The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 7 - High Water and a Devil's Daughter - full transcript

When it's discovered that The Hollow's latest servant is on the loose, Freya places a protection spell on the compound, forcing Klaus, Hayley and Hope to remain inside. Meanwhile Elijah takes matters into his own hands.

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- Previously on The Originals...
- And Marcel,

no one's seen him in over 24 hours.

Because he's locked in a dungeon.

You're the high priest of the Hollow.

You're the one who allowed
the Hollow into this world.

See, your ancestors were the
only thing holding him back

and when you severed that link

you allowed it to go free.

What Elijah did...

Hey, in my family it's

lots of fighting, lots of violence,

so that's why I chose a different path.

Made my own life.

So can you, you know.

The Hollow has been haunting

the city for a very long time

and when it does bubble up

it always does so in a pattern of four.

It's looking for something.

And I'm pretty sure
that I have one of them.

When a witch wishes to be reborn,

its remains are required
to complete the spell.

Who has the other three?

Dominic said that

he had found something here.

The Tunde Blade...

it's gone.

Ugh, O-positive.

You heathen.

New rules.

No blood shed in the house

where my daughter sleeps and plays.

Perhaps I'll go out for dinner.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

We have no way to know who
will take Dominic's place

as the Hollow's right hand.

There could be any number
of disciples out there.

Yes, yes, yes, all who may
have the means to kill us.

You know, if you hadn't
been so hasty to kill him,

we'd be dealing with the devil we know.

Spoken by the devil I know best of all.

I take it you have a plan.

Freya will place a barrier
spell on the compound.

No one gets in or out.

Oh, so we're to stay here

while our enemies seek to
resurrect this monstrosity

and let me guess,

you won't be confined here.

I have a little errand to run.

And while you're off
cavorting all over town,

I'm what?



Why don't you take out your frustration

on that filthy jawbone our
enemy seems so fascinated by.


"A man of words and not of deeds,

is like a garden

full of weeds."

"And when the weeds begin to crawl,

it's like a bird upon the wall."

"And when the bird away

does fly, it's like an eagle

in the sky."

"And when the sky begins to roar,

it's like a lion at the door."

"And when the door begins to crack..."

"'s like a stick across your back."

"And when your back begins to smart,

it's like a knife inside your heart.

And when your heart begins to bleed,

you're dead and dead and dead indeed."

Not exactly the most

uplifting reading material.

It's an old book of rhymes.

There's a lot of weird stuff here.

You know, Hope,

I'd rather you didn't
play here, actually.

All the splinters and the dust...

and the bats.

There aren't any bats.

I've seen no evidence
that your Uncle Elijah

doesn't sleep here, hanging upside down.


was there a little boy
who used to live here?

Come along, sweetheart.

We can discuss ancient
history another time.

Love potion number nine?

Boundary spell.

Trying to protect my
family against evil bastards

who refuse to remain dead.

Speaking of which...

where were you earlier?

You know it's not safe out there.

I was job hunting.

In fact, I have an interview

at Saint Theodora's Clinic
in the ninth ward later.

So, you're staying?

But you...

you seemed so eager to
get back to your old life.

What changed?

Well, I liked Austin.

I had friends,

but I also had a lot of secrets.

I didn't have anyone who really knew me.

And here, well, there's
not much to hide.

So, if it works out
maybe we can celebrate?

I've never done the whole

Bourbon Street bacchanalia thing.


that witch, Dominic, he's...

still out there

so... he wants my brothers dead.

I have to find a way to put him down.

Yeah, right.

- Family first.
- Yeah.

But, I mean, once I take care of it...

celebration's certainly in order.

Meet me for a midnight
drink at Rousseau's?



That's quite a blade.

Elijah, now is not a good time.

I'm working on witch business.

Well, that would make two of us.

The Ancestors are gone.

We need a new strategy

to keep the Hollow at bay.

The Ancestors are not gone.

We blew up the link that allows them

to access this world, but, uh,

you can't kill what's already dead.

