

Spasiti animam suam.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Spasiti animam suam.

I can feel him!

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Freya! Her magic's blocking me.

She's too strong.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.


Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.
Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Spasiti animam suam.

Spasiti animam suam.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.

Yoli conepiya miquiliztli.


Freya, did it work?

Where's the pendant?


Listen to me, listen to me.

So everything that you heard is true.

The spirit that's
been haunting this city

has gained the power that it
needs to be reborn in the flesh.

All right, now, you
guys have been strong.

You've been loyal to the
ideals that we all value.

But there's a battle coming
that we are not prepared for.

There's a time to fight

and there's a time for us to survive.

Right now, I need you to
gather up your young ones,

pull together your families
and get out of town.

Seek safe haven someplace else.

Do not come back here

until I tell you that it's
safe to come back here.

Vincent, come with us.


You can't fight on your own.

No, but what I can do is make sure

nobody else gets pulled into this thing.

Now what I need for you to do:

get Adam, take him someplace safe.

Let me figure out a way to
put down this ghost for good.

Take this.

It helped you once before.

It may come in handy again.

Thank you.

This isn't happening.

Tell me Elijah's in there.

I can't tell yet.

I've been reaching out, but...

You're exhausted. Just take
some time to gather yourself.

We've wasted enough time!

My brother's soul is in that pendant,

we need to find him and bring him back.

Klaus, give her a moment to breathe.

We failed him once already!

Klaus, enough!

There's just... nothing.

There's, there's
nothing there. I think...

I think he's gone.

Try again.

Klaus, I did try.

I am asking you to try again.

I know he's in there.


Try again!

Leigheas brotin. Leigheas brotin.

I just need some time.

This is not happening.

For a thousand years, my brother
and I have walked this Earth.

Countless times, death has come for us

and countless times, we've denied her.

He's not gone!

He can't be.

What is that?

Hope, oh.

Go back to bed, sweetie,
I'll be there in a second.

Did you see that?

Did you feel it?

Uncle Elijah.

He sounds so far away.

He's in there. You heard him, right?

Yes, I heard him.

He's somewhere inside, but...

But what?

His voice sounds distorted, broken,

like radio static and I just heard...

his screaming.

Now just remember that
her mind was invaded

by the most powerful
witch in all of history,

so there's really no telling

what she's going through right now.

How you holding up?

All right, look, is
this why you stopped by?

Huh? Grief counseling?


I came to get my journal back.

Wait, you made me promise to kill you

if you ever asked for that thing back.

Well, we weren't where we are now.

The Hollow has us.

It's stronger than we are,
it's got more followers

and it's gonna be reborn in the flesh.

Now, we have no idea what
it is that we're up against,

because nothing like this has
been around in a thousand years

and if we don't get
stronger, then we're done for.

All right, this thing,
it tempted you before.

Are you sure you can resist it now?

Honestly? No, I'm not.

All right, Vincent,

if this thing gets a hold of you...


Just make it quick.

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