So we reestablish the link.

That link was forged on a pact

between the living and the dead.

A ceremonial sacrifice...

of four young women

with this blade.

I'm quite familiar
with the Harvest ritual.

Now let us begin.

Don't talk about what

you don't understand, Elijah.

Most people I know aren't too
keen to give their daughters

over to a sacrifice,
especially when it went

so poorly last time.

Harvest ritual takes preparation.

So, we tell them the truth.

We have no choice.

Demand the sacrifice.

I'm not demanding anything
of anybody, Elijah!

Look, I'm working
with you because I want

to defeat the Hollow. All right?

I don't want to start a war
with the French Quarter coven.


You're hosting a yard sale?

I just figured while we're stuck here,

I may as well work out
which stuff to keep and which

to donate.

Listen, I found Hope

exploring the rubbish in the attic.

She's restless.

She's not restless.

She's bored.

Most kids her age would be at school.

They'd have friends to play with.

Well, once Freya teaches
her to hone her magic,

she'll be powerful beyond measure.

She won't need friends.
She'll be worshipped.

She doesn't want to be brshipped.

She just wants someone to hold
the other end of the jump rope.

She'll be above such things.

She will have power enough to
protect herself from anything.

We won't have to trap her

in bloody boundary spells

just to keep her safe.

Thank you...

by the way.

I know it's not in your nature

to keep violence out of this house.

Well, we'll protect her
innocence for as long as we can.

You and I both know
the importance of that.

No one protected ours.

Well... while you're here,

you may as well help me
go through this stuff.

You might find something useful.

Oh, look at that.

How to Defeat the Hollow: Volume One.

Hidden in here amongst these old

Guns N' Roses records.

Oh, sweet child of mine.


I need a vampire to do a spell.


just volunteered.

Right... so, let's see,
you threw my best friend

into a supernatural
hell world, but, sure.

Let me bend over backwards
and do you a favor.

Look... we're up against

a powerful, evil spirit

with powerful, evil followers

who's hell-bent on
sacrificing my brother,

as well as your dear friend, Marcel.

So... are you helping

or are you whining?

If I say no, then your
brothers are gonna do something

totally uncool with my entrails.

My brothers don't know I'm here.

I need you to help me set a trap.

I get to deal with Dominic on my terms.

You get to help me
keep Marcel breathing.

So you in?

For a dead guy, you
look awfully healthy.

Only a fool would
attend a Mikaelson party

without a protection spell.

The sister

put a barrier spell over their home.

It's old magic...

tied to her heartbeat.

Great, when you break
the spell, give me a call.

I've got places to be.

Care to share where you're going

in such a hurry?

I will kill you.

I doubt that.

I don't like secrets.


Marcel Gerard was being kept

in a series of tunnels

that lead out of the compound.

I just got word

that a shrouded body was
seen being loaded into an SUV

behind Rousseau's while
Freya Mikaelson stood watch.



they're headed to Algiers.

I'll intercept them and get Marcel back.

It is clear to me that
your feelings for him

have gotten in the way
of our greater mission,

so I will take care of Marcel.

Our deal was for the Mikaelsons.

Marcel is with me.

Then it would appear

that I've broken that deal.

Keep that safe for me, will you?


I think this is yours.


I haven't seen this in a century.

So, you're the little boy
who used to live in my house.

Once upon a time, I
lived here with your dad.

He keeps you down here

because he thinks you want to kill him.

Do you?


I will tell you anything
you want to know.


If you get me some blood
from your dad's stash.

I'm seven, not stupid.


You know, you're also pretty courageous.

Come down here and talk to a stranger.

I'm not scared.

I'm a Mikaelson witch.

I'll tell you what,

let's start fresh, all right?

It is very good to see
you again, Hope Mikaelson.

My name's Marcel.

Mutare seu rosto.

Mutare seu rosto.

Mutare seu rosto.

Mutare seu rosto. Mutare seu rosto.

Mutare seu rosto.



Are you all right?

Say something.

I'm just...

super overwhelmed by
the sheer number of jokes

I could make about being in this body.

It is an embarrassment of
really inappropriate riches.

Okay, well, when you're
done entertaining yourself,

I'd love to get back to
the life or death situation

we're dealing with.

- Right.
- Thank you.

Lay down in the circle.

Now, the second Dominic
sets foot in the circle,

you get the hell out.

Use every bit of vamp
speed you got, okay?

He can't do

magic in the circle, but

he does have a weapon strong enough

to kill an Original.

Oh, awesome.

Hey, Freya, I was just thinking

let's never hang out again.

Like, ever.

Elijah isn't answering his phone.

I'll try Freya.

You might want to hold onto these.

We should take more family pictures.

There is a reason
vampires avoid photographs.

Well, not everyone in this family

is immortal anymore.

Freya being one of them.

She's not picking up, either.

I'm sure they're fine.
They're just busy.

You know, this is a fool's errand.

We're not gonna accomplish
anything in this mess.

I should be out there...

Dodging an evil ghost
who wants you dead?

No. You're safe here.

Safe and entirely ineffective.

Your daughter needs you.

My daughter needs the Hollow

to be purged from this earth.

Why are you yelling at
me? I'm on your side.

'Cause I can't be trapped here!

You're not in a dungeon anymore.

It's okay.

The water in the pipes was
like nails on a chalkboard.

I was starving.

I could smell the blood

from the people on the street above me,

I could hear their heartbeats.

My own mind turned against me.

It was taunting me.

It was relentless.

The first few weeks were the worst.

You're worried about Marcel.


Let him suffer.

Libérer a verite a.

Will someone deal with her?!

What is this?

That's a shame.

Things do not look good for you.

You imbecile.

You have no idea what
you're dealing with.

A bit of bluster wrapped
up in a protection spell.

I'm unimpressed.

I do not like being summoned, Elijah.

Oh, no.


Elijah, what did you do?

Four French Quarter witches,

killed on consecrated ground,

with a ceremonial blade.

This is not how you do it, man!

There's a ceremony!

Then there's a ritual!

- The girls got to be selected!
- You find a way.

And then the girls will be resurrected.

Any delay only helps our enemy.

You know, I'm surprised

your parents haven't stormed
down here looking for you.

My mom trusts me.


But your dad's never
trusted anyone in his life.

If he took care of you
when you were little,

why do you hate him?

What did he do to you?

Your dad, he raised me.

He made me who I am.

Now, you ask if I hate him.


it's hard to hate the person

who made you what you are.

You just end up hating yourself.

The truth is

I would like to hate your dad,

I really would.

It would make things a lot easier.

But, um...

you can't hate someone
who you loved for so long.


In order to be reborn,

we must have a sacrifice.

In order to be reborn,

we must have faith.

This isn't right.

This ritual is supposed to be performed

by an elder of the French Quarter.

I'm not an elder of the French Quarter.

This is not my magic.

You were the regent of all nine covens!

My own mother, my wretched mother,

recognized your mastery.

And let us not forget,

you were the one that was
selected by the Hollow itself.

So whatever your doubts,

whatever our differences,

your gift is irrefutable.

Now, you will make this

your kind of magic.

Ut non zna samo bol.

It's done.

I've broken through the last
of his protection spells.

You should leave.


I live here.

Why don't you

just kill the guy and
then help me clean up

the two bodies that are
stashed in my bathroom.

Look, Freya,

I'm not gonna leave you alone in here

with the Hollow's High Priest of Doom.


We're not friends.

I'm the evil witch who hurt Davina

and still has Marcel captive, remember?

Let me guess.

You got questions.

As I understand it,

your overlord needs to collect
four of her bones to be reborn.

One of which, the Tunde Blade,

you stole from my home.

Where are the others?

As long as I'm the only
one with the answers,

you can't kill me.

Magically induced cardiac arrest.

Just short of lethal.

Where are the bones?

I don't know.

If you won't give me what I want,

then I'll have to take it.

Dic mihi, hva du vet.




What does it mean?

Tell me or I'll just kill
you and ask someone else.

The Apisi...

they were the guardians who

protected the bones in ancient times.

It means nothing now.

I don't have the information you want.

- Well, then, we're done here.
- Wait!

I do know one thing.

I know where that Malraux wolf is

right now.


Hey, I'm just leaving the Ninth now.

I'll order you a hurricane.

You're lying.

You don't know anything about her.

I know she's important to you.

And I know the way you look at
her from across a crowded room.

I was less than amused

by your little boundary spell,

so I sent my friends with instructions

to kill your wolf friend.

They're in the Ninth Ward now.

In St. Theodora's Health Clinic.

Honestly, she might be dead already.

But if you kill me,

then you'll never find
out where her body is.

Resisite Chonje vos élus.

I beseech you...

accept this offering
as a sign of our faith.

What is this?

What... what is this?

They're angry!

They won't accept the sacrifice.

I told you this was not my magic...

They hate you, and they hate me

for helping you!



Davina, baby, I'm so sorry.

I really need your help.


Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

Ou fé konfyans, cherce de l'aide.

Ou fé konfyans...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey...

are you okay?

Yeah, fine. I'm meeting someone.

Yeah, like a doctor?

A friend. Uh, tall, blond, you know,

mysterious old-school kind of vibe

Did you see her come in?

I'm gonna say good night to Hope.

Hayley, wait.

Impressive boundary spell.

Unfortunately, it only lasts

as long as the witch who cast it.

Something's wrong. I have to go.

No, wait, Hope.

It's not safe.


Come on.


Marcel is in the tunnels. Find him!

I need you to let me out of the circle.

I can't. My dad will be mad.

No, he won't. I'll keep you safe.

I can protect myself,
and my mom and dad.

I'm strong enough to stop the bad guys.

I'm stronger than anybody thinks.

Wait, Hope.

I know you're strong, okay?

That's how I know you
can let me out of here.

I need you to trust me right now.

Your dad rescued me.

He raised me, and I knew
your mom when she was a baby.

We're family.

What does your mommy say about family?

That we stick together,
always and forever.

That's right.

He's down here. Let's go.

Okay, look at me.

Do you trust me?

Come on!

Damn it, Freya!

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You're okay.
- Yeah.

Oh, you're okay.

How long was I out for?

Freya, your heart stopped beating.

If my heart stopped,

then the boundary
spell must have fallen.

I have to go.

No, you, you can't.

I have to.

The Hollow is gonna
have a feast tonight.

We can sacrifice the whole family.

Your daughter's around
here somewhere, isn't she?

How convenient.



Davina, I haven't called
out to you in a lot of years.

Because you couldn't hear me.

But I think you can hear me now.

I need your help with the Ancestors.

What are you doing?

If there's anything left of her,

she can accept the sacrifice
and restore the link.

Davina, I need you to help me

bring those girls back over here.

And then you and me, we
can, we can work together.

I shouldn't be doing this ritual,

because I lost faith in the Ancestors

a long time ago,

but I never once lost faith in you.


I know there's one
good heart over there.


Freya, it's Hayley.

Her neck is broken. She'll heal.

You should leave.

I need to find my brother and my niece.

- Well, let me help you.
- You're just getting in the way!

- Freya...
- Leave!




What happened?

It's, uh...

it's, it's paint.

I made quite a mess, didn't I?

Where's Mom?

She's at home,

waiting for you.

Are you okay?

You took your bracelet off.

Dad, don't be mad.

I-I let Marcel out

and he kept me safe.

I'm not angry, sweetheart, come here.

Don't be angry with Marcel, either.

He's my friend.

You are so lucky.


We were.

Elijah, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember at all what
it's like to be a human being?

Not really.

'Cause you just put four
little girls' lives at risk.

I'm trying, Vincent.

Now, whatever happened tonight,

we prevented the city

from being destroyed.

What happens if what we
did didn't work tonight?

It did.

But now we have an
ally against the Hollow.

Yeah, Elijah.

You are an infection on my city.

You have absolutely no virtue

and you have no value,
here or wherever it is

that you decide to drag yourself next.

I feel so sorry for that little girl,

that she's got to be raised

in a household with a punk like you.

And I'm gonna be praying for her soul.

Because I know you ain't got one.


Is she asleep?

She was quiet when we walked home.

She didn't exactly buy
your story about paint

on your hand.

When I think about the horror

she must have witnessed

when Marcel killed those men, it just...

Um, no.

She didn't see anything, actually.

Marcel swept her away

before she could even
understand what was going on.

He told her to close her eyes and sing.

She called him her friend.

Rough day at the office?

Vincent restored the link

to the Ancestors.

We now have the means to put the Hollow

back in its cage.

So, how was your day?

Dominic had the name
of a werewolf bloodline:


They were entrusted to be
the guardians of a bone,

like Hayley's family.

I've been tracking the lineage

and the last of the modern family

died a couple years ago,

under dubious circumstances.

Tyler Lockwood.

So the bones are in Mystic Falls.

What the hell happened?

Josh, you ain't
supposed to be here, man.

Yeah, vamp in witch territory, I know.

I come to see her anyway, all the time.

Now what happened to her grave?

I needed help, so I...

I made a sacrifice to the Ancestors.

What? I...

I thought the Ancestors
were the bad guys.

Yeah, Josh, we need power

if we're gonna contain the Hollow,

so I called in some help
from one of our old friends

and she came through for us, once again.

You felt her?

Yeah, Josh, I felt her.

And it's gonna be different this time.

I made her the gatekeeper

for all the Ancestral magic

that we got here in this city.

So right now,

Davina Claire is the most
important ally that we got.

If you came to fight,

it ain't gonna end well for you.

I didn't come to fight.

You told her

to close her eyes and to sing.

I used to say that

when you were young.

Yeah, well,

she's a better listener than I was.

You didn't tell her.

About our history.

Right, yeah.

How dare I deny my daughter

the heartwarming tale of
the boy I loved as a son...

That is now the man you hate enough

to keep locked in your basement.

Yeah, but the thing is, we're not men,

are we, Marcellus?

We're monsters.

And I intend

to protect my daughter from that truth

for as long as I can.

I knew you were a monster
from the moment I met you.

Now, I may not have
known you were a vampire,

but I knew you.

The Hollow wants us dead.

And it will tear through anyone

to get what it wants.

It doesn't matter who.




I won't let it take them.

And I won't let it take you.

The only chance we have to survive

is if we work together.


I assume your family's all right.

I don't usually expect a
thank you when I save lives,

but getting kicked out
of your house sucked.

There wasn't time.

To be a decent person?

I'm not a decent person, Keelin.

You have to know that by now.

I am ruthless and callous and vicious

when it comes to defending my family.

That is who I am.

And you know, I didn't care before...

It doesn't matter.

We're done here.

Excuse me?

- Done?
- I got distracted today.

I was worried about
you and I made a mistake

that could have cost lives.

And that can't happen again.

There's no reason for us
to see each other anymore,


Stay in New Orleans.

My brothers will keep an eye on you.

- To keep me alive?
- Yeah.

If that's what you want, fine.

But you should know that

when I saw you lying there today,

I was terrified.

And all I could think about was

how I wish I had told you the truth.

You are the reason

I wanted to stay in New Orleans, Freya.

You make me feel understood.


And there's always
gonna be a spell to do

or an enemy to fight.

But when that is all finished,

you deserve someone who gets you.

I hope you find it.


Do you know who I am?

The Ancestors have returned.

Even now,

their power seeks me out.

They would drive me
back into their darkness.

But I won't let them.

You will give me a safe place to hide